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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu’s Trial: Igbo Lawyers Insist He Must Be Brought To Court On Thursday by Notasyouthink: 2:04pm On Oct 18

That Nigeria is a Great country with a Bright future

That he does not intend to achieve Biafra

That he is being paid by Western powers and America to cause division in this country and hence make subduing Nigeria easier

That he never cared about Igbos all he cared about was Power, he wants to be a king...

There is a long list of sins though but Nigeria is a forgiving country
I thought as much grin grin grin the truth you talked about has ended up to be lies from the pit of hell.

Nigeria that is enrolling bandits, Boko Haram and other terror groups into their army, police and custorms is a great country with bright future to you??
A country that it's foundations was built on lies, fraud, killings and injustice. Many of you zombies don't know the number of people that was killed by the british just to create that contraption you lots call nigeria today.

A country that was created for exploit and slavery by your fellow man named Fredrick lugard in 1914 is what you are seeing as a great country with a bright future grin grin grin are you sure you are okay??

A country where human lives has no value.

If kanu's mission is not to achieve Biafra, what is he doing in dss custody?? Why are you zombies and your leaders in asorock after Kanu's ,life??

If Kanu is being paid by western powers and america to cause division in your beloved contraption (which you don't have the evidence), what do you have to say on the side of Boko Haram, fulani herdsmen terrorists and bandits that are state sponsored??
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu’s Trial: Igbo Lawyers Insist He Must Be Brought To Court On Thursday by Notasyouthink: 7:58am On Oct 18

Ironically it is your supreme leader that is living in bondage, he can keep spending millions to hire thugs and lawyer, he would rot there until he confesses...

Only the Truth can set him and you free.

What is that truth that will set him and Kanu free??


Politics / Re: Masked ESN Member Tells FG To Bring Kanu To Court On 21st October 2021 by Notasyouthink: 7:45am On Oct 18
This mask IPOB man was live few hours ago with over 200 thousand views in a few hours, threatening to rain fire and brimstone if the Nigerian government does not bring Nnamdi Kanu to court on the 21st of October 2021.


How do you know he is an IPOB man??
Politics / Re: Onitsha 2nd Niger Bridge October 2021: Pictures by Notasyouthink: 12:28pm On Oct 17


Give honor to whom honor is due.

Buhari has performed Wonderfully well.

Even on his lapses, he is meticulous
This shows that you are truly a BMC agent. Buhari keyboard warrior paid to be singing yeye praises to failure.
Politics / Re: All These Threads Advising Igbos To Stop "Destroying" Their Region Are Sickening by Notasyouthink: 6:58am On Oct 16
Nobody will be willing to accommodate IDPs in South West. The similar scenario Boko Haram took in NE yrs ago similar scenario UGM/ ESN are taking in SE.
When you were busy hailing the army and police for killing innocent Igbo youths it never occurred to you that a day like this will come.

And as for IDPs you mentioned, we are not yorubas that can be easily displaced. That reminds me, your people that ran to bene republic, have they come back?? grin grin grin


Politics / Re: IPOBS Confirms Late Ikonso's Contribution Was Stolen Gives Reason - VIDEO by Notasyouthink: 6:17am On Oct 16
Notasyouthink gidgiddy History555
You said it is only DOS that you believe that is an extract from the DOS broadcast of yesterday 14th of October they just confirmed the contributions for late Ikonso was misappropriated.

Can you now apologize to Ijelespeaks?

Listen to DOS or go to their Facebook page to check for yesterday broadcast.
All thanks to Ijelespeaks for exposing this nonsense
Why should we apologise to udele speaks?? Have udele speaks apologized to IPOB for all the lies and propaganda it have been dishing out against IPOB??
Politics / Re: IPOB have started killing pastors - VIDEO by Notasyouthink: 5:06pm On Oct 09

So Chika Edoziem is this powerful, and yet he canceled a sit at home we are seeing
What of the ones that was successful??
Politics / Re: IPOB: After Killing Police What Next? by Notasyouthink: 5:05pm On Oct 09

We have never supported the killing of Igbos
You're lying and you know it. Show us where you condemned the killing of Ndigbo.

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Politics / Re: IPOB: After Killing Police What Next? by Notasyouthink: 6:57am On Oct 09
What beats my imagination is the sudden love and care from the same people who were shouting "kill them all" use them as shooting practice" feed them more dirty water from the gutter" see as they are swimming in dirty water like pigs" etc. this was when people were protesting with ordinary flag but they were killed, maimed and brutalized by the police and the Army which majority them were still Igbo son's. How come nobody cared then, how come nobody reminded those Igbo officers that they are killing their fellow Igbo son's like you all are doing now? Rather you all turned it to mockery, pictures of people killed by the security agents in different places in the east during the protest were flying up and down here in nairaland just to mock the Igbos. Pictures of those that were dehumanized and asked to sleep or swim in a very dirty mud water were shown to us with little or no provocation by you people just to mock us the Igbos. Even pictures of those kids that suffered different kinds of diseases during the civil war is still been shown to us in the name of mocking us yet you all pretend and do as if nothing happens. Now that the table is turning, some mentally deranged people has suddenly developed amnesia and are now writing rubbish epistle after they realized that their propagandas against the Igbos are not flying. Why did all this questions not asked when the police were killing people with just ordinary flag? Ndi ara.
udele1, oyigboupdate, paramakina202 and ablejesus aka disablesatan the eternally cursed ozu rere ure from the pit of hell.
This guy asked a very stringent question that is begging for answers you lots should answer him.
Politics / Re: IPOB have started killing pastors - VIDEO by Notasyouthink: 6:35am On Oct 09

Thank God this indirectly telling u is backed with PHOTOS and VIDEOS
The video and pictures you posted is not Nnamdi's or Chika edoziem. These are the two people that can give such order and it will be obeyed.

It's you and your partners in crime that is going to capitalize on this to cause mayhem and killings.
Politics / Re: IPOB have started killing pastors - VIDEO by Notasyouthink: 4:14pm On Oct 08
Catholic bishops is their next target
You are indirectly telling us that pastors and bishops is now the target of you and your fellow terrorists.

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Politics / Re: Bandits, Not IPOB, Responsible For Killings In Anambra – Obiano Tells Buhari by Notasyouthink: 4:04pm On Oct 08

Obiano also said

“Let me stop at saying that they are from neighbouring states,’’ he said.
The caption says "bandits, not IPOB, responsible for killings in anambra.

Secondly, in the second paragraph, the governor also went as far as letting the public know that the bandits in question are from the north.

I suggest you take your hate, bile, frustration and pain and get out of my mentions.
Politics / Re: Bandits, Not IPOB, Responsible For Killings In Anambra – Obiano Tells Buhari by Notasyouthink: 9:06pm On Oct 07
Ahead of the governorship election in Anambra State, Governor Willie Obiano has updated President Muhammadu Buhari on security challenges facing the state..

the governor, while briefing the State House correspondents at the end of a closed-door meeting with the President in Abuja, said bandits from nothern states are responsible for the killings and disruption of public peace in the state.

Mr Obiano, dismissed the contemplation of declaring a state of emergency in his state.

He said: “Well, that’s a very unfortunate comment by the Attorney-General, Malami – very, very unfortunate..

These invaders from outside Anambra state, from other states , we are going to deal with them. We’re already working, there’s nothing.

“Even to contemplate state of emergency is unfortunate, look at what is happening in the north; they kill dozens every day. Because one or two people were killed in Anambra in two weeks, is that a reason for somebody to call for a state of emergency?

“That’s a very unfortunate comment by Malami. I will call him to express reservation on those kinds of comments, he shouldn’t try that next time,’’ he said.

“We’ll overwhelm and conquer all these miscreants that came from other states to come and harass Anambra people.

“Let me stop at saying that they are from neighbouring states,’’ he said.

While comparing what is happening in the Northwest and Northeast to incidents in Anambra, the governor said:

“Well, when you have malaria and when you have cancer, they are two different treatments.

What we have in Anambra is malaria, so you don’t have to use a sledgehammer to kill that. We are not near, in terms of confusion and security challenges, compared to Zamfara, Niger, kastina, sokoto and co, so they are not good examples.

As a strategist, you don’t sit down here and order the army to carry the whole army in Nigeria to go to Anambra.

But udele1 and oyigboupdate aka udele n'eri ozu the hungry deportee said it's IPOB that is responsible for the killings.
Politics / Re: How Chiwetalu Agu piss on his trousers very funny - Ijelespeaks mocks him by Notasyouthink: 8:22pm On Oct 07

Just because he supports IPOB

Inferiority complex will be your greatest undoing!

You just have to keep exhibiting traits of a terrorist! cheesy
Oyigboupdate is a terrorist check him well you will thank me later.

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Politics / Re: IMO Update:unknow Gun Men. by Notasyouthink: 5:04pm On Oct 06
What happened in Imo state
was a shock to many, a police
man chassed an "unknown
Gunmen" in Imo state, after
exchanging gunfire with the Unknown men the police man
succeeded in killing the
“unknown Gunmen”.
What surprises everyone was
that it was later discovered
that this "Unknown gunmen" killed by this Police man is
Nigerian DSS. Imo state is in
shock, Nigeria media instead
of reporting accurately they
change it that "Police
mistakenly killed Nigeria DSS". What kind of country is this? It
is now clear that most of this
k*llings in Imo is Nigeria DSS.
The Unknown gunmen are
Nigerian DSS. This is very bad,
Nigeria has turned to something else, nobody is safe here anymore.

Lady Eberechukwu Nwagu
Reporting from Owerri Imo

oyigboupdate and udele1 knows the dead DSS officer killed by the police.
Politics / Re: Killings In Igboland: Disband ESN Killers Now— Ohanaeze To IPOB by Notasyouthink: 4:38pm On Oct 05

Keep pretending ehn na so your useless life wey no fit attract anything good apart from failure and backwardness,go take dey spoil the more��.
Rotten smelly dead thing.
Lol you eternally cursed smelly dead thing thinks that there's trophy to be won for every lie you tell.

Disablesatan aka eternally cursed rotten smelly thing and a never do well.
Politics / Re: Killings In Igboland: Disband ESN Killers Now— Ohanaeze To IPOB by Notasyouthink: 9:50am On Oct 05

You keep proving that you can never make it in life ��.
Is it a secret that you have numerous accounts?.
Cursed dead corpse.
For you eternally cursed corpse to say that I have numerous accounts when I don't, shows that all the gabage you've been spewing about IPOB are lies from the pit of hell where you come from.
Politics / Re: Soldiers Flee As Unknown Gunmen Enforce Sit-At-Home In Enugu, Imo by Notasyouthink: 9:43am On Oct 05
But people like notasyouthink said the sit at home has been canceled and that its me and my DSS gang enforcing it..
Does it mean that it was still this hired DSS that opened fire on the soldiers
If you like lament till eternity the truth remains that sit at home protest has been cancelled by the great IPOB. You and your partners in crime are the ones enforcing it just to discredit IPOB.

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ESN: IPOB identifies agents Uzodinma allegedly uses to perpetrate killings in Imo, southeast.

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, on Friday revealed the identities of those allegedly behind the killings in Imo, Anambra, and the southeast generally.

IPOB alleged that the Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma, and his accomplices created a fake Eastern Security Network, ESN, who are eliminating his political opponent in the southeast.

The group disclosed this in a statement signed by Emma Powerful, its spokesman.

According to Powerful: “Worried by the increasing rate of senseless killings in Biafra land especially Anambra and Imo States, the intelligence unit of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has been intensifying efforts towards uncovering the masterminds of these heinous crimes.

“These efforts have paid off as the unit has been able to track some of the people behind the atrocities.

“Through intelligence, we discovered that the Supreme Court Administrator of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma and his fellow traitors with the collaboration of the evil Nigeria security agents established fake ESN group to eliminate perceived political opponents in the South East particularly in Imo State.

“Our intelligence unit, the M. Branch, discovered that Hope Uzodinma is behind the killing of innocent citizens of Imo State. He and his co-traitors in their desperation to demonise IPOB and impress their Fulani slavemasters, set up a fake Eastern Security Network, ESN which they are using to terrorise the people to create the wrong impression that IPOB and ESN have gone violent.”

The group also named agents Uzodinma is allegedly using to eliminate his perceived political opponents.

Uzodinma reacts to killing of five gunmen by Police in Imo

POB added: “To prove to them that we are well ahead of them, we make bold to publish the names and phone numbers of those he is using to recruit fake ESN operatives in Imo State. The affected agents know very well that we know them.”

They named Ekene Anaduele, Aka Stainless, a former APGA aspirant in Imo State; C.O.C Akaolisa Attorney General, (Idemili Akwu Ojor Eziinwanne NA Orsu); and Emman Uguru, Deputy Chairman Orsu, (Edu Awo Idemili ).

It added that Ikenna Ezubeozor, Chairman of Awo Idemili Town Union, is in charge of recruitment for Uzodinma while Amaokwe Chukwuka is youth leader, Obinna Izunobi Edeukwu as head of community policing and Nwadi Ikeh as a frontliner.

IPOB also listed Oguwara Ikeh, President Ndu Ukwu, as one of Uzodinma’s agents.

“These traitors and others are those behind the senseless killings and political assassinations in Imo State. Their intension is to disrepute IPOB by linking us with their atrocities but they won’t escape judgement. Their evil will soon catch up with them.

“These agents of death are the ones recruited by Hope Uzodinma to eliminate Imo citizens in their bid to disrepute ESN, a divine outfit established by our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to protect and secure our ancestral land against Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen.

“Hope Uzodinma and co set up this recruitment team after the late Ikonso, a gallant ESN Special Commander rejected his offer and appeals to join them. They later killed Ikonso for turning down the satanic offer,” it said.

Udele1 and oyigboupdate are working hand in hand with these terrorists.
No wonder oyigboupdate always have first hand videos and pictures.
Politics / Re: Killings In Igboland: Disband ESN Killers Now— Ohanaeze To IPOB by Notasyouthink: 8:29pm On Oct 03

Ok you have switched into your real account ��
Ozu aburu onu..
Eternally cursed ozu with pus as brain.
Always making mistakes as if there's trophy to be won.
Politics / Re: IPOB Killed Chike, Akunyili's Husband — Uche Mefor by Notasyouthink: 8:24pm On Oct 03

I bu anụmanụ
I bu eziohia. Google translator can not help.
Politics / Re: Breaking News-ipob Releases Names And Phone Numbers Of Sponsors Of Killings by Notasyouthink: 1:58pm On Oct 03
Brainless IPOB miscreants.

Nobody is buying your crap.
Whether you miserable unity beggar, buy it or not IPOB is still in the helm of affairs in Biafra land. It doesn't matter how you feel or you see it.

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Politics / Re: One Of The many Atrocities By Nigeria Army Against IPOB that give birth to ESN by Notasyouthink: 9:31am On Oct 03

Not as you think is a dumb ass niggga grin
paramakina202 is a poo tongue tongue tongue

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Politics / Re: Killings In Igboland: Disband ESN Killers Now— Ohanaeze To IPOB by Notasyouthink: 9:30am On Oct 03

Who is this one again oo.��
Notasyouthink you be mumu man oo��.
You just dey use multiple accounts dey seek my attention ��.
I can see that your cursed miserable life as an ozu has gotten into your empty skull that's why you now mistake me for another.
Politics / Re: Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Agrees For Restructuring From DSS Detention ~lawye... by Notasyouthink: 9:10am On Oct 03
Biafla or death.
Where do you always keep your brain??

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Politics / Re: IPOB Killed Chike, Akunyili's Husband — Uche Mefor by Notasyouthink: 7:23am On Oct 03
How Northerners now love Igbos is a Miracle.
Am surprised my brother especially Northernblood4 and paramakina202
Politics / Re: 5 Categories Of People In IPOB. by Notasyouthink: 7:16am On Oct 03
By now sensible already know that Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB is a fraud and a cancer to igboland. But i must describe the people in the fraud and the groups they belong.

1) Dropouts.

This is the first category. People like Nnamdi kanu that were expelled or dropped out of school. Who were not lucky enough to travel out or learn a skill. So they are already frustrated and hopeless.

2) Victims of Northern Crisis.

These are people that might have lost family members, property and business to Crisis in the north. They have hatred for the north and Kanu feeds them with hatred. They believe if Biafra comes the North will suffer.

3) illiterate traders.

These are the ones that are not educated and can't research. Kanu takes advantage of their illetracy , using Biafran sentiments.

They are the first to close their shops ones they announce sit at home.

4) touts & criminals

these are the ones that did not go to school and did not learn any skill. They live on crime, from pick pockets, to kidnapping to robbery etc.

These are the ones Nnamdi kanu uses to grow his business. They believe that they will be generals when biafra comes. See them below.


5) The migrants

These are the ones that left Nigeria out of frustration. Most of them left with no education or skill. They also did not study over there, so they are left perpetually in minial jobs and crime to survive.

Kanu belonged to this group, but ill explain further.

In this group, most of them travelled through the sea, some sold land to travel to countries like India, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa etc. Only to get there and discover that there is no employment. And those who they saw come back during Christmas with money are just few out of the millions of Igbo's in that country.

Some are seeking asylum and Need igboland to burn to increase their chances.

The most critical of this group are those in countries they cant work, they cant also get documents. So their only means of survival is crime. They are the ones that jump from story building and die to avoid arrest.

Then there are those who did not learn a skill, travelled to those countries, engaged in crime, went to jail and were deported. These ones carry Biafra matter on their head.

When these people who have no jobs because of lack of papers and those who are stock with minial jobs because the lack education, hear the Biafran message, they believe that Biafra will end their suffering abroad.

Whatever category they belong, they all hope fornone thing, that is a better future.

That future is that magical country Nnamdi Kanu is promising them. He is banking on their frustration to solve his own problem.

The people Nnamdi Kanu is promising freedom, do not know that Kanu was in the same situation with them.

He did not attend university in Nigeria and did not attend abroad. Neither did he take any professional course. Luckily for him, he learnt how to barb hair and was working in a barbing salon.

The son of the so called king in Nigeria that could not afford tuition fees abroad. grin grin grin grin

Now if you do not attend university abroad or have good certification, you will be limited to these kind of jobs. Even if you stay abroad for 100 years, you will never rise beyond such jobs without furthering your education.

But because most of his followers have to travelled and are not exposed, they believe anyone who is a British citizen is well to do.

Well, the good thing is that u can do what makes you happy. You can use the latest phone and pay installation. Same with cars etc.

You can also do 2-3 jobs save and go on vacation etc. But you can never be rich by Nigerian standard. Your mates in Nigeria who are doing well in Nigeria, will visit and dash you money.

You might never be able to save up to 40 million to buy a reasonable property in Nigeria. By the time you save up to 40 milliom doing those jobs, the price of land would have gone up to 100 million and you have to save for another 30 years. grin grin grin

But they will always tell them Nnamdi kanu is fighting for you, if he wants he can forget biafra and just be living his life abroad.

Thats true, but when you are over 40 years and realise that you will be a barber for the rest of your life, its not funny. The older you get doing the same job without any promotion, the more frustrated you become.

This is the stage Nnamdi Kanu was before uwazurike brought him into biafra. He hijacked it and saw that this business could change his life forever. It could make him stop working for money. It could make his enter family stop working. Even his inlaw master

[6) The frustrated Nigerians

These ones are the ones that went to school but Nigeria frustrated them. They are the ones that lost their job for some reason. They are the ones whose businesses collapsed for some reason.

They might even be looking for jobs and cant find. And dont know how to do anything else than what they studied.

Out of frustration, they are sold the Biafran lie and they buy it.

They believe their problem is as a result of the fulani hatred and marginalization of Igbo's. And that they will become central bank managers in Biafra grin grin

Well good luck with that dream. grin grin grin

They forget that this problem of unemployment, failed business etc is not peculiar to Igbo's . People in every region face it. Instead of finding a general solution, they want to isolate igboland to solve the problem.

Note: this problem is caused by bad leadership in all regions. And those bad leaders in igboland are friends to the one that is promising them Biafra. grin grin

7) Beneficiaries

These are the ones that know that Kanu's Biafra is a scam, but involved to get their share. These are the Likes of Uche mefor, Emmanuel Kanu, Kanunta, Chika edoziem, Chinasa Nworu, Nnenaya anya etc. They are in it for the money.

Master prophet and his wife do not work for money anymore.

They are the first family of the Biafran nation grin grin grin


Its until he was arrested this time that the likes of Nelly Ofoegbu in US began to discover looted funds. Unfortunately she is attacking Nnenaya anya and Chinasa nworu.

These people belong to the beneficiary category. They fired her instead of investigating the fraud. How can people who share money investigate themselves. grin grin grin

Nnamdi kanu the powerful president who decides who lives and dies, became powerless towards Nnennaya anya. Because if they start tracing this money, it will lead to him. grin grin grin




Let me shock you guys.

Do you know that there was a time Nnamdi Kanu travelled, was carrying Ashawo and was paying them from IPOB account? cheesy grin grin grin

Like they look at IPOB bank statements and see payment of ashawo from hookup sites. grin grin grin

This is why i feel so frustrated when i see igbo youths who have no insider knowledge, dying for a scam.

Why do you think he gives their members oat to be loyal to him?

Forget the fact that i am laughing, this js very annoying. Alot of igbo blood is wasted in this. Alot of our women wont find husband because of this.

Our doctors and professors are killed for this.

Willie obiano and atiku gave them money the last time they said no elections in Biafraland. Bought a prado jeep that Emmanuel kanu drives today.

When kanu left Nigeria, he was flexing and eating his money. Carrying women, and lavishly spending.

Immediately elections were about to start, he knew it was time to make money.

How else can you decieve igbos and and Nigerians, if not with religion?

So he had to appear in israel to pickup from where he stopped in the scam.

4 years later, he was targeting Anambra elections again with more armed men. Unfortunately, he was arrested. But he already activated his plan of bloodshed in Anambra for settlement. They will be giving him feedback in detention and negotiations are on going.

But alot of Anambra people have been wasted for money.



Nigeria is frustrating no doubt, we are all in it. Trust me, most people abroad are more frustrated than people in Nigeria. The major problem we face here is insecurity.

Abroad you are not only frustrated, knowing that the minial job you are doing is what you will do forever if you don't go back to school . The worst part is that there is nothing like miracle or chairman dash you money. You work for every penny, that is why they are hoping so much on this miracle Biafra kanu is promising them. They are also hopeful and donating to it.

The worst part of it is the loneliness. In Nigeria by 6 o'clock, everybody has closed from work. You can go to the bar with your friends and chill till late. Saturday and sunday is for resting.

Abroad, nobody has time. By that 6 o'clock, people are going for their second work or going home to attend to family. They work Saturdays and Sundays too.

Because your earnings depend on hours you put in.

Kanu was getting old and tired of that life before the Biafran business opportunity came. Today he has gotten financial freedom, but paying for the blood of Igbo's he used to get it.

Nnamdi kanu is the only one preaching the message of hope. However, that hope is a false hope. A biafra without a map.

Thats why he tells them Israel will help them, years later he tells them Donald trump, now its Ambazonia.

Kanu has made so much money from this business, his only problem is that he cant leave the people following to enjoy the money. He can't say he is not doing again and relax and be enjoying the money.

He was hoping Atiku would win in 2019 so that he can hand Biafran people over to Atiku. Tell them they have reached an agreement, get Atiku to do some things in Igboland and he can rest.

Unfortunately, when Atiku lost he felt so disappointed and tired, knowing he has to continue with this stories for another 4 years.


But he came up with the ESN format, which increased donations and wasted more lives. Kanu knew the ESN members will be killed. Because they were not backed by law like the Yoruba's Amotekun. But he went ahead with the plan, because their death even means more money from donations.

Uche Mefor, though he was earning 4000 pounds monthly from the scam, did not support the idea.

He knew that ESN members will be killed and also the plan to kill people in Anambra his state, during election.

When he could not convince kanu from wasting igbo and Anambra lives, he left. They actually denied him access to radio, because they felt he would use the radio to discourage their plans.


Kanu went ahead with the plan. While blood of Igbo's flowed on the streets, donations flowed into the business account.

What kanu is doing is like what pastors and prophets do in Nigeria.

Members who are facing economic hardship like himself, come to his church looking for miracle and solutions.

He promises them a better tomorrow, then asks 1000 of them to sow a seed of 1000 each.

To each member, they believe what is 1000 to my pastor. But when that 1000 is contributed by 1000 people, its 1 million.

Pastor uses their seed to fix his present situation, while promising them a better future.

Kanu promised Igbo's a better future in Biafra, while using their donations to create his own Biafra.

If Biafra was truly coming, Nnamdi Kanu's brothers would be leading ESN.

If Biafra was truly coming, Nnamdi kanu would be investing his money into it, instead of being paid.

If Biafra was truly coming, he would be ready to die for it. He told ikonso it is Biafra or death. But he is saying he might die in DSS if he does not get medical attention.

Many youths have died because he told them jt is Biafra or death. But once he got information that the army was coming, he fled.

Those he told Biafra or death do not have dual citizenship or british passports to escape with.

Ok! Now tell us 5 types of cretins begging for "one nigeria".


Politics / Re: Cartoon On FFK And Buhari’s Visit To Imo by Notasyouthink: 5:46pm On Oct 02
Ipobs had opportunity to remove the mask from the face of the impostor that called himself Buhari during his visit to Owerri but they cowardly hide under their bed in the name of sit at home.
Why do you always fool around?? The order IPOB gave is to sit at home not to remove buhari's face mask.

I know you are without brain, but I expect you to pretend sometimes as if you have brain.
Politics / Re: We Warned The East! by Notasyouthink: 3:51pm On Oct 02
Yes we took them as out brothers and warned them
we said nnamdi is deranged.
now there is no difference in North east, Afghanistan and Biafla
they didn't listen.
they call us betrayers afonja etc

let the guerilla war start and end there

we warned them.
continue supporting UGM
na east to suffer am

I can translate to igbo for you
we warned them

I've had almost 50 hostile mentions

all talking like children

you guys would remember I told you
You warned us about what exactly??
Why is it that you zoo creatures cannot do without lies and propaganda??
Politics / Re: Today I Hereby Desist My Support And Association With IPOB by Notasyouthink: 3:48pm On Oct 02
Bastard son of an ipob pig there's no need for foolish questions. Like I said earlier, may ur parents fall to d blasts of cartridges. May ur brothers and sisters fall to the executioners of sit at home orders. Hopefully their gory pictures will fill the front-page of nairaland and other blogging sites. Disgruntled debilitating idiat.
Bastard idiotic SS wannabe maggot, you are irredeemably cursed forever for lying out of hate and bile.
Politics / Re: One Of The many Atrocities By Nigeria Army Against IPOB that give birth to ESN by Notasyouthink: 7:49am On Oct 02

Why you dey mention my name in vain?
End IPOB now to save Igboland.
I am an absolute truth teller.
End nigeria first only then will IPOB end. Nigeria gave birth to IPOB if you don't know, know it now
Lol truth teller that does not know his left from his right grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Had Their Worst Independence Day Celebration Yesterday - #nigeria@61 by Notasyouthink: 7:34am On Oct 02
If you are in Nigeria, you should kno that nobody celebrated our independence day yesterday.

i could not see a single happy independence day on social media, no green white green post.. Infact people were afraid to say it, as it was more like a sucide mission to say happy independence day yesterday.

This is just to show how bad this country "NIGERIA" is.

I can remember very well how great footballers celebrated us last year, even football pages.

why all the facebook pages i follow, none wish their followers a happy independence day ystday.

I tuned in to a radio station yesterday, and a song titled: 'which way Nigeria! was being played and repeated more than ten times. I was wondering; what is happening?

A female friend of mine blocked me on facebook yesterday simply because i sent her happy independece. She told me that was my very big mistake before she blocked me.
what is happening?

#Which way Nigeria

#Nigeria must rise again

#Stop the killing now

#Nigerians deserves better

#enough is enough.
So it has never occurred to you that nigeria is a bad market??
If I were that female friend of yours I will not only block you, I will even look for a way to fight you.

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