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Politics / Re: Amotekun Personnel To Carry Licensed Firearms — South-West Attorney Generals by immhotep: 7:40pm On Feb 09
Since Amotekun was launched I haven't heard the chant "no mans land"!!!
Some people have realised their folly?

Lzaa immhotep - ogini?
T9ksy will not be happy with you for mentioning no man's land grin

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Politics / Re: Igbos Picket Dr Ariyo's Office Over Hate Comments - Pics by immhotep: 5:35pm On Feb 09

Just admit igbo amaka jor
Cc immhotep GMBuharii ebenezar2020
T9ksy has been silent about amotekun.
I wonder whygrin

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Politics / Re: [b]buhari Orders Anti-oshiomhole State Chairmen To Sit Down[/b] And Keep Quiet by immhotep: 4:28pm On Feb 09

Ebenezar2020 our man kiss
As beloved as helinues cheesy cheesy

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Politics / Re: South East Governors Meet In Governor's House Enugu (pictures) by immhotep: 3:34pm On Feb 09
Lol, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu in attendance. grin

Whenever I see that name, something quickly comes to my mind grin

Politics / Re: [b]buhari Orders Anti-oshiomhole State Chairmen To Sit Down[/b] And Keep Quiet by immhotep: 3:17pm On Feb 09
kindly stay out of my mentions. abeg
Do you love us like helinues? kiss kiss

cc lzaa

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Politics / Re: [b]buhari Orders Anti-oshiomhole State Chairmen To Sit Down[/b] And Keep Quiet by immhotep: 3:13pm On Feb 09
Buhari can never allow Osho's efforts in APC to go in vain, do u know how indispensable he has played a part in the party's victories these recent times.
Obaseki is a goner

btw I just came up on nairaland after a while and saw close to 100 mentions by trolls.
immhotep lzaa and the rest of these guys pls I take God beg you kindly stay out of my mentions.
Mynd44 Lalasticlala Dominique Seun helinues please see to it that these unnecessary mentions are curbed cos it's always irritating.
Sai mama.

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Politics / Re: Why Buhari Didn’t Act On NASS Resolution To Sack Service Chiefs’ by immhotep: 2:21pm On Feb 09

Remove SARRKI, he has seen light, the rest especially the death meat and manna griller are still unrepentant.
grin grin grin

cc lzaa gmbuharii yarimo ebenezar2020 metaphysical

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Politics / Re: Why Igbos Are Known To Be The Wisest In Africa by immhotep: 2:02pm On Feb 09
Why The Igbos Are Known To Be The Wisest In Africa

The Igbo are the second largest group of people living in southern Nigeria. They are socially and culturally diverse, consisting of many subgroups. Although they live in scattered groups of villages, they all speak one language.

The Igbo have somewhat higher IQs than other Nigerians and there is more variation around the mean. That could explain the fairly large number of high IQ Igbos.

The Igbo man is that man that just after the years of genocidal attack on his region, his companies where seized up from him and was give to the Yoruba man to own it and run it as his own rightful ownership.

As if that was not enough, the Igbo man is that man that all his money in the bank were seized up, his millions and billions in the banks were all seized from him, and he was given only 20 pounds out of his own millions and billions, the Igbo man was told to start his life back just 20 pounds. tan

As if that was not enough, the market of the Igbo man that was known as one of the largest markets in Africa was brought down by the fire, all these happened to the Igbo man in the analog age.

The idea was to take away the Igbo man's right to survive from him but today the entire Igbos are still known to be the richest of all tribes, based on what history has to say about the attack on the entire existence of the Igbos and how each and everyone of them have individually made life better for themselves, you will be in total shock of not left with tears rolling down from your eyes, and I will not be surprised if you happen to be surprised about how come the Igbo man is doing much better than every other tribe in Nigeria.

IN FACT, it is now known that if you do not find an Igbo man in any particular part of the world, then there is no better way to know that there is no light or life in that place.

My dear friends, NIGERIANS and beyond, its a honor for you to have such people around you in your time, this is a good thing to write home about, to teach about, to document and to put in the mind of up coming generations.

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Politics / Re: Why Buhari Didn’t Act On NASS Resolution To Sack Service Chiefs’ by immhotep: 1:40pm On Feb 09

Say it on the mountain top that mannabbqgrills is a man without honor.
That is what sai babarism does to the masses grin grin

cc lzaa gmbuharii

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Politics / Re: Why Buhari Didn’t Act On NASS Resolution To Sack Service Chiefs’ by immhotep: 1:23pm On Feb 09

Mannabbqgrills is a man without honor
Yorubaprince and metaphysical must see this.

Cc GMBuharii greenback Adaibeku sarrki blackking98 ebenezar2020 afamed

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Celebrities / Re: Cynthia Shalom: ‘Why I Date Older Men. My Lover Is 17 Years Older Than Me’ by immhotep: 11:55pm On Feb 08

Wetin igbo wife no go cause grin
Sai IPOB grin

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Celebrities / Re: Cynthia Shalom: ‘Why I Date Older Men. My Lover Is 17 Years Older Than Me’ by immhotep: 11:43pm On Feb 08

Do what Mrs Mazi did in Maiduguri, Lzaa, prove you are a warrior....go and teach school in Gwoza and make Anambra proud of you. grin

To me Mrs Mazi is the real Igbo! grin grin

Im so proud of her. Did you watch the video? In fact, im going to open a new thread on this topic. I am so very proud of that woman. A real Igbo Amaka!

If i ever hear you or Immhotep shout Igbo Amaka again, mmmmttcheew....Amotekun will deploy to go and flatten Anambra.
grin grin
So you finally confess that Igbo amaka grin

Cc lzaa gmbuharii helinues omenka adaibeku

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Politics / Re: How Nigeria Would Have Looked Like If Ruled By The Dutch by immhotep: 11:31pm On Feb 08

They actually interacted more with Benin and the midwest.

Can you explain better ?
Slavery interaction
Politics / Re: How Nigeria Would Have Looked Like If Ruled By The Dutch by immhotep: 10:07pm On Feb 08
I grew up in Netherlands and have nothing but love for this country. This is one of the greatest civilizations ever built by visionary leaders. I feel sad anytime anytime I make a return to the homeland.
When the Dutch came to Nigeria, they brought slavery and oppression.

Long live race-mixing and diversity.

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Politics / Re: Governor Zulum Surprises Obiageri Mazi, Igbo Woman Teaching In Borno For 31Years by immhotep: 8:02pm On Feb 08
May Almighty Allah bless this woman, Mrs Obiageli. This is service!

Im glad Governor Zulum acknowledged her service and rewarded her. She is truly worthy of emulation.

Abia State should be proud of her, a good Ambassador.

This is what we want to see and hear.

Immhotep and Lzaa, I keep telling you, you guys are lazy. Follow her example, prove you are true Igbo warriors, go up there to Gwoza and make Anambra proud. Serve Nigeria. grin

Igbo Amaka!

Yarimo will not like this

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Politics / Re: Femi Adesina: Nigeria Would Have Been Dead And Gone If Buhari Wasn’t Elected by immhotep: 6:31pm On Feb 08
And we would've celebrated, popped Champaign,partied for 1 month........

Lzaa sarrki ebenezar2020 yarimo yorubaprince bastardmod greenback
There are three kinds of APC lies grin grin grin

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Celebrities / Re: Cynthia Shalom: ‘Why I Date Older Men. My Lover Is 17 Years Older Than Me’ by immhotep: 6:14pm On Feb 08
Rekhina Gandollaar immhotep LZAA i hope you guys are looking at this guy disturbing my mention

na him dey find my trouble now ooo
FrLukas is pained because he is missing RUGA grin grin

cc lzaa gmbuharii

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Politics / Re: DMGS Onitsha At 95- PICTURES by immhotep: 9:07am On Feb 08
On the celebration of the great Dennis Memorial Grammar School(DMGS), Onitsha at 95.
It is with great sense of humility, I will first of all commemorate by saying a happy 95th anniversary to our great citadel of learning, the great DMGS. Its my great pleasure as I let you all know the caliber of men that has passed through this great institution or should I say a dynasty?. Remembering some good number of old boys Vice Chancellors that passed through this great institution.

At 95, DMGS have produced seven(7) Vice Chancellors, starting from the first Igbo man to become a professor, who was also the first African to become a Vice Chancellor, also the first Nigerian to become a Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan and also the first Nigerian professor of history, he was no other person than the great Prof. Kenneth Onwuka Dike(Senior Prefect of DMGS 1936 and DMGS class of 1936). Other DMGS old boys Vice Chancellors include Prof. James O. C. Ezeilo(DMGS class of 1948 and the first Nigerian professor of Mathematics, former Vice Chancellor, University of Nigeria, Nsukka from 1975 to 1978, former Vice Chancellor Bayero University, Kano from 1978 to 1980).

Prof. Basil Oli(Senior Prefect of DMGS 1955 and DMGS class of 1955, former Vice Chancellor Anambra State University of Science and Technology, ASUTECH now Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka). Prof Gilbert O. Onuaguluchi(DMGS class of 1944, former Vice Chancellor University of Jos). Prof. Elochukwu Amucheazi(DMGS class of 1957, former Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor Anambra State University now Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, COOU). Prof. Ilochi Augustine Okafor(DMGS class of 1963, former Vice Chancellor Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka). Prof. Greg Nwakoby(DMGS class of 1980, the current Vice Chancellor of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, University, COOU).

The only school that produced the first Igbo man to become an Engineer(Civil Engineer), Late Engr. Isaac Iweka(DMGS class of 1930). The first Nigerian Military Medical Doctor, Late H.R.H Igwe Capt. Sir. Dr. Walter C. Eze(DMGS class of 1945). The first Nigerian common wealth Gold Medalist, Major. Emmanuel Ifeajuna(DMGS class of 1952). The first Nigerian professor of Pharmacology. The second Nigerian to become a principal, Samuel Onochie Ogoazi(DMGS class of 1939). Late Engr. Dr. Emmanuel Egbogah(DMGS class of 1961, the first petroleum Engineer in Nigeria and the former Special Adviser to the President on oil and gas).

DMGS have produced one Governor, Audu Ogbe, former Governor of Kogi State. Two deputy Governors, Chief. Abolle Okoyeagu(DMGS class of 1963, former deputy Governor of Anambra State) and Dr. Nkem Okeke(DMGS class of 1978, current deputy Governor of Anambra State).

At 95, DMGS have produced a good number of Anglican Bishops. In fact DMGS is the ‘House of Bishops’. The school that have produced so many episcopal brand, indeed DMGS has gone on to build an edifice of house of Bishops. Starting from Most Rev. B. C. Nwankiti, Bishop. L. M. Uzodike(DMGS class of 1951), Archbishop. J. A. Onyemelukwe(DMGS class of 1950), Bishop. R. N. C. Nwosu, Archbishop. Maxwell Anikwenwa(DMGS class of 1958), Bishop. Nweke Otubelu, Bishop(Prof) E. I. Iheagwam, Bishop. K. S. C. Okeke, Bishop. Udogu and Rt. Rev. Ndubuisi Obi(DMGS class of 1982).

DMGS have produced so many great encyclopedians like the great Dr. F. C. Ogbalu(DMGS class of 1944) who was the founder of modern Igbo language and culture. Late Justice J. P. Oki, former Chief Judge of old Bendel State. Late Prof. Wilson Onuigbo(DMGS class of 1945 and he was renowned professor of medicine). Late Prof.(Obi). Chukwuka Okonjo(DMGS class of 1945, he was a renowned Economist and Mathematician). Prof. Andrew W. Mellon, professor of African history, Harvard University. Edmund Ekwulugo, a retired Chief Magistrate. Prof. Alexander Obiefoka E. Animalu(DMGS class of 1958, emeritus professor of theoretical physics). C. O. Odiakosa, well known Agriculturist. Alfred Bovi, a retired Educationist. Theophilus R. Yirenki, a Ghanaian Pharmacist. Daniel Onwugbuzia, a retired custom officer. Dr. Ernest Nnaemeka Azudialu Obiejesi(DMGS class of 1978, the founder of Nest Oil, he is currently the biggest philanthropist). Justice T. C. Anomnachi. Dr. Tim Menakaya(DMGS class of 1955, former Minister of health), the great Dr. Dozie Ikedife(DMGS class of 1950).
DMGS have distinguished in all spheres of human endeavour and in the society. We are the Grammar School.

The school that produced a Senate President from a Southern State, Senators, Generals, Parliamentarians, Professors, First Class Academics, Engineers, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Pharmacists, Public Administrators, Priests, etc. The list is endless.

I profoundly appreciate the commitment and zeal with which DMGS old boys over the years have tackled matters concerning the great DMGS. The 'DMGS Old Boys Association' is the most active and effective old boys association. I must applaud us the dignitaries of the DMGS old boys for this immense contribution of the growth and excellence of the prestigious DMGS. The legacy left by the founding father's of this great association, huge resources were sought and ploughed into reconstructing, rehabilitating and rebuilding DMGS which was battered by the civil war.

The path-finders of the association, most of them of blessed memory who advocate, organized and pooled resources from willing old boys, should always be remembered and be seen as inspirers to where we are going today. This, starting from the first President General, late Barr. J. C. Anyaduba, late Dr. J. O. Onyeachonam, late Chief. Arthur Ozumba, late Sir. Engr. Gordon Egwuatu(DMGS class of 1948), Sir. Dr. Tim Menakaya(DMGS class of 1955), Sir. Barr. Goddy Agbasi, Sir. Engr. George Udezue, Sir. Engr. Gibson Okeke(DMGS class of 1965), and the current President General Sir. Dr. Eric Anazodo(DMGS class of 1972). Other front-end drivers include late C. U. Efobi, late H.R.H Igwe Capt. Sir. Dr. Walter C. Eze(DMGS class of 1945), late Barr. J. O. Akpojero, late Dr. Giwa Amu, late Hon. Justice J. A. P. Oki, late. L. A. C. Unachukwu, late Justice T. C. Anomnachi, late Hon. Dr. Emekekwue, late Sen. Emezie, late Dr. Igbogbahaka, late Most Rev. B. C. Nwankiti, late Dr. Harrison Okonkwo, Chief. Sir. Obi Ezegbo, Prof. Uchenna Megafu and Sir. Engr. Igweka Godson Uche(DMGS class of 1971).

When you talk about academic professors, DMGS have thousands if not millions of professors but I will mention but few like late Prof. Kenneth O. Dike(1936), late Prof. James. O. C. Ezeilo(1948), late Prof. Basil Oli(1955), Prof. Gilbert O. Onuaguluchi(1944), Prof. Elochukwu Amucheazi(1957), Prof. Ilochi A. Okafor(1963), Prof. Greg Nwakoby(1980), late Prof. Wilson Onuigbo(1945), Prof. Alexander Animalu(1958), late Prof.(Obi). Chukwuka Okonjo(1945), Prof. Ikechukwu A. Ekwealor(1973), late Prof. Meshach O. Umenweke(1964), Prof. Nnama M. Umenweke(1986), Prof. Buchi Offodile(1971), Prof. Eleazar Offodile(1957), Prof. Prosper Igboeli(1970), Prof. Mike Odi, Prof. Christopher C. Ifemesia(1945), Prof. Benjamin C. Osisioma(1970), Prof. Nwofor(1973), Prof. Uchenna Megafu, Prof. Nwajide(1961), Prof. Ebenezer Mbaekwe(1966), Prof. Reuben Nwobu(1965), Prof. Ogbalu, Prof. Okey Ikpeze(1971), Bishop(Prof). Iheagwam, late Rev. Prof. E. O. Ilogu, Prof. Nnamdi Oguno-Onuora(1983), Prof. C. I. Okpokwasili, Prof. B. C. Nwosu, Prof. F. E. Ikediugwu, Prof. Bertram Okolo, Prof. N. C. Nwankwo, Prof. Andrew W. Mellon and so many other Dengramite's professors.

I must commend the famous DMGS class of 1957, the only set that took up a plaque for the reconstruction of DMGS building after the Nigeria/Biafra civil war in 1970.
DMGS is the ‘primus inter pares’. At 95, DMGS have done great things. We therefore celebrate our dear alma mater and of course, to celebrate us. In the words of my brother, Prof. N. M. Umenweke(DMGS class of 1986), he states that ‘DMGS is no longer an institution, DMGS is now a dynasty’. Honestly, DMGS is more than a school. DMGS, our school of hope. What shall it profit a man who have everything and yet he didn't attend the great DMGS?.


We continue showing the light that is being embed in us. Proceeding to celebrate our centenary, we must have even greater achievements to commemorate. We are Dengramites, we show the light.
Thou whose Almighty word,
Chaos and darkness heard,
And took their flight,
Hear us we humbly pray,
And where thy gospel day,
Sheds not his glorious rays,
Let there be light.


Uchechukwu C. Muoneke, B.Eng.
Igbo amaka

cc lzaa gmbuharii ebenezar2020

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Politics / Re: Graduate Of London University Pose With Biafran Flag by immhotep: 10:02pm On Feb 07
grin grin grin grin

Biafra our beloved country...

God bless Biafra
Musachukwudi will not like this

Cc lzaa gmbuharii

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Politics / Re: South East Security Network Logo by immhotep: 9:50pm On Feb 07


Immhotep lzaa come and see ooooo
South East amaka

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Politics / Re: Okada, Keke Ban: Occupy Lagos Releases Rules For Tomorrow's Protest by immhotep: 9:37pm On Feb 07

Many miscreant from the Yeast grin

Immhotep Lzaa please come and join the protest abeg.
Lagos Lagos grin

Cc lzaa t9ksy helinues

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Pelosi Might Face Jail Term For Destroying Trump Speech (pics) by immhotep: 9:36pm On Feb 07

Deeply concerned self appointed minister of Igbo/American affairs lolsssssss

Lzaa immhotep
helinues our beloved grin

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Politics / Re: Grant Nnamdi Kanu Presidential Pardon To Attend Parents Burial - Ohaneze Youths by immhotep: 8:00pm On Feb 07

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Politics / Re: What Happened To The Sai Baba Slogan? by immhotep: 7:11pm On Feb 07
Because they discovered that their baba is actually a barbarian and they're too ashamed to hail him with Sai Barbarian!
Chai grin


Politics / Re: What Happened To The Sai Baba Slogan? by immhotep: 7:10pm On Feb 07
Prior to the Year 2015 which the general election took place, The Nigerian atmosphere was filled with shout of Sai baba in every corner of the Country especially in the North, as Pmb was seen as the messiah of Nigeria that will correct the ills going on in the country.

It was a general belief before the emergence of Buhari as the C In C that the day he ascend the No 1 seat in the country that will be the end to all the Challenges facing Nigeria, ranging from Insecurity,Corruption,Job unemployment,epileptic power supply etc.

Contrary to the above, the hope of the common man has been dashed, nothing has improved under his administration. The level of Insecurity now is ten times more than it used to be even the fight against corruption is one sided, the state of the Nation's economy is in abysmal, exchange rate is in the highest since the history of Nigeria as a dollar is now equal to 360 Naira. I guess too much was expected of Buhari.

What Happened To the Sai BAba Slogan?

It has turned to Sai Mama grin

cc lzaa gmbuharii helinues omenka ebenezar2020 blackking98

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Politics / Re: We Are Not Igbo– Dr Ojieh, National President Izu Anioma. by immhotep: 3:38pm On Feb 07
Igbo amaka

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Politics / Re: Nura Aliyu Batsari: Ganduje Gifts Katsina Trekker N500k, Hajj Seat, Laptop by immhotep: 3:02pm On Feb 07
Kinda stuff that makes.the rounds in the zoo,wtf!

Lzaa musachukwudi sarrki blackking98

grin grin

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Politics / Re: Sheikh Abubakar Gumi Asks Buhari To Resign Over Insecurity, Praises Jonathan by immhotep: 2:03pm On Feb 07

Afamed wee want python dance
Buratai must hear this.

CC ebenezar2020 gmbuharii blackking98 helinues sarrki yarimo

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Politics / Re: Grant Nnamdi Kanu Presidential Pardon To Attend Parents Burial - Ohaneze Youths by immhotep: 1:58pm On Feb 07
Igbo amaka
Politics / Re: Sheikh Abubakar Gumi Asks Buhari To Resign Over Insecurity, Praises Jonathan by immhotep: 1:43pm On Feb 07
IgbereTV reports that famous Islamic leader and scholar, Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Gumi has condemned the present state of Insecurity witnessed in the country as a result of Boko Haram.

In the video below, he said that Nigeria has witnessed more death as a result of Boko Haram now than during the government of President Goodluck Jonathan. He blamed the current President, Muhammadu Buhari for Boko Haram attacks. He said Buhari's government is not committed to fighting insurgency as it should.

The Islamic scholar said the way he asked President Jonathan to resign over Boko Haram insurgency is the same way he is now asking President Buhari to resign, even with immediate effect as insecurity is getting worse.

Gumi who could not hide his feelings during the speech felt sorry for speaking against Jonathan.

He admitted that Jonathan's regime was more democratic as it affordable Nigerian citizens and journalists press freedom.

He also praised Jonathan for building 9 universities for the North and over 150 almajiri schools.

See video below


At his inauguration on 29 May 2015, Buhari pledged he would defeat Boko Haram and deliver greater security. Even though effort is currently being made to fight the insurgents, the group remains resilient.

Musachukwudi will now say that Gumi has joined IPOB.

CC lzaa gmbuharii blackking98 helinues sarrki yarimo

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Politics / Re: Arewa Youths Disown Shege Ka Fasa by immhotep: 1:19pm On Feb 07

Sai shege ka fasa grin
Sai One Nigeria grin grin grin

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