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Politics / Re: Ademola Adeleke And Deputy Are Christians But No Objections by Hedonini: 10:46pm On Jul 17
Nigerians and hypocrisy are 5 & 6

People like you are disgustingly stupid. Who is complaining about Muslim Muslim Kaduna, Bauchi, Kano, Sokoto, etc? Or are there no Christians in these states?

We are talking about ethno-religious balancing in a complex and volatile COUNTRY like Nigeria, yet fools like you are reducing the discourse to inanity by alluding to the ridiculous examples of mere states where locals have no issues with ethnic or religious fault lines.

You APC/Tinubu animals are beyond odious. Very foul and yamayama things. All of you.


Politics / Re: Tinubu Know What He Is Doing by Hedonini: 10:12am On Jul 17

PDP missed it when they didn't give their ticket to a Southerner. Their best bet would have been either Wike or Obi (I'm bias towards Wike).

In 2011, GEJ pulled a good stunts because he had the support of the entire South and a touch of NC. With that, any southern candidate could win... you necessary don't need the core northern states if you can unite the South and NC.

2023 is a bit tricky. The south is divided. SE is already with LP, SS has high chances of going with LP and SW will flip towards BAT.

Now, NC will be shared by maybe these three parties, giving the core North the edge of deciding who becomes this next president.

Side Note: States like Delta & Rivers have always delivered bloc votes in every presidential election to the PDP but I don't see that happening next year. In my state, LP is gaining massive momentum and even if PDP wins, the margin will be too small.

Following your own argument, evidence and logic, the only candidate guaranteed bloc votes from any single region is Peter Obi, since we all agree that the entire SE at least would vote for him.

We can't say the same for the incontinent BAT, because as Osun just proved, there are massive segments of the SW that wouldn't vote for the APC. Now coupled with the Muslim/Muslim ticket, lots of Yoruba Christians would rather vote someone else or withhold their vote. We're talking very significant numbers, so no bloc votes for the BAT, even in his home turf.

Again given the Atiku/Kwankwaso factor, coupled with Bat's alliance with many northern APC power brokers, and the seeming gravitation of Northern Christians towards Obi, we can all agree that there would be no bloc votes coming from the core North to anybody. Buhari is not on the ballot, and even then, the discredited and odious Buhari of today is not the Saint Buhari of 2011/2015 who had an almost messiah-like cult following in the core North. None of the current candidates can pull even half of the numbers that Buhari did back in the day.

So, given the picture I've just painted, it seems quite clear that only Obi can be said to have bloc votes of at least one whole region locked down. This shows that we're in for interesting times next year.
Politics / Re: INEC Declares PDP's Adeleke Winner Of Osun Governorship Election 2022 by Hedonini: 7:41am On Jul 17
Adeleke would defect to APC , a political party is a vechicle to access power.
What are you smoking? What exactly would he stand to gain by defecting to the APC?


Family / Re: How Much Do You Spend Daily As A Married Or Single Man by Hedonini: 8:48pm On Jul 16
Make we no just go there abeg.
Business / Re: Flutterwave Shuts Down Virtual Dollar Card Service by Hedonini: 7:37am On Jul 16
I'm surprised that there's no discussion of a working alternative on this thread. What's the next step? What are the alternatives?


Politics / Re: Hundeyin:Tinubu's Daughters Paid $2.1M & $2.45M For Apartments In New York by Hedonini: 9:27am On Jul 14
Where in the world are politician's children poor?
Which top politician's adult child does not at least own a property?
Do you havve an idea how rich Peter Obi's children are? Wasn't his present teenage daughter the owner of millions of dollars leaked by the Pandora papers?
If you like, don't hustle hard for your money. Keep blaming government for stealing your money as your excuse not to give your children a better life.

You sound very ret@rded.


Politics / Re: Dear Muslims, Since 1999 Southeast Governors Are All Christian/christian Ticket by Hedonini: 2:51pm On Jul 13
There's something about Islam that damages the brain and makes adherents fundamentally immune to common sense. Just imagine.

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Politics / Re: Muslim-Muslim Ticket: Northern Govs Greek gift to Tinubu - Babachir Lawal by Hedonini: 1:18am On Jul 13
Osibanjo would soon resign his APC membership and possibly even resign as Vice President in protest. Watch out.

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Politics / Re: Enough! Let's Take Our Country Back- Seun Akinbaloye Of Channels TV Speak(video) by Hedonini: 11:35pm On Jul 12
Seemingly impassioned speech, but same Channels TV and its money obsessed founder John Momoh were part of the unfortunate vermin of history who helped bring the Buhari plague upon us.

The good thing this time around is that Tinubu and his ill-gotten billions of dollars cannot occupy the media (social and traditional) space this time around like they did in 2014/2015. Let him deploy hundreds of bullion vans to hire thousands of inglorious bastards like they-who-must-not-be-named here on Nairaland, their grating noises would be drowned out by millions upon millions of ordinary people who can't entertain this nonsensical situation.

Since Tinubu can't control the media space and dictate the narrative like he did the last time to lead us into the quagmire in which we're now hopelessly languishing, we would see how he'll impose himself (which he nonetheless would) on us even if the heavens fall. But such a pyrrhic victory would end in unprecedented ignominy. Like Licinius Crassus, Tinubu would come to a disgraceful end, and he would be force-fed with molten gold in homage to his insatiable greed.


Politics / Re: Muslim-Muslim Ticket: Northern Govs Greek gift to Tinubu - Babachir Lawal by Hedonini: 10:26pm On Jul 12
An extraordinary event, an act of God, has to happen sooner than later to get rid of this useless old irritant who is intent on destroying the polity.


Politics / Re: ‘They Will Labour To Death’ — Tinubu Hits PDP, LP At APC Mega Rally In Osun by Hedonini: 8:48pm On Jul 12
The explicit mention of death should be interpreted as a direct threat on Peter Obi's life. Especially considering the old thief's propensity to eliminate opponents who stand in the way of his inordinate ambitions. The sad and yet inconclusive case of a certain Mr Williams (may God rest his soul) painfully comes to mind.

If anything happens to Peter Obi, we know which direction to look.

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Politics / Re: Anambra Has More Registered Voters Than Borno State, Stop Deceiving Tinubu. by Hedonini: 12:23pm On Jul 12
Only the Southeast would vote Atiku as they would rather vote anybody from the North than vote vote for any southerner that is of no Igbo extraction

So if it was a straight contest between Atiku and Muslim/Muslim Tinubu, the South South and Middle Belt would vote for Tinubu? I don't understand some of you.
Politics / Re: Anambra Has More Registered Voters Than Borno State, Stop Deceiving Tinubu. by Hedonini: 11:45am On Jul 12
and you think the people of the South will vote for Atiku, a northerner after Buhari's eight years rule? The mistake the PDP made was throwing the primary election open for all to contest.

Given a choice between Atiku and Tinubu, without the Obi candidacy, the entire South with the exception of the South West would have still reluctantly settled for Atiku because he is undoubtedly the lesser evil. Who wants a Tinubu anywhere near the presidency?


Politics / Re: Anambra Has More Registered Voters Than Borno State, Stop Deceiving Tinubu. by Hedonini: 10:02am On Jul 12
If Atiku had managed to retain the Atiku/Obi ticket for next year's election, it would have been an unprecedented landslide. He would have swept the votes nationwide except for only South West which would vote for that blind crooked BAT.


Politics / Re: Why A Muslim-muslim Ticket Is A Bad Idea- Deji Yesufu by Hedonini: 6:46pm On Jul 11
There's a voice recording of the Shettima of a thing denouncing Igbos in a conversation with Kunle Amosun. Has this audio been proven genuine or not? I can't believe such a serious matter isn't receiving mainstream attention. Why is it not on the front page?

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Politics / Re: 99% Of People In Kano Won't Vote For Peter Obi, As North Don't Like Him - Lamido by Hedonini: 6:23pm On Jul 11
Whenever the social media is downplayed or lampooned by political idiots and their agents in Nigeria, it shows us the deliberate weaponization of poverty and how it has destroyed Nigeria's liberal democracy.

Because social media users essentially represent the educated and exposed strata of society. Yet fools like seunmsg and other hirelings like 'it' strive to perpetuate the odious situation where herded votes of hungry and illiterate animals in remote regions of Nigeria serve as the basis for political power. This can't continue indefinitely. We will all be alive to see how it goes.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu In French Airport Admiring His $38 Million Falcon VP-CBT Private Jet by Hedonini: 6:39pm On Jul 08

Search for the owners on CAC website

Without prejudice to subsequent replies you're VERY STUPID for this your vexatious response. Bloody bastards, all of you on Tinubu's train.

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Politics / Re: Labour Party To Unveil Baba-Ahmed As Obi’s Running Mate - Vanguard by Hedonini: 6:33pm On Jul 07
A not-so-cautionary tale of two capitalists. One a genuine, self-made, street-enabled capitalist who experienced post-success epiphany and has since been driven by a seemingly genuine desire to reform society..... And the other, a government patronage-enabled 'businessman' (typical abokki route to wealth) with a veneer of urbane finish and cosmopolitan-reformist outlook.

It is not exactly a perfect combo, but it is obviously the best combo of the available options. Its like having to choose between the uncomfortable visit of awkward neighbours and a home invasion by armed terrorists.
Politics / Re: Adeleke Absent From Osun Governorship Candidate TV Debate by Hedonini: 11:18pm On Jul 06
We're also waiting for the mumbo jumbo spewing Emilokan drug addict to face Peter Obi and Atiku in a live, unfiltered and unedited televised interview. All candidates must stand, and camera angles must capture the front and the rear.... So that we would be sure.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING!!! Buhari Bans Alcohol Sale In Abuja, Orders Recreational Gardens To Cl by Hedonini: 10:05pm On Jul 06
Fake news!

I'm on my second heineken right now at AP Gudu. It's the parks that were asked to close not the sale of alcohol. I don't like Buhari but this one is not true. Haba!

The parks were asked to close how? Abeg explain, because I've not heard anything like that. Forget lounges, pubs, bars and hotels, Abuja would not be the same without its ubiquitous social gardens.

I need to know what you mean by the parks were asked to close. Which parks? Some specific ones or all of them? Even forcing them to close by 7pm is an abomination that can't happen.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING!!! Buhari Bans Alcohol Sale In Abuja, Orders Recreational Gardens To Cl by Hedonini: 8:12pm On Jul 06
This has to be the biggest joke I've ever heard in my life. Havoc would befall the bastard minister and his useless Islamic bastard commander in terrorism if this turns out to be true. But of course, it can't be. Dem no born their Fulani ancestors well. Smelly animals want to ruin Abuja for us. They have done so already, but can't be allowed to get any worse.


Celebrities / Re: OPM Pastor Lists Conditions For An Interested Lady To Marry Kenneth Aguba by Hedonini: 7:57pm On Jul 06
I don't understand. Is it the so-called OPM pastor that owns the Brabus the misfortubate actor is posing in front of?

This country is a joke for several reasons.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Air Force Jet "Accidentally" Bombs Kunkuna Village, Katsina by Hedonini: 7:49pm On Jul 06
When you hire and position abokki pilots in the name of nepotism and ethnocentrism, this is the kind of result you get.

They will gather some empty brained abokki idiots and give them lofty jobs... And then they will tell you that they are qualified because they attend(ed) on the job "trainings". In other words, just unfairly give them the job first even if they're natural retarrds with below par IQ... They will attend local and international 'training programmes' to qualify them for the job that their substandard brains can never muster the competence to properly execute.

Useless country.

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: Peter Obi's Supporters Are Cyber Bullies Of The Worst Order by Hedonini: 7:47pm On Jul 06
This guy is a shameless, unprincipled fool. Cut the grass low and the snakes would show.

Sad that these are the kinds of despicable, anywhere belle face mercenaries that Goodluck surrounded himself with that year.
Politics / Re: Anambra 2023: IPOB Vow To Work Against Victor Umeh Ask Him To Quit Politics by Hedonini: 6:07pm On Jul 04
Ekwunife is becoming desperate and panicky. I don't blame her.

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Politics / Re: 2023: Kwankwaso May Not Go Far. His Words Are Indecorous & Too Divisive by Hedonini: 6:48am On Jul 04
Who doesn't know that this smelly red cap wearing idiot is a bloody tribalist and Islamist? He is even worse than Buhari.

Peter Obi and his fans should drop the idea of collaborating with that thing politically under any kind of arrangement. He is bad news.

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Politics / Re: Is Peter Obi The Most Clever Thief In Nigeria? by Hedonini: 6:07pm On Jul 03
Peter Obi must be Nigeria's 'Teflon Don' variant because no dirt thrown at him seems to stick. Only makes fools look more foolish in their vain attempts to discredit him.


Travel / Re: Guys Smash Cars In Road Rage At Ajah (Video, Photos) by Hedonini: 5:24pm On Jul 03


Politics / Re: Senator Uche Ekwunife Chased Out Of INEC PVC Center By Crowds Of Anambra Youth by Hedonini: 8:12am On Jul 03
2023 will shock politicians to their marrow. If I had N100m to fund campaign, I would have bought LP senatorial ticket because on federal positions election day, too many people will be voting LP.

The presidency and national assembly will be given to Labour Party.

The current ticket holders wouldn't sell their tickets to you for any price because it is almost sure that they'll win.

If you have LP senatorial ticket in Anambra, then you don't need to spend anything on campaign. Just keep chorusing Obidence and it is game over.


Politics / Re: Senator Uche Ekwunife Chased Out Of INEC PVC Center By Crowds Of Anambra Youth by Hedonini: 8:07am On Jul 03
Victor Umeh don chop this senatorial seat clean, even without spending much. Riding the wave is the easiest way to uhuru.

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Politics / Re: Where Will Tinubu Get The Votes To Win 2023 by Hedonini: 6:40am On Jul 03

With the new electoral act he can't rig.Besides The North and Buhari will not rig for him.

Can you please take out time to explain to us the specific provisions of the new electoral law that prevents rigging?

Don't forget that rigging is a multidimensional and hydra headed monster that includes vote buying, voter intimidation (preventing voters from voting in rival strongholds), security agent collusion, and compromising INEC itself, and even compromising the judiciary to upturn fair election results etc. How does the new electoral law preclude all of this? It is not enough to keep shouting about the new electoral law without breaking things down to the specifics.

From the look of things, 'rigging' is the only plan of Tinubu and the APC. They simply can't win the presidential election if they leave it to the voters to decide, and they know it. But I'm afraid their rigging plan is practical politics and there is very little to stop them.

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