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Religion / Re: Notorious Insertion To The Bible 1 John 5 :7 by JMAN05: 1:18pm On Aug 21, 2020
Hey guys, here is an assignment for you

Open 1 John 5:7 in the KJV Bible and then other translations.

See the notorious fraud below:

King James Bible
For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.

New International Version
For there are three that testify:

New Living Translation
So we have these three witnesses—

English Standard Version
For there are three that testify:

Berean Study Bible
For there are three that testify:

Berean Literal Bible
For there are three bearing testimony:

New American Standard Bible
For there are three that testify:

Clarke's Commentary on the Bible says it is likely this verse is not genuine

But there's a curse in Revelations
Revelation 22:18-19
Nothing May Be Added
18 I testify to everyone who hears the words of prophecy in this book: If anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. 19 And if anyone takes away from
the words of this book of prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in
the holy city, which are described in this book.

Fortran12, who will get this curse in Revelations now?

The extra words are inserted. The KJV used the fraudulent manuscript to translate. They words are not genuine.

Of course, there are other insertions you can find in KJV. I don't know what you are getting at though.

The curse in the book of revelation is contextually for that book.

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Religion / Re: Who Is God? Enoch, The Book Of Enoch & The Anunnaki's by JMAN05: 10:18pm On Aug 17, 2020

You are quoting mythical adaptations of the Anunnaki story. Different cultures and religion from the world over have diluted and reinterpreted the Anunnaki story into myths and legends. The jews were not left out as they readapted the Anunnaki story into the Bible we have today.

The Sumerian text is clear and void of myths. The Sumerian texts is more of science. An account of ancient astronauts.

which one is sumerian text? after you read the text, come and check what i said above again.
Religion / Re: Who Is God? Enoch, The Book Of Enoch & The Anunnaki's by JMAN05: 5:04pm On Jul 26, 2020

That is very funny again and your comment is not logical because it has no proof. First of all the Sumerian texts and the Anunnaki's are not a myth. You can call Zeus, Sango and Panku myths but not the Annunaki's.

What concrete proof do you have of Jehovah guiding the writings of Moses? Who is Jehovah? What is Jehovah? Where you there when Jehovah guided Moses?

I think you need to research more on the Anunnaki's. Before we continue.

Sweet fresh water is known as Apsu, while salty bitter water is the goddess Tiamat. From these two inanimate things (Apsu and Tiamat), younger gods were born.

The young gods were loud and disturbed the sleep of inanimate fresh water (Apsu). It's vizier Mummu advised it and he agrees to kill the younger gods. Tiamat hearing of the plan went and warned Enki. Younger gods then put Apsu to death. From Apsu's remains, Enki creates his home.

Tiamat regrets the killing of Apsu by the younger gods, she became enraged. Now she aims to kill the younger gods......

Non living things called gods, has husbands, has children, fights, devices murder schemes, murders etc.

That doesn't sound real to me. It is clearly a myth. They are obviously writing about something on earth in a fanciful way. Maybe you should read the story yourself and check if it sounds like a real history.


Religion / Re: Who Is God? Enoch, The Book Of Enoch & The Anunnaki's by JMAN05: 12:00pm On Jul 18, 2020

This is the funniest thing I have ever heard in my life. Your comment, that an account or record that predates another doesn't make it more accurate than the former, is not logical.

A prehistoric account is more accurate than a later account because the events are still fresh in the memory of those who kept those records.

The record keepers of the prehistoric event could have experienced the event first-hand.

The Bible on the other hand which is a later account is the one prone to mythology and inaccuracy. This is due to the fact that the events being written about had happened many years ago and the memory of those accounts has become blurred.

Ok, let us start with the first book of the Bible, Genesis. If I can recall, the book of Genesis was said to be written by Moses (I stand to be corrected). Now just imagine a Moses writing about an Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Methuselah, Enoch, Noah just to mention a few. People who lived many thousands of years before him. How in the world can you trust in the integrity of such an account? How could he have possibly known exactly what happened at that time?

Let us say the information was passed down to him orally, we can rest assured the information that finally gets to Moses will be very inaccurate as we have seen with our African folklores, fables and Myths.

When it comes to information, first-hand information is always more accurate. There are no 2 ways about it.

It's very possible. The writers of those myths were the ones without the real information cos they were used by God to pen down what they wrote.

A story guided by Jehovah is the true story cos He saw everything that many of those myths writers didn't see. So it's not a case of who wrote later, it's a case of who guided the writing. Moses didn't just write of his own knowledge. Have you even read those myths? Does that sound reasonable to you? On the other hand, we have seen biblical characters u confirmed by current excavations.
Religion / Re: Who Is God? Enoch, The Book Of Enoch & The Anunnaki's by JMAN05: 11:58am On Jul 15, 2020

Meaning you don't know

Now you're assuming . Well Oral tradition still has a source . That means enoch had a book of prophecy

More assumption

More assumptions .

Very funny assumption and a lie. How come the scrolls are hundreds of years before Jesus was born. And are part ofndeas sea scrolls. And Are you aware Some of the contents in the book of enoch are also in the book of jasher?

No one knows the exact date the book was written. So I don't know why you are saying assumption here. You said the scroll is hundreds of years before Christ. How did u know that for sure? Scholars have not told us of any specific date. They did say it's either second or first century BCE. That being said, you are right if you say the book must have been written before the book of Jude. But if you say it with certainty as you did above, you are wrong cos no one is certain. Scholars don't have any specific date yet. The book doesn't either.

However, we do not know who wrote that book. It's not faithful Enoch. Enoch didn't live during second or first century BCE. He had died long before then. So, to think that Jude will ignore the use of Jewish Canon and use a book who we do not even know who wrote it is unthinkable. We ll look another way. Of course, I can't say how Jude got his account with certainty because Jude didn't tell us how he got his account. He didn't say he was quoting the book of Enoch which he normally would have done since he knows that his listeners will be confused seeing that he is quoting a book not in the Jewish Canon. If the story of Enoch prophesy was among what Jesus taught some disciples that was not written down, we don't know. It may be, it may not. We don't know. But it is possible. But we can't focus on the book of Enoch. No.

Oral tradition doesn't stem from a written source.

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Religion / Re: Who Is God? Enoch, The Book Of Enoch & The Anunnaki's by JMAN05: 9:00pm On Jul 14, 2020

The author of "The Book of Enoch" can be debated but that is not my focus. My focus is on the facts on the accounts in the book. The Sumerian text (Anunnaki accounts), The Book of Enoch and The Bible have similar accounts of events.

The Sumerian texts precedes them both, which makes the accounts of the Sumerian texts more superior and accurate than the Bible.

But all these books in total, don't reverence the True God. We have all been misled.

Being first to write doesn't make it accurate. The whole story in the Sumerian text is obviously mythology. The Bible is quite a different thing. The Bible comes off as the original account.

Mythology is sometimes borrowed from a real account. In some cases these are real historical facts that have been distorted over time. As such, it's often not logical and sometimes it just sounds funny, not sounding as reasonable. You see it turn earth, planet, water into a deity that interacts with another. This is what we see in those accounts. But with the Bible you could try to understand/guess few things that the story that those myths are trying to tell really is.

The Bible is quite different and shows itself to be the original account of facts. People that didnt serve God were not privy to the true story.

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Religion / Re: Who Is God? Enoch, The Book Of Enoch & The Anunnaki's by JMAN05: 8:43pm On Jul 14, 2020

Jud 1:15
And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, To execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.

Which scripture is jude quoting from?

That's an interesting question we should find the answer. The knowledge could have come through oral tradition or inspiration. But not from book of Enoch. Jude may have even written his account before that book of Enoch.

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Religion / Re: Who Is God? Enoch, The Book Of Enoch & The Anunnaki's by JMAN05: 10:13am On Jul 13, 2020

James quoted from the book of enoch chapter 2.

Peter also made reference to it. That does not validate the claims of the OP about God anyway

I don't know how u arrived at that. But Peter and James can't quote from a book they were not trained from childhood as inspired. That book was not part of the Jewish Canon.


Religion / Re: Who Is God? Enoch, The Book Of Enoch & The Anunnaki's by JMAN05: 10:09am On Jul 13, 2020

Go back and read about the Anunnaki's again, their account is far from mythology. Will you call the accounts of Enoch a myth too?

What reasons did your Jews in the time of Ezra give for removing the Book of Enoch from the Bible? Enoch is a well known and respected character in the Bible. Enoch was the grandfather of Noah.

It is very obvious from the little account of him in the accepted Bible, that he lived in a strange time and encountered strange beings. Even his own grand son Noah, was a strange being as Enoch gave a description of his grandson Noah.

Little wonder that strange being Noah, was tasked with the continuity of mankind after the great flood.

Enoch also spoke of the children of God (The Nephilim). The giants that roamed the Earth. These giants were offsprings from the union of "Those from the sky (The Anunnaki's)" and the daughters of men.

This account of the Nephilim (Giants), was captured by the accepted Bible, The Book of Enoch and The Sumerian Texts.

So why then will your Jews in the time of Ezra decide to throw The Book of Enoch out of the Bible and then, you now coming to call the accounts of the Anunnaki's a myth? Isn't there something wrong somewhere? Isn't it obvious you and your Jews from the time of Ezra have selectively avoided the facts?

The Anunnaki's account speaks clearly of a great flood all over the surface of the Earth. This flood which has been a topic of discussion for many years, has finally been scientifically proven. This and many more evidences in turn, has made the accounts of the Anunnaki's to become fact in all totality.

Speaking about a flood or sons of God as angels doesn't mean that the book is written by Enoch of the Bible nor is it inspired. This book is believed by most scholars to be written during the first century CE. Few said it is second century. Which ever one, it is clear that before that time, the Jewish Canon has been fixed. The book was not written before the time of Ezra. Ezra never knew any such book.

Such book may have been written by a Jewish Christian who himself knew what Jude wrote in his letter. Or it was written by a Jew of the second century BCE. A book having no inspiration can also be accurate in some of its histories. This should not make us reckon it as inspired.
Religion / Re: Who Is God? Enoch, The Book Of Enoch & The Anunnaki's by JMAN05: 11:13am On Jul 10, 2020
What was the explanation given by the Church for the removal of the "Book of Enoch" from the Bible? I'm sure they were afraid mankind will realize that who or those we have been praying to and calling God were simply advanced ancient astronaut's from another planet who visited the earth in the past.

Without a doubt, the Bible and the Quaran were adaptations from the Sumerian texts found in the lost civilization of Sumeria and dated over 12,000 years ago.

Surprisingly, the Book of Enoch gives similar accounts as to those by the Sumerian text's. They both speak of men from the heavens (Astronaut's coming down from spaceship's) which they referred to as fallen Angel's.

How would a man living thousands of years ago describe men coming down from space and going back up into space and driving with super fast aircrafts from continent to continent and planet to planet?

Mind you, the only thing he is accustomed to that flies are birds with wings. Therefore he can only depict these men from space as men with wings of birds. This is what has been passed down to generations after generations as Angels.

Now the Book of Enoch and the Sumerian texts describe how man was created by these advanced astronaut's (they were very knowledgeable in Bio Engineering). They tampered with or re-engineered our DNA to create man.

The book of Enoch and the Sumerian texts go on and on to the point where mankind took the Anunnaki's to be God and began worshipping them till date.

My concern is that through time immemorial, mankind didn't discover the true God. There are accounts of the Anunnaki's creating mankind but there was no mention of them creating the cosmos nor the universe.

Which means mankind ignored the God who created the universe and the Anunnaki's and rather went on to worship the beings He created.

The faithful Jews during the time of Ezra didn't identify the book of Enoch as one of the holy books.

The stories of anunnakis are mythologies. None of these are true. The story change from one culture to another.

The Bible accounts are not that way.

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Religion / Re: Born Of Water And The Spirit And The "Kai" Connection by JMAN05: 9:07am On Jul 03, 2020

I've been here off and on for a while so I understand what you are talking about. Despite that, there are things that can be discussed here.
This is more of a conversation that centers around how we parse certain texts and not necessarily a conversion conversation, so it's okay be discussed in the open. You have offered to show how you arrived at your interpretation and I'll very much like to read it. I'll in turn will probably give you reasons why I agree with some parts and disagree with others and some else can probably chip in from a different angle.
There's too much misinformation on the internet and the more respectful conversations that are public, the better.

Either way sir, I'll understand if you are not inclined to do so. It's perfectly okay

I will comment when it has to do with grammar as regards John 3:5. I think, there is no more reason to speak on that. There is no grammatical reason to input "the" before "spirit". It's all about doctrine. I won't make much issue about that cos that often happens in translations. What I won't agree is that Greek grammar supports it. It doesn't.

However, as to why "water" there refers to water baptism, I will prefer a private discussion. Without such, I assure you that there won't be an end to the tunnel. If you want to discuss that, let's make it private.
Religion / Re: Born Of Water And The Spirit And The "Kai" Connection by JMAN05: 1:06pm On Jul 02, 2020

I personally think an open forum is fine for a topic like this. It gives opportunity for others to chip in with other view points. I think as long as we all handle the conversation with grace, it should be fine.

No. I have been here for long. I ve observed that people are readily open to change when they think no one is seeing the conversation. Unlike when it is open, they are ready to argue to death even when the evidence is obvious. Why? Perhaps, they want to save face. They feel they ll loose if they accept in public. You will likely observe this later.

Secondly, there are chances of derailing the thread in a public discussion.

Pm works best. Trust me.
Religion / Re: Born Of Water And The Spirit And The "Kai" Connection by JMAN05: 10:47am On Jun 29, 2020

Ok so, firstly I was just chipping in to clarify that OP's use of the Granville Sharp's rule didn't apply in his scenario as he would be altering the text and it's grammar.

As for interpreting what Jesus meant with "born of water and Spirit". I do agree with the position that Jesus was reefing of OT motifs where water and spirit/wind are used symbolically to speak of the new creation/new kingdom ( Isaiah 44:3-5 , Ezekiel 36:25-27, 37:9-10). It fits with John's theology and Jesus's initial statement in verse 3 of the need to be born "from above"(Ánōthen: rendered as born "again" as that's how Nicodemus initially understood it).

Although the traditional view of "the water" symbolising baptism does hold some merit ,especially if you look at it from a cultural standpoint, I'm not really leaning towards it.

I see that place as referring to water baptism. Do you wish we discuss it? I will prefer a mail from you. Not public forum.
Religion / Re: Born Of Water And The Spirit And The "Kai" Connection by JMAN05: 10:36am On Jun 29, 2020

Well, you seeing it written as pneumatos is enough for me. You may need to do further research then on why we have inflexions and there effects on surrounding text.

Also I pointed to ask for your John 3 explanation because you refered me to it (as your other points).

All the same. My view of the text is expressed in OP explanation and jamesid29 last response.

I will rather then not add anything except there are contrary view expressed again.

Ok. There is no rule in grammar that supports the addition of definite article there. It's all about doctrine that made translators to add it. Nothing more.

Sharp's rule is obviously misunderstood. As for the meaning of John 3:5, I prefer a private discussion than this forum. You can PM me let's discuss that.
Religion / Re: Born Of Water And The Spirit And The "Kai" Connection by JMAN05: 10:54am On Jun 26, 2020

Firstly, you will need to recheck your interlinear well. You are likely using an interlinear that only use root words to represent all its inflexions when used. Eg. Most interlinear will use the word Theos even when it's inflexion such as Theo, Theou are used. You must use an interlinear that express the word in its original form not its root.

The word used there in its original Greek is pnuematos not pneuma. And I have clarified that earlier. You can use biblehub interlinear on this. Check their website and read the interlinear for John 3:5. That said.

Yes. That's the way it is in my interlinear too, but it all has the same meaning. Check the strong number. That's the point.

Secondly the other points you raised are doctrinal and looking at John 3:5 contextually, lexically and exegetically, you are likely not correct and I will subscribe to the OP interpretation.

The water is not a core discussion but refer to the spirit in that verse. Hence born of water will refer to the regeneration and newness by the spirit.

We talking grammatically now. From Greek grammar no definite article should be added to that "spirit". Translations add it cos of doctrinal bias. It is not there nor does Greek grammar suggest that it should be there. I have also gone forward to show instances of where the same Greek word occured in a translation where "the" was not added. Translators add it because of their personal understanding/bias. I'm not saying you should not accept the way they worded it. It's your choice, but I'm coming from the position of greek grammar.

If you want us to discuss the meaning of John 3:5, that's a different thing altogether.

I feel the op misunderstood Sharp's rule. That's what all these is about.
Religion / Re: Born Of Water And The Spirit And The "Kai" Connection by JMAN05: 11:11am On Jun 25, 2020

The word used there is pneumatos, it is an inflexion of pnuema. When pneumatos is used it is always expressed with the article "the" in landing language whether present or absent in the transiting language.

It must always be used in a definite term.
Hence when you see the word spirit pnuematos it usually translated as "of the spirit" or just "the spirit" when the article is absent.

Hence when the article is absent it will still be added in the landing language due to the grammatical functions of the word.

You can check other places it is used in the bible.

I think the word that appeared there is still pneuma (strong 4151). It is from root pneo (strong 4154). Please check it up.

It doesn't go with the definite article the way you said it. That article in John 3:5 is inserted based on doctrinal understanding/bias. It shouldn't be there if we follow Greek literally/grammatically.

The word also appeared in Luke 1:80; Matt 5:3. Check up a concordance. Definite article didn't appear in those places.

The fact is that even the other points I mentioned above shows the weakness of your premise.
Religion / Re: Born Of Water And The Spirit And The "Kai" Connection by JMAN05: 2:25pm On Jun 24, 2020
When does "kai" explain a preceding noun?

We need a little bit of grammar to unravel the Granville Sharp rule, especially copulative conjunctions, which is also known as additive conjunctions. Copulative conjunctions are words that join other words and indicate the relation of an additional information. Examples are "and", moreover, and "also". Also, "the" is the only definite article in English language.

The Granville Sharp rule states that when two singular common nouns are used to describe a person or thing, and those two nouns are joined by copulative conjunction, and the definite article precedes the first noun but not the second ( or the definite article precedes the second noun but not the first), then both nouns refer to the same thing or person.

As an illustration, consider the sentence:

Yesterday, I saw the founder and the sponsor of the city football club, Mr. Columbus.

The definite article "the" is used twice, before both founder and sponsor. It's clear that Mr. Columbus is founder from the statement above, but the sponsor could be a different person.
Thus, it is not certain if Mr. Columbus is both the founder and the sponsor of the football club.

However, this uncertainty is eliminated in the following reconstruction:

Yesterday, I saw the founder and sponsor of the city football club, Mr. Columbus.

In this case, the definite article “the” is used once, before the first noun. Therefore, Mr. Columbus is both founder and sponsor of the city football club.

In summary, The Granville Sharp rule can be stated as-

Definite article + singular noun + copulative conjunction + singular noun= the same person or thing.

Or in some cases-

singular noun + copulative conjunction + definite article + singular noun = the same person or thing.

We’ll now begin to apply this rule to some Bible verses that are often erroneously taught or understood.

“John answered, saying unto them all, I indeed baptize you with water; but one mightier than I cometh, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire:”
‭‭Luke‬ ‭3:16‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Notice here that the noun "fire" is not preceded by "the". Therefore, The Holy Ghost and fire mean the same thing.
Fire is a figure of the purification of sin.

I think you are missing something, or perhaps you put me through.

Sharp's rule apply

1. When the object of discreption refers to persons, not things.

2. When the definite article precedes the first noun, not second noun. (Pls post the full rule. When I checked, I didn't see the rule apply to the second noun).

However, when I checked, the definite article didn't even appear before any of the nouns in John 3:5. (Check interlinear)

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Religion / Re: Even some Non Christians Will Make Heaven by JMAN05: 4:07pm On May 02, 2020
you are wrong on this,i want to do my findings before talking about it

Have you done your research on the topic? What was your findings?


Religion / Re: Even some Non Christians Will Make Heaven by JMAN05: 4:04pm On May 02, 2020

What does it mean to be born again? Can someone believe the truth of the Gospel without being a regenerate?

Also, how do you know that they weren't born again?

Jesus did explain what he meant by being born again. John 3:5 said that the person must be born from water and spirit. I understand these to mean water baptism and baptism by God's holy Spirit as what happened in the first century clearly shows.

Not all went through that process. The ancient servant of God before Christ came didn't go through any baptism and they did not receive the outpouring of the holy spirit during Pentecost. So this persons cannot be called born again Christians. In fact they are not even Christians since Christianity started after Jesus appearance on Earth.

They would however, gain eternal life. psalm 37:29 shows that they will inherit the Earth and they will live forever on it. Those going to Heaven will rule over them. (Rev 5:10)

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Religion / Re: Even some Non Christians Will Make Heaven by JMAN05: 3:37pm On May 02, 2020
@ bolded the incorruptible seed is the word of God.

To be born of God is to be born of water and the Spirit.
The water is not water baptism but the word of God, which is the gospel of Jesus death and resurrection.

To be born of the Spirit is to have the Spirit of Jesus Christ residence in him.

Water baptism is just symbolic of the real baptism.

Hearing the word is one thing but recieving the word with faith is another.

Hebrews 4:2
For unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them: but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.

You see for one to be born of the word, he or she needs to receive it with faith.

I don't understand? I thought you said that the instrument for the new birth is only the word of God which is in agreement with the way you interpreted 1st Peter 1:23?

So if I understand you very well,you are now saying that the instrument for the new birth include the word of God and the spirit of Jesus? And if so is that still in line with the 1st Peter 1:23 quoted, because you seem not to support the fact that the holy Spirit is included in that 1st Peter 1:23?

Are you also saying that water is not involved in the new birth that it is only a symbol that one has gotten the new birth? If yes, do you have any scriptural support for this?

Please clarify.

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Religion / Re: Even some Non Christians Will Make Heaven by JMAN05: 5:38pm On May 01, 2020

John 14:3
And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

If you are not born again you cant see the kingdom of God.

John 3:3
Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

The water here does not mean water baptism it means the word of God.

1 Peter 1:23
Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.

Only those who belong to Jesus will eventually live forever, no hope for those who died without faith in Jesus, they are perish.

Yes, faith in Jesus is essential for salvation as you said.

I appreciate your point. In that 1st Peter 1:23, the incorruptible seed is God's holy spirit. And that is not far from what Jesus was saying in that John 3:5. Someone receiving a new birth undergoes water baptism afterward he receives God's holy spirit. That completes he's being born again.

Yes, God's word is a product of his spirit so the word can do some cleansing on believers. However, the water and spirit cannot all refer to God's word the Bible.

Why not? Because if the two refer to God's word then nicodemos must be viewed as a born again Christian because he has heard the word both from the synagogue and even from Jesus himself. many two have heard the word yet they choose not to believe in Jesus. Can we then say that they are still born again Christians since they have heard the word?

Consider what happened on Pentecost. many heard the word. however, they got baptized and later received God's holy spirit. So granted, hearing the word is essential, however without baptism and receiving the holy spirit we can't say that one is a born again Christian. You will agree with me that some may have also heard the word of during that day but they did not get baptized.

What do you think?

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Religion / Re: Even some Non Christians Will Make Heaven by JMAN05: 6:47pm On Apr 29, 2020

What does it mean to be born again? Can someone believe the truth of the Gospel without being a regenerate?

Also, how do you know that they weren't born again?

If you go through that book of John 3:5, it says that it means being born from water and spirit. Water is for water baptism and spirit is baptism by the holy spirit.

None of the servants of God prior to Jesus coming knew anything about that. That was why Nicodemus was confused.

They aren't going to heaven. David mentioned another hope available at Psalm 37:9,29.

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Religion / Re: How We Can Curb Sexual Immorality In Our Society by JMAN05: 1:53pm On Apr 29, 2020
Treating sexual immorality in general in which fornication(premarital sex), adultery(extra-marital sex), masturbation, pornography etc are included.
Human sexuality is so explicit and complex that we need to deal with it from within. Indecent dressing live on the street and on social media is the greatest influence of these things, also the evolution of adult film industry sealed the fate of mankind. Man for instance was created with a constant sexual feeling, this sexual feeling is low when there is no erotic image and high when there is, so in order to suppress this feeling, we need to minimize our activities on social media, we need to sensitize the female to dress decently if not we will all rot in hell with our religious sentimentality because 95% of youths are guilty of this.

NB: It is not easy to preach what you are guilty of if you have a strong conscience �

Feel free to add your own contributions

The film industry contribute much to this sexual depravity. Women are affected by what they watch, that's why they dress the way they do. If one has to control his urges, he or she should beware of what film he watches.

Another killer pornography. This sends a picture in ur head that keeps tempting you. Cases of sexual immorality cannot be curbed in our society, it will only keep on getting messier, as pleasure will be the bane during this last days. 2tim3:1-5.

Until we stop watching and viewing this things, we will not get rid of sexual immorality. Another madness is music videos. Some think it does not affect them. That is a lie, it does.

We should beware of what we feed our minds with. Phil 4:8.


Religion / Re: True Men Of God Don't Take On Titles by JMAN05: 1:24pm On Apr 29, 2020
Thank you op.

Matt 23 shows Jesus condemnation of religious titles.

Even when his disciples like Paul use the word apostle, they never view it as what must go with there names as title does. Apostle was just identifying their assignment as sent out ones by Jesus himself.

Check official records of this haughty men and see whether you ll see them address themselves or accept a letter not bearing their titles. By their fruit, you shall know them... They lack humility.

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Religion / Re: How Did The Sin Of Adam And Eve Make Other Animals Become Violent? by JMAN05: 1:04pm On Apr 29, 2020
In the Bible, it is stated that Adam and Eve committed sin against their creator.

However, soon as Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, it seemed like other animals automatically changed too.

We saw that:
=>>the serpent was punished to crawl forever on their bellies... A specific punishment for an actual sin committed by the serpent in the deceit process.

==> We saw that both Adam and Eve also received specific punishments for their sins.

However, we don't get to see the specific punishments meted out to other animals including birds, dishes and Tree's. Yet, for some reason, the sin of Adam and Eve changed the lives of other animals from peaceful animals to violent ones, including turning to vicious inanimate things like Covid-19, viruses, bacteria, etc.

So, Sharks, Alligators, Crocodiles were once sweet loving animals before Adam and Eve sinned and they turned to vicious predators?

What sin did other animals commit?

Evidently Satan had the curse, not literal serpent.

The actions of men towards the animals may have caused the violent reaction of many animals today.

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Religion / Re: Even some Non Christians Will Make Heaven by JMAN05: 12:35pm On Apr 29, 2020
you are wrong on this,i want to do my findings before talking about it

Pls do. Factor this in ur finding too: Psalm 37:9,29.


Religion / Re: Even some Non Christians Will Make Heaven by JMAN05: 12:22pm On Apr 29, 2020

The Gospel has been proclaimed right from the fall of Adam. Christ is the promised seed of the woman, which shall crush the head of the serpent. the Gospel is typified in the ceremonial laws of the Jews. They showed their faith in the Christ which was to come, by laying their hands on the sacrificial goat, confessing their sins on it and then killing it. showing that someone is coming who would take their sins upon his head. so, the old testament saints and the patriarch even before the mosaic institutions were saved by faith the Christ which was to come. we, now are saved by faith in that Christ which has come.

But they were not born again. John 3:3. That only existed when Jesus came. So aren't going to heaven. That does not mean they won't gain eternal life.

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Religion / Re: Even some Non Christians Will Make Heaven by JMAN05: 12:13pm On Apr 29, 2020
Do you believe as a Christian that some non Christians will make heaven as well?I remembered when one of our senior pastor once told us that being a Christian does not guarantee you heaven and that some non Christians will make heaven as long as they are good and obedient to God.Do you think He's right?

Heaven is for those chosen by God to be there. And this must believe in Jesus. They must be born from water and spirit. John 3:3.

Those servants of God before Christ are not going to heaven. They will spend eternity here on earth.

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Religion / Re: Nigerians Misunderstood My March 27 Prophecy On Coronavirus" –TB Joshua Cries Ou by JMAN05: 12:02pm On Apr 29, 2020
Nigerians Misunderstood My March 27 Prophecy On Coronavirus" –TB Joshua Cries Out

Prophet TB Joshua, the founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) has lamented that his prophecy stating that the deadly Coronavirus would end March 27, 2020 was misunderstood by “Nigerians.”

SCOAN General Overseer had revealed during a church sermon last month, that the pandemic will be over by the end of March.

“This month, 27th, it will be over, by the end of this month, whether we like it or not, no matter the medicine they have produced to cure whatever, it will go the way it came,” the cleric had said.

Similarly, on March 1, 2020, the Prophet predicted that there would be showers of rain across the country that would “wipe away the fear of the unknown.”

In his post on social media network, Facebook, Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua made a prophetic declaration that the Lord had revealed to him that there would be rainfall that would eventually wipe away the deadly coronavirus disease.

Prophet TB Joshua indicated that after he had the revelation, he specifically pleaded with the Lord to make the rainfall start from Wuhan, China, where the first case of coronavirus was recorded, adding that the rain is expected to continue for a whole week.

However, with no sign of the pandemic ending on March 27 as predicted by the clergyman, Nigerians took to the micro-blogging site, Twitter to berate Prophet TB Joshua over the March 27 coronavirus prophecy.

Reacting to the backlash from Nigerians over the prophecy, Prophet TB Joshua fine-tuned his prediction, saying he what he meant was that the virus would vanish spiritually by 27 March.

His words: “I meant coronavirus would vanish spiritually the same way it came. As I speak, the virus is no more in the spirit realm.“I didn’t specify so why would people conclude I meant physically. Men of today lack understanding.

“Instead of taking time to understand the context in which something was said, they are always quick to judge,” he said on Sunday.

So, why didn't you specify it was spiritually you meant during the prophesy? Why didn't you speak up when newspapers and social network started broadcasting the predictions before that 27th March? Why didn't you say that they are broadcasting it out of context? What have we to do with the spiritual anyway? Why didn't you announce a spiritual coronavirus when it emerged there? But now you are telling us the disappearance of it spiritually? Why are we still seeing coronavirus cases since it has vanished spiritually?

This false prophets! Or rather business men.

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Religion / Re: Major Facts And Figures About The Bible You Should Know by JMAN05: 11:16am On Apr 29, 2020
I believe Paul wrote the book of Hebrews. It is true that some don't agree, but I believe he is the one evidently.

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Religion / Does The Church I Attend Matter? by JMAN05: 10:47am On Apr 29, 2020
'Church won't take you to heaven.' 'In heaven, God will not ask you which church you attended'. 'Be spiritual, not religious, your church doesn't matter, what matters is your heart, after all there are good people in every religion'.

Does that sound similar to what you ve said before? Perhaps you had to say that to someone who finds fault with your church, or who advise that you change your faith. You are not the only one with that opinion. Many who believe it favor non-denominational churches or ministries. They inter-faith with others of different faith. However, what does the Bible say? Does church matter?

At Matt 7:13,14, Jesus spoke about two roads. One leading to life and the other leading to death. Some may posit that the two roads and two gates refer to two types of humans - righteous and unrighteous people - That the bad people are much more than the righteous. But how can that be, if the broad road refers to bad people, how can bad people also go in through it? It's like in Maths, you say let X represent water pipe, and let Y represent water. Then we still come and say water will go in through Y. Is that logical? You can only say Y will go in through X.

Therefore, we can say that the two roads represent true and false religion. Many are in through the false religion, while few are FINDING the true religion. Ok, but that should refer to false religions like Islam, Traditional religions, Hinduism etc. Well, Jesus words continuous, after speaking of false prophets and the good and bad tree, in verses 21-23, he continued.

He said:

"Not everyone saying to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter into the kingdom of the heavens, but only the one doing the will of my father who is in the heavens will. 22. Many will say to me in that day: 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many powerful works in your name? 23 And then I will declare to them: 'i never knew you! Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness!'.

From the above words of Jesus, we can agree that he was even specifically talking about Christian religion (The good and bad trees). He was contextually positing that false Christian churches will abound, many will flow into it.

Someone will say, 'this refers to those who do the work of God, but they don't live by Bible principles. God can use a pastor, even though the pastor is into sin'. But did we notice what Jesus said above? He said he NEVER knew them. Meaning that God has not been using them all along. 'But' someone may inquire, 'my pastor doesn't use charms, nor any talisman, but he performs many miracles by God's name'.

Yes, Jesus says such people will exist, they will perform powerful works by Jesus name. But Jesus doesn't use them.

But can't I be in such a church and still follow my Bible?

Can we consider that next..

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Religion / Re: If Churches Reopen, Coronavirus Will Be Crushed – Chosen Pastor Lazarus by JMAN05: 6:19pm On Apr 26, 2020

How many worshippers today can afford data for all these??

How many worshippers will actually want to use their data for online videoconferencing??

How many people actually read their Bibles except during weekly service or Sundays??

Let's face reality. The problems of these country have eaten up a lot of people that they only read their Bibles or have time for God except when they are in church....

Or you think Nigerians are genuinely born again??

They can. Let the churches use their tithe money and get data for them. Or they have a show center of small size with social distancing. Then a screen will be mounted for them to view. Let them not pay more tithe rather use it to buy data. If you don't have join ur member nearer you and maintain social distancing in their house.

The church can sponsor it too. Many of them have too much money to sponsor this. What we see are people who are only interested in filling their pockets with members donations and tithe money.

Maybe you think coronavirus is a joke. I just don't know what you talking about. Do you feel happy to see thousands die? Are you guys blind or something? If you think you want to heal. Stay at home, heal at least one full hall of a single isolation center, then the FG will listen to you when you want to reopen ur church building.

Let me tell you, for true worshipers, a building can't stop the worship of their God. It is only false worshipers that can't worship without a church building. True worshipers worship in spirit and truth.

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