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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 8:00am On May 05

Rejection letters; yet according to you, there were no ADs issued. Rejection letters to who?
Sorry, cancelled appointment not rejection letter
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 11:14pm On May 04
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 10:04pm On May 04
Like play like play, I am sinking into depression unto this journey.

Hey God! I don try biko, all the sleepless nights applying to various schools

Sending multiple DHL parcels, VI office sabi me that year.

Saving for block account for years.

Reading ALL Germany threads on Nairaland from page 1 to the end

Plenty of youtube videos here and there of Germany and my University of Choice.

Late-night dates with Duolingo learning the German language. I can speak a little already lol

Paying first and second-semester fees

I even cut women off from my life lol, celibate for two years.

9months after, I still dey wait for an appointment to prove myself worthy to study.

Nna ehn, it is well

You know very well, that you are not a student, very few people really know ur motive here..
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 10:02pm On May 04
Can I give you the clue to stop these exploitation. Media .. media has power.... If you someone in punch and also social media that can publish an article stating "how german embassy is exploiting Nigeria"....;before you know it .. I swell they will do some changes... They hate to hear such published in news I swell.... Try it and see how it works

I said this severally when the embassy sent their rejection letter in April, alot of students were willing to use media to write articles ,.
I personally wrote and posted with sahara reporters.
@odogwuekeke was busy posting fake AD giving people hope and telling them it won't work.
We forget things easily, people are still hoping on October without being realistic.
They will assume I am being pessimistic,
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 8:35pm On May 02
Nobody in nigeria with the state of the nation at the moment will do it.
If category B students don't do something about this appointment denial.
Note that they are quotas for privileged people in this country including senators children , governors children who might not have graduated with first class. These are few cat B , you hear of. And they don't have anything doing here. Thats why we don't hear about them.
Anybody telling you that you will get appointment in category B , is deceiving you...
Alot are still ignorant of this, October will tell..
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 6:30pm On Apr 30
Go check the updated checklist, they included an updated semester enrollment certificate.
It was not on the checklist last year.

So you went back to check the checklist again....
Something i checked last,, lastyear..
Just curious
What will make you ,go back to check that thing again..

I stated facts , check my previous posts brothers...

Odogwuekeke and nellystrong7 are not students.

They keep posting fake testimonies for category B,
By October some of you will understand why they are here...
Whenever people doubt cat B getting AD, they will rush and go and use fake profile to write they got visa in category B, two secs they will disappear again...

Deception is not good

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 10:56am On Apr 29

Lol...actually want to to shake this table small

That boy works at the embassy
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 7:05pm On Apr 26
Its quite funny people still register for this category B...
Or are they some new development we have not heard..
Some of us already have 5 rejections from previous semester..
And people are legit looking for admission and registering appointments in category B

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 7:12pm On Apr 24
A lot of appointment dates in may for CAT B.

Na to dey read interview transcript sure pass now.
You have been here from day 1, of the visa denial ..
Yet you keep giving people false hope .
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 10:30pm On Apr 11
It cannot be clearer than this.

@Emman2903 I don't know why you are sending emails to everyone. What are you hoping to achieve?
Accusing people that have been on this journey before you graduated from Uni is just below the belt.

Again, I will say it. CAT B dey get dates, it's not just as much plus, not everyone going to Germany is on Nairaland.

If only you understand that it has nothing to do with you ,
Rather the embassy,. But you want to fill this forum with unnecessary stuffs so that the motive will not be clear,.

You first sent me a mail , I don't know why you did that .,
If you claim I was the one sending emails,
Still no problem,.
But please don't deviate the issue...

This is exactly the method that was used to disorganise
"Education is not tourism ", protest .
Some claimed they were offended and started insulting each other onthe forum at the end it all went dead..

Brother and sisters please speak on, after a time , the ones who are interested inthe protest , we will give space for the rest...
@odugwuekeke accept my apologies, I am more interested inthe embassy than you. Your main aim is to make sure no protest works...
But I am not scared to call all of you out,
With nellystrong7, and your colleagues,.
Stop giving people false hope,
Countries that give cat B, appointment , go to their website and see how it is done...

I have organised several protest inthe past and I know what people like you are sent to do ..
But you didn't recognise it is a national issue, not just about you doing your job.
We are graduates and the embassy needs to acknowledge that , we are not desperate migrants ,
The rejection letter from the embassy says it all, no form of apology.
It will be sad to still have people receive rejection letter by October. And we don't do anything and it has occurred 5 consecutive times and will continue to be a system,
This issue started before the corona virus , for those hoping it will get better after the pandemic ,
The Germans have to choose who they want intheir country , but they should stop giving us mialeading information, after claiming appointment was booked out,, cat A, is still receiving appointment uphill today .


Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 9:09pm On Apr 11
Please for the ones speaking up against the treatment of the embassy on students, I encourage you all to continue,.
For the rest diverting the conversation, continue .
This was exactly how the "education is not tourism ", was disorganised in nigeria.,
The same set of people have come again talking rubbish...
It can never change the motive of the conversation ,,
The treatment of the embassy on Nigerians student is highly unprofessional,
Germany have made several cases of deporting third world countries ,
Thats their country, and their choice ...
But denying category B interview , 5 consecutive times ,
And informing them only when school has resumed is totally wrong...

And some people are here, diverting the conversation...

Please brothers and sisters , we need to unite , voice out our disagreement with the embassy,
Then plan on how we would table our matter...

One person does not represent Nigerian students, we have to speak up in unity....

Don't get carried away or discouraged by the ones diverting the conversation, always skip their comments
Lets do this for posterity, others are coming after us..
If people before us have done it..
We would all have gotten visa by now ..

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 2:05pm On Apr 11

It is troubling.

Lets keep Sentiments apart,
Ftomilola and pseudonomer i apologies for how I reacted to your comments.
Pseudonomer you are a staff, you have been here before us , was expecting some form of guide from you guys.
Rather its Misleading info,
You guys entertain students every april and September complaining how their long plans of studies ,
Writing applications,
Learning German language , moving from post office to post office, nights of unending applications searching for schools to apply , paying fees both to school and uniassist,
Walking around calling family for blocked account funds ,
At the end this embassy knowing fully well that they won't grant these students interview not even visa ,
Wont tell them on time to stop applying, they keep the information till the dying minute ,
Informing students resuming April on March, and students resuming October on sept that there is no space for them.
If only you can put yourself in our shoes,
From semester to semester, some have been here for upto 2yrs ..
All you people do is to post fake testimonies and appointments, to convince them that cat B, are getting appointment...
I stop here...
I apologise for any harsh words I might have used
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 11:31am On Apr 11

I stand to be corrected though.... One of my coursemate is from Ghana and applied under cat B. He has been in Germany since December last year. Infact wen we spoke and I told him what the situation is like here in Nigeria, he was shocked. Except if the clause "catB should not apply was just recently added to Ghanaian website" like u said, I wouldn't know.

In his own case, during his visa processing after interview, the embassy called his office boss to confirm his recommendation letter, his boss said he doesn't know him. The embassy reached out to him and asked him to submit a police report. He did and still got the visa.

It's strange but we have to admit, things are different here. But it's well

If only the students can unite, and question the actions of the consulate as graduates,
We are not illiterates or hoodlums or street thugs,
We protest as learned people without insult or disregard to the consulate,
Let them see reason with us and address their current booking systems,.
Countries unite for common good, indians did it,
We are 24 in my class , indians are 15, I am the only Nigerian, 2 are germans the rest are from America, I am the only one ,that is not in class..

But some staffs here on nairaland feel they are doing their job, by preventing any form of protest ,
Posting fake news , misinforming students, posting fake testimonies ,
Education is not tourism was done worldwide , indians did it and it worked for them, Nigerians did it too,
But their forum was on nairaland,
Alot of people came to the forum, some were posting rubbish, the rest were discouraging them, Misleading them with fake informations so that it won't work.

At the end it still did not work..
And we are still were we are , any form of protest will be disorganised and 2yrs from now, Nigerian category B , will still be telling same story..
Its not fair !!!!!!


Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 8:18am On Apr 11
Guys!!! be careful of how you dish out your emails here. I am told some embassy staffs are on here.

And if you are a staff reading this, just do your job. angry

Na new account so nothing do me.

You know very well you are a staff, you and nellystrong7 .
But you people think you are doing your job,
At the detriment of the youths of your country.
Just to make sure they don't protest, you guys started
Pasting fake testimony, giving them false hope so at the end you tell them it have been cancelled.
Nobody is planning any protest against anybody. We want the embassy to tell category b to stop applying instead of wasting their time.

Indians were the first country that did " education is not tourism " protest and today things are better for them. But ours is different.
Selfish interest everywhere.
You think you are doing your job, you are simply sell outs

Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 9:54pm On Apr 10
I am not hiding any detail, and I am not been shady.

I have a first class from 2017, thus the reason for the ‘sort of’..... I got admission as at when the requirement changed to 2018. So I started classes online. I’ve taken a lot of courses with at least grade of 2.5. Now, I have a research agreement for my Thesis research.

Story for the gods ,
The first person to get first class, that never applied for category A, you waited for upto two semester before you realised that you are first class, and you are supposed to apply for category A.
Please note that I didn't abuse you oo.. so don't insult me ,you could have not answered the question than coming up with this your write up.,
But all I am saying , misinformation is deception,
Evil is evil , no matter what form it takes , all of you deceiving category B students with fake testimony, God will judge all of you.
Wether you work for the embassy or not .
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 11:18am On Apr 09
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 8:23pm On Apr 08
I am going for BSc.
My first booking was in Jan. 01, after 2week I re-booked & then cancelled again to re-book in Feb. 01 after my friend suggested I use May ending or June as resumption date.
I guess the mail I sent played a part too.
If U have funded, have your admission letter & have booked then U can write the embassy.
Ok oo
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 1:37pm On Apr 08

No need for all these false hope,
I had letter of presence too, which I mailed embassy severally, even my HOD , tagged me and mailed thesame letter to several emails of the embassy ,
Misleading people with these fake stories is not fair,
The earlier we accept the truth and work towards it , the better for us .
Any category B that got visa , obviously didn't go through the right channel . That is why most of them do not give testimony, so that people won't start asking them suspicious questions.
Any body that register for category B, as at now,
Is almost not very smart or intelligent.
You have yourself to blame if you get rejection letter by October.
You were asked to comment and make post on the Internet as graduates to air your issues to the embassy, hopefully things get better.
Everybody relaxed with hope you get appointment by October.
Its well.

You have said it all, nothing much to add..
If you are category B. Just go find another option or route , don't even near that registration portal to avoid wasting your data.

This is nigeria, the fact it is german embassy doesn't make it an exception.
Alot of category B got appointment, and we will never hear it , because they didn't go through the right path,
Anybody that is using them as hope, you are on your own.
Since we want to do it per head, no more common voice , by October make we know those e go favor.
If we continue to go to other countries for interview, very soon the world will know, and ban us completely.
No go pass, spoil road for others, e no good.

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 5:42pm On Apr 06
Good evening everyone. I'm so new and already frustrated with US applications and decided to go to Germany instead.

I already checked DAAD and found a school and course of study.

Please can someone with a good heart put all the pieces together for me cry?

I have been too familiar with the US process that gathering new information for another country will be difficult for me. But someone that already knows the process can put you through a step by step processes which will be so easy to understand.

1. Identify a school from DAAD.
2. Open a Uniasist account (Closed for maintenance till 15th April). I couldn't open an account.
3. Apply to a school. Submit all the necessary documents.

From here what is next.

I saw Health Insurance (Basic package for people below 30 and Plus package for people above 30). I'm above 30 and going for Undergrad. I want to study a different thing.

I already downloaded the Finitiba app from Playstore.

Can someone with a good heart put all the pieces together for me please.

If you pass through this stage, this is the next one, till I appear before them in the Embassy.

Please someone should help me out. I have not even opened a Uniasist account, i will wait until 15th. I saw they said application closes on 15th of July. That's 3 months from now. Its still a long time away. I can still make it.

Assist me bikonu
try and understand what category A and B mean first.
If you fall in category B , then check the next country, dont bother trying Germany to avoid further frustration .
If you are category A. You get help from there

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 2:05pm On Apr 06
And its four AL(admission letter)



Deggendorf Institute of Technology = INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING BSC

Deggendorf Institute of Technology = Energy Systems Engineering BSC

And still counting and no Appointment date

Quite unfortunate, and we just keep quiet ,
Nobody is retweeting, nobody is mailing blogs .
And yet some people think they will get AD by October .

We act very unreasonable, some are putting in prayer that is backed with no action.
All good .
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 11:01pm On Apr 05
Morale is low..
Every one dey lowkey
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 8:35pm On Apr 05

Let create a twitter account that will depict our voice, let tag people, talk to your friends and family let them help us retweet until it draw the attention of the Consulate..if we depend only on Facebook no one will hear us.

The hash tag is #germanstudentvisa2021,
This a forum for graduates, we keep silent like illiterates .
When October reaches , some people will come and blame either Nigerian government or students abroad. For not getting visa
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by Emman2903: 6:28pm On Apr 05
The first picture is what we have on the embassy website , stating that category B, students who fail to honour their interview due to the long wait period would be deleted from the system.

The second picture is mail from the embassy , when they cancelled the appointment. Stating that it was the procedure .

Never was it stated that category B students who never had interview would be deleted . the people doing this stuff are embassy staffs, who are frustrating us.the main heads are not aware,
Let's use social media to reach these people. The response here is demoralising . we are not challenging them, we are laying a complaint.

We are all graduates and let's stand up, stop being selfish, even if you are traveling to other countries , please our voices are needed


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