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Religion / Re: Why Are Many Christians Timid? by Buliwyf: 8:05am
Because they know all the stories are fake. They can neither heal the sick or raise any dead. Even their pastor's are better at cheating on their wives and boasting than doing anything tangible.

The only thing it seems that Jesus helps Christians do these days is to look beautiful in photographs after using filters and get jobs in a company after using their connection. You will see a girl post a photograph and say "looking good because of Jesus". cheesy cheesy

When you ask them to do the things that Jesus says they will be able to do, they can't. They will tell you to come to their church on Sunday or watch their pastor on TV with stage actors. But they themselves are impotent. None of them have actually seen a man they know that was dead but came back to life. Or a blind man in their environment get healed by their pastor. Even all the cripples in their churches whose addresses and history is known to everybody have not been healed to this day. The people getting healed are usually anonymous people they hadn't met before that day. So they know Christianity is all lies and fairytales.

That's why they are timid. Even the OP hasn't done one-tenth of what Jesus did. Yet Jesus said Christians will do greater things. That should tell you that modern Christianity is a sham.

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Religion / Re: The Beauty Of HEAVEN And Those who will Be There by Buliwyf: 7:30am
Lol. It is funny how heaven is built with materials from the earth. All I am seeing there are precious stones like jasper, gold and diamonds and precious minerals. Seems like the guys who thought up this idea were only coveting riches they couldn't have on earth and made up stories to make themselves feel better.

Why would a spirit god need a chair and castle and be constrained to 3 spatial dimensions like humans are?

Unfortunately the heaven may not be any better than the earth considering the stories we have heard. If the devil who is an angel could get bored and try to usurp the throne, what hope do you humans have. After a million years of singing hallelujah all day long and having nothing better to do with your time, some of you will lead another coup.

Also considering the fact that the Christian heaven admits all manner of unscrupulous fellows and knaves as long as they call on the Christian god at the dying minute but rejects good people because of one little indiscretion at the last minute or because they failed to ask for forgiveness about one simple past mistake, it is safe to say that the quality of people that will be in that heaven will be some of the worst.

How many coups have been going on in heaven since the last time Lucifer tried his? We know that the devil was capable of doing bad and so were some other angels. And also later some other angels decided to come to the earth and taste some fine female asses, produced giants but then were not allowed back into heaven. So how many angels have been leaving heaven to hump women since then?

The inefficiency of the Christian model is that it has a god supposedly able to create good and perfect things but ended up creating the devil, lots of flawed angels and two flawed humans. Not only that, he decided to put the tree that he doesn't want the humans to eat within reach even though being omniscient he knew they would eat it. After the humans "mistake", their god could have reboot the system and make perfect beings or fix the humans. Instead he decided to come to earth and sacrifice himself to himself while impregnating an unsuspecting virgin. Still the sacrifice hasn't worked. The earth is still evil. Many people are still going to hell in the billions. And even the rules for going to heaven is extremely hazy and is interpreted differently by different denominations. So what's the point of that sacrifice?

The Christian gospel is what happens when a bunch of oppressed illiterates and despondents start a movement to save themselves and made up stories to give themselves hope in the light of Roman occupation of their territories. But things got out of hand and imaginations ran wild.

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Religion / Re: The Prophecy Of Obaofusa Against Mjbolt(both Nairalanders) by Buliwyf: 10:42pm On Jun 06
The impotent clown ObaOfUSA is now going by another handle AmazingMOG.

Shame no gree the guy e change ID cheesy cheesy

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Religion / Re: My Dream Of A Strange (air-borne) Coronavirus In The United States Of America by Buliwyf: 7:33pm On May 30

Some servants of God gave the prophecies. Besides, would you not have doubted and discarded them, the way you are doing now?

You are no servant of any god. You are just deluded. This your prophecy is not even original you clown. Why didn't you prophecy before it happened the first time. No you are seeing visions about it happening a second time and probably worse. Lol. Stop fooling yourself.
Science/Technology / Re: Dinosaurs Cannibalized Each Other When Food Was Scarce 150 Million Yrs Ago (Pix) by Buliwyf: 11:55pm On May 29

Why do you breathe without any aid......or through scientific means?

See question cheesy
Science/Technology / Re: Dinosaurs Cannibalized Each Other When Food Was Scarce 150 Million Yrs Ago (Pix) by Buliwyf: 11:53pm On May 29

One of those that believe that they evolved from monkeys and bamboos. how easily you believe this dinosaur shit but don't believe the glaring truth and traceable history from the bible. You need Jesus more than anyone else. Ndo

Oya trace the history na. Don't open your Bible o. Trace the history in real life. Traceable history lol.


Science/Technology / Re: Dinosaurs Cannibalized Each Other When Food Was Scarce 150 Million Yrs Ago (Pix) by Buliwyf: 11:50pm On May 29

You need psychiatric evaluation. Casting aspersions on people's belief.

I guess all Christians do too then. Since they cast aspersions on other people's beliefs too. Lol. You guys don't even think before posting.

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Science/Technology / Re: Dinosaurs Cannibalized Each Other When Food Was Scarce 150 Million Yrs Ago (Pix) by Buliwyf: 11:41pm On May 29
for this word of yours if you don't meet your end before this year ends know am not a man of God. Your passing will be miserable and in agony.

Your only way out is giving your life to Christ

If I be a man of God!

Trust me you will remember this comment when evil befalls you. He will not meet any end and the agony will be yours alone. Write this down.


Religion / Re: My Dream Of A Strange (air-borne) Coronavirus In The United States Of America by Buliwyf: 8:01am On May 26

You have no power to dream a dream by yourself. You are given a dream.

Yeah, you were given the dream after sniffing drugs, right?

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Religion / Re: “ Farmers Can Save Lives” – President Buhari Echoes TB Joshua Prophecy by Buliwyf: 9:17pm On May 25
TB Joshua the empty clown. Keep fooling yourself with stupid prophecies from a powerless fraud.
Religion / Re: My Dream Of A Strange (air-borne) Coronavirus In The United States Of America by Buliwyf: 9:13pm On May 25
Clown. Why didn't you dream it before Coronavirus happened and became an epidemic? Now that it's popular now you clowns will start seeing it in your dreams and prophecies. Shameless impotent Christians.

Delusional people everywhere.

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Religion / Re: Whatsapp Teaching Group For Building Godly Relationships by Buliwyf: 9:34am On May 24
Lol. We all know how things are going to end there. Na still sex and heartbreak go full there. I will be here to laugh after.
Religion / Re: Why Do We Need To Speak/pray In Tongues? by Buliwyf: 9:15am On May 24
Lol. Speaking in tongues is farcical and only worthy of mockery. Especially the ones that Christians practice these days. It's nothing more than gibberish and some patois that you guys use to psych up yourselves and feel you have a communication with some higher power. News flash, you don't!!!

It is telling that none of the tongues spoken these days can be recognised as any form of language by people. The only anecdotal evidence for speaking in tongues makes it known that they actually spoke the languages of the foreign people around them and could be understood. But you guys these days utter rubbish which doesn't even help anyone, not even yourselves.

Every language has the same pattern. You can do a statistical sampling of the words to get their usage frequency and all human languages have the same pattern. Some words are used more frequently than others. Especially articles. Heck, even dolphins' communication patterns almost matches that of humans and that's why it's been theorised that they have language. But you charlatans speaking in tongues, same thing can't be said for you. Your word usage is all over the place and usually you are just repeating the same nonsense over and over. No one can understand you. Not even yourselves.

Lastly, what's the use of your speaking in tongues? You have been speaking in tongues yet your life is not better than the average person that doesn't speak in tongues. You have no special knowledge, no special insights nor special abilities. You are as ordinary as the rest of us and the only thing that seems exceptional about you is your unmatched ability to delude yourself. You remind of those Christ Embassy girls in school that will meet you on the road and ask you to start speaking in tongues immediately. Then in the evening they are off to some guy's house to have the sex of their lives.

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Health / Re: Madagascar Records First Coronavirus Death by Buliwyf: 5:03pm On May 17


Learn bro

You are the one who should learn. Stop displaying your ignorance. COVID-19 affects people with underlying conditions like diabetes and lung diseases mostly. That's why it kills older people and disproportionately kills black Americans.

Stop being a dogmatic ignoramus.


Health / Re: The Advantages Of COVID-19 by Buliwyf: 11:19pm On May 08

that is my boss

Don't worry. In a few years time you will appreciate the need to work somewhere and work for someone that is more experience to build experience and navigate business or corporate world. In a few years you will remember you of today and wonder how you could have been such a fool. Don't worry maturity will get to you eventually. And you will be wiser.
Health / Re: The Advantages Of COVID-19 by Buliwyf: 11:15pm On May 08

uncle agbaya ni yin..

At least you recognise me as your uncle. One man's agbaya is another man's inspiration. Like I said I will school you and teach you wisdom.
Health / Re: The Advantages Of COVID-19 by Buliwyf: 11:14pm On May 08

This UNCLE is dense sha...You think I am like you?.. Become a slave and earn salary for years in the name of a WORKING?...have you seen anyone that became a billionaire earning SALARY ..This is d mistake i am not making...I AM NOT YOU...And i can't be you..Because you were broke when u re my age doesn't mean I will be broke too..I would have an airline and a Goldmine before 30...so shut d crap

Hahahaha. Small boy. It is always evident in the way they talk. Just boasting and boasting. Lol. All this children that don't want to learn how to walk but start running immediately.

Let me say a prayer for you and say amen if you dare. If you ever work for someone in your life, may you never make anything out of it even if it is the greatest company ever. As long as you work for someone there may all your effort be for naught.

Type amen if you are confident. Lol
Health / Re: The Advantages Of COVID-19 by Buliwyf: 11:04pm On May 08

You think making money is measure by age??..Ode ni bobo yi sha..
since you are not coming..then shut d Bleep up..
drop ur whatsapp no..let me show you my trades..just to prove a point...

You mean to want to show me a simulation? So I should drop my number on an anonymous forum? Just tell me you want to beg me for money later. cheesy cheesy cheesy
Health / Re: The Advantages Of COVID-19 by Buliwyf: 11:00pm On May 08

You think making money is measure by age??..Ode ni bobo yi sha..

You don't have money so why are you fooling yourself? You are hiding online and claiming to trade for foreigners when you go offline now it's back to begging your uncles for money. We know your type.

Trust me nobody who reads what you wrote believe you. I want you to know that. You are just a liar that has been exposed. All your boasting is for nothing. When you sleep tonight you will remember this conversation and remember your present state of affairs in life and wish that all you have posted here was true but be sad that it isn't.

In a few years you will find a real job and thank me secretly for telling you the truth.
Health / Re: The Advantages Of COVID-19 by Buliwyf: 10:53pm On May 08

Who is this fool that doesn't know that the Forex Market alone accounts for approximately $5.3 trillion a day....ODE

Which one are you focused on? You are talking of Forex as if you sell and own everything. If that's the case you are a dilettante at best and definitely a broke bastard.
Secondly no foreigner will give you his money to invest for him you this small boy. Stop lying. I will disgrace you today.

Nobody is coming to any fake telegram channel where you will be sharing spurious stats. Ogbeni defend yourself here. Fake small boy lying to make himself look good.
Health / Re: The Advantages Of COVID-19 by Buliwyf: 10:43pm On May 08

like I said I finishd schl last dec..One of the things the God you dont believe in can do in a short time...I am not where I was 2years ago...imagine trading market that has $5trillion dancing around each day....I dont have ur time fool...send ur telegram username and come see for yourself

So because I am in the West I can't know people living in Nigeria again and claiming to trade Forex but begging for coins later. And what makes you think I am struggling here? Are your own family members struggling abroad? Hahahaha. No wonder.

I have never seen so much delusion of grandeur in one person. Keep lying to yourself. Maybe if you lie long enough it will become true. Who gave a broke bastard like you access to $5 trillion? Your immaturity and ignorance is evident everytime you type. And that's all I need to know you are a lying idiot.

Even big high frequency traders don't claim to trade in a market of $5 trillion that is equivalent to the GDP of Germany. They have their specific niche markets they focus on. Guy keep exposing yourself.

The guys on Wall Street have specific portfolios and none of them boasts it is worth 5 trillion. Who is this ignorant idiot on Nairaland?

Which foreigner will give a goat like you that graduated in December his investment to trade for him when there are far more credible investment funds? Are you mad?

This guy is pitifully dumb. Can't believe this is the kind of person I am engaged with. Idiots that at not smart to tell sensible lies. You are finished.
Health / Re: The Advantages Of COVID-19 by Buliwyf: 10:25pm On May 08

Afonja call people like you ODE...I dont have your time fool..if u re on telegram..Tell me your username, will add u to my forex group so you can see for yourself

What's this idiot talking about? What has Afonja got to do with this? Childish talk. Nincompoop defend yourself here. I also noticed you have deleted the foolish statement and link you posted on the other thread after I cured your dumbness by teaching you about anti-vaxxers.

Guy I will school you any day. Look at the boy that was still hustling SIWES in 2018 claiming to find job for people. Fake idiot. U don even graduate so? Lol. Small boy that has a lot to learn in life. Broke bastards always forming Forex traders. Like I said, some people pass you. You just have to chill and learn.
Health / Re: The Advantages Of COVID-19 by Buliwyf: 10:09pm On May 08

kikikiki... "Do you know how many broke ass bastards I know that claim to be trading Forex"..
That sentence alone shows how poor and frustrated you are.. Birds of the same feather, flock together...I am not d cause of your poverty..
Because you and your friends are fucking broke doesn't mean someone else trading forex is broke too....Meanwhile, I bagged B.Eng in Mech Engr last year(dec23) and I will be 24 by june...What I have achieve in life.......wo young man. Don't let me boast.. I should be having this convo with a well to-do man...Not a jobless soul that is always ranting on nairaland(religion)...Baba send me ur cv..Let me find a job for you..I PROMISE YOU

Lol. Dunce. The same way I know you are a broke ass bastard claiming to trade Forex is the same way I know those people. How many people in your family has jobs that you want to find for someone else lol. I am not even in the same country with you so why will I want to send my CV to another hungry mofo in a country filled with jobless graduates claiming to do Forex? And when I was there I worked a very good job and saved enough to get me out. Now I am working here. Someone that couldn't feed during lockdown is talking about finding jobs lol.

Guy just chill. Some people pass you. Find a job to help yourself first. Stop using Forex as a cover because we instantly know you are a broke bastard lol. Look for another lie to use in the future. No need to thank me for the tips.
Health / Re: The Advantages Of COVID-19 by Buliwyf: 8:10pm On May 08

Simpleton...I dont work for money, money work for me..im a forex trader(I make money while sleeping).so shut d crap ... Go fix ur life n get a good Job.. Stop disturbing charles for money

Lol. Mumu. We know your type. Forex trader my ass. Jobless mofo. Keep fooling yourself that money works for you. When your mate were reading in school you were fooling yourself. Your comprehension skills shows that your are intellectually handicapped so it is not surprising. Now that your mates have gotten good jobs in companies and you are unemployed you are fooling yourself with Forex trading and lying to cover your shame. Hahahaha.

See this unemployed clown. Do you know how many broke ass bastards I know that claim to be trading Forex? Lol. Get a life bro and stop lying to yourself.
Health / Re: The Advantages Of COVID-19 by Buliwyf: 6:48pm On May 08
Clotpole. use ur comprehension skill to find a good job..No wonda u were jobless or is it d peanut u re paid now dat is intoxicating u?? Compare charles pay with yours..Ode

Lol. Two things I can get. You are jobless and when you worked you were paid peanuts. Lol
Religion / Re: Revealed: An Enzyme Called 'luciferase' Is What Makes Bill Gates Vaccine To Work by Buliwyf: 4:38pm On May 08

Copy and paste the question you asked in google, it's is your friend.
Meanwhile https://www.jamesrobertdeal.org/the-polio-vaccine-did-more-harm-than-good/

This one thinks all the answers can just be gotten by copy and pasting in Google. No wonder the guy is pasting information from a useless website with no credibility.

Have you ever heard of anti-vaxxers? You just posted their talking point that pesticides causes polio. Lol. I thought you were reasonable before.
Health / Re: The Advantages Of COVID-19 by Buliwyf: 4:35pm On May 08

why are people this evil?
thousand of souls are dying and you are saying its a blessing in disguise..Since it is a blessing to you, MAY YOU ENCOUNTER FROM THAT GREAT BLESSING IN DISGUISE

Dunce. I am sure your comprehension skill is as worse as your reply suggests. It's a blessing in disguise because it should wake us up. We are even lucky it's not worse than this. So it should alert us of possibilities of dangers in the future and help us prepare for it.
Religion / Re: Revealed: An Enzyme Called 'luciferase' Is What Makes Bill Gates Vaccine To Work by Buliwyf: 8:19am On May 08

You are not wise. Open your eyes bro

And you, sir, are a slowpoke. Your eyes are wide open but your brain is closed. What a pity.
Religion / Re: Revealed: An Enzyme Called 'luciferase' Is What Makes Bill Gates Vaccine To Work by Buliwyf: 8:06pm On May 07

are you aware the vaccine did more evil than good? that the asian bans it..even indian bans anything that has to do with melina and bill gate from their country..MIND YOU we all know how powerful indians are when it comes to medical practice

Look at this one lol. How did the polio vaccine do more evil than good?


Religion / Re: Revealed: An Enzyme Called 'luciferase' Is What Makes Bill Gates Vaccine To Work by Buliwyf: 8:05pm On May 07
Another dumb ignorant religious nut that doesn't know what luciferase does. Maybe you should have checked what that enzyme does before you claim it is in any vaccine.

Religion and idiocy always go together.


Religion / Re: Beware of what they promote on "Google Search" by Buliwyf: 8:53am On May 06
It is your kind of people making people to lose interest in religion

The guy is a beautiful buffoon. He actually thinks he makes sense that's why he keeps flooding here with his foolish ideas. I wonder how jobless and depressed he is in real life.


Religion / Re: Beam Of Light From Heaven Dropped On The Blessed Sacrament In USA by Buliwyf: 9:37pm On May 03
Hahahaha. Religious foolishness.

So a lens flare is now a beam of light from heaven lol

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