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Business / Re: Big Four: These Are The Auditors Earning Billions From Nigerian Banks by Bagehot: 9:43pm On Sep 20

You got sense and you wandered why all the failed Banks were never indicted by these Audit Firms in the first instance.
So many Banks failures yet the Audited Accounting Firms were free,why?
Something is certainly wrong with Nigeria Systems!

Not necessarily a Nigerian problem . . . happens gloabally. Read about ENRON and Arthur Andersen (the predecessor of Accenture) . . . even KPMG had a recent scandal in the U.K earlier this year., as well as were fingered in corruption cases in South Africa.


Politics / Re: Akeredolu: "Tinubu Is The Capone Of South-West & South-South" by Bagehot: 2:35pm On Sep 20

Lol Tinubu decamp APC ? Seems you don’t know who they call Jagaban. So if he decamp APC will they give him ticket in PDP? Or you think he is the type that will use anger to lose the target like Ibos? You think he’s like people that act before thinking?

We Yorubas are second fiddle to no one and we don’t run from challenges. The Tinubu block will contest the APC primaries and I haven’t seen who will outsmart them from the ticket.

If you don’t know, Tinubu got a fair share of state Governors in the North on his side and trust me it will be a game of money bag.

Ibos on the other hand are too coward to even speak to PDP to give them the ticket. Even Peter Obi is nowhere to be found and they are all doing like minority tribe.

Leave APC and go to where? PDP? Or you think he will form a merger with Accord party? Lol you don’t know Tinubu.

I dare say Yorubas, and indeed the entire South are lucky to have a Tinubu. The mere fact that we have someone that is a formidable enough character to raise a few northern pulses is ok by me. Forget this whole SW, SE, and SS arguments - if we play our cards right collectively, we can take our dues, and decide how to split later. The miracle of 'One North' championed by Ahmadu Bello, and Tafawa Balewa is what has helped the North thus far. They have Hausas, Fulanis, Kanuris, Beroms etc, but somehow have managed to hold sway over national politics, and we are fighting over less than major tribes (yoruba, igbo, ijaw, itsekiri, urhobo, Ibibio etc) down south?

We are supposedly the educated ones, and yet we tend towards playing politics with emotions?


Politics / Re: Akeredolu: "Tinubu Is The Capone Of South-West & South-South" by Bagehot: 10:39am On Sep 20

And that’s why they ll remain at the back and shout marginalisation from generation to generation.

There is no way a Yoruba man who had worked so hard for APC ll allow one fool from the East to reap from where Igbos didn’t sow. When Igbos were practically calling APC all sort of names in the East and went ahead to vote against APC in thousands, it was Yorubas and the North who stood for APC, now you want APC to give Igbos presidency slot, you guys are fools.

The only opportunity Igbos have to choose one of them to become the president of this country is giving their support to the Yoruba man Tinubu who would likely win 2023 election. Subsequently it ll be difficult for Yoruba people to come out and present a candidate again when it is South time to produce a president. Consequently Yorubas ll have no other choice than to support the Igbos against the North then.

If Igbos go against the Yorubas now, then be prepared that Yorubas have always done better than the Igbos, Yorubas ll definitely retaliate and Igbos ll scream blue murder when that time comes cos they always play victims.

One good thing about the Yorubas is this, they don’t play victim like Igbos. Yorubas ll move easily but ll ensure Igbos remain 4th class citizens

Tinubu is very likely not running for President . . . there is a bigger game-plan.


Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: We Are Waiting For Tinubu To Decide – Akeredolu by Bagehot: 10:29am On Sep 20

Lol, they don dey find allies. James Ibori is a PDP man and no ally of Tinubu. He was even the one that brought Uduaghan back to PDP

Low-key PDP allies . . . Fayose and Wike. Forget these politicians, they are playing the long game.
Politics / Re: Akeredolu: "Tinubu Is The Capone Of South-West & South-South" by Bagehot: 10:04am On Sep 20

I said it before that all these move is for Tinubu!

Tinubu that NEVER said anything while innocent Nigerians are killed that's the person they are looking up too

He never even supported Amotekun

What's the probability that Nigeria will do well under him

These are the questions I expected a learned like Akeredolu to address! Not follow anyone sheepishly!

Cat-paws . . . didn't publicly support Amotekun, and Lagos State passed the bill . . . doesn't oppose Buhari, and Lagos State was first in line to pass the bill . . . in bed with Northerners, but known Tinubu Men are attending Southern Governors' conference. Well played BAT, well played indeed.


Education / Re: Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello As LASU VC: Lagos Indigenes Allege Marginalisation by Bagehot: 12:42pm On Sep 17
To the poster 2 steps above me Tinubu is from Iragbiji in Osun State ,A cousin to Oyetola the current Governor , naturally where a qualified person comes from should not be an issue but I think it has become an issue because the states that allow other states to get key positions don't get same opportunity in States the appointees come from. But I still personally support merit over state of origin.

Not holding brief for Tinubu, but if indeed He is from Iragbiji, how did He manage to grow up in the household of Alhaji Tinubu, and the Iya-Oloja, and even get claimed by them as their child?
Politics / Re: Umahi: Fani-Kayode Is A Liar, He Played No Role In My Defection To APC by Bagehot: 11:45am On Sep 17
I keep saying it, fear who no fear Afonjas!

Amala and gbegiri things. They can betray you at any given point just for few plates of amala

On the contrary, its Easterners, and PDP fanatics that we should be concerned about. Very few yoruba Men took FFK seriously - but the Easterners and PDP supporters were lapping up everything He has to say, despite a long history of lacking decorum and integrity in both his public and private lives. The same person OBJ warned us about over a decade ago, that He is a friend for food only? Same person that his father was known for back-stabbing in politics as well?

A Man that thorougly insulted GEJ, and praised Jagaban, and in a few weeks to the election changed parties, and lauded GEJ as a hero, and cursed out Tinubu / Buhari. Watch him switch sides again.

Dont put FFK's switch on Yoruba people; blame it on the part of the country that opposes with emotions inspite of the facts before them.
Politics / Re: From Jonathan To Buhari: FFK Long History Of Going Back To "Vomit" - Dailypost by Bagehot: 11:32am On Sep 17

He is the kind of person that is neither here nor there.

He can change like a CHAMELION anytime.

He is also a WOMANIZER and a disorganised family man.

I hope you are not saying this cos He ported to another party, cos when I mentioned this months back, I was cussed out by PDP supporters.
Politics / Re: From Jonathan To Buhari: FFK Long History Of Going Back To "Vomit" - Dailypost by Bagehot: 11:30am On Sep 17

This guy Fanny is mentally ill. Most of Nigeria's ruling class are in fact lunatics

I wonder why/how so many Nigerians are unable to recognise that fact about them...take someone like Rochas for example, a total nutjob.

Fani-Kayode had a drug problem growing up, and has been consistent in being unstable . . . I always warned his Nairaland supporters to be wary of him, and his ways. Another unstable ally is Wike . . .
Family / Re: Older Nigerian Men How Did You Survive Nigeria In Your 20s by Bagehot: 9:33am On Sep 16
I once told my dad: you guys got multiple jobs to choose from, got housing and healthcare but all we got is the INTERNET and nothing else.

Speaking of multipe jobs, a lot of ojr parents got through life with sheer determinstion. Most folks here that their parents are civil servants shoild ask them what their earnings are - barely 200k at the most senior levels yet they managed to build houses and send their kids to school. Most homes had just a 504 (if at all they had any car) and 2 car housegolds were seen as very well off.

The issue is that there is a lot more to consume now than back then - smartphones, DSTV, internet bundles, nicer cars, vacations etc.
Family / Re: Older Nigerian Men How Did You Survive Nigeria In Your 20s by Bagehot: 8:17am On Sep 16

No matter how you look at it, they had it so much better... Waayyy better.
Nothing depressing about it.

Yes they lived through the military era and saw firsthand what that was like, but it was still a better deal than what we have now.

Nigeria/Nigerians didn't have such a bad rep in the eyes of the world back then.

And who told you there were no jobs?

Just having a university degree guaranteed you a job without the need for man-know-man or bribing your way into federal agencies.
My dad with his University of Ibadan 2'2 degree didn't stay without work for up to 3 months after serving – got a really good job for that matter.

Nigerians could travel easier back then and even though the standard of living wasn't all that high, things were affordable in comparison.
Today, the standard of living is low (even lower if we're being honest), yet commodities aren't that affordable.

The internet age, satellite TV, and advent of mobile devices which ushered in the era of remote jobs and internet-based sources of income, also came with the introduction of make-believe lifestyles from watching reality shows like MTV cribs, KUWTK, etc...
Young Nigerians became obsessed with living wealthy lifestyles and acquiring expensive things (even when unnecessary).

Please there's no comparison to be made...

Older Nigerians definitely had a much better Nigeria than we do now. It wasn't heaven then, but it still wasn't as hellish as it is now.
People actually lived in Nigeria back then, but what people are doing now is surviving – there's a big difference.

I can't even take my car to a random mechanic to fix for me because they will bill me like a yahoo boy. lipsrsealed
Internet fraudsters who don't mind paying whatever price they're told to pay for anything, have succeeded in contributing to inflation.

All those overpriced estates in places like Lekki built on top of reclaimed land that is just hoping/praying the sea doesn't develop mood swing, do you think if they were not seeing people to buy them, they won't drop the prices?

My brother, the overall mentality of Nigerians is very different now from what it was then.

Although it's not that the country was European-standard for older Nigerians back in the day, but contentment seemed to be more prevalent as people were okay with just having the basics/having just what was necessary.

I have a lot more I could type on this topic, but I've exceeded my social media allocated time for today. grin

I grew up under millitary rule, and trust me, Nigerians have it much better now. Economically, job opportunities were far and few between - and there certainly was still a lot of man know man. There was a lot of insecurity and (non-political) assassinations were rampant. Social mobility was pretty difficult. The government frequently sponsored cultists to kill and maim student activists on campus. Random people were disappeared, and we couldn't mention Abacha's name out loud on our own front porch. Covol Servants earned bloody peanuts, and we all stood in long queues at NITEL to make phonecalls.

Nigeria's name was bad even back then: the country was a transit hub for drug smuggling (aided by the millitary regime) - google Gloria Okon. If you think Yahoo boys are new, then clearly you are too young to remember the glory days of Goddy Anabor, Anajemba, Ade Bendel etc.

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Celebrities / Re: Actress Mercy Aigbe Flaunts Her Curves In Multi-Colored Swimwear by Bagehot: 10:05am On Sep 11
Who dey go pool with heavy makeup.. grin

Honestly doubt she can even swim.
Politics / Re: VAT: Lagos Applies To Join Rivers As Respondents In FIRS Appeal by Bagehot: 8:55am On Sep 11
Banks run over a dozen of financial facilities from loans to cash transfer. Each facility generates billions for the bank owners.
Northerners with a population of about 140 million do not own a single bank in Nigeria, except for some tiny community banks.
Daily, about 20 million Northerners do bank transfer through some of the big commercial banks that belong to Southerners and each one of them is now charged 20 naira.
20 × 20 million = 400 million. This is the amount Northerners give to Southerners daily on just a single type of bank transaction out of many. In a month it means 4 billion × 29 = 116000000000 (116.billion). In a year it translates into 116000000000 × 12 = 1392000000000 (1.392 trillion).
1.392 trillion the north is giving to the south every year is enough to:
1- 2,784,000 low cost houses each year at unit cost of 5 million.
2- 1,392,000 village schools each year at unit cost of 10 million.
3- 13,920 small scale industries each year at unit cost of 100 million.
4- Give 50,000 Naira scholarship to 2,784,000 students yearly.
You can think of other projects the amount Northerners are wasting on the Southerners for a single bank facility called mobile transfer and do the maths.
Now come to think of it how much money move from the North to South for the entire banking services. It is estimated to be over 13 trillion which more than double the entire federal budgetary allocation given to the North.
That is just the banking sector. Similar humongous losses are registered in other sectors such as telecommunications, insurance, education, trade, etc This is not an issue for individuals or groups to tackle. It is a political economic issue calling for political decision and action. It is the core reason the North is economically backward. Northern poverty is a direct result, mainly, of lack control of financial and natural resource. Northerners must call for restructuring for direct control of trade, manufacturing and the service industry. Forget about the false Southern propaganda that Northerners are lazy. Millions of Northerner wake up at 4 am and work their bones tired to 8pm and beyond making very little. Their resources have been taken over and only political action can restore them.
The Southern Nigerians have taken political action to stop herders and Ruga project, they took political action to take over trade by demolishing markets owned by Northerners in the South, they took political action to stunt Northern transport business through officially encouraging violent taut action, they took poitical action to demoralized Northerners via massive media stereotype and false propaganda etc
This is the reason those Southern leeches exploiting the North as bankers, transporters, counterfeit goods traders, school owners, estate prospectors, contractors, kidnapping and terrorist sponsors do not wish to leave the North or have Nigeria broken up as oppose to their ignorant tribesmen agitating for break up. These leeches when they talk about restructuring, they mean more political concession and control is to be given to them to permanently dominate the economic life of Northerners

1. Only 73m Nigerians own a bank account, so where did your 120m northern accounts surface from?

2. There are roughly 30m bank transfers in a year, so how come Northerners do 20m transactions daily?

3. Your Sultan of Sokoto has publicly admitted that the Fulanis dominate the kidnapping business nationwide (7 out of 10), so how is it Southerners that are the cause of your headache?

4. Whose fault is it that you dont dominate the private sector, considering the absurd pass-marks from your region?

And if we call you aboki you would take offense . . .
Politics / Re: Amid VAT Saga, States Sue FG Over Sharing Of Stamp Duty Revenue by Bagehot: 2:42pm On Sep 09

Federal government has too much powers

It's bad

Imagine every part of the country been at the mercy for the fG for funds everytime

It's bad!

Unfortunately, it's only going to get worse . . . 55% of the VAT comes from just one state - Lagos. I really like the direction on VAT, but its going to be very painful in the short term for most states of the federation.
Career / Re: The Nairalife Of A Family Man Who’s Content At ₦1.3m/month by Bagehot: 9:20am On Sep 09
I have never believed anything written on this site. Everything looks fake and madeup.

My growth trajectory is quite similar to this story so I do believe it.
Education / Re: Obi Cubana On UNIZIK Exam Question by Bagehot: 1:04pm On Sep 08
Nnamdi Aizkiwe University, UNIZIK, Awka has set an exam question on the Nigerian business mogul, Obi Cubana. Again, Obi Cubana makes it to UNIZIK exams question as a case study.

Wahala for serious student wey no dey watch film for this exam ooo�. Lol

''The Great Gatsby '' is a 1925 novel by American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, that was later recreated in a 2013 movie starred by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Our wahala no too much so?


This is a brilliant question. Im only concerned as to if the atudenta would have enough time to think through their responses.
Celebrities / Re: Nedu Doesn't Deserve My Son - Uzoamaka Ohiri Speaks About Her Child's Paternity by Bagehot: 7:18am On Sep 08
Fear vagina people

No Man deserves a bastard.

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: "I'm Sad And Don't Know What To Do" - Tega's Husband Breaks Silence by Bagehot: 6:50am On Sep 07
If God wan punish a man, make he give am a wife like Tonto or Tega. The drama go looooong.

You forgot to mention Toke - All Ts.
Health / Re: Dr Amechi Obiora Is Dead! The 'O' In EKO Hospital Dies by Bagehot: 6:59pm On Sep 02

They almost killed me 2006, doing trial and error with my body

Eko Hospital has been crap for years now . . . used to go there - bad experience. A Friend's wife was almost taken out there too.


Politics / Re: Soludo Insists Anambra Too Complex For WAEC Holders To Govern by Bagehot: 12:03pm On Aug 25
Ja Soludo is one of those many Nigerian educated blocked heads who can never solve their country's problems.
In Europe people with WAEC have transformed & developed many communities.

Can't speak for all of Europe, but both Britain and France have a history of their Leaders having attended the finest schools - from secondary to university.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Plight Of HND Holders In The Nigerian Labor Market by Bagehot: 7:34pm On Aug 24
I don't just understand this discrimination. Lot of HND grads are far better than university graduates and vice versa. If I could remember, Government don remove this dichotomy more than 5 times but the thing still dey there. Private sectors hate to hear the word polytechnic. It's only government jobs that do not discriminate

A minority . . . BTW, I'm skeptical of graduates from anything outside federal universities, and a few private schools.


Health / Re: Maduka Rescues Girl With SARS Stray Bullet And Amputation In Hospital by Bagehot: 6:27am On Aug 24
Emergency philanthropy. This guy is the worst person to hold public office. Forget all these playing to the gallery , he is a mean man and that is why he is at war with his people. Maduka is a known drug Baron who does not have any modicum of character. He is one of the most unreliable human beings on planet earth. Don't be carried away by these publicity,if you get close to him you can only see a whited sepulchre. He has no place anywhere near public service. He is dirty and when I say dirty , I mean dirty. He represents everything bad about an evil man

After reading this comment, out of curiosity, I googled the man, and found this . . .


Once I spotted James Nwafor (of the dreaded Akwuzu SARS) in the report, I just shook my head; this is no country for good men.
Celebrities / Re: Inside Reni Folawiyo’s Lagos Penthouse (Photos) by Bagehot: 8:39pm On Aug 21
What does she do for a living and who dey wear her cloth... nairaland can believe anything

It appears you don't know the Folawiyo family . . . those cats have been rich for decades.
Romance / Re: I'm In Love With My Colleague's Ex by Bagehot: 1:33pm On Aug 20
There is this lady who recently joined our organization. She caught my attention but I wanted to take things slow. Later I got to know that my other colleague at work had already spoken to this lady and they had been having serious romance. I had to cut off every affections though the lady in question and I later became best friends.

Fast forward to the present day, they broke up and the babe had been trying to gather herself. I cunningly asked her if she could work things out with the guy but she bluntly said no.

The issue here now is that I've been developing serious affection for her again though during our chats before their breakup I had told her I developed feelings for her but my other colleague was faster than I in approaching her of which she said I should have told her about it.

This lady ticks every boxes I want in a woman.

Kindly advice me...

Work-place romance - high potential for messy outcome
Work-place love triangle - exponentially heightened potential for messy outcome
Business / Re: Did The Attitude Of People Towards You Change When You Became Rich? by Bagehot: 11:44am On Aug 18
Two sides to the experience . . .you get more respect from people around you, but you also see a lot of your peers avoiding you - especially if you are a bit well off, and also have status (career growth, etc). You would likely experience people declining your invitation to hang out, or even a couple of people who would feebly reach out, and cease communications afterward.

Just money is fine: people tend to believe they are one 'contract' or winning bet away from having money . . . but money and status together are a bit hard to swallow, cos if they are your peers, they are forced to assess their own conditions, probably feel ashamed, and probably loath you for it.


TV/Movies / Re: Bbnaija: Pere's Management Reacts To Whitemoney-Pere Fight by Bagehot: 9:39am On Aug 18
Lol, they're justifying his actions. This won't help him win sha. White money has won it. Pere should just enjoy his stay in that house for now. But one thing I've noticed is that, the toxic ones in the game always come out to be successful.

The toxic women - not the toxic men. A lot of women tend to lean towards a histrionic personality disorder, so they see a version of themselves in toxic BBN females. For Men, not so much.
Family / Re: Why Getting Married When You Are Struggling Financially Is A Bad Decision! by Bagehot: 4:54pm On Aug 17

bro, the problem here is that you are thinking like a broke person. a good woman who doesnt respect you as a poor man, will still NOT respect you as a rich man. money does not equate to respect....only broke begging deluded people suddenly respect you when you have money BECAUSE THEY NOW WANT YOU TO HELP THEM. its only oloshos that will suddenly admire you because you have money AND its only broke minded men that believe that when they get money they will settle with all the oloshos in the world.

just because many women in Nigeria are broke deluded beings (who sell themselves to the highest bidder), doesnt mean that this what you should now use as a tool to value life... IF A WOMAN DOESNT VALUE YOU AS A POOR MAN, THEN SHE HAS NO BUSINESS BEING IN YOUR LIFE WHEN YOU FINALLY MAKE MONEY. if you decide to be with such woman then the joke is on you.

the sad statement you made that "if you dont have money you are nothing" is such a clueless statement, but then again, thats what most broke minded people would say...they really believe that all their problems lies with having money. all their lives revolves around money and they actually believe that if they are ugly, then with money attracting oloshos to their sorry lives, they will now become beautiful..if they are rude they will become nice, if they are bad they will become good; if they are evil they will become saints; if they are disgusting they will become sweet abi?!?!? sadly, let me help you on the subject...if you are a shitty poor person, you will simply turn into a rich SHITTY person... attracting shittier person in your life (like oloshos).

as for your family, if having money is the only way that they will respect you, then i feel sorry for the family you got. as for a wife, if she wouldnt respect you if you were broke, then the joke is on you for marrying such worthless good for nothing disrespectful wife.

BTW go ask Steve Jobs, TB Joshua etc if all their Billions (who gave them access to the very best health care), made any difference....

1. Most women change after marriage . . . so if she tells you she doesn't care before marriage - while she does mean it at that point, she would change her mind afterward.

2. Finance is the single biggest cause of divorces globally. Emotions aside, no family would run on a chewing stick - you need money. Before we all transitioned into a modern society, all across the world - even here in Africa, we recognized the importance of a man providing for his family, hence the deep shame Okonkwo (Things Fall Apart) felt, and associated with his father being fed by a woman. There is virtually no culture in the world that does not assign the role of provider to the man.

3. Even in the Bible, we are told that a man unable to provide for his family is worse than an infidel. The problem of many of us is that we have come to normalize living in want and penury. A classic case in point - most Igbo men giving up their youth to face their hustle, so they can later be able to provide a fairly comfortable life for their family. A lot of Nigerians on the other hand would simply chant 'e go better' and mess up their lives.

4. So to justify one's own ego of being a 'Family Man', One should go and marry into penury, raise his Kids in abject lack, deny them of quality nutrition and education, and a safe environment to grow and thrive in? Makes no sense. I'm not saying be a rich man, but at least be able to comfortably feed at least two mouths, before dabbling in it.


Celebrities / Re: Kidney, Heart Failure: Rich Oganiru 'Azu' In Hospital Bed Begging (Video) by Bagehot: 5:18pm On Aug 11
Funny how All these Rich actors ignore their sick colleague, only to show up for candle night when the person is dead.. what a pity.

Were their sick colleagues not paid for their services?
Politics / Re: IBB Rules Out Atiku, Tinubu Of 2023 Presidency by Bagehot: 9:36am On Aug 06
IBB that is one of the bad leaders Nigeria has ever produced has turned to a motivational speaker because of Buhari's government. IBB is now a saint because of our darling president.

'Nigerians don't believe in their country. They created and they destroyed' See how he stylishly shifted the blame to ordinary Nigerians?
Politics / Re: Abba Kyari Appears Before Egbunike Panel, Defends Himself by Bagehot: 5:25pm On Aug 04
Notice how PDP haven't seized on this scandal to call out the Buhari government? I bet Kyari has dirt on a lot of politicians.
Politics / Re: 'Vote Tinubu For President' - Taraba APC (Photos) by Bagehot: 10:14am On Aug 04
Tinubu will be too strong for any contestant in the APC. He'll win the ticket with a very wide margin.

If Tinubu is allowed to contest the primaries, He would win. If he wins the primaries, the presidency would be a shoo-in for him. The best place to stop him is to not allow him contest the primaries . . .

Not sure if I like him for presidency, but I admire how He has grown to become a colossus.
Politics / Re: Lawyers Kick As Benin Republic Plots Igboho’s Deportation To Nigeria by Bagehot: 10:51am On Jul 30
Slavery has been engraved i the modular of the people living in francophone countries i bet they won’t listen but send igboho to Nigeria we should only bring ourselves together and show the federal government that igboho is untouchable We should protest in a number that has never been seen before if possible cause the greatest unrest that will lead to the Freedom or Yoruba people from all these nonsense

Another angle is the French getting involved . . . they have been trying desperately to counterbalance Nigeria's influence in West Africa, and Igbihi is a useful tool.

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