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TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (Beware Of Spoilers) by Elder0001(m): 2:23pm On Apr 19
I haven't read ADWD, but I get what Gbola5 is saying. I never heard or read of Argon the conqueror riding
Vhagar or Meraxes, only Belerion.
Even when Rheagal and Viserion were without riders, she continually rode Drogon. Not even for curiosity did she ride any of the other two. Could it be like Gbola5 says that there is an unspoken bond between dragon and rider?
Jon is Rheagal's rider now. He clearly bonded to Jon. Would be hard seeing Deanerys or Jon exchanging dragons.
I don't know if a dragon rider can ride another dragon. I've not read that part of the book. But since Gbola5 said so, then it's golden

TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (Beware Of Spoilers) by Elder0001(m): 2:21pm On Apr 19

Yea!! Here she is. This is the slut I was talking about. Babe is the complete package. Beautiful + sexy.

You get eye abeg.

Imagine, just for a brief moment, this babe in Cersei's or Dany's regalia, looking at her dragons and commanding........ "Dracarys" .

I'm telling you bro, battlefields would be splattered in blood & cUm , both from mere mortals and the dragons..

You dream too much
TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (Beware Of Spoilers) by Elder0001(m): 2:08pm On Apr 19

Dany's beauty is overrated atimes, I agree. I over agree.

However, she's sexy. As in ffucking sexy. To me atleast, because she embodies certain traits my brain interprets as sexual appeal. But like I also said, most of it is majorly subject to the role she currently plays.

Sexiness is different from being just beautiful. There are extremely beautiful girls I encounter and everything stops at "ok she just fine", but no sexual attraction whatsoever.

I didn't say Dany is very very very beautiful. I said she's very sexy. Sexiness is an aura, an energy. The twitch of the lip, the flicker in the eyes, a level of confidence, self awareness and self assuredness & other subtle mannerisms etc..

That's why you'll hear we guys refer to some girls as Sexy "beasts" because it equals aura & emitted vibes more than it does beauty.

To buttress my point and summarize: " I'll totally fffuck Danerys Game-of-Thrones and say NO!! to Emilia Clarke..

She was named as one of the world’s most beautiful women in 2012

I’m referring to Emilia clarke
Celebrities / Re: Eedris Abdulkareem Reacts To Jaden Smith's Look Despite His Money by Elder0001(m): 1:43pm On Apr 19
Too much freedom isn't good for kids,

Too much exposure to media isn't any better for them.


Last time I checked anybody who’s above 18 is an adult . The young man is about 20-21 so why the kid talk?
TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (Beware Of Spoilers) by Elder0001(m): 1:27pm On Apr 19

No dragonrider can ride two dragons at once. Dany often contemplates who would ride her other dragons. Since she often rides Drogon, hence formed a bond with him/her she can't ride Rhaegal.

Daenerys can’t ride rheagal?

This is the most laughable and stupid assertion I’ve read on this thread

Cc brainiacX iamj vivkiz
TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (Beware Of Spoilers) by Elder0001(m): 2:35pm On Apr 18

She must be a wacko! Is she expecting the elephants to go suck the ocean and then use it against the fire from the dragons?

Lols. What exactly can an elephant do against a flying dragon?
Romance / Re: Why Poor Guys Leave Their Longtime Girlfriends When They Become Rich by Elder0001(m): 2:15pm On Apr 18

Lol. You always amuse me. Don't worry, I don't hate you.

Go fvck yourself .

I have no dealings with traditional misogynists.
Romance / Re: Why Poor Guys Leave Their Longtime Girlfriends When They Become Rich by Elder0001(m): 2:12pm On Apr 18
This is something a lot of my fellow women fail to grasp. Instead they become very bitter and fail to see why he ended leaving instead there is this mindset of “ he owes me”.
Excellent write up, bravo!

You’re one of the wisest females that ever graced nairaland ! Though , we don’t always agree but you’re right today .

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Romance / Re: Why Poor Guys Leave Their Longtime Girlfriends When They Become Rich by Elder0001(m): 2:02pm On Apr 18

A mentally parochial entity like you isn't in the best position to quantify others... I neither invalidate nor validate the IQ of the lady you quoted though, but she'll be doing herself a great disservice if she takes you serious.

This supposed hatred all came from the fact that I support feminism and I’ve rebuked you in the past for your semi- traditionalist and archaic views on male and female relationships.

The hate was becoming too much that’s why I stopped commenting on romance section since last year but it’s obvious you’re still in deep pains which resulted from the call outs .

An egoistic bastard who think he knows it all , foisting his archaic ,primitive and misogynistic thoughts not only on romance section but on the family section .


Politics / Re: Provide Evidence That You Defeated Me In Presidential Election – PMB To Atiku by Elder0001(m): 8:02am On Apr 18
See this dullard oh

In a sane country buhari isn’t qualified to be a cleaner in any well structured organization.

Dumb bastard taking his fellow dumbasses to next level

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TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (Beware Of Spoilers) by Elder0001(m): 8:01am On Apr 18
Back in 2003, GRRM said another dance of dragons is coming, the show haven't even been considered back then, the first "dance of dragons" happened between the blacks (Rhaenyra Targaryen) and the greens (Aegon II Targaryen), when asked recently about Jon snow's and Daenaerys's current relationship, he said three words "nothing lasts forever", since he foreshadowed a second dance, could the second dance be between Daenaerys and Jon snow, is it a coincidence that Jon snow would inherit a dragon named after his father Rhaegar which is a green dragon and Daenaerys already have a black dragon (drogon) bringing forth the theory of the second dance? Daenaerys may turn into the nights queen (which many theories point to) thereby starting the second dance with Jon snow making the greens victorious the second time(if he wins) or is this just a book theory because there's a guy named young Griffin in the books who is claiming to be Rhaegar's son but all theories points to him as a fake Targaryen with valyrian features, is the dance between Daenaerys and her fake nephew?

Which dragon is Jon going to inherit ? Na im papa get the dragon ? Lmao
Romance / Re: Why Poor Guys Leave Their Longtime Girlfriends When They Become Rich by Elder0001(m): 7:58am On Apr 18

Try to understand the point and don't be ready to pounce. Both parties need to keep developing themselves.

Compatibility is important in marriage, it bridges gaps. And as i said in another post, it doesn't mean that the couple won't be married forever, it would just help enhance the marriage better.

You’re the wisest female on this thread .

Replies devoid of sentiment and emotion, kudos .
Romance / Re: Why Poor Guys Leave Their Longtime Girlfriends When They Become Rich by Elder0001(m): 7:03am On Apr 18
This thread. LMAO grin
Showing everyone reasons why a lady shouldn't date nor stand by a broke man.
With 124 likes i.e people in agreement and counting.
And so many other comments from fellow men showing support grin

Continue looking for faults in women who stood by you when you were broke which you'll use as an excuse to dispose of them. (But it's this same naira land that a lady would be bashed and callled a golddigger if she refuses to date a broke man grin)
Very soon These ladies will learn never to stand at all.
LMAO cheesy

What a lovely day that would be.

Understand the post before spilling your usual bullshît.

While the man was busy building himself financially and otherwise ,what was the woman doing ?

While a man is building himself financially,the woman should also do same . That’s the point of the OP


Romance / Re: Why Poor Guys Leave Their Longtime Girlfriends When They Become Rich by Elder0001(m): 7:00am On Apr 18
I knew elder0001 was the same person as l0ol. Ive known this fact before but I just reconfirmed yesterday. he's also n0one, note their love for using zeros's in their names. I moda fuckin knew it! what a fuckn coward he is! I wonder how pocohantas/ antibrutus got mixed up with such a character. tueh!

You’re obviously sick . This hungry bastard male hiding under a female moniker to gain attention

Any account not bearing elder0000 or hanseel or fadedvoices isn’t me.
Romance / Re: Why Poor Guys Leave Their Longtime Girlfriends When They Become Rich by Elder0001(m): 11:24pm On Apr 17
ohhh my badcheesy.. No wonder u said God bless his soul.. Was tinkin abi uncle sege don kick...em u knowcheesy. As for ojb jezreel i dont really know much of his marital life but then maybe there was sumptin brewing between him and his wife before the loss of contact. Man no go jus blow then dump the wife that was dear to him in his broke days. Its either dat woman was giving him issues like cheating on him and insulting him when he was broke then as he starts making it he quickly ditches her.wich man go wan do away wit wetin dey giv am joy.

Your perceptions on everything posted on this site makes me believe you live in a village and have never travelled out of Nigeria to experience what life really is . You’re quite overly traditional and primitive /archaic in thoughts .

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TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (Beware Of Spoilers) by Elder0001(m): 8:58pm On Apr 17
Just saw the episodes... Two 1080p torrents I downloaded ended up not having sound....

Decent first episode, they decided to start the season devoid of Horror, eventually Denaerys will bend the Knee, and bend to the D.... It is obvious, unless the writers decide to leave Jon Snow as the Weener that sold his birthright for Dragon Lady Pu**y

You dream too much
TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (Beware Of Spoilers) by Elder0001(m): 3:39pm On Apr 17

The prophecy which the Red priestess were talking about.

Thousand of years ago, Azor Ahai defeated the darkness and ended the Long Night. He plunge his sword into the heart of his wife to birth the everlasting flaming sword (Lightbringer).

The prophecy from the witch of the woods says Azor Ahai will be reborn bringing with him the Lightbringer to defeat the darkness and end the Long Night.

The Long Night is here, where is Azor Ahai?

John snow is azor ahai
Crime / Re: Kenyan Man Takes Bullet For A Woman On His Chest by Elder0001(m): 11:49am On Apr 17

Any man who cannot lay down his life for the one he loves or protect is not worthy to be called a man. The name 'man' is honor.


You’re becoming more stupid with each post on nairaland


TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (Beware Of Spoilers) by Elder0001(m): 11:02am On Apr 17

He was a coward when he was campaign manager for Jon Snow in the Night's watch. He has already killed a WW and broken his vows by laying it on Gilly. Give the guy some credit.

In other news, in a pre-season interview, Jerome Flynn (the Bronn actor) hinted we may not like Bronn, as we do now, before season's end. What's the chance he's gonna carry out the mission Cersei gave him?


TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (Beware Of Spoilers) by Elder0001(m): 9:02am On Apr 17

I don’t think the movies has made mention of House Dayne so you might be right.

But I think the prophecy of Azor Ahai has been fulfilled already and we didn’t know it or we didn’t think to that direction.

Wtf is azor ahai on the movie ?

I’m not a fan of the books
TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (Beware Of Spoilers) by Elder0001(m): 9:01am On Apr 17
The Lannister brothers can't just abandon Cercei like that. I see betrayal coming from Jamie and Tyrion.

Battle of leader between Jon and Any. The love will blow away so quick. Sam will make sure she does not rule as a revenge to what she did to his fathet and brother.

One more dragon to die.

There’s nothing Sam coward can do as per who ascends the throne .

Betrayal from Tyrion or Jamie- bullshît thought

One more dragon to die - maybe
TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (Beware Of Spoilers) by Elder0001(m): 12:20am On Apr 17
Easter Monday 9pm.

Una dun try...about 15pages just from one episode and still counting. My best quote from this episode is the "stay back! he has blue eyes scene " mehn I felt chills when I saw poor Ned umber. The sign the night king put up is his sigil. It is a sign that all things come to an end...a spiral which takes the shape of a cycle.

Til episode 2 then...Jaime has to prove himself before the council, the NK will reach winter fell though after tormund and beric...beric will die in this next episode. death truly is the real enemy..

Valar Morghulis

When is Easter Monday? Monday next week I guess
Romance / Re: Your Thoughts...... by Elder0001(m): 11:41pm On Apr 16

Must you then proceed to judge her if you can't think of something matured and sensible to say, do you even have any idea the kind of courage our femalefolks put on sometimes just to survive in this crashed, failing and fallen so-called country ? Can you stay on your legs during dark hours, waiting in the dead cold of the night, hoping someone Hot would stop to patronize you as they speed by in vehicles of different motives, among which are sick perverts, evil ritualists and plain old psychos, have you ever sat down to contemplate the degree of courage a man needs to go through such risk to survive, muchless of women (not implying them to be weaker gender). I know of a friend who had to go confront her younger sister's employer back in the days, for sexually harassing her in slight and wiles, demanding she gives in or else she will lose her job. I am not justifying what he did was okay because she eventually left after his brother (my friend) put up the fight, but is it right ?

You see, I can make this all as the bi-products of our clinging to religion, analyzing how Abrahamic religions have destroyed and keep ruining our society, but I am not going to delve into all that, but ask your self as the Christian or Muslim converts you are, that is it right ? Is it moral, I as neither a Christian nor Muslim have often pondered what can I do as a CEO or boss, if I found myself to be sexually attracted to some of my female employees, do I give in to their voluptuous appeal ? Would I man up and overlook it, but what if there are some unduly throwing themselves at me after work hours or negligibly during work time/sessions, all this and more I have thought about and I came to the conclusion of what I will do but that's not the matter of the subject here.

Tell her, it's unfortunate those kind of agencies available in the western world don't exist here and the one's that are aren't serious, so she should rule out the options of reporting him for breach of ethics and all that (hell, it's already too late), here is what she can do, she should try continue play along as usual until she can get a video record of him doing her and threaten to use it against him as leverage to keep her job while she saves up, but that can be only effective if he's a married man who will do anything to avert the dissolution of the married life he keeps painting to the world his and her wife's family revolve in. And, hell of a job you got to do in convincing her to believe she need not no astute experience before she can go into business, there a lots of business ventures and merchandising she can go into, all she need do is meet sound and experience people like you who can connect her to those who can help in the business world, hell I can give several suggestions at the top of my head wherein many lady thrives at independently.

It is not easy for many struggling guys in this hellish pit hole called Nigeria, to now think of those guys and men who has made it whether legit or illegit to prey on those poor females on the basis of their condition, woe onto them, I am aware a lot of men do it here in many many forms from hitting them at the universities to waiting for them during NYSC, I.T. and work place. F'ck you all silly Christians and Muslims negro converts using Abrahamic religions to appear pious and moral.

What Gal Dadot (Wonder Woman) demanded of that top executive in RatPac Inc. would be child's play if only as I fervently wish our society was still culturally and traditionally grounded like we have it in other West African countries, where the Gods of the lands will admonish you in an instant for something as little as smacking someone's wife during work because you are much closer to the local government chairman who grant and deny employment.

You’re in a fantasy filled dream .
Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Thread by Elder0001(m): 11:03pm On Apr 16
Watched the Bernie Sanders Fox News town hall in Bethlehem, Pa., on Monday evening.

Very good night from Bernie Sanders...

Performed way better than I had expected...

Apart from his age, there was lots of positives from him last night...

His responses were solid from Taxes to Immigration including Healthcare...

Even the Fox News Town Hall audience mostly Republicans acknowledged support for his Single Payer Health Care System...

Wonder when Donald J Trump will release his last 10 years tax return plus have either an MSNBC Town Hall OR CNN Town Hall...

That would definitely help his ratings among Democrats & Independents which is currently in the low 40's...

Shut up.

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Romance / Re: Your Thoughts...... by Elder0001(m): 11:01pm On Apr 16
Miss raine this is about you not any random folk .
TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (Beware Of Spoilers) by Elder0001(m): 11:00pm On Apr 16
When is the next episode going to be aired?

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