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Politics / Re: Outrage As Tinubu Says Labour Party’s ‘obidients’ Will Labour Till Death by Feggie3: 4:00pm On Jul 13
Serves them right! They'd always say obedient is better than sacrifice, so let's see them labour without sacrifice and they'll know what it means to be Sacrificial. Labourers are for low class, know your stance and join the winning team.
Politics / Re: Outrage As Tinubu Says Labour Party’s ‘obidients’ Will Labour Till Death by Feggie3: 3:56pm On Jul 13
Imagine what is coming out from a grandfather that is justling to be a father figure to all nation.

Imagine a responsible man like Peter dropping such utterances.
That means this man can truly order for the shooting of protesting citizens if he has such power!


Politics / Re: Kingsley Moghalu Endorses Peter Obi (Video) by Feggie3: 2:43pm On Jul 13
OPEN LETTER to all Nigerian Muslims:

Do you know that,

In the Southeast, there has never been any
- Muslim Governor *NEVER
- Muslim deputy Governor *NEVER
- Muslim Speaker of house of Reps *NEVER
- Muslim Deputy Speaker *NEVER
- Muslim Attorney General *NEVER
- Muslim Commissioner *NEVER
- Muslim Local government chairman *NEVER

since 1999 when democracy started till today.

Yet we Igbos are the ones championing all kinds of hate and propaganda against Muslim/Muslim ticket of Tinubu/Shettima but in our own region, we only vote Christian/Christian ticket, even when there are Igbo Muslims among us. We hate hate and ostracize them completely. Then you have the guts to say nobody should vote for Muslim/Muslim ticket?

Even Kaduna that is a core Muslim state has had Christian Governor and Christian deputy governor before since 1999, and Christians holding several major political posts across the North.

Nigerian Muslims wake up now and vote for Tinubu /Shettima for presidency 2023. Don't let Muslim haters blackmail you with lies. Defend your religion. Being a Muslim is not a crime.

Igbo Christian man from Nnewi, Anambra!
This boy my special prayer for you is for the frail Buhari to locate you and give you job. You have been joblessly roaming around this space for the past 7 years!


Politics / Re: A Christian With No PVC I Antichrist, The Biggest Holy Ghost Fire Is PVC, Get It by Feggie3: 10:32pm On Jul 12
Politics / Re: Shettima Down-Plays Restructuring, Suggests Good Governance Instead (2017) by Feggie3: 5:17pm On Jul 12
God if you love and have truly forgiving us please never give us APC again! Never!!

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Politics / Re: Pan Yoruba Group Afenifere Supports Peter Obi For President by Feggie3: 8:17am On Jul 12


TV/Movies / Re: Big Break Moment Africa Reality Show: 500 Students Auditioned In FCT For N30m by Feggie3: 9:43pm On Jul 11
See as everywhere dey echo. Come be like Big Brother Ngwa land!

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Support Group Hold Free Medical Outreach In Gombe State (Pictures) by Feggie3: 7:37pm On Jul 11
Today monday.
He should have taken this outreach to the south east if im get mind.
Charity begins at home.
The biggest fraud who hasnt apoken about tge sit at home and tge killings in tge south east.
You don't speak against IPOB openly, even your maid that serves you food may be Ipob! Ipob have been brainwashed that Nigeria cannot unite again. The only thing to kill every form of separatist agitation is integration and transparency. Give Obi 5 months he will handle it extremely well.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Support Group Hold Free Medical Outreach In Gombe State (Pictures) by Feggie3: 7:32pm On Jul 11

From ipob terrorist sponsors
which kind terrorist dey sponsor free medical care with group of doctors? Abeg Na these kind terrorists I dey find ooo
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Support Group Hold Free Medical Outreach In Gombe State (Pictures) by Feggie3: 6:23pm On Jul 11
Which kind love be this?
Abeg where Nigerian citizens see this money?

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi's Supporter Displays Gun, Threatens Whoever Votes Tinubu, Atiku by Feggie3: 6:57am On Jul 11

I'm sure you are one of the ones shouting Tinubu sent soldiers to Lekki toll gate to kill protesters. The man wasn't even in government then. But you were sure he ordered the shooting. They've accused your man of something similar now, you are groaning. Mofo
Tinubu is an unscrupulous glutton that can't mask his demonic love for money! His greed is as malignant as a Cancer! We all know how much he was loosing at the tollgate because of that barricade that he almost convulsed when he didn't receive the bank alerts! As the greatest beneficiary, he was ready to declare full blown war against the youths!!

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Politics / Re: Demola Adeleke: I Went Back To School When People Said I Had No WAEC Certificate by Feggie3: 6:18am On Jul 11
With the rate our politicians are linked with certificate scandals, these are a singular proofs that they don't rate education. Bunch of useless men!

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Politics / Re: 2023: Journalist Quits Job To Support Peter Obi’s Presidential Bid by Feggie3: 6:08am On Jul 11
Politics / Re: Peter Obi's Supporters Petitions To Ban Dissenting Voices Faulted by Feggie3: 5:39am On Jul 11
they have a plan,Obi have an evil agenda toward Nigeria.
How can people that says"biafra or death, no lefeledum no erection" will just turned to born again Nigerians. Something is really smelling.
Lol nothing is smelling. They believe Obi will do well in unifying the country as a proven administrator. There are two things driving the Biafra agitation. One is lack of progress and backwardness in Nigeria and secondly is the rumour that Fulanis is about to forcefully islamize them through the help of APC government which I still think today is still a rumour. But no easterner will believe it's a mere rumour!
Politics / Re: Muslim-Muslim Ticket: Spirit Of 1993 Is Upon Us Again, Tinubu Gives Reason by Feggie3: 5:26am On Jul 11
With this Muslim Muslim ticket of a thing, I think Tinubu is about to lose a supporter.

I've always been a fan of Tinubu, but with this recent happening, I'm about to be OBIDIENT. How on earth will Nigeria, a secular state be ruled by Muslim, both pres and vice pres?

E no make sense na undecided
You are welcome to the OBIdient family sir. One thing about Obi and Datti is that they are deeply thoughtful as humans, focused, innovative and purpose driven beings and not carried away by career politicians who are ready to hijack the government! Obi has said that there is nothing like career politician, that a every individual should have a career before assuming a political post so once you are done from serving the public best interest by giving your best as a technocrat you retire to your career!!
Politics / Re: Muslim-Muslim Ticket: Spirit Of 1993 Is Upon Us Again, Tinubu Gives Reason by Feggie3: 5:04am On Jul 11

My problem with this aged politicians is that they like quoting the past and dream of going back to the past whereas young innovative leaders are hustling to meet the up with the pace of western developed countries!!
Politics / Re: Peter Obi's Supporter Displays Gun, Threatens Whoever Votes Tinubu, Atiku by Feggie3: 5:01am On Jul 11

never knew your papa na ipob member, counter my point and stop crying and making noise at the same time

it is what it is illiterate people of Biafra
Hahaha!!! Tinubu is an Odua and a terrorist project that is why his northern and other southern supporters are jumping ship, very soon it's gonna reset back to ACN. That Yoruba tribalistic party!

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Politics / Re: Daniel Bwala Resigns From The APC by Feggie3: 4:57am On Jul 11

You guys are spelling Obedient wrongly, just rather use Obituary with the correct spelling. Internet president
I can see your brain has been halved as a result of chronic pussyeating! grin
Politics / Re: Daniel Bwala Resigns From The APC by Feggie3: 4:56am On Jul 11
Please Shut up, your naive mumurism will make people support the Islamic party.

Nonsense Obidient, must everything be about Peter Obi, more people are registering it is Peter Obi, person resign it must be because of Obi, no objectivity in your head?
PAINS!!!! WHY ARE YOU THIS VIOLENT? Chief Urchin? Shebi after you will say Obi's supporters are violent?
Politics / Re: Peter Obi's Supporter Displays Gun, Threatens Whoever Votes Tinubu, Atiku by Feggie3: 4:51am On Jul 11

prove me wrong if igbo youths are not dump in oyi river under his watch

counter me if Pityobi didn't make excuse for our youths decadence

what's propaganda about a candidate having fanaticism somewhat of threatening to kill other candidates members? if Pityobi is really important outside social media as you m0rons are claiming, why his supporters threatened electorates ahead of the election? they're threatened anybody that dont support the fool that talk before reasoning
You are talking arrant NONSENSE!! Yes it was your father that assisted him that day in killing the youths and dumping them in a river where you stood as an eye witness!!
The same criminal minded youths you claimed he is supporting are still the ones you claimed he is slaughtering.
Your likes and cronies are the violent ones masking as Peter Obi supporters just because of a penny that can't fetch you agbado and cassava for a full week!
By the way we need to trace this particular gun welding boy and hand him over to the police with immediate effect.

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Politics / Re: Two More (ex) Jagabandits Become Obidient by Feggie3: 4:32am On Jul 11
This is a singular proof that Tinubu will be an insensitive leader. The last thing he will do is to sacrifice his ambition just to listen to the plea of his masses!!

His cabals that pushed him to settle for this man shall bury Nigeria!


Politics / Re: Peter Obi's Supporter Displays Gun, Threatens Whoever Votes Tinubu, Atiku by Feggie3: 4:24am On Jul 11
I'm not surprise his candidate dumb igbo youths in oyi river through uc uwafor, imagine us entrusting our security in the hand of man that had never criticized his baby terrorist in East

imagine entrusting our social development in the hand of a man that make series of excused for youths that indulge in decadence, yahoo, ritual and drugs pusher, claiming they're doing that because there is no job or frustration. the same youths that get 2m, 4m, 6m from Yahoo but will rather buy cars, lodge in hotel, carry olosho, buy luxuries things for gf instead of investing among others
... Did you read this your writẹ́ up?

Just look at the way you are contradicting yourself?

If you still the learn propaganda, come make I teach you work

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Politics / Re: Busted: Tinubu To Pay Obi 200billion To Step Down by Feggie3: 9:21pm On Jul 10
Politics / Re: Ugwuanyi inspects burnt INEC office in Igbo-Eze North LGA, Meets With Resid by Feggie3: 8:32pm On Jul 10

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Politics / Re: Can Peter Obi Win Without The Votes Of Northwest And Northeast? by Feggie3: 8:12pm On Jul 10

Igbo are south east so forget about the attachment cos the list deltan indigenous person will rather join Yoruba as an alies than igbo
Yea of course you should have your perfect reasons. I find Yorubas more cool and easier to associate with. Going with them is a very beautiful thing to think of. I have seen some SS people who say they prefer to go with Igbos because they are industrious, ambitious and innovative.

But let me ask, is there anything like North North in Nigeria? Or anything like South South in all other countries all over the world? Can't you see the leadership of this country abinitio is quite divisive and dubious in nature?
Politics / Re: Can Peter Obi Win Without The Votes Of Northwest And Northeast? by Feggie3: 8:03pm On Jul 10

Easterners developed hatred to every tribes not the northerners alone.
I'm telling you out of experience
If you tell an easterner to shun Biafra, let us divide Nigeria into Southern Nigeria and Northern Nigeria, 65 percent of them may agree!!

Igbos don't hate Yorubas, I see theirs as rivalry and trust me the feeling is mutual. Healthy rivalry in education and progression could be acceptable, but I see both groups embracing their culture and tradition strongly respectively which does easily have a relationship with tribalism and ethnocentrism. I use to hear stuffs about Yorubas till I came to Lagos and I tend to love a few things about them.

Now if I am dealing with an Igbo I tend to be very careful with them by trying to do the right thing because they are quite vocal and can easily lash out at you without knowing there is a word called toxic.

Whereas if I am dealing with a Yoruba I also try to do the right thing because they are ready to wash your dirty linens behind your back.

In all, every individual have their good sides which I always try to focus on majorly irrespective of ethnicity.
Politics / Re: Can Peter Obi Win Without The Votes Of Northwest And Northeast? by Feggie3: 7:42pm On Jul 10

Ipob propagandists suddenly forgotten about their cannibal leader kanu.
Your eye will soon clear
If things are done orderly with sign of economic growth, fairness and justice and assurance of equity and most importantly security of lives and properties. Agitation for separation will die a natural death.

If you are a child from the east and growing up you learnt that these group committed a genocide on your soil murdering millions and that they expand by forceful conquering and their God has instructed them to kill you on first sight because your religion makes you an infidel, of course you will develop a natural phobia for them. These are the fundamental factors that makes an easterner never to be at ease with a northerner. I overcame this phobia as an educated adult. Though I still find them scary!
Politics / Re: Why I Didn’t Choose A Christian Running Mate – Tinubu by Feggie3: 6:37pm On Jul 10

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Christians Should Rise Up Now Or Face Persecution After 2023. by Feggie3: 6:30pm On Jul 10
Shettima is a bokoharam sponsor that has negotiated for their release times without number. It was Shettima that sponsored the kidnapping of Chibok girls to spite Jonathan. Shettima is radical islamic terrorist.


Politics / Re: Tinubu Just Insulted The Entire Northern Nigeria. by Feggie3: 4:53pm On Jul 10
Just coming from BBC Hausa!! The Northerners are weeping that they are tired of APC and PDP. They want Kwankwaso! I pity them shaa!!

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Politics / Re: Obi Lacks Physical And Fiscal Achievements , I Challenge Him To Debate-umahi by Feggie3: 2:21pm On Jul 10
Omoh! That Umahi Na wizard for infrastructure. So I heard though I never visited his State!!!

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