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Romance / Please Pray For Me That My Genius Dont Die Because Of Distraction by Badboibipo(m): 5:40pm On Sep 18, 2020
I have not got anything done in 30 years not because I'm not intelligent but because whenever I step out of my house people obsess with me. People point at me and talk about me and stare at me like I owe them money or they know me. It's being this way since i was a kid and I have made a billion threads about this shit. Now my problem is I recently started a project that involves software coding and its very complicated and challenging and I'm starting to see the benefit my labor, but society dont treat me like another random John doe and I know you will say I should appraciate it but I'm really fed up of being paranoid all the time its affecting my state of mind. Yes I'm a bit admirable but it doesnt warrant this weird way people get at me it's not fair at all. Today I went to the bank and this guy was staring at me and all cuz I ignored him he said he will deal with me. I swear this actually happened to me...can u believe me now when I say people distract me? Please pray for me...I'm so intelligent but people are always trying to get into my head every second I'm not locked up in my room. Please I need prayers
Webmasters / Re: Where Do I Find User Input Information For My Html Form?? by Badboibipo(m): 10:52am On Sep 15, 2020
Php inclusive?

Webmasters / Where Do I Find User Input Information For My Html Form?? by Badboibipo(m): 9:46am On Sep 15, 2020
I just created a basic html form with login inputs and registered it on a free domain. But I tested it with my details but my problem is how do I find the user input I just put on the form Does the user input go into the host domain I registered the site with ? And how do I locate it?
Romance / Why Dont People Tell People How They Made It In Life??? by Badboibipo(m): 8:11am On Sep 04, 2020
If you come out of your house now you will see hundreds of exotic cars and rich people but almost everyone around them are poor to stupor! Now ask yourself why dont these rich people at least teach these poor people how they became rich? Ever had a childhood friend that became very rich? Did they ever tell you how they made it? Most of the times we just assume they did ritual out of jealousy and hate but the truth is 99 percent of rich people didnt do ritual! I promise you. They know something you dont and will rather die than tell you. Now the purpose of this thread is to understand why people never tell anyone the real story or secret or actual knowledge they applied into becoming a millionaire. Why do people keep that knowledge of how to actually become rich to themselves and their fellow rich friends and never tell their childhood friends who are still poor the secret of their wealth?? And no trust me that your childhood friend now who is now stinky rich did NOT do ritual!!! You think if you cut a pregnant woman head then you will see one billion in your bed like you see on nollywood Go and try it...you will end up in prison and one kobo you wont see. You rich friends didnt do ritual they know something you dont!!!!!!!! But why dont they ever tell you?


Romance / Hh by Badboibipo(m): 2:20pm On Sep 02, 2020
Romance / If You Had The Chance To Pick One Of These Two Which Would You Pick???? by Badboibipo(m): 12:03pm On Aug 21, 2020
If your mentor whose a billionaire suddenly decides to support you but asks you to pick one of these two options....which would you pick??

1, A house in lekki phase one, with swimming pool and well furnished with your name on the paper and a one million naira cash gift.

2, A ten million naira cash gift with a range rover autobiography bullet proof 2019 model with the name on the particulars as yours.

Which of the option will you pick out of the two You can only pick one!
Romance / How Do You Deal With Passive Disrespect In Public??? by Badboibipo(m): 9:12pm On Aug 16, 2020
Passive disrespect is when someone indirectly say something offensive to you without saying it to your face directly but saying it in a way that you know they are referring to you or walking past someone who you dont know but they give u irritating stare because they hate your nose ring or your tattoo or your purple hair color. That is very common in Nigeria and it's very painful because they dont directly disrespect you but yet you know they disrespected you but you cant prove it. Now how do you handle such behaviour? And do that happen to you often
TV/Movies / Re: Erica To Laycon: I’m Attracted To You, But Not Physically (video) by Badboibipo(m): 4:00pm On Aug 05, 2020
Don’t Be Deceived

You don’t have time to pray.

You read your Bible only on Sundays when your pastor asks you to open a Bible verse.

And you call yourself a Christian!

But you’ve got time to watch BBN and TV series.
Jesus Christ is watching you, just as the devil ( big brother) is watching you.

The battle for your soul is ever raging and you’re the one to decide where you’d spend eternity.

Remember, God is not mocked for whatever a man sows that he will also reap.

Sow your time to know your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and reap eternal life.

Watch this short video to jolt you to reality.


You are a compound fool
Romance / Re: Yy by Badboibipo(m): 9:51pm On Aug 02, 2020

Pass me the strain of weed you are smoking cheesy

Ain't no weed, just fuckinggg facts
Romance / Yy by Badboibipo(m): 9:16pm On Aug 02, 2020
Romance / Re: I Think I Have To Destroy All My Properties And Become Mad Permanently by Badboibipo(m): 10:26am On Jul 23, 2020
The reason is that you have a bright future and destiny, around the corner to manifest.. The only way to get there is to have the healthy, joyous, good, motivating, inspiring, and ambitious people around you..

Just admit you need help, and it will sure find its way to you. Do you need? Please, just say yes. We have people ready and willing to help you achieve your goal..


Yes I do
Romance / Re: I Think I Have To Destroy All My Properties And Become Mad Permanently by Badboibipo(m): 10:57am On Jul 22, 2020
See this bastard o
What's stopping you?
Let me advice you this fool

Go to the Yahoo guys are you know of, dash him your properties and tell him to use you for rituals so that clients will be paying everyday, and you'll run mad, at least you've helped someone with your invaluable life

And you'll run mad permanently

Your mumu nor too much grin
Romance / Re: I Think I Have To Destroy All My Properties And Become Mad Permanently by Badboibipo(m): 6:54pm On Jul 21, 2020
Take it easy Sir,

Why not speak with an experienced psychiatrist?

How about your family members and friends? Maybe you should surround yourself with good company and it may help you build mental power to come out of such sad occurrences.

Please don't become depressed by it... Remove meaning from girls smiling at you. Find something you can put your time in that will give you daily doses of peace

Err being mad gives Me peace bro, if admiration could have a meaning I would have stopped and cashed out on it cuz I get it alot when I'm not mad

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Romance / I Think I Have To Destroy All My Properties And Become Mad Permanently by Badboibipo(m): 6:27pm On Jul 21, 2020
Go through my old thread and see where I talked about having mad episodes. Yes I regularly go mad, I mean completely naked in public for the whole day and I go back home at night till a few days and I repeat the process again. Its been like that for 16 years but I never made it permanent cuz I keep thinking about the admiration I get when I'm not mad and I keep feeling like theres still hope for me. But really what is the benefit of looking good? None. Just the female gender smiling at you from every angle and so? What is great about that? At least being mad u have no worries and u just live to make girls laugh as you are just a statue for people to laugh at. Your life has meaning. I will go again Tomorrow and I'm thinking of destroying all my properties so I really have nothing to come back to. If I lied about anything I just said here let me die in my sleep, I just wrote the truth I swear with my life
Romance / This Is Why I'm Not Friendly And Have No Friends by Badboibipo(m): 3:28pm On Jul 21, 2020
I wished I didnt have to know how fake people are because then i probably would have been friendly and have tons of friends. I noticed as a kid that people are extremely nice to me on my best looking days and not as friendly on my worst. I could walk past my best friend and If im not looking as good as they like they would pretend not to see me. Everybody in my life loves me for only my looks including my parents. I'm not kidding. My mom doesnt show me much love when I'm high and look my worst, she acts like she hates me all cuz my face starts to look rough and my pretty boy looks vanished for a few hours. I cut everyone in my life of cuz I know they only like me for shallow reasons, I fucking hate society for this nonsense. See hoes smiling at me all cuz I'm looking my best, like they wont be mean to me if I'm high and look haggard. I will die alone in my room, I wont tolerate fake relationships


Romance / Why Are Most Ladies So Heartless? by Badboibipo(m): 12:32pm On Jul 20, 2020
You see my gender called men? We have high testosterone. We have energy and are very loud and dominant, we fight because that's part of our lion nature but when it comes down to issues of the heart...we are more gentle and tender than a new born baby. I can bet with my life that the generalization I'm about to make is the gospel. So let's do an hypothetical scenario where a guy is holding a gun to your forehead....I bet you if you make him feel good enough he will most likely not shoot you. But if that was a woman holding a gun to your head? You can say everything in the world and she will empty the bullets on you. Women are very emotionally heartless. They have zero sympathy and can do the worst things without any remorse. I fear letting them in the same bed with me overnight because they can wake up the next morning and say I raped them when in actuality I didnt but who will believe me? Look at the cases of women using iron to burn little kids faces all because they are their maid. How many men have you ever heard of burning a kids face with iron? What is really wrong with that gender? Why so much hate and wickedness in their hearts Go on Twitter and see the young boy who killed himself cuz he told a girl he doesnt want a relationship with her and she accused him of rape and ruined his reputation. When will women stop this eve nature of them that's described in genesis I mean the very first chapter of the bible already described them as EVIL
Romance / Re: Ten Days Without Masturbating And I'm Losing My Shit by Badboibipo(m): 8:43am On Jul 18, 2020
I understand how you feel. From my own point of view, when you stop masturbating you unwittingly get attracted to gals including the not so gorgeous ones. Its a normal occurrence. But as time goes by, after like 2weeks to a month of nofap you begin to regain your control over the overwhelming attraction. Continue the new habit and you would observe more exciting stuff about yourself. Join the no fap group on nairaland for more like minds.

Link to the group

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Romance / Ten Days Without Masturbating And I'm Losing My Shit by Badboibipo(m): 1:39pm On Jul 17, 2020
It's been 10 days of no masturbation and the highest I have gone this year literally. I am losing my shit, my dickk is very Hot and I'm falling inlove with every girl picture I see. Wait so if I decide to stop masturbating this is how I will be? I can see a fowl now and be Hot....how do u men that dont masturbate do it?

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Romance / I Will Fucking Ruin My Life Now by Badboibipo(m): 6:30pm On Jul 10, 2020
Society wants me to commit suicide but I wont, I will be a junkie and prolly a rapist instead. So I decided to become useless, I drank and smoked daily with no ambition and wore rags expecting everyone to avoid me cuz I was in so much pain but no, everyone kept staring at me and telling me how I had so much potential. I stopped smoking, drinking, bought good clothes and started glowing and now everyone is acting like I no longer matter...like I'm just irreleavant after sacrificing my happiness? God will punish u all...I am going back to my old ways and if any bitch tell me I can be better than that I will rape her
Romance / . by Badboibipo(m): 6:59pm On Jul 02, 2020
We all know it but let's not talk about it

- society hypocrite
Romance / What Are The Advantages Of Leaving Konji In Your Body? by Badboibipo(m): 4:35pm On Jun 29, 2020
So I am on a personal journey of Spirituality, I realized how messed up my life is and my mindset so I have being taking steps to get better and yes I'm seeing results in my everyday life. Now I have struggled with sexual urges for so long, I mean very powerful desires to have sex like every few hours its freaky. My body is so hyper active I'm always Hot, no matter what I do my konji is always active. I have decided to leave it in my body, no sexx , no masturbation, just nothing but extreme konji. I feel like it will unlock levels of maturity that I never had before. What are the benefits of not doing anything about your sexual desires?
Romance / Re: This 16 Year Old Girl Insulted Me For Doing Nothing by Badboibipo(m): 8:18pm On Jun 26, 2020
Just ignore her more, she's a kid
She can't rape you

But why do girls result to insult when a guy ignore them? Its really pathetic. I kinda feel bad for her cuz she must really love me...smh
Romance / Re: This 16 Year Old Girl Insulted Me For Doing Nothing by Badboibipo(m): 8:17pm On Jun 26, 2020
This O.P na upcoming pedophile

Mark my words

So after being insulted for minding my own business now I'm also the one who's at fault?

The price people pay for looking attractive isnt worth it, especially men cuz las las after being insulted by a kid people still see her as the victim...people like u.


Romance / This 16 Year Old Girl Insulted Me For Doing Nothing by Badboibipo(m): 7:04pm On Jun 26, 2020
So this evening I was coming down from a bus in my area and this 16 year old girl that has been doing every single thing in her power (very rude and mean things) to get my attention but I have been ignoring her cuz shes a kid, screamed "who be this, carry your rotten face comot for here" at me while looking at me from a distance and saying it...then she quickly turned away so u cant catch her in the act for insulting a man in his 30s just cuz he doesn't talk to her. So I should have been fuvking a 16 year old all cuz she likes me?

Do u people see the things I endure cuz I cant rant to anyone?

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Romance / I Think Women Complete A Man And Not Money by Badboibipo(m): 8:30pm On Jun 22, 2020
So I have always believed that money is what all young men in their late 20's or 30's need before you start life but I'm starting to think you will be frustrated if you dont have a woman by your side. I'm so frustrated and depressed and I'm starting to think maybe its because I dont have a gf. I went to visit my guy yesterday and even tho this nigga was obviously broke but u saw the joy in his face cuz his babe of a few years was always by his side. Man is even behaving like a married man sef. Wait please brothers help me out here with your opinions
Romance / Re: Some Disadvantages Of Too Much Attention, You Can Add Yours by Badboibipo(m): 6:02pm On Jun 22, 2020
You're normal, nothing weird about you. You just have a low self image. You need more experiences to boost it.

Maybe I dont want any fucking attention, that's not low self image. Some people are introverts, I dont want to be fucking admired
Romance / Re: Some Disadvantages Of Too Much Attention, You Can Add Yours by Badboibipo(m): 4:07pm On Jun 22, 2020
This shit is spiritual, it's why yall dont reply. I will travel to see someone spiritual because of this
Romance / Some Disadvantages Of Too Much Attention, You Can Add Yours by Badboibipo(m): 3:04pm On Jun 22, 2020
Most people really wished that they get attention regularly but it's both a blessing and a curse all at once. These are some of my own personal disadvantages of getting too much attention from people..

I am always scared of leaving the house knowing Fully well that random girls will admire me and hate on me all at the same time

I am very paranoid, you could be laughing and I will assume its because of me because the attention has messed with my head over the years

I have delusion of grandeur, I sometimes believe I'm extremely perfect when in reality I'm far from perfect

I am very lonely, I dont make friends or keep friends as my personality disorder wont allow me

I hardly toast girls cuz I recieve too many green light from girls and I dont know which or which I should act on and as such I dont act at all , plus I have this belief that since girls stare at me so much why should I still be the one chasing

I am very depressed but people assume I'm lucky and happy. Even on here when I post threads out of pain people mistake it for pride and arrogance

I really wished I didnt have such an attention commanding look because I'm 30 and it has ruined my life.
Romance / Re: . by Badboibipo(m): 6:51pm On Jun 20, 2020
eya! commit suicide na

Lol na, I just want to Bleep ur mummy toto first cheesy
Romance / Re: . by Badboibipo(m): 6:07pm On Jun 20, 2020
They bleeped me up
Romance / Re: . by Badboibipo(m): 6:06pm On Jun 20, 2020

It's very simple - just wake up from your dream.

Delusional much undecided

I'm mentally bleeped for life, too much time on my hands mixed with unhealthy levels of admiration killed me.
Romance / . by Badboibipo(m): 5:51pm On Jun 20, 2020
Delusion of grandeur mixed with extreme admiration got me bleeped up for life!

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