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Technology Market / Re: Romoss PeA60 60Kmah, Romoss Pea40 Pro 40kmah, Romoss Sense 8pf+ 30kmah, etc by donfarad(m): 9:00am On Aug 26, 2022
What's the cost of the Romose sense 8p+ 3,000mah?
Technology Market / Re: Your best & affordable Uk iPhone plug|swop deal also available|warranty is 100% by donfarad(m): 12:03pm On Oct 10, 2021
How much is iPhone 8plus 64GB
Technology Market / 128GB Iphone 7 For Sale. by donfarad(m): 7:12pm On Feb 17, 2021
Brand: Iphone7
Color: black
Storage: 128GB
81% battery health

Just for 80k
Slightly Negotiable

WhatsApp: 07032947918
Serious buyer only

Technology Market / Re: You Buy, I Ship and Deliver from Usa To Nigeria, Ebay @495/$ by donfarad(m): 10:35am On Feb 01, 2020
Technology Market / Re: You Buy, I Ship and Deliver from Usa To Nigeria, Ebay @495/$ by donfarad(m): 10:24am On Feb 01, 2020
Technology Market / Re: You Buy, I Ship and Deliver from Usa To Nigeria, Ebay @495/$ by donfarad(m): 10:14am On Feb 01, 2020
Technology Market / Re: 8 Pieces Of Lenovo X1 Carbon, 16gb Ram, Core I7 by donfarad(m): 7:29pm On Jan 09, 2020
I just ordered a piece.
Waiting for delivery.

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Technology Market / Re: Clean Tecno Pourvouir (3gb/16gb)available At 22k by donfarad(m): 10:42pm On Jan 03, 2020
Let's struck deal for 18k.
Technology Market / Re: **SOLD**Hp Probook 450 G4 Core I5.(8gb,1tera Hdd)*SOLD* by donfarad(m): 5:38pm On Oct 06, 2019
WhatsApp me with this number am interested.
Technology Market / Clean Hp 255 G3 Notebook. 4gb Ram, 500gb Hard Drive For Sale. by donfarad(m): 10:35am On Jun 19, 2019
System Model: HP 255 G3
OS: WINDOWS 8.1 Pro installed 64bit based processor
AMD E1-6010 APU with Radeon R2 Graphics
Number of processor: Dual processor.
Processor speed: 1.4GHz
Hard drive: 500GB
Neatness: Very Clean.

Price: 55,000 Negotiable.
Contact: 07032947918
Location: Olodi Apapa Lagos.


Romance / Letter Ladies Must Send To Their Daughters. by donfarad(m): 4:38pm On Jul 01, 2017
As human, "FOOLISHNESS" is when a woman
back cross-leg and search for an already
made man to pay her bills.

A lot of women has embraced total laziness in
the quest of finding a man who can pay their
bills so they can cope with the demands of the
society and also make provision for their basic
amenities in order to cope with peer pressure
or better still because they want to be part of
the "wanna be babes" around.

Most females jilt or dump their boy friend or
fiancé because he is not yet established
financially and they jump from men to men
trading their sacred body in exchange for
money and these men in turn, see this as a
great opportunity to mess around with them.

In case you don't know, statistics has shown
that every already made man out there,
actually have a woman who has been with him
from when he had a pair of shorts and a
singlet. This is the more reason majority of the
well to do men usually make women nothing
but a sex-toy because they believe
desperation and the love for material things
can make a woman bent on a man's desire.

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Education / Be Careful Of The Girls As A Fresher. A True Life Story From A Fresher. by donfarad(m): 7:56am On Aug 31, 2016
A DAY WITH FUNMI (Trust, Infatuation and Destruction)

I rushed into the faculty of medicine O.A.U for my faculty screening exercise which happens to be the deadline day and it was scheduled to commence at 10am. As I ran through the corridor leading to the waiting room, I turned to checked on my wristwatch GOSH it's 12:45pm already; i must have been careless & nonchalant enough to have allowed these to happen. I mumbled few words of prayer asking God to intervene on my situation.

As i stepped into the waiting room, i noticed a long queue of students with red hot faces looking towards my direction, but i ignored them & quickly took a sit as i gasped for breath sweating profusely. After about two hours, it got to my turn, i hurriedly went in, did my screening & came out with brim smiles written all over my face but the joy was cut short as i ponder on the ugly scenario that has led to my lateness to the faculty. Tears almost dropped from my eyes as i thought about how FUNMI almost made me forfeited my admission.
I met funmi on the second day of resumption, we met in a cafeteria while trying to get a sit with a trail pan on my hand which contains a bottle of chilled drink and a sausage roll, our eyes met, she smiled and i felt this would be a good catch. As i sat down to gulp the contents in the trail, we introduced ourselves, we got talking about life and issues on campus and about the anticipated difficulties as a fresher. The discussion lasted for about two hours, we both exchanged contacts before she left.

I and funmi got along easily. We spent time together walking around the campus, visiting places, we went for our fresher orientation program, mountaineering, burn fire and wow it felt like we have known each other for years. One fateful Wednesday funmi invited me to her place which i obliged to go and when i got there, i met two other girls at her place, the atmosphere was bright and fun because i met them chatting and laughing though with bottles of alcoholic wines but something Wasn't right about the place. I perceived smells of marijuana, cigarettes and other local drugs and before then, i have heard rumours of funmi been an addict to marijuana and heroin, i thought about asking her but i felt i should wait till her friends leave. Funmi offered me a drink in a glass cup which i took with delight and gulped the whole content till the last drop because i was a bit thirsty as a result of the hot sunny weather and she advised i take another cup of the the liquor which i reluctantly accepted. After about thirty minutes i started feeling tipsy, my vision became blurred & i couldn't control my movement, i asked funmi what was added to the drink, the three girls started laughing and funmi vividly told me she added marijuana to the drink but obviously i couldn't do anything, i was left helpless as i dozed off watching the three girls in an uncontrollable laughter. I woke up 11:45am the next day with a slight headache and hangover then i managed to look around and found the other girls still sleeping due to the effect of the alcohol then it struck my mind that i was supposed to be at the screening venue at 10:am the deadline day, hastily i rushed out of the building, took a bike to my hostel, picked up my credentials and ran straight to my faculty to get my screening done.

I heaved a sigh of relief as i walked down to my hostel knowing fully well that my relationship with funmi has hit the wall, she is a wrong influence i said to myself and i forbid myself going close to her because my escapade with her almost got me doomed.

PAUSE: many at times we meet people with the right intention of getting to know them and basically kick-start a forster relationship but along the line we will end up feeling disappointed with the personality characteristics of that person. Statistics has shown that the average human have the potential to make flimsy mistake when we come across someone for the first time. YES! Infatuation sets in and there is these delight You feel and you always want to see that person, talk to that person and even spend special moments with that person at all time. Believe me, a lot of people conceal their bad attitudes so as not to be judged wrongly when giving someone a first impression and its in our best interest not to easily trust people within a short period of time because trust is for those who deserves it and not for those who demands for it so you won't end up losing something very special in your life, jeopardising your future or even regret meeting that person who once made you blushed.

Source: http://fidwell..com.ng/2016/08/a-day-with-funmi-trust-infatuation-and.html?m=1

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Education / To All University Aspirant And Fresh Student by donfarad(m): 7:45am On Aug 31, 2016

Barely looking at the caption “The Middle Page”, many would be in a state of total confusion, but don’t panic, it’s just refers to a point in your life where making a decision is very paramount, thereby placing you in a state of dilemma.
By nature, God gave us the power of choice which stands as the pre-requisite of how successful or how the tomorrow (future) we hope or long for would be. Many young people today have been enthusiastic about being admitted into higher institution. You know, that sounds great; a positive one any youth would embrace and a wonderful enthusiasm.

Getting admitted into tertiary institution is a good thing but it is just a phase of the coin (i.e. the means to an end) while the productive nature in you after graduation is the other phase (i.e. the end means).

The problem is not just getting admitted but lies on the course of study chosen (decision made) as an academic aspirant. Many today have chosen to study a particular course as a discipline because of one of the following reasons.
• Their friends aspire for or are currently studying such a course.
• Their parent is a practitioner of that course.
• The swag portrayed by the course as many youth saw it today.
• The money earned by practitioners of such courses. e.t.c.

They fail to understand where their loop hole (weakness) lies due to lack of orientation towards their expected domain or decision made. This is because The Middle Page has failed in its bearing (i.e. failed to be directed positively).

Am making too much emphasis on the area of academics because it has been affected badly based on the choice of course chosen by aspirants or entry level students who in one way or the other were not oriented and to admissions department of our tertiary institution today as concerning the courses allocated to entry level students due to the failure in obtaining the proposed cut-off mark for their choice of course.

There are courses whose practical knowledge is most inevitable, that is to say; the technical/practical know-how cannot be overemphasized. Before choosing such courses, one has to check whether he or she has the practical knowledge or passion for it. I have encountered so many cases, but this one will either shock you or give your middle page the expected route.

A girl walks up to me for help and I asked her please how may I help you? She replied please can you type curriculum vitae (normally known as CV or Resume) for me? Without hesitation I replied positively. While I was typing the CV for her, I noticed that she was a fresh graduate like I was then and her degree displays B.Tech in computer science. With the caption of her degree, I gained interest in having a brief with her. I asked her why she could not do the typing herself and the replied I got from her placed me in a war front. She said “I don’t know how to format a document after typing”. Horrible right? But not a laughing stock at all neither it is an atmosphere for mockery. To cut the long story short, I did what she requested of me and sent the soft copy of the CV to her flash. After three (3) weeks, we accidentally met and was discussing about our last meeting and how it went, she told me that she lost the job because she was unable to use some office application like Microsoft Word (MS-Word) and Microsoft Excel (MS-Excel) effectively. I felt for her because she needed this job to help herself while still waiting for the then frustrating National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) camping exercise. I encouraged her and we departed. What I am trying to point out here is that during our discussion she made it known to me that it was not her interest to read computer science but the choice of her dad, but I could not ask her why due to her emotional state at the moment.

At this point I put to you all reading this article to focus more on your need than to your want. The reason is; nobody is made perfect but once we can differentiate our needs from our wants, then success would not be far-fetch. To the best of my knowledge as regards our area of discussion, “need is a single and positive direction towards and achievement while want is of multiple directions causing limitations towards an achievement”.

To this end great people, you can do it, know what you want and have passion for, be consistent in it, increase your proficiency on that which you are into and finally update yourself as your domain gets updated.

I quote, “Every success or failure attained today is as a result of the decision made at The Middle Page”. Finally your Middle Page demands careful decision.
Romance / See The Letter Given To A Girl By Her Mother. by donfarad(m): 7:24am On Aug 31, 2016

As human, "FOOLISHNESS" is when a woman back cross-leg and search for an already made man to pay her bills.

A lot of women has embraced total laziness in the quest of finding a man who can pay their bills so they can cope with the demands of the society and also make provision for their basic amenities in order to cope with peer pressure or better still because they want to be part of the "wanna be babes" around.

Read more: http://fidwell..com.ng/2016/08/letter-to-my-daughter.html?m=1
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Blackberry Curve7 For Sale At The Chipest Rate. by donfarad(m): 6:41am On Jul 20, 2016
Technology Market / Bold 6 For Sale: #rush-now by donfarad(m): 3:32pm On Jan 19, 2016
This bold 6 is in good working state.
First come first served.

Price: 7k flat
Call 07032947918
Technology Market / Cheap Epson Terminal Printer For Sale by donfarad(m): 3:52pm On Oct 19, 2015
Epson terminal printer for sale.

Price: 15000
Rush while offer last.

Call: 07032947918

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How To Increase Your Chance Of Getting Desired Job After Graduation by donfarad(m): 3:03pm On Oct 15, 2015
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Job Interview Experience Today by donfarad(m): 8:00pm On Oct 14, 2015
That really true. I was also a victim. they call themselves DGS.
Technology Market / Re: Dirty Cheap Laptops Offers ( Compaq,Toshiba, Hp, Dell ) by donfarad(m): 7:07pm On Aug 26, 2015
do you have hp pavilion 15 p287sa
yes I have. call 07032947918
Technology Market / Re: Super Clean HP PAVILION 15-d045nr Touch Screen For Sale. Owerri by donfarad(m): 12:50pm On Aug 02, 2015
Technology Market / Re: Super Clean HP PAVILION 15-d045nr Touch Screen For Sale. Owerri by donfarad(m): 3:59pm On Jul 31, 2015
Still available.
Technology Market / Super Clean HP PAVILION 15-d045nr Touch Screen For Sale. Owerri by donfarad(m): 12:48pm On Jul 31, 2015

HP PAVILION 15-d045nr
3rd GEN
Intel core i3
SuperMulti 8x DVDxRW
Wireless Plan

Price: 75,000

Call 07032947918

Education / Futo Post Ume Form Is Out by donfarad(m): 8:06pm On Jul 22, 2015
Amount: 2000 without bank charge.
hurry the exam starts on the 10th of August to 14th of August. Rush while offer last.
for help call 07032947918.
Religion / Re: 5 Reasons Why Should Always Pray In The Morning by donfarad(m): 8:21am On Jul 12, 2015
Nice one. Keep it up.

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Programming / Best Paying Cities For Computer Programmers by donfarad(m): 7:55pm On Jul 08, 2015
Forum Games / Re: Photo:which Car Should Go First? by donfarad(m): 11:04am On Jul 08, 2015
A first, B second then C. This is as prior to vehicle turning right.
Crime / Re: Housewife Pours Hot Water On 13 Year Old Maid For Using Her Gas (Graphic Photo) by donfarad(m): 10:58am On Jul 08, 2015
Absolute wickedness.
Gaming / Re: Do You Remember This One by donfarad(m): 8:09pm On May 23, 2015
We call it table soccer.

mheeeeen it has tehhhhhh. lol

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