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Foreign Affairs / Re: World News! Events Happening Around The World by Dream25: 9:21pm
A short time ago:
The War Cabinet meeting ended after about four hours.
You're a coward if you don't strike Iran back.. grin cheesy
Culture / Re: Why Minority Tribes Say They Come From IFE by Dream25: 9:04pm

Just like they're no evidence to the trash you posted Above.

Move along man

Go-to Benin and tell them a Yoruba founded Benin city.

Lagos is called Eko for a reason 😁😁
If this is all you can deduce from my post, I've no answer for you...

My Igbo friends are wise, I wonder where you got your dumbness from..

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Culture / Re: Why Minority Tribes Say They Come From IFE by Dream25: 8:58pm
The misconception of many minority tribes that they migrated from IFE comes from the fact that many minority tribes have the concept of Oduduwa in their culture also.

Many minority tribes that claim origin from IFE have historical concept of Oduduwa, with different names such as odudurudu in the Akoko-edo zone,idu or ekalerdan in Benin,Oduduwa in igala zone, also in urhobo down to the Igbo ,ijaw zone.

These groups of cultures have the Oduduwa concept along with the Yoruba.

Thus creating a misconception that they come from IFE.

What is not taken to account is that the concept of Oduduwa or the personality itself might be from a non Yoruba culture, it might be a borrowed concept by the Yoruba.

The concept of Oduduwa might be have been borrowed by the Yorubas as they claim he was a stranger.

The person they claim to be Oduduwa might not even be the original.

There is claim that some of the oldest fossils n relics were found in IFE or Yoruba land but what isn't considered is that there hasn't been much digging especially in non majority tribe zones, the majority tribes takes all the shine in NIG.

Many minority tribes are far older than the majority tribes.

I hope one day your hatred for Yoruba will not lead you to commit suicide...

You only live to denigrate Yoruba by claiming what you're not, aren't you ashamed?..


Culture / Re: Why Minority Tribes Say They Come From IFE by Dream25: 8:56pm

Back up your nonsense with evidence next Time.

Edo will first piss on the grave of Oduduwa before they accept they came from him or his lineage.

It is actually the other way around.

Every Edo I know believes the Yorubas originated from the Great benin kingdom.

They're different evidence to this 😁😁😁
I wanted to reply the Op first but I think you need the reply more...

Every Edo you know?.. From where Omo Igbo?... Why do you like lying?.

Yoruba have always been specific about owning the crown of Benin Oba.. The current Oba of Benin on his coronation call himself the son of oranmiyan and grandson of oduduwa. He put clause on everything he said by saying the Benin people believe Oduduwa is one Elkerhadan, the bannish prince of Benin..

Yoruba is not claiming the whole Edo but Benin specifically.. Ask the ogiso family, they'll tell you the truth.. The Oba of Benin is a Yoruba man.. Oranmiyan, a Yoruba man established the Oba dynasty of Benin. He sack Ogiso and establish the Oba dynasty, this is a historical facts that even Oba of Benin and Ogiso families don't deny..

Modern attempt to distort history by claiming Oduduwa is a bannished Benin prince has failed already.. There's no evidence, it's just a story created in the 1970 to downplay Yoruba influence in Benin.. No work pre 1970 that lay claim to this...

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Politics / Re: The Igbo Tribe's Tragedy And Curse Of Being A Niger Deltan (reply From An Igbo) by Dream25: 8:41pm
A Niger Delta create thread but na Yoruba you dey mention...

Omo Igbo, dem use jealousy do you?..
How person wey big pass you go hate you??..

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Politics / Re: Top 10 States That Borrowed From The CBN To Pay Salaries In Nigeria by Dream25: 10:03am On Mar 25

Inciting comment

Seun mynd44 mukina2 obinoscopy nlfpmod Dominique mukina2 fergie001
You really need to have your brain checked..
So you did not see the one that was talking about South West states?..

Inciting comments my foot.. shocked
Autos / Re: Direct Belgium 2021 Lexus ES 350 - Low Mileage - Duty Paid - 50m by Dream25: 10:55pm On Mar 24
120 million?
Romance / Re: They Said Igbo Girls Are The Prettiest by Dream25: 10:09pm On Mar 24

Check out the new Zenith Bank CEO , Is there any yoruba woman prettier than her?

Our ladies (Igbos) are the most pretty in this world .
No bragging, pure facts .
Take a look at Chimamanda Adichie too...

Make I pause here
Chimanda fine for your eyes??.. undecided
You blind.. πŸ’―πŸ¦…

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: World News, Weapons & Battlefield Discussions - Live by Dream25: 4:51pm On Mar 24
πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ They did not realise they no longer have an empire.

They have an army of 70k ...total πŸ˜ƒ
Even when they had an empire, all this small talk no be for Russia.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: World News! Events Happening Around The World by Dream25: 11:13pm On Mar 23

Following the terrible attack in Moscow carried out by ISIS - we call on the Russians to exercise restraint and act only according to international law.

πŸ”ΈWe call for an immediate ceasefire between the parties.
πŸ”ΈAlso, a free ISIS state must be established in Russia, meaning 2 countries for 2 peoples.
πŸ”ΈWe call on the Russians to ensure a regular supply of trucks with food, fuel, and medical equipment to ISIS members until the issue is resolved.

πŸ”ΈThe international community wishes no harm to befall non-involved ISIS civilians.

(( We note supposed videos showing Russian soldiers capturing terror suspects and publicly torturing and dismembering them, and WE DEMAND the UN Human Rights Council immediately intervene, and the Russia be immediately taken before the International Court of Justice to get a ruling that such actions are illegal and must be stopped - with Russia to report weekly on measures to prevent public torture and dismemberment. ))

ISRAEL real time telegram
You know yourself this thing you wrote is nonsense..

Hamas is a state actor and control Gaza, the four terrorists were paid to commit the act..

Palestine is a country in Middle East, same cannot be said of the four terrorists.. The terrorists were paid to commit an act, Hamas is fighting apartheid Israel..

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Politics / Re: The Nigerian Army Made Mockery Of It's Self By Declaring Ekpa Wanted by Dream25: 5:44pm On Mar 23

The enemies of Ndi Igbo are those that massacred 3 million Igbo children, those that said Igbos can't produce president are all enemies of Ndi Igbo
So you like as Ekpa is commanding his boys to terrorise the residents of South East?.. cheesy


Business / Re: See How Much Nigeria Owes In Bilateral Debts by Dream25: 5:04pm On Mar 23
It’s not much!

Less than 20% of what the US owes.
Less than 20%? undecided
It's not even up to 0.1%

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Foreign Affairs / Re: World News! Events Happening Around The World by Dream25: 3:59pm On Mar 23
ISIS publishes a photo of the four terrorists who carried out the attack in Moscow.

ISIS's Amaq agency:

The attack was carried out by four attackers who were armed with machine guns, pistols, knives and incendiary bombs.

They broke into the concert hall and three started shooting people, and the fourth set fire to the place.

The result of the attack - about 300 Christians who were killed and wounded by shots to the head and almost complete destruction of the place
It's not ISIS, the attempt to put everything on ISIS have failed already.. Just wait for part 2 with Popcorn...
Foreign Affairs / Re: World News! Events Happening Around The World by Dream25: 10:53am On Mar 23
Ukrainian telegram channels, one after another, are deleting their jubilant misanthropic publications dedicated to the tragedy in Crocus City Hall. Probably an order came down from above to moderate joy and even express sympathy. Undoubtedly, the purpose of this step is an attempt to hide Kiev’s involvement in the terrorist attack.

This version is confirmed by the behavior of Washington, which just an hour after the terrorist attack declared that Ukraine was not involved in the incident.
Dem no dey tell person cheesy
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: World News, Weapons & Battlefield Discussions - Live by Dream25: 7:18am On Mar 23

Deluded and funny to hear them exaggerate the powers of Russia, who probably is regretting ever starting this costly war they thought they could be over with within weeks like they did in Georgia. The same Russia who has to run to beg Iran, China and North Korea for weapons to prosecute the war he started. No be juju be that? πŸ˜‚πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

Isn't it funny that third-world Africans "know" more about Europe than Europeans?🀑

Isn't it funny when black Africans like kingsnairaland celebrate the military destruction of Ukraine who still functions economically and exports food to Africa, yet feels sad about the economic conditions of Nigeria and Balablu?🀑

Let them keep entertaining us with their shortsighted analysis and ignorant talks. Don't stop them. 🀑

Welcome to Africa, Nigeria especially. My fellow Nigerians are definitely more European than Europeans, more Russian than Russians, more Muslim than Arabs and more Christian than Europeans who gave them Christianity.
Funny set of humans. 🌍
We've talked a lot about all this nonsense you wrote up there, I'm even tired of lecturing or repeating what I've said multiple times in the past..

You see US quickly trying to deny Ukraine involvement? cheesy
You see Ukraine also denying their involve?. grin

Just pray the investigation don't point to Ukraine/West doing this, I won't say much.. I hope you know it's very simple to give Kiev the Grozny and Aleppo treatment?.

How I wish Ukrainian weren't Slavs..


Foreign Affairs / Re: Gunfire And Explosions At Moscow Concert Hall In Russia by Dream25: 9:26pm On Mar 22
When it comes to intelligence dont you ever play with the US...reason they are were they are ...
They're behind it

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: World News, Weapons & Battlefield Discussions - Live by Dream25: 8:12pm On Mar 22
⚑The White House has stated that at the moment there is No Indication that Ukraine or Ukrainians were involved in the Terrorist Attack tonight on the Crocus Concert Hall in the Russian Capital of Moscow.
White House don dey fear for Ukraine..
How I wish Ukraine aren't slavs


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Attacks Ukraine, Leaves One Million Without Electricity, 5 Dead by Dream25: 8:03pm On Mar 22
I wish Ukraine aren't slavs


Education / Re: Reactions As SS3 Student Buys Benz by Dream25: 8:02pm On Mar 22
What else do you expect when the president is a druggie?
How do you tell young folks to work hard?
There is no difference between drug and fraud
You're fast going crazy.. shocked
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: World News, Weapons & Battlefield Discussions - Live by Dream25: 9:09pm On Mar 21
I don’t understand why someone will make comment in red then the same person will quote his/her comment in Blue then again the same thing in plain black.
Why is the person is just quoting her/his self like WTF?
What’s going on?
You'll notice everybody ignore him, he's not mentally okay.. cheesy

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Sports / Re: Nwabali, Iwobi, Simon , Seven Others Arrive Super Eagles’ Camp Ahead Friendlies by Dream25: 8:43am On Mar 21
Iwobi why?.. angry
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia-Ukraine War: World News, Weapons & Battlefield Discussions - Live by Dream25: 12:22am On Mar 21
Prophetic alert!!! Eclipse on April , after that follows by great earthquake in America. With a destructive power.
Where's France world cup and Nigeria Afcon?.. undecided
You're suffering from high level delusion.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Warns NATO Of World War III by Dream25: 1:26pm On Mar 20
this is Joseph stalin's quote at a dinner : β€œThe United States … is a country of machines. Without the use of those machines through Lend-Lease, we would lose this war.”

Yes the USSR suffered the most casualties and the germans suffered their most casualties at the eastern front. And USSR captured berlin by ground invasion in one of the deadliest urban warfare, door to door...but you should know before the red army invaded berlin, u s airforce bombarded berlin couple of days before the berlin ground invasion. The u.s was fighting on three fronts; pacific, africa and western europe. Ofcourse the deadliest battle occured on the eastern front between nazis and the red army. The u s were the first to invade germany and capture a city, the nazis first surrendered to u.s hq in france...but stalin didnt agree and they had to surrender again in berlin. The u.s/ british forces had alot of roles to play in ww2 and without the u.s it would have been difficult for USSR to fight off the german forces.
I hate lies, your attempt to distort history is nauseating.. Stalin quote was just a normal protocol, it's necessary to praise an ally for what he did to you.. Yes US supplied some weapons to USSR but this Lend-lease act contribute less than 10% of USSR weapon used.. You need to understand that over 70% of German war machine is concentrated on the Eastern front, they even had to withdraw some of their best troop from West and transfer to the Eastern front when it come to shove and they USSR was routing them out.. This withdrawing is what help the western allies to land in France, Germany is almost gone already thanks to Soviet red army..

Stop trying to rewrite history, the Nazi surrender to the Soviets not US. What do you gain by attempting to distort history?. USSR liberated the whole eastern Europe and places in Asia. USSR liberate Mongolia, North China and Korea from the Japanese.. The Soviets face the best of the best of the Germany and Japanese army..

Hitler greatest mistake was invading Soviet Union, he could've become unstoppable with a neutral Soviet or an ally..
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Warns NATO Of World War III by Dream25: 1:10pm On Mar 20
My goal is not to justify or crucify the objective of NATO:
However, is it true that from between 1988-1989 when Milosevic abolished Kosovo's autonomy, he fired thousands of Albanians from state institutions and factories, and transformed a bi-national police force into a purely Serbian entity which often beat and arrested Albanians often without much cause?

If I get your argument correctly,
Your argument is that "if USA and its NATO Allies can invade Serbia in 1999, then it makes it perfectly right for Russia to invade Ukraine from 2014 and annex their lands"!

Is this what you are saying?
Yes you got me right.

USA and it NATO allies set the precedence for Russia in Ukraine. You have no right to criticize Russia in Ukraine if you see nothing wrong with what NATO did in Serbia..

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Canada To Halt Arms Sales To Israel After Non-binding Vote In House Of Commons by Dream25: 8:44am On Mar 20
It's time Israel stop killing civilians in Palestine, this act of theirs makes Hitler look like a Saint

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Warns NATO Of World War III by Dream25: 8:37am On Mar 20

The same Putin who said he will take Kiev in days is still in the war more than two years now and still counting.
Show me where Putin said he'll take Kiev in days.. Will you put your family on the line?.. You don't just talk anyhow... undecided

It's a US general that said Russia can take Kiev in days and that's the truth... If Russia intention at the beginning of the war was to take Kiev, that would've been the easiest thing to do.. In 2 days, they already surround Kiev at the beginning of the war, Russia intention was not to kill Ukraine but the West choose to use Ukraine as a proxy against Russia..
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Warns NATO Of World War III by Dream25: 8:33am On Mar 20

He seems to be the only one talking about it every week. Either that or he's talking about nuclear weapon. He's scared out of his mind.
Putin did not talk about it every week, Joe Biden talk about it more than Putin..

The West just like portraying Putin/Russia as evil because they control the media..
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Warns NATO Of World War III by Dream25: 8:32am On Mar 20

What is the offence of Ukraine a sovereign independent country to warrant an invasion from Putin and annexing their lands?
What's the offence of Serbia a sovereign independent country to warrant an invasion from US and it NATO allies?..

Is it because Serbia is a small and not so powerful country?.

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Politics / Re: Breaking News!!! See 4Th Largest Tribe In Nigeria!! by Dream25: 10:57pm On Mar 19
this guy na pure yoruba nothing you can tell me.
Wetin Yoruba do una?.. What's this obsession with Yoruba.. 🀷

Every regular visitor of politics section know ditari and his ijaw topics, so what's jealousy and obsession with Yoruba.. Wetin concern Yoruba with ijaw thread developer?.. undecided


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