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Investment / Re: Make Money Online With Sunpower by nedugroup: 12:23am
It's getting better and many people are smiling to the bank and gaining financial freedom even from their little capacity.

The truth is risk and opportunities for financial freedom abounds but if you don't take them, no one will take them for you.

Majority of us have smart phones with internet and 24hrs in our hands... What are you doing with yours.

Click on the website: www.sunsolar8.com scroll down to click on join now and use the code 590187643 to complete your registration.

Join the WhatsApp group by scanning the QR code through settings on your WhatsApp for guide on how you can also make money online with SunPower!!

Registration is FREE!!


Investment / Re: Make Money Online With Sunpower by nedugroup: 6:09pm On Aug 06
This is my account as of today. Don't get left behind. Dollar rate is going up, food items are off the roof and your salary is not increased.

Make money online with SunPower and start increase your income with ease.

You can start small depending on your capacity and you can withdraw 24hrs a day as long as your funds is above N1000.

For enquiries to know more and how to sign up and start making money online,

Simply scan the the WhatsApp QR code to join my group. If anybody should ask you for money in the group, then it is not legit. You can leave.

Business / Re: HOT SALE!!! Clean Hp Laptop 15 Inch , 4gb - 500gb HDD, Dual Core. by nedugroup: 4:49pm On Aug 03
Investment / Make Money Online With Sunpower by nedugroup: 2:50pm On Aug 03
Dear Friends,

SUNPOWER is a financial energy investment platform that enables you to invest on solar panels via the app and get returns for your invest on hourly basis. The amount of your hourly returns depends on the capacity of the solar panels that you purchase.

The app is user friendly and within few minutes, you will understand more than 70% of the usage and hence discover the other ways that you can make money from using the SUNPOWER APP, i:e, purchase of multiple products to generate high income hourly for you, short term fixed deposits with excellent interest rates, referral bonuses from 1st generation to 3rd generation of referrals and occasional assigned task on the app.

The customer service is top notch and always ready to assist you through any challenge that you may encounter.

Use the SUNPOWER APP to get out of debt easily.
Use the app to sort all your day-2-day expenses.
Use the app to generate income for your business.
Use the app to empower yourself and people around you.
Use the app to boast your Capital for your side hustle.
Use the app as your side hustle because you will get paid for referrals.
Use the app to prepare payment for your kids incoming next term school fees.
Use the app to sort your way to financial freedom.

You can visit the website: www.sunsolar8.com to find out more about Sunpower. Then click JOIN NOW and use the code 590187643 to complete your sign up.

Romance / Re: Will You Love If Your Wife Dress This Way (pix) by nedugroup: 9:20pm On Jun 15
If I ask my wife to dress that way, she will do it for me cos I fancy it and she believes me, for that fact... I go be her goat for that night. Holding her everywhere in the party

Give her confidence, give her love, give her self awareness and give her the reason to love you more cos she will build on your confidence on greeting people, societal manners, etc.

Ladies are not naturally bold unless they are spoilt by men. Don't spoil your wife.. teach her!!! She go make plenty sense.
Business / HOT SALE!!! Clean Hp Laptop 15 Inch , 4gb - 500gb HDD, Dual Core. by nedugroup: 3:01pm On Jun 08
Clean HP laptop for Sale

OS - Windows 10
Colour - Black
Condition - Used and Working Perfectly ( No Repairs)
Brand: HP
HDD: 500GB
AMOUNT: 75K - open to negotiation

PHONE: 08167596777


Business / Re: Hot Deal!! - For Sale by nedugroup: 2:58pm On Jun 08
Computers / HOT SALE!!! Clean Hp Laptop 15 inch , 4gb - 500gb HDD, Dual Core. by nedugroup: 10:55am On Jun 07
Clean HP laptop for Sale

OS - Windows 10
Colour - Black
Condition - Used and Working Perfectly ( No Repairs)
Brand: HP
HDD: 500GB
AMOUNT: 75K - open to negotiation

PHONE: 08167596777


NYSC / Re: Who Has Ever Verified NYSC Cert Through The Online Link ? by nedugroup: 1:35pm On Mar 31
With your rude responses as seen. U no ready to get answer.

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Politics / Re: Commission Freezes Over 30 Accounts Of Illegal Loan Companies by nedugroup: 6:44am On Mar 31
Those defamators of character needs to be wiped out of our space.

After you have collected money from them... Now you wish them to wiped out so you don't have to repay your loan..
Romance / Re: Please Who Can Explain What Just Happened by nedugroup: 10:29am On Mar 27
I received a call from a phone number I do not have anymore. It was an ex. We only greeted and couldn't hear ourselves further till the call ended. Now, for me to call back, the number has disappeared from my call log��‍
It looked like the call never happened at all. I'm using an android phone. Is there any logical explanation here cuz I'm very sure I received that call. I even remember contemplating picking up or not...
PS, I know the first n last 4 digits of her phone number. So I knew it was her before picking up

Forget it and move on with your life. If matter serious, the person go call back.
Business / Hot Deal!! - For Sale by nedugroup: 12:19pm On Mar 11
HP DeskJet All-in-One Printer

Black/White Printing
Coloured Printing
USB cable for plug and play use
CD for direct installation
Power Cable
Excellent Working Condition.
Amount: N12,500

Call: 09129660542

Foreign Affairs / Re: Why Putin Is Invading Ukraine? (The Cable) by nedugroup: 6:36am On Feb 25

For no reason?
The problem here is that you are giving NATO and the West a free pass. In your mind, they're infallible. You really think the West never saw this crises coming? This crises have been brewing for over a decade. The West knows what they're doing. Russia knows what they are doing too. Russia understands Western manipulations and scheming and are basically trying to upstage them.

You have to understand how NATO works. Once you're a member of NATO, if you're attacked, all members of NATO have a duty to join hands to defend you. It means that the attackers will be facing the military arsenal of the whole of western Europe and others that are members of NATO. NATO is the biggest fighting block as at today and represents the biggest military danger to countries like Russia and China...

So what happens if Ukraine joins NATO and a president of Ukraine starts a sort of war with Russia? NATO will have to do something to defend Ukraine. That means that all of a sudden, Russia will have to fight The USA, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain , Portugal etc. These are some of the most sophisticated militaries in the world. You're going to face them over a minor squabble with your neighbor? Right at your borders! Especially a neighbor that has ethnic Russians as her citizens too?

This is very simple. I don't know why it looks so confusing to some. Russia is trying to get Ukraine within her sphere of influence. That's what you do when you're a super power. The Americans do it, the USSR did it, China is trying to do it. If you leave your flanks open, your competitors will enter an dismantle you. If you doubt this, try to make Mexico a strategic ally of Russia or China, .. The Americans will react even more ferociously than Russia is doing today to that. During the Venezuelan crises, The US did whatever it could to make sure that Russia never had a military post in Venezuela. Yet Venezuela has no border crossings with The United States. How much more a country with land borders with the US..

The is fantastic and the main reason and the objective is "POWER CONTROL". Western Manipulation is much more than what meets the eye. Apart from the fact that the friend of my enemy is my enemy, It is likely a grand conspiracy to control Russia and its nuclear power. A hold on Ukraine will give Russian away to pressures and invasion by the Western Powers at any time, any day and this is what Putin is fighting against. Ukraine already knows this, but playing victim and forming alies with NATO is a neccessary step to achieve this.

Honestly, the plan and strategy that goes into starting a war, preventing a war or power control is much more. We really need to look at cause and effects and it can never be likened to a matter of husband and wive.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Driving Job For Immediate Employment by nedugroup: 5:18pm On Feb 18
very detailed but why not include the salary part?

make man know wetin he's up against.
Business / Re: Hot Deal - For Sale by nedugroup: 7:01pm On Feb 09

Sorry for the late response
Business / Hot Deal - For Sale by nedugroup: 2:08pm On Feb 05
Techno Camon 12

4GB, 64GB
CPU speed: 2.0GHZ
Battery: 4000 mAH
Find pics attached.
6 months old.
Price: 38,000

Family / Re: What I Did When My Wife Refused My Sexual Advancement For 7 Months by nedugroup: 12:14am On Jan 14
After marriage a lot of people do expect thing to just be fine,they don't know, both couples have,another life challenges ahead of them, while some couples overcame their challenges another couples are planing to break up finally.

Since I discovered I married an Igbo Lady, and after one kid,I later learn were my mistake came from, my only mistake was that I did not set in mind another financial side were my wife would generate incomes, but am working on 3 ways i can generate petty petty income before my salary enters,no perfect marriage, but its how you use endurance to achieved the well beings of the marriage .a lot of times its after marriage that people realized their mistake despite all the marriage plans before the marriage.

When my wife started given me that attitude and excuses of am tired, leave me alone, pls stop, etc when I make advance at her, I tried to find out what is wrong, I called her attention to it politely, she told me that I was irritating her, so I quickly discovered an idle mind is the devils work shop, I tried my best in enrolling her in a catering school, she still continued in refusing me. I would pretend as if am forcing to rap her, but jokingly, she would scream rape!!! Playfully so I would stop.

Sometimes when I come back from work late or spend few times around while in the area, she would think I went to cheat, my wife is somebody that assumes especially when she saw u talking to any woman or greet, she would conclude in her heart that you guys may be dating.

After disturbing me that she wants to relocate to her own state so her business can flourish ,I called her mom to see if they can agree to it which she did, and after much advice from elderly men and woman I later came to my own finally conclusion after doing my + and - because not every advice one takes when seeking for advise ,I gave her some money to go spent time with her mom and what ever she decide she should let me know, I will be sending her some cash every months and the baby till she comes back to her senses.,they are now in the east and I stay in another state alone.

Na who sex help, another 3 ladies are disturbing to come visit me, but I decline them,I no wan cast my beloved marriage but soon i will answer them not now, especially now that am rushing and focusing to complete my house and put some tenant but all works and no play males jack a dull boy.

Now am more relaxed, marriage no b small thing o,its not a do or die affair ,don't kill your self for those you can't pls. A lot of woman change after having kids.

Since my wife left our conversion on phone is even better than when we stayed together. Sometimes you need to give a wife the opportunity to refresh them self as no woman wants to be tied own. Marriages get broken due to lack of refreshment, give your problem wife sense of refreshment, or let them miss you so they can know what they have.

Bro... I am not here to advice you but to broaden your mind.

When a woman is not doing anything and sits at home all day and then u return from work and all you can come up with is just to get in between her legs and pound your desires away... Oga, na sorry be your name!

Pls set your wife up and support her business to flourish. Don't wait for her to ask you this. It is eating her up. She may not ask you cos she see's the effort you are putting to make ends meet and take care of the family and she's not part of it. She went to her mum for advice and likely to get it off her chest. Yes, it is good to allow your wife some holiday but not when she has screws loosing from her head.

Call your wife up and ask about her business and what she may require to set it functionally. Tell her to put it on paper so that you will work by it with a timeline. Quickly occupy her Mind with this and let her see the physical steps of reality that you are taking to make her business working again.

Bro, na she go give you knacking by herself and ask you if you want more!!
Romance / Re: I Have Been Investing In A Prostitute Girlfriend by nedugroup: 7:18pm On Dec 23, 2021
When we tell you Naive men to Leave women and relationships alone,and Focus on yourselves,you won't listen. You'll tell us and your sorry selves that love is a beautiful thing. Well guess what, women don't "love", they are incapable of reciprocating true Romantic love.

They can show you honor and respect in a relationship but they WILL EVER NEVER love you. Every tangible sacrifice ever that has ever been done in relationships,has always come from men. Why? Because women go into relationships with their Brains intact. They know what they are getting into,and they have in mind their sole purpose which is to Milk You dry of your Hard earned resources,and when they are through with you, they will throw you out into the streets so they can continue to look for another unfortunate Simp to Milk dry. And don't even get me started with marriage.
The Husband slaves his Life away at work to provide for his wife and children,while the Ungrateful Human-elephant sits at home,eating and watching tv all day, everyday. When the man his tired out at old age,The son takes over and showers all care and attention on her,while mostly neglecting the Father.

The bottom line is this,women are Like Black holes. And what does a black hole do? It Takes and takes until there is nothing more to take.

You learnt the Hard way and i hope you have truly learnt your lesson and won't do for a woman what she wouldn't do for you.

To add this point... Women don't love, they submit. Their love is only for their children. It's the man's role to love and women to submit.

A woman can chose to submit to you and no one else or she can submit to anyman that she deems worthy. But you see, even the women don't even know that it is submission and not love. That's why a girl who is deeply in love with you can submit to another man, cos she deems him worthy.

Know this and know PEACE.

You see, some say love at first sight but in reality, the man fell in love and the woman deemed him worthy of her submission. Even when it's not love at first sight, or a case of hit and run, either the man cajoles the women to submit to him or the woman seduces the man to love her. Shikinah!!.

Men love, while women submit!!...

For a divorce case, the woman no longer finds the man worthy of her submission and the man no longer finds her lovable.

So even if your wife loves you and sees a fine boy, richer guy, or body with bicepts she may submit if she deems them worthy - no such thing as discipline here or fighting temptation. The key is if she deems them worthy!!.

Same thing goes for men - A man that falls to chase a lady for sex or can not hold when seduced, loves the lady's ass, breast, the beauty, curves, height, lips, face, swaga, legs, size, etc. No man sleeps with a lady without loving something on her, in her or about her.

This write up maybe always true, often true, not true, partly true, entirely true depending on the circumstances of the individuals involved. But it's expecially for the sanity of your mind. Nobody is perfect!!


Education / Re: Our Boys Woo All With Benz On Campus by nedugroup: 11:34am On Dec 03, 2021
please.bring one evidence.that the fg has defaulted on any loan.payment ?.just open mouth waaaaaaaaa .. be talking.trash . Olodo

See senior Olodo!!... Did Zambia plan to default when they went for borrowing but today, they risk loosing one of their airport due to loan default.

Amid scarce resources, if Nigeria defaults on any payment, you will see that it is the end of your fixing eye lashes, long nails and artificial bums. Npama!!
Celebrities / Re: Fans Praise Eniola Badmus’ Amazing Weight Transformation Photos by nedugroup: 8:13pm On Dec 02, 2021
This is the real deal!!!... Tiwa, cupy, yemi, etc.... Make una clear... The Diva is here!!!. Luv u Eni
Education / Re: Our Boys Woo All With Benz On Campus by nedugroup: 8:09pm On Dec 02, 2021
grin our elders are in power selling the future of our youths to the highest bidder, when the youths ask for better environment to thrive our elders kill them,Chaii this family na chaos

The Loan Buhari has collected so far... What is his plan for repayment.

When leaders are visionless, who would show the youth the road to the future.

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Politics / Re: Muhammed Mahmoud: Nigeria Leading Globally In Yam, Cassava, Rice Production by nedugroup: 11:44pm On Nov 23, 2021


Of what use is this report to us when a common man in the same country cannot afford it. Tufiakwa!!
Health / Re: My Boy Paid 50k and Collected Free STD... by nedugroup: 11:54pm On Nov 20, 2021
Not just the regular STD, he collected the Buy 1 get 2 free type of STD.
My boy has been scratching since monday. He has tried lots of antifungal creams but it keeps worsening.
Today he was driving me, his left hand on steering the other hand on his gbola scratching it furiously..

Today he confessed that he paid a runz girl from Choba uniport 50k for 4 rounds sex during weekend.
He just spent 50k to collect free STD and with the way he is scratching i have decided to no longer shake his hands anymore..
I just dey vex for am, based on say him just waste money and the bani sef don block him number.
He doesn't want to go to hospital, and he don't know what StD he has but I'm worried that if I continue hanging around with him. The StD might transfer to me via air or by touch.
Is StD transferred by hanging out with infected person.

Let him get skin Neal. Hope i got it right, Just ask the pharmacy. It's popular
Politics / Re: Orji Uzor Kalu's Daughter, Neya Celebrates Her Birthday With Stunning Photos by nedugroup: 10:46pm On Nov 18, 2021
Ugly girl

Oh sorry she fine o

She no fine... But she's HOT!!.

No be all fine girls dey hot.
Family / Re: Do Wives Owe Their Husband Sex ? by nedugroup: 6:13pm On Nov 14, 2021

Let me flip the question:

Do husbands 'owe' their wives sex in marriage?

I believe it depends on the type of marriage contracted:

In Christianity, marriage is for the following (in no particular order):
1. Companionship
2. Prevent adultery aka access to godly sex
3. Raise godly children

To ensure number two is achieved, plenty Bible verses talk about husbands and wives sexually satisfying themselves. The key would be 1 Cor 7: 2 - 5:

So yes, husbands and wives owe themselves sex, companionship, support etc.

As long as the husband owes the wife care, affection, understanding,love, etc. She owes him submission which includes and not limited to her hot cake. Men, love your wife... Wives, submit to your husband. So says the scriptures.

Now, the prayer is to marry someone who understands and will respect our body situations. Man or Woman alike.

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Romance / Re: REVEALED! How To Win Sport Betting Regularly by nedugroup: 2:26pm On Nov 12, 2021

Rollover is the best for starters. I once tried it for someone last month. I opened sportybet for him, he funded it with 50k & my job was to make it 500k & he promised me 50k in return for the 1st withdrawal. I played 1.25 and raised over 600k in less than 14days but he failed in his promises. I only gained a plate of food once and he relocated to where I don't know. Hunger has done me strong thing bro. Right now I never eat since yesterday but I no go beg o. So let me use my brain to help people. God will help me

Scammers everywhere. My people check and see a thread i created when this people scammed me using a cloned sporty bet registration page. Don't be fooled. Don't fall mugu.
Romance / Re: . by nedugroup: 7:18pm On Sep 19, 2021
I need to rest, at least I will be free from hunger and penury.

Make I borrow my friend phone for a good picture of your last moments. I will sell it as an NFT. Omo, if I sell for 2.0 ETH. I am ok for that day. Na to look for another announcer.


Romance / Re: This Guy Has Set A Very Good Example For Men! These Biittches Are Evil!! [photo] by nedugroup: 8:03pm On Sep 01, 2021
This thread will fall into obscurity too, like the hundred threads that came before it

Nothing to see here.

Why the hate. What if your son was caught up in such evil.

It's just an advice, though ignore the way it was related.

Unless you are guilty of such acts.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Paid $500m For New Tucano Jets – U.S by nedugroup: 7:06am On Sep 01, 2021
Can you imagine, $500m for a tucano to fight the monster they created why some people don't even know what they are going to eat today. Nawao.

Not the real price for the Jets o. Some people still don hammer inside. $500M. For the same people that the government paying tax ransom to.
Business / Re: CBN Announces Plan To Launch E-Naira Wallet, Reveals CBDC Guidelines by nedugroup: 8:37am On Aug 31, 2021


What is the benefit of this to the common man. In more ways than one, crypto liberated many people from poverty and vices associated with it.
Romance / Re: I Impregnated Our Maid Because My Banker Wife Was Never Around by nedugroup: 1:06pm On Aug 28, 2021

And a woman who brings another man's child for her husband?

No mind that smelly gutter weh she call mouth. For her empty head, she don talk sense.

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