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Romance / Re: Why Do People Stop Admiring Me Whenever I Actually Look Good? by Badboibipo(m): 7:02pm On Dec 21, 2019
Maybe Kcee is your mentor...

But on a more serious note, I want you to do this,

Don't give a furck about what people think about you. Just do you.

Except your own purpose in life is to please everyone.

I honestly dont give a Bleep, but the pattern is so weird. Making it feel like theres something supernatural going on in my life
Romance / Why Do People Stop Admiring Me Whenever I Actually Look Good? by Badboibipo(m): 6:43pm On Dec 21, 2019
I think I'm cursed or something. People dont get admired except they look rich or really good. In my case I'm always behaving like a junkie, I never shave or take care of myself and I'm always looking scruffy facially but everyone starts admiring me and flirting with me. I get so frustrated because I made myself look scruffy so people would leave me tf alone but the reverse is the case. But you know the freaky thing? Anytime I really shave and actually believe I look good because I never believe I look good..except when I do really shave and then I actually see the good looks people keep saying I have , immediately everyone just become normal..no more weird stares, nobody is flirting with me anymore. Like I actually walk past girls and they actually dont stare....like wtf? Now I look good the attention suddenly stops? I dont fucking understand my creepy existence....this is why I like going mad....no drama. Just suffering and pain

There was a time this year when I did dreadlocks, the type you pack with a rubber bunny, boy I swear I looked so fucking good....I never felt so goodlooking in my life, guess what? Every girl that walk past me that period made it their life mission not to stare at me. I literally have no record of any girl looking at me through out that period.....but the second I took it off and started looking rough again , boom these hoes started smiling at me at every turn. Am I even alive? Cuz this shit is so freaky and abnormal
Romance / How Do You Cope With Paranoia? by Badboibipo(m): 4:48pm On Dec 21, 2019
Do you know the meaning of paranoia? It's a state of suspecting everything that goes on around you, reading meaning to every action you experience. Someone could be walking and then hiss and you immediately draw conclusions in your head that the person must have done that because they hate you. Now in reality that person may have just hissed because the sun is so hot but you spend the next two hours beefing the person because of the little drama going on in your head. I am the president of this sad mental fuckery! Everyday it's a new issue in my head, I have no rea idea what's fiction and what's fact anymore....I'm obsessive over everything and I personalize everything. Are there people like me? Is there a cure to this MADNESS?
Celebrities / Re: Zlatan Ibile Buys A Range Rover For His 25th Birthday (Pictures) by Badboibipo(m): 10:15pm On Dec 20, 2019
I swear this motor dey for car stand he just use am snap for his birthday. This is a car dealer office you can see other cars there with small office house make una get sense lol

I go rather drink poison die if na only u remain for this world to make my friend...see fool. U dont follow him so u have no idea how he was talking about buying it and now paying for it, u just came here to show hate. Mugu
Romance / Re: ... by Badboibipo(m): 9:34am On Dec 19, 2019
I will get mad and prolly die by ritual, yall can masturbate to the idea. Fucking bastards. I will die bring hard, long black preekk
Romance / Re: ... by Badboibipo(m): 9:32am On Dec 19, 2019

Please. Ive heard you. Do whatever you want with yourself.

Oga stop acting like you offered to help and I refused. Are u fucking stupid? Look at this Bleep typing like he said something good to me and I'm being stubborn, wtf do u want me to do? Automatically get better without any support? Yall lowkey ignored the part where I specified the type of support I needed but you're here saying "do whatever u want with yourself " like I turned down your proposal. God punish yall, fucking bastards......Bleep off. Privilege trash who have no idea what it feels like to have a millionaire dad but you have to beg to eat daily. Nigga if u dont Bleep off
Romance / Re: ... by Badboibipo(m): 12:36am On Dec 19, 2019
Baba compose yourself ooo

No mad waka wey dem go throw tyre put for your neck ooo

Lol we all die at some point no? Na who dey fear die dey quick first die....nobody go kill u if u no deserve am. Even sane people dey burn for nothing...all na Life

And why u assume say I wan live..me wey high now now dey hope say I go just sleep die, some of us dey find am o
Romance / Re: ... by Badboibipo(m): 10:50pm On Dec 18, 2019

I am the one chosen to tell you the goodnews!

Lol I literally give whatever I have to anyone in need like daily, I love mad people like they are my family. Dont know what other good news there is, because last I checked that was part of the good news jesus was all about.


And you know that's the same goodnews I need to get saved! Someone putting my need before theirs and making sacrifices for me. But hey I know that's not the one you're referring to anyway, you prolly want to convert me to your church or make me read the bible and hope I would automatically get better by that. Nope I wont, I need love and sacrifice (I mean housing, food, rehabilitation, again rehabilitation because its what's most important and then say , job, love, money if you may) but I know nobody has that to give so I'm good.
Romance / Re: ... by Badboibipo(m): 10:40pm On Dec 18, 2019
You are not Mad !
You don't know your problem yet,
A problem known is half solved.

Go and find out what is wrong with you.

And seek for solution.

Lol if someone going naked for 15 years insnt mad to you then I dont know what else to say. Sigh
Romance / Re: ... by Badboibipo(m): 10:39pm On Dec 18, 2019
Do you know why your pastor refers you to God whenever you need money? Because he has his own problem and doesn't want any burden and in reality despite what he preaches every week he doesnt love you enough to put your problems before his...man doesnt give a Bleep, so yeah he refers you to a higher authority that you couldn't say no to cuz hey you're a religious fellow so when you hear G0d you shiver and obey.

It's almost similar to my ish, you know in your heart "this guy needs someone that's rich and filled with humanity to help him bruh, this guy needs someone that would forget his own needs and put his need before his and make sacrifices for him" but then again you think "abeg, who will do that for him in this wicked world of today" "a world where even his family dont give a Bleep about him" ... so you just offer the same solution your pastor would give "talk to God" just so it could seem like you cared but you know that God wont come down to save me right? You know he would still need an NGO to help me right? Lol yall funny
Romance / Re: ... by Badboibipo(m): 10:25pm On Dec 18, 2019
Wow. I don't even know what to say. Humans can be wicked even when totally unwarranted. You have had one hell of an experience, seeing life through a prism most human wouldn't even imagine. You have done a good job shedding light on the average experience of a mentally unstable in a society like Nigeria.
You shouldn't feel bad about people who ignore you, most time when people cant offer any help to you, they ignore. Heck they can barely help themselves so why bother compounding your problem by looking at you disdainfully.

I know you don't want advice, pity.... Except love which you mentioned severally in your post. First you have to love yourself and believe you deserve love. I don't know the help you have seeked but I believe you have to love yourself enough to go to a psychiatric home so professionals can help you

Secondly I noticed that you write wonderfully well. Why don't you tap into this your experience and write a book detailing your life, problem and experiences. Books last for eternity and it is a better choice than nairaland post in terms of durability

Lastly please don't give up
Help will come soon..
I can't do anything to help but this is my contribution.
I hope everything works out well for you in the end.

I like how you weren't being "fake" in your comment, just honest. You didn't pretend to love me or offer any AUDIO help..you just spoke your mind. I love it. See I just said something that almost relates to the ways you feel I could get better. You know I need money for writing a book, now like I earlier said I dont have any support system like literally none! Where would I start from, or going to a psychiatric home. Lol..really? Like it's not free bro. In our country you could even be rich and the hospital will still KILL YOU. yes, KILL YOU instead of helping you. A country where u could be dying and the doctor would prefer doing something trivial than running to your aid. I have no money for self care. Plus even if I did I have no strength to pick myself up, only an NGO could do such for me. And yes I did reach out to some of them but hey I got no PUSSY , so they just read my ish and ignored because if you're not female then you should be strong enough to heal yourself I guess. Lol well done bro, I appreciate you.
Romance / Re: ... by Badboibipo(m): 10:12pm On Dec 18, 2019
Send me a message!.. we need to talk man.

Are you religious? No offense..
Romance / Re: ... by Badboibipo(m): 10:12pm On Dec 18, 2019
Let me humor myself. See if I really needed say support, it wouldnt be a yahoo man coming to my aid. It would say, be an NGO with interest in people with my condition. They would say, house me and then start a rehabilitation process for me and watch how I get better from there. Even individuals with resource and humanity could also say render such support. That is what you people would say, that is of I needed assistance which I dont anymore. So please let's stop playing the "religion will save you" card....its a joke to me.
Romance / Re: ... by Badboibipo(m): 10:04pm On Dec 18, 2019
Look nobody gives a Bleep if you live or die, I mean people would kill for sport if society tells them their are no more laws of policing. Humanity is evil as Bleep! do u think I dont know this? Lol u have no idea what I do know, I'm a very learned individual..so abeg dont come to me with your jesus or pastor shit. Not interested, your pastor lowkey collects fraud money from Benz boys who kill girls for money. Is that one yours referring me to, lol that one that is a fraudster wearing a suit and selling entertainment disguised as "miracles".
Romance / Re: ... by Badboibipo(m): 10:00pm On Dec 18, 2019
"Everybody has their own problem" and this is mine. So no I'm not looking for any support or yahoo man sorry I meant pastor to come to my aid. I'm just sharing my ish for information purposes, now you know how society treats mad people unlike before I guess u learned something new today..that's my purpose for writing.

I dont need any help or whatever, I did at first at the early stages of my ish but I have come to understand life better and yeah I'm fucking good..you know you finally become happy when you stop lying to yourself.

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Romance / Re: ... by Badboibipo(m): 9:56pm On Dec 18, 2019

Bro... that is what you dont get. Everyone has their own issues. If you kill yourself or choose to deliberately run mad...the world will continue like you never existed.

Oshisco wetin concern person.

Exactly. I really fucking understand this so well and I'm okay with it. At least I am now unlike before when this singular fact creeped me out.
Romance / Re: ... by Badboibipo(m): 9:55pm On Dec 18, 2019
Go to Dunamis Gospel Center. God healed a boy that has similar problem, don't want to go into the details but his own was caused by his step mother. Don't settle for the life of insanity

Lol the church and their pastors are more madder than anyone could ever be. What a joke..
Romance / Re: ... by Badboibipo(m): 8:06pm On Dec 18, 2019
Romance / Re: ... by Badboibipo(m): 7:37pm On Dec 18, 2019
Bro...na girl wey rape you turn you to mad person
I piry you ooo. And wish you well wether here or there.

But a full blown madness is not your destiny and the only person that can give you the love that you crave for so badly is God.

Human beings have their own problems and do not have the capacity to love you unconditionally.

Talk to God and tell him what you really wish for...He can supply your emotional needs and fill the void in your life.

Lol really dont need sympathy bro or encouragement. Been there done that. Just sharing my experiences.

You should know I have evolved past every thing, nothing can change what I have set in motion now..except death of course. Just sharing this because I really have this need to share my life with the world it's all. Just read and sigh if u may but any other reaction it's just bants and really irrelevant to me.
Romance / Re: ... by Badboibipo(m): 6:08pm On Dec 18, 2019
Please guys let me know if you want me to continue because I dont want to feel like I'm talking to people who didnt care about my thread. And no I'm not seeking for sympathy I just want at least one person to know my story.
Romance / ... by Badboibipo(m): 5:40pm On Dec 18, 2019
Romance / Why Do Girls Have A Problem With Confident Men? by Badboibipo(m): 11:09am On Dec 17, 2019
I noticed this when I was little, that if you carry yourself with confidence and say if you're goodlooking also at the same time girls will do everything to hurt your ego. Women have this insecurity that is so fragile and so open. They cannot stand a guy that has alot going on with his looks and talks with charisma, you will just be having girls act weird towards you and you wouldnt know its because you're making them feel insecure. I'm posting this because I saw a thread on twitter about a guy who made a video of himself making a cute face and yes he looked very good but the whole thread ladies were bashing him and saying they could never be with a man who knows he looks good. What type of insecure ladies do we have in this generation?

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Romance / Re: Females I Need An Answer!! by Badboibipo(m): 11:05pm On Dec 10, 2019
u nid help..ewu

Baby what do these females want tho? Like when u stare at man what do u really want from him?
Romance / Females I Need An Answer!! by Badboibipo(m): 9:45pm On Dec 10, 2019
Why do u vagina having people like to stare at guys you don't want to Bleep? I'm so tempted to rape any random girl that does this shit to me again, you all will be looking at a person and making his penis hard and the second he makes an attempt you raise your guard. Vagina gender are you people mad? So my penis so hard and I'm just minding my business only to have random girls giving me stares , but start forming once I make a convo....I have stopped masturbation and I'm ready for pussy now, so if you dont want my penis DO NOT FUCKING LOOK AT MY FACE.....i will rape u people o....what the Bleep
Romance / Nigerian Girls Love Mind Games Too Much by Badboibipo(m): 12:02pm On Dec 10, 2019
Why are Nigerian girls fond of staring at a guy but immediately he reacts they run or quickly turn away? So yesterday I decided to act upon every stare I got. And no I dont mean the causal stare people make, I mean that one when you see a girl look at you, turn away and immediately turn back to look at you for at least 60 seconds. Yes that stare, is not random...its the "I want to suck your penis" stare. So i started to wink at every girl who did that stare to me, and these people just started acting like they were busy. So you think I have time to start chasing you? You were the one staring at me, now I'm reacting to it and you're forming serious? So you want me to leave all the problems I have like rent money and all and start chasing you?

If a white girl is feeling your vibes the second you wink she winks too and then boom...no long talk. But these ones will stare and once u show interest, yanga will start, well not all guys have bentley some of us have better things to spend our times on than pursuing one babe who started showing green light that she doesnt even know how to react To.

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Romance / Re: I Have Not Had Sex This Year..what About You? by Badboibipo(m): 12:08am On Dec 08, 2019
how old am I? Turning thirty in few days time. Why asking?

You mean you never had sex like ever?
Romance / Re: I Have Not Had Sex This Year..what About You? by Badboibipo(m): 8:57pm On Dec 07, 2019
So it's a crime for not having sex this year? What about people like us who haven't had all our lifetime? Are we not normal? Does having sex better your life?

are you actually serious? How old are u tho
Romance / I Have Not Had Sex This Year..what About You? by Badboibipo(m): 11:59am On Dec 07, 2019
I have alot of conditions that prevent me from having normal sexx like lots of people, and I only just realised I never had sexx this whole year and it's kinda sad. Who else is like me, please be honest

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