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Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Announces Salary Increment For Lagos Public Service (Video) by checkmatez: 4:17pm On Oct 04
I am a confused fool... My dad is from Edo and my mom is from Delta. I stay in Delta and also spend a lot of time in Edo.

It's obvious i don't even know how to think far. No wonder you support Pandora.
you just finished saying nothing, hope when filling forms you also write Edo and delta as state of origin..... Because of politics that you're a nobody in it you resort to lies.

Last time I will reply a mention from a political slave
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Announces Salary Increment For Lagos Public Service (Video) by checkmatez: 3:21pm On Oct 04
Let Tinubu steal my state (Delta and Edo) treasury so we can see Lagos type of development.
It seems Obaseki and Okowa are too honest for development to come.
generating bot likes won't save you.... Only you kunle are from 2state Delta and Edo... Continue fooling yourself because of 30k

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Autos / Re: Peugeot 406 Automatic by checkmatez: 11:44am On Oct 04
Who has this car ?
On an earlier thread it was 2m
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: New Writing Offer (10 People Needed) by checkmatez: 8:26am On Oct 02
To correct your idiosy, below are 2 of 6 or so payments made to writers of last month's task.

Your childishness is just too much. So, you think I can make an offer on a big forum like this and not pay deserving writer?

You must be a big joker!

don't show me payment not worth 10% of the writer sweat and output I am not interested.... Now get lost

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: New Writing Offer (10 People Needed) by checkmatez: 9:45pm On Oct 01
I reserve the decision to state my rate or not.

Still on this forum I state my rate explicitly on some of my offers and if I choose not to state it here that's totally my business not yours.

Joining voices with cliams is idiosy. The person who claimed that I don't pay must have done a shabby job and can't be paid... other than that, I pay everyone who deserves to be paid.

Most of you are just wack writers and I don't pay of nonsense. If I give you a format to use for my work and you don't follow it I DON'T PAY YOU

If you plagiarize your work I don't pay you.

Anyone who says I didn't pay him or her should state it here....and I'll state with evidence why such a person can't be paid.

Stop being stupid. No God is coming for me.

Instead of hating look for something useful and engage your time with.

I repeat, to take my offer is not by force. Others are doing it and getting paid. If you don't want to do it, keep moving. Your hate won't change a thing.

So those you scammed with silly offer almost a month ago have deserted you so soon? So you are here for fresh recruit....

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Politics / Re: Fact-Check: Did The Nigerian Govt Approve AK47 For Katsina Security Outfit? by checkmatez: 6:41am On Sep 30
Fact check indeed!

From your write up, you didn't do any field investigation but sat down in your office and called to ask questions and got an already rehearsed answer. So you think Gov akerelodu don't have boots on ground than making calls and browsing about the web like you guys

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Politics / Re: Calabar Port Berths 190-Metre Long General Cargo Vessel by checkmatez: 6:38am On Sep 30
That's true o! Brilliant
Where do you want the port of South East, North East, West and Central to be located?
go and ask Kaduna dryland port
Car Talk / Re: Conversion Electrician For Kia Rio 2012 Needed by checkmatez: 9:59pm On Sep 29
so the car is finally up after a few recommendations, its leaving the workshop tomorow
please share how it went in details..... thanks

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Politics / Re: I Will Not Dialogue With Bandits; I Can Only Dialogue With Agitators–Peter Obi by checkmatez: 5:36pm On Sep 29

Just look at what is coming out from this mans mouth? undecided
Aggressor claiming to be defending himself.. So killing people in their own land is part of self defense after destroying their farms ?

Dear Nigerians, bear it in mind that even some terrorists are on nairaland with you...

(Political correctness aside), IPOBS are not terrorist know this and know peace... Countries that control the world knw better..

The terrorist are those who will leave their lands and invade somebody's land to kill them...

The world has recognised herdsmen as terrorist but Nig Govt led by Buhari has refused to do so

Only hediot and fellow terroris liked/will like that ur comment

No one liked his comment, they are APC paid coding spam that are generating like to themselves

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Politics / Re: Calabar Port Berths 190-Metre Long General Cargo Vessel by checkmatez: 7:16am On Sep 29
Any seaport in the same Nigeria having different activities from Lagos port is not a port......
Stop all this propaganda
Each region should at least have a single functioning ports to make life easier for Nigerians.

Those paid agent quoting me about landlock reqions.... You can't turn blind eyes to dryland port in Kaduna

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission ("NERC") Is Recruiting. by checkmatez: 6:55am On Sep 27

Pls send it to others, I already sent to about 18 people on this thread
please I need it
Politics / Re: The Return Of Nairaland Bots by checkmatez: 6:27am On Sep 27
Fake tinubu bots commenting and generating over 480 fake likes to themselves... Seems they have been told to up thier game as thier master is losing

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Crime / Re: Lagos Teenager Stabs Friend To Death Over Food by checkmatez: 6:18am On Sep 27
Who else noticed that those spam bot accounts supporting tinubu have up their game by commenting together on a topic created by them and faking their generated likes from 248 to over 489?
Seems they have been instructed to put in more effort as their pay master is losing

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Politics / Re: Buhari And His Kids Back From Attending UNGA In New York⏪ by checkmatez: 10:17am On Sep 26
With all this, there's no way billions won't be stolen by this Government in order to keep this lifestyle after leaving office


Politics / Re: Breaking: Olu Of Warri Received Tinubu Coordinator South South Pastor Reuben by checkmatez: 9:55am On Sep 22
That man kneeling, what's in the envelope?
Education / Re: Can A Master Degree Student Vie For A Post In SUG by checkmatez: 9:28am On Sep 17
is it allowed for a master degree student to vie for any post in the student union government?
you dey find where you go embezzle money for project work abi...
NYSC / Re: Nysc Batch C 2022 Update by checkmatez: 8:36pm On Sep 15
For Nysc fitness and medical report
Email: danielstainz@gmail.com
NYSC / Re: How Immigration Document Exposed NYSC DG Of Age Forgery To Remain In Army by checkmatez: 8:21pm On Sep 15
*"Nepotism recruitment of over 700 northern Muslim "
He won't be sacked and the matter would be ignored.... The aboved case is his passport to immunity
Politics / Re: "We No Dey Give Shishi But We Dey Share Soap And Oil" - Nigerians Come After LP by checkmatez: 7:39am On Sep 15
Give me bullion van
Not all this things

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Politics / Re: We’re Ready To Tap Into Tinubu’s Proposed Cassava, Maize Economy - Farmers by checkmatez: 12:48pm On Sep 14
I don’t blame u

U have never experienced good leadership so it’s strange to see someone thinking out of d box,no wonder many of u are running from your region n u end up in different jails abroad or u end up selling gala in traffic with your ladies prostituting themselves

Tinubu is trying to talk about economic diversification to curb d over reliance on petroleum which we know is dwindling all over the world

U people blame dangote for monopoly n u accuse him of the reasons for inflation but here is someone bringing new ideas n telling u about how to break monopoly,over dependence on crude oil,create employment n co but here u are mocking him cos it’s either u are ignorant,clout chasing or utterly dumb

As regards d 50 million recruitment u talk about,he’s talking about military awareness same thing we have in Israel that many of u celebrate today,let everyone have a knowledge of self defense n others forms of defense so individual we can all create our quota to curbing insecurity but hate will never make u think straight

I don’t blame u though when u have leaders like
Ikpeazu sharing kerosene n giving delivery mothers 500 naira

When u have leaders who invite d military to kill u at will

When u have leaders who will steal your money into his daughters account n u still hail him

When u have leaders who will use your state money to build his business n u will still call him angel

When u have leaders who will refuse to pay salaries n when people are hungry he will create ministry of happiness

When u have leaders that the only thing they do is to tell u they can’t build bridges cos u don’t have cars

why is your posts having mostly 60likes?
Paid bot urchin
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Graduate Program 2022 - Nigeria by checkmatez: 5:15pm On Sep 13
With all the crowd at the early stage of this thread, seems like it's only 2 men left standing shocked


Car Talk / Re: Mercedes Benz Thread by checkmatez: 7:46am On Sep 13
Landmark page
Car Talk / Re: Relocation Sale: Honda Accord 2004 by checkmatez: 7:39am On Sep 13
Car you bought below 1million and drove for years... Relocation sales indeed.
Wicked people I know only relocate to evil forest to continue their deed cheesy


Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by checkmatez: 3:37pm On Sep 09
Now my question is;

The building before this project sharing a fence has thier generator house attached to the fence and somewhat disfigures the entrance, also I would like to do an electric fence all round.

How does one go about this? Is the owner of the building supposed to adjust the cover and limit it to inside his compound or there’s nothing we can do since we met them there ?

Also, please note that this generator house is at the backyard of the building. That is; mine is facing the opposite direction.

Your inputs will be appreciated.

I understand the way you feel perfectly, spending that much only for it to be defaced by such unwanted sight. But if you look closely you will see that nothing can really be done by might unless you call the land owner and discuss as gentlemen.
You can entice him by taking up the cost, that may be a start..


Car Talk / Re: Conversion Electrician For Kia Rio 2012 Needed by checkmatez: 9:42am On Sep 08
Following this thread till the end
Op please update regularly

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Car Talk / Re: Transnational Motorcycle Ride - Lagos To London by checkmatez: 9:39am On Sep 08
Politics / Re: Oriental Hotel: You Lied - Olanrewaju Tackles Tinubu’s Campaign Team by checkmatez: 4:39pm On Sep 07


*LAI MOHAMMED* Chief of Staff from Kwara.

*YEMI OSINBANJO,* Attorney General from Ogun.

*WALE EDUN*,Finance Commissioner from Ogun.

*DELE ALAKE* Commissioner for Information from Ekiti

*RAUF AREGBESOLA* Commissioner for Works from Osun State.

*BEN AKABUEZE* Commissioner for Budget and Planning from Anambra State.

*FEMI LANLEHIN, SA* from Oyo State.

*AUTHUR WORREY* Commissioner for Lands from Delta State.

*HON. JAMES ABIODUN FALAKE*, third term Federal House of Representatives member, Representing Ikeja Federal Constituency - From Kogi State.

To name a few.

*For the eight years that he ruled Lagos*
He hired several guys to work with him. Apart from using them to work in his government, he also groomed them politically.

*Twelve years down the line* , see where those Tinubu guys are today -

1. PROF YEMI OSINBANJO, SAN was Tinubu's Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice.
He is today, Nigeria's Vice President.

2. *RAUF AREGBESOLA* was Tinubu's Commissioner for Works. Today he is a Minister after serving 8 years as Governor of Osun State.

3. *"BABATUNDE RAJI FASHIOLA SAN* was Tinubu's Chief of Staff. Today he is a Minister of works after 8 years as governor of Lagos State.

4. *ALHAJI LAI MOHAMMED* was Tinubu's first Chief of Staff and Commissioner. Today, he is a Minister of Information.

5. *BABATUNDE FOWLER* was appointed by Tinubu as Chairman of the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service. He was the immediate past Federal Inland Revenue Service Executive Chairman in our country.

7. *SUNDAY DARE,* was SA/ COS to Tinubu, today he is a Minister for sports.

8. *BABAJIDE SANWO-OLU* was Tinubu's Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, he is now Governor of Lagos State.

*At the National Assembly* there are countless "Tinubu boys" who have occupied and are still occupying seats till today including N0 4 citizen of Nigeria, *Speaker, House of Reps*

Since 1999, the Tinubu camp has produced almost 98% of the members of the National Assembly from Lagos State. Forget politics, this man is a political enigma. Rewind to 1999, I am sure most of us have forgotten the names of the People who were elected Governors when he was elected governor too, some of them have gone into political extinction or gasping for breath politically.

Indeed, most of them are no longer relevant today.

Tinubu has not only managed to remain extremely relevant, he has continued to control Lagos politics 100%. Not only that, he manages to carry his boys along and today they occupy critical positions in our national life.

Take it or leave it, Tinubu is today, Nigeria's most powerful politician. It didn't just happen by chance. He worked very hard for it. Very very hard. The hallmark of a true and Born leader is not just the ability to rule well but also the ability to nurture and groom associates.

Tinubu is not like some other politicians in Nigeria, He is a goal getter.....

There is nothing he touches that doesn't excel.

- *NADECO*, He fought the Military to a Standstill.

- *AD excelled,*

- *ACN excelled* and

- *APC is excelling.....*

- *TVC* is one of the top TV stations in Nigeria.

*The Nation* is one of the leading newspapers in Nigeria, thereby creating Employment to many people.

- *He makes people,*

- *He follows up on them.*

- *He forgives routinely,*

- *He fights to teach not to kill*

- *He is a Pillar of Democracy,*

- *Mentor of great men*

*Please,Tell me* or Name a Politician that has this Records since more than 3 Decades ago.

*J-A-G-A-B-A-N is a great man politically...... is A JAGABAN OF NIGERIA ��
Don't be silly, do you know if those that were supposed to have been there but were replaced by his circle due to connections would have made impact on some areas of life?
Somethings shouldn't be praised openly.

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NYSC / Re: Traveling From Lagos Otto To Katsina State. by checkmatez: 2:30pm On Sep 07
To avoid night journey I suggest you Go to Abuja first, then lodge in a hotel. The next morning you take a bus going to Katsina.
Please even if it cost you just ignore the cost and try spend that money, your life is important
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Upwork: Getting Started And Getting Gigs by checkmatez: 1:19pm On Sep 07
I have a 5years old Upwork account for sale! Quote me if interested
Politics / Re: Testing Of Mic In Akwa-ibom- Inaguration Of Bola Tinubu Campaign Groups by checkmatez: 11:38am On Sep 04
Abeg when be the next one let me come and pack free bullion van money? shocked
Am seeing udo_udoma ave, which event center mbok?


Politics / Re: Peter Obi Grassroot Mobilisation Summit In Kastina state(photos) by checkmatez: 11:36am On Sep 04
No structure don dey turn mansion ooo shocked


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