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Politics / Re: Timi Frank To Olasupo Ayokunle, CAN President: Stop Aiding Corruption by blacknp(m): 5:44pm On Sep 28, 2019
What's stopping Osibanjo from going to court? I think there is iota of truth in what Frank is saying.
The wheels of Justice grinds slow, it is never in a hurry, when punishment arrives you will know, punishment delayed is never punishment denied.
Politics / Re: Allen Onyema: A United Nigeria Will Be Greater Than Europe by blacknp(m): 7:37am On Sep 28, 2019
a house divided against itself can't stand is very true about this useles country all this Elite shouting one Nigeria upandan have Grumbled against it in silence at some point in thier life we even had araba Riot (Seccesion) in the north against southern rule. yet the Elite keep telling us this same "better-together-consolation-prize-lie." "Okwu Nkasi Obi"
Lazy Peacock, you will die wretched and poor if you remain in Nigeria, The society will never bless anyone, that has nothing to return, I hope you have packed your bags for your exodus to Ghana?
Politics / Re: Allen Onyema: A United Nigeria Will Be Greater Than Europe by blacknp(m): 7:34am On Sep 28, 2019
Self deception

Even notherners know that Nigeria break up is a matter of time that's why they are afraid and so desperate to mix up with better south hence the call for establishment of Rugga

They believe that through establishment of Ruga Fulanis will come down to south, settle , multiply ,intermarry and mix up with local indigines like they did to Hausa people using religion as a tool .Then after doing these Nigeria break up will be very difficult to achieve because there would be too much mix up and intermarriage ...

But unfortunately for Buhari and his kinsmen , better southerners are christians, their plans are dead on arrival. So many things will serve as stumbling blocks to them, both religion, lifestyle and the way we see them too.

It can only happen in afonja land where half of them are Muslims. There is a reason why notherners see oduduwa agitators as clowns, they don't see them as threat. Fulani have their king in in SW whom Governor pays a homage every two weeks.(You know what that means)
With the help of Yoruba Muslim, Oduduwa won't see the light of the day.
Infact, average Yoruba Moslem prays to mix up with Fulani... Check the ones around you for confirmation .

As regards to Onyema's comment about Biafra, even the world leaders have said many things about the unity of many countries that have broken up today..

So who the hell is Onyema?
Or is he pressing mumu button of some people by telling them what they want to hear?
A 100 years after your demise, Nigeria will still be one indivisible nation, Your grand parents have been dead for how long now? Nigeria still remains.


Politics / Re: How I Shared N400m From Ex-president Jonathan - Metu by blacknp(m): 7:31am On Sep 28, 2019
Universal defenders of criminals will soon come to your aid with free legal services. cheesy
The sun hasn’t risen in the East yet, when they awake they will come to the defense of that drunk criminal Jonathan.


Politics / Re: Calabar Seaport Receives 1st Container Vessel In 13 Years by blacknp(m): 7:20am On Sep 28, 2019
south south really, pls where's north north? .Gowon common sense instigated, just to cripple actulization of Biafra.
Olodo, what concerns General Gowon and South South?, this acronym was coined by pdp ( Alex Ekwueme @ co) and the military in the late 1990’s.


Politics / Re: Calabar Seaport Receives 1st Container Vessel In 13 Years by blacknp(m): 7:15am On Sep 28, 2019
They will receive another in next 26 year to come

Welcome to one Nigeria

One step up twenty steps down.

If you think is hard to build Nigeria use RUGA as a case study.

The extreme energy the presidency and FG is displaying with RUGA if they put them in Calabar seaport, our Roads, Power etc. Nigeria will be a place to visit
We wish Jona our brother had pushed our agenda of the south south like RUGA, he would have been remembered in good light, but he was more interested in local gin & juice.

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Politics / Re: ‘they're Planning To Grab Our Oil Wells’ - Gov. Wike Cries Out by blacknp(m): 6:57am On Sep 28, 2019
Crude oil is quick source of income that has made Nigeria's potentials in other areas untapped.It has also brought about unnecessary and unwholesome affinity between the north and south,take away the crude oil from Nigeria today and there will be nothing call "One Nigeria" again.
Crude oil free money is a blessing, a Lazy man will always find an excuse to be lazy to justify his shortcomings, a good example is the parable given by Christ about the talent given by the master, others multiplied, one refused to do anything and hid the money instead.
The Federal Government shares money amongst its children the States, and its grand children the Local Government every month and you are complaining?

Only a short sighted myopic creep believes that rhetoric talk about Nigeria without oil talk, with or without oil Nigeria will be one indivisible nation, when the almagamation of 1914 occurred had they discovered crude oil in Nigeria?and mind you Nigeria is more of a gas nation than oil, so we are not running out of oil and gas resources anytime soon, not in your lifetime.

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Politics / Re: ‘they're Planning To Grab Our Oil Wells’ - Gov. Wike Cries Out by blacknp(m): 6:49am On Sep 28, 2019
Karma........ When you were robbing shoulders with Amaechi........

Oil well that you lost during....... GEJ regim.

Wike go and sit down jooor
When Amaechi fought patience and gej over annexation of rivers state land to Bayelsa you supported jona, now Udom and co, don’t want anything to do with you and rivers state anymore, they have even alerted the Federal Government of their plans to build their own electricity infrastructure and be completely disconnected from Phedc you are complaining, don’t bring APC into your problem.

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Politics / Re: Next Level Part 1: Rice Price Up 30% In <3months! by blacknp(m): 12:13am On Sep 27, 2019
E pepper dem, don't go and farm rice, be waiting for cheap imported rice with Nigeria's scarce dollar reserve
Don't mind those lazy lethargic youths.


Politics / Re: IPOB Gets Finally Registered As An Entity In Japan by blacknp(m): 11:04pm On Sep 26, 2019
but you called him a miscreant?
Or you don't see before you type?
A miscreant, who hasn’t become a public nuisance in Japan yet.
Politics / Re: Can Somebody Tell Me What Is The Point Of One Nigeria? by blacknp(m): 10:56pm On Sep 26, 2019

One Nigeria is a scan.

We are getting more divided daily and it is bad for development.
What do you know about division, which other country have you lived in to compare the sociology of the land with?
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Must Defend Allegations Against Jonathan, Saraki - Timi Frank by blacknp(m): 7:41pm On Sep 26, 2019
His excellency should lead by good example to allow himself to be proved becoz this government proof to be saint in their deed there fore tells Nigerian that you are incorrupt personel .✌✌✌
Keep dreaming with that corrupted thing you call a brain.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Must Defend Allegations Against Jonathan, Saraki - Timi Frank by blacknp(m): 7:39pm On Sep 26, 2019
The good news Timi Frank is going to jail.
so he is in Dubai to visit Atiku?Dss will be waiting for him at Murtala International Airport on his return home.
Politics / Re: Resign, Vacate Office Now, PDP Tells Osinbajo by blacknp(m): 7:37pm On Sep 26, 2019
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called on Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo to resign from office in order to face corruption allegation levelled against him by Mr Timi Frank. Recall Osinbajo on Wednesday had threatened to waive his constitutional immunity in order to clear his name from the alleged N90 billion corruption....

READ FULL AT: https://firstreportsonline.com/resign-vacate-office-now-pdp-tells-osinbajo/ (C) FIRST REPORTS
Pdp circus full of clowns, coming to a town near you.
Politics / Re: BREAKING: Sowore Takes Legal Action Against DSS Boss For Flouting Release Order by blacknp(m): 7:33pm On Sep 26, 2019
Okay ooo ,but no look for trouble ooo
Ok e done tire for detention? I thought he wanted to pull a Mandela.
Politics / Re: IPOB Gets Finally Registered As An Entity In Japan by blacknp(m): 7:22pm On Sep 26, 2019
you no get talk goan sleep.
You call them miscreants yet you said Japan will not deport them because they have British passport. Can't they deport him to London?
Deport a tourist, what did he do wrong?it is quite obvious you never go obodo Oyibo before,please go to that your hamlet east of Makurdi, and shut up.
Politics / Re: IPOB Gets Finally Registered As An Entity In Japan by blacknp(m): 7:16pm On Sep 26, 2019
This the Japanese diplomat that got IPOB registered in Japan. God bless Nnamdi kanu for making the world to recognize Biafra.
Japanese diplomat without a portfolio? Shameless Camel Jewish wannabe ipigs.

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Politics / Re: IPOB Gets Finally Registered As An Entity In Japan by blacknp(m): 7:13pm On Sep 26, 2019
If they are not supporting him why have they not deported him from their country.
Say what you know and face your climate change confused president.
Why will japan want to deport a tourist with a British passport? They are presuming he will spend em small prince Charles mama head,Go borrow brain cells.
Politics / Re: REVEALED: Timi Frank Is Atiku’s Hireling, Says Group by blacknp(m): 7:03pm On Sep 26, 2019
Why turning to face Timi Frank when you know where the travails are coming from?

This is a weak attempt to rope in the opposition and call Atiku's name to save face when we all know who is pummelling the academics VP.

Osinbajo was ordered to report to Abba kyari, later his duties were hijacked and he was called a mere academics VP by same northern cabals and all you could think of is a comment made by a citizen?

That photo could well be taken in 2015 when they were all together in APC.
Osinbajo to report to Kyari? You need an all cap slap,Zombie is there any where in the Nigerian Constitution where you see mentioned the office of the Chief of Staff of The President?

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Politics / Re: FIRS Fund: Vanguard Retracts Story, Apologizes To Osinbajo by blacknp(m): 4:44pm On Sep 26, 2019
You are very correct
I don't read any news once the source carries vanguard
Do you read anything, isn’t your modus to wait for second hand gist?
Politics / Re: FIRS Fund: Vanguard Retracts Story, Apologizes To Osinbajo by blacknp(m): 4:40pm On Sep 26, 2019
Abeg which Farrah Aideed be that? I hope it wasn't the rebel leader from Somalia?
A nairaland low level atiku apologist, that needs to hide his face in shame, after all the thrash said about President Buhari and APC before the general elections of 2019.
Politics / Re: FIRS Fund: Vanguard Retracts Story, Apologizes To Osinbajo by blacknp(m): 4:38pm On Sep 26, 2019

Sounds like something FarahAideed would say.
Very funny.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Told Baseless Lies Against Gej And Saraki. Because Of Immunity As Vp by blacknp(m): 4:35pm On Sep 26, 2019
now that the power brokers have come for him he should enjoy in silence.

the search light should be beamed on him. if hes found guilty he should be kicked out. only a section of the country will wail.

after all he is useless to Nigerians imagine sowore is been detained after meeting bail conditions, did this Osinbajo speak up ? no. will he ? NO !!
Dundee Sergeant Rambo, please go borrow common sense.
Politics / Re: Igbos And SS People Come And Answer About Buhari and GEJ Here by blacknp(m): 4:26pm On Sep 26, 2019

b/c GEJ is a sound,educated,detribalisd,non-sectional human being who tried to give everyone equal sense of belonging.
Jonathan biggest Ijo bigot., educated in botany and zoology, at best he should have been head of The University of Ibadan Zoo.
Politics / Re: Urhobo Economic And Investment Summit 2019 by blacknp(m): 4:23pm On Sep 26, 2019
The progress of a nation depends on the quality of their thoughts and their approach to the ideals of development. Before being Nigerians, we are first sons and daughters of Urhobo Nation. Therefore we must always exercise our rights to determine and activate the opportunities of progress. Let us think together; Let us create new paths; Let us start a new journey to a new and economically viable Urhobo Nation.

Keep a date with destiny.

Urhobo Economic and Investment Summit 2019.

Urhobo wado.

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Timi Frank Speaks On Channels Tv On Alleged N90bn Firs Election Funds by blacknp(m): 4:18pm On Sep 26, 2019
osinbajo have not seen anything yet buy the time Timi Frank finish with him, he will run out of this country when he was busy saying thrash about Jonathan and saraki he forgot that '' onye buru na turn by turn " corrupt pastor.
Osinbajo a professor of law and Vice President of the Republic, run from the antics of Timi prank? Only Jehovah knows what you are smoking.

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Politics / Re: Checkout This Throwback Pic Of Gowon,azikiwe & Son Praying 4 End Of Civil War by blacknp(m): 4:11pm On Sep 26, 2019
Zik is the main Architect of Nigeria's problem. Had it been he had canvassed for secession we wouldn't be where we are today. No wonder Ojukwu is more respected than him in the entire Igbo Land.
Respected in igboland, are you talking of the man that struggled to be an ordinary senator?

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo Must Defend Allegations Against Jonathan, Saraki - Timi Frank by blacknp(m): 4:08pm On Sep 26, 2019
Lol cheesy.
This Timi boy actually said The Vice President should resign and take him to court.
What a useless animal.

He has ran so far away from the country already,
coward chicken! grin cheesy

See him head like spoilt eggs,
and teeth like broken comb cheesy grin wink

Your prison time go long Timi Boy!
Just Continue yarning opata from where you are hiding!

By then He will find tears, he won't see!
All the evil and corrupt politicians sponsoring him now would have left him by then.
Atiku will come from Dubai, to come and stand bail for him.

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