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Education / Re: Victory Obasi: "Fubi And Her Seed Planting Story" by ola33t: 12:09pm On Dec 02, 2019
Education / Re: Must Read!!! The Reality Of Benjamin Button (ageing Backward) Disease. by ola33t: 8:11pm On Dec 01, 2019

OP, don't get it twisted.
There were people who saw into the future as far back as history could not remember, but The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is definitely not one of those instances.

The case of Button is a fiction and will always remain a fiction, which would never be physically or scientifically possible even in the distant, most tech-advanced future.

Benjamin Button was born looking older than a centenarian, grew taller into a younger old-man till be grew into a middle-aged man, then he continued to grow younger and shorter until his stature shrank into a day-old baby after which he died.
The scenario above is different from the case of Sam Berns (in the second picture), who had Progeria.
While Button ailment made him grow younger from a old man to a baby and made him pass through impossible stages of height/stature increment and later decrement, Progeria on the other hand make a kid born as a normal kid age rapidly than usual, and they don't usually reach 30 years before they die.

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Crime / Re: Mompha was granted bail by Federal High Court by ola33t: 5:01pm On Nov 29, 2019
Celebrities / Re: Imade Adeleke Wants To Talk To Davido, Her Daddy (Video) by ola33t: 8:41am On Nov 29, 2019

I'd advise her to stick to the bossom of the big deek craving, attention seeker she calls her mum.
Papa Ifeanyi now has 70% of his concern on his male child, and the password to his attention is now properly secured by aunty Chef.

It won't be good enough if she's been molested at a tender age, under the same roof with her dad, by some bearded, obese, paedophilic hypemen.

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Celebrities / Re: Juliet Ibrahim: "I Will Not Masturbate For Free In 2020" by ola33t: 8:24am On Nov 29, 2019

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Education / Re: ‘pupils Drug Teachers To Cheat During Exams’ by ola33t: 7:50am On Nov 29, 2019

What else would you expect in a society where Opotoyi has become the National Anthem in secondary schools;
Kapaichumarimarichopaco, the National Pledge;
Soapy, the school anthem;
Gbe body, the matching song;
And classrooms have become scenes for recording soft porns during break-time;

The crop of younger generation in Nigeria are hardcore Marlians in behavior and in blood.
There was a certain secondary school where raping female students was the yearly tradition for graduating students.
And since secondary school students can now freely use Tear gas in classrooms, nothing else can sound strange.

I only blame the numb skull of the teacher who was dumb enough to allow some end-time children play prank by being careless with his/her drink. That means if it's a female teacher, they can drug her and hide her till closing time, when everyone would have gone home, and then perform full Biology practical on her two breasts and the orifice of her pussy.

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Crime / Re: Police Arraign 47 Alleged Homosexuals In Lagos by ola33t: 8:50pm On Nov 28, 2019

The NPF is the most successful agency in the whole world when it comes to generating stomach revenue externally, through numerous dubious means from the poor masses.

If NPF does not generate revenue to fvck smelly hoes, drink beer and smoke weed by taxing N50 from every passing automobile, revenue would be generated some other ways but one sure thing as long as NPF is involved is that, money must be made, by hook or by crook.

Now, how are 47 men convicted of gayism? Was the girth of their anuses measured and found to be wider than a standard measurement?

Go to the streets, pick up random vulnerable guys and nail different crimes to their heads, at the end of the day, they would bleed some precious cash for bail, that's the duties of those legal criminals in uniform.

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Culture / Re: Salaries Of South-West Obas Before Independence (Pictured) by ola33t: 7:38pm On Nov 28, 2019

That's not a list of South-West Obas, that's the list of old western region as you can see Oba of Benin on the list.

Then, that's a bullshit list of Obas. Oni of Ife should be the first on the list and Oraagun of Ila should not be on the list of second class Obas.
That list is a political rating of kings which must have been collated by a drunk Lugard, not the cultural rating of kings based on solid historical Origin.

Then, OP bia, where did you see color printing on glossy paper before independence? That snapped page is from recent time. If that were before independence, would have been at most a sheet of typed paper made from a mechanical typewriter.

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Culture / Re: Queen Ola Ajoke Adeyemi (Throwback Photo As A Little Girl) by ola33t: 6:09pm On Nov 28, 2019

It's obvious she married her mentor in the bleaching ministry, and she might have learnt faster than her mentor because apart from her skin which is brighter than her career, she has also perfected a way of concealing her tiger claw 1-1 mark on SM, a feat her mentor is yet to achieve.

I always feel pity for women in compound marriage of paedophilic-polygamy especially a special peculiar case of hers, where voodooic incisions would have been used to tattoo her pubic region, she would be left with no other choice than to employ the use of a cucumber to satisfy her underbleeped life, because no other man must enter the tunnel the king has entered.

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Health / Re: Help!!! My Child Has Lipoma by ola33t: 5:44pm On Nov 28, 2019

The best thing is to remove it surgically, so it doesn't constitute any harmful cell in the future. It's not a major operation and this might be the best time to do it except you make sure you consult a good, renowned clinic or hospital, so that your baby wouldn't get hurt from a procedural mishap.

While you're afraid because your baby is still tender, you should also be thankful it's not the case of hydrocephalus or you having to witness a catheter being passed into your baby. When you are in a hospital and witness a catheter being connected to a few months old baby, you would look around and have reasons to be thankful in life.

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Education / Re: Taiwo and Kehinde Adegoke: Twins Called To Bar (Photos) by ola33t: 1:50pm On Nov 28, 2019

They are not really identical. I could easily differentiate between them from the first glance.
One has a round face while the other has an oblong face.
The one with the round face has a bigger head and a lighter face. But, since they have the same goatee beard, I know they must have played the 'dangerous twins' on dumb slay queens.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Always Find A Balance In Life by ola33t: 1:02pm On Nov 28, 2019

One of the great pillars of life is Luck. That is why a baby would be shot out of her mum's Vulva from the head while another would come out upside-down; a baby who hasn't worked for anyone in life would open it's eyes into infinite riches to reap where it has not sown while another baby would open it's eyes into the coarse palms of a fairly-used midwife in a remote part of the world.

Luck is the only thing in life that can keep your effort in balance. Whatever you do, whatever your modus operandi or principle for life is, if luck is not on your side, it would all be futile effort.
It doesn't mean you shouldn't try your best, it only means you should rely more on the things that can keep your world in motion and not on some set of personal theoretical principles, so you wouldn't end up frustrated in life.

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Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy Meets Hushpuppi For The First Time by ola33t: 11:57am On Nov 28, 2019

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Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Trains Hard, Flaunts Amazing Physique Ahead Of Andy Ruiz Rematch by ola33t: 10:03pm On Nov 27, 2019

The strategy worked out perfectly - from having few fans to becoming the cynosure of all eyes.
All the fights of AJ in the ring, most people only hear about them days after the fights.
Months ago, before his first fight with the fat Sumo boy, no one cared but at this point in time, the rematch is one of the hottest topic in the whole wide world right now.
Fixed game gone good. The fight with the fat Sumo dude is the biggest thing to have happened to AJ in his whole career. There would be a lot of cash-outs. Stories can really change overnight when the strategy is high AF.

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Crime / Re: Peter Uche: Anglican Knight Arrested For Robbery In Lagos (Photos) by ola33t: 8:47pm On Nov 27, 2019

If he stole from MTN, it can't be solely regarded as robbery. He's only trying to steal back part of his credit and data unlawfully stolen by MTN.

Stealing properties is still better than taking the lives of people, and stealing insured properties is better than stealing the poor properties of the poor masses.

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Crime / Re: Udom Emmanuel: Michael Itok In Prison Over “Annoying” Facebook Posts by ola33t: 8:18pm On Nov 27, 2019

Nigeria hasn't changed much from the Landmine Lugard
meticulously assembled, which was successfully planted 1960.
The same mantle of terror has been passed over the years. Though General. Sani Abacha might be dead in the body but his spirit might have reincarnated back into office to pay a visit to his beloved country once again.

After being kicked hard in the balls, Nigerians are gradually being disallowed to express the severe pains felt.
Use of VPN services and anonymous IP services would soon extend out of the exclusive use for only the yahoo boys, and would become a service employed by many Nigerians before they can post on social media.
I would rather use my data in streaming the songs of Speed Darlington or Efe, than become a dead man in the hands of some sub-humans who call themselves lawmakers and leaders.

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Romance / Re: Lady Marries Lawyer Of Her Boyfriend Who Shot Her Sugar Daddy Dead by ola33t: 4:29pm On Nov 27, 2019

It's obvious the Lawyer is a cuckold or a pssy nigga, like one of those who use their mustaches to clean their whoring wives' pssies after being served by other men.

I hope the lady's spell would be mild on his dumb skull.
She married the lawyer of her boyfriend who killed her sugar daddy. I just earnestly hope Mr Lawyer doesn't end up as Sugar daddy, so that she wouldn't marry next, one of the Undertakers who would carry the casket of his numb skull when her evil spell finally catches up with him after which she also marries another guy when that one is gone too. It may go on and on like that.

It's a trend of evil spell following her, that is why it's necessary to be careful around some ladies because they glue the mind like magnet; when you start showing unnecessary emotions, you're already caught in the spider web, and on the route to be the next victim.

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Health / Re: Share Your Experience(s) With Nigerian Nurses by ola33t: 3:01pm On Nov 27, 2019

If I should start sharing my experience with Nigerian nurses, it would be longer than all the seasons of Merlin.

Going to hospital most times is a gory experience but at the end of the tunnel is a shining light, reason why I always advise people to visit hospitals regularly and patients not to shy away from enjoying their stays in the hospital, especially the male patients.

I've never seen any place in the world apart from a hospital, where you would see parades of different sizes of natural asses, neatly packaged inside tight, skimpy uniforms.

Anyway, that's just the tip of the iceberg; just like Quintus Dias said in Centurion, "this is neither the beginning nor the end of my story." My full experience with Nigerian nurses is a story for another day.

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Celebrities / Re: Cee-c Meets Kanayo O Kanayo At 4th Pan Africa Business Leadership Summit by ola33t: 2:26pm On Nov 27, 2019

Is that the reason why one of her breasts is looking up while the other is looking down?

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Romance / Re: Ladies Reveal Why They Are Still Virgins Or Practicing Celibacy by ola33t: 1:55pm On Nov 27, 2019

It is out of place to employ the word 'virgin' for a grown-up Nigerian lady. The word 'virgin' became irrelevant decades ago; 'Technical virgin' is more applicable to this present era.
Although there might still be 0.01% of Nigerian ladies who might still be real virgins but a typical 'technical celibate' Nigerian lady or a Nigerian 'technical virgin' would likely have a mileage surpassing that of a grandma who was from the older generation.

Most technical virgins in Nigeria are anal veterans, Mouth Action heroines, fingering goddesses and dildö/cucumber Ninjas.

If a grown Nigerian lady with uncircumcised clit says she's a virgin, then I know it's not from any good reason of chastity or holy obedience to God, it might be she hasn't encountered that fat deek size that can shift her womb. The word 'real virgin' is a myth in this generation of legends of deeks.

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Literature / Re: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Receives UN Global Leadership Award by ola33t: 7:27am On Nov 27, 2019

Great Woman!
An embodiment of virtues, intelligence, independence, beauty, strength and enviable character.
One of the few Nigerian women who cast positive light on the word feminist.

While most fake feminists hide under that word to slut around and suck different sizes of deeks, promiscuous single mothers, but Chimamanda remains a virtuous woman worthy of emulations.

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Celebrities / Re: Ali Baba Says Entertainers Who Encourage Crime Should Be Dealt With by ola33t: 7:21am On Nov 27, 2019

In rational environs, what an entertainer does shouldn't be any of the government concern because even the most unguilded gushes from the most insane entertainer has no bearing on the sane populace. What effect does the mental volatility and bad influence of Kanye have on the ever progressive minds of Americans or the displays of Alina Li on tech-minded Chinese people?

Ali Baba is right because in saner climes, learned, logical, sane minds control the economy and the people, but in a place like Nigeria, uneducated, insane, psychiatric patients like Marley are the ones controlling the minds of the dumb populace.
In saner climes, learned minds in government control the people but in Nigeria, Leg workers, BBN housemates, Tonto Dike, Toyin Lawani, Naira Marley and the rest are in charge of the minds of the young people, therefore whatever the trash they dish out matters.
Nigerians are one of the most sheepy, gullible lots in the world. They are easy preys to foolish exhibitions, that is why shiits like Marley and BBN thrive easily. Nigeria has a fertile soil for any crappy shiit to grow successfully.
You blame the government but if you pay enough attention, you discover most Nigerian young people themselves are nothing to write home about. That's why God and Karma don't listen to Nigerians' cries. God has more important things to do than pay attention to some confused, dumb, hypocritical folks.

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Celebrities / Re: Adaeze And Joseph Yobo's Outfits To Future Awards (Photos) by ola33t: 6:38pm On Nov 26, 2019

No one can have it all in life but Joseph Yobo is a man who managed to have it to a good extent - Successful career, masculine figure, cool attitude, physical height, good carriage, charming look, intelligence and also a good dress sense.
One of the few young men in Nigeria with a real fashion and dress sense. His shoes confirm that.
Even Ebuka with all the hypes come short of expectations most times, only enjoys the grace of bandwagon effect and the inherent sycophantic gene of Nigerians.
Many men know what to put on their bodies but when it comes to fitting shoes, most end up putting on their feet, shoes meant for a magician or clown in a circus.
It's rare to see men who get it all, from the head to the feet.

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Religion / Re: Sex Tapes And Depraved Viewers By Deji Yesufu by ola33t: 8:14pm On Nov 24, 2019

There is nothing wrong patronizing made-in-Nigeria soft-porn during this border closure. That's all what the government has been preaching lately. The video is a welcome development, as Nigerians could focus on made-in-Nigeria porn and take a rest from foreign xvideos for a while.

I saw a thread fews minutes ago on Nairaland Front Page, where a kind hearted Nairalander said she is about to drop her sex tape online too, sequel to the Babcock video. That's the kind of patriotic spirit that can keep made-in-Nigeria products in progress.

The short Babcock soft porn traveled more than all the travels the Nigerian president has made during all his years as president. The video has been the only successful export of Nigeria in recent times, Mia Khalifa was impressed by the bedmatics and prowess of the duo.

I know Honorable Bright Ejedewhro and Elisha Abbo would have watched the clip more than five times today. Babcock video is one of the best things that happened to the country lately.
Lets learn to appreciate made-in-Nigeria products instead of being the antagonist against our own development.

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Celebrities / Re: Real Warri Pikin And Husband's Marriage Introduction Photo (Throwback) by ola33t: 10:32am On Nov 16, 2019

Aside the facial look, the hourglass figure plus body endowments are top notch.

The reason why, apart from moving around with sachets of durex, it's also advisable to always have packets of black polythene bags at your disposal, so that while you cover yourself with the durex, you can also wear the polythene bag on her head to cover the ugly face. One lesson a wise man learnt in Ghana.

Most ladies with charming figures always end up having scary faces like the ones you only see in horror movies.

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Crime / Re: Policeman Injures Man With Pistol After Complaining Of Hitting His Car by ola33t: 8:36pm On Nov 13, 2019

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Romance / Re: Endowed Model Sanchi Showcases Her Massive Behind In See Through Lingerie by ola33t: 8:28pm On Nov 13, 2019

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Crime / Re: Man Attacks His Brother "For Having A Secret Affair With His Wife" In Abuja by ola33t: 3:58pm On Nov 13, 2019

There are two kinds of people, those who attack the good guys and those who attack the bad guys;
Those who aim the right target and those who aim the wrong target.

I think he struck the wrong guy, now, while he's cooling his sorry ass in the cell or prison, the cheerful giver he calls his wife would carry her borehole to feed other thirsty men outside.

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Culture / Re: Convocation: Badirat Olaitan Adeyemi Graduates From The University Of Ibadan by ola33t: 3:22pm On Nov 13, 2019

In the past, Royals give the people they were well pleased with, an opportunity to ask for one thing, up to the half of the kingdom.
If I ever have this golden opportunity, I would ask his overbleached Highness for one of his underbleeped queens, especially this one who always look like a mannequin inside pictures.

It won't be a bad idea eating of the king's delicacy. May I find favour before the king.

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Celebrities / Re: Protest Against Burna Boy By South Africans Over Inclusion In Concerts by ola33t: 3:16pm On Nov 13, 2019

Someone should tell those fake asses in SA, that Nelson Mandela is busy shaking body to the vibes of Burna in his grave.

Burna is a messenger of God, only fake asses think otherwise.

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Celebrities / Re: Toke Makinwa: "If I Had A Man, I Would Show Him Cleavage" by ola33t: 2:47pm On Nov 13, 2019

There are two kinds of people, those who belong to everyone and those who belong to no one.

As a patriotic citizen, Toke borrowed a slogan from the go-slow President of the country which she has successfully applied in her life, now she belongs to everybody and belongs to nobody.

Now, her life has brought joy to many people, more than the government has done, with guys who derive joy and satisfaction from her raunchy pictures and those who she feeds directly.
She has fed so many people, more than the government, her balloons now almost deflated.

But personally, I will still happily choose a pair of Toked slippers with suckable nipples than a pair of giant Cossyd mellons with no nipples.

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