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Literature / Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 1:19pm On Sep 27, 2018
i know say for nairaland people no they like to comment for literature na for politics them dey comment
Literature / Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 1:14pm On Sep 27, 2018
i became a destitude, roaming round during the day, slept in uncompleted building during the nights, i was so hungry on tuesday, i thought about school, my mates are in school, i took a walk to the river had a bath and put on same clothes, they wouldn't let me sleep in the church or give me food, i was a lady eating yam, 'aunty pls i'm hungry can u give me small of your food?' 'who are u and where are ur parents?' she asked 'i was brought to that church and abandoned by my sister' i tried to explain in my dizzy state, her next question shocked me 'that means u haven't confessed have u?' 'no ma' 'then get out' i felt depressed and my heart was turning from white to brown i pray not to black. The following day i knew i was about passing out so i looked for a comfortable spot and lied down for death to come.

I woke in a local hospital with my biological mum by my side, how did she get here? I dont i answered myself, after a while i saw my almighty sister quarelling with my mum, i got to know that my mum went to visit her and since she didnt see me she asked after me and was told that i was left somewhere becoz i refused to confess, that was how my mum found me and lying helplessly and took me to the hospital. I recovered after some days and was taken home. My mum wanted to arrest the pastor but people pleaded, he said i can redeem myself by undergoing a three days dry fasting, i didn't know when i shout 'WHAT?' he continued 'during the fasting if she vomit then she was actually possessed but if she didn't vomit then she is free' i thought i was going mad to hear that i just recovered from a hunger strike and here is another hunger strike, i'm looking too slim already, i'm sure im going to turn into a skeleton by the time they are done with me.

Lo and behold, the fasten started when we got back to port harcourt, they didn't let me bath or even brush my teeth, day one was ok, day two was dizzy and day three came, they were all waiting for me to vomit an animal or something prayers started by 5pm pastor prayed till 6pm, i did not vomit 'SHE WAS NOT POSSESSED' he announced, my mum was angry, yet she didn't take me away from my sister, i was angry, bittered and hated my mum for it, because i didn't know why she left me to die in the hands of my almighty sister.


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Literature / Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 11:26am On Sep 27, 2018
i say things i saw in my dreams and they came to pass including the death of old and yound people even if i'm beaten because of my dreams, ' there is a prophet that catches witches, at kolo we are goin on sunday morning bacause i know u are a witch' my almighty sister announced, and where the hell is kolo i asked myself i was 10yrs old then, sunday came and we travelled when we gor there i had to join the queue of suspected witches, it hasn't even gotten to my turn when a woman seated by the entrance shouted 'witch....witch....this girl is a witch' pointing at me i couldn't believe my ears, why me, why was she pointing at me the pastor was attending to another person, before i could say jack, some ushers came and jacked me away from the line telling me to confess, i was shocked and too confused to talk i'm innocent was what came out of my mouth the pastor beckoned on me after a while and asked me to confess and my jaw dropped 'even u' i cried in disappointment i was beaten to confess, my sister enjoyed everything and left my there, 'i'm going i have a baby to attend to' i couldn't talk i just cried, she left with no clothes no food, no shelter, she left me her younger one to strangers, i knew no one, i was a witch stranger to them
Literature / Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 10:45am On Sep 27, 2018
'it was just a dream sister' ' who are u calling sister' she flogged me to hell, i left me when i was almost fainting' i took my breath and cried till i wouldn't cry anymore '9yrs old and u r dreaming' was the last thing she said before she left me and went outside to gist with her friend, i cried again but not for the pains this time but for the reason why my biological mum will let me pass through this. Things were fine a year ago when she brougt me from the village to port harcourt promising my mother that she will take good care of me, my mother never doubted since since we are sisters, same mother same father but why is she maltreating me i asked no one in particular, 'so u are still there common go look for work to do, as a girl u are not supposed to rest after one work u look for another' she yelled 'yes ma' and said shaking out of fear, i never rested always working.

In school i was almost the smallest in my class, 'why aren't u growing like others?' my teacher ones asked, the school was the only place where i get rest of mind and ones its closing time, my heart will start pounding, i hate going home. I got home one day and was washing the dishes with fear, i'm always afraid because i don't know when the cane will land on me, i was shaking and washing when one of the plate fell and broke 'ooohhh i'm finished' i was staring at the plate when i heard 'what......U broke my favourite plate, today u are finished, i will never forget that day, see beating, it got to the extent that a neighbor had to interceed 'madam its ok na, will the flogging bring the plate back' oh this man will only increase the beating oh i said to myself 'is she not your sister? The man asked again, 'she is my sister not your sister so i have every right to treat her the way i want to treat her' she turned to me 'u, u see the insult u are bring to me u devil' and the beating increased.

No day passes without tears in my eyes, she is the 2nd child of my mother while i'm the 8th she is just 13yrs older than me, one day the 4th child of my mother also my sister came and i gave her a letter to give my mum telling her that i'm suffering, my mum visited few weeks later but didn't carry me away.

My sister finally put to birth, a boy and yet the maltreatment i got from her doubled
Literature / Re: On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 10:21am On Sep 27, 2018

'pls, don't harm my sister pls' i said as i saw some horrible looking men trying to eat my sister, i was crying and begging but they wouldn't listen, 'pls dont eat her' i continued shouting, i was shouting when i woke up, 'oh its only a dream thank God' i said sweating on the bed, my mat rather i looked around it will soon be dawn, i guess there is no need to sleep again, so i sat up and folded the mat, i usually sleep in the parlour since my sister and her husband occupy the first room, and his brother occupy the second room, its a 2bedroom flat, just as i was trying to arrange the sitting room, my sister came out dresssed to go out 'good morning ma, pls day never break ma' i said she looked at me with so much disgust, my presence has always irritated her ever since she got pregnant, her husband came out and i greet 'dad, good morning' i call him dad and call my sis mum cause my sis actually forced me to call her mum and her husband dad, 'good morning fendi' he replied 'dad i had a bad dream i don't think mum should go out' 'what do u know as little as u are, i'm going to aba to buy bail of clothes u better clean up the house and do everything before i get back' she shouted at me, i couldn't talk anymore, afterall who am i? She left, i did the chores and was relaxing when she came back crying that some boys beat her and took her market money, 'but mum i asked u not to go', 'u devil u sent those boys that is why u asked me not to go' she was yelling, ' how can a 9yr old girl send boys after u and will she ask u not to go if she is responsible?' the husband asked 'why do u hate your sister this much, is it your pregnancy hormones making u hate her or what?' i was just looking 'my leave is over i'm going back to work today' immediately he said that my heart sank, it means he will be gone for another 2months, which means 2mnths of sorrow for me, as soon as he stepped out she took the cane and came to me, 'ooohhh i'm finished' i said inside of me, she flogged me telling to tell her how i knew her journey will not be successful
Literature / On Your Own (o-y-o)....fendi by debbycreamy(f): 9:56am On Sep 27, 2018
hi my literature people

i'm not a writer but i get this story wey i for like to share, abeg make ona just get the point for the story, my english go bad oh, abeg no insult me if i do mistake just correct me

Hmmmm, i no sabi, do prologue and disclaimer them but abeg make person no copy this story for anywhere @copywrite

It is just a fiction

Lets go there
Celebrities / Re: 29-year-old Adesua Etomi Reveals 3 Secretes That Makes Her Look So Young (photos by debbycreamy(f): 2:03pm On Sep 26, 2018
when i first saw her on 'knocking on heaven's door' i tot she was 20 or thereabout, being slim also makes one look younger
Romance / Re: Guys, Name One Thing Ladies Do That Turns You Off But They Think It's A Turn-on by debbycreamy(f): 1:57pm On Sep 26, 2018
Well i don't like ladies that chew gums, it's a very huge turnoff.

I don't like ladies that put on cloths that will reveal their private parts of their body, it's a very very huge turnoff.

I don't like ladies that are broke, the ones that depends on guys for recharge cards, i will never date any lady that finds it difficult to recharge her phone with her own money, i will never date a lady that don't have at least 100 thousand naira in her bank account, excluding her business investment, she must at least have a 100 thousand naira to spare for her upkeep, cloths and other miscellaneous.

On my birthday, my girlfriend should be able to bake a cake worth 30,000 naira for me, she should be capable of spending lavishly on me, on my birthday.

There are two things involve, if i am dating a Lady from a financially average home, she should have her own business, be independent and she should be capable of taking care of her younger ones and parents on her own without the support of any man.

If i am dating a lady from a very Rich home, her parents must be very very Rich, she must be attending one of the most expensive private universities in Nigeria or UK or USA.

She must be very brilliant in her studies, not proud, very respectful and she should have millions in her bank account, whether she will work in her dad's company after graduation or not, is not my problem, but she must have her own personal company she manages..

One thing is for sure, i will never date a lady from a poverty home or date a lady with a 5000 naira bank account,, God forbid..

Do u have a heart at all?

Have u fallen in love b4?

If u love some1, u won't care about d background

U better grow up
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The First Batch Of 100,000 2017 Beneficiaries Should Have Received Their Stipend by debbycreamy(f): 12:31pm On Sep 26, 2018
i was enrolled before my neighbor, now she has received i'm yet to receive, i'm banking with first bank, bayelsa state
Crime / Re: Man, His Pregnant Wife & Boy Die After Eating Poisoned Food In Bayelsa (Graphic) by debbycreamy(f): 8:23am On Sep 26, 2018
i heard the news in church, including the person that did it, maybe they don't want to expose the person, it was an act of wickedness, since the news did not reveal the person, me too i will not say it
Jokes Etc / Re: Morning Devotion In Nigerian Homes Meme Collection by debbycreamy(f): 3:23pm On Sep 24, 2018
;Dd pix of how they wake u up got me lol ;Dd pix of how they wake u up got me lol
Literature / Re: Gianaaaaa Wins September 5K Awards by debbycreamy(f): 1:36pm On Sep 24, 2018
Gianaaaaa or something like that

The lady that wrote burned
Its too interesting
Literature / Re: Burned by debbycreamy(f): 5:01pm On Sep 23, 2018
i suspected Eva since just that i was confused about the step-brother stuff, if only Eva knows how many people dey protect Halal, she for don stop the game.

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Investment / Re: What Can I Do With The N300k I Have Saved? by debbycreamy(f): 10:48am On Sep 22, 2018
u can do alot with 300k, open a barbing saloon and hire someone, go into laundry, polythene bag business, open a provision shop, sell keke spare parts, or motor parts, if u have small space go into snail rearing, buy bail and sell clothes or nack one table and sell men wears after buying from onitsha

Things plenty, just think and holla me when u pick one

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Literature / Re: Burned by debbycreamy(f): 8:30am On Sep 21, 2018
I just forgot what i wanted to say
Jokes Etc / Re: Rate This Photographer by debbycreamy(f): 6:33pm On Sep 20, 2018

Not real at all
Education / Re: 15 Courses That May No Longer Be Studied In Polytechnics. by debbycreamy(f): 3:56pm On Sep 20, 2018
anything worth doing, is worth doing well

Y not copy and paste the information here, i hate jumping from one link to another

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Politics / Re: BREAKING:OSUN ELECTION: 12 Parties Step Down For Adeleke's PDP by debbycreamy(f): 3:45pm On Sep 20, 2018
it is getting hotter at osun, lets watch and see

I pray there should be no bloodshed and let the will of God be done, we need good leaders
Phones / Re: Get Gionee A1 And S11 At Very Cheap Costs On Jumia by debbycreamy(f): 9:07am On Sep 19, 2018
OP are u ok?
Where is the price na
Romance / Re: These Photos Couldn’t Have Been More Perfectly Timed by debbycreamy(f): 8:52am On Sep 19, 2018

I just love photography, even learnt it ones, made some photo stories buh oga at d top won't let me handle camera that it's not feminine, buh i love wildlife photos the amazing ones

D ones above are just superb
Politics / Re: Saraki: Cabal Ruling Us, Not Buhari by debbycreamy(f): 8:39am On Sep 19, 2018
i'm not an apc or pdp fan, buh 1 thing i know is that Buhari is not Buhari, ever since he came back from London, he cannot communicate above what is stored in his memory

I beg our youths lets vote for a competent president whether the party is abc, pdp, agt, 123 or whatever, we need transparency, i for like that Osinbajo sef but i haven't known his true colors


Forum Games / Re: For The Genius Only by debbycreamy(f): 1:15pm On Sep 18, 2018
it first dumb bell-like looking object represents 10
10+10+10 is 30
The tyre represents 5
While the other object like transformer part represents 2
So ahead it up

Romance / Re: Man Shares Photo Of Himself Licking His Girlfriend's "Used" Menstrual Pad by debbycreamy(f): 12:10pm On Sep 17, 2018
i think he used tomato sauce or red ink or something, coz if its really blood, that guy will live to regret his actions one day


Literature / Re: Baby And Me - A Crime Story by debbycreamy(f): 11:30am On Sep 13, 2018
that chinese girl wit big eyes, whats her problem sef??

Is that how to love, since she can cope and not bother about seeing him all this while its means she doesn't know what love is
Literature / Re: Kiss Me One More Night - Fiction by debbycreamy(f): 3:33pm On Sep 12, 2018

This is very true and helpful. It takes self realization and determination to break free from some kind of influence, especially from a Mother.

Thank you for bringing this to Us

U have to be patient with those of us that behaves like 9ja nepa, i'm a lady abd i know these things, how we grew up affects us so bad, for me i never saw my parents together, growing up was stressful either with mum or dad, so when i meet my husband d truth is i dont know how to treat him, all i know is that i should do the house chores and stay calm, when he calls me i shout 'sir!' ....i would hide myself at my maternal village becoz i loved staying alone, he would look for me and teach me how to behave, he was patient wit me & today he is proud of me, and i advice u to be patient with gals


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Abeg! Who Don Receive Message To Become N-power Trainee This September? by debbycreamy(f): 6:32pm On Sep 07, 2018
I sense scam in this. Be very careful.
Thank u dear
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Abeg! Who Don Receive Message To Become N-power Trainee This September? by debbycreamy(f): 6:31pm On Sep 07, 2018

be mindful of scammers.they are everywhere
Thank u dear
Jobs/Vacancies / Abeg! Who Don Receive Message To Become N-power Trainee This September? by debbycreamy(f): 6:00pm On Sep 06, 2018
when dem bring out list for verification my name no follow oh, now today message enter my phone say if i'm interested to become a n-teach trainee make i enter one link, buh the link no dey open, abeg who don see the message or who understand wetin n-power dey do?
Literature / Re: The contract by debbycreamy(f): 5:36pm On Sep 05, 2018
wow! Another great story on nairaland

Abeg make sandra sef get belle oh
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N-power Batch B Volunteers,has Any One Received Alert? by debbycreamy(f): 4:43pm On Sep 02, 2018
i dey wait oh, i need that money abeg
Literature / Re: Burned by debbycreamy(f): 3:29pm On Sep 02, 2018
i love the way u update, buh abeg i dey itch to hear the top secret


Politics / Re: Most APC Governors Is Afraid Of Direct Primaries Says Sen Shehu Sani by debbycreamy(f): 7:18am On Sep 02, 2018
[quote author=Saheed9 post=70825920][/quote]

Thanks, i appreciate

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