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Romance / Re: Men Over 33 Years Old Should Be Arrested by Nairalander248: 4:03pm On Feb 20
Men who are over 33 years of age and unmarried should be arrested. They are a time bomb waiting to explode and always prone to participate in several crimes.

They have refused to help their society and take a wife and care for women in order to reduce ladies stress and misdeed in the society.

Men control the society and the world at large and not we women. Men who are unmarried at over 33 are always irresponsible both spiritually and physically.

The moment men decide to change their life and grow with a woman, financial progress surface because they start to see why a man should work hard, be responsible and care for others.

Men over 33 and unmarried are a menace. They are always stucked to themselves masturbating. Instead of them to leave their room and go out there, look for a woman they can be climbing as NATURE has commanded it. You cant fight NATURE, you'll endup destroying yourself. There is a reason life is Designed this way
Is your ex 33 grin

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Romance / Re: We Women Are A Beast Of Burden by Nairalander248: 4:03pm On Feb 20
Women always carrying something.
When we are going out, we are never complete without a bag. That bag isn't considered a burden but when you think about it, it's a load.

If you don't allow a woman to carry a purse when she's going out, she will feel inconvinient.

The moment a girl gets to an age, she'll feel the urge to carry something. Then she feels happy when she see the neighbors child playing on the floor. It's nature kicking in.
Natrue made women a beast of burden
She will be seen carrying a baby on her back or holding close to her chest.

Men can't carry objects on their head without holding it to achieve stability. But for women, she can work a long distance with heavy objects on her head without having to hold it. It won't fall
Beast of burden

Always want to carry something.

I have seen ladies with natural beauty and carry nothing while going out coz she's contented and satisfied with her beauty, na ladies wey need extra things to add to their faces dey carry makeup for bag.

U born come see as women carry bag, u no ask questions, you come follow carry am Waka.
Politics / Re: Igbos Celebrate The Hardship In The Country, Demand 8 Years For Tinubu - Pics by Nairalander248: 3:56pm On Feb 20
Only a mumu that knows nothing about economy will say Tinubu is not performing well... When I sit down and analyze every steps that Tinubu has taken, I come the conclusion that the man is on the right track.

Is either Tinubu return the subsidy, borrow more money and leave the suffering to the next generation


He remove subsidy.... get money to run government by Increasing the internally generated revenue and pass the prosperity to the next generation.

Tinubu decision may be hard to for some citizens to beat especially low income citizens but I believe that Tinubu will increase the minimum wage soon.

The other, problem that Tinubu is facing is insecurity and Floating Naira.... That 2 problems come in the same direction and Tinubu is already tracking it.

Tinubu has declared war against Insecurity by creating a force called FOREST RANGERS that will be combing our forest.

He is also planning to create state police... If insecurity is defeated, Farmers will go back to farm and produce foods for the citizens.

Tinubu has increased state allocations by 41percentage to encourage more infrastructure in every states.

It's only with good infrastructure that food can circulate and building of local production will be possible.

If local Production is possible.... Economy will be diverted from OIL... AND Naira will start gaining weight.

How do you feel after saying these? cheesy


Travel / Re: I Finally Quit Bolt After Third Week For Unlawfully Suspending My Account by Nairalander248: 3:53pm On Feb 20
You even sound so rude, you deserved to be suspended again and again undecided

I book bolt very well so I know your type. You are the type of driver that nag to their passengers over little things as if you were forced to carry the passenger for free undecided


Hey Jennyclay saw you at the bank half naked today, are you good? grin


Education / Re: How Many Triangles Are There? Only The Highly Genius Will Pass This Test! by Nairalander248: 12:03pm On Feb 20
Are you ready to challenge your brain and put your visual skills to the ultimate test? We bring to you a mind-boggling puzzle that only the highly genius people can solve this accurately.


Cc: mynd44
Fashion / Re: See What This Lady Wore To The Bank That Sparked Outrage (pic, Video) by Nairalander248: 12:01pm On Feb 20
A routine visit to the bank turned contentious when a customer voiced disapproval of another's attire, deeming it unsuitable for the setting. The incident stirred debate online, with opinions divided on the boundaries of appropriate dress in public spaces.

Does She Have the Right to Wear Whatever She Feels Like in Public Places?

what if she has sold everything or no get money to buy pant?? sad

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Career / Re: Nigeria’s Unemployment Rate Rises To 5% – NBS by Nairalander248: 12:00pm On Feb 20
Nigeria’s unemployment rate surged to 5.0 per cent in the third quarter of 2023 from 4.2 per cent in the previous quarter, the latest Labour Force Survey revealed on Monday. The labour force participation rate measures the share of a country’s working-age population that is in the labour force.

even the NBS data are not reliable......

Do they mean 50% or is it my eyes?

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Education / Re: Nwabali's Chippa United Is A Small Team Despite The Nigerian Noise (LOG PICS) by Nairalander248: 7:50am On Feb 20

Only in boastful Nigeria. In SA he's nothing.

E dey pain you??

Argentina world cup winning team goal keeper and best tournament goal keeper is playing in Aston Villa. They were 7th Position last season. So rest

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Fashion / Re: Girl Who Stands At 6ft2inches Shares What Life Is Like For Her (pics/video) by Nairalander248: 4:24pm On Feb 19

Always talking from your anus. undecided

They are always angry like this one cheesy


Politics / Re: Sylvanus Namang: Gunmen Kill Plateau APC Publicity Secretary by Nairalander248: 7:02am On Feb 19
do your worst
may Nigeria never happen to you. Amen
Politics / Re: Sylvanus Namang: Gunmen Kill Plateau APC Publicity Secretary by Nairalander248: 9:59pm On Feb 18
Every member of apc is suppose to be hiding now. I dnt need to tell you why, a word is enough for the wise

You are posting your phone number and be posting implicating comments... Okay ooh


Politics / Re: Arewa Begs East To Join Protest Against Rising Cost Of Living by Nairalander248: 8:25pm On Feb 18
Arewa begs East to join protest against rising cost and bad governance. They excluded west where Tinubu comes from.


They are the west
Business / Re: See The Amount My Daddy Bought 10bags of Cement 32yrs Ago (see Here) by Nairalander248: 1:22pm On Feb 18
He bought 10bags of cement at rate of #700

Mean 1 bag #70 shocked shocked

Do you think is possible to happen again in nigeria?

fergie001, Mynd44, OAM4J Seun Nlfpmod

Then was the same amount now

Just do this little calculation

How much was your dad salary then, how much is the salary of your dad's post now and calculate how much the salary would buy the cement now and then grin
Family / Re: Please How Do I Recover My Money From First Bank (pictures) by Nairalander248: 11:44pm On Feb 17
How do i go about that pls

Like how much will it cost

Lawyer na
Family / Re: Please How Do I Recover My Money From First Bank (pictures) by Nairalander248: 3:16pm On Feb 17
But i haven't been active with the accounts reason for the huge sms debit alert according to them.

So where did the accumulated sms alert come from?

If the mistake is from them, sue them ooh, they will pay you in millions 😁
Family / Re: Please How Do I Recover My Money From First Bank (pictures) by Nairalander248: 9:49pm On Feb 16
Does that justify the 18k sms charge of less than 4 years?

Credit alert = 4naira
Debit Alert = 4 naira

My account does average of 150debit/credit a month

So I pay average of 600naira a month for sms charges, that's 600 x12 = 7200x4yrs = 28,800. If his account is a busy account he can pay more than that.

He can get his statement of account, check to confirm though.
Family / Re: Please How Do I Recover My Money From First Bank (pictures) by Nairalander248: 5:48pm On Feb 16
How is it my fault that they had to wait three years to debit all at once?

Most times the code fails and most times customer doesn't have money in the account during the time system suppose to debit grin
Politics / Re: GOOD NEWS | Price Control Board Has Been Established By Tinubu's Government by Nairalander248: 2:40pm On Feb 16
GOOD NEWS | Price Control Board has been established by Tinubu's Government

FCT, Abuja - President Bola Tinubu has said his administration will not set up any board to regulate prices of food commodities in the country.

The president's comments come days after vice president, Kashim Shettima, hinted at plans to establish a national commodity board to tackle the escalating food inflation in Nigeria.
Shettima reportedly said this when he declared open a two-day meeting on climate change, food systems, and resource mo
mobilisation in Abuja.

Don’t Blame Tinubu”: Igboho Explains to Sultan Why Economic Hardship Won’t Vanish Overnight

Hardship: Nigerian Govt to Establish Price Control Board? Tinubu Speaks
Friday, February 16, 2024 at 9:08 AM
by Ridwan Adeola
President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has ruled out the possibility of setting a commodity price control board
This is as prices of food and commodities continue to soar amid the economic hardship in the country


The truth is that Nigeria Leader is using Nigeria to do T&E, Trial and Error.

Nigeria Leader should use Chatgpt to ask questions how to get us out of this economy if they don't have a sensible someone out there as an adviser

They don't know that When prices are fixed below market equilibrium, it can result in shortages as suppliers are unwilling to produce or sell goods at a loss. This can create black markets, where goods are sold at higher prices illegally...

If you buy raw materials and project your profit to be 20% on top overall cost and you are now getting 5% coz of price regulations, will you produce again? undecided

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Family / Re: Please How Do I Recover My Money From First Bank (pictures) by Nairalander248: 2:29pm On Feb 16
On Wednesday this week (Valentine's day) I experienced wickedness in it's purest or should i say unpurest form

A client I've been doing some work for since January this year finally paid me my wages ( about 50k). I kept thanking God because that was the only money in my account i swear. I was DEAD broke

The greatest shock of my life came when i checked my balance after receiving the alert.

What i saw startled me to my bone marows.

The sum of 18000 ( eighteen thousand naira) was removed from my account. I immediately called the customer care around 11 PM that same day after transferring the remaining balance to my Opay

Luckily i was able to connect with one. He told me that the reason for the withdrawal was because i was debited all the cost of sms alert charges since 2021 till date that amounted to the 18k.

I wasn't having any of that. The next day (yesterday) i went very early to the bank and made the same complaint. The cashier there directed me to the customer care.
The customer care also said the same thing and confirmed it from her system that the 18k withdrawal was from the accumulated sms charge since 2021 and showed me my history which corroborated with what they were saying.

I almost ran mad. I didn't know when i raised my voice out loud till the security ushered me out.

Right now I'm devastated and broken. Because most of the money i was to use to service some loans and feeding.

Right now i really don't know what to do.

How can i recover my money please. I have almost lost my mind.

Someone help me out with suggestions please. I take God beg you.

Edit: some of the debit recorded in the app. First Bank doesn't allow screenshot

Bank should take charges monthly make e no dey pain person.

Nothing you go do bro, it was contain in that T&C you never read but you signed.
Romance / Re: But Why Is Chinese Fried Rice £5 but Jollof Rice £19?? by Nairalander248: 2:23pm On Feb 16

Bro..fish n chips is £2
Kebab * chips is £4
Fried rice is £6
Chicken n chip is £5
Shamama is £1

So why on earth should Jollof rice be £19....without Fanta or Coca-Cola sir?how are we sopose to take woman on a date?? angry

The demand is high... grin plus the product now is trademarked grin cheesy

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Family / Re: What My Panel Beater Said Concerning Food Stuff Shock Me. by Nairalander248: 2:15pm On Feb 16
The guy doesn't drop money for food if he does he won't be saying that. Or he is just joking with you.

He does... I don't know the price of foodstuffs at market... Month end I send someone or my sister to buy and stuck my house with foodstuffs, I only know things are adding up... So I increase the budget from 40k to 60k. They are telling me e b like I will need to add 20k to make it 80k for next month food stuff budget.


Celebrities / Re: Man Gets Dragged Online For Finding A Wife With His N100k Salary by Nairalander248: 2:07pm On Feb 16
He's earning more than that, he want to filter gold diggers first.

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Romance / Re: But Why Is Chinese Fried Rice £5 but Jollof Rice £19?? by Nairalander248: 1:40pm On Feb 16

we are not happy..This is not right...please advise!!! angry

When una dey hype Jollof online, come even do Jollof rice war online, wetin una dey expect?


Properties / Re: Cement Price Surges To N15,000 In Abuja by Nairalander248: 1:11pm On Feb 16
Romance / Re: Am A Female, And I Am Celebrating One-year Victory Over Masturbation Addiction by Nairalander248: 11:00am On Feb 16
I first thank Almighty God my Redeemer who delivered me from the shackles of porn and masturbation
I also extend my thanks to my lovely online support group on this forum, Masturbation Quitting Challenge Thread

This habit started in February 2017 when I accidentally discovered 'something' that gave me a skyrocketing sexual pleasure. It was all spontaneous, but I was very excited. I tried more. Enjoyed it. Tried again. That was the beginning of my doom. However, I thought I was really enjoying myself and exploring my sexuality.

I later accompanied this habit with porn and it became a full-blown addiction … I started watching porn from this porn website nudes blog.com, they have quality porn videos. Check them out …

To keep this write-up from being too long, I would not be able to narrate my experience in details. I lost a lot. This habit cost me a lot. It nearly took away my sanity. I was so much addicted that I could never resist it. I just had to do it, even if I didn't want to. Some fateful nights, I did it right inside my church.. - I'd love to write more and continue, but let's just leave it like this to save time and space

I've experienced a lot of positive changes in every aspect of life - physical, spiritual, mental, social and relationship, financial, and psychological. Again, space won't permit me to be listing them singly - but trust me, I don't have anything to gain from lying or exaggerating. I am entirely a new person. How much I would like to list my achievements in the past one year!

You are celebrating exiting or reinitiating?
Education / Re: 7 Secrets Of Winning Any Bet by Nairalander248: 8:01am On Feb 16
While there are no surefire secrets to winning every bet, here are some tips that may improve your chances:

1. Understand the game: Educate yourself about the sport or event you are betting on. Study the rules, players/teams involved, historical data, and any other factors that may influence the outcome.

2. Research: Gather as much relevant information as possible. Analyze statistics, trends, injuries, weather conditions, and any other factors that might impact the outcome of the game.

3. Manage your bankroll: Set a budget for your betting activities and stick to it. Avoid betting more than you can afford to lose. Proper bankroll management is crucial for long-term success.

4. Shop for the best odds: Different bookmakers or betting platforms may offer different odds for the same event. Compare the odds and choose the most favorable option to maximize potential returns.

5. Develop a strategy: Determine your preferred betting strategy, whether it's focused on value betting, following trends, or utilizing specific betting systems. Stick to your strategy and avoid impulsive or emotional decisions.

6. Control emotions: Emotions can cloud judgment and lead to irrational betting decisions. Stay disciplined, avoid chasing losses, and don't let emotions dictate your bets.

7. Seek expert advice: Consider gathering insights from experienced bettors, professional tipsters, or industry experts. Their knowledge and expertise can provide valuable insights that may inform your betting decisions.

Remember that sports betting involves risks and there are no guarantees of winning. Bet responsibly and be prepared to accept losses as part of the process.

I never put money bet in my life.

I wan asked you ooh, did you bet say Egypt go survive group stage for Afcon?

Quit Betting ooh
Romance / Re: 2 Nigerian Boys Propose To Their Pretty White Girlfriends At The Same Time (vid) by Nairalander248: 7:23pm On Feb 15
All these nonsense broke Nigerian men won’t kill me with laugh cheesy

Biko, I can’t laugh under this hot afternoon cheesy

Bunch of gigolos!!


Politics / Re: Sowore: The Revolution They Are Running From Is About To Happen by Nairalander248: 8:33am On Feb 15
Na Dem Sabi
I don't give a damn

Last time I checked, you no chop 3 square meal

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Education / Re: "South Africa Needs More Foreigners", Introduces Remote Working Visa - Ramaphosa by Nairalander248: 4:04pm On Feb 13
So they can use them for more Xenophobia attack?

Mzansi (South Africa) needs more skilled foreigners!

This is according to President Cyril Ramaphosa.

In his weekly newsletter on Monday, 12 February, Ramaphosa emphasised the need for more people with the right skills to succeed in an ever-changing global economy.

“This is so that our economy can be competitive, grow and create employment. As a country, we've invested much in producing these skills, from significantly expanding access to higher education, introducing digital programmes in TVET colleges and a shift to a new pay-for-performance approach to skills development.

"However, it will take some time before we'll be able to produce enough skilled people to enable our country to grow rapidly,” Ramaphosa said.

A review report published last year found that South Africa’s available labour supply “does not match demand from companies which are essentially looking to employ management-level personnel, professionals, engineers, technicians, science and maths educators, as well as IT experts”.

The president pointed out that many of these high-level skills must be sourced internationally, at least in the short-term.

Last week, the Department of Home Affairs published four public comment draft amendments to existing immigration regulations that will significantly boost efforts to attract workers with critical skills to Mzansi.

The draft amendments deal with two visa categories: a remote working visa and the critical skills visa.

“The introduction of a remote working visa responds to the rapidly evolving world of work, where increasing numbers of skilled workers, notably in the tech industry, are attracted by the lifestyle benefits of working from a remote location,” Ramaphosa said.

He added that it also caters to so-called digital nomads, who are able to work virtually from any location in the world.

A remote worker who wants to work in South Africa while employed by a foreign company will be able to receive such a visa.

Ramaphosa said an efficient, agile, responsive visa regime was key to attracting business investment and boosting economic growth.

“International experience shows that employees with critical skills contribute to improved productivity, enhanced innovation, and improving the competitiveness of the firms they work for,” he said.

In October last year, the Department of Home Affairs released guidelines for corporate employers under a ‘Trusted Employer Scheme’, which will make the visa process easier for large investors and streamline application requirements.

Furthermore, the introduction of a 'Trusted Employer Scheme' aims to simplify the visa process for large investors, making South Africa more appealing for industries like business process outsourcing and customer experience. Ramaphosa cited the country's growing attractiveness as an offshore customer experience delivery destination and the government's investment in supporting the sector's expansion.

The president claimed that the guidelines send a clear signal to business that Mzansi is committed to attracting skills that meet the demands of a modern, inclusive and growing economy.

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