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Romance / Only One Solution To Unnecessary Female Drama Guys by Badboibipo(m): 8:22pm On Apr 18, 2020
There is only one way to avoid those breast having gender from getting into your head and distracting you from being the best version of yourself guys, IGNORE THEM WITH YOUR CHEST!!!!! Today one breast having creature was staring do much at me in a bus expecting me to notice her so she could give me one of the numerous female attitude that they give to people who are just minding their business. I ignored this breast gender person till the bus stopped, never turned to notice her for a second and walked past her like she was a ghost when we alighted from the bus. Jeez, only God knows what would have happened if I stared back. This people come out of their house daily and intentionally look for people to offend or distract. Come and distract or offend me na, I will so ignore you that you will have to touch your skin to confirm you're not a ghost.

Females stop being a problem in this world, cant you coexist with other humans without the intent to offend or distract? How many men lives has being ruined cuz they kept taking each female stares seriously? If you dont leave me tf alone I will ignore Tf out of you. When I find my dream girl I will know, till then.....Fvvvkkkk OFFFFF
Romance / Wait At What Age Do Girls Stop Playing Mind Games With You? by Badboibipo(m): 8:12pm On Apr 06, 2020
So I thought being a 30 year old man would give you a few life perks like allowing desperate women who find you attractive leave you alone but I guess women will always be desperate no matter how old you may be as a man. Why tf am I still dealing with women making it their life mission to stare till you notice them just so they can quickly look away like it's in your head? Wait dont these people realize I'm too old for all those weird shit now? No matter how much I avoid eye contacts I cant stoo these girls from intentionally creating weird stares that i cannot avoid because it's coming from dozens of females daily. Wait am I supposed to be happy about those or feeling like a fly boy when I'm fucking 30 years old? I cannot control my fucking appearance ,its not my fault you girls always want to stare but I'm too old now ffs.....I have too many real life problems to deal with.
Romance / Re: Imagine Feeding Off Only Female Waste Till You Die by Badboibipo(m): 3:01pm On Apr 03, 2020
Post pics or we don't believe you.

Just google "yapoo market"
Romance / Imagine Feeding Off Only Female Waste Till You Die by Badboibipo(m): 2:05pm On Apr 03, 2020
In Asia it's called yapoo. It's a tradition where men are beaten, caged and scared all over for months without food or water. They beat and scar them so much till they stop looking like human beings and then they only eat girls poo, and drink only girls urine and spit every day till they die. They live as an entertainment for girls in a cage for several years till they eventually die and thrown away in a trash. It's real you can google it yourself. Imagine if Nigerian girls start doing same to us men. The way our girls are going it wont be long till we become their poo slave, because girls of today treat men like trash and have no regard for any Male life. I am scared o, please girls dont turn me to ur poo slave I'm begging
Romance / Re: Some Girls Deserve To Be Beaten Up, Nonsense. by Badboibipo(m): 9:48pm On Apr 02, 2020
This one is really madness grin grin grin frustration everywhere cheesy

Just maintain a positive attitude and niggas wont feel the need to beat u or ur sisters to coma wink
Romance / Some Girls Deserve To Be Beaten Up, Nonsense. by Badboibipo(m): 6:41pm On Apr 02, 2020
So today I went to buy an item in this shop, where about three people were sitting outside. I greeted them while one older woman was accessing me up and down with her eyes, and I hate that shit. Most people when they stare at me they make sure to look me from head to toe as if they are trying to compete with me, it's very stupid. I live my life in peace without offending anybody but people always make it their life duty to piss me off. I just ignored the older lady cuz of her age, and greeted her. I went to the girl that sold items and asked for what I came for, she was very rude and condescending. She reacted like she hated me and like I irritated her. I gave her the insult of her life, and the bastard was now smiling and trying to explain herself. I was this close to beating that bastard to coma, thunder fire the beast. The other older woman was smiling at her son too, I just ignored the old bitch. So these hoes can smile before but were trying to piss me off, God punish all of them.

Never take shit from a hoe brothers, NEVER

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Romance / Re: How Long Can You Stay Without Masturbating? by Badboibipo(m): 10:15pm On Mar 27, 2020
Is it that you can't chyk a gal or what? Where most need a driller in their oil field

Sexxx makes everything boring and tiring, the intentional self deprivation of sexxx makes life so fuckingggg interesting...

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Romance / How Long Can You Stay Without Masturbating? by Badboibipo(m): 9:43am On Mar 27, 2020
As for me if I go a whole seven days without masturbating I will start losing my bare sanity. I start getting easily distracted and overly focused on anything female. I start over analyzing girls pictures online and start feeling frustrated. I dont know if this shi is normal, please for those of you single individuals...how long can you stay without self servicing yourself?

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Romance / Why Are We Men Always So Hornny? by Badboibipo(m): 5:00pm On Mar 21, 2020
Like I could never leave my female child in the hands of anything Male till shes 20. I will so protect her she will grow up hating me. Have u seen how these old men with beards and good cars, wearing nice suits, looking very good and responsible still stare at secondary school girls like they wish they were alone with them in a Bush with no human in sight. All guys , trust me almost all guys are secret perverts! We cant control our sexual needs, we are turned on by everything. Even mad nakedd men turn men on. Women will ignore a mad nakedd man but men almost never ignore any Male that's naked in public, they will stalk him shouting "big preek" because the mere sight of a naked man turns a fellow man on and these hornyy toads are not even gay. Ladies please be careful with yourselves and your daughters and sisters and friends. No matter the age , status or looks of we men most of us want to fuckkkk 24 hours of a day....we are always fucking hornyy. I saw a mature man flirting with a 6 year old girl till her mom ran and took the girl away, this guy was white bearded and wore a suit. Ladies please be careful, we men are worst than pigs. I weep for my sexually cursed gender. Tufia
Romance / Re: The Dangers Of Having Potential ,how It Can Ruin Your Life by Badboibipo(m): 5:21pm On Feb 29, 2020
Though we have had our differences in the past and we've been at loggerheads so many times before, I still must confess that this is the most intelligent article of yours...It deserves the FP. Its not too late buddy, you can still be everything you ever dreamt of. Kindly send a PM if you are interested in information tech. I'm also not perfect but I feel like I'm just an inch away from my prophesies.
Regards bro.

Thanks brother. Please send me a dm on Instagram. (Taf.brain) that's my handle.
I look forward to talking with you.
Romance / The Dangers Of Having Potential ,how It Can Ruin Your Life by Badboibipo(m): 2:26pm On Feb 28, 2020
You see I'm sited here and I'm just reminiscing on my life in perspective. I am looking at the whole rollercoaster of my reality, trying to figure out how or when I got it all WRONG!
You see when people see potential in you, I mean a quality that makes you stand out from the crowd..a quality that's so glaring that anyone who lays eyes on you gets easily drawn to you. That to me is a very scary thing! I mean it could also be a very beautiful thing but in my case it became scary and now sour. I have two friends, two very attractive Male friends who have very identical realities as mine. They often get complimented about their looks, people gaze at them unerringly in the midst of a crowd, and everyone easily wants to start a conversation with them because at first glance they look like that one person you would love to hang out with daily. Now that is exactly my experience and perhaps why we are all friends because we all see that quality in each other when around each other. But here is the thing, that same quality to me is why we have all become delusional, lazy and very narcissistic in nature. We feel the world revolves around our feats and lack any real desire to become better. We often dream of a life of wealth, fame and adventure while doing almost nothing relevant about it. We all have no skills, talent or dregree. We just dream and because we look like what we dream about naturally we almost get lost in the idea that we are living our dreams each passing day..and yes society do their part in fuelling our delusions of grandeur. I am a fucking loser, a dreamer, a very intelligent and passionate Male who has got his whole life all wrong because he couldn't harness his potential for good.
Now what the Bleep is "potential", I wont bore you with the definition but u can look it up yourself. People often said I have potential, everyone saw something in me..everyone wanted to be around me or have a conversation with me. I got lost in all the attention and did nothing productive with my life, rather I dreamt of a life where I was king! Now look at me, sweating like a goat in my bed and wondering where the hell I got it all wrong at 30 years old. And the funny thing is people still treat me the same but these days I feel too old and wretched to even raise my stupid shoulders high. Bleep me, Bleep my stupid life.

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Romance / I Saw A Stark Nakedd Mad Man Today by Badboibipo(m): 6:24pm On Feb 14, 2020
So today I was in a bus and I saw this mad man that was stark naked, like literally no clothes whatsoever. People just ignored him like he wasnt there and I was so jealous of him....I am presently thinking of who will miss me cuz I'm five seconds from joining him by next week. I'm dead serious, what do you people think?
Romance / Re: Ladies, What Do You Do With Your Old And Worn Out Panties? by Badboibipo(m): 7:17pm On Feb 13, 2020

when our boxers become old and raggedy we turn it to rag and use it to mop the floor

As a visitor in your house, woe betide me to use my precious hands to touch such a rag.

As for the ladies, well they discard their panties by burning them.

Why do they burn it ,
Romance / Re: Ladies, What Do You Do With Your Old And Worn Out Panties? by Badboibipo(m): 7:17pm On Feb 13, 2020
well for some people,it may serve as a towel grin

Talking from experience I guess grin
Romance / Ladies, What Do You Do With Your Old And Worn Out Panties? by Badboibipo(m): 4:25pm On Feb 13, 2020
As for many guys I know including myself, when our boxers become old and raggedy we turn it to rag and use it to mop the floor or clean our dusty shoes. But I have never seen a female panties used as rag before so now I'm wondering what really happens to an old overused pant of a girl? What do you females do with it and how come I have never seen a rag panties like I see a rag boxer? Ladies come enlighten our ignorant minds

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Romance / Re: I Think I Now Understand Why Guys Sexually Assault Girls by Badboibipo(m): 7:22pm On Feb 06, 2020
your drugs?

No drugs mehn, just facts
Romance / I Think I Now Understand Why Guys Sexually Assault Girls by Badboibipo(m): 7:08pm On Feb 06, 2020
You see if you go through my thread you will realize that I talk alot about being stared at by girls. Like not the normal few seconds look people give each other...the type that you will see them staring at you and will refuse to turn away till you are far from them..yes that's what I experienced from girls since I was like 21. I'm 30 now..I think beards made me more attractive to girls or more ugly I cant say cuz I'm not in their mind. But here is why I created this thread..
For so long I have been so bitter because my life is particularly very difficult, I struggle alot with surviving cuz I have no helper. I was always in an angry mood and each times I notice girls staring I frown just so they can turn away but 90 percent will just keep staring still like they dont care. I recently started seeing life differently especially since I became 30 and now I am very calm , friendly and happy. I no longer allow my situation define my moods. The thing is now all girls look like my babies. I literally want to kiss all my pretty Angel's that stare and even those who dont stare. Now if u stare at me I will most likely touch your cute body and make u understand that you're a goddess to me...now I'm literally inlove with every queen that stare at me. I think this is how r.kelly felt when he molested those girls. When girls are drawn to you , if you have a positive energy you will most likely become a serial pig (you will fuckkk 10 girls daily) and cant stop winking, touching and loving your cute admiring female babies. So now I know how it feels to be inlove with every girl you see and have them staring at you, its poetic. I feel like going out to house to look for a queen to touch and rub body with as I type this.....I just pray I'm not under a spell cuz where this crazy love for women came from I cant tell grin
Romance / Re: Letter To Nigerian Girls by Badboibipo(m): 10:52pm On Jan 31, 2020
But you care enough to let them know grin grin
You even made a thread! grin


Lmao I just wanted somebody to fucking see it. It's so funny how I used to care about such trivialities....shame

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Romance / Letter To Nigerian Girls by Badboibipo(m): 10:39pm On Jan 31, 2020
I'm at a point in my life now where I'm re not able to receive any gesticulations from your whole gender. If I walk past you and you act like I'm disgusting I'm sorry I dont lnow how to react to that. If I walk past you and you think I'm very goodlooking I'm sorry I dont know how to react to that. I literally am old now and I dont know how to react to your gesticulations anymore. I'm numb to your drama now as I really dont feel anything towards whatever you have to give. So I'm sorry but I hope you all ignore my existence because any character you trow at me will have no reaction from me cuz like I said I'm old and I dont know how to feel young and full of life anymore. Signed a 30 year old man who dont care about female drama anymore as per Old age.

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Romance / Re: Imagine This Happens To You, How Would You React To It? by Badboibipo(m): 3:51pm On Jan 22, 2020
Why is everyone thinking I was referring to me tho, I told you it's just a thesis....google what thesis means. Jeez
Romance / Imagine This Happens To You, How Would You React To It? by Badboibipo(m): 9:47am On Jan 22, 2020
Some people live very normal lives, like they go about their everyday lives never understanding how it feels to have random strangers staring at you daily without saying a word to you, they just turn their heads at you at every turn you make. Now imagine after going about thirty years experiencing this and one day for some reason you dont know the attention suddenly stops! No single person looks at you anymore, like you become invisible....after getting used to being stared at for thirty years and learning to live with the social anxiety it causes now you just come out and everyone is acting all normal to you and around you all of a sudden? Please tell me how that will make you feel and how you would react to this? I need responses please, I'm doing a thesis on what it feels like to get unsolicited attention that suddenly stops for no reason.
Romance / When Will Nigerian Girls Start Spending Money On Guys They Have A Crush On? by Badboibipo(m): 4:02pm On Jan 19, 2020
I have never understood why alot of girls push for equality with men but then run away when it's time to actually do most of the hard sacrifices men make all the time. You say you have a crush on a guy and yet you're still expecting him to buy you an iPhone 11 pro max gold for liking him? Is this a joke? If you like me isnt that supposed to be my ticket to free items? All the girls I have ever liked albeit very few I remember I am always quick to want to buy them items and make them very happy because its such a beautiful feeling to buy gifts and make the person you like truly smile. But since I was born all the girls that have claimed to like me have never bought me singlet, they always expect me to even buy them things for liking me....like WTF!!! I always thought this was the norm worldwide till twitter made me realize that girls actually spend alot of money on guys they crush on overseas, just open twitter and you'll be amazed at how much westernized ladies sacrifice for guys they care about.
This is 2020, pussyy is now very cheap, even 12 year old boys Bleep twice daily so nobody wants your pussy anymore as a gift, if you fuckingg like me you better spend your fucking money on me or Bleep off bitchh till I meet my otedola. Fucking rubbish....yes I will spend on you too but you have to do same since we fucking like each other or else all my money goes to my mum and the fucking less privileged, ain't paying no hoee for pussy when she claims I'm her dream man...Bleep ouutta heree


Business / Re: What Will Happen If One Fails To Pay Back Loan From Loan App? by Badboibipo(m): 4:02pm On Jan 12, 2020

Bro you wicked no b small

Hes a fool, person wey dem don blacklist. This one has fuckedd up his bank records for life cuz of like 10k


Culture / Re: The Rift Between African-Americans And Recent African Immigrants To The US by Badboibipo(m): 8:54pm On Jan 09, 2020
Let's stop pretending, there is very little similarity between Africans and African americans. The only thing we have in common is our skin and shared ancestry, nothing much. They are not us, we are not them. And its okay.

Their mainstream culture is toxic and Africans copying them should learn from the long term consequences that come with such lifestyle.

Cc , every young person in Nigeria now that wanna be a ghetto thug

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Romance / Re: Please Stop Being Too Real, It Will Limit Your Potential by Badboibipo(m): 5:20pm On Dec 29, 2019

Might be true sometimes. But you can't fake what you actually are not Life isnt understandable.

We had a brother while we were in secondary school. He would always raised his shoulders and never greet anyone. His friends at some point didnt like to talk to him claiming hes too pompous and proud(though his farmer of parents were well to do, as farmers) he won't even behave like he has ever stepped his foot on a farm soil before!

He was our senior in secondary school by two years.

Long story short, Na so he entered polytechnic ahead of his friends that were bent on going to the universities. He actually did this to retain that ego(shoulder still high and very proud still)

Fiam! Na so he finished OND, like he knew what he was doing, or had seen his own future, he got an offer to do IT in Schlumberger oil coy through a senior friend at Poly.

Fiam, Na so money come. Na so he did IT for three yrs instead of 1 year..

Today he has his oil and gas coy supplying Unilag, to Cotonou(before), MTN sometimes etc.

He is very rich now. None of his then friend is as big as he is today.

Last time we met, he was not as proud as then lol.

I actually knew he was not taking anything. Things formed naturally for him. He actually saw himself bigger and carried himself as such.

We don't control what we are without without being controlled from the within.

A lizard can't actually act like a lion.

But it is good to believe in yourself and act it.

Nice story, but he still faked it till he made it. He acted bigger than he was and it paid off.. .my point exactly
Romance / Re: Please Stop Being Too Real, It Will Limit Your Potential by Badboibipo(m): 4:00pm On Dec 29, 2019
If you want to have an easy life, loose your integrity.

Yeah, this integrity shit limits greatness.
Romance / Re: Please Stop Being Too Real, It Will Limit Your Potential by Badboibipo(m): 3:59pm On Dec 29, 2019
I totally understand you , n I sometimes i am baffled , cause yeah it works ,, infact it goes with pride ,,n u are suprised that it Favours them a lot ... but I take it as stress , I wasn’t brought up that way . I am even act lower than I am. Mingle with people I know I am better than. I make them feel comfortable around me. But make fake people can’t do that . This is me n I don’t know how to live anyway else

This is why I'm still broke. I'm exactly same, always trying to look less than I actually am. Its really making me miss out on great things out there, please my dear we have to stop this shit. Its limiting our greatness. 2face ditched blackface and faze cuz he had a dream, if he kept it real and sticked with them do u think he will be a legend today?

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Romance / Please Stop Being Too Real, It Will Limit Your Potential by Badboibipo(m): 1:51pm On Dec 29, 2019
I should have been a very big boy by now driving at least an autobiography. I know you must think I'm delusional but it's the truth. I'm one of those people who easily effortlessly gets rich and powerful people attracted to them but my mentality has since limited me. Most of my friends are very rich boys and rich girls but my inability to pretend and " fake it till you make it" has made me still broke. In life nobody gets very far without pretending and and faking it. Trust me, most people you admire dont have half the things you think they have but they fake it so well and that alone keeps opening doors for them because people treat them according to how they have placed themselves. I know alot of people who used their qualities to mingle with socially influential people and today they own houses in lekki and Abuja...like I actually know these people. We grew up together and most of them came from dirt poor homes, but they faked their way to riches and I cant even talk to most now cuz they feel bigger than me. I'm tired of being too real, I'm tired of being natural. I want to win and trust me this natural lifestyle isnt making me mingle with people who should be helping me. Bleep it!


Romance / Re: Ladies Why Dont You Ever Approach Fine Boys You're Dying To Talk To? by Badboibipo(m): 2:12pm On Dec 28, 2019
cos deep down they know that you are an attention seeking psychopath

A single hello and you can never tell if that's your future husband but pride wont let yall be great.

I really really wished most of these girls said hi, I always hope they do but no they just stare and think you havent seen at least 100 more of them do same that day alone....when someone sees something too often it loses its relevance. So no I wont approach you but if u say hi then that changes everything. Simple logic.


Romance / Ladies Why Dont You Ever Approach Fine Boys You're Dying To Talk To? by Badboibipo(m): 1:54pm On Dec 28, 2019
I get so angry every fucking day for every girl I catch staring at me or making facial gesticulations just so I can notice her. I hate it, I cant fucking talk to everyone who stares at me or makes a face at me. Why the Bleep are you girls still scared to approach men in this fucking 21st century? What kinda cowards do african mothers raise? They will just be staring like a fool but can never say hi. Be there waiting for me to talk to the 10000000 of you staring, because I have no problem in my head. Rubbish
Romance / Why Am I So Bothered About Being Irrelevant? by Badboibipo(m): 1:16pm On Dec 23, 2019
Anytime I'm on Twitter I'm always angry seeing these influencers, they type anything and instantly get likes and comments. Most of them have become rich from it, buying cars and houses from just being popular on twitter. There is something they all have in common, a starting point. The anger I have towards society is that nobody will give me a starting point, that money to start life with...that place to squat till I get on my feet...that connection that will help me grow. Nobody is ever willing to put themselves on the line for me, but each day is admiration and compliment like that shit should make me feel fulfilled in life. See I'm growing more and more bitter, some people just have it easy but some of us if we dont beg or do some menial shit we wont feed. Now my sister tells me to accept being irrelevant in this world where my family members have been so dejected by everyone but something in me Is so competitive and ambitious. I cannot swallow the idea of being irrelevant , its creepy to me. Wtf do I do, where tf do I start from....I don tire for life I no wan live anymore ffs
Romance / Can Girls Stop Pretending To Hate Penis In 2020? by Badboibipo(m): 10:28pm On Dec 22, 2019
Why is it that when you send a girl your nude, like your very big, black, long and fat penis they immediately start acting irritated and start insulting you or even blocking you but when someone like Idris Elba leaks his penis online then 99 percent of girls start posting gif's of them being wet and drooling to the sight of the same penis they earlier in the day pretended to hate? Wait what's the difference between Idris penis and emeka penis? Do penis have difference because as far as I'm concerned a penis is a penis....and its even more annoying cuz chances are that emeka penis that they acted irritated by may even look better than Idris Elba own, so female...girls, women...wtf is yall problem,

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