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Religion / Re: Pastor Obie Jason: Christians Dating Is Wrong, You Date And Get Dirty by brightdestiny96: 4:21pm

You dey mind the sheeple, worshipper of gods of men

The issue at hand is, premarital sex is sin. This is a purely Christian issue, and this entire discourse centers on avoiding premarital sex under the guise of dating / courtship.
Religion / Re: Pastor Obie Jason: Christians Dating Is Wrong, You Date And Get Dirty by brightdestiny96: 4:17pm
When we end up marrying a total stranger and shit hits the fan you'll also preach against divorce

Sir kindly go back to your Bible

I put it to you, there is no total stranger anywhere. Whoever you end up with will be a human. You can work it out if you wish to, no matter how difficult the person is.

You can also mess the relationship up, no matter how saintly your partner is.
Religion / Re: Pastor Obie Jason: Christians Dating Is Wrong, You Date And Get Dirty by brightdestiny96: 4:10pm
Some of these pastors will jus open their mouth and spill anything jus to sound relevant. He shld jus ask Christians to look for a gal dey want to marry and work for the family like Jacob did

If na from clap dance dey start, how d marriage go jus start den wen una no clap?

Dating in the modern sense of the word is a season of initiating intimacy, not getting to know each other. In the past these meetings were heavily supervised to ensure chastity, but of not much benefit in terms of getting to know the person. These days dating entails kissing, heavy petting, fingering, oral action, etc (and this is for those who are determined not to have sex). For the vast majority, sex is performed copiously and repetitively, and you will agree with me that it doesn't lend itself to 'getting to know each other better.'
Rather, it leads to fatigue. People break up, bad blood ensues, as in, he took my virginity and still left me hanging, or , for five years he was hammering me all night with alomo bitters and still didn't marry me.


Car Talk / Re: PAN Nigeria Canvasses Intervention Funding For The Automobile Industry by brightdestiny96: 11:05am
Peugeot Automobile Nigeria (PAN), Kaduna and Volkswagen Nigeria (VON), Lagos were established almost at the same time. While VON has gone into oblivion, PAN is now seeing better days. Tells you Nigeria's problems no be God-made, I tell you.

The IBB administration's policy of importing Nissan, Asia and Marcopolo luxurious buses (many of which were donated to higher education institutions (especially the Asia buses) while the Nissan civilian models were tagged FGN Assisted Mass Transit, instead of giving the orders to Mercedes Benz ANAMMCO and Steyr Manufacturing in the north, killed the bus manufacturers. PAN was helped by the 504, 505 , 406 and 407 being government patronized official cars. Eventually, though, it has stopped being largely government owned and is now a private business concern.
The difficulty in generating employment today is due to the total collapse of manufacturing. These days, only the Chinese, Indians , Lebanese and a few Igbo and Yoruba investors venture into manufacturing. The size of the Nigerian population alone is enough to spur growth into the next decades, but one person is busy sponsoring a sectional agenda, instead of injecting funds into the productive sector.

Victoria Acerta.


Crime / Re: Weapons Recovered From Alfred Robinson, An Armed Robber In Asaba (Video) by brightdestiny96: 10:06am
who gave them

Who gave boko haram?

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Politics / Re: Ize-Iyamu: Presidency Asks PDP To Sack Bala Mohammed Before Criticising Buhari by brightdestiny96: 6:03pm On Aug 09
grin Pdpiss pot calling kettle black
plus 16 years of looting

APC 6 years of overtaking.


Politics / Re: Osinbajo: FG To Create 5million Jobs by brightdestiny96: 7:12am On Aug 09
This Osibanjo can lie!!! I've never see a Nigerian VP that lied as much as him.

The minister for disaster said she spent hundreds of billions to feed school children who were at home.

I think Osinbajo is a learner beside her.


Crime / Re: Gunmen Kill A Soldier In A Bus In Enugu (Disturbing Photo) by brightdestiny96: 4:05pm On Aug 08
He thought by identifying himself as a soldier he would get some respect?

Ntorr - Soul Dier!

Both you and the people who liked this comment are in need of a change of mind, haba!

Ntorr to a victim in this problem that's affecting the whole country?
Politics / Re: El-Rufai And Oshiomhole At Oba Of Benin Palace by brightdestiny96: 3:53pm On Aug 08
How Come Everything About APC Always Look, Glamorous, Beautiful, Well Organized And A Measure Of Decorum?

Everybody Loves APC!

Long Live Nze Iyamu!

Long Live Oshiomole!

Long Elrufai!

Long Live Buhari

Long Live APC

Health / Re: Please Help Me, I'm Suffering From Staphylococcus by brightdestiny96: 3:40pm On Aug 08
Consult a qualified doctor.

Simple solution. If any extraordinary solution is the way forward, a qualified doctor is still the way to go. Yes, staphylococcus is a stubborn infection, but consider the fact that doctors handle disease, be it Ebola, coronavirus or HIV.
Go to a doctor. Don't delay anymore.
Politics / Re: We Are Disappointed In Roles Of Political Actors In Edo — US Embassy by brightdestiny96: 12:05pm On Aug 08
US embassy should shut up. What's this silly paternalistic attitude about? Does Nigeria also monitor and comment on political crisis in US? White police officers in US routinely kill blacks;do African countries issue "statements"? The statement is silly,condescending and TOTALLY uncalled for.

It's really not. Things in Nigeria are out of control.
Business / Re: Bobby Max: Nigerian Establishes Coinbeats Lounge And Restaurant In Morocco by brightdestiny96: 4:04am On Aug 08
Wow that's nice

Morocco is another country in Africa but not African

I'm a professional business consultant and our service is exceptional. Check my signature for your proper consultancy.

Africa is African. Do you mean black?
Arab is not to be mistaken for European. Arabs have their roots and ancestry in Africa. Mesopotamia, Cush, etc, were the origins of the Israelite nation, as the bible records. These were in Ethiopia, Libya etc. Eden is watered by four rivers, among them Euphrates and Tigris, African rivers.
Civilization itself is a product of Africa. But we were indoctrinated into believing Africa is dark, backward, and inferior. Morocco is Africa, Madagascar is Africa, and some of us have dark skin, some have light skin.

Tell the killers invited to slaughter Nigerians that they are killing themselves. Killing their brothers. Killing their sisters.
Religion / Re: COVID-19: Daystar Christian Centre Won’t Reopen – Sam Adeyemi by brightdestiny96: 9:14pm On Aug 07
I don't think that is good advice... since the magic that powers protection for members may differ from one church(brand) to another... It may not directly transfer to another church(brand).
The magic wey don dey work for person who dey go DayStar-church for tay, fit no go work again if the person stop now begin they go ChristEmbassy-church. Considering the state of things as dem be so ... person need the magic to continue to dey work for am as it dey so.

We don't use magic in the churches of Christ

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Education / Re: NASU, SSANU Declare Strike Over IPPIS by brightdestiny96: 6:43pm On Aug 07
The never do good ASUU again!

Did you go through any form of education?

Where did you see ASUU here?
Politics / Re: President Buhari Signs Amended Companies And Matters Allied Act by brightdestiny96: 6:25pm On Aug 07
Very good one by pmb.

We await the positive economic effect on Nigerians.

But how comes the adopted son of ipob lunatics didn't sign this? angry

Time will tell.

Religion / Re: You Are Inside A Woman's Private Part - Female Pastor Tells Man by brightdestiny96: 5:30pm On Aug 07
Hmm! Okay!

Inside a woman's private part. But how?

This is definitely a new spiritual diagnosis ever heard.

Ebuka now will be scared for his life.

But on a low, this news funny. BTW, can anyone tell me what's the problem with this righteousness guy. He said 'marine agents camouflaging as slay queens and slay kings'grin
I'm tired.

Demonic agents disguised as ordinary girls. You play, you fall victim. Many times, you feel like the hunter. Unknown to you, you were being hunted all along.
Sound strange to you? Zip up. Not every hole should be entered.
Celebrities / Re: Abel Jurgen Wilhem: Meet Cossy Ojiakor's 30-Year-Old Fiance (Photos) by brightdestiny96: 5:22pm On Aug 07
Congratulations, don't be sad that she got a good looking man after doing some of the things you didn't like, mind you this lady has an Upper Credit in Accounting degree from UNN and a Masters from UNILAG, she is a well educated Igbo woman and the young man knows what he saw in her to cherish her.

Upper Credit from UNN? I thought upper credit was a Polytechnic grade? Na wa o. False, much?
Education / Re: Habiba Sule Adejoh Graduates With First Class From University College London by brightdestiny96: 3:28pm On Aug 07
Habiba has Afonja blood in her..

University College London no be beans ooo... Kudos to the real slay Queen

Crime / Re: Nigeria Army Neutralises Bandits In Katsina, Recovers Cows, Guns, Others (Photo) by brightdestiny96: 3:24pm On Aug 07
This is bad news to the haters of a peaceful Nigeria.

All they want to hear is bad news and how people were slaughtered.
They refused to acknowledge the armed part but focused on the cow recovered

The lovers of peace are silent when people are slaughtered in Christian communities all over.
Well done.

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Politics / Re: Reps In Secret Plot To Pass Land-Grabbing Bill - Vanguard by brightdestiny96: 9:23am On Aug 07
The APC and their desperation to forcefully acquire the ancestral home of other Nigerians on behalf of the blood thirsty barbarians from the Sahara would throw this entire nation into turmoil.

Why does the concept of live and let live seem difficult for some to understand?

This administration has to be the most sinister administration that has ever governed Nigeria.

All I would say is no one man or people have the monopoly of violence. Even the Vietnamese stood up against the United states, here in Nigeria we witnessed a people fight against all odds from 1967 - 1970. We wouldn't hesitate to defend our ancestral home if or rather WHEN push comes to shove

They overestimate their violence. Everyone has the ability to do this nonsense.
Politics / Re: Edo Drivers Association Endorses Obaseki (Photos, Video) by brightdestiny96: 9:15am On Aug 07
i keep saying it
in a free and fair election
Buhari will loose his polling unit in kastina as it stands now
APC cannot win any election without heavy rigging
check out the states they won and the brazen rigging
Osun state
and many more including Imo state they installed a Governor through rag tanko
APC is not capable of winning any election as it stands now.
even a hardcore zombie knows that without rigging and federal might Apc is doomed already.
I just wish Buhari will be neutral so zombies will know that APC is bokoharam and the most hated political party worldwide.

Zombies and yeroba Muslims where expecting Obaseki to do the Ambode so they can massage the ego of the criminal drug lord brown teeth vagabond bastard Tinubu.
but little did they know that
Edo no be Lagos
everybody must not be like the fat criminal pig Ambode that sheepishly smiled to his doom and political oblivion.
win or loose Obaseki fought like a man and history will never forget him.
at least his fight brought the suspension of the criminal scallywag Oshiomole so he already fought well and I wish him good luck in September.

APC is bokoharam
Buhari is a criminal terrorist
kiss the truth


Arrange your 5 million keep o. Plenty hate speech here, mehn!!!!
I just feel like saying damn.....
Politics / Re: DHQ: Nothing New About US Intel On Al-qaeda Infiltrating North-west by brightdestiny96: 8:44pm On Aug 06
Boastful as usual. They are happy the insurgency isn't ending. They are catching out big time from it. Just look at how people are being slaughtered in Southern Kaduna. We are in for some deep shiit already.

And John Eneche, the Coordinator of defence media operations is the elder brother of Pastor Paul Eneche of Dunamis Church.

He is a soldier. He operates under command. The family he comes from is not an issue. A lot of us know this, and it is not clear what you aim to accomplish with this information.
Politics / Re: Buhari Extends Eased Lockdown By 4 Weeks by brightdestiny96: 8:22pm On Aug 06
Buhari should shun this lockdown debacle....some of the great and developed countries doing more in order to restore their economic, ordinary debtor Nigeria is talking about extension.....the present state of our economy is nothing to write home about...Buhari and his economy teams also know that if something is not done fast....we are heading towards recession...nonsense COVID 19 teams are now talking about the lock down...

You mean we are not yet in recession? Fuel is already 148 naira, 6% FG portion in rental agreement, stamp duty on deposits, 5million for hate speech, wetin remain?

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Business / Re: USSD: NCC Bars Telcos From Charging Customers by brightdestiny96: 5:01pm On Aug 06
Were they charging?

They proposed to charge from your airtime.

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Sports / Re: Efe Ajagba Joins Fury, Pacquiao At Top Rank Promotions by brightdestiny96: 2:28pm On Aug 06
Go Efe.... grin

Put your frustration from this country behind every blow... You will have K.Os everytime you hit grin

I tell you...

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Politics / Re: Female Soldier Raped & Impregnated By Bandits Dismissed By Army. She Appeals by brightdestiny96: 1:21pm On Aug 06
I understand the reason why they dismissed her. No sane military can allow a half bandit baby in their barrack

This is incredibly insensitive. Nairaland is full of callous, hardhearted and inconsiderate people.

How is it her fault that she was raped? If you can't sympathize, be silent.

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Politics / Re: Picture Of Oshiomhole Wearing Cap At Oba Of Benin's Palace by brightdestiny96: 8:58am On Aug 06

Guy save your prayers APC=PDP

Totally untrue. APC is an evil contraption on a mission to enslave and destroy everything good about Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: ‘Al-Qaeda Is Penetrating North-West Nigeria’ — US Alerts Nigeria by brightdestiny96: 7:34am On Aug 06
I just hope Western Nigeria will break out of Nigeria before they penetrate to the West.

They infiltrated the entire country since 2015.
That is not the issue at hand.
What Buhari has been doing is to integrate them into mainstream life so that they will not be easy to identify when he is gone.
Terrorism is a cancer. Removing it is painful, surgical.


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Crime / Re: Woman Caught Stealing Cassava In A Farm In Abia, Paraded Around Town (Photos) by brightdestiny96: 6:46pm On Aug 05
Average Igbo man or woman is a millionaire. No hunger in our land tongue See beautiful buildings and well-fed people parading the woman unlike poor Osogbo people

One day this madness will stop. Fulani is on jihad, this is what you guys are using to while away precious time.

If you are not the example of the successful members of your tribe, go and hustle. My brother get am no bi property.

Politics / Re: Boko Haram Members Observe Eid Prayers In Niger State by brightdestiny96: 5:39pm On Aug 05
E too sure for Boko Haram I swear

Na God sure pass.

They will fall. They will fail!

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Politics / Re: Major Fuel Price Increase Looms In Nigeria by brightdestiny96: 4:27pm On Aug 05
nothing comes down in buhari government

Everything fluctuates under mai gaskiya. Only three things remain constant: 1. Service chiefs 2. Terrorism / insecurity 3. Hardship


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