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Politics / Enugu Apc Members Demand Release Of Lp Assembly Candidate by Ikeczar(m): 7:23am On Jul 18
There was a show of solidarity at the weekend for the imprisoned presumed winner of the Enugu South Urban Constituency election in Enugu State, Bright Ngene, as members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) stormed the Nigerian Correctional Service to seek his release.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had declared Ngene, a Labour Party (LP) candidate, winner of the 2023 House of Assembly election in the area with over 5,000 votes and was sworn in.

His victory was, however, cut short following the nullification of results from eight polling booths by the Appeal Tribunal, which also ordered rerun in the affected booths. The nullification was based on the petition from the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the election, Sam Ngene.

INEC had on three occasions, fixed the rerun election and had failed on each occasion; a development that prompted Bright Ngene to insist that he should be declared winner since he still possessed the highest number of valid votes in the exercise.

Last month, however, an Enugu Magistrate, D.D Onwu, relied on a case that had allegedly been in court since 2017 to pronounce him guilty of stealing and mismanagement of funds belonging to his community, and thrown him into prison. Onwu had sentenced him to seven years.

Condemning how the trial was held, and the alleged state backing to it, the state Chairman of the APC in Enugu, Ugochukwu Agballah, stated that the party would do all in its power to secure justice for Ngene, ensuring his mandate is restored.

He stated that though Bright Ngene is not a member of the APC, they decided to show solidarity because “injustice to one is injustice to another,” alleging that his incarceration was due to his demand for his mandate.

Agballah stated that the party would not only appeal the judgment but would petition President Bola Tinubu on what he described as a “miscarriage of justice and attempt to force the candidate to abandon his mandate.

Agballah also stated that the party would resist any attempt by the INEC to conduct the rerun election for the constituency until Bright Ngene secures his freedom.

Meanwhile, while the state Chairman of the PDP, Augustine Nnamani, had earlier denied involvement of the party and state government in the matter, he explained: “It is the kinsmen of Bright Ngene that took him to court and prosecuted him for stealing”. Nnamani had asked those sympathetic about the matter to direct it to the community

Politics / Enugu State: APC Condemns Gov Mbah Demolition Drive In Enugu State by Ikeczar(m): 3:03pm On Jun 06

1. Good afternoon gentlemen and ladies of the press. As you are aware for one year we did not comment on the worrisome activities of the Peter Mbah’s government because as citizens of the state and major stakeholders in the Enugu project we want every government to succeed, as the success of every government irrespective of the party that brought it into office will be enjoyed by us all and generations unborn.

2. Another reason why we have not commented on the activities of the Peter Mbah led government is because we know the government is battling with a widely perceived sense of illegitimacy, because he is widely believed not to have won the legitimate votes cast even though he was declared by INEC and confirmed by the judicial authorities. So we did not want to heat up the system knowing that he may find it difficult to rule this state if we unleash the weapon of opposition against his obviously debilitated government.

3. The third reason was that under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, revenue allocation to all States and local government areas have increased exponentially to the extent that Enugu States monthly allocation have tripled making this present Mbah government the highest recipient of federal allocation since the creation of Enugu State. It is an empirical fact that from May 29th 2023 to May 29th 2024, Peter Mbah’s government has received not less than N 475,963,652,019 Billion Naira only. The breakdown is as follows; Federal allocation to the State is 147,778,456,610.09, Local Government Allocation: 64,185,195,409.01,Infrastructure allocation: 34,000,000,000,State IGR not less than: 60,000,000,000,Loans: 170,000,000,000. Making it a total of Four hundred and seventy five billion, Nine hundred and sixty three million, six hundred and fifty two thousand, and nineteen kobo.

4. We felt that we should not heat up the system because with the humongous allocation which is almost three times what the previous governments received we felt that any serious government with such a bumper revenue will surely succeed. With this revenue we expected that Gov. Peter Mbah should have built at least 2,500 kilometres of roads having covenanted in his manifesto that he will construct 10,000 kilometres of road in Enugu State within four years. 2,500 kilometres is 25% of the total road network he covenanted to build and one year is a quarter of his tenure of four years.

5. With this mind blowing funds we believed that Gov. Peter Mbah ought to have completed provision of water in Enugu city which he boasted he would complete in 180 days. With this unprecedented revenue we hoped that Peter Mbah would have at least built within this year his ill-conceived smart schools in 80 wards out of the 260 wards he covenanted to deliver in his manifesto within four years. It is also pertinent to note that the ill-conceived smart school projects is another avenue where the government of Peter Mbah is wasting billions of money to build one school per ward, whereas thousands of public schools are lying in ruins. Mbah is yet to construct any single public building in the state, yet he is busy destroying existing building and businesses constructed by individuals before he was born.

6. With this once in a lifetime revenue we felt Gov. Peter Mbah would have equipped our health institutions, built rural roads, and equipped the security agencies with the needed logistical support to secure Enugu State. There is no landmark project one can point at despite borrowing N 170 billion and increased federal allocation and IGR of N 305 billion, all totalling N 475 billion. We should also remember that when Mbah wrote his manifesto he didn’t know that revenue would triple due to fuel subsidy removal so he has no reason not to meet up with his much touted developmental plans as other states like Imo, Ebonyi and Abia states are currently doing.

7. We have always suspected that Peter Mbahs government was an unmitigated disaster but with recent developments it is now obvious to all the citizens of Enugu State.

8. However, we decided to make a press statement after one year to inform the general public that Peter Mbah’s government has failed woefully and should account to the state for the over 470 billion naira that he has collected in a year. Where is this money, where are the projects this money was used for? The state owe it as a duty to know what has happened to this humongous revenue and what it has been used for within one year of Gov. Peter Mbah’s bull in the chinaware government where his achievements is engaging in sophistry, casuistry and paralogism with intent to bamboozle the ignorant folks of Enugu State.

9. What is called “Tax” in Enugu state has become extortion of sorts under the present administration: ranging from land rent, property tax, cost of lifting a plot of land, sales tax, income tax, rates and levies. And the way government goes about collecting these taxes is brutal, including shutting down businesses that employ thousands of people.

10. However, a state of emergency that has made us to break our silence is the wanton, unbridled, callous and terrorist gestapo style destruction of private homes, private motor loading bays, over a hundred warehouses, a burgeoning industrial cluster of over 200 palm kernel processing plants, which is the biggest supplier of PKO in the entire Eastern Nigeria,10 chemical producing warehouses that were built in the fifties and sixties by the U.T.C, S.C.O.A, Chris Chemist, Maduka and Sons Ltd, Mgbemena Family and Farm Associates, Hogis Engineering Company, Dizzy Oil Co Ltd, FCMB bank, Ecobank, Onitsha south, Eastern Mass transit Co, Chisco Mass Transit, Romchi Mass Transit, Oha Community Microfinance Bank, over three hundred shops, completely destroying buildings and educational materials of Osisatech Polytechnic, the biggest and foremost Polytechnic in Enugu State despite the fact that the owner Rev Fr. Edeh got a court order stopping the demolition, the governor ignored the order as the bulldozers went ahead to level the school. The Red Cross building which houses almost a hundred motherless babies was pulled down while the babies were in the building with no alternative made for them. This sudden destruction led to the death of one baby who couldn’t survive the shock. It is only a heartless government that will pull down a building where the motherless babies were sleeping without providing an alternative habitation for them. It is alleged that not less than ten persons died during the destruction of peoples properties. Some weeks ago a decomposing body was exhumed from the debris. Only a vicious and soul-less government will destroy the training school of the civil engineering department of the Nigeria Railway Corporation, alongside ten three –bedroom flats that railway workers and some retirees were living that was built as far as 1940s. The workers of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) demonstrated and issued a seven day ultimatum to the state government to negotiate on how to replace its offices, workshops and quarters demolished or face legal action. They stated that over 21 billion Naira in property and equipment was lost by the railway alone in the demolition. It is good news to hear that the House of Representatives has ordered its Committee on Land Transport to commence investigation into the destruction and forceful takeover of properties belonging to the Nigerian Railway Corporation.

11. We would want Nigerians to note that what is going on is another land grab scheme characteristic of the ruling PDP Ebeano hegemony. This was the same tactics that was deployed by his predecessors in land grabbing the zoological parks and gardens which was destroyed in same manner and later parcellated to high ranking members of the Government, same tactics was used to take over the biggest golf course which land was grabbed and percellated to members of the government, same for Ikenga hotels, W.T.C Enugu, IMT Rectors Village, the land zoned for the building of Rangers stadium and even land meant for the conference centre which was initiated in the eighties by the Sampson Emeka Omeruah administration, this was the same tactics used to take over all ventilation and amusement parks and open spaces in Enugu city. These are heritage sites inherited from the Eastern regional government and belongs to all Igbos as Enugu wouldn’t have had all those iconic heritage sites if it was not a regional capital. This is the problem we have with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Enugu state right from time. The same PDP destroyed government reserved area. Enugu state governors past and present are the only governors that when in office they will forcefully take peoples land. It doesn’t happen in any other state in whole of South East. No investor will invest in a state where this kind of demolition takes place every so often. We still remember how Entraco was used in enriching government officials. All transport companies set up by the Federal, States and LGAs have all failed woefully. In Enugu we know how the resources of coal city shuttle, Entraco, Coal city taxi, were all failed government initiatives in transport that ended up enriching the government officials.

12. This is pure economic and ill-conceived hare brained project which is a product of a government with shallow intellect masquerading in yahoo sophistry which cannot stand intellectual inquisition, whose purpose simply is to control the resources that will accrue from the state controlled transportation system. The destroyed area was the recycling hub in Enugu. This place also houses private transport companies, Petrol stations, Shopping centres etc. if it is not terrorism, who destroys the oldest and biggest motherless baby’s home and orphanage in the entire South East, South-South Nigeria which is run by the Red Cross. The building is as old as Enugu town. If this is not a land grab scheme, tell me why the hub must be in the city centre, a place already congested. If this is not economic terrorism, tell me why the government will demolish the biggest private owned polytechnic in Enugu State, why the government destroyed over a hundred warehouses where almost 90% of goods valued at over one hundred billion that are sold in Ogbete are warehoused.

13. It is important to inform you that part of modern urban renewal fundamental principles is that whenever human, economic and living development catches up with a major market or transport hub, such markets and hubs are relocated to the outskirts of the city. It may be necessary to inform us all here that the present Main market was sited here by colonial authorities in 1929 because here was the outskirts of Enugu in those days. Even the New market was sited in 1975 to its present site which again was deliberately positioned at the entrance of the city, so it is obvious the current government is not genuine in its schemes and project. When the then government in 1975 wanted to pull down and rebuild the Main market they moved the traders to a relief market which is the present day New market. Enugu is already bursting with population explosion, and traffic congestion and urgently needs decongestion, which means that new projects should move to new areas or satellite towns. Like experts counselled, Enugu state government should have known that the focus of modern theory and practice of development is on the development of new satellite towns as a means of much needed urban decongestion, optimization of public utilities and ecological maximization. It is inconceivable for anybody to leverage on an over one hundred year old colonial city Enugu to implement a prototype of Dubai transportation blueprint. Enugu had the best master plan in Nigeria, but successive PDP governors have not re-evaluated the master plan but have continuously and consistently bastardized the master plan.

14. I have been an advocate of thoroughbreds with strong intellectual and moral standing elected into the office of the Governor of Enugu State. The people should not be elected on the basis of wealth acquisition especially when such acquisitions are questionable. Nowhere in the world do you carry out such projects without implementing the principles of (T.O.D) otherwise called Transit oriented development which is aimed at bringing all commercial activities, buildings, public space together and connecting them to a near excellent transit service to every part of the city. If the principles of T.O.D had been implemented the government would not even think of building the biggest transportation hub opposite the biggest market in the city. This will lead to congestion and a calamitous traffic bottleneck. The intellectual emptiness of the Peter Mbah led government is reflected in this ill-conceived project that seek to apishly imitate other landmark projects by other government and in this instant, the Lagos state government. The Lagos state government transport hubs are well thought out projects that conform to all the principles of Transit Oriented Development (T.O.D). How can you destroy entire markets at Ogige in Nsukka, Gariki and Abakpa markets without first providing relief markets? It is akin to sentencing the citizens to sudden death. How can siting a motor park and destruction of livelihood of the tens of thousands of your citizens be for the greater good? When has the business of parks become the business of government, in this modern time governments are running away from running transport companies, this government is planning to set up a transportation hub, is it his business? Transport hubs have been organized by private people since the end of civil war and they have been doing better than the ones government set up. The people of Enugu state must condemn these nefarious act and use constituted means to stop the perennial grabbing of peoples land by the present government.

15. We call on the House of Reps to invoke its powers to set up an administrative panel of inquiry to stop this land grabbing scheme and make sure commiserate compensation is paid to not only land owners of destroyed properties but also those whose businesses were destroyed. It is important that a national public inquiry be set by the House of reps to stop the impunity going on in Enugu and make sure that the governor is held responsible for desecrating the constitutional rights of the citizens to own property and carry on their lawful businesses. We also call on those whose businesses were destroyed to seek redress and make sure they get commensurate compensation for their destroyed businesses and we pledge to fully support them. Enugu citizens should not tolerate this show of unbridled dictatorship, impunity and wickedness.

16. The demolition of Holy Ghost/Railway/Okpara avenue axis, Gariki Market, Abakpa Market and Ogige Market in Nsukka had led to untold financial and psychological hardship on affected families, economic decline due to loss of revenue and jobs, deteriorating living conditions characterised by increased poverty, social unrest, increased crime and loss of goods and services.

17. Gov. Mbah must not demolish other planned areas, parks and market marked for demolition. Government must carry out cost benefit analysis before embarking on a destructive project, if indeed, it’s for the people.

18. We know that the state government will unleash its (social) media Rottweilers after every critical voice in the state but that will not deter us from speaking from time to time. Enugu state is bigger than any one individual.


The Hon Barr Ugochukwu H. Agballah
Chairman, APC Enugu State.

Politics / APC Enugu State Mourns Senator Ayogu Eze by Ikeczar(m): 5:30pm On Apr 26

We received the news of the tragic and sudden passing of Senator Ayogu Eze on April 25, 2024 with pain and intense sadness.

Senator Ayogu Eze was a major stakeholder of the APC Enugu state. He was a Journlist who worked with Newswatch Magazine and also represented Enugu North Senatorial District between 2007 to 2015, under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Senator Ayogu Eze was the governorship candidate of our party, APC, in Enugu State in 2019.

Until his demise Sen Ayogu Eze was the member representing Enugu State in the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission.

He was also a Special Adviser to the former gov of old Enugu State 1991-93, he also served as a member of Transition to Civil Rule Committee in 1999 and later was appointed Comm. for Commerce 1999-2007

Ayogu Eze was also pioneer Enugu state secretary of PDP.

APC Enugu state holds in reverence the nostalgic memory of Senator Ayogu Eze's legacy of service.

For the eight years he spent in the Senate, he was Chairman Senate committee on media and later on works. He was also a member of the Constitution Drafting and Amendment Committee that made some novel changes to Nigeria’s 1999 constitution.

We, members of APC Enugu State share with the immediate family the grief and intense distress of this irreparable loss, as we pray for the repose of his gentle soul in the bosom of the Lord.


The Hon Barr Ugochukwu H. Agballah,
Chairman APC Enugu State.

For and on behalf of APC, Enugu State.
26th April, 2024


Politics / Uramah Arrested For Setting Illegal Party Structure In Enugu State by Ikeczar(m): 12:38pm On Apr 17

On April 16th 2024 Mr Michael Urama aka High Chief Urama and one Tony Eze were arrested by the Nigerian police when they came to Nkologu ward Uzo-Uwani to set up ward executive for a group known as APC Gburus chapter which was allegedly for Fmr Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi who is a member of PDP and is not known to have declared for APC at his ward, LGA or State level. It is pertinent to note that the said Fmr Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi had sometime during Buhari’s govt intimated the then president that he was going to declare for APC and in the process started working closely with many APC leaders including but not limited to Ben Nwoye, AC Udeh, GNG Ggbazuagu, Ken Nnamani, Geoffrey Onyeama, Osita Okechukwu, Sullivan Chime, Eugene Odo, Ginika Tor, Okey Ogbodo, Flavour Eze, Baywood Ibe, Onyemauche Nnamani and a host of others. At a stage one couldn’t differentiate between APC and PDP members in Enugu state. To the extent that APC was openly campaigning for PDP candidates and publicly demarketing APC candidates. It was through this grand scheme that Ayogu Eze’s candidature was thoroughly rubbished. To the extent that some APC leaders were also appointing their children and nominees as commissioners, LGA chairmen. Ugwuanyi never declared for APC but ended up infiltrating and completely destabilizing APC that it became a laughing stock in Enugu state. Ugwuanyi found a willing tool in Ben Nwoye and Ken Nnamani the state chairman and then leader of the party in the state whom he thoroughly compromised. At the end Ugwuanyi never joined APC and this ploy of his will go same way as he may never join APC.

However Enugu APC is lucky to have a leader of the party in the person of Chief Uche Nnaji and a National Deputy Chairman Chief Emma Eneukwu and state chairman The Hon Ugochukwu Agballah and a reliable state executive and LGA chairmen who are determined to redeem APC and rid it of moles planted by Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi when he was governor of Enugu state. These are credible principled leaders whom Ugwuanyi can never pocket and who know the game of politics more than Ugwuanyi and have all refused to fall prey to his latest scheme which is being championed by Michael Urama who worked for PDP in the last general elections who has never identified with APC Enugu state and who is going round the Enugu North senatorial zone state inaugurating ward executives for Ex gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi who is a member of PDP. That is why the LGA chairman of APC Uzo Uwani LGA in company of his stakeholders reported to the Nigerian police and Michael Urama was arrested as what he is doing is completely illegal and capable of leading to breakdown of law and order as he is impersonating the party officials.
Be it know that nobody has the mandate of All progressive Congress to form or create a parallel structure/organs of the party different from the existing ones in the wards and LGA, moreso for Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi Gburugburu who is not even a member of our party Apc.

Michael Urama and Tony Eze went too far whether out of foolishness or ignorance or madness I can not tell because this act is as foolish as it sounds since the person they are setting up structures is not even a member of our party and even if he is there is no election nearby or nominations. So Urama and his wayfarers actually took laws into their hands with impunity to violate our party’s constitution and laws guiding political activities in the country when they came to Nkpologu, in Uzo-uwani LGA to inaugurate parallel structure for Gburugburu Agenda for Apc, Uzo-uwani LGA. As the LGA chairman of Uzo-uwani I am committed to the defence of the corporate integrity of our party and will not tolerate this madness of anti-party activities in any form in our party under my watch. Therefore I warn all these elements to steer clear of Uzo-uwani LGA.


Hon Ajodo C.S
Chairman APC Uzo-uwani LGA Enugu State

Politics / Breaking: Justice Okpe Strikes Out Suits Against Agballah And Nnaji by Ikeczar(m): 11:51am On Mar 20


Yesterday, the 19th day of March, 2024, Honourable Justice k. Okpe of the High Court of Enugu State, Enugu Division struck out the two Suits filed by Adolphus Ude against the All Progressives Congress(APC), Hon Ugochukwu Agballah, and Chief Uche Nnaji in Suit No. E/47/2023 and Suit No. E/74/2023 with a total cost of N1.5m awarded against him.

The said Adolphus Ude abandoned the two Suits following the preliminary objection challenging the competence of the Suits, the Jurisdiction of the Court. Mr Udeh who had alleged financial impropriety against Chief Uche Nnaji and Ugochukwu Agballah concerning Presidential election funds when both Agballah and Nnaji had claimed they did not receive any presidential election funds for Enugu state.

The duo of Agballah and Nnaji had filed a case of defamation against Adolphus Udeh and certain newspapers and online blogs that carried the story which had gone viral.

Adolphus Udeh who then quickly rushed to the court to ask Nnaji and Agballah to give an account of the said one Naira he alleged they received for presidential election.

In their cross defence Agballah and Nnaji had claimed that the entire Presidential, governorship and national and state assembly elections were sponsored by Uche Nnaji, who had earlier in a much publicized national press conference asked President Bola Tinubu not to bring one kobo to Enugu as he claimed that the much expected presidential election funds was at the root of the crisis in APC Enugu state.

The Enugu APC was then experiencing a seemingly unending crisis by Ken Nnamani, Sullivan Chime, Geoffrey Onyeama group and the Ben Nwoye group who were at each other throat before the Nnaji/Agballah group came in 2021 and took over the leadership of the party. This crisis seems to have stopped after they were all suspended by the state executive for campaigning openly against the presidential and governorship candidates of the party.
Ken Nnamani, Sullivan Chime , Geoffrey Onyeama and Ben Nwoye group actually campaigned openly for the PDP and also Labour Party which earned them rightful suspension from the the state and South East levels of the party. Since then peace had returned to the party in Enugu state and the party has recorded new entrants. President Tinubu had appointed Uche Nnaji minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which confirmed the claim that the deep pocket Chief Nnaji single handedly footed the bills for the elections in Enugu state.

It is pertinent to note that the Mr Adolphus Udeh has been singularly fingered as the personality instigating the then unending crisis in the party. He was the one who had at different times over a period of almost eight years since the formation of APC been making very outlandish accusations against Onyeama, Ken Nnamani and Ben Nwoye. And had always switched allegiance from one party group and leader to the other.

Mr Udeh who in 2021 unsuccessfully ran for the office of the State Chairman of APC in Ben Nwoye’s faction against Ugochukwu Agballah was also one of the campaign co-ordinators of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar the PDP presidential candidate which fueled the speculation that his diatribe and viral social media false accusations against the duo of Nnaji/Agballah APC leadership was being sponsored by then PDP leadership of Enugu state.

During the 2023 general elections, Adophus Udeh unashamedly went to the airport with other co-ordinators of PDP to welcome Atiku Abubakar when he came on a presidential campaign just like Ben Nwoye who went on a PDP rally dressed in APC regalia to campaign for the PDP governorship candidate in Enugu State and who also went on a public media covered campaign for the Labour senatorial candidate.

In the past most APC leaders were constant visitors to the PDP Lion building and also nominated their wives and Children to cabinet and Local Government Area positions just like the former governor of Enugu state Sullivan Chime whose daughter is a commissioner in Peter Mba’s govt and who is reputed to be an insider to n the govt.

This turn of events before now made APC not to be taken seriously as a political party. But it is gratifying to note that the present crop of APC executives led by Hon Ugochukwu Agballah has clearly not been frolicking with the PDP govt in Enugu state as they used to do. And seems very determined to build the party from the ward level upwards. It is also not intimidated or beholden to the multitude of super stakeholders who kept undermining the party in the past.

There is a clear strong headed no nonsense policy to instil discipline irrespective of the political status of the offender in the entire rank and file of APC Enugu state. The State Chairman who has a reputation of a no nonsense man and a stickler for political discipline and astuteness while the leader Chief Uche Nnaji is widely known for his single mindedness and very strong convictions. Let’s see if this duo can build anything out of the party of any thing goes that they controversially took over the leadership in one of the most mysterious political coups witnessed in any state political party in Nigeria

It is worthy to also note that the party did not do well in the last general elections in the state which is partly due to the regional and religious politics at play in the South east region and from the desire of the region to take the presidency but moreso from an erstwhile manifestly compromised leadership that were arm in gloves with the then PDP leadership in Enugu.
But, all that seems to be changing with the new cohesion in APC and the building from the wards which has coincided with the collapse of Labour Party in not only Enugu but the entire South East.

The APC needs strong leadership to win the confidence of the people of Enugu state which from from all indications point that they are on the right course, going by the entrance of two former PDP senators and ex-minister who all played leading roles in the victory of Labour and the PDP in Enugu state.

Politics / Breaking News: APC Suspends Ginika Tor.. by Ikeczar(m): 8:35am On Mar 19
The leadership of All progressives congress in Enugu state have endorsed the outright suspension of Mrs Ginika Tor from the party for anti party activities in accordance with section 21:2 of the party’s constitution 2022.

The suspension was duly ratified by the South East zonal Executives of the party at the Zonal office at No. 80 Nza street ,Enugu.

Politics / We Have Confidence In Our Leadership : Enugu State APC Women Leaders by Ikeczar(m): 10:56pm On Mar 13

We, the 17 local government women leaders of APC Enugu State, stand united in expressing our unwavering support and confidence in the leadership of the State Chairman Barr. Ugochukwu Agballah and the Honourable Minister of Innovation, Science, and Technology, Chief Uche Geoffrey Nnaji.

Concerned about the spread of unfounded lies and defamation targeting our esteemed leaders, we declare our commitment to upholding the principles of accountability, integrity, inclusiveness, honesty, peace, and progress that have defined the party under their capable guidance since 2014.

Any attack on Barr. Ugochukwu Agballah and Chief Uche Nnaji are perceived as attacks on the collective values and progress of Enugu State APC.

We emphasize our resolve to stand firm against any misconduct or sabotage that may compromise the efforts of our dedicated leaders.
Enugu State APC has thrived under their leadership, fostering an environment of peace that we ardently wish to maintain.

We caution against further attempts to tarnish their character, as such actions will be met with staunch resistance from us.

Dr. Mrs. Amaka Onu,
The State Woman leader
On behalf of the 17 Local government
women leader of A.P.C Enugu State.

Politics / APC Candidate Oby Arji Suspended Amid Allegations Of Party Misconduct by Ikeczar(m): 9:19pm On Feb 15
APC Candidate Oby Arji Suspended Amid Allegations of Party Misconduct

In a startling development, the All Progressives Congress (APC) has announced the suspension of Oby Arji, the party's candidate for Igbo Eze North and Udenu Federal Constituency, following allegations of misconduct and breaches of party discipline.

The suspension comes after reports from various ward Chairmen and members, who were determined to ensure the success of the party during the re-run election. It is alleged that PDP members were surreptitiously handed the Agent tag of APC by Oby Arji, in collaboration with the PDP candidate Hon. Simon Atigwe. Such actions have raised concerns about party loyalty and integrity.

Furthermore, Oby Arji is accused of publicly denying support funds from both state and federal levels, purportedly to dissuade constituents from mobilizing support for the party and embezzle said money. This has been viewed as a direct affront to the party's electoral chances and a betrayal of the trust of the electorate.

In addition to these allegations, Oby Arji's absence and lack of contribution, both in attendance and funding, to the party's monthly meetings have hindered the progress and success of the party in Igbo Eze North LGA. Party solidarity and commitment to the cause are deemed essential for the APC's vision for a better Nigeria.

Moreover, evidence from our sources has surfaced in the form of a recorded voice note depicting Oby Arji harassing members who refused to comply with her advice to create two factions within the APC in Igbo Eze North LGA. Such attempts at division are seen as counterproductive to the unity and cohesion necessary for the party's effectiveness.

The APC's decision to suspend Oby Arji from the party with immediate effect underscores its commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and accountability within its ranks. The suspension will remain in place pending further investigation and disciplinary actions as deemed necessary by the party.

One of our sources who chose to be anonymous said that Oby Ajih handed over the card for party agents to PDP.

This development has significant implications for the 2027 elections in Igbo Eze North and Udenu Federal Constituency, as the APC reevaluates its candidates and strategies in light of these allegations.
Politics / Re: Nigerians In Shock As Tinubu's Minister Is Exposed For Forgery by Ikeczar(m): 8:53pm On Nov 27, 2023
You charlatans with your unfounded rumors and propaganda should allow the Minister of Innovation science and technology to discharge his duties. You did your investigation informally, probably from road side mechanics and political jobbers rather than authenticate your claims with evidence you are beating about the bush.

I hope you have evidence when called upon to defend this trash.

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Politics / Enugu Politics : From Frustration To Fury by Ikeczar(m): 3:38pm On Jun 26, 2023
"From Frustration to Fury: The Unfiltered grievances of a Dissatisfied kingpin."

By MacKenzie Ogbu

I woke up to the Twitter ranting of the leader of the Ebeano cabal, Sen Chimaroke Nnamani where he leveled all sort of allegations and aspersions on the personality of the former governor of Enugu state Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

Although it's a family affair and I believe Ugwuanyi deserves all forms of vituperation for his lackluster performance in office as governor, Sen Chimaroke Nnamani is currently faced with karma because he is accusing Ugwuanyi of what he did to those who installed him as governor in 1999.

He was a complete novice in politics of Enugu State then and an unknown personality. His fortunes changed when Uche Nnaji took him to Ugo Agballah and prevailed on the latter to lead his campaign which immediately opened up structures for him in all LGAs and wards which he never had previously. Uche Nnaji also started to finance his campaign and the duo of Nnaji and Agballah prevailed on Jim Nwobodo to adopt him as his preferred candidate.

After the adoption Jim financed his campaign a hundred percent. Immediately he became governor he turned his back on the three principal men who helped him to become governor. He convinced Obj to revoke the license of Jim’s Savannah bank which was the leading bank then in Nigeria. He tried to politically destroy Uche Nnaji and Ugo Agballah but failed. It is popularly believed that Ugo Agballah defeated him in the controversial 2003 elections. If not for the meddlesomeness of Obj in the election and the controversial dissolution of the incorruptible Ejembi Eko tribunal who admitted voter’s register from all the wards that collaborated Agballah’s polling booth results and nullified Nnamani’s rigged results that gave him 1.3 million votes when accreditation was 240,000 voters Nnamani would have been history since 2003. Nnamani tried to set up a political empire made up of touts which has collapsed like a pack of cards. He played Otimkpu to Ugwuanyi praising him to high heavens and now he is embittered by his suspension from PDP. Didn’t he know the consequences of sabotaging a party whose ticket he was flying? Typical Chimaroke a politician of zero principles. During his governorship he was spying on other governors for Obj and was his no 1. Otimkpu. Immediately Obj left power he turned against him. He never used his s closeness to Obj to advance Igbo interest. He became OBj’s praise singer believing that Obj would make him the President of Nigeria. Enugu funds running into billions were wasted on a veiled presidential campaign cum national lecture in all states where jeeps and millions were doled out to Emirs and Obas and leading political leaders. It was same Obj that ordered him to stop the embarrassing lecture tour. He is lamenting that Ugwuanyi endorsed his suspension? Does it mean that he never knew the consequences of sabotaging PDP? Today he is Tinubu’s Otimkpu tomorrow he will turn against Tinubu if his selfish and parochial interests are not met. Enugu people will not forget his reign where opposition to him was at the risk of your life, limb or properties. He ruled like an oriental despot opening multi billion businesses while on office and taking over any land he fancied. He was the one that started the conversion of all iconic public lands inherited from Okpara-Asika-Nwobodo-Omeruah administrations to his own privately owned lands.
How come those he claims to have introduced to politics are all against him, Sullivan, Ekweremmadu, Ugwuanyi and a host of other he put in power don’t want to deal with him. They all loathe him because he is not a fair player and Karma will continue to deal with him.

God is serving him what he served those that brought him into the corridors of Enugu politics. That is the fate of all Otimkpu. Self pity and bitterness

Politics / Enugu 2023 by Ikeczar(m): 5:06pm On Nov 17, 2022

My friend Ugo Agballah won the governorship election as APGA candidate in Enugu State in 2003. That is not contestable. Even his opponent then Gov Chimaroke Nnamani was furious inside Government House that year as he showed the true election results to PDP stalwarts. "This is Enugu North; did I win? This is Nsukka; did I win...?" he bellowed continuously.

It was the last time I participated in Enugu elections -- and the last time I voted. I had to get my PVC this year, after the signing of a new electoral act that makes rigging impossible.

An election petitions tribunal declared Agballah winner of that election. On the eve of the appellate court's ruling (in Agballah's favour), Obasanjo dissolved the court.

Agballah's victory was easy to prove because the Ebeano gang simply compiled fake results in their homes, in evil forests, in palaces and in the Government House, in collusion with corrupt INEC officials.

Early on, Agballah was instrumental in the emergence of Chimaroke as PDP candidate in 1999. When the psychopath went on overdrive with his thievery and hooliganism, Agballah resigned as commissioner in November 1999.

He then founded Oganiru Enugu. We met there. And he co-founded APGA in 2002 along with Chekwas Okorie, Peter Obi and others.

After listening to his radio programme on Monday, I remembered that it was in his house -- that I once met Peter Mbah. His face seemed familiar until Agballah's reminder on radio. We were all in Oganiru in its early days.

Ugo Agballah's intelligence is never in doubt. Ask Chimaroke. He forewarned his supporters that he was going into an election with him alone, not even Fidel Ayogu of the ANPP. Agballah is a formidable organiser acclaimed by all. And he's an astute campaigner.

We're still very close friends. We would have been in the trenches together once again -- until Peter Obi happened on Nigeria... I'm neck-deep in Labour Party, and when I asked him to join us it was too late for him because he was already the state chairman of APC.

So, although we belong to different parties now, I know that Agballah is a great man, just as he comes from a privileged family. His father Petrus was in the old Anambra State House of Assembly in the Second Republic. He was the minority (NPN) leader. The other NPN member and minority whip was CU Opata of Lejja, my uncle.

Today, Agballah is not just an influential politician but also a comfortable man by every standard. He is never ambivalent on any issue -- he doesn't speak from both sides of the mouth. He knows his onions. His book, WHERE THE RAIN STARTED BEATING US, is a magna opus on the story of pre-colonial Igbo society.

I've explained these for decent participants of this group so they may understand the man being vilified unfairly by those paid to destroy innocent people's image. Surely, anybody who is somebody wouldn't read trash posted by Janus-faced sycophants.

The fiction writer says Mbah was a millionaire in 1992! Can you beat that? He was still in secondary school then, but Agballah was Governor Nwodo's special adviser from 1992 to 1993. Agballah is at least six years older than Mbah.

Mbah was in the NYSC in 2002! Agballah was a practising lawyer 14 years earlier.

Pinnacle my foot! We know the source.

But, as Agballah said on radio, the campaign is just starting...

-- ANIEBO NWAMU is the former Editor of Daily Independent and an indigene of Lejje community in Nsukka LGA

Politics / Enugu APC Guber Candidate Meets The Enugu Business Community by Ikeczar(m): 8:31am On Nov 05, 2022
APC governorship candidate, Uche Nnaji meets with Enugu Business Community under the aegis of ECCIMA and ECOBA

The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Enugu state, Chief Uchenna Nnaji, Nwakaibie, yesterday announced that if elected his administration would establish Enugu State Development Bank with a capital base of N250 billion.

Nnaji, who made this known while presenting his program before the Enugu Business Community under the aegis of the Enugu Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ECCIMA) and the Enugu Coalition for Business and Professional Association (ECOBA), said his administration would revitalize abandoned industries, build new ones in partnership with the private sector and reduce unemployment to minimum level in four years.

"I know that funding is a big program, the government will be a catalyst in industrial development, and we will support small, medium, and micro enterprises to grow.

"To this end, we will set up Enugu State Development Bank which will be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Security and Exchange Commission, and other relevant bodies.

"Government will own 10% equity in the Development bank while the people of Enugu state and other private investors will own 90% of equity. So I don't have a problem with funding our projects, we will use the development bank to catalyze industrial development.

"Any business we invest in, we do so with the private sector by investing 10% but when the business begins to do well, we will divest and move into another business," he said.

Nnaji described himself as a complete "Enugu boy", having done his primary, secondary, and university education (University of Nigeria Nsukka, UNN) in the state before venturing out for business.

The APC guber candidate took a swipe at the guber candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr. Peter Mbah, who he said prides himself as an oil and gas guru, noting that the PDP candidate was a mere oil marker who came upon sudden money and used the same to build oil tank farms.

Nnaji said that he is the one in the real oil and gas business because he owns substantial equities in oil wells in Nigeria and also equity in refineries outside Nigeria.

"I'm the only businessman running for governorship; the PDP candidate is not a businessman; he did not grow in business he only jammed money and started oil marketing.

"Those of us in the oil and gas business know what it means, building an oil tank farm is only an arm of oil and gas marketing... We are in the oil and gas business including owning equities in oil blocs and refineries outside Nigeria," Nnaji said.

He cataloged problems of the Enugu state to include mismanagement of resources multiple taxations and lack of capacity by government officials to deliver on their mandate.

He promised to fix the perennial water problem in the state by revitalizing the seven water projects.

Nnaji promised to create 10,000 hectares of land in each senatorial district of the state and use government resources to prepare the land and allocate the same to young people and other farmers to cultivate with the provision of financial support and improved seedlings and machinery so that the state can produce for local and export.

He stated that he would work to reduce the crippling debt piled up by the PDP government even as he would reorder the budget of the state to ensure 70% capital and 30% recurrent expenditure as against the current situation where the reverse is the case. 

Nnaji said he would build power-generating plants to generate 50 megawatts of electricity combination of sources including solar and wind energy.

Other areas of his administration's intervention would be to retrain civil servants, increase the minimum wage; and revitalize the educational system in the state.

He said he would tackle insecurity through the creation of jobs and increasing economic activities in the state while the security system in the state will be reorganized and funded heavily, using retired security personnel in the state.

Politics / Re: Enugu Decides 2023 by Ikeczar(m): 11:01pm On Oct 30, 2022
More pictures of the event.

Politics / Enugu Decides 2023 by Ikeczar(m): 10:39pm On Oct 30, 2022
Tinubu/Kashim Presidential Bid Receives A Boost As ‘DOOR-TO-DOOR’ Berths In Enugu

The campaign efforts of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu and his running mate, Alh Kashim Shettima, received a boost in Enugu at the weekend with the inauguration of a support group, Door-To-Door Network Initiative in the state to help take the party’s message to the grassroots.

The inaugural event, which took place at the APC Zonal office, Independence Layout Enugu witnessed the surge of party faithful and executives of the support group at the state, local government and ward levels as well as top officials and various candidates of the party in the state.
Speaking at the event, the national coordinator of the Door-To-Door Network Initiative, Hon Harrison Asuguo Sam, said the group was motivated by the desire to ensure the emergence of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and his running mate, Kashim Shettima, as the president and vice president of Nigeria in 2023.
Asuquo, who was represented at the event by the national women leader of Door-To-Door Network Initiative, Hajiya Zainab Musa Ahmed described the former Lagos Governor, Tinubu as a detribalized Nigerian who believes in capacity development of youths and women.
He said that Tinubu transformed Lagos state and ensured payment of WAEC fees for indigenes and non indigenes alike, overhauled Lagos health system and modernized the state transport system.
“Door-To-Door Network Initiative will knock at every door in Nigeria to convince Nigerians to vote for Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu and Kashim Shettima. Tinubu will replicate the transformation of Lagos to the whole country. He is a nation builder, a philanthropist, a visionary leader, a teacher and hope of the masses,” he said.
The national women leader of the Door-To-Door Network Initiative, Zainab Musa Ahmed also expressed the goodwill and support of the national women leader of the APC, Dr. Mrs. Betta Edu, who she said encouraged the group never to entertain doubt about the success of the project, but to courageously network across the nooks and cranny of the country to drum up support for Tinubu/Shettima.
In his remarks, the Enugu state coordinator of Door-To-Door Network Initiative, and the APC state Organising Secretary, Mr. Moses Emeka Ezeh said that they were not just supporting Tinubu/Shettima ticket and the governorship candidate of the party in the state, Chief Uche Nnaji and his running mate, Barr. George Ogara, but they also see themselves as also contesting for the positions since the success of their principals will also be their success.
“It is because we are in contest that we contributed for this event without external help; we see ourselves as stakeholders, we see ourselves as evangelists of APC, moving door to door telling the people why they should vote for our candidates in the general elections.
“We therefore accept this responsibility with a sense of duty and responsibility and we are determined to take the campaign to the grassroots so that at the end of the day success shall be ours,” he said.
Also speaking on behalf of Chief Uche Nnaji, the guber candidate of the party in the State, the Director General of his campaign organization, Comrade Fidelis Edeh said the issue is no longer whether Ahmed Bola Tinubu would be the next president but how to increase the margin of victory, even as he revealed that the presidential candidate of APC has been part of civil society organizations and rights groups including NADECO that fought the military and ensured the return of the country to civil rule.
“We must work hard to elect both Tinubu at the center and Uche Nnaji as the state governor because if we win at the centre and lose the state we will be talking about marginalization and if we win at the state and lose the centre we will remain orphans,” he said.
The Enugu state secretary of the APC , Hon Robert Ngwu in a speech commended the initiative, noting that it is the duty of every party faithful, and exco members to devote their energy, time and resources to work for the success of the part at all levels in order to partake in sharing the dividends there from.
The event was graced by party chieftains from the state and beyond, including the Anambra State Coordinator of Door-To-Door Network Initiative, Mr. Okelo Madukaife, the Vice Chairman of APC, Enugu West zone, Mr. Alphonsius Nwafor, who represented the state chairman, Barr Ugo Agballah; the House of Representative candidate for Enugu North-Enugu South Federal Constituency, Hon. Mrs. Juliet Egbo amongs others.

Politics / Enugu 2023 by Ikeczar(m): 9:01am On Oct 19, 2022


Nigeria is a wonderland, a country where everything is possible so far you have the necessary connections and plenty of cash to back them. Short of conjuring a dead man from the grave, Nigeria is a country where the end always justifies the means, and where some desperate and criminally-minded individuals do anything to have their way.

On February 6, 2007, the Daily Champion Newspaper based in Lagos reported that four top officials of Enugu State Government, including the Commissioner for Finance, Mr. Peter Mbah, were dragged to a Federal High Court in Lagos by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for allegedly laundering the State local council funds totalling N5.411 billion.

Those named in the Court proceedings were Mr. Peter Mbah, former Commissioner for Finance, Mr. Sam Ejiofor, former Commissioner for Local Government Affairs, Mr. Victor Udeh, a consultant, and Mr. Sunday Onyekazuru Anyaogu.

They were rearraigned in October the same year, and faced a 29-count charge of concealment, money-laundering and fraud to the same amount of N5.411 billion

On December 5, 2007, the EFCC again slammed a fresh 124-count charges against eleven Enugu State Government officials, including former Governor Chimaroke Nnamani (who just lost his immunity), at the Federal High Court in Lagos, on allegation bordering on money laundering amounting to over N6.9 billion

The charges were filed barely few minutes after a court presided over by Justice Peter Olayiwola, struck out the earlier case containing 105 charges instituted against Nnamani and his accomplices.

Among those named as defendants in the new suit No. FHC/L/230C/07 for alleged laundering of funds belonging to Enugu State Government, were former Governor Nnamani, Peter Mbah, Sam Ejiofor, Victor Udeh, Sunday Onyekazuru Anyaogu and Mrs. Sylvia Onwubuemeli, who served Nnamani as Chief of Staff after Mr. Peter Mbah was made Commissioner for Finance.

Among the allegations preferred against them were aiding and abetting the transfer of $14.9 million United States to Rainbow Associates LLC account in the United States of America.

In 2015, both Chimaroke Nnamani and some of his accomplices took a plea bargain and pleaded guilty to the charges and later assisted the EFCC in revealing thousands of properties illegally acquired by the administration.

However, typical of the Nigerian system, Peter Mbah’s case which was before Justice Yunusa of Lagos High Court, mysteriously grew wings and flew away and no longer listed in judicial records, nor mentioned anymore. How it happened, nobody could tell.

But since nothing under the sun is hidden forever, a few days ago, what transpired in Enugu State treasury some 15 years back began to reverberate in far away United States of America, with Peter Mbah's name featuring conspicuously.

As published by Peoples Gazette, "a Nigerian Senator, Chimaroke Nnamani, looted and laundered $41.8 million during his days as Enugu Governor, and used the ill-gotten riches to acquire luxury assets in Florida, according to a statement submitted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in a forfeiture proceeding".

The FBI named Peter Mbah, Chief of Staff and Commissioner for Finance under former Governor Nnamani, Sam Ejiofor, Commissioner for Local Government Affairs, and Chiyeaka Ohaa, Accountant General, as those who assisted the former Governor in looting the treasury.

The report further revealed that Nnamani, whom the FBI described as an American citizen, connived with his sister Chinero Nwigwe, to steal public funds when he led Enugu between May 1999 and May 2007.

According to the FBI, “Chimaroke Nnamani’s official salary as Governor is the equivalent of $10,670 per year. Thus, it appears unlikely that Nnamani possesses an adequate source of legitimate income to account for the purchase of the lush real estate he amassed in Florida".

Judge Williams Acker of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama therefore ordered forfeitures of Nnamani’s assets to the U.S. Government after finding that the Nigerian politician was not earning enough as Governor to justify the millions of dollars in his possession.

This FBI report which revealed that Chimaroke Nnamani, Peter Mbah, and co, had engaged in the looting of the Enugu State treasury, also showed that if in Nigeria, records could deliberately go blank, obliterated, or erased, documents got lost or grew wings and flew away, it is not so in the United States of America and some European countries, where records are meticulously kept and documents preserved, and where people strive to maintain their good names, honor, and integrity.

In 2010, former Governor James Ibori of Delta State was arraigned before a Nigerian court charged with corrupt enrichment during his tenure as Governor. The Nigerian court which handled the case did not see any wrongdoing and set Ibori free. But no sooner had Ibori landed in the United Kingdom, than the court there got hold of him and found him guilty of money laundering offenses and sent him to jail.

In other words, in Peter Mbah's case, if the allegation against him could no longer be found in the records of both the EFCC and the Nigerian courts, the FBI report is clear evidence that Mbah, who is currently ferociously pushing to be Governor of Enugu State, but who has been waving off the allegation of criminal involvement in the looting of Enugu State treasury, is not telling the truth.

Again, if Peter Mbah and his godfather, Chimaroke Nnamani, are still insisting that the allegation of treasury looting being revealed against them is false, and that they had not been indicted by the FBI, but that the allegation is the handwork of political enemies, let them go to court to establish their innocence, otherwise, nobody will take them seriously. That was what Murtala Muhammed did in 1975 when he was openly accused of corruption.

Meanwhile, what is preventing Enugu State Government from applying for the repatriation of this humongous amount of money that was stashed overseas? At least, it would go a long way in shoring up the state's battered economy, where Enugu State is currently comfortably sitting at the base of the GDP ladder - 34 out of Nigeria's 36 states, according to the latest World Bank estimate.

Politics / Enugu 2023 by Ikeczar(m): 8:42am On Oct 18, 2022

By Jude Aneke.

Last week was awash with the news of proposed presentation of manifesto of the Enugu PDP's gubernatorial candidate Barr. Peter Mba. The event scheduled to hold at Godfrey Okoye university, Enugu was so dramatized that it took the shine off every other activity of the party as though everything else depended on it.

Presentation of manifestoes though a known traditional democratic practice has so much lost flavour in this part of the world that not many still consider it worthwhile. Those who still do, prefer the press reporting after it had held and not something to be hyped or promoted before. The situation has unfortunately become so since all it takes is to hire an expert to compile things in the form of promises no one intends to keep.

In view of such routine window dressing and glorified deception, it is becoming the norm in recent times for a candidate to simply face the press in an interview to answer questions on the document they already have as the only way to establish its ownership and originality. Many who bandy about such made up documents hardly agree to to face the press on a content they know very little about. In some cases though, candidates who actually took pains to make the document themselves only intend to impress and not to be held accountable for any default in its implementation as obtained in established democracies.

This fact played out at the manifesto presentation by the PDP gubernatorial candidate Barr. Peter Mba at the weekend. It didn't take long before participants started picking holes with the highly embellished document. Could it really have been prepared by Peter Mba? Really? Peter Mba promised on page 15 of the document to construct 10,000 kilometers of roads in Enugu State within his first tenure in office? Is the South East region as a whole sitting on how many thousands of kilometers? The obvious danger of sourcing out certain kinds of sensitive work is the embarrassment it brings along if it didn't impress. Impressing which audience by the way? Who still cares? All what matters to the longsuffering Enugu people are determined and radical steps to take them out of their current hopelessness and not an otiose glorification of a voluminous document in an elaborate and wasteful ceremony. Barr. Peter Mba will construct for Enugu State 10,000 kilometers of roads on land areas far larger than the entire size of Eastern Nigeria? What a gaffe?

Aside from his document of lies, why should anyone in a decent society sit down to listen to what Peter Mba intends to do with public funds to be generated by donkeys? Has he given account of hundreds of billions of naira he and his master stole from the coffers of the state and for which they've been standing trial since leaving office? What about slush funds they stashed away in foreign banks some of which had been forfeited to the countries keeping them? Do Enugu people not have the right to know what happened to their money? Whose 'donkeys' or 'donkeys' children does Peter Mba expect to generate fresh revenues he intends to spend without first returning all what he stole? Enugu tax payers money or another round of pension funds, salaries and gratuities he and former Governor Chimaroke Nnamani misappropriated while workers and pensioners died in their numbers? A criminal suspect's Manifesto for what purpose exactly?

What about the 8000 workers he and his fellow kleptomaniac unlawfully disengaged from the public service of the state? What did Peter Mba and Chimaroke Nnamani use their eight years salaries to do ?

Peter Mba and those who shamefully repackaged him for this dispensation must realize that things have changed and that Enugu people have started asking tough questions. The era of simplistic romance, naivety and embellishment of serious issues affecting the state are gone for good.

Finally, how does Peter Mba intend to implement his bogus manifesto with the #13 billion gubernatorial ticket purchase price still hanging on his neck? Was the outrageous amount legitimately sourced from his so-called oil and gas company revenues or borrowed from banks overcharging the same assets while agreeing to wait for him to become governor for the money to be recouped? God forbid!

The truth is that taking a lot into consideration, Peter Mba should be advised to honourably withdraw from the gubernatorial race before many more sordid details of his ignominious stewardship as commissioner for finance are exposed and before Enugu people take to the streets to protest his jaundiced and provocative candidacy. That though might not happen as the level of awareness is still nothing to write home about but an oppressor and criminal suspect known to the law is certainly not the kind Enugu people will ever want to behold on the ballot come February, 2023. He who comes to equity must come with clean hands.

Politics / 2023 Presidential Elections: Bola Ahmed Tinubu Has Taken Victory Already* by Ikeczar(m): 11:53am On Oct 14, 2022
A party chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in Enugu State, and also the South East Coordinator of Tinubu Support Group (TSG), and a BOT Member of the Wazobia for Tinubu/Shettima 2023, Hon Ozo Obum Obodougo, in a chat with newsmen on Wednesday, disclosed that based on the key indicators and report of the strategic analysis of the southeast region, the APC would win the forthcoming general elections, at both the state and national levels. The region, he noted, cannot afford to gamble with its future, especially after suffering for nearly 24 years under the bad leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Ozo Obodougo also stated that the appointment of a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Abiodun James Faleke, as the party’s Presidential Campaign Council Secretary was the right choice, hence anyone with a contrary opinion is taking a miscalculated political risk, which would hamper the anticipated victory of the party at the polls in 2023.

“Calling for the removal of James Faleke as secretary PCC is like calling Pep Guardiola to remove Kevin De Bruyne or Erling Haaland from Manchester City or calling for the removal of Kylian Mbappé and Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior from the Paris Saint-Germain F.C. (PSG) game at the moment for those that watched football. Faleke was the key strategic person that led negotiations and mobilization of resources for the landslide victory at the presidential primaries. Before and after the primaries he has committed daily all his time, 8am to as late as 3am (the next day), to the task of leading such a crucial and critical campaign for the good of the nation. Those agitating for his removal have questionable motives, perhaps, they are on a futile mission to literally "remove the brain box of the car", to stall this movement of the Jagaban to Aso Rock. I urge the incoming President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu not to listen to these detractors.

“The talks about/against the same faith ticket shouldn’t be an issue, rather, we must focus on the character, personality, vision, and track records of the persons seeking to serve the people, at local, state, or national levels.

Among the candidates seeking to serve the people today, His Excellency, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the best choice.

Politics / APC Enugu State by Ikeczar(m): 4:33pm On Jun 27, 2022

We, the entire Chairmen of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 17 Local Government Areas of Enugu State wish to express our unalloyed support and solidarity to our indefatigable and hardworking State Chairman, the Hon. Barr. Ugochukwu Agballah, and the amiable and capacity governorship candidate of our party in the state, Chief Uche Nnaji, Nwakaibie, for the able way they have been piloting the affairs of the party in the state ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Indeed, we recognize and appreciate the efforts of our State Chairman, Chief Agballah at rebuilding and repositioning the party since he mounted the leadership saddle in October 16, 2021, despite all odds.

The Hon. Barr. Agballah has surmounted daunting challenges and has been able to revive, wield together and mobilize all organs and tiers of the party in the state towards a formidable unit, eager and ready to vigorously engage the governing party in the state, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), with the aim of dislodging them in 2023.

Under Chief Ugochukwu Agballah, Enugu state chapter of the APC now holds monthly ward, local government and zonal meetings, a development that has contributed immeasurably in breathing life into the party in the state.

Above all, we acknowledge our chairman's diligent handling of the primaries, which led to the successful emergence of candidates of the party for the various elective positions in the state.

Also, with the support of our governorship candidate, Chief Nnaji and other leaders of the party in the state, Enugu state chapter of APC was able to weather the storm and successfully participated in the recent special convention and presidential primary of our great party in Abuja.

In a similar vein, we express our heartfelt commendation to the wonderful and harmonious working relationship between Chief Agballah, Chief Nnaji and other leaders of our party in the zone, including; the Governor of Imo State, His Excellency, Sen. Hope Uzodimma; the Governor of Ebonyi State, His Excellency, Engr. David Umahi; the APC Deputy national Chairman, South, Chief Emma Eneukwu and the national Vice Chairman, South East, Dr. Ijeomah Arodiogbu.

There is no doubt that the synergy and positive leadership being provided by our leaders, especially under the skilful coordination of Sen. Hope Uzodimma, are responsible for the peace, unity and growth of the party in the region.

As human, nobody can be perfect, except the Almighty God. But we are satisfied with the efforts of our leaders in the state and zone.

We can only call on all party faithful in the state and zone to continue to lend their support and prayers for our leaders for the growth, harmony and greater good of our party the APC, especially as we prepare for the 2023 general elections.

Long live APC Enugu State!
Long live APC South East!!
Long live APC Nigeria!!!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!!


1. Hon. Solomon Achi-Kanu, Aninri LGA.
2. Comr. Kenneth Ofoma, Awgu LGA.
3. Hon. Agu Nnaemeka Ages
Chairman, Enugu East LGA.
4. Hon. Ben Onyia
Chairman, Enugu North LGA.
5. Hon. Agbo Kingsley Ndubusi,
Chairman, Enugu South LGA.
6. Hon. Onuora Franz,
Chairman, Ezeagu LGA.
7. SURV. Onodagu Chibuike
Chairman, Igbo-Etiti LGA.
8. Hon. Agada Romanus,
Chairman, Igboeze North LGA.
9. Uba Uthman Onah,
Chairman, Igboeze South LGA.
10. Hon Olinya Paul,
Chairman, Isiuzo LGA.
11. Hon. Uche Egbonwonu,
Chairman, Nkanu East LGA.
12. Hon. Egbo Donatus Ndubueze
Chairman, Nkanu West LGA.
13. Barr. Clifford Ezema,
Chairman, Nsukka LGA.
14. Chief Umeaku Vincent,
Chairman, Oji River LGA.
15. Hon. Eze Innocent.
Chairman, Udenu LGA.
16. Hon. Nwabuisi Hillary,
Chairman, Udi LGA.
17. Chief Ajodo Sunday Christopher, Chairman, Uzo-Uwani LGA.
Politics / Re: How Ugo Agballah Planted Landmines For Tinubu With Adamu And Hope Uzodimma's Sup by Ikeczar(m): 9:12am On Jun 23, 2022
The entitlement mentality of some party members are worrisome. If you ask the poster of the delegates list, he will manufacturer a list and put his name there.
Politics / APC: Chief Emma Eneukwu Congratulates Tinubu by Ikeczar(m): 1:42pm On Jun 22, 2022
Eneukwu commends APC for organising most peaceful Presidential primaries.

The Deputy National Chairman South of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC, Chief Emma Eneukwu, has commended the party for organised one of the most peaceful presidential elections in Nigeria since the history of democracy.

Chief Eneukwu, who was one of the first chieftains of the party to congratulate their presidential candidate, Senator Ahmed Bolaji Tinubu, shortly after his Emergence, made this known to newsmen in Enugu on Tuesday .
He stated that all the aspirants were given equal opportunity to clinch the party’s ticket since the attempt to present a consensus candidate failed.

Eneukwu described as “political mischief”, the statement credited to him which reports him to have said that most of the presidential aspirants spent Millions and Billions.
He said that some persons intentionally quoted him out of context as he was only referring to the high cost of running elections in Nigeria.

He said: “My attention has been drawn to reports flying online where I was attributed to making a statement that aspirants for the presidential ticket of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC, spent Billions while others spent millions to get the ticket.
“That was a wrong interpretation of my comment during a lunch party organised by the friends of our leader and former minister of science, technology and innovation Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu.
“I was referring to the high cost of running elections in Nigeria and the desperation of some people to clinch power at all cost irrespective of what; an act, which has deterred good people from running for elections in Nigeria.

“The presidential primary of APC is so far, one of the transparent, free, fair and credible elections ever conducted by any political party since the inception of our democracy. I know our opponents in other political parties that milked this country for 16 years are afraid of the achievements of president Muhammadu Buhari as well as the party in general,” he said.

Chief Eneukwu also stated that, APC has a capable presidential Candidate in Senator Tinubu, who has the whirl withal to win election as his emergence has sent panic into the camp of the opposition.

He however congratulated the Party on her victory during the just concluded Gubernatorial election in Ekiti state ;where her candidate, Biodun Oyebanji emerged victoriously in a landslide margin, saying, it is a sign of greater things to come for the party.

“I also wish to state that, APC has the best candidate for the presidential election in the country. Since his Emergence, it has always been from one panic to another in the camp of the opposition political parties as his pedigree still remains the best and he has all it takes to win the 2023 general election and make Nigeria a better place.

“I also congratulate all the party faithfuls, on our resounding victory in Saturday during the Gubernatorial elections in Ekiti State ;especially, the Governor elect, Biodun Oyebanjo”
“It is a tip of the iceberg on what to expect during the 2023 general elections as Apc is the only party that has the interest of Nigerians.”

Politics / Enugu APC Dismisses Rumours Of Replacing Candidates by Ikeczar(m): 3:57pm On Jun 16, 2022
Enugu APC dismisses rumours of replacing candidates, warns party faithful against anti-party

The All Progressives Congress (APC), Enugu state has debunked insinuations in some quarters that party leaders were trying to change some candidates of the party and replace them with other people ahead of the 2023 general elections.

In a statement by Charles-Solo Ako,
State Publicity Secretary APC, Enugu State, the party described ae “disheartening” attempts by some unscrupulous elements to fabricate false information, package and dish it out to the public without a recourse on the eventual consequences.
The statement noted that the rumours making rounds that the State Chairman of the party, Barr Ugochukwu Agballah, in conjunction with the governorship candidate of the party, Chief Uchenna Nnaji and the National Deputy Chairman, South, Chief Emma Eneukwu were compelling candidates to sign “Withdrawal Forms” were totally false and unfounded.
“The rumours are being carried by mischief individuals who are bent in causing confusion, rancour and disunity in our great party.
“The said ‘Withdrawal Forms’ were included as a page in the expression of interest and nomination forms purchased and collected by the aspirants from the National Secretariat in Abuja.
“Signing the said ‘Withdrawal Forms’ by our candidates is to ensure full compliance of our party’s rules and regulations from the National Headquarters. The State Chairman have been working assiduously to ensure that we do the needful so that we won’t have any encumbrance now and in the future. It is therefore criminal to demonize the activities of our party executives while discharging their official functions.

“It is pertinent to note that this rumour mongers carrying fake and criminal news to demarket our party and instigate trouble are engaging in anti party activity and this is a serious crime. We shall NOT sit and watch these elements destroy our party which we have successfully rebranded and repositioned to be the best political alternative to the good people of Enugu State,” the party stated.
The statement called on the general public especially the party faithful to disregard “those nonsense rumours while our party will employ the full weight of the law according to our Party Constitution to deal with those who takes refuge in undermining the progress of our party accordingly.”

The statement stressed that APC under the leadership of Barr Ugochukwu Agballah has become a beautiful bride that everyone has become envious of and very desirous to have a feel and a hold.
“Our journey to Lion Building shall be a fulfilled one and mission accomplished. Those throwing stones on us should continue while we use their stones to build and strengthen our pathway to the Lion Building.”

Politics / Enugu State Delegates @2022 Presidential Primaries by Ikeczar(m): 10:16pm On Jun 09, 2022
APC National Convention 2022.

Moment the Incoming Governor Of Enugu State Chief Uche Nnaji ( Nwakaibeya 1 Of Enugu State: Uche Ndi Enugu) The Enugu State APC Gubernatorial Candidate were welcomed At Eagle Square Abuja For APC National Convention By His Excellency senator Hope Uzodinma The Executive Governor Of Imo state who doubled as the Deputy chairman of National Convention planning committee.

Chief Nnaji The international business Mogul who is graciously the All Progressive Congress Enugu State Gubernatorial Candidate for the forth coming 2023 Enugu State Gubernatorial Election gently in his usual disposition led Enugu State party leaders, state Executive members, National Delegates from International conference center which is venue for the acreditation to Eagle Square Abuja venue for the convention proper.

Throughout the day from 7th - 8th June 2022 as the convention event lasted, it was fun and gisting as Chief Uche Nnaji was in the midst of Enugu State contingents for the convention, greetings and pleasantries all the way, sitting behind Chief Nnaji within Enugu State stand was DG Power Shift Hon. Chinonso Nnamani who is younger brother to the former governor Nnamani of Enugu State.

Highlights of the exchange of pleasantries was moment His Excellency Comrade Adam Oshomole came to exchange greetings with Chief Nnaji as he shouted Igbo Kwenuooo, Next Is governor Inuwa Mohammed of Gombe state as both personalities chatted and and hugged so passionately, others include Deputy governor of Imo state His Excellency Placid Njoku among others.

Enugu State national delegates contingents was led to cast their votes around 7AM on Wednesday 8th, June 2022 and it was exercise which Chief Nnaji have commended the party leadership for such well organized transparent system adopted by the party, furthermore saying that from such a transparent process the party would emerged stronger and victorious at the end of the exercise Which would be a win win situation for the overall interest of the party going forward into the general election proper.

Indeed it's time to join Uche Ndi Enugu so that Enugu shall rise again.

Please get your PVC lets make Enugu great again.

Mr Chiedozie Nnajiofor writes from City of Abuja

Politics / Re: Enough Is Enough!: Enugu Apc Members Tell Hon Ugoh Agballah by Ikeczar(m): 10:18am On Jun 02, 2022
Myopic set of people that have mortgage their future because of crumbs from Ekweremadu. Kudos to the State Chairman Ugochukwu Agballah for standing with the good people of Enugu.
Politics / Enugu APC Gubernatorial Ticket- Matters Arising by Ikeczar(m): 9:44pm On May 29, 2022
Enugu 2023: We Rejected Ekweremadu’s Effort To Pick Our Ticket Because His Request Is Evil- Enugu APC Chairman.

The Enugu State chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Hon Ugochukwu H Agballah, has taken on Senator Ike Ekweremadu over his gubernatorial ambition.
Agballah who spoke in a world press conference in Enugu on Sunday, said they rejected Ekweremadu’s request to join their party because his ambition is “evil” and stands against every known norm.

Agballah who used the strongest terms to condemn Ekweremadu’s ambition said they won’t take it because the former deputy president of the Senate isn’t a member of the party in Enugu State and he can’t be demanding for the ticket of the party by trying to muscle the real members of the party from the national leadership of the party.
“Ekweremadu’s demand is at variance with the spirit and letters of electoral act. His demand is repugnant to natural justice, his demand is a confirmation that the Nigerian politicians do not change their colours, they’re like the leopard. His demand is ignoble, its evil and we shall resist it.”

He went on to reveal that efforts by the Senator representing Enugu West made efforts to Hijack the party from Abuja were resisted by the zonal chairman of the party whom he described as an upright man. He added that delegates led by Senators made efforts to reach the national leadership for the ticket of the party
He added that even the zoning arrangement prevailing in Enugu doesn’t support Ekweremadu’s ambition.
“Ekweremadu wants to be Governor because he’s from Enugu West while it’s zoned to Enugu East. Even his party denied him the governorship ticket because it’s not zoned to their place. Now he want to come and subvert us, to subvert Uche Nnaji and we shall resist it, Agballah said.

Politics / Enugu East: Adaku Ogbu-aguocha Clinches APC Senatorial Ticket by Ikeczar(m): 12:12am On May 29, 2022
Adaku Ogbu-Aguocha has emerged as the Senatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, for Enugu East Senatorial zone.

The party chieftain was elected during a primary election in Enugu on Saturday, where she ran as the only contestant.

Chairman of the election Committee, Abigail Igwe announced that out of the 385 total delegates, 289 were accredited for the election.

She said Ogbu-Aguocha polled 270 votes. There were 14 voided votes.

Igwe explained that although the party had only one aspirant for the election, it was necessary to do the needful, adding that the exercise was peaceful.

In a remark after the election, Ogbu-Aguocha said a time had come to give the constituents deserved representation.

“Now is the time for us to wake up and be actively involved in all the decision making processes at the National Assembly,” she said.

She added that those who think it was their birthright to rule should prepare to retire home.

Ogbu-Aguocha, from Nara Unataeze in Nkanu East, will slug it out against Senator Chimaroke Nnamani who currently represents the zone.

Nnamani, a former Governor of Enugu State, has already emerged the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, candidate for the election.

DAILY POST reports that Ogbu-Aguocha also in 2019 won the same Senatorial ticket but her name was wrongly substituted with another member of the party.


Politics / Uche Nnaji Wins Enugu APC Gubernatorial Primaries by Ikeczar(m): 11:04am On May 27, 2022
Chief Uchenna Nnaji, aka Nwakaibeya, has emerged as the gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Enugu state ahead of the 2023 general election.
He pulled a total of 1070 votes in the party’s Governorship primary conducted in the southeast zonal office of the party in Enugu.

1300 elected state delegates drawn from the 260 wards in the state were slated to participate in the primary election. He however won with 1070 votes out of the 1100 votes cast. 30 votes were declared invalid.

Statutory delegates could not participate in the election due to the non-signing of the 2022 amended electoral act by President Mohammadu Buhari.

Speaking shortly after he was declared winner, Nnaji said: “We are saying sorry to you because we are the ones that brought the PDP government and they are making mistakes. I’m happy that the person that brought the PDP which is making the mistake has been elected to correct the mistakes and I’m capable of correcting those wrongs. I have all it takes to do that, we have all it takes to wage the political battle.

“The power we seek is to put food on everybody’s table; power to give our people employment, power to secure our people and power to move Enugu state forward. We saw what happened in PDP when they brought a candidate that has questions to answer. I’ve never even been to any police station. What we are bringing to the people of Enugu state is peace and transparency and I’m not going to fail our people.”

The state chairman of the party, Chief Ugochukwu Agballah appreciated the observers in the election such as the Independent National Election Commission, INEC, stating that with the emergence of Nnaji as the APC candidate, victory for the party was certain in Enugu state.

“You cannot compare darkness with light, the difference is clear and by their fruits, we shall know them. God is with us and the people of Enugu are with us and even the souls of the founding fathers are with us and we are going to restore the dreams of the founding fathers and make Enugu the citadel of commerce,” said Agballah.


Politics / Re: *tein T.S. Jack-rich Takes Campaign To The Southeast by Ikeczar(m): 10:07am On May 24, 2022
More Photos of the event

Politics / *tein T.S. Jack-rich Takes Campaign To The Southeast by Ikeczar(m): 10:03am On May 24, 2022
It was another gathering of the national delegates and supporters of the All Progressives Congress (APC), from Anambra, Ebonyi, and Enugu States to receive the very eloquent, charismatic, and financial expert, T.S. Jack-Rich. While presenting his blueprint, Jack Rich promised to champion new strategic policies and developmental goals for the growth of the nation.

In his speech, the host Chairman, the Hon. Ugochukwu H. Agballah, who is also the coordinating chairman of the Southeast APC chairmen, and the coordinating chairman of the 14 APC states without an elected governor, noted that Jack Rich is a gift to the country at this critical period.

The director general of the Jack-Rich presidential campaign organization, and a former governor of bauchi State, Isa Yuguda, appealed to the delegates to make the right choice for the interest of the country.

The campaign train later paid a courtesy call on the Deputy National Chairman, South, Chief. Emma Eneukwu.

Politics / Enugu Politics by Ikeczar(m): 10:50pm On May 22, 2022

Mbuze Mbaukwu

The other day, I read somebody saying in a national daily that Barrister Ugo Agballah has destroyed Enugu APC. I wanted to correct him by saying that it is not only APC that Ugo has destroyed, it is also the entire politics of Enugu State.

For the first time since the NPN/NPP days , Ugochukwu Agballah has brought back politics of competition as against one party state which has not taken Enugu politics anywhere.

When former Senate President, Senator Ken Nnamani and former Gov. Sullivan Chime entered APC, people expected them to close ranks with Federal Government top functionaries to change the political dynamics of Enugu State, from a one-party State, which has not done anything meaningful for the people and residents of the State.

But they were unable to do it.

So we are doomed to one party and a governor who believes that all Enugu State is in his hands, because anything he does, people will jump and sing his praises.

It started with former gov of Enugu State, Senator Chimaroke Nnamani with his Ebe Ano political clique. Once you don’t belong to the clique, you are nothing and nobody in Enugu politics.

Then came Sullivan Chime with his slogan
“Obu member nezie
Obu member nezie
Okpokpo member nezie ”. Once you are not acknowledged as a “member n’ezie”, then forget it. You are a foreigner in Enugu politics.

Came Gbururu and his “ashua azuma” and “enye ndi ebea enye ndi ebea” political memes. People thought this would translate to all-inclusive politics in Enugu State. But soon, we all learnt the real meaning.

It meant the governor personally picking forms and sharing to people based on his personal choice. Not on popularity or people’s choice.

Nobody had the guts to protest. Even the PDP which started its primaries today is still following the same system though the governor is being cautious now.

If Ugo Agballah did not destroy this ignoble political system in Enugu politics,people like Senator Ike Ekweremadu, Barrister Nwabueze Ugwu and many others can not come out boldly to bare their minds.

Ben Nwonye, former Chairman of the only opposition party in Enugu State, stayed aloof and comfortable as state party chairman while things were going wrong in Enugu politics. Some people even said he was in the governor’s pay roll but I cannot substantiate the allegation.

The NLC Enugu State is worse. Mere government lap dog, sleeping endlessly after a fat meal, oblivious of thousands of retired civil servant yet to get their gratuities and pensions for many years, the worst scenario in all the 36 States.

I have been expecting the governor to invite the president to Enugu State as most of his colleagues have done. I ask myself, apart from the over orchestrated Abakpka Nike flyover, which has just been completed what other people-oriented projects are there for the president to commission in nearly eight years of his administration?

If there is strong opposition party in Enugu State, the governor would have been on his toes.

This is why people are happy at the coming of Ugo Agballah, who has come to destroy the one party system in Enugu State and open the way for competitive politics which will change the face of Enugu politics in terms of economic development and accountability.

Mazi Omife I. Omife
Mbuze Mbaukwu

Politics / 2023 APC Presidential Primary Election: Akpabio Visit South East Delegates by Ikeczar(m): 10:45am On May 22, 2022

Ahead of the upcoming Presidential election of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and as one of the Presidential aspirants, His Excellency, Chief Godswill Akpabio, visited Enugu State yesterday 21/05/2022, for an interactive session with the Southeast party delegates.

On ground to receive The former Minister of Niger Delta affairs were The Enugu APC State Chairman, Hon Ugochukwu H Agballah, the Anambra state APC chairman, Chief Basil Ejidike, The southeast zonal women leader, Hon Mimi Uchenna Diyokeh, the representatives of the Abia and Ebonyi state chairmen, Southeast Zonal secretary, Chief Dozie Ikedife jnr, Prof Nick Eze, former Anambra state APC Governorship aspirant, Chief Azuka Okwosa and other State and party officials from Enugu, Anambra and Ebonyi State.

The former Minister and his entourage later proceeded to the Dome Event center to meet with the south east delegates.


Politics / Amaechi Meets South-East Delegates In Imo State, Canvasses For Vote by Ikeczar(m): 1:18am On Apr 30, 2022
Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the All-Progressives Congress (APC) in the southeast is re-engineered for victory. The governor of Imo state, Senator Hope Uzodinma disclosed this at the southeast delegates meeting while receiving the honorable minister of transportation, Rotimi Chibuike Amechi, who was in Imo State on a special visit to solicit support from the delegates. He, therefore, called on the party faithful to strengthen their commitment to consolidating the success already achieved.

In his speech, Hon. Chibuike Amechi appealed to the delegates to vote wisely in the presidential primary election. He noted that if given the mandate, his government would work with all stakeholders to ensure inclusiveness and accountability to the people. Mr. Amechi also noted that the government is working towards completing the ongoing construction and rebuilding of the railways to aid logistics, especially across the industrial hubs in the region.

Earlier in his welcome speech, the national vice-chairman, southeast, Dr. Ijeoma Arodiogbu expressed gratitude to the Imo State governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma for the excellent leadership of the party in the region, while calling on aggrieved members to return for reconciliation.

Other speakers at the event include the APC chairmen from the five states of Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, and Imo. The Enugu state chairman of APC, the Hon. Barr. Ugochukwu Agballah said the region is ready.

The event was well attended by the zonal and state delegates from the region, and high-ranking party stakeholders including Senator Dalhatu Sangari, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, Senator Abubakar Putari, Senator Andrew Uchendu, Senator Anyaogu Eze, Senator Sonny Ogborji, a former national auditor of the party, Dr. George Muoghalu, amongst others, who accompanied the presidential aspirant on the visit.


Politics / 2023: Group Raise N100m For Minister Nwajiuba To Purchase APC Presidency Form by Ikeczar(m): 5:59pm On Apr 25, 2022
Project Nigeria, a political pressure group, has gathered approximately N100 million for the Minister of State for Education, Hon. Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, to purchase the Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms for the All Progressives Congress presidential primary (APC).

In an interview with newsmen, Nwajiuba stated that he had been informed by the organisation that over 1,000 people had paid over N100 million to purchase the APC presidential forms for him.

The Minister, who expressed delight that the organization was able to raise the funds, stated that the outcome of his meeting with the Project Nigeria Group and other stakeholders throughout the country would determine if he would run for the coveted job.
"In my case, I have the unique chance of being pushed by a wide spectrum of Nigerians; young people and others from various regions of Nigeria, who are donating both money and time to advance this project," Nwajiuba said.

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