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Politics / Re: FACT CHECK:The University Letter From Chicago State University Registrar Is Fake by BabaO2: 6:12pm On Jun 25
reread the passage
I dont need to.
Answer the who and when?
Politics / Re: FACT CHECK:The University Letter From Chicago State University Registrar Is Fake by BabaO2: 6:06pm On Jun 25
The letter received from the registrar from the University of Chicago State University claiming that Tinubu graduated from there is fake.
Maybe that's why it was challenged in court.

A mere closer look at the wording and spelling in the so-called letter proves it was just made up by a typist here in Nigeria.
Even a Nigerian university cannot offer such as a verification letter for a student.
where is the error?
Challenged in the court by who and when?
Sports / Re: Arsenal Reach £45m Agreement With Man City For Gabriel Jesus by BabaO2: 6:00pm On Jun 25

Not a great deal at that price!
grin They could have gone for Osimhen, Onuachu or scout better ballers from South America

City are getting back some £ they spent for Halland
ona wetin, are u kidding?
This guy ended iheanacho's career at Mancity.
Politics / Re: Video Of Peter Obi Saying Money Invested In SabMiller Is Worth Almost $100M by BabaO2: 3:28pm On Jun 24
He's a serial liar without integrity and character.

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Politics / Re: One Million Man March For Peter Obi In Ikeja, Lagos (Photo, Video) by BabaO2: 10:49am On Jun 22
It is provoking,
Politics / Re: 2023: Nigerians Don’t Want PDP Or APC, Everybody Is Obidient - Obaseki by BabaO2: 6:56pm On Jun 21
Partyless governor without balls, governor that had no say on delegates list from his state, Ofcourse, he's a frustrated man, he will always be looking for the worst to happen as a panacea
Politics / Re: It May Be Your Turn In APC But Not For Nigerians - Aliyu Scolds Tinubu by BabaO2: 3:36pm On Jun 21
God have ordained Dr Peter Obi.

But the youths are too blind to see.

Those supporting Tinubu are the problems of Nigeria.

Which nonsense bitter pill obi you eastern descents are forcing down the throat of people, vote for him if he's your choice, but dont blackmail and call others names because they dont support your mediocre candidate
Politics / Re: Ekiti Election: Tinubu Magical Hand ( Picture) by BabaO2: 3:46pm On Jun 19
I use to admire Tinubu back then,but truth be told..I don't think he can perform better than Buhari because of age and health...I'm � Obidient though.
Not a sincere comment and observation.
Politics / Re: Intimidating CV Of Mr. Peter Obi by BabaO2: 10:05pm On Jun 17
His foundation is philosophy 2:2 if the foundation is faulty what can he do or achieve?
Politics / Re: Bianca Ojukwu: For Sustainability, Nigeria Needs Peter Obi’s Stinginess by BabaO2: 10:31am On Jun 17
A woman of substance has spoken... Beauty with brain.

We are OBIdient and Prudent but never Stingy as Mbaka alleges.
Ashawo na woman of substance again? It is confirmed, she had runs with peter obi, femi Fani kayode etc, stop wrong use of words and adjectives
Politics / Re: Atiku Donates ₦10 Million To Victims Of Ondo Church Attack by BabaO2: 5:54am On Jun 17
Atiku is not a nationalist
10m alms money?
If it is north, he wont donate such a paltry amount.
Atiku is a fulani apologist.
Politics / Re: 2023: Lady Dumps Her Boyfriend For Not Getting His PVC To Support Obi (Pix) by BabaO2: 8:59pm On Jun 16
If your partner is not loyal and OBi dient try to change him or her to do the needful, if not nobody would be spared if one of the two old thieves mistakenly have access to our volt, then Nigerians are finished !!!

Both PDP and APC have failed Nigerians...

Nigerian youths are very angry and Obi is the solution
you are a liar, just a mere covetous tribal bigot. when ibo dominated Jonathan regime with over 90% presence including same peter obi holding sensitive position you didn't say this when their greedy and collective mediocre performance put Nigeria on the momentum of destruction. A tribal bigot and fake accumulated credentials specialist obi will never be Nigerian president
Politics / Re: David Hundeyin Takes A Swipe At Tinubu Over Peter Obi by BabaO2: 5:08pm On Jun 16
Any amount of money above N1,000,000 is a large amount of money and you are advised to use bullion van by Nigeria standard and law to move it. Why an overhyped paid journalist raising this as an issue in new election circle.
Politics / Re: Orji Kalu: Nothing Wrong With Muslim-Muslim Ticket For Tinubu by BabaO2: 12:20pm On Jun 15
Typical example of unfriendly friends. He was the arrow head of lawan as consensus candidate, he was the first to congratulate Lawan to chicken out other contestants from contesting a day before the election. Tinubu should be wiser and smarter anyway. People like this dont want success for him
Politics / Re: Moment Young Sowore Threatened Nigerian Military Government (Throwback Video) by BabaO2: 8:08am On Jun 15
He's a fearless guy
He got it wrong by contesting 2019 election, and thereafter declaring revolution now after losing the election. If he had not contested the election, his call for revolution now would have been hugely successful in restructuring Nigeria
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Visits Egypt To Study Their System by BabaO2: 6:12pm On Jun 14
He has no plan.
Politics / Re: Why Tinubu’s Victory Is Buhari’s Defeat by BabaO2: 11:22am On Jun 14

It is either many people lack the understanding of APC composition or they lack analytic reasoning. Level of sycophancy is damn too much with Nigerians. Buhari doesn't have the power and the right people are ascribing to him. Pdp of obasanjo is quite different to apc of buhari, pdp is a one party with single line of instruction unlike apc. Buhari doesn't own apc. In actual fact, he only led cpc that can't win elections to the alliance table with acn that had 6 governors, almost 20 senators and almost 70 house of rep. He shouldn't have gone into alliance with acn if he has reservations about Tinubu. Even if abba Kyari is alive, absolutely nothing he could do if mamman daura could achieve nothing with all his manauvering.

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Politics / Re: Clamouring For Peter Obi/Rabiu Kwankwaso Was An Ordained Project!!!! by BabaO2: 4:51am On Jun 14
I ain't no fan of any Nigerian politicians buh the only two Nigerian Presidential aspirants with some atom of conscience left in them are Peter Obi and Yemi Osibanjo buh is unfortunate that they drove away Yemi Osibanjo through corruption.
Some of these mentally deranged apes constituting nuisance all over this forum are doing it simple because of Peter Obi's tribe,his religion via tribal and religious sentiments because apart from both,nobody with his or her right senses will compare light to darkness..
They always come up with silly lies example where are his legacies or what was those special things he did when he was the Governor of Anambra state buh every records are on the internet buh they will cunningly and jealously ask such tedious,empty and stupid questions nii,sometimes I think these dumb guys are just robots.(example ASUU strike doesn't affect Anambra state university because of what Peter Obi did when he was the Governor or should that one be discarded eeh just asking these cyber morons,that an ordinary peanut have been exchanged with their brains)
They said Igbo people are supporting Peter Obi because he's an Igbo man buh I want to ask them now,how many Igbo people supports Orji Uzor Kalu,Rochas Okorocha,Ike Ekweremmadu,Anyim Pius Anyim or even Dave Umahi etc? An average Igbo man don't do follow follow simple because they all are as wicked,corrupt as a Nigerian political corrupt crooks.(mind you,Peter Obi ain't a saint either buh he's above 98% of them with a wide margin when it comes to integrity,accountability and competency)
Igbos supported Musa Yar'Adua,a Fulani man because he was a very good man and the best Nigerian president that never lasted buh the same Igbos rejected Buhari another Fulani man because he's incompetent,tribal bigots,religious fanatics and a terrorist enabler.(at least the results are very very clear from their leaderships or regimes).
The same Igbos were clamouring for Yemi Osibanjo as well because he will make a very good president buh corruption crept in and took Yemi Osibanjo out of the way and you see some so called youths,praising and worshipping the same man that prefer 50 million youths to be recruited in the army and be feeding them with agbado,corn and cassava(while his family especially his son drives some of the most expensive cars and worth billions of naira) and another one that promised to sell the public assets to his families,friends and cronies(while his family swims in billions)...damn!!!!...
Peter Obi is a sensible and reasonable Nigerian projects and when you see somebody talking down on this project,just know that the person's little brain has been exchanged with 30k naira per month,a tribal bigot or
a religious fanatics..
If these apes have stayed in abroad,they ought to know what's obtainable in government and politics hence the reason they need to make the right choice buh I doubt that none of these myopic simpletons have been to abroad before because none of them would be behaving so condescending and foolishly after seeing the light and the ways things are done abroad...
Everybody knows what and right thing to do buh they will always prefer evil over good,darkness over light simple because the good and the light is(are) not coming from the place or the direction they expected...
At the end of the day,whether good or bad,it will certainly affect everyone and they should remember that none of these people knows of their existence buh the decision they make,will determine their future,the future of their kids and the future of Nigeria and no lover of Nigeria will ever wish her evil by choosing death over life,*Oppressors*over *Liberators*.......
Listen,the greater mistake of these corrupt Nigerian politicians was to've allowed Atiku became the PDP candidate while the greatest of it all,was to've allowed Tinubu became an APC candidate and believe me you,God planned it that way because Yemi Osibanjo or even Rotimi Amechi would've suppressed millions of votes for Peter Obi,thereby paving the way for an old Atiku to become the Nigerian president buh now that the two major parties gave their ticket to an old,sick and corrupt men,reasonable people now swung to Peter Obi's side....
Some of these nonentities claimed that Peter Obi will lose,that he's not popular buh these apes wouldn't rest a bit,always bringing up lies,blackmail,propagandas every second,minute and hour just to paint him bad(ain't they tired already??)..…Why do these evil beings always twist the truth to fit their selfish and jealous narrative by ranting of how Peter Obi fans insult and abuse people buh since I've been reading all the comments here for months now,I hardly see insults or abuses from Peter Obi's supporters rather every insults,abuses and curses always comes from many of these deadbrain simpletons(and even if any of Peter Obi's supporters should insult any of them,then so what or does insults meant for only these apes to be dishing out to people and the other side wouldn't fight back buh to swallow the insults just to make them feel happy or what huh?)...
For Peter Obi supporters,you people should distance yourselves from enlighten some of these hungry paid demonic agents of destructions because no matter what you do or explain to them,just know that the clear and truthful explanations about Peter Obi,emboldens their hatred via that the more you make them see reasons,the more the hatred for you and Peter Obi grows stronger.....(many of them have been programmed that way and it's what we called a*STOCKHOLM SYNDROME*(no thanks to Nigerian wicked and evil politicians)...
Please for the sensible and reasonable Nigerian youths should go and think about this particular statement below,
Have you guys noticed that anything that interest youths always becomes a problem to Nigeria politicians and have you ask yourself why? Why Nigerian politicians always come together to subdue or fight against youths interest in the country eg the Endsars protest?..If you're a youth and you have your brain intact,start making use of it because these old men,these evil wicked corrupt men,doesn't rate or value you and the earlier you realise that,the better for you,your kids and your future...Peter Obi ain't no saint buh watch how many of these selfish politicians and the wicked elites will begin to fight Peter Obi and his legacies of which they'd started already by using some of these morons even without them knowing.....they have to divide the youths using tribal and religious lines,so that their hold on Nigeria will continue buh I think many things would happen even before election because I see something terribly great in the favor of the youths coming,so that many of the youths would be free and their Stockholm syndrome would be eradicated with its anti-medicinal.
I laments this way because it really pains me a lot how people that called themselves youths would be too mean and wicked to themselves,their future in the name of hatred for people or someone via by seeing black and calling it white and repeating the same format every 4years and expect to see a different result when the viable and suitable option is available...(God forbid bad things)...gosh!!!!
NB: Also I ain't base there in Nigeria before some irritating and disgusting apes will start raining curses on themselves thinking that I will be a partaker of the evil,selfish,jealous and wicked decisions they are about to make just to spit some people niii....I only pity the poor masses,the downtrodden and the less privileges that their(PDP and APC idiotic supporters) wicked,selfish and evil decisions may affect terribly tomorrow....
None of these disgusting miscreants should respond to me because I cannot stoop too low to give any of you a feedback because I interact with the living and not the deads...I rest my case.. Gracias......
Mod please front page material...
Respect sir/madam!!!!
You are not smart, you only wanted to use osinbajo to curry favour for obi, osinbajo is not in the class of obi, way too far ahead of him. Obi can never be president, he's a covetous and a tribal bigot man from SE, he lies too cheaply
Politics / Re: Late Bola Ige And Martin Luther King At A Conference (Throwback Photo) by BabaO2: 5:08pm On Jun 13
I can confidently say yoruba nation would have been d best country in Africa if not for the external force we shear country with....we have the most intelligent ppl in Africa

God bless Awolowo, akintola, Abiola, Bola ige, Fela, [[b]s]Obasanjo[/s[/b]], wole soyinka, tinubu et al


Politics / Re: Buhari Estate Is Our Property, Occupied By Police Officers, Not Armed Men - NPF by BabaO2: 6:01am On Jun 12
Arresting and threatening public informants is a clear suppression to allow fulanis to kill, displace and take over our lands and properties unaware

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Politics / Re: Ekene Bob: Amaechi Will Still Fly APC Flag With El-Rufai As His Running Mate by BabaO2: 8:05pm On Jun 11
An Owerri-based cleric and prophet, Ekene Bob Ekechukwu, has declared that despite the victory secured by former Lagos state governor, Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu, in the just-concluded presidential primary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), a former minister, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, who came a distant second, would be the party’s flag-bearer in the 2023 general elections.
The prophet further revealed that the Kaduna state governor, Nasir el Rufa’i, who did not participate in that primary election, would eventually be picked as his running mate in that election.

Prophet Ekechukwu had previously given prophecies which came to pass.

He predicted the demise of Prophet T.B. Joshua; the death of a former Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Attahiru; prophesied that a former Imo state governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, would face severe corruption charges and that he would be arrested in his home by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), and many others.

Back to sender in Jesus name

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Politics / Re: Asiwaju Tinubu Visits Governor Dave Umahi (pictures) by BabaO2: 10:24am On Jun 10
I'm trying to see if I can cope with the possible ugly reality of Tinubu's presidency.

For the first time, I'm shamed of this country, and the youths in particular

From buhari to Tinubu

For those of you that believe in God, God will judge you all for aiding and abetting every wrongdoing in Nigeria
who are you to judge and condemn. You are too soaked in hatred and covetousness.
Politics / Re: Why Yemi Osinbajo Lost APC Presidential Primary - Vanguard by BabaO2: 9:27am On Jun 09
He lost because APC delegates are corrupt...SIMPLE.

There are contestants that have defeated their benefactors in the past.

The important thing is, he stood to be counted.
Oga what are u talking, you can't divorce money from politics, no aspirant that didn't spend money on delegates including Osinbajo, to be a delegate is not a selfless service. Osinbajo lost because he has no structure. His sycophancy about buhari didn't help him, buhari and his cabals didn't reciprocate his loyalty and sycophancy instead they preferred Lawan a northerner over osinbajo, adamu played buhari's script by announcing lawan as consensus candidate, but Tinubu thwarted it with his capacity, sagacity and structure, even there was a well advanced plan by mamman daura buhari's nephew to bring jonathan, just in an attempt to play sw and Tinubu out, but Tinubu was ready to play dirty was the joker.
Politics / Re: Why Yemi Osinbajo Lost APC Presidential Primary - Vanguard by BabaO2: 9:25am On Jun 09

Keep consoling yourself everything is about cash and bribes. Losers do that. I.e make excuses for their losses rather than consider that others may be better and deserve credit for their talent and ability.
Crime / Re: Amotekun Operatives Intercept Trucks With Ammunition Hidden Under Grass In Ekiti by BabaO2: 9:49pm On Jun 08
why the truck and the monsters still alive?

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Politics / Re: Fayose Writes Open Letter To Bola Tinubu by BabaO2: 6:50am On Jun 07
By all standards, Fayose is one of the leaders of SW, is it everytime the fulani cabals kill our leaders we should keep quite and do nothing? In pdp they are there also for their 2 sides of a coin approach.
Why doing politics with them, why always pretending that this is a country, why cant we turn the heat on both our own saboteurs and the supplanters
Politics / Re: International Conference Center, Venue For The Accreditation Of APC Delegates by BabaO2: 6:24am On Jun 07

That statement is rife with stupidity and greed.

It made his supporters turn to opposition overnight.

That's not true, without that effontry statement mamman daura, adamu and Buhari would have installed their choice by now. I know you are not happy that they have been checkmated, but that is the true analysis
Politics / Re: APC Delegates Demand Adamu’s Resignation by BabaO2: 10:26pm On Jun 06
Rubbish!!! Adamu is going no where!!

I’ve seen some comment from some Yorubas saying they won’t vote for a northerner again, they always starts making the elections as North vs South and later start blaming northerners for voting based on tribe and region when we support our own!!

Find a new way to sell your Candidate not by making the election a war between northerners and southerners!!

You can’t use this and expect to beat the most populous region in the country...

Even if a Southerner is going to emerge... It's never going to be Tinubu!!

And heaven won't fall!!

This is why you are a core fulani northerner without brain.
Why can't buharis claimed huge numbers win the presidency for him on 3 different times he contested without Tinubu's packaging and support? It is not about Tinubu, but about you people's shameless barbaric insensitivity, look at adamu, running NWC like his immidiate family affairs, though it is clear he's speaking for buhari and mamman daura. Coming back to your comment, it won't be Tinubu: why? This apc politics is good for Nigeria, mark it, it will surely end fulani deceits and manipulations in nigeria.

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Politics / Re: International Conference Center, Venue For The Accreditation Of APC Delegates by BabaO2: 10:06pm On Jun 06

Give me the presidency

it's my turn
That statement and courage unsettled many manipulations

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Politics / Re: Orji Uzor Kalu Congratulates Ahmad Lawan by BabaO2: 7:13pm On Jun 06

Are u crying already. In 2015, Yorubas played national politics and ousted Jonathan by conspiring with Fulani bandits. In 2023, it seems igbos want to conspire with Fulani bandits to send the West back to opposition. Isn't it called pay back time?
on the structure you were allowed to join? do you have clear conscience at all? so as a tenant in a house, you are always looking for opportunities to kill , displace and takeover the property. No one cares about your politics, but a situation where you always come begging with your pants in hand, and you later turn around and bite the fingers that fed you is the issue for discussion. Kalu's political career was rescued by Tinubu/Apc when he was already comatose in PDP
Politics / Re: Orji Uzor Kalu Congratulates Ahmad Lawan by BabaO2: 5:56pm On Jun 06

Your tears never start we told you guys,u always wanted all things to revolve around u
we asked you, or begged you for anything? shameless supplanters.
It is our mindset and idea, it will surely be implemented.
Politics / Re: Buhari Denies Claim Of Picking Lawan As Consensus Candidate by BabaO2: 5:25pm On Jun 06
Buhari is full of denials and deceits, adamu has spoken for him.


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