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Crime / Re: 'We Will Rape Omah Lay If We Catch Him' - Nigerian Slay Queens Threaten by Chosen1984(m): 9:12am On Dec 17, 2020
This is what gives the World Joy!
This is what gives people Happiness!
This is what is put out for the people!

While those that put out what will Save Humanity are taken away!

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Religion / Re: Major Endtimes Events Live As They Happen ( Videos) by Chosen1984(m): 11:09pm On Nov 23, 2020
Religion / Re: Major Endtimes Events Live As They Happen ( Videos) by Chosen1984(m): 10:35pm On Nov 21, 2020
Live Ready Folks!
The End is upon us

Foreign Affairs / Re: US election crimes director resigns after justice chief authorises probes by Chosen1984(m): 11:26am On Nov 10, 2020
We Live in very highly mysterious times and Seasons,
This year 2020 has been the mother of all Mysteries..
The USA Election has been so mysterious..

Be Ready Folks! The Greatest Mystery of all could Hit anymoment! It will be Suddenly and in a twinkling of an eye..
The Rapture will Happen at any moment
Sports / Re: Video Of Former Player Taribo West Prophesying Donald Trump's Victory Emerges by Chosen1984(m): 11:24am On Nov 10, 2020
The way pastors de disgrace Christianity self, thank God am born a Muslim ☪️

My Sister if Eternal life in Heaven is your desire, you will leave Religion Matter and pursue a Relationship with Jesus Christ..
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ousted Ex- President Of Mali, Toure Is Dead by Chosen1984(m): 11:02am On Nov 10, 2020
Condolences to His Family and the Nation of Mali.

Only the Living can Prepare for Eternity..
Nothing else Matters on that side!
Except you are Washed in the blood of The and have your name written in the book of life..
Let the Living make use of the Living opportunity..
Crime / Re: Young Lady Dead And Boyfriend In Coma After Taking Overdose Of Sex Ehancin Drug by Chosen1984(m): 8:40am On Nov 10, 2020
What a Wayward way to go ...

So called " Enjoyment" and Fleshly gratification becomes the Grave ..
There is Need for us to ponder on what we desire for ourselves in Eternity..
There is Need for we all to do away with fleshly lust and sin of anykind so as not to Divert or Shorten our Glorious destinies

Heaven and Hell are literal places that people go to once they depart this earth.
Work out you Salvation with Fear and Trembling..


Religion / Re: Is Donald Trump Still The Last Trump Or Shall We Wait For Another? by Chosen1984(m): 7:17am On Nov 10, 2020
Then what you have read is not the truth but a lie each time.

Truth, yes, the Truth of God has only one meaning and one meaning alone. Every other meaning besides the one authentic meaning is a lie. So when you read a passage today, tomorrow, and even 10 years from that day, it must always have one meaning and one meaning alone, or else your "interpretations" are nothing but lies, and chances are you never even knew the truth of what was written to begin with.

Yes, if you don't know the lies from the truth of what is written, then it is next to sure that you never had the truth, to begin with, and you will probably never know it until you throw out everything you once believed the passage meant, to start anew, only with the mind of a child, as Jesus Christ Himself commanded.
Man does not have the power to box the word of God. Instead what man has the ability to do, and lots of it too, is to lie, pretending he does so in the name of God. Man is a liar, and he deceives others like him with those lying tongues, but not God. God is the source of truth and no lie comes from God.

God does not need to "hide" His truth from man. He wants man to know and have His truth. He even simplified it for mankind when He sent His own Son Jesus Christ to tell mankind exactly what He wants man to do in just 46 commandments. Through Jesus Christ, He portrayed all that He desires for man to do in His name. Jesus Christ, the truth of God, never spoke words that had a double meaning to even the Pharisees, or His disciples. He did not come to lie or deceive mankind in any way.
Through Jesus Christ, God gave mankind direct truth (truth sourced directly through the mouth of God to each and every one of us) and commands... but what has man shown himself capable of doing yet again? Turn God's words upside down so he can instead do what he wants to do, as opposed to what God in fact commands of Him.
This Brother has always sounded Confused since I have known him here...
Either he is off point or above point,,
Religion / Re: Is Donald Trump Still The Last Trump Or Shall We Wait For Another? by Chosen1984(m): 7:13am On Nov 10, 2020
Well time would tell who's right or not.

Though i also believe Donald Trump may have or has played a role concerning the end time, i believe the last trump is the last sound the heavenly trumpet would make on the last day as was clearly depicted in the revelations of Paul.

I think that it just it's just the name Trump that is giving people such an idea.

But as you said, the most important thing is to ensure that we lose our guards at any time.

Thanks and God bless.

My Brother, you are Absolutely Right the "LAST TRUMP " is the Trumpet of God. That is absolutely correct! It is unarguable and undisputable. That's the Word of GOD.

I saying I see Trump as the Last Trump, I am not in anyway Subsituting the Bible.

What I mean is as a Matter of "Sign" I believe He is the last Trump.
GOD has always walked with Signs..

The Birth of JESUS Christ, a sign was foretold long before

The Book of Isaiah is littered with Signs..

Infact The Man and his vice All look like Signs! I Believe it's not a mistake!

But like I said, what is Most Important is for us to be Personally Prepared at all times so we are Caught Unawares!

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Religion / Re: Is Donald Trump Still The Last Trump Or Shall We Wait For Another? by Chosen1984(m): 7:37pm On Nov 09, 2020

Young man, the Bible does not mean today what it does not mean when it was first written. All this your insight this and insight that will keep distorting the text and its original meaning

You are Neither here nor there!
You seem Confused !
Suit yourself !
I don't have that time.
Health / Re: DELSU Final Year Law Student Drowns In Hotel Swimming Pool 2 Weeks To Graduation by Chosen1984(m): 5:27pm On Nov 09, 2020
Very Sad...
Very very Sad...
That's the Vanity of Life..
All the yrs of study and all that Gone...
Brothers and Sisters, in all our Pursuit let's Ensure we have Genuinely Surrendered to JESUS CHRIST. That's all that Counts ..

May God Comfort His Family..

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Politics / Re: “ginimbi’s Friend Limumba Karim Was A Wanted Man In Malawi”: Reports Confirm by Chosen1984(m): 5:22pm On Nov 09, 2020
Case closed!
All the Million Dollars are not relevant on the other side of Life..
No Matter your Earthly Possessions and all that, it's irrelevant on that side..

I watched the video the young man had before his death and I saw that Life indeed is Vanity..

I thought within myself that if this young man just knew that death was by the corner , he would have Lived better in Preparation for Eternity!

The Rolls Royce which many would do anything to have became what sent him to his grave. The Rolls Royce was a kind of a death trap!

May GOD Give us Understanding of Life, and Help us to commit to what Really Matters...
Religion / Re: Is Donald Trump Still The Last Trump Or Shall We Wait For Another? by Chosen1984(m): 5:18pm On Nov 09, 2020

I believe you're Righteousness89 in your second handle. I said this to say that, I was following the other thread where someone challenged him and you came in but hey I might be wrong. So, let's leave that aside and back to the last trump subject.

The problem with us some Christians is that, we allow personal experience override our interpretation of scriptures and hereby we mess up things and we run off with alot of errors.

Let's me give you an assignment and if this will help you. I have nothing against the person of trump, he's just not a man of good character and doesn't represent anything Christianly in my view, he only succeeded in scamming the evangelicals but that doesn't mean you who supportted trump are bad people either its just that, out of your likeness or love for trump you people have made a God out of trump....my observation.

Now, I need you to grab a Bible concordance and check word meaning of last trump and also trump of God, then see how you read in context after u neutralize your pre conceived notion, see it that helps and come back and share your findings. Your zeal is good but your have to have accurate and precise knowledge, which comes by studying. You will be in error whenever you start to "spiritualize" a text without knowing its application.
The Problem with you and those like is that you use the Physical to interpret the Spirtual!!

GOD ALMIGHTY, our Father in Heaven is a Spirit! Those that worship and Serve need to do it in Spirt and in Truth!

You Could pick up a passage in the Bible today and read and get an insight ! You could pick up the same passage some other day and get total new inspiration and Insight! That's because it's the Word of God. You Cannot Box the Word of GOD.

If you read my words with understanding and insight , you won't say what you said because I didn't say the Bible said Trump is the Last Trump! That was a an insight I A Personally got !

My Insight may not be it! My insight may be it!
That's For us to see...

GOD gives Signs and Insights everyday!
If you Have Followed my Summation, you would different sides but one Foundation which is JESUS..

If you had seen what By the Grace of God I put out on the American being the Great Babylon in the book of Revelation , you would see slight differences but one Foundation...

Atimes most of the things I put out is not really from me! I put them out as I am inspired to do..

One thing I know from my little walk with GOD which I have said for a very long time is President Trump Presidency is a kind of Mercy Period For the USA and the World at Large..

If Trump is not re-elected and the Church is still here on Earth, then the World would have a some feel of GOD'S Wrath!

I Believe the Rapture is so Close! I Believe that so much!

What is Most Important is not speaking Grammar saying Context this and Context that!

Your Context and all that could be Wrong!

Prayerfully read the Word and ask God for Understanding..

The Bible is Powerful! Much more than what we know!

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Politics / Re: DJ Switch Granted Asylum In Canada by Chosen1984(m): 4:44pm On Nov 09, 2020
Good For Her..
She has Escaped Nigeria but she is still in Earth..

Until we Enter Heaven that is when we re Safe!
There is no safe place on Earth!
Jesus Christ is the only safe zone..

Brothers and Sisters I Admonish Everyone to Personally Search His/Her lives..

We need to be Ready at all times. This Message is Specifically for Somebody!

Anything could Happen at anytime and anywhere!!

JESUS is Highly Important for Everyone..


Religion / Re: TRUE SCRIPTURAL LOCATIONS Of Jerusalem, Nazareth, Assyria, Sodom Etc. IN AFRICA by Chosen1984(m): 4:35pm On Nov 09, 2020

Just look at you. You scream because you see your judgement. Now you try to turn it around.

You have failed. REPENT...Truth is already out.

Judgement of what? I don't understand


Religion / Re: TRUE SCRIPTURAL LOCATIONS Of Jerusalem, Nazareth, Assyria, Sodom Etc. IN AFRICA by Chosen1984(m): 3:23pm On Nov 09, 2020
Donnie! Donnie! Who Did this to you?

We Must Break this yoke!


Religion / Re: Simpsons Predict Apocalypse (Pestilence, Famine, War) With 2020 U.S. Elections by Chosen1984(m): 3:20pm On Nov 09, 2020

Yahshua HaMashiach aka Jesus Christ according to his concocted image, is a black face black skinned man

grin grin

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Religion / Re: Simpsons Predict Apocalypse (Pestilence, Famine, War) With 2020 U.S. Elections by Chosen1984(m): 1:39pm On Nov 09, 2020

I will never submit to that SCAM of a white Jesus you're preaching. NEVER AGAIN.

And your pretribulation rapture teaching is false. It's not scriptural. Every nation must be humbled and made to accept who the chosen people are before anyone leaves.

You're planning to escape after all the abominations you Christians have polluted the earth with.

grin grin
My Brother , this your white/black talks is the funniest thing I have heard since I became Saved..

My Brother, that talk has nothing to do with you or me..

Let's leave all these unnecessary Nonessentials talks and Focus on what Matters!
What Matters is JESUS!

Whatever you Claim or say you are , If you Miss or Misrepresent JESUS, you Have Missed it..

Even the Isrealites you talk about Must Submit to JESUS Christ before they will be Saved in the times of Jacob's Trouble!

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Health / Re: Covid Vaccine: First 'milestone' Vaccine Offers 90% Protection by Chosen1984(m): 1:31pm On Nov 09, 2020
The World is intching to enter into the Great Reset!
The actors are itching to roll out their Programs!

So also is the Trump of GOD itching to Blast!

In such a time as ye think not! The Trumpet will Sound and JESUS would Snatch His own away!

Remember: not Everyone would hear the sound of the Trumpet! Only those who are washed in the blood of JESUS and whose names are Written in the Book of Life will Hear it..

Make your way Right with JESUS This Moment! There is No More time!!
Religion / Re: Simpsons Predict Apocalypse (Pestilence, Famine, War) With 2020 U.S. Elections by Chosen1984(m): 1:30pm On Nov 09, 2020
Donnie my Brother! I love your Ways but unfortunately there are things you have to also submit to!

You need to Submit to JESUS as your Lord and Savior! Leave all these your who is white and black Jesus or Isreal. All that are irrelevant..

What any wise Human needs now is not Simpsons predictions! The Bible has it all!

We are in the Last of the Last days..
The Word of GOD be broken!
The Word of GOD cannot lie!

A day is Coming Millions all over the World will Suddenly Vanish to Meet JESUS in the air..

It's not Everything we argue about! We Just need to Submit to GOD'S Word..

I Love you with the Love of GOD Brother but JESUS Loves you Most..


Politics / Re: Nigeria's Permanent Secretary, Babatunde Lawal, Dies (Photo) by Chosen1984(m): 12:12pm On Nov 09, 2020
Condolences to Mr Lawal Family..
Day after day people must go,
It's something that Must Happen day after day!

What is Most Important is you and me being Prepared for the next life..

Every other thing is Meaningless..
Preparation is all about JESUS and JESUS alone..
Politics / Re: FFK Replies Trump On Twitter: "Do Not Waver! Hold The Line And Be Strong!" by Chosen1984(m): 12:05pm On Nov 09, 2020
Just to let you know that your action was deceptive.
I cautioned you several months ago when you newly started this by fire by force radical preaching including a lot of other born again Christians on this platform, but you wouldn't listen. Now see how you've lost your reputation and consequently, may have even lost the people your message is supposed to be pointed to. I can show you a screenshot if you want.
May God Have Mercy on you! You Need Serious Help!
I am not one who is cajoled by your ranting!
Listen clearly,
I Maintain my stand anywhere and Everywhere!
If you like u listen! If you don't like u Refuse!
You are the one who will face your consequences! My Work is to give u the Undiluted and Unadulterated Word of God!

You or anyone Refuse or accept is your Concern!

Secondly, What useless reputation are u talking about!
I rather be hated of Humans and Please GOD!
Than be Highly reputated of men and Fail GOD
GOD Forbid such reputation !
Politics / Re: FFK Replies Trump On Twitter: "Do Not Waver! Hold The Line And Be Strong!" by Chosen1984(m): 11:51am On Nov 09, 2020
You're the same person, Mr man. I can help you list all your monikers in case you've forgotten.

What's holding you ?
Do it
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Election: China Declines To Acknowledge ‘biden Victory’ by Chosen1984(m): 11:32am On Nov 09, 2020
The Truth is No Matter How you Hate Trump , you can't Just push Him aside. You have to just Respect Him..

He Has his Shortcomings but you Just have to Emulate his Personality , Realness and guts ..
A Man you can't predict, yet he created deals that china had to bow to..
He went ahead and brought in Months ,Peace deals about 5 in the Middle East that could not be done in over 24 yrs.

My Prayer For Trump is that he does not abandon GOD Almighty who has been his backbone..

If he does, it would be crazy!


Crime / Re: 13-Year-Old Boy Thrown Into Fire For Allegedly Stealing Food In Ebonyi (Graphic) by Chosen1984(m): 11:30am On Nov 09, 2020
Wickedness and Evil dos not have a State, Race, Tribe or region..
Wickedness is in the DNA of Man..

Only a Genuie Encounter with JESUS that Flushes Human and Makes us Whole..
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Says Putin Awaiting Official US Result To Congratulate Winner by Chosen1984(m): 11:15am On Nov 09, 2020
Silence atimes is Golden..
Anybody can Read or quote wise words
Only few apply wisdom..

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Flashback: Hillary Clinton Said Don't Concede Election 'under Any Circumstance' by Chosen1984(m): 10:35am On Nov 09, 2020
Great times ahead!!
GOD BLESS President Trump.

There is Declaration/Prayer that I Love so much.
It goes like this!

I am a Chosen! I am a Chosen! I am a Chosen! Therefore let all the Evil traps, nets or gallows which the Enemies Have set against me, Entrap them in JESUS Name..
Religion / Re: Pastor Uhembe Jacob Kidnapped & Murdered Over Wrong Accusation Of Stealing Penis by Chosen1984(m): 10:26am On Nov 09, 2020
An innocent Soul has been Murdered!!

Many Have Destroyed their Destinies with their mouth, tongue and actions..
This is How some Persons have acquired Generatic Curses for Harming an Innocent Servant of God!

It's the same thing with those that are quick to Insult Servants of GOD for no Justifiable reason! I Look at some of u guys and I feel Pity!

Hopefully God's Servant Passed away with JESUS!
That's the Greatest of all!

Sudden Death! Sudden Glory!

Prayers for His Family and the Church..


Religion / Re: Is Donald Trump Still The Last Trump Or Shall We Wait For Another? by Chosen1984(m): 10:21am On Nov 09, 2020
I Have a Personal Conviction that He Could be the Last Trump. I could be Wrong tho!

Before 2015, I really didn't know Trump apart from knowing His name as one of the Big boys in the World!

While the Whole 2015 Election stuff was Going on, I Personally didn't believe he will win due to all the polls and all that!
But I remember, the Night of the Election , I was Sitting by my Dad and watching it on Tv, and Suddenly something came out from my mouth!

I Said to my Dad! " I Don't really know how, but I see Trump being announced as the winner just For God to Make the Earth Understand that it's HIM that appoints who He will, after that the Rapture will Happen"

Those were my words unknowingly said!

My Dad laughed because it was virtually impossible! lol and Behold we got up the Next Morning to See Trump as the Winner! My Dad could not believe it! I myself could not!

I came to understand that those words were not from me per say! They were highly Spiritual words!

All these while I had not seen any Connection to Trump and the last Trump!

Late Last year or Early this year, I am not sure which, I was having my Personal time with GOD, reading the Bible and all that. When I got to 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 , I was just reading and when I Read "at the Last Trump" ! My Brother, I got Shocks and Chills in me ! You Now how you get a signal from God when something drops!

I had to go back to it! The Last Trump! The Last Trump! I called my wife and said baby! See what I am seeing today!

That's not my First time of Reading! Infact I have Read the Bible 2-3 times every year in the few years! But that was the First time I got that Revelation on that!

About a Month later or thereabout! I have a lot of Brethren Worldwide who we Talk on things of God together on YouTube and all that!

A Certain brother in the USA Just said the same thing! He was like are you Sure Trump is not the Last Trump?
I was like wow! This is a Confirmation of what I got..

I Have other Revelation and visions about Him..
Like before all that troubles were been Manufactured! I saw Him in Revelation where he was to cross a wide ocean! There were many Creatures in the water! All of a Sudden , He jumped into the ocean and Swam out safely!
And gave me a deep Huge!

I told all around me that he will not be impeached! He would come out of all the traps!
And that's Exactly what Happened!

As for the Last Trump! I Personally Believe he is the sign of the Last Trump!

Let's keep watching!

What is Neccessary is that we are washed in the Blood and Ready at all times..
Religion / Re: Righteousness89 I Challenge You!! by Chosen1984(m): 9:49am On Nov 09, 2020
You are such a shameless,cheap deciever hiding here to promote religious fraud and unfounded idiocyncrasies through fear and malicious intent. I never knew he had a P.A.

It's Clear you just an innocent Empty young Man!
You brag like you Have something and yet you are Empty!
I speak on His behalf cos His account was placed on a ban..
He is still waiting for your Call.
If you do not Have Credit, Mail or text your Contact on WhatsApp! He will get to u..

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