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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Stinks by Grayjoy: 4:39pm On Mar 05, 2020
Talk to her about her personal hygiene, talk to her with concern, don't be so blunt, being too blunt may make you feel bad at the end. I did it twice and felt bad about it at the end of the day.
Romance / Re: 2 Women In My Life, Which Should I Marry? by Grayjoy: 11:13pm On Jan 17, 2020
OP, you are talking about "like by family", ok. If I were you, I wouldn't consider marrying any of them since you can't make an outright choice between the two, if you can't find qualities in the lady you want to marry, that will make you leave other women and stick with her, then keep searching, but since you are not me, you will want to marry one of them, the Susan may not be bad, she have a whole lot learn, but she may be bad, she may like you but not enough to have your interest at heart, marrying someone without your interest at heart is a time bomb, it will surely blow you up. The ball still lies in your court, you know exactly what you want, go for it.


Politics / Re: Public Finance Bill: 10 Things You Should Know About It by Grayjoy: 11:05pm On Jan 14, 2020
Modified; Hope it doesn't make life tough for people the more, poverty on the streets is an eye sore.
Romance / Re: Help, How Do I Get Over A Failed Relationship by Grayjoy: 4:24pm On Jan 12, 2020
Women always become good servants of God after disappointment. (no offence intended, just thinking loud) [quote author=
Also pray for comfort from the holy spirit.

Romance / Re: Why Do Girls Love Hanging Out Or Been Around Gay Guys More Than Straight Guys? by Grayjoy: 3:40pm On Jan 12, 2020
Still trying hard to come to terms with your statement, you can get all these in straight guys, not all guys are sex mongers, some guys will kick your ass out of their crib if you come up with sex.
They're the best people to hangout with you share so many things including bra.....e.t.c mostly they tell you the hidden secret of men you don't no.....
Romance / Re: Should I Give Her A Second Chance? by Grayjoy: 10:08pm On Jan 11, 2020
The comments from these ladies baffles me alot, yet they are quick to tag men as scum. I like you OP, you sound like a man, truth and key idea is; if you can't know the truth from your partner unless you "dig", then the relationship is not worthwhile, someone you intend to marry shouldn't play games around you and her ex, all these girls and "my ex" are not worth any stress, setting a standard is not over reacting. But then it's still your game, the choice is solely yours to make.

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Romance / Re: How I Learnt My Lessons In Hard Way,men Are Generally Wicked.. by Grayjoy: 8:18pm On Jan 08, 2020
Slimj, In as much as I sympathize with you, you should still blame yourself for being naive, what makes you think that a guy that keeps calling you 6 times a day is madly in love with you, you are so blind to descern between obscession and love, you need to work on yourself and stop blaming men, I don't want to be too harsh on you, you probably lack vital qualities and not until you work on yourself, you will neither be able to attract good and sensible guys nor keep them. Nobody wants to settle with emotional or psychological liability.

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Romance / Re: I Confronted My Friend Because I'm Not Comfortable With Her Chatting My Boyfrnd by Grayjoy: 8:59pm On Dec 31, 2019
If you talk to your boyfriend and friend and they lack so much respect for you and continue that disrespective attitude, kick "love" out of your head quit your relationship with both of them.
Hi nairalanders, I need your help...
I confronted my friend because I'm not comfortable with her chatting with my boyfriend all the time, cuz I cry most times I go through their chats, I feel insecure.. Although I trust my man, but I don't trust some ladies..
So I told her to back off, then she said she would stop, that she would even do beyond... have i done the right thing.. should I tell my boyfriend to stop the chat with her? Cuz this is the third time I'm going to tell him...
Your advice please...

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Romance / Re: Experienced Guys' Advice Needed by Grayjoy: 8:51pm On Dec 31, 2019
First and foremost, desist from using "most naija babes" you haven't dated 20, even 20 is too small to make conclusions. I always marvel when I hear guys complaining about ladies gold digging them, it's an experience I will like to have, my advice is change your preference in women, probably change your chasing style.
Romance / Re: Marry Your Cousins If You Want To Have Deformed Children by Grayjoy: 8:41pm On Dec 20, 2019
I rarely read posts made by this moniker, I just scroll down without reading whenever a comment is made by the moniker and if it's a post, I simply ignore the post, although I may have made one or two comments on your posts before but I can't really remember. I read this one cause I was a bit preoccupied so I overscrolled and the moniker went up, after reading then I scrolled down only to behold this moniker, and that post made me understood what OP was trying to say.

You should read my writeups more. I wrote about this January last year:

 UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: Why Sex With Your Sister Makes Disabled Babies 


Romance / Re: Marry Your Cousins If You Want To Have Deformed Children by Grayjoy: 5:34pm On Dec 20, 2019
I must confess that I read something useful from this moniker for the first time.
In very simple terms:

Our genes are damaged from generation to generation.

And when we marry strangers the damage in our genes is covered/corrected by their genes because their own genes are damaged in places different from ours since we don't share the same gene pool.

Eg. My genes may contain an eye defect, meaning my child will be blind. But if I marry a stranger chances are her own genes have different defects (maybe she carries heart problems in her genes), so when we make a baby, her genes correct my genes' eye defect and our baby will be born with good eyes. While my genes will correct her own heart defects in hew genes so our baby will be born with a good heart.

That's why we must marry strangers not our siblings or close relatives because when we marry our siblings or close relatives that correcting of flaws in genes doesn't happen since our genes are all related and damaged in the same exact places hence babies born to incest will be deformed usually.

When humanity began in Eden our genes were perfect hence the origins of the human race are incestuous. (Brother slept with sister).
But as the generations have progressed wear and tear have damaged our genes and incest will lead to crazy deformities.
Romance / Re: So, Ladies How Will You Feel If A Guy Straight Up Asks You For A Fling by Grayjoy: 7:19pm On Dec 18, 2019
Didn't get the "anything" in this context, can you explain please?

U are ready to put up with anything?
Romance / Re: What Are Your Goals For Year 2020? by Grayjoy: 7:17pm On Dec 18, 2019
My goal is just to stay alive and live.
Romance / Re: So, Ladies How Will You Feel If A Guy Straight Up Asks You For A Fling by Grayjoy: 7:01pm On Dec 18, 2019
"The truth about who we are lies in our true lies" It will take me alot of work to successfully digest this line, you deserve a glass of my drink gentleman, seeing this for the first time in life seems it will make alot of sense.

You think it was being selfish? I do not think so.

It is the society we live in. We frown at the truth and embrace falsehood and lies . We are always scared to accept the truth. We live in denial.

The truth about who we are lies in our true lies.

We are humans. We have needs and wants.

I see a girl for the 1st time, we both like each other, I opened up to her, she turned me down, simply because she thinks the society will frown at it. But deep down, she is dying in silence because I never came back to toast her again, now she saw me with another girl and termed me heartless for not trying harder. This is akin to what I explained before. There is always a two option to getting sex( you might say what is sex, but the truth is virtually everyone indulges in it , married or not, let’s not be hypocritical here). Coming out to tell a girl you like that you would want to go down with her sexually, no strings attached. Or getting into a relationship with her to get the sex, the end point here is to achieve one thing, have sex with her. Which would you go for?

We must’ love everyone we come in contact with. Likewise, all relationships mustn’t lead to marriage. Some are just experimenting.
Romance / Re: So, Ladies How Will You Feel If A Guy Straight Up Asks You For A Fling by Grayjoy: 6:39pm On Dec 18, 2019
So sorry for your guy, sounds like what went down in "MX town" sometime this year, the more reason I always prefer ladies who have gone through it all.

She was 18 then. My guy was looking for a girl to marry. U know catch them young.
Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Explains The Role Of Islam In His Life After Beating Andy Ruiz In by Grayjoy: 3:07pm On Dec 10, 2019
The following on this hate-filled thread is large, am sure even the mod is enjoying the thread he find it so difficult to delete.
Politics / Re: ISWAP Kills 2 Nigerian Soldiers, 1 Policeman, Threatens Army In New Video by Grayjoy: 9:02am On Dec 10, 2019
I wasn't talking so I don't know why I will shut up, do you think bravery is all carrying guns and fighting? If bravery is all about carrying guns and fighting, why are we not applauding cultists for their bravery? They way these soldier guys terrorise citizens in the country is it a sign of bravery? I pity the innocent ones being slaughtered mercilessly sha, when you are talking about Al-queeda, did you ask yourself if they enter America to kidnap children and hold them captive? Do they terrorise American citizens just like boko haram does to Nigeria? Does the Al-queeda group border with America? Is the Al-queeda as primitive as the boko haram? Do you know anything about the Somalian terrorist called Mohammad Aidid? Did America wipe him out like it was their business? Keep living in the illusion of the bravery of your soldiers until you are caught inbetween a boko haram attack and your brave soldiers use you as a means to escape for their dear life. Am so sure you are one rat sitted somewhere down south who knows nothing about terrorism going on in the north but you think you know alot.
shut up,you wey brave,why dont you go there?as american forces wipe out al-queda abi,stop embarassing yourself.

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Politics / Re: ISWAP Kills 2 Nigerian Soldiers, 1 Policeman, Threatens Army In New Video by Grayjoy: 12:30am On Dec 10, 2019
Your soldiers are brave men? Have the Nigerian army ever gone war in the last few decades? Nothing is brave about these guys, it won't a week for a properly trained army of a sane nation to wipe them out, we should thank GOD we are not prone to international war.
Our soldiers are brave men Bro!

I bet you can’t face or withstand one tenth of what they face in the theatre of war.

So keep your tail in between your legs and hit the road!!!

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Politics / Re: ISWAP Kills 2 Nigerian Soldiers, 1 Policeman, Threatens Army In New Video by Grayjoy: 12:15am On Dec 10, 2019
Insecurity is so high in the country that every society has it's own security issues from boko haram to fulani herdsmen, kidnappers, deadly cultism, armed bandits, too many to mention and someone is talking about security personnels, who are they in the first place? What they do best is bully helpless and innocent citizens.

I couldnt have said it any better. They dont know. A sergeant I met long long time ago before even BH started, told me that if there was a mass insurrection, the country did not have the materials to face it
Politics / Re: ISWAP Kills 2 Nigerian Soldiers, 1 Policeman, Threatens Army In New Video by Grayjoy: 11:53pm On Dec 09, 2019
May God protect our Arm forces, for those of u thinking is a joke. Just imagine if this guys succeed in clearing our security agents, and begin to nationwide campaign , just imagine it
And you think you have security agents in Nigeria? Seems you are not aware of the level of insecurity in the country, what is preventing them from nationwide campaigne is that they are too primitive to carry out such a large attack.


Romance / Re: I Have Not Had Sex This Year..what About You? by Grayjoy: 9:41pm On Dec 08, 2019
Sometimes you should be able to smell sarcasm from a mile.

You mean you never had sex like ever?
Romance / Re: I Have Not Had Sex This Year..what About You? by Grayjoy: 9:45pm On Dec 07, 2019

are you actually serious? How old are u tho
how old am I? Turning thirty in few days time. Why asking?
Romance / Re: People Make Mouth A Lot. My Experience With A Guy. by Grayjoy: 8:17pm On Dec 07, 2019

People get mouth
you know someone from their actions not totally from what they say.
Romance / Re: People Make Mouth A Lot. My Experience With A Guy. by Grayjoy: 8:08pm On Dec 07, 2019

Yes o the man was abusing me that why didn't I call him when I was harrassed na so I call am baba dey shake for phone
lol, sounds funny sha.
Romance / Re: I Have Not Had Sex This Year..what About You? by Grayjoy: 7:53pm On Dec 07, 2019
So it's a crime for not having sex this year? What about people like us who haven't had all our lifetime? Are we not normal? Does having sex better your life?

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Romance / Re: People Make Mouth A Lot. My Experience With A Guy. by Grayjoy: 7:32pm On Dec 07, 2019
Certain things you see as bragging are not bragging the way you see it, although I was not there, what i know that idiots brag about alot is women, but then only idiots do that, why was the lawyer shaking? is he a real lawyer?

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Romance / Re: Help A Confused Brother by Grayjoy: 2:59pm On Dec 07, 2019
Thomas if this is you make i no catch u around my sis o

No talk say I no tell u bro
lol, but it's ok to see you around other people's sister abi?
Romance / Re: My Poor Communication Ability Is Killing My Relationship With Girls by Grayjoy: 2:39pm On Dec 07, 2019
While growing up, I hate it when someone is trying to make me talk, I hate it when people look at me, I came to realise later on that my self confidence was so low, but I never noticed it. Although am close to an introvert because my profession won't allow me to be a complete introvert, the possible solution is partially breaking out of my shell and improving the version that successfully got out of the shell, so you can be who you are, people should not twist and turn your personality solely because you want to please them, also improve your communication skills, communication is an essential ingredient in human co-existence, don't talk when you don't have anything sensible to say for the sake of talk, just learn to express yourself more frequently in a sensible and intresting way, my bro, enjoy your life while it lasts.


Romance / Re: ALAS; It Is Time To Let Go My Beautiful Girl Friend... by Grayjoy: 7:51pm On Dec 05, 2019
Welcome sir.

Thanks sir, this is edifying
Romance / Re: ALAS; It Is Time To Let Go My Beautiful Girl Friend... by Grayjoy: 5:27pm On Dec 05, 2019

No sir, I have not given up but everything revolves around "HOPE" which has been my therapy since 6 years ago and still counting...
6 years ago? I can see, you probably kicked off late, what you need now is not self-pity and hopelessness, if you can think which I percieve you can, then you can get there, you are still a young man, too young to give up on life, if you give up at this stage and you are alive in 50 years time, how will you live? the kind of acquaintances you keep matters alot, re-plan and re-dress your life, simple mistakes we make in life as young people is sticking with our class of human beings all through, changing your environment if you can may do alot just like a lady rightly said. Talking about your girl friend, you probably have a woman who believes in you, nothing is as refreshing as that but you can choose to shatter her hope am not here to advice on you that, I don't know if my girl friend will hang around in your kind of situation, am not thinking of checking that out either.


Romance / Re: An Advice For Every Lady On Nairaland by Grayjoy: 10:10pm On Dec 01, 2019
These days, everybody has an essay to write on marriage and love and unfortunately after reading, you will discover that your eyeballs absorbed unnecessary light while going through rubbish, between the male and female who often picks a partner that will better their lives? And he is thinking he posted something great.
Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Wants Me To by Grayjoy: 8:01pm On Nov 29, 2019
quit while seeking a better job? Will he pay your bills in the process? How much is pocket money by the way?

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