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Crime / Re: Busola Dakolo Gives Update On Her Rape Case Against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo by Gforce2015: 7:22pm On Jun 04
Busola Dakolo, wife of singer, Timi Dakolo, has
given an update on her r*pe case against
clergyman, Biodun Fatoyinbo.

Recall that in June 2019, she publicly accused
the clergyman of violently raping her when she
was a teenager and was worshipping in his
church in Kwara state. She filed a suit against
him but it was thrown out by the court.

In an update posted this afternoon on her
Instagram page, Busola shared a copy of the
letter she received from the police stating they
have completed investigations into the case and
have forwarded the case file to the Director of
Public Prosecution of the Federation (DPPP) for
legal advice and further necessary action.

She alleged the Ministry of Justice has since
received the case file for Fatoyinbo's
prosecution but has remained silent. She said
her team has sent a letter to the Ministry of
Justice over a month ago but no response yet.
Read the letter from the police sent to her and
her post below


It is obvious that this Hoelosho lady called Bussola is an attention-seeking person.
Who cares if any letter was given to you by the police authority.?..if you are not satisfied with the judgment, o go to the appellate court and seeker further redress instead of making noise through social media....
Education / Re: Lagos To Decide Reopening Of Schools In Two Weeks by Gforce2015: 6:13pm On Jun 04
COVID 419 scam.


Politics / Re: Obaseki Appoints Stewart Efe As New Communication Commissioner (Photo) by Gforce2015: 6:05pm On Jun 04
I like Obaseki. He is not going down without a fight like Ambode, a weakling...

Who.told you that Ambode is a weakling. The party structure didn't favour ambode. I don't know the party structure in Edo State...party structure is the determinant factor.
Not your bravery
Crime / Re: Man Beats Baby & Mother Because The Child Cries And Disturbs His Sleep (Video) by Gforce2015: 6:02pm On Jun 04
Some woman right activists will come and comment...
Just wait and see. You will hear, all men are rapists. Just add That it includes their fathers, uncle, brother, cousin, and other male siblings. They will not talk.

A lot of women are devil incarnate..it is high time we start avoiding them as a sore finger.
Fear women. When the devil wants to tempt Adam in the garden of even, it didn't go directly to Adam, he has to go through a woman...because some women and devil have the characters traits..

If all men are like me, a lot of women we beg men to marry them. but there are some men that are just like dogs.
Religion / Re: Churches & Mosques To Resume Services In Lagos As Sanwo-Olu Isues Guidelines by Gforce2015: 5:46pm On Jun 04
I thought we are done with these COVID 419 scams in this country.
Allow us to worship our God. We are not disturbing you for not eating the country dry...
Corona project in Nigeria is a scam.
Politics / Re: Certificate Forgery: Governor Obaseki Dragged To Court by Gforce2015: 3:15pm On Jun 04
Same old script:
Sue for certificate forgery
Obtain ex-parte injunction to stop party primary
Use thugs to scatter venue of party primary

I know you are a lawyer. Lawyers are one of the problem of this country.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump: Why I Was Taken To White House Underground Bunker by Gforce2015: 2:04pm On Jun 04
God bless you, President Trump!!!!

Most of the simpletons above don't know when it comes to the security of president his movt is not his decision but that of his security team ...

Who told you they don't know?

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Health / Re: George Floyd Tested Positive For COVID-19 - Autopsy Shows by Gforce2015: 2:00pm On Jun 04
See Oyinbo using the death of innocent sow to play politcs. Do you know how many blacks are living with novel COVID 19 globally yet they are still alive.
They want to turn the case from being a murder to manslaughter. Rubbish! So that the white police guy that was indicted can have a soft landing
Politics / Re: Five Aspirants To Battle Obaseki For APC Ticket by Gforce2015: 8:49am On Jun 04
I don't even pray obaseki should come back for this second term as a governor
When you see ugly people like this obaseki, fear them because they can best be describe as a traitor and wicked human beings.
Can you imagine? Calling for the arrest of Oshimole, the person that you rode in his wing to become the governor.
I may not support all what oshimole has done but this doesn't deny the fact that nobody no obaseki in Edo state until when Oshimole used his incumbent power to back him up
Politics / Re: Edo Government Seeks Oshiomhole’s Arrest And Prosecution by Gforce2015: 11:36am On Jun 03
Obaseki is a true example of betrayal. I'm sure the present governor rode over the back of oshimole as a governor.
That's the reason you have to think very well before you take a major decision in your life.
Crime / Re: Nigerians Protest Against Rape, Demand Justice For Uwa & Other Victims (Photos) by Gforce2015: 3:54am On Jun 03

Ode... But you can ask stupid questions on public forums

kai dan iska ne
Politics / Re: Produce Your NYSC Certificate –Tribunal To Ewhrudjakpo by Gforce2015: 8:56pm On Jun 02
Bayelsa political leaders and forge certificates are equal to the same.
I served in Bayelsa state in one of their secondary schools. As a teacher, The school principal told me that I shouldn't fail any one of them oh. I told him about those who scored below 5%, he said I should add more marks to make it 40%.
Religion / Re: Churches, Mosques To Remain Closed In Lagos by Gforce2015: 6:55pm On Jun 02

Omo I trust our Lagos pastors once the restriction is finally lifted - na SIX offerings they go collect that first Sunday.

1. Thanksgiving offering.
2. "The return of the church" offering.
3. Coronavirus healing offering.
4. Lockdown lifting offering.
5. "Black lives matter" offering.
..and finally,
6. The normal offering dem dey collect every Sunday as per usual + Tithe.


Son of viper..

Why can't you open your own church.and.collect.such.money?/idiot

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Crime / Re: Nigerians Protest Against Rape, Demand Justice For Uwa & Other Victims (Photos) by Gforce2015: 6:52pm On Jun 02

Do you urinate?

Do you have sex?

How stupid can you be to ask me that question?

It was given as a last resort option for those who perpetrate the evil act of rate... So foe intellect, its clear but for slowpokes, they will ask me if i masturbate ...

Silence is the best answer for a FxxL like you.
Crime / Re: Pastor Emmanuel Bileya And Wife, Julianna Killed In Taraba State by Gforce2015: 6:49pm On Jun 02
# we can't breathe.
From the hand of FOOLani herdmen.
From.the hands of kidnappers
From.the hand of corrupt politicians
From.the hand.of clueless present governments
From.the scourge of.joblessness and poverty
From.the scourge of insecurity
Crime / Re: Nigerians Protest Against Rape, Demand Justice For Uwa & Other Victims (Photos) by Gforce2015: 1:26pm On Jun 02

Its senseless of any man to forcufully have canal knowledge of a woman... If youre so Hot, why not masturbate your way out? Im sure masturbation isnt a crime anywhere.

#BackToBusiness ... We are buying Bitcoin in bulk and bits

Do you masturbate?
Crime / Re: Nigerians Protest Against Rape, Demand Justice For Uwa & Other Victims (Photos) by Gforce2015: 1:25pm On Jun 02
Say no to no....

Naija ladies, I feel you.

Justice must be served
Travel / Re: Domestic Flights To Resume June 21, FG Orders 50% Passengers Reduction by Gforce2015: 9:15am On Jun 02


This will be a huge burden on the passenger...definately the flight price will increase double
Politics / Re: Edo APC Primary: Obaseki As A Student Can’t Set Rules For An Examination –Mayaki by Gforce2015: 9:12am On Jun 02


Let's see who will win. Two people can't be the governor of a state. Let's see how oshimole and Obaseki game will end.....

It's a lesson for everyone. Do crown your enemy because he will definitely use the position to hunt you down...

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Politics / Re: Court Stops Obaseki From Arresting Oshiomhole And Prosecuting Him by Gforce2015: 8:24am On Jun 02
Oshiomole and Obaseki fight are a very interesting you. I hope Obaseki wins this coming election if not, hmmmm

I see Obaseki porting to another political party
Politics / Re: Court Stops Obaseki From Arresting Oshiomhole And Prosecuting Him by Gforce2015: 8:22am On Jun 02


Edo state will boil die...non-indigene should stay away during the campaign and electioneering process. Politics is a dirty game...

Let the dirtiness continue...Babalawo and lawyers will. have more clients in Edo state this time around.
Crime / Re: Livinus Elem On Uwa Vera Uwaila's Rape And Death: Says "Good For Her" by Gforce2015: 8:18am On Jun 02
Men and rape cases are like 5and 6,

Remember you have male siblings...are they part of the 5 &6 rape cases?

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Crime / Re: Livinus Elem On Uwa Vera Uwaila's Rape And Death: Says "Good For Her" by Gforce2015: 8:13am On Jun 02
Wahala sitdon jeje he goes wake up..

I can assure the guy that the police will come for him and he will pay dearly for his comments..

Some people will just grab their keypad and be typing craps in the name of comments...
Deleting your Facebook account doesn't mean he wouldn't be traced.


Crime / Re: George Floyd: Mercedes Cars Damaged As Rioters Vandalise Showroom (video) by Gforce2015: 8:08am On Jun 02
I think it's high time the *"SHOOTING SHOULD START"

Yes. Shooting should start and kill one of your family members protesting against racism..
It is easy to comment and imagine evil thing when your family members will not involve in the tragedy but just imagine one of your family members is hit with a stray bullet and die....

Think before you comment.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: George Floyd Protests: Trump Deploys US Military In Washington by Gforce2015: 7:52am On Jun 02
Now I know Donald Trump is as clueless as our president... it's just unfortunate that the man is the president of America at this trying time..and it is an opportunity for the US enemy in a different country to infiltrate into this agitation if Donald Trump never stops all this nonsense attitude...
I thought the US could have these stages in their anal of politics but what I'm seeing here is nothing but a charade of wantonness...
The blacks in the US have mix deeper with the white and any attempt for the president to separate them will not go well with the image of the country.
A lot of blacks have helped the US to become what it is today, why all this racial discrimination and police officers brutality

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Sports / Re: Liverpool Squad Knelt In Honour Of George Floyd by Gforce2015: 4:28am On Jun 02
This picture really touched my soft spot ... let them free that police that killed that black guy..the police officer so far looks frustrated and depressed anytime soon his wife is gonna divorce him ..las ego commit suicide all will still end in tears for him

It is obvious that you can be easily tricked. Kneeling down is not the same thing as making racist a criminal offense as it is been done in Canada

You also said the police officer is frustrated and depressed..., just put one of your family members in the position of Late George Floyd, I know your comment will change.
Do you know what it is to choke someone's family member to death intentionally?...honestly, it takes the grace of God such family to forgive the person.
Justice must be served.
Don't get it twisted, I'm not moved by all these showmanship and eye-service shows of remorse. Let discrimination against racism be imputed in their laws. We want to see people go to jail due to racism.
Donald. Trump, made a sarcastic statement yesterday against black people, yesterday also there was police brutality against black.
This person doesn't mean what they are saying. It's just a trick.
Crime / Re: George Floyd: Mercedes Cars Damaged As Rioters Vandalise Showroom (video) by Gforce2015: 8:42pm On Jun 01
Now we can see that there are some things that are not peculiar to Naija alone...
I saw rioters hijack the protest, I thought the US is more mature than all this nonsense not knowing that the US crazy and Naija crazy are the same

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Politics / Re: Akeredolu Appoints 26-year-old Ngozi Ugochi-Igbo Make-up As Aide Causing Uproar by Gforce2015: 6:40pm On Jun 01

The Lady in context could have been same reward of thugs you alleged..

Gforce is back

Let all vagabond and fugitive generation of Cain go and hide their heads.
Politics / Re: Akeredolu Appoints 26-year-old Ngozi Ugochi-Igbo Make-up As Aide Causing Uproar by Gforce2015: 6:13pm On Jun 01

I can feel your frustration right here!

What can be worse than you being jobless for several years due to your inability to leave your cocoon in ogbomoso; but an Igbo damsel that just finished her NYSC just landed a juicy job in your backyard!

Please don't go and drink sniper o!!!

Gforce is back with full force.
I will not respond to your stupid comment because you and I are not in the same league.
Crime / Re: George Floyd's Death: Thousands Join UK Protest by Gforce2015: 10:21am On Jun 01
Germany, China, are the home of racism
Politics / Re: Akeredolu Appoints 26-year-old Ngozi Ugochi-Igbo Make-up As Aide Causing Uproar by Gforce2015: 10:19am On Jun 01

Election is here again, they have come with tribal politics... read the last part of the article..

SA of what? You have to specify. There are some governors that they use government appointment to reward their thugs....
SA of what? Let's be objective.

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Politics / Re: Akeredolu Appoints 26-year-old Ngozi Ugochi-Igbo Make-up As Aide Causing Uproar by Gforce2015: 8:17am On Jun 01

See, I fume against tribalism but I hate someone trying to be entitled to other people’s possession. I worked in the east for 2years and I have some experience there. See one Nigeria is easy if some igbos can also accommodate others the way other region are doing.

You are even going too far....Yeebo people can't accommodate their neighboring State talkless of other regions.

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