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Literature / Re: I Need Story Writers. by DDreamer07(m): 6:43pm On May 08, 2018
I need those who love to write and are willing to write for free to help me with theme stories that deals with
Child Abuse
Drug abuse
corruption and it effect
Domestic violence
Health relationship
Advantage of Education
an more

You can through this sharpen your writing skill

Learn more by writing theme stories

Get more people visiting your blog if you have one because your name and details may be attached to your story. if you permit that(Ghost writer)

Above all, enjoy what you like and always want to do.

I will post your story on a website to help others get insight on issues of life, so please give your best.

If you are interested, reply on this trend please.

I am interested... Send me a WhatsApp message by following this link https:///send?phone=+2348119855008
Literature / Humpty Dumpty (the Adult Version) — An Inspirational Story. by DDreamer07(m): 9:40am On Feb 02, 2018
Humpty Dumpty.

The other day, I was at the bar. Just sitting there, reflecting. It was part of my Friday rituals to go the bar to reflect on all I had done all through the week. And, of course look for frustrated people to listen to their stories. Not like I cared. I just loved to listen to stories about people, and not the people. You know people troop in and out of places like that. I mean, all kinds of people. Good, bad, annoying, respectful, distasteful; name it. I wonder what Ed Sheeran was thinking going to a place like that to fall in love. Or maybe it was a different kind of bar he went to. Anyhow, this isn't a story about bars or Ed Sheeran, or Falling in love. It's just a story about falling.

So, at the bar, I met this guy, Humpty. You remember him, right? Humpty, from Humpty Dumpty? Yeah that guy. He was not as he was described when we were kids. He happened to be a tall young man, about 6 ft in height or thereabouts, dark skinned, ruggedly handsome, and neat. Plus, sorry to spoil your childhood, but he didn't actually have an egghead. I didn't even know it was him at first. I had no idea when he walked in, but he came and sat on the stool beside me, and said to the waiter;

"One glass, please."

I knew I was going to hear a good story from this guy who was all suited up. Perhaps, his date stood him up, he caught his fiancée cheating on him, his girlfriend rejected his proposal, just went through a breakup, or was just fired from his job. I was so ready to listen. He wasn't like any other guy I had met at that bar. He looked neater. Even neater than I was. Before now, I was the neatest guy who ever walked into that bar, perhaps. But, this guy just gave me a run for my money. For him to be here, he must have a really good story to tell. I often wait for them to have their fifth glass of whiskey before asking them what's up. But I just didn't have that patience with this guy. I wanted to know his story ASAP. So, I grinned, gulped in the remaining whiskey in my glass, turned to the guy and said;

"So, what's a fine guy like you doing in a place like this?"

"Don't tell me that was a pickup line." He replied, with blank look on his face. Apparently, he is the serious type.

"Oh, uhm... Not at all. I'm not g...g...gay... I just... Was just.. Trying to... Uhm...." I did try to utter a meaningful explanation to him, but then I realised I had had just a bit above my limit. "...I'm sorry... It's the drink speaking."

He let out a wild smile, and said;

"Oh, I see. Perhaps you should call it a night, my friend."

"I would love to, but I want to hear your story first. I've seen lots of people walk in here, sit beside me and drink to stupor. I ask them what their problem is, and they tell me a lot of things. Sad stuff. Not like I care. I just like to hear them tell me everything. So, I'll like to hear us. I'm curious. What's a guy like you doing here?"

"Funny. Your mission here is funny. And so is your question. What if I'm a drug lord, and I spill all my secrets to you. And you then know too much, that I would have to kill you thereafter?" He said, giving me a close look, with serious eyes. They were devilish. And gave me the chills.

I just didn't know what to say. My face was beginning to flush already from the three glasses of whiskey I had had. And I was too scared to utter anything further, because this man looked too much like a killer. So, I said what any sensible person with good survival instinct would say at a time like that;
"Please, don't kill me."

He laughed and said;

"Come on, friend. I'm only playing with you. I'm a good guy. And, sorry to disappoint you, I have no stories for you. Not from this week. I had a great one. Got a promotion. My wife told me she's pregnant, and my sister got a new and better job offer too. So, there really is no reason to drink myself to stupor out of sadness as you suspected I would."

"Oh, I see. Congrats to you... Too bad you don't have a sad stuff I can listen to."

"Thank you. But, I'm going to tell you a story about Humpty Dumpty. You know, I was called Humpty Dumpty when I was much younger. Not because I had egghead, but because I was prone to falling. People will sing, 'Humpty Dumpty stood on the ground, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall...' My knees were really weak, and I couldn't stand well until I was fourteen years old or so. So, wherever I stood, I would have a great fall. And it wasn't just physically I fell. I fell also in many ways. When I became an adult, I began to fail in many attempts to become something. I had failed relationships. Lost jobs because I wasn't seen to be competent enough. Failed in many business attempts. In fact, I was a proper Humpty Dumpty all round, and fell each time I tried to sit on the wall. And just like Mr. Humpty, I never stopped climbing back on the wall even after every great fall. Somehow, experiences from my childhood days had helped me to sustain my endurance. I know people who had stronger knees as kids, but gave up on their dreams after one fall. The strength of one's knees eventually has nothing to do with one's zeal to succeed... Everyone saw that poem as just another rhyme. But it meant more to me. And when I look back, I'm glad I fell. I'm glad I was teased. I'm glad all those things happened to me. When they were happening, I wished I was just like the other kids. I wished I was as strong as them. But I didn't know I was much more stronger. And everything made my strength to grow bigger..."

He went on and on. And for the first time, I got a story that would turn my life around. I used to think I was better than everyone else at the bar. I would listen to them, and not care about them, just because I thought my life was much better than theirs. It may have looked like it was, but it wasn't. I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Never really had rough days. Protected by Daddy's money. The worse thing that had ever happened to me was a heartbreak from way back in the university. I realised I hadn't even tried anything hardcore, and my life was just somewhat static. I had never tried to climb on or sit on any "walls." I thought of all my achievements, and realised daddy had his hands in all. They weren't really mine, but his. The company I worked in, belonged to him. So, what was so special about my life? Nothing. I was just an ordinary successful guy who hadn't really made an impart on anything, or anyone. I was just a guy living under the shadows of someone else.

From that moment, I knew it was my turn to be Humpty Dumpty. I knew I should climb the wall, and have a great fall, if I must. For I also knew, to have a great fall, means that the height of the wall must be great as well. So, it was worth climbing. I didn't have any extraordinary dreams before that time to stand as a wall for me to climb and sit on. So I began to make one, because life is about climbing walls, and we are all Humpty Dumpties trying to sit on a wall. Those who aren't trying, aren't really living yet..

Yours truly,
Davi'O R. Seki

TV/Movies / Re: Imdb Apologizes For Inclusion Of Funke Akindele's Name To The Cast Of Avengers. by DDreamer07(m): 6:57am On Jan 14, 2018
Due to increase in the rate of "fornication", if I were God... The next generation kids will receive their reproductive organs on their wedding day.....
No wedding No organs..

Mehn, a lot of people should thank God that you're not Him o...
TV/Movies / Re: Imdb Apologizes For Inclusion Of Funke Akindele's Name To The Cast Of Avengers. by DDreamer07(m): 11:32pm On Jan 13, 2018
I thought as much, cause they've acted the movie since last year, so how was she included in the cast this year when the movie is already done. They should compensate her by including her in the next Avengers.

As in eh!

E go too make sense!
TV/Movies / Re: Imdb Apologizes For Inclusion Of Funke Akindele's Name To The Cast Of Avengers. by DDreamer07(m): 11:10pm On Jan 13, 2018
Lalastic lalasticlala
TV/Movies / Imdb Apologizes For Inclusion Of Funke Akindele's Name To The Cast Of Avengers. by DDreamer07(m): 11:06pm On Jan 13, 2018
Read original story through... http://www.davioseki.com/2018/01/imdb-removes-funke-akindeles-name-from.html

Just so everyone know, Funke Akindele was not fired. She was never to appear in the movie. Think about it. If she was to appear, the fuzz would have started a long time before now. The filming of the movie is already over, so it wouldn't be possible to fire her now!

The feature on IMDb was removed after a member of the cast of Jenifa's Diary (Adewale Demehin, who played the role of Josiah the Cabdriver) messaged the help desk to tell them they must be have been a mistake somewhere. The whole thing would have dragged down her (Funke Akindele's) name down, just as much as it raised it up. And the Nigerian Media industry did not even bother to verify from her before publishing the news, everyone referred to IMDb, but no one went to ask aunty Funke.

IMDb sent a response to Adewale last night, informing him that they had taken it down, and apologized. They have also promised to launch an investigation to find out who included her name to the list.

Nigerians sha. See how you guys are blasting the lady, saying it's her village people and such... Una doh o!
The whole thing probably started from an Irish dude named Kevin Anthony Carney. So, leave aunty Funke alone. Face the guy, he's on Facebook. And don't say, "why did she not come out to deny it..." Did any of you go to meet her to verify the info?


TV/Movies / Re: Funke Akindele Of Jenifa's Diary WILL NOT Appear In Avengers: Infinity War! by DDreamer07(m): 10:37pm On Jan 13, 2018

How your weeping tey concern my financial status
Bro if she dey there or not, it concern me less ooh. Na because we be Nigerian na hin make me react grin

Hehehe... Doh...
TV/Movies / Re: Funke Akindele Of Jenifa's Diary WILL NOT Appear In Avengers: Infinity War! by DDreamer07(m): 8:59pm On Jan 13, 2018
You sha want us to click the link and visit your website over lies.... ntorr we no free grin

Lol... I weep for both you and the entire mainstream Nigeria media industry...
Bros, check her IMDb profile joor...

Yes, I want page views... But the question is, am I lying?

E go too shock you when you know say na truth I dey talk..

Laughing in Urhobo***
TV/Movies / Re: Funke Akindele Of Jenifa's Diary WILL NOT Appear In Avengers: Infinity War! by DDreamer07(m): 8:56pm On Jan 13, 2018
OP u can lie for infinity................. And don't tell me to check any link....... Enemy of progress abi na prophet of doom u be? .

Keep ur sorry to urself............. Movie when dem go make na u wan hijack with ur bad mouth....

Guy I nor wan hear am again oh...


U funny o!
Alright na... Abeg, check her IMDb profile make we see whether they still mention her name there...
In fact, make I show you...

I laugh in tongues...

Celebrities / Re: Kemi Olunloyo: Funke Akindele Staring In A Hollywood Movie Is Nothing Special by DDreamer07(m): 12:36am On Jan 13, 2018
Funke Akindele is not appearing in the Avengers: Infinity War.

Apparently, the whole thing began on the 28th of December, 2017, when an Irish guy created a Funke Akindele page on Marvel Cinematic Universe, a Fandom for Marvel lovers...
More details here...

IMDb has taken down the Avengers from the list of movies Funke has appeared in...

Sorry guys...
TV/Movies / Funke Akindele Of Jenifa's Diary WILL NOT Appear In Avengers: Infinity War! by DDreamer07(m): 12:33am On Jan 13, 2018
Funke Akindele is not appearing in the Avengers: Infinity War.

Apparently, the whole thing began on the 28th of December, 2017, when an Irish guy created a Funke Akindele page on Marvel Cinematic Universe, a Fandom for Marvel lovers...
More details here...

IMDb has taken down the Avengers from the list of movies Funke has appeared in...

Sorry guys...
Celebrities / Re: Funke Akindele Of Jenifa's Diary To Appear In Avengers: Infinity Wars by DDreamer07(m): 11:34am On Jan 11, 2018

you too the vex
ah ah, na this small thing make you the raise voice so

Lol... I no vex o!
Celebrities / Re: Funke Akindele Of Jenifa's Diary To Appear In Avengers: Infinity Wars by DDreamer07(m): 5:35am On Jan 11, 2018
We hear

E don do na
Na everybody wan carry the news??

We force you look am?
If you done see am before, throwaway eye...
Celebrities / Funke Akindele Of Jenifa's Diary To Appear In Avengers: Infinity Wars by DDreamer07(m): 12:04am On Jan 11, 2018
According to her IMDb profile, Funke Akindele will play a role the Marvel movie due to be released this year's May...

Full details here...

Politics / Re: Breaking!! Darkness Engulf Some Parts Of Nigeria by DDreamer07(m): 11:48pm On Jan 02, 2018
Light dey Edo State ...
Which part in Edo (Benin City)?, E never still come for my area...
Politics / Re: BREAKING: National Grid Just Collapsed! What's The Situation In Your Area by DDreamer07(m): 11:34pm On Jan 02, 2018
Reports coming from Benin claims some areas have had power restored...

Any good news from other areas?


Nairaland / General / Re: Meet Nigeria’s Representative At The Kwese Gogettaz Finals by DDreamer07(m): 12:50pm On Nov 15, 2017
Solid Innovation from a solid man!
You're solidly backed, sir!
Culture / Promoting African Culture Through Literature by DDreamer07(m): 7:34am On Jul 09, 2017
Hi, Culture and short story lovers!
I'm a new author. Just getting off the ground. I have started a series on African history. The first book is titled "Last days of Queen Amina". I will be retelling the African history with these stories.

Please, read the full Last Days of Queen Amina online.

"Last days of Queen Amina"
(The fall of the mighty Queen)
By Davi’O R. Seki.

Chapter 1: http://beguwa.com/last-days-queen-amina-davio-r-seki-chapter-1/
Chapter 2; http://beguwa.com/last-days-queen-amina-davio-r-seki-chapter-2/
Chapter 3; http://beguwa.com/last-days-queen-amina-davio-r-seki-chapter-3/
Chapter 4; http://beguwa.com/last-days-queen-amina-davio-r-seki-chapter-4/
Health / Could Vitamin C Be The Reason Why Some Antimalarial Medicines Don't Work? by DDreamer07(m): 9:36am On Jul 07, 2017
Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid, is a water-soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties. It is found in citrus fruits, berries, cabbages, leafy vegetables and potato. It is also found in many food and nutritional supplements. Health benefits of this vitamin include prevention and treatment of scurvy (weakness, feeling tired, curly hair, and sore arms and legs, and if left untreated could lead to gum disease, reduction in number of red blood cells and excessive bleeding from the skin). It is also very useful in treating common cold, lead toxicity, curing cataracts, combating stroke, maintain elasticity of the skin, facilitates healing of wounds, controlling the symptoms of asthma, management of hypertension and there are reports that vitamin C helps in the treatment of Cancer...

Read more;

Nairaland / General / Taking Vitamin C With Malaria Medicines; Will It Spoil The Malaria Medicine? by DDreamer07(m): 9:28am On Jul 07, 2017
Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid, is a water-soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties. It is found in citrus fruits, berries, cabbages, leafy vegetables and potato. It is also found in many food and nutritional supplements. Health benefits of this vitamin include prevention and treatment of scurvy (weakness, feeling tired, curly hair, and sore arms and legs, and if left untreated could lead to gum disease, reduction in number of red blood cells and excessive bleeding from the skin). It is also very useful in treating common cold, lead toxicity, curing cataracts, combating stroke, maintain elasticity of the skin, facilitates healing of wounds, controlling the symptoms of asthma, management of hypertension and there are reports that vitamin C helps in the treatment of Cancer

Continue reading...

Literature / Re: Short Story; Last Days Of Queen Amina — By Davi'o R. Seki. by DDreamer07(m): 9:12am On Jul 07, 2017
The fall of the mighty Queen

By Davi’O R. Seki.

* * *

Chapter 2

* * *

At the crack of dawn of the following day, Auta and Tanko went out to get a feel of the new city. They usually did this after every conquest. They were of blue blood. They had been friends with Amina since childhood. So many tales have been told of the warrior queen, but only these two could tell of her wonderful adventures as a child. She did not have any other friends.
Once, they went on a hunt and the trio came by a leopard. While Auta and Tanko proposed to run away as fast as they could to avoid being torn apart by the beast in sight, Amina was willing to stand her ground and fight the animal. Which she did and just as Amina began to wrestle it...

continue to read through this link...

Literature / Short Story; Last Days Of Queen Amina — By Davi'o R. Seki. by DDreamer07(m): 9:08am On Jul 07, 2017
"Last days of Queen Amina"
The fall of the mighty Queen
— By Davi'O R. Seki

Chapter 1;

The blood on the soil could still be smelt and the wailing of children could still be heard from the just ended war and the villagers of Idah had run into safety. The Zauzzau army did not consider whether to mourn the lives that were lost during the battle, but had gathered in their camp to celebrate their victory over the people of Igala. The air was graced with Hausa music, which was food to the ears and made the sitting soldiers stand to dance in various traditional steps. The smell of roasted goat filled the air and made the celebrants expect for the meat to be shared and passed to them. One by one entertainers approached the centre to do various stunts.
There was a group with their bodies bare from the neck to waist. They danced around and began to use the sharp edges of clean knives to rub themselves, but didn’t get any injuries. It was as if the knives were blunt and people hailed as they performed the trick. When these were done with their performance, another group took to stage and these drank something from the calabash each one of them held. These once were even more fierce-looking. They had a variety of tattoo designs all over their bodies. They were huge and looked more like a heap of horror. Their faces were strong-looking and each one had a pair of bull horn attached to his head. The markings on their faces made them even more horrible to look at — the markings were of black and white colours having designs the shape of leopard, snake and crocodile. They did not look like typical Hausa men. They were hired as entertainers and followed the Queen’s party to every incursion. They used a burning torch to put fire in their mouth, closed it and when they opened it, they began to breathe out fire. The Zauzzau people did not seem to care about the horrible looks of the performers — they were thrilled by the performance instead — and they cheered them up as the huge men kept swallowing and breathing out fire. The music in the background intensified as they performed. It was like the music was fuel to them — the more intensified the music, the bigger the fire they breathed out.

continue to read through this link...


Literature / University-bound; John's Reminiscence Of His Undergraduate Days... by DDreamer07(m): 9:41pm On Mar 03, 2017
Title; As she liked it Fiction/subtle Romance form; Picture

Literature / Re: My 100 Level Experience In UNIBEN. (first Semester) by DDreamer07(m): 4:39pm On Dec 11, 2014
Guy doooh cheesy

Benin city nor be land of milk and honey grin

actually, It's Hall 4... I've lived in Benin City all my Life...
Literature / My 100 Level Experience In UNIBEN. (first Semester) by DDreamer07(m): 3:18pm On Dec 11, 2014
After the whole clearance thing at the auditorium, I started attending classes properly (only at first), applied for a Hostel space and was given one.
I moved into the Hostel in mid-semester after a long time of unwillingness to move into the dirty, noisy and unhealthy environment. I didn't think I'll last long if I stay, though, I did. After moving in there, I contacted a very terrible Malaria that nearly ruined my existence. See why it was that terrible: I was taking drugs for the next one week, but instead of my health to improve, it was dwindling and dwindling. So I went back home after a week, and the moment I stepped foot into my Parents' house, I could actually feel myself starting to recover. I stayed at home a week after that and went back to school when I had fully recovered. Dear reader, you might not believe what I'm about to narrate, even I with the experience, still find it hard to believe. A night after moving back to into the Hostel, (permit me to use pidgin), na im Malaria come again oo! This was a monday and we were having Chemistry practical on that day. It became so bad even when I was at the chemistry lab. I could feel my legs shaking and my backbone was already beginning to ache. So I took excuse from the Lab Instructor who did some prayers over me, (see me oo), and I payed him back by saying, "Amen, Amen, Amen, Thank you Sir". Al I just wanted was to get to the health centre and come out well. Here comes Wahala. I trecked with my two already shaky shaky legs to the health centre which is very far from the chemistry lab, and you can't get a bus to the place (even till today: December 11, 2014). I got to the health centre, finally, took my seat and waited my turn... Are you serious? It was 1 hour already I haven't been attended to yet. Then I took my phone out of my pocket and then I began to notice the working wi-fi signals at the health centre. Then I smiled. It's not everyday you get free wi-fi in UNIBEN. Then I messaged my friends on whatsapp, telling them about the WIFI. The internet became my only companion for the next 1 hour. Now, a lot of people had left the health centre because they could not wait. Luckily I waited, I had no choice, though, for I was already very weak. Then the nurse called me and about 5 others into Stage 2 of the 4 health centre stages. Right now I dropped my phone into my pocket. After waiting for about 15 minutes at the stage 2 seat, I was called to take prescriptions. The doctor clerked me and told me that the Pharmacy was closed already and my only options were to be admitted overnight, or get injection, he didn't leave me with two options in the end when He told me that my case is not that serious and so I will be given Injection that evening, and then return back the next morning to take my drugs, which I agreed to. I met the nurse and was given injection at stage 3. And Stage 4 was when I had to sit down for about 30 minutes to rest and then begin my journey back to the Hostel. That 30 minutes rest was my 4th and final stage. Then I began to set out for the hostel, when suddenly a guy was rushed in by his two friends. He probably over-starved himself. But I didn't have time to pity anyone at that time. I had my own predicament, you know. As I started my journey back to hall 4 (my hostel), I began to shiver. My legs now weak. And I began to wonder the kind of drugs they just injected into my veins, even after 30 minutes of rest, still not avail? I managed myself to the hostel in a continous shivering manner. Then I got to the Hostel and met some of my coursemates talking about the Chemistry practical report. Even when they were talking to me, I was responding, but I didn't know what they were talking about, aand they didn't seem to notice I was almost out because I had it all bottled in, as usual. So I climbed my bunk and went to bed. Tuesday morning came, and I couldn't move the leg that the nurse injected. I layed there, awake, for the next 4 hours until I struggled to get up, went to the Hall 4 Unit 1 eating area, bought food and began to set for home, again. And I vowed never to step foot into that health centre, unless when neccessary.
Well, that experience didn't kill me, it made me laugh instead.
My first day of lecture wasn't full of experiences, though. It was the first time I saw a GST lecturer, and I think it was one out of Three times I saw one, all through my 100 level... The rest of the first semester was full of fun and very amazing experiences. I met colleagues and coursemates more and more and made good friends among classmates and older colleagues as well. And also I got to be informed about the Pharmacy-Medicine beef that has been existing and how we were encouraged to take part in it by some misinformed Pharmacy students... This made my second semester sweet, expecially with the advent of Ebola that made the beginning of second semester a rather interesting one...

I had a friend in Medicine, an now...

To be continued...
Literature / Re: My 100 Level Experience In UNIBEN. (continuation) by DDreamer07(m): 10:50am On Dec 05, 2014
in auditorium?

yeah, just as [DUOz] said, it's the nickname for the guy...

Check the continuation here:

Literature / My 100 Level Experience In UNIBEN... (continuation)- Me And Chairman... by DDreamer07(m): 10:46am On Dec 05, 2014
...as I was still thinking of how to get out of Chairman's trouble, He aked me my name and at first, I thought of lying that my name is "Samuel", but then I began to think again, what if he meets me some other time, and calls me Samuel and I don't answer, that would be Tripple Wahala! And I had this thought within a pico-second So I just told him my real name and my department, which he later asked for. After a lot of begging and Prayers to God, he finally looked away from me as though something else had caught his attention. Then He began to advice me (na wa oo): "see, I am not really angry because of any other thing, but the fact that you didn't answer when I called. That's how all you Freshers behave. Next time, if anyone calls you, answer them, because in this school, you don't know who is who. Just take your time, read your books. But, you seem to be really sorry, so I forgive you. You can now go". All the time he was talking, I was replying, "Yes, Sir, Yes Sir, Sorry Sir, Ok Sir"... And now my prayers have finally been answered... After he dismissed me, as I was walking away from him, I heared another "Hey you", and didn't even bother to turn back to see who was calling. But after about 16 steps away, I began to judge myself. Then, I stood where I was, turned back to see who was calling and who was called. This time, the "Hey you" only sounded once, so, either, it must have been a test from 'the chairman' who just dismissed me, or He was calling someone else who promptly responded, or some other 'Chairman' was calling at me. So I turned to see who was calling and who was been called, and saw 'the same Chairman' talking to other young men, I think they were freshers too, but these two guys were laughing as he talked to them. "He mustn't be Threatening them", I thought to myself. After confirming I wasn't been called again, I turned and saw two other female friends and another girl I did not know, making the bevy a group of three, walking out of the auditorium and approaching the front gate. They saw me too and we greeted and talked about clearance and such. But as they were talking, I was engrossed in thoughts about what had just happened at the entrance of the auditorium compound: "I hope this guy won't trace me and try to force me to join something evil ooo, this one he knows my name and department. God help me oo". But then, I began to feel the scotching heat of the sun on my Skin. So I said to the Ladies with me: "You have Skins, shey?", A wierd question I know, I could see that in their faces as they answered "Haha, yes". "So, you feel the heat of the sun like me right now?", and they replied "Yes oo, let's go under a shade now". As we walked towards the shade, they were doing their Girls-talk and I was Kabashing against 'Chairman' in my Mind. And it seemed one of them realised that I had said "I am done with Clearance..." and asked me what I was doing at the auditorium. Then I did tell her that I saw a girl, we both knew, an old classmate of mine, walking into the auditorium and I tried to catch up, but was stuck up with some serious issues that needed my attention at the gate, and gave a Garffield-Cat-like Smile after I was done telling her, which did make them laugh a bit. I just prayed they didn't ask any further questions and in order to run away from giving explanations, I told them I was leaving and I'll see my old classmate someother time. Afterall, we're in the same school again, though in distant Faculties. So, I greeted them a good day and good bye and then left them. And as I came out of the auditorium compond, I saw the 'Chairman', as that guy had earlier called him, although the one who had tapped me and said 'Chairman dey call you', was been just been dismissed by the 'Chairman' and it was my turn to be talked to and that was why the Chairman said "you on White that just left, call that guy", pointing at me. I guess, that was the best way he could show respect to a heavy scary looking guy like that as himself was running away from the heavy dude I've been addressing as Chairman, who was now talking to three Ugly girls he stopped, and I wonder why he stopped them. He definitely wont be wooing them, if you see them you will understand what I am saying. So I went to tell Heavy guy that I was leaving and was sorry for what had earlier happened. He told me, "No problem", and all was well and even wished me safe journey as I used the bus. Although, in my mind, I rebuked his wish for me. "If the Devil prays for you, don't say Amen, say God Forbid, because it might be a course".

Later that day, I shared this experience with my Elder brother, who told me not to be scared, that the guy was only looking for attention. And another friend of mine, who after teasing me by calling me scaredy-boy, She told me to not be afraid, that the heavy guy can't do anything. So I went to bed that day feeling relaxed. But kept on wondering: "What did the heavy guy call three ugly girls for?"

to be continued
Literature / My 100 Level Experience In UNIBEN. (continuation) by DDreamer07(m): 7:57pm On Dec 04, 2014
...As I went back the compound of the Auditorium, I met my new coursemates in another queue. Then I began to get this feeling that my Lacasera is about to burn out. The Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students' (PANS) excos and congress-man Eze Alex (who will later become a friend of mine) were there to help us organise ourselves and make the process easier for us.
I spent about 5 minutes on this New queue and I did not spend it just standing there, as I was also arranging my files in the proper format as outlined by the School Authority.
Now it was nearly 11:50 am when we were called into the auditorium and wait for our Turn as we sat behind the clearance officer. It immidiaitely dawned on me that I haven't sat down since I got down from that bus at about 7' that morning and now it was nearly 12 noon and I was also sweating profusely with my handkerchief already as wet as a Towel that has just been brought out of the river. So we all took our seats and I spent the first 5 minutes appreciating the gift of relaxation. And all the PANS excos came one after the other passing lists for us all to drop our names, Phone numbers and DOBs as they addressed us. And then, from behind, a hand tapped me. I looked back and it was Joshua, who offered me a meatpie. I did reject it, though at first. But then I thought to myself: "It's our first day of meeting since we've known eachother on facebook, and it's the first time He's offering me something. Wouldn't it be rude if I reject?". Then I looked back at him again and said: "Maybe I'll just have that Meat Pie.", and as he handed it over to me, I said in my most polite tune, "Thank you.", and He replied, "You're welcome".
In the first seat ahead of us was seated our clearance officer, Pharm. (Barr) GoodMan* Oba* (**names changed**), who was, as well, our course advicer and will be our most admired man in the faculty, and next to him was his assistant, Dr. GoodWill* Roseman* (**names changed**), whom I found to be Nicest male Lecturer in the Faculty. He always used all the opportunity he had to advice us based on Academics, and believe me when I say "A lecturer as such, will make a good Husband and father".
Then I sat patiently, waiting for my turn as we were been cleared one after the other.
Not much happened the rest of that day, as I was, Luckily, the last to be cleared for the day. And it was now about 4:00pm when I was, as I will always say LUCKILY, cleared. The rest of the clearance week went well. Although there was a time I ran into a bit of Trouble, when I saw a Female friend of mine walking into the auditorium and I wanted to catch up with her. As I was rushing in, at the gate, I heard a guy say "Hey, you! Come here.", I continued because I never thought he was talking to me. He repeated himself again and I still didn't answer. And then He whistled at someone in front of me, who now walked up to me and said, "Guy, Chairman dey call you". When I heard the word, "Chairman", my Heart jumped and I began to pray in my mind, "Save me Lord, or I perish" repeatedly, a prayer every Catholic ought to say in times of temptations. When I walked to where "Chairman" was standing, I quickly said "Good Morning, Sir", bowing at him. He claimed to have already been pieced off by my action of neglecting his call, as He was talking, I was just praying in my head. This was why I was praying: the guy was huge, like two of me, combined to form one, he had tattoos, had side beards like Rickross and with a deep voice. And the he said "You Get Money?", then I replied, "Yes", He then whispered a shout at me, "Shut Up! You no get Money! You think say you get, but you no get!", and it was true, I don't have any money, even the T-fare I had in my pocket that day was given to me by my parents as well as every other thing I had, starting from my T-shirt to my Boxers, they were all provided by my Parents, and I am moreover, not from a Wealthy Family, but was from a Family of middle class. But truely, I thought he said, "You hear Me?" and that was why I replied "Yes", if I had known the question He really did ask, my reply would have been a Straight "NO!". This Mistake now added to Number 2 crime against "Chairman" after I first ignored his call because I thought He was a Rude Camera Man calling a costumer (although, to avoid Life threatening stories that touch, I didn't tell him this), and now, how the hell Am I supposed to get out of this Mess?

To be Continued...
Literature / My Year 100 Level Experience In UNIBEN. by DDreamer07(m): 11:32pm On Dec 02, 2014
Chapter 1: In The Very Beginning:


I got up early that Morning (at about 4:30am, I think) on March 24th to Begin my 100 Level Clearance. Then I went into the Bathroom to shower. "Who's in the Shower?", asked my Mom. I didn't answer because I always find it awkward to answer a question while taking a Shower or even talk, sing or make any sounds. Then She got up from the bed, left the Master's bedroom and headed straight to the Kitchen to have the meal prepared, for she knew already that it was me in that bathroom. Maybe it was because I told her the Sunday before, that I'd be leaving home early to do clearance, or maybe it was because She knew so well that I was the one taking a Shower without making a sound from the mouth. I just didn't care about how she knew. All I cared about was te fact that I am now going to be a registered Student of a Renouned University in Nigeria. I did my Shower, came out, had my clothes on, did all my stuff right. Off course I will do that, because I was fully aware that I was going to meet new people; Boys and Girls, expecially the Girls. And now it was about 6:00am or thereabout, and my mom said to me, "Go and have your meal". I wanted to refuse, the whole excitement had made me loose appetite, but, for a woman who got up at about 4:30am because of the showry sounds from the bathroom, to prepare breakfast, what more could I have done? So I pounced on the Rice and Stew. No sooner had I started eating that my elder Brother woke up too. He walked to the living room greeted our Mother and said to me "Na wa ooo. So na Clearance you wan go do na you dey disturb people sleep, shey? By the way, how them dey do the clearance when you dey go this early, abi who wan attend to you by 6 o'clock?". Now, my mom turned to me. And then I replied "the way e be ehm, as them tell me. The queue dey long wehl wehl, so if I want make them clear me quick, I'd better get there on time. So that I can be in front". No sooner had I finished talking when Ohis, who just got Medicine, called on the phone asking me when I'll arive the University for the Clearance. After dropping the call, I looked to my Brother who was now seated and said, "See? They're already calling". "hmmm", he replied. Although He was still have awake and half asleep. I checked my files to see if all the documents were complete. And then I set off for school to commence my clearance. It was now about 6:30am when I left the House. I arrived the University of Benin at about 7:30am, hoping to be among the first 100 persons on the queue. "Oh poo!", I exclaimed in my head when I saw the thousands of persons standing in front of the auditorium awaiting the officials to begin clearance. I just began to shiver out of worry, until Ohis and Manfred (Manfred just gained admission to study BioChemistry), walking towards the maingate shopping complex to get some things. "Davido! Na now you dey come?" asked Manfred. "Yes oo", Said I. "Guy, quick quick go write your name. I just dey come and I be number 10, Manfred na Number 9.", Ohis said... "How una take do am?" I said to Ohis, who now told me it was Faculty by Faculty. And Manfred was Number 9 in Faculty of Life Sciences and He was number 10 in College of Medical Sciences. "Thank God!", I said out loud. "Abeg, Pharmacy people don many?" I continued. "I never really see any sha, but If you quick now, you fit be number 5 or so. Just go sha", said Manfred to Me. So I horried to the auditorium with some Swags put on to Impress the Ladies around. On getting to the Auditorium, I met the Queue of Pharmacy Students. "Yay!" I exclaimed. "I thought we were few na", I thought to myself as I walked towards the queue with my swag already dying down. Then I met Joshua, Frank, and the Others that I have been chatting with on Facebook. We stood on the queue till about 8:00am when the Cheif Clearance officer came to address us all. Here started our journey in UNIBEN, which was fondly called UNISTRESS by those I have asked about the school. And Now, the School is about to prove to me why it is called UNISTRESS. So we matched to Unity Bank on a Single File, like Ant Workers Match on a single file to their hill, to get a Record file. I struggled to get a place in the queue. I found one, through the back door. Did my Payments and headed now to the Bursery Department to register the Teller. Another queue, and now, the stress began. After standing on the queue at the Bursery department for another 2 hours, the SWAG I had earlier put on was now completely dead. So I registered my Payment Teller at the bursery department that now handed me a reciept and matched back to the Anditorium to begin clearance. As I matched back, I went into a shop to get a bottle of Lacasera. A friend had earlier predicted that I'll consume very much amount of Lacasera and I argued it. So I walked back to the Auditorium feeling refreshed only to begin another Horrible Clearance Moment...

To Be Continued...

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Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Professional Article Writters Needed!! by DDreamer07(m): 3:37pm On Dec 02, 2014
I am in. Please contact me on. Okorokporodavid@Gmail.com

I don't really care about the reward, I just want to write for fun...

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Celebrities / Re: The 10 Nollywood Actresses That Are Strongly Allergic To Poor Men ( Photos ) by DDreamer07(m): 2:57pm On Dec 02, 2014
[/color] cool If that is the case, then Get ready to die Single... [color=#990000]
Religion / Do Not Believe The Pope Francis HOAX! He Never Said Anything Like That. by DDreamer07(m): 11:29pm On Jan 08, 2014
Some Internet sites are reporting that Pope Francis has declared that “all religions are true,” that there is no hell, and other provocative things.
But the whole thing is an Internet hoax.
Here are some things to know and share . . .
1) What is being attributed to Pope Francis?
Among other things, he is claimed to have said:
“Through humility, soul searching, and prayerful contemplation we have gained a new understanding of certain dogmas.The church no longer believes in a literal hell where people suffer.This doctrine is incompatible with the infinite love of God. God is not a judge but a friend and a lover of humanity. God seeks not to condemn but only to embrace.Like the fable of Adam and Eve, we see hell as a literary device. Hell is merely a metaphor for the isolated soul, which like all souls ultimately will be united in love with God” Pope Francis declared.
In a speech that shocked many, the Pope claimed “All religions are true,because they are true in the hearts of all those who believe in them. What other kind of truth is there? In the past, the church has been harsh on those it deemed morally wrong or sinful. Today, we no longer judge. Like a loving father, we never condemn our children.Our church is big enough for heterosexuals and homosexuals, for the pro-life and the pro-choice! For conservatives and liberals, even communists are welcome and have joined us. We all love and worship the same God.”
2) Where did the hoax come from?
It originally appeared on a blog called Diversity Chronicle.
The post that contains it apparently was written by the site’s creator, Erik Thorson.
Subsequently, the story has been recycled elsewhere on the Internet, such as in the “ Entertainment” section of VacancyNigerians.com.
3) How do we know it’s a hoax?
Through several means. One is the fact that the piece itself claims Pope Francis was speaking at the conclusion of the Third Vatican Council:
For the last six months, Catholic cardinals, bishops and theologians have been deliberating in Vatican City, discussing the future of the church and redefining long-held Catholic doctrines and dogmas. The Third Vatican Council, is undoubtedly the largest and most important since the Second Vatican Council was concluded in 1962. Pope Francis convened the new council to “finally finish the work of the Second Vatican Council.” While some traditionalists and conservative reactionaries on the far right have decried these efforts, they have delighted progressives around the world.
The Third Vatican Council concluded today with Pope Francis announcing that Catholicism is now a “modern and reasonable religion, which has undergone evolutionary changes.
Of course, there has been no Third Vatican Council.
If there had been, it would have been all over the news for months, and every semi-informed Catholic would be aware of it.
Ecumenical councils are huge events in the life of the Church, and modern media and the Catholic Internet would have focused on it intensively.
4) How else do we know it’s a hoax?
The site which originated it contains a disclaimer, which states:

""The original content on this blog is largely satirical.
“I ceased in the year 1764 to believe that one can convince one’s opponents with arguments printed in books. It is not to do that, therefore, thatI have taken up my pen, but merely so as to annoy them,and to bestow strength and courage on those on our own side, and to make it known to the others that they have not convinced us.” – Georg Christoph Lichtenberg.
It is in the spirit of the above quote that I write. Who am I you may ask? My name is Erik Thorson. I created this blog for my own personal amusement"".
There will never be a place for Homosexuality in the Roman Catholic Church! And the Church still Holds that sinners will be Damned in Hell. There is no third Vatican council, for now.

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