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Romance / Re: My Fiancee Dumped Me Because I Was Poor, Now She Wants Me Back by folajoseph(m): 10:24pm On Aug 17, 2015

So you're implying that a mistake as this isn't worth forgiving?
You never know.
Some guys might give it a thought. An individual is likely to yield to soothing words from a remorsful heart.
To err is human, to forgive is divine.
If he still had no money will she be remorseful or she's remorseful because he now has money....
Computers / Re: I Need To Install Windows On My Macbook by folajoseph(m): 6:57am On Aug 16, 2015
Ok thanks....
Romance / Re: Guys, Can You Do This For Your Lady (PHOTO)? by folajoseph(m): 8:58am On Aug 13, 2015

lyk ur own tongue tongue
Computers / I Need To Install Windows On My Macbook by folajoseph(m): 6:43am On Aug 13, 2015
Guys i need someone who can install windows on my new MacBook which I just bought yesterday, is there anyone here who has done this before? pls send me your number if u can do this, I need to get it done today/tomorrow, thanks.
Romance / Re: Guys, Can You Do This For Your Lady (PHOTO)? by folajoseph(m): 5:56am On Aug 13, 2015
its ok. at least my hand will rest tongue
grin see your big head...
Politics / Re: Nigerian States And What They Produce by folajoseph(m): 5:39am On Aug 13, 2015
TV/Movies / Re: One Film You Can Never Get Tired Of Watching? by folajoseph(m): 10:42pm On Aug 11, 2015

hey you!
Crime / Re: Man Narrates How His Ex Poured Hot Water On Him On (graphic Pics) by folajoseph(m): 1:31pm On Aug 10, 2015
Good God!!! This kain life...
TV/Movies / Re: One Film You Can Never Get Tired Of Watching? by folajoseph(m): 8:05am On Aug 10, 2015
I can watch the movie Scarface over and over again, even though it was made in 1983, still happens to be my best movie ever!!!

Other movies are:

The Notebook
Godfather 1, 2, 3
TV/Movies / Re: One Film You Can Never Get Tired Of Watching? by folajoseph(m): 8:02am On Aug 10, 2015
Hmmm let me think
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Drop Ur Bb Pin Here And May Have A Date by folajoseph(m): 5:15pm On Aug 09, 2015
Politics / Re: Buhari Is Free To Appoint All His Cabinet From One Village – Pat Utomi by folajoseph(m): 1:11pm On Aug 07, 2015

The above is arrant nonsense with respect to contraption called Nigeria. You simply cannot eat your cake and have it. If this political scenario good for the zoo called Nigeria, let the dumbass fools remove the essence of federal character, quota system, sharing of resources and the idiotic slogan known as "One Nigeria". Most Nigerians have thought process of a goat.

And how has this moved Nigeria forward?
Politics / Re: Buhari Is Free To Appoint All His Cabinet From One Village – Pat Utomi by folajoseph(m): 1:05pm On Aug 07, 2015

This thing called "geographical zone" is just for political convenience. In reality, The SS and NC are just toooooooo diverse to be tagged as a people. Too many ethnic groups with very different cultures. As SS people, yes we share that boundary, love for marine, fish, and few other things BUT mehn, I don't see my Akwa-Ibom brothers in the least bit concerned about Kachikwu's appointment. We are not happy and we are not sad, jealous, or whatever. We are just indifferent. Most of you really need to get of NL and social media for a while and visit places to learn more about other groups besides yours. This is why I am a strong advocate pf the NYSC program. I learnt a lot up North you know.....

I'm loving your comments on this issue Ms, you have a good head on your shoulder.
Politics / Former COAS Minimah Says Elites Used Boko Haram for Selfish interest by folajoseph(m): 1:48pm On Aug 06, 2015
Few days after his sacked colleague, Alex Badeh, revealed that the military under their leadership lacked equipment, immediate past Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Kenneth Minimah is also talking about their inability to conquer Boko Haram. While giving his valedictory address at the Pulling-Out ceremony held in commemoration of his retirement from service in Abuja yesterday August 5th, Minimah said the elites used the insurgency to further their sectional, political and religious interest.

According to him,
“The insurgency snowballed into a graver dimension because these people exploited the security challenge to further sectional, religious and political interests. In the last decade, we have seen the extent to which people who harbour evil against their fellow co-patriots can go to inflict pain and death on innocent people. This is the time for us to rise in unison not only to condemn but to take actions against the activities of the Boko Haram terrorists and other criminal elements in order to foster peace and security in our society. Perhaps, if we had all stood against the terrorists at the outset through condemnation of their activities and active collaboration with the military to confront them, rather than use it as a tool to advance section, tribal, religious and political interests, we would not have been where we find ourselves today. We must therefore all unite and support our government and security forces to tackle the current security challenges.”he said
Romance / Re: Ten Truths Most Singles Don't Want To Hear. by folajoseph(m): 6:04pm On Aug 05, 2015
na me Nd folajoseph waka come

Romance / Re: Ten Truths Most Singles Don't Want To Hear. by folajoseph(m): 4:35pm On Aug 05, 2015

So you buy land finish you no build anything on top, Na only you waka come....

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Troops Clear Gwoza To Yemteke Road Of Roadside Mines And Ieds Photos by folajoseph(m): 8:36am On Aug 05, 2015
God bless the Nigerian Army for doing their best to keep us safe, your reward is on earth and also in heaven....
Politics / Re: Rare Picture Of Head Of State Maj.gen Aguiyi Ironsi In Kano by folajoseph(m): 3:19pm On Jul 24, 2015
The man that scatta nigeria with his brother chukwuma kaduna...no wonder the ibos are paying the price 2day

Many people never seem to realize that!
Romance / Re: What's The Best Caption For This Photo Of Four Nigerian Youths In Bed? by folajoseph(m): 12:40am On Jul 24, 2015
Romance / Re: See What The Girl Am Asking Out Sent To Me ... by folajoseph(m): 11:40pm On Jul 22, 2015
If I had this kind of girl, would treat her right, wish a girl could say those thoughtful words to me right now!
Romance / Re: My Dilemma-can I Find Love Again Pt.2 by folajoseph(m): 11:43am On Jul 21, 2015
So while drinking I was thinking of all the good times we had together and it made me want to drink more because our relationship is finally over, I felt some kind of peace and disappointment at the same time.

I felt peace because she has been tormenting me with breakups for 4 years and I wanted out even though I Loved her.

I felt disappointed because I had wasted 4 years of my life with someone and I did not know where to go from there and me being a shy guy and all I didn't know how to go about finding another lady for a relationship so I drank a lot that night so a neighbor came to the bar where I was hanging out with her female friend and when she saw me she said Hi and introduced her friend, she came to meet her boyfriend and she left her friend on my table, so we got talking.

One thing led to the other and we decided to get a room where we slept together overnight and 2 or 3 times after then but later I didn't want to have anything to do with her again because of the hurt I still felt inside due to my breakup so I stopped picking her calls so unknown to me she was pregnant and I had travelled out of the country.

So when I came back I just received a call from her mum saying she's pregnant, I was like what!!! And the mum was just too annoying with her approach so I listened to her till she cut the call then I called back hours later to fix a meeting.

We met discussed the whole thing and i told them I will take care of the children but I can't marry the girl cos I don't Love her and I can't be trapped in such relationship for a lifetime (who does that)

Their mum after few months of delivering the kids started sleeping with different men, stealing from her workplace and disgracing herself everywhere so I banned her from seeing her kids for like 2 years, I gave her permission to go check her kids few months ago and guess what! She has not changed, so I think I don't want her around my kids, I know she's their mother but she's a bad influence on them as well.

By Gods grace today the kids live with their grand parents (my parents) and they attend one of the best schools in Lagos even at their Level, I'm still single and searching but I'm not desperate, just trusting the Lord for the right woman.
Romance / Re: My Dilemma-can I Find Love Again Pt.2 by folajoseph(m): 9:31am On Jul 21, 2015
I will, please give me a few more minutes
Romance / My Dilemma-can I Find Love Again Pt.2 by folajoseph(m): 9:28am On Jul 21, 2015

For all those who remember the topic with the above link, this is the part 2 of it, I want to thank you guys for reading my story, making comments and your prayers.

I want to use this medium to tell u guys that this incident happened almost 5 years ago and the kids are going to be 4 this month. Immediately after their birth I did a DNA test in 2 hospitals to be sure if I'm truly their father and the answer was in the affirmative.

(Story contn'd)

I was 25 years old then and the only person I could think of marrying was my x girlfriend (the Igbo lady) at the time she was the only one I could share my life with besides whenever she breaks up with me or whenever we make up, I sometimes want to date someone else but I find it impossible because I'm a one woman man.

So the last time we broke up I knew it was finally over so I decided to have a couple of drinks alone after work in a place not far from my house, so that was where someone introduced my clepto baby mama to me.

Story continues shortly, I'm at work....
Nairaland / General / Re: Your Ideologies Will Not Always Fit Your Life, Because Life Is Messy. by folajoseph(m): 9:02am On Jul 21, 2015
Ibsgal hi
Politics / Re: Probe Jonathan, Be Fair, PDP Tells Buhari by folajoseph(m): 6:35pm On Jul 20, 2015
Pig, did i say i will do something?
Bleep off kid
Politics / Re: Probe Jonathan, Be Fair, PDP Tells Buhari by folajoseph(m): 2:08pm On Jul 20, 2015
Probe Jonathan, then you must probe Obj,IBB and so on failure to do that then ..let me stop there for now.

Cockroach self dey talk, wetin u wan do if he probe Jonathan?Lol
Politics / Re: Boko Haram: Army Chief Renames Operation In Maiduguri by folajoseph(m): 1:33am On Jul 20, 2015

but i tell you the truth:
major burantashi is a failure.
be prepared.

Be prepared for what? U should start preparing for the wrath of God u pessimistic boko haram sympathizer, the guy has spent barely 6 days as COAS and u say this! Some Nigerians are just dull, if u quote me u will regret it I promise u....
Politics / Re: Marylin Ogar Redeployed To Borno Command Center by folajoseph(m): 1:10am On Jul 20, 2015
Mark my words this govt won't end well if it continues this way.

No one has ever made it on revenge mission.

LOVE conquers all?

For our madam, just resign because he will send his baboons after you to soak your blood

Tufiakwa. Fulani man?

Bitter to bone marrow.
You just spoke like a fool.....
Travel / Re: Lagos Shoprite Turns To A Tourist Centre by folajoseph(m): 10:43pm On Jul 17, 2015
[quote author=badaoyeyemi post=35976017].......FTC I dedicate this FTC to ma bro boscojugunu who introduced me to NL....egbon tanks...Nd to those monitoring spirit on Nairaland here monitoring ma movement..... fire fire fiiirrreeee[/

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Politics / Re: Abdullahi Gana Appointed As NSCDC Commandant By Buhari by folajoseph(m): 1:50pm On Jul 17, 2015
Biafra is not born out of politics, there was Biafra before the zoo sets in.

In the zoo there have been.

Kano Riot of 1956 Igbos target.

Kano Riot of 1958 Igbos targeted.

Maitatisine of the 1984.

Sharia Riot in North targeted.

Miss World Riot in North Igbos targeted.

US invasion of Iraq in North Igbos targeted.

US invasion of Afghanistan in North Igbos were killed.

Israel fight against Hamas, Igbos were killed.

Cartoon Riot Igbos were killed.

Election violence Igbos were killed.

Reinhard Bonke Crusade Riot igbos were killed.

Eclipse of the Moon Igbos were targeted.

Tell me what we have in common with uncircumcized philistine.

Igbos kids will score higher to gain admission in Nigeria but others will score low.

Igbos will die in Lagoon if they vote their choice in Lagos but others will walk free.

Imo and Abia States will use their oil to finace beggerly Osun and Ekiti States but Yorubass will carry placards insulting Igbos to leave Lagos.

May the blood of those that believe in one Nigeria be spilled in the altar of the fraud.

Is the genocide not enough?

You are just a certified fool.

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Family / Re: Girls Who Cohabited In The University Do Not Deserve Bride Price!!! by folajoseph(m): 9:43am On Jul 14, 2015




Dude I get your point, we are in no position to judge but let me share the story of my best friend with u briefly.

They started dating since secondary school, though she gained admission into the university first but my friend joined her a year after and he was living with her up till the day they graduated, they even live in the same area at home. If I should count the number of years they dated it's over 10 years, Eventually they didn't get married, though they are both married to different people today But I personally think it would give the lady some prestige if they don't cohabitate while in school to avoid stories that touch.
Romance / Re: The Day I Started Having The Fear Of Women by folajoseph(m): 2:28pm On Jul 10, 2015
I am baffled at nigerians o, u met a girl who loved you and was vulnerable you had sex with her, you didnt marry her, yet you are broadcasting that u had sex with her? babe got married has 2 kids and is happy yet you crying wolf here? whats your point really?

Upon all these epistle wey u write so, u no get point. Every other person could comprehend what was written except u hypocrite....

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