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Religion / Re: Prophetess Who Claimed She Went To Hell Apologize To The Church by Buliwyf: 7:43pm
Lol. We that have functional brains know all pastors and prophets are liars anyway.

It was dumb religious people that fell for her lie in the first place. Later they will all claim they have the holy spirit revealing things to them. Clowns

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Religion / Re: RCCG 2021 Holy Ghost Congress; The Siege Is Over! by Buliwyf: 1:28pm

The Kingdom of God is not meat and bread but righteousness, peacd and joy in the holy ghost.
The like of you just focus on material gain which is not the focus of the church of God. We are doing all these because we want to make heaven and not necessarily for financial or economic power even though our God will still bless us. Be wise and follow suit to avoid eternal regret

Like I said, keep fooling yourself.
As if we don't know what you mean by siege has nothing to do with heaven but implies impediments to physical prosperity. See confusion.

Mrs MakeHeaven cheesy
Religion / Re: RCCG 2021 Holy Ghost Congress; The Siege Is Over! by Buliwyf: 10:06am
Lol. You guys have been doing shit like this for almost 3 decades yet the state of the average church member of RCCG seems to be getting worse. If the siege wasn't over last year and 2 years before, trust me it isn't over now.

The moment you guys realize that economic mismanagement and bad politics is why you are in this mess and decide to correct it that's when the siege will be over.

I wonder how you want the siege to be over when there are more churches than industries and many where houses and offices have now been converted to fellowship centers.

Keep fooling yourselves. cheesy

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Religion / Re: Why Does A Good God Allow His Children Go Through Bad Times? by Buliwyf: 9:48am
One thing I notice about god is that he does not have the interest of his children at heart. The only thing he cares about is what you do with your private part and what type of sex position you choose, and who you have sex with.

Instead of him to end world Hunger, he is more interested in punishing homosexuals
Business / Re: CCTV At Obi Cubana's Hustle & Bustle Shows How A Female Clubber Died (Video) by Buliwyf: 9:09am
leave him bro ...he will not understand now, the god of this world (Satan) has blinded his mind less the light of the glorious gospel should shine on them..

I have seen his type before if they don't realize ontime. ..it's regret..

Weather we like it or not the WORD OF GOD is truth .and the truth is the truth ...it cant be developed,updated, it cant go outdated,...and you can do nothing against it ..TRUTH IS FAR GREATER THAN FACTS .

lord have mercy on us even when death comes it will meet us in a heavenly attainable position.

Stories. You are talking as if you have died before and know for sure what is in the afterlife. You religious people are funny. cheesy
Religion / Re: Kathy McDaniel: Misfit In Hell To Heaven Expat by Buliwyf: 7:44pm On Nov 26

oga when it comes to spiritual things abeg leave biology in case you don't know those babies he's talking about are demons because the sperm has been used in the spirit realm by demons to create it.....

More religious drivel. This is nothing but a display of ignorance and a big inability for deep thought.

So what about the remaining millions of sperm that didn't fertilize the egg during sex? Are they used to create demons too? Why do demons, which are by nature spiritual, need physical sperms to exist? Is this not thoughtlessness?
What about if a man goes to do a sperm test in a medical facility? Does he inadvertently produce a million demons too?

When will religion actually help you people think a little bit?

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Religion / Re: Kathy McDaniel: Misfit In Hell To Heaven Expat by Buliwyf: 7:40pm On Nov 26

Stop spreading falsehood!

Only one sperm fertilizes the egg, and the other millions die off in the woman...

Does that mean that they were aborted too?

That is what happens when a mind is so handicapped by religion it can't even remember the most basic and we'll-known scientific facts anymore.


Religion / Re: Kathy McDaniel: Misfit In Hell To Heaven Expat by Buliwyf: 7:37pm On Nov 26
they have to profit from the situation somehow. It’s not easy to almost die.

And…..there’s a bunch of gullible folks for them to market to anyway

grin grin grin
May God forgive you for making me embarrass myself with a sudden burst of laughter inside a crowded bus. cheesy
Science/Technology / Re: Stunning And Rare Mammatus Clouds Form On Argentina Skies (Pics, Video) by Buliwyf: 10:06pm On Nov 23

In the road to success there is no direct map but having haters yes you know you're on the right track

My homie Albert Einstein said he best great spirit have often encounter violent opposition from mediocre mind

Hitler had haters and violent opposition too. Going by your analogy he had a great spirit as well.
Too many dumb mugus in Christianity. You and Righteousness2 are perfect examples of thoughtless foolishness that is masquerading as piety.


Foreign Affairs / Re: EUROPE IN CRISIS: Anti-lockdown Protesters Clash With Cops (Pics, Video) by Buliwyf: 9:12pm On Nov 21
I pity you

Pity yourself for being delusional. cheesy
Foreign Affairs / Re: EUROPE IN CRISIS: Anti-lockdown Protesters Clash With Cops (Pics, Video) by Buliwyf: 8:44pm On Nov 21

i have no time for black forehead monsters

And I have no time for thoughtless morons. Have a lovely day.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: EUROPE IN CRISIS: Anti-lockdown Protesters Clash With Cops (Pics, Video) by Buliwyf: 8:42pm On Nov 21

the internet is a product of the West..

Islam abhors Western education

are you not insane to be here

The typical moronic Chosen member quickly assumes I am a Muslim despite everything I wrote up there. If only you had the intelligence to read and comprehend simple sentences. What a disgrace cheesy cheesy

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Foreign Affairs / Re: EUROPE IN CRISIS: Anti-lockdown Protesters Clash With Cops (Pics, Video) by Buliwyf: 8:30pm On Nov 21

Shut the Bleep up man! you are way too canal to understand the things of the spirit. We are truly living in the end time and you should prepare for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ... stop ranting and saying things you dont know about

Another dumb Chosen member. You have been living in the end times for 2000 years. Yet your delusional ass thinks it's your time the end will come. What a clown.


Foreign Affairs / Re: EUROPE IN CRISIS: Anti-lockdown Protesters Clash With Cops (Pics, Video) by Buliwyf: 7:57pm On Nov 21
With Events playing out Worldwide, Except one is Spiritually and Physically blind, it is clear to all that Covid is the Red Carpet to the Beast System (New World Order, One world government, Currency, religion and all that).

Protest, rioting, uprising are becoming a daily occurrence in our world. People in Just about every nation are Protesting and Demanding their governments do things better.

A Man I believe who is alive and well today, will soon come on the World scene seeming to have all the answers. He will bring a false Peace to the Nations of the world. 3 and half yrs after he comes on the World scene, his true intentions will become known.

He will bring war, the likes the Earth has never seen. And with War, will come Famine, Pestilences and Death. The Holy Bible refers to him as the antichrist, and he will be welcomed by millions of those on earth not taken in the Rapture.

Unfortunately, his true identity will be known to those left behind that his true intentions are Death, Destruction and Control.

The Signs of JESUS soon return are so Strong now and the Evidence is clear, that any person who does not Deceive himself/herself can see that the End of the World is at Near.

The Choice is in your hands to surrender to JESUS Christ, Live according to HOS command and be Prepared for HIS Coming or to live and do anyhow and be left behind.

Lol. By now everyone knows you are a joke. This clown that saw a news about the annual migration of crabs in the Christmas Island and began to lose his mind about the end of time wants to make us think this is another "sign".

We have been saying it here that religion is bad for your health and this guy comes along to prove us right. And he has managed to make a mockery of Christianity more than we could ever hope to do.

Typical Lord's Chosen member. No finesse or savvy. Just crude methods all the time.

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Religion / Re: What God Did To Me After I Decided To Take A Break From Nairaland by Buliwyf: 9:06am On Nov 21
This is what malnutrition does to the human brain. You start hearing voices and seeing things. No go find work. Be on Nairaland claiming authority and importance you lack in real life. Religious nonentities smiley

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Politics / Re: Anambra Election: How Soludo Emerged Winner, Performance Of Other Candidates by Buliwyf: 11:57am On Nov 10
So even with all his noise online, the LP and ZLP guys who people didn't even know about got more votes than Godwin Maduka and his online certificate of return?

Chai. Only God can forgive Alexreports for what he did to that man. He was just busy collecting the man's money and taking pictures of the maga. They didn't even try to secure anything for him. cheesy


Politics / Re: Maduka Calls For Cancellation Of Anambra Governorship Election by Buliwyf: 8:29pm On Nov 08

Alexreports just cashes out big on this man.

How a blogger was able to scam a triple professor of Medicine should be studied in Law School.

How are we sure the man is actually a triple professor even? He doesn't strike me as such. That man's credentials should be checked well.


Politics / Re: AnambraDecides: Accord Party's Godwin Maduka Wins Own Ward, Loses LGA To APGA by Buliwyf: 10:21am On Nov 07
I also support Soludo and also want him to win (he is highly cerebral)

The grouse is that we must not laugh at someone like Dr Maduka With such pedigree contesting in an unknown party that is not popular...

Encourage him so people like him who are unknown in the political terrian can contest and join politics for 2023.....

PDP ,APC and APGA have been tried enough and you can give your report...

I wouldn't say people are laughing at him because of the political party he chose to contest with. The reason why people are laughing at him is because he made a mockery of himself and his political strategy by being convinced that taking pictures everywhere and making up online polls with the goading of hustling conmen like Alexreports will make him a strong contender in the race.

I agree with the rest of what you wrote though people like him should be encouraged to run for leadership positions. But his current strategy should be mocked by any smart strategist.
Politics / Re: AnambraDecides: Accord Party's Godwin Maduka Wins Own Ward, Loses LGA To APGA by Buliwyf: 8:39am On Nov 07
Same people that will laugh at someone like Dr Maduka with such pedigree will still complain tomorrow about how Nigeria is collapsing...

Confused beings.

He doesn't have any better pedigree than Soludo. This your emotional blackmail won't work. Maduka doesn't even sound, look or act intelligent. Imagine common Alexreports taking him for a ride this whole election. Neither does he possess any form of charisma.
I won't be surprised if I learn tomorrow that the man's educational claims are spurious.


Politics / Re: Anambra Election: Soludo Wins Own Polling Unit by Buliwyf: 10:22pm On Nov 06
Alex, did Maduka win his polling booth?

I just dey wait to see how many votes that man go get for the whole thing cheesy

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Politics / Re: #AnambraDecides: Pictures From Anambra Election Data Center by Buliwyf: 9:30pm On Nov 06

Me I am just waiting to know how many votes Maduka will get with all his Paparazzi cheesy

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Family / Re: Can This Be How Generational Curses Begin? by Buliwyf: 9:30pm On Oct 31
Politics / Re: IPOB Dissociates Itself From Biafra National Guard (BNG) by Buliwyf: 6:33pm On Oct 31
You are typing trash, has buhari not lost the control of your country ? Hypocrites .

Buhari definitely hasn't lost control of Igboland if that's what you are trying to say under all those tears cheesy

Your land is currently occupied. You guys have ended up killing more of your brothers and disrupting their lives and Nigeria is carrying on like you don't matter. Because you don't. If you like burn your villages more and kill your elders. Biafra you won't get. Economic development you won't get. You will just remain bitter as ever and pass it on to the next generation like the last generation passed bitterness to you instead of good leaders and development. E no concern anybody. Tueh
Politics / Re: IPOB Dissociates Itself From Biafra National Guard (BNG) by Buliwyf: 3:43pm On Oct 31
When we were warning them that preaching hatred and tacitly encouraging criminals to attack security officers and break out undesirable elements from jail back when the madness started in Imo, they were busy insulting us and calling us Fulani.

Now what goes around comes around. Every criminal element in the southeast now seek to gain from the unsafe and uncertain environment created. Even IPOB has lost control of the situation and their dumb supporters. The fools thought they will be seeing the rise of Biafra immediately.

News Flash: There will be no Biafra happening anytime soon. If anything, Nnamdi has set back any form of Igbo secession by a decade at least.

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Celebrities / Re: MC Morris Plans To Relocate To Nigeria Due To High Cost Of Living In Canada by Buliwyf: 6:53pm On Oct 30
Who send you to rent big house..

Omo make I enter Canada. Na small place I go rent where I fit stand sleep..

Why will I go to Canada and start sleeping or living in a house..

See as you make me dey laugh like madman here grin grin grin


Travel / Re: Life In Germany: What Is It Like For Nigerians Who Migrated? by Buliwyf: 7:18am On Oct 29

I never said they dont, I was working there for two years once upon a time and ofcos I dont speak German, .What Im saying is simple, for a migrant to move fast they need to learn how to speak the language if not it will become a barrier at some point. I was o n contract and I know that I'm returning to the Uk so it did not matter if I spoke the language or not more so if you are an expert not matter.

I agree with you on that point. Even I am currently learning the language because, like it or not, eventually I will like to take up a management role and that requires the ability to communicate with most people well.

But that's not the argument some dumb guys have been making on this thread. The clowns were even claiming people don't get work at all because they are blacks.

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Travel / Re: Life In Germany: What Is It Like For Nigerians Who Migrated? by Buliwyf: 7:46pm On Oct 27

They are better than me grin grin you and your fellow people they can now tell your families at home that you work in " tech" after arranging orders.

I admit i can't write English properly, just like the British know you can't speak English well even with your mighty" vocabulary "

Do you think i went to Freie Universität Berlin to go learn English, even my German professor at the university couldn't even write English well but damn, was a great teacher.

Stop embarrassing yourself.

Just to show you you're dumb and in over your head here. Like I said your IQ will rise today. That's just me helping you improve it.
Travel / Re: Life In Germany: What Is It Like For Nigerians Who Migrated? by Buliwyf: 7:40pm On Oct 27

I swear you be MUMU.

HR of an international company will post as many things as possible like do you even work....stop falling my hands.

Germans that are very detailed even to the last note will post nonsense on the job description and accept nonsense grin

Don't make me laugh grin and you claim you work in " tech"

Like I said you are unemployed. If you have actually gone for an interview before you will know HR asks for more things than they expect you to have most times. Even in Germany. It doesn't matter where. It is very unlikely you have all the skills they list. And they don't hold it against you. I have never worked anywhere where I ticked the boxes on the list 100%. What they need is that you are a good enough fit and a better option than the competition. You would know this if you have actually passed a job interview before lol.


Travel / Re: Life In Germany: What Is It Like For Nigerians Who Migrated? by Buliwyf: 7:33pm On Oct 27

I didn't know i touched a nerve, stop crying, atleast you have admitted i was right. I don't look down on people that do repetitive job. My message to you, is stop hyping nonsense.

And also, Pls stop saying you work in tech because you arrange and filled in order or because you do ubereats or work as customer service in Facebook grin grin

Between you are acting like you aren't argueing about people's work and jobs, you are accusing me of the same thing you are guilty of.

Who admitted you were right? Shameless mugu. I am just letting you know that anyone doing any job like that in Berlin is better than you. I don't care about your preaching or trying to save face. You have exposed yourself as a fool and I will help you loud it lol
The mugu does not know when to use "By the way" and when to use "between" but he has been in Freie Universität Berlin for exchange program. cheesy cheesy
Travel / Re: Life In Germany: What Is It Like For Nigerians Who Migrated? by Buliwyf: 7:27pm On Oct 27

You need to check your brain well.

Ibm is an american global company with office in berlin...posted a jobs ad with the neccessary qualification for the German market in German language. Infact they went further in their job ad by writing this..Sehr gute Deutsch- und gute Englischkenntnisse

If you had understand german, you wouldn't have omitted it

Mumu. HR can post as many things as they want in a job. They can ask for as many skills as possible. That's what HR does. It's left to the hiring manager and the department to decide if they can cope with you. I know this because the job I applied for and got had the same demands. But they asked me and I told them I only speak English.

Even in Nigeria job posts usually require more skills than you have experience in. Does that mean you don't apply or don't get the job when you do? Oh I forgot you are an unemployed zombie like someone said. Sorry for having mistaken you for someone with a career.

If you think my German is so bad I won't recognize what Deutschkenntnisse means after all this while then you are actually dumber than I give you credit for.
Travel / Re: Life In Germany: What Is It Like For Nigerians Who Migrated? by Buliwyf: 7:20pm On Oct 27

You have no points, that is why you can't dismiss the fact.

You all claim you are working in tech but spend all days arranging orders and filling in orders grin

Even those arranging and filling orders are better than you. If they give you the job now you go quick grab am. All your statement is just exposing your jealousy against those people you know who are working in those companies. First you stared by saying they can't get a job because of the language. Then later you changed it to low skilled jobs. Then now you are saying it's just customer service and arranging others.

One thing is for sure, they are doing better than you. Cry all you want. Wish them to be deported all you want. They aren't online bitterly arguing about other people's work and earnings lol. They will keep doing better than you and you will keep finding a way to console yourself on public forums cheesy

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Travel / Re: Life In Germany: What Is It Like For Nigerians Who Migrated? by Buliwyf: 7:11pm On Oct 27

You didn't even dismiss my fact except repeating your usual comment grin that is so sad.

Me dismiss that meaningless nonsense that just exposed your ignorance? If we ask you to name the companies you visited now or even describe Berlin na google maps you go consult. I am just letting you fool yourself so that people who know Berlin will actually know you are a fool. Please continue.

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