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Travel / Re: Flight From Ghana To Nigeria by bigglenn12(m): 10:19pm On Aug 14
Go to Nigerian embassy at Osu. They will attend to you asap!

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Travel / Re: Travellers To Arrive Three Hours Before International Flights by bigglenn12(m): 8:18pm On Aug 06
No they are not tired.
Yes their businesses are suffering abroad.
Yes their health is deteriorating Covid19
No,these people travel abroad at their will because they are not using Nigerian passports, what they are using is diplomatic passports. The constitution should not allow our politicians with dual citizenship to rule so that they can seat up. Corruption is the father of the day. Africa is fatherland whilst the advanced countries are mother land

They are tired of not traveling out.

Their businesses abroad are suffering.

Their health is deteriorating because they can't go for check up.

They can't take their family on vacation as usual and summer is here already.

They are tired of eating local rice.[/quote]
Travel / Re: Is The Seme Border Into Cotonou Still Closed To Traffic? by bigglenn12(m): 1:11pm On Aug 03
Have money to sort the corrupt set of immigration officers and law enforcement officers before and after you cross. Atleast 30k for them. U re good to go.

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Travel / Re: A Nairalander Joined The Black Lives Matter Protest In New Zealand by bigglenn12(m): 11:11am On Jun 03
@femijck nice one bro. Black lives matters.

Today, New Zealanders joined the rest of the world in a peaceful protest against police brutality happening around the globe......This was organized in memory of George Floyd who was murdered in Minneapolis and also as a support for his grieving family.

Travel / Re: Should I Apply Or Walk Away? Your Advise Is Needed Please by bigglenn12(m): 1:57pm On May 30
Are you going there as a skilled worker?
Only few advanced countries has this visa programs, my brother you don't need an agent,do not pay any money to anybody,visit the country immigration portal to know if they have such programs. Wakeup my dear Nigerian bro

Hi guys I really need your help for the last time on my traveling stuff, my friend who is helping me has given me another slot ( Israel or any countries available) tho i wont go for anything that wont favour me am not freak, but the condition is what is bothering me.


1 i must pay 50k for the processing and 20k for the form

2 i must have international passport before any process

3 the company will be responsible for securing the visa and also pay for ticket

That's for going

Conditions for repayment

1 if i pay 50k for processing i will pay back 1.5m but if i pay 150k the repayment is 1.2m

2 two years working visa

3 passport may or may not be seize, probability

4 salary scale 200k upward in naira excluding accommodation and feeding

5 factory work

So the question is should i go or stay here in naija and learn a trade?

NB. am not a graduate and am 26years already, no uncle to help or anybody, just me only on this earth. Please your advice is needed thanks
Travel / Re: Urgent Advice For A New Traveller. by bigglenn12(m): 11:33pm On May 26
Why in a hurry my dear brother. Why not wait until the whole virus crisis is over. Even if the all boarders are opened tomorrow, you can give excuses that the fear of the virus made you to change your mind. No need to rush,look all countries in the globe are going to review all their immigration laws due to this pandemic
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Netherlands by bigglenn12(m): 8:13pm On May 17
Please do not believe in those agents as they do not have the authority fo grant visas nor jobs. Please don't believe in any agents or whosoever that would tell you that they can secure you a job. All you need to do is visit the country consulate or website.�https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/your-country-and-the-netherlands/nigeria/travel-and-residence/applying-for-a-short-stay-schengen-visa
Travel / Re: Life In Ghana Compared To Nigeria (must Read) by bigglenn12(m): 11:12pm On May 04
I pity all of you that have never travelled of Nigeria before and having believe that ,the shit hole country will become great or is giant of Africa. A proverb says 'a village where everyone is blind,a man with 1 eye is a king'. I'm not saying u should come here to canafa or USA to verify. You can go to other west Africa countries or visit any country and see how it is. Naira is dead.
1usd = 400 naira
1usd = 5.8 cedis
People are still arguing that naira is stronger or has more value than cedis. Naira is not in top 20 African strongest currencies. Yes African leaders are dead but naija leaders carry first for corruption

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Travel / Re: Enquiry "Ireland Job From Nigeria. Help Plsss by bigglenn12(m): 10:50am On Apr 24
Visit Ireland website consulate to Nigeria, you will see the full story of how people are been scammed. Lemme ask you,did you apply for a job in Ireland? What company did you apply for?what job role?
Other than Germany,NewZealand, Australia and Canada that gives a skilled job employment to immigrants no other country does it. The process is over 6 months and above after you have sent your credentials and language proficiency to their evaluation body. If your job is in skill demand u will have to earn points for it.

Please do not fall victim.

I hope u have not started paying any money to because once u start,u will continue to pay the money. Dont be fooled, I repeat it's a job scam.all countries have shutdown their boarders indefinitely due to the Covid19.

[Qquote author=Olujames3020 post=88743572]I

applied for job through sea-career.com. And I received the below message from the via email.
I will like to know the veracity of the mail and if it's something worth pursuing:

Greetings from your account manager!

The fact that you have received a Written Invitation means that the
employer already keeps a job position for you and is currently expecting
your documents.

These are the job position details:

Job Status: Full-Time
Location: Ireland, Dublin
Contract: Permanent / Length: 2 years
Salary/Net Base: 15 euro per hour/ 3120 Euro per month
Rest days: 2 per week
Accommodation: free (separate bedroom and bath, furnished, utilized)
Holiday Allowance: 20 days (paid) Bonuses: medical/dental insurance;
food provided during working hours; plane ticket and visa fees paid by
the employer
Other benefits: family accommodation paid by employer / pension schemes
Requirements: fast-paced, responsible and reliable, self-motivated,

Your next step now is to order your Employment Pass Application.

This is the list of requirements: (all are included in the Employment
Pass Application )

1/ CV (Europass)
2/ Motivation Letter
3/ Diploma ( not mandatory)
4/ Work Permit application form
5/ Health insurance application form
6/ National Insurance Number application form

In the package, there is a Work Permit Application Form filled out. Your
employer needs this form to be able to issue a work permit for you.

We are at a very important stage, your employer is expecting your
official documents.

We would like to remind you that your documents should arrive at the
employer’s company in 8 days. Failing to meet the deadline automatically
leads to losing the job position for you and financial losses for our

Let us remind you that you already have been given particular job offer
details and particular limited deadline for the application set

Please note that delays are not accepted!!!

Do you want me to guide you how to order this documents, so we can

Kind regards,
E-mail: office@sea-careers.com
Chat: https://readingstaff.com/livecontact/chat.php?operator=Samantha
Celebrities / Re: In JSS2, Yul Edochie Told His Father, Pete To Open Electrical Shop For Him by bigglenn12(m): 2:34pm On Apr 23
Babe go shop go play ps2??. That one na real addiction

Me I can not even tell my Dad that those days. Its suicide mission.!

I remember the day I went to play ps2 in one shop like that one Saturday, when I was ment to be in Jamb lesson. Till now I it still don't know how he got to find out. The only thing I could remember was that I picked pin till I could no longer feel my right leg. I stated shouting "Daddy please my leg has paralyzed !"

Thank God my grandma come to my rescue..

See me now.. I wash my dad waited to see who I am now ..

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Health / Re: White Tongue After Unprotected Sex: Please Doctors In The House I Need Your Help by bigglenn12(m): 11:47pm On Apr 14

quote author=Scaredd post=88429613]Good day everyone,

I'm the guy that likes to flirt with women (trying so hard to change). Sometime last year November, I hand some sex encounters with 4 different women (2 unprotected) and by first week of December I started experiencing some symptoms which include;

1.White tongue
2. Occassional diarrhoea (watery, oily and formy stool ever since then. I feel sudden need to ease like twice or thrice a day).
3. A gradual weight loss (I eat very well, mainly fruits and proteins with carbohydrates on average)
4. Occasional hand tremor.
5. Occasional body vibration and fast heart rate.

I used to smoke marijuana and take alcohol, but stopped. I also masturbated for about 5-6yrs, then stopped last year which added to flirting with women. I've not masturbated since then, but still take alcohol (mainly vodka).

I went to a university teaching hospital, met with the consultant and explained to her just as I'm doing here (she was wowed!). She then directed me to do HIV test (came back negative), H. Pylori test (also came out negative) and another test (I've forgotten the name).

She then prescribed, nystatin oral suspension and vitamin B Complex which I've finished taking, yet no change. Meanwhile, I've taken fluconazole, antibacteria and probiotics of late.

I'm waiting for the lockdown to be lifted to go back, but before then, (who knows when this whole problem will end) felt i might get some help here.

Please Doctors, what could be wrong with me. Especially this diarrhoea and white tongue. My stomach is always rumbling after eating. Please help.

Thank you.

Pictures of my tongue before and after brushing [/quote]
Politics / Re: Presidential Pardon: Ambrose Alli's Family Reacts by bigglenn12(m): 7:40pm On Apr 10
Professor Ambrose Alli studied in the United kingdom and was a medical doctore before he came back home to Nigeria,Edo state to contest and won the gubernatorial elections. He was convicted by General Muhammadu Buhari. Because Ambrose Alli did not commit any fraud,all the accusations were false. Till date,if u go to ekpoma, the roads he constructed then in the 1980s is still there intact.

Who Nigeria this thing Buhari criminal


Family / Re: My Landlord Does House Chores For His Children, Fetches Water For Them by bigglenn12(m): 8:54am On Apr 10
That kind of upbringing is the reason for the violence these days. Lack of empathy. Everyone is just so cold. How can I sit and watch my dad fetching water while I'm there?
I kuku know the parents I have. If I say I don't have sense, they will install it for me. Just one slap from my mom and I'm restored back to factory settings.

Crime / Re: 23-year-old Jilted Lover Commits Suicide With Sniper In Abuja by bigglenn12(m): 10:27am On Apr 05
If this is true then that's too sad.
No boy is worth dying over

Some are worth dying for,she just portrayed it��
Travel / Re: Nti Pgd Wes Assistance by bigglenn12(m): 3:46pm On Mar 15
Did you go to your school to request for it by yourself? Did u send your transcripts via your reference number? U need to be there to do it. It's an advise.

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Travel / Re: Rural And Northern Immigration Pilot by bigglenn12(m): 11:32pm On Feb 17
Why do you request for a What's app group when you can ask all your questions on here? Please do not send your phone numbers and emails on a social media like this. Ask your questions here and people would respond to your answers

he said I should pay $4500 to get me a job.

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Politics / Re: Atiku Abubakar Congratulates Douye Diri On Supreme Court Judgement by bigglenn12(m): 11:37pm On Feb 13
Same on APC and to Jonathan. He lost his senses
Travel / Re: Move To Canada Without Express Entry by bigglenn12(m): 10:02pm On Feb 12
I live in Canada my dear agent,don't mislead people

Im sure you have had a lot of bad experiences wit scammers.
Travel / Re: Move To Canada Without Express Entry by bigglenn12(m): 12:05am On Feb 11
At the long run it would be mentioned. Why publish this when u know it's not real. Please ignore this link. It's a scam

Have you heard anyone mention money here? [/quote]
Phones / Re: No Nigerian Should’ve More Than 3 Phone Numbers – Pantami by bigglenn12(m): 7:56pm On Feb 05
When network no dey glo,need pot to mtn,when mtn no get network i pot to airtel when airtel no get network i pot to etisalat. People dont buy sim cards for nothing,no network is reliable in Nigeria. Even the so called best network na scam. Mtn had issues lately even till date and no compensation for the users. I sorry for naija


Travel / Re: Move To Canada Without Express Entry by bigglenn12(m): 12:51pm On Feb 05
Another scammer have posted... My dear nairalanders please ignore this link. Unless u want to pay to an agent of scammers for free.
Immigrate to Canada and stop wasting time.
Everyone thinks Express Entry is the only option..
Most people are stuck on the process for years hopeless.

What if i told you there are other opions?

Follow me on linkedIn to learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/francis-asielue-b2679b55/

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Education / Re: Parents, Students Lament High ‘Acceptance Fee’ In Public Universities by bigglenn12(m): 8:45am On Jan 21
In Ambrose Alli University... The acceptance fees is 60k while school fees is over 120k for each department.. Medical students pay over 170k. Yet no assurance of jobs these people when they graduate. The country is going fron worse to worst. I really pity rhe majority.

Travel / Re: Is Relocating To France A Good Option? by bigglenn12(m): 8:52pm On Jan 19
Study visa with ur wife to work? 2m is your budget? Look 2m wil not be enough for you alone to go to France with a student visa. Please that is a scam agent. Please go to students thread for France or other countries in Europe to make inquiry. A word is enough for the wise

quote author=Chidim12

post=85927647]Good day all,I to want first appreciate all who has been posting their travel experience here it's been very helpful to me.
Now my question is this I really wish to relocate to a better country with my wife this year,so I met an agent who said he can get me a study/residence visa in France.wit my bodget of 2m.is France a good place to live and work and do they pay well.[/quote]
Travel / Re: Travelling To Qatar For Good by bigglenn12(m): 11:47am On Jan 18
If he is inviting you... Thats good but if u dont know him in person do not embark on such journey. People tend to paint a blacksheep to be whitesheep. Its good to move forward but be very careful and do your own research very well... Arabians dont take shits, if u fuckup the take away your life just like that.

I just decided to leave naija. A friend in Qatar told me I would survive if I come because others have been surviving. He said since am a graduate that I would make it after some it. He suggested I do some course on Safety but I told him I wouldn't like to spend extra money here in Nigeria. I told him I would like to further when I come there in case it didn't work the training here will just be a waste. Am a graduate of computer engineering. He promised to start looking for working Visa. He is an Electrical engineer and has a good job over there.

Would welcome suggestions or ideas on this.
Travel / Re: My December In Ghana, Four Things I Realized: A Nairalanders Experience. by bigglenn12(m): 1:45pm On Jan 13


When u have time go through this.

I laugh in Ga. Take am easy ooo. 4 decades! If that is true, I salute you, you try. I mean, we could decide to cancel the 3 zeros on our 1000 Naira more. I may not have stayed in Ghana as long as you did, but i was in Ghana before 2007, and i know that the largest denomination was the 20000 Cedi more and a dollar went for about 8000 Cedis. When those zeros were cancelled, the dollar began changing at around 0.8 Cedis. That was not the hand of the financial market. In fact the bad economic situation-which included inflation- was the reason for that move. My point is the strength of a currency cannot be directly measured from the exchange rate.
Travel / Re: My December In Ghana, Four Things I Realized: A Nairalanders Experience. by bigglenn12(m): 11:04am On Jan 13
Lol... I spent over 4 decades in Ghana before i moved to Canada with my family. U are mxing everything up. You are talking about inflations and not how to determine the value of a currency my dear Benji���

That's if you even understand Twi remotely. grin. And good question.The value of a currency lies in the actual economic exchange. There are several indicators that show this. One useful indicator is rate of erosion of the exchange over time. You can check which of the two currencies has eroded the most overtime. Note, w are talking about rate here.
Travel / Re: My December In Ghana, Four Things I Realized: A Nairalanders Experience. by bigglenn12(m): 9:36am On Jan 13
You make me laugh in twi... You said if changing the 4 zeros changed the actual value of their currency Lemme ask you... How can you determine the value of a currency??

Your pickpocket story is not entirely true, although I will admit there are a lot of Nigerians in Ghanaian prisons. Most of those pickpockets are not Nigerians, and that's a fact. Don't vlcone here and tell us what someone told you.
We have discussed and clarified the issue of currency several times here, why are you still bringing it up? The denominations were changed in 2007, 4 zeros were literally cancelled from each note. Does that change the actual value of their money? Capital No.
Travel / Re: My December In Ghana, Four Things I Realized: A Nairalanders Experience. by bigglenn12(m): 6:52pm On Jan 12

We shouldn't come to a social media and start to insult ourselves. The truth is when you are a traveller,you are more experienced. I have been and lived in Accra. Ghana is way far better than Nigeria interms of economy.
1Ghanaian cedis=63naira
Ghana has a very constant power supply= Nigeria dont
Good roads=Nigeria dont
1kilo of turkey 12cedis (756naira)= naija (1400)
Ghana cedis is the 3rd strongest currency in Africa= Nigerian naira is not in the first 20 in Africa
They rarely grant Nigerians living in Nigeria visas to other countries= Ghanaian passport has edge
The reasons why you see that Nigerians are very high in Ghana prision is that more than a hundred of times Nigerians have been caught stealing with live raffles, if u visit Accra and know circle u will understand what i am talking about. Pick pockets, and whole lots of criminal stuffs at gun points.
The truth is that Nigerian economy is on a stand still while other countries are growingup. Nigeria gives out light to these west African countries yet no light in naija. Why do you think its only during festive period that they give us light steadily, after the festive period they go back to normal. Its called witchcraft. Generators should be banned from the country completely not even the politicians should use generator so that when there is no light everyone should be in darkness. My brother,Nigerians are very hard working and are knowning for greatness in Africa and the world. Im a proud Nigerian but the system do not work. The govt is the problem,no country on earth is worst than my beloved country Nigeria. How can we be living in this digital world and manifesting in an analog system? God bless naija
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by bigglenn12(m): 10:58pm On Jan 09

It was a success. Picked passports yesterday for the family.

Will post transcript latwr
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by bigglenn12(m): 10:58pm On Jan 09

As requested, here's my transcript. I picked my passport yesterday.
VO. Good morning.
Me: Good morning.
VO. Your passport please.
Me: Have it please.
VO. Where are you going?
Me. Hawaii.
VO. To do what?
Me: To attend a convention.
VO busy checking his system.
VO. Where do you work?
Me. XYZ.
VO. Are you married?
Me. Yes. With 3 kids.
VO busy checking my passports.
VO. Have you travelled out of Nigeria before.
Me. Yes.
VO. Which countries have you visited?
Me. I have visited France a couple times, UK, Netherlands and South Africa.
VO scanning through my passport with UK visa to expire in Feb. Schengen visa to expire in Dec 2020. Two Previous Schengen and SA visas.
VO. Have you ever been refused a visa by Canada or any European country in the past. (Apparently, he's seeing it on his system)
Me. Yes I have been refused before.
VO. Which country?
Me. Canada in 2017.
VO. What happened?
Me. I wanted to attend a Convention in Toronto but was refused.
VO. Go and pay for your visa. Handed a white slip and pink or so paper to me.
Me. Thank you. I went to pay 40700 in cash.

Rejection rate is about 90%. I was the youngest among those granted visa as at when I was there. Students visa applicants got outright refusal. So sad.
I wish you all good luck.

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