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Food / Re: Help! Is It Possible To Save My Egusi Soup? by citizen202(m): 8:37pm On Feb 29

If you can get your hands on charcoal, add a lump of it and warm the soup again. This works but I don't know how effective it will be since you've already warm it like that when you saw the foam on it, you're suppose to add the charcoal into the pot as you saw that foam and warm it together.
Alternatively, you can just dice or slice your onion and pour it into your sour soup, add a little palm oil, stir, and then allow to heat for some minutes. Taste to confirm if the sour taste is gone.
These two trick works for almost every soup, including Egwusi, Ogbono, and Banga soups etc. Try it and let us know how it goes. So sorry about your expensive pot of soup.
Get alot of fresh tomatoes slice and warm them together it will be better
Politics / Re: Tinubu: We Will Raise $10 Billion To Stabilise Naira, Boost FX Liquidity by citizen202(m): 5:25am On Feb 21
May your efforts yield positive results.
The other one with questionable philosophy certificate would have buried our economy patapata had it been he won. Medical doctors, lecturers, labour etc. for don dey strike now.
We dodged a bullet.
So all these ongoing strikes are childs play.. Just be playing
Politics / Re: Stop Being Heartless, Fix The Economy, Leave Business Owners Alone – Obi To FG by citizen202(m): 10:15pm On Feb 17




Come and close my shop goat

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Politics / Re: Protest Against Tinubu's Government Spreads To Kogi State by citizen202(m): 7:08am On Feb 08
No protest. No mind these people. How many times did they protest against their brother? Now it's a southern preado, dey don dey plan every rubbish to paint PBAT black. Most of Naija problem today originated from Buhari. Na so the South were cowed against their own son jonathan, now dey don start again. This is not 2014 but 2024. We know better now.
I'm from the South whatever the North wants to do with Tinubu I don't care .. ediot forced himself on Nigerians .. Just know if push comes to shove you Ronus are on your own
Health / Re: Polako, Bayelsa Youth President Raphael Commits Suicide by citizen202(m): 6:36am On Feb 07
What kind of business person are you
U dropped ur number but can not be reached!!!

na thief oooh he has scammed me before with a different username I've tracked the idiot down but the money he scammed was insignificant to arrest him... My people watched him briefly but naa make e use that one enjoy but avoid him oooh a cheap fraudster
Politics / Re: Relocate Katsina Airport Project And Risk 2027, Katsina Elders Warn Tinubu by citizen202(m): 8:31am On Jan 27
But wait oo, why do we allow so much influence in the hands of the north, they dictates our life for us! until we the south, southeast and southwest come together, forget about tribal and ethnic differences, that is the only solution to stop this their madness. But you see, when a yoruba man or Igbo, ijaw, needs vote or support they will run into the hand of the north why will they not be misbehaving.
Never going to happen... I can't see a world where Yoruba Ronu group and South east will sit together never happening
Nairaland / General / Matthew Kayode Oche Alias Queendera Is A Fraudster Be Warned by citizen202(m): 5:29pm On Oct 10, 2023
Dear Nairaland
Please be advised that the individual with username Queendera is infact a fraudster and real name is MATTHEW KAYODE OCHE and also has many other numerous names and numbers they use for cheap websites and scripts for 10k /40k . This is a warning to anyone dealing with them he is a scam, I have so far acquired all the information I need , all jobs recruiting firms , all companies, all embassies, police unit worldwide , all social media, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook will carry your image , name and image with attached screenshot of your fraud activities, I
For the next one year non stop you will read about yourself in all platforms.
Be warned everyone avoid these names Queendera, these numbers
0808 137 1756
Celebrities / Re: Kylie Jenner Deletes Instagram Story Showing Support For Israel by citizen202(m): 6:18am On Oct 09, 2023

How will anyone support murderers of women and children

US would rather keep shut and ignore than support nonsense

Ellon musk, Bill Gates Hollywood celebs are strategically silent

You see brainwashed Africans with religious story book will start stressing

Ironically Palestine have more christian and more christian will die than Isreal, Isreal has more Muslim than Christians and are mostly Jews

if you like try to twist sentiments and facts.. Fact is all Christian nations stand with Israel you will find out when the Arab world decides they want to team up together... I and many I know will enlist and defend the holy land
Politics / Re: CSU: US Court Says Many Interested 3rd Parties Sending Emails To Influence Court by citizen202(m): 11:26pm On Sep 30, 2023
99.9% of the mails were sent by hateful Obi supporters and ipob lunatics. They’ve been failing in their political calculations since 2015, they will continue to fail till 2027 when President Bola Ahmed Tinubu completes his first tenure.
Atiku instituted a case but it is Obidients that you dragged in... you are such an idiot

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Politics / Re: Which State In Nigeria Is Faster To Get Your Nigerian Passport by citizen202(m): 10:19am On Sep 25, 2023
Just settle those immigration guys and have your passport that same day or the next day.
I got my own the next day.
How much did you get yours?
Politics / Re: Tinubu Files Emergency Appeal To Block Chicago University From Releasing Records by citizen202(m): 11:31am On Sep 22, 2023
Obi is a criminal
Goat It was Atiku who is asking the court not Obi idiot
Business / Re: $6.8 Billion Overdue Forward Payment Responsible For Naira’s Decline - Wale Edun by citizen202(m): 11:21am On Sep 22, 2023
The main reason for Naira decline is because of Igbo businessmen like Peter Obi, ndi importer and exporter crooks. Igbo importers like Peter Obi keep taking the available scarce dollars using their crooked connections and bribe to import every damn thing into this country, from toothpicks to ketchup.

The govt must shut down NEXT. Peter Obi has destroyed the naira for too long, enough is enough. Later this bastard liar called Peterr Obi will be lying about moving Nigeria from consumption to productionz whereas the Pandora thief is the biggest importer of rubbish fake products in Nigeria, making the Naira to lose value every day.

Tinubu supporters have really lost their mind

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Business / Re: Naira Tumbles To 980/Dollar, FX Shortage Worsens by citizen202(m): 10:10am On Sep 22, 2023
what where you expecting Agbadorians
Business / Re: Phone For Sale: Infinix Hot 10T At Giveaway Price by citizen202(m): 1:27pm On Sep 19, 2023

50k angry
Dera a hi a colleague refered me to your profile about a project you are handling for him but you have not been responding can we trust you?
Fashion / Re: Ugochi Ihezue Wins Miss Universe Nigeria 2023 by citizen202(m): 1:25pm On Sep 19, 2023

if you see her up close you go disgaree

You are a woman and you know how e dey go grin grin
Hello Dera my colleague shared your profile with me about a project he paid you to handle and hasn't heard from you.. Are you legit can I trust you to work with you?
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Dragged To Court For "Violation Of Chid Rights" by citizen202(m): 5:01pm On Nov 14, 2022
Peter Obi is a monumental failure, a pathological liar and a corrupt individual.

You Eboes, zombidients and obituaries are too dull. Deloitte is a consulting firm that also uses contractors. Employees of the contractor companies will NOT appear in Deloitte employee data base because those employees are not employed directly by Deloitte. If you want to solve the riddle, find out the contractor company to see if Tinubu's name is in the employee data base during the period in question. The more you beat this issue the more you expose your low level of intelligence. It fits so well since your principal Obi is a 3rd class dullard from UNN.
����� You Agbadorians are so shameless
Romance / Re: My Fiancee Stopped Talking To Me Because She Needed A ₦‎3 Million Wedding by citizen202(m): 4:48pm On Nov 11, 2022
Hy guys, I don't know if you have been in this, my woman that agreed to be the mother of my kids as stated by her recently stopped talking to me, picking my calls because she needed a 3million naira marriage.

I told her please why not we do moderate and use the remaining for investment. She said no. The three million is even small.
Guy never ever try to please her....if you need to find her replacement go to Matchmaker on Facebook...there are alot of good girls beautiful looking for husbands...if u go broke tomorrow her type will abandon you... Remove love from your head and rename her number with an irritating name...but never ever yied to her demand else you will forever be a slave in that marriage...Stop calling her ..block her from viewing your status on watsapp... don't text her..if after like two weeks she doesn't come back to her senses bros... Fucking move on.... Never ever have that mindset that if you leave her you won't find or meet another better person..Dem plenty for Matchmaker on Facebook

When I asked her what will we use the 3million to do, she said to buy furniture for the home. Uptill now she doesn't pick my calls, reply my chat if not that no be God showed her to me I would have deleted her number off my phone but am still keeping it for a reason I don't even know.

We have been together for long, not until a friend of mine got married and I told her they did thier marriage not less than 300k, then she said it's a big lie.
Programming / Re: With The Recent Lay-off And Hiring Freeze, How's It At Your Workplace? by citizen202(m): 2:04pm On Nov 05, 2022

How and where can I learn this programming of a thing
try w3school it's free
Politics / Re: Flutterwave Founder, Iyin Aboyeji, Presents Tinubu Tech Policy (Photo) by citizen202(m): 8:32am On Nov 02, 2022

Speak for yourself man.... If you are angry then face what's frustrating you

Nigerian youths are not angry... We are happy hustling for the paper.. no time
God punish you for saying Nigeria youths are not angry
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Wants To "Speak Directly To All Nigerians" by citizen202(m): 9:22am On Oct 31, 2022

Who takes Obi Pandora serious kwanu?

Not even the mad man at upper iweaka who happened to be his special adviser
Your father is the mad man

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Politics / Re: 2023: Nigeria Doesn't Deserve An Absentee President Like Atiku- Afegbua by citizen202(m): 9:29pm On Oct 11, 2022
.......... Or a man who diverted Anambra state funds into his daughter's offshore account. And used the remaining little funds in investing in a beer business which he ran into historical loss. .

Nigerians are wiser now.
We vote competence !
Your Drug lord candidate
Romance / Re: Why Do Some Men Lie About Their Incomes & Salaries? (Screenshot) by citizen202(m): 9:42pm On Sep 28, 2022
Wow, so you are already planning to build your future home on deceit? Wow.
Sorry that manipulative shite won't work on me ..I tell whoever is the wife what she needs to know whichever way you interpret it..Oshei for you

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Romance / Re: Why Do Some Men Lie About Their Incomes & Salaries? (Screenshot) by citizen202(m): 10:46pm On Sep 25, 2022
A true and sincere person will not lie.

What's the essence of lieing when she will still find out?

Some Nigeria men truly needs to do better, because many women are complaining the same thing.
And so? If she finds out what will happen?? Can't even see how she will find out sef
Romance / Re: Why Do Some Men Lie About Their Incomes & Salaries? (Screenshot) by citizen202(m): 10:35pm On Sep 25, 2022

But I feel trust and honesty is Paramount in a relationship or marriage, you have to be plain and honest just like your @ bolded statement
Marriage is big ..it's never enough I once had a similar experience...I deliberately slashed down my earning rate for my ex ...u need to see how this girl billed me dry on that rate...so my wife will never know my true worth but she won't lack


Politics / Re: Ayu is Very corrupt, he Collected N1bn from a PDP Presidential Aspirant - Wike by citizen202(m): 3:13pm On Sep 23, 2022
Wike vs Atiku/Ayu

Obi vs fake certificate

When God choose you, all the jericho wall of your any shall fall without even drawing a swors.

Can we now all agree that Tinubu is finally here. Maybe we should just tell INEC we dont want an election anymore. We already have a winner.

Cheers, jagaban.
Incoming 16th president of Nigeria
come and collect my pvc to vote your sick Jagaban
Politics / Re: Elections: APC Will Triumph In South-East – Uzodimma by citizen202(m): 5:25pm On Sep 09, 2022

Yes you are right. Igbos are very independent minded. You follow no leader, but you allowed Ojukwu to lead you to destruction in 1967.

Also Olusegun Obasanjo defeated the lord and savior of the Igbos Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu in all the nine states that made up the old Eastern Region including Ojukwu's home state of Anambra during the election that Ojukwu contested against Obasanjo the Yoruba spirit. Who then is Peter Giringori Obituary that Emilokan Tinubu will not whip him mercilessly at the elections?
Hahahahaha what will Emilokan tell Ndigbo...the farmer will make more money...truth is if tinubu sees 20k vote from the whole South East he really tried... Agbado man should be worried about results that will emerge from Lagos...his loss will begin from Lagos mark my words
Foreign Affairs / Re: Jeff Bezos Slam Professor Uju Anya For Wishing Elizabeth An ‘Excruciating’ Death by citizen202(m): 8:50am On Sep 09, 2022
Igbos. Lol..

Toxic from birth.

Funnily, they were the ones who wanted to colonise Nigeria after the British left.. the irony..

Azikiwe had wanted to try that in the SW despite the fact that the British left every region in autonomy of themselves but no, Igbo weren't satisfied but wanted to colonise the whole country. Azikiwe was left to lick his wound after he was stopped. Still he didn't stop and eventually spearheaded the Igbo coup which killed every leaders of every region which were none of their business while they protected their Igbo leaders. He, Azikiwe travelled abroad at the same moment when the Igbo coup was happening. Ironsi came in and continued with the madness of what they had planned until his atrocities was withheld. In the end, Ojukwu declared Biafra but still wouldn't stop his greedy attempt in wanting to colonise the country. Eventually, their atrocities were fought against yet they're the ones playing the victim today.

They're doing the same today. Tinubu has never ruled anyone or their papa but they keep insulting him daily while they protect their leaders who achieved absolute nothing and are not better than Tinubu who's 10 times better than all their leaders combined together. Tinubu's legacies litter everywhere in Lagos such as Lekki seaport, RRS, Lekki trade zone, LAMATA, millennium schools, LASTMA, gigantic LASU teaching hospital, Eko Atlantic city, BRT and several infrastructure and policies put in place by Tinubu. As a matter of fact, Tinubu is the reason behind Lagos' bouyant economy today.. Yet the Igbos insult him daily despite the fact he didn't rule them or their papa.
As much as I am against what the lady said as an ethnic Igbo ...you are stupid for bringing politics and Your epic failure tinubu into this. . tribalism will destroy you
Travel / Re: Uber Now In Owerri, Akure, Adds New Safety Features For Nigerian Riders by citizen202(m): 6:58am On Sep 07, 2022
even the handshake looks suspicious from shettima....Heart of a terrorist and bigot

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