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Crime / Re: Man Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Company Car In Borno by Psalmistproject: 10:30am On Feb 28
If you have please start helping your friends now and surround yourself with them. When things finally spiral out of control and people can't endure hardship no more, they will come for your life just to get what they'll eat.

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Told Me She’s A Water Spirit (mami Water) by Psalmistproject: 2:35pm On Feb 12
I’m just trying to be careful
I’m still young and still have a long way to go .
What if something happens in few years and I opt out of the relationship .
Is it not better to carefully end it with her now ( but Omorr I’m in love with this girl )
I’m confused right now

Just enjoy the relationship but don't cheat on her. The down side is just her untimely death during childbirth or afterwards but those girls don't last long.
Politics / Re: AFCON: Peter Obi Congratulates Super Eagles For Making It To The Final by Psalmistproject: 8:06am On Feb 08
Hoebee thank you o!
Come back in 2027, we may consider you if Daddy Bulaba no perform well!
E se o, daalu, nagode Dr Hoebee, Obi, Hoebeee!

I can feel how the current situation of the country is bitting you grin
Chill you are just in the introductory part.
Politics / Re: Again, CBN Raises Import Duty Rate By Another 4.4% In 24 Hours by Psalmistproject: 5:33pm On Feb 03
This means that Rice price has just added 4.4%

So if you have been buying rice for 50k then add 4.4% to it. It will give you 52200.

This applies to others.

Now you can clearly see the government wants to kill everyone.

How is this supposed to help the people.

You haven't created jobs or economic facilities and atmosphere to help people build income yet you are directly contributing to more hardship.

This is wickedness from the pit of hell!

I know they did this at a time they feel Nigerians are a little bit happy and distracted by the afcon wins lately.


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Politics / Re: Hoodlums Hijack Election Materials In Kano, Enugu, Akwa Ibom Rerun, Bye-election by Psalmistproject: 5:19pm On Feb 03
Well if you can't match vawulence for vawulence, then use the court to get a decent self humiliation.

I've always said this,

"Take the vawulence to INEC!"

Since they have decided to remain a reliable anti people's institution, escalating the lawlessness on the election day substantially to them will also give them a taste of their cooking.

Kpai dem corrupt officialls at the pollen, ward and LGA unit all.

The rest will be forced to do the right thing.

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Politics / Re: ISWAP Fighters Raid Borno Police Station, Gun Down Officers by Psalmistproject: 5:03pm On Feb 03
Maybe this is staged too!

Mumu administration.
Sports / Re: Osimhen Taken In For Random Dope Test After Cameroun Game by Psalmistproject: 10:08pm On Jan 28
I think more scrutiny should be on onana's urine, the guy just dey cast up and down like person wey dey add a little cocoyam leaf to his usual brand.

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Education / Re: Benue State Uni Bans Mini-Skirts, Dreadlocks, Armless Shirts, Others by Psalmistproject: 9:08am On Jan 16
you mean the university supposed to represent the Nigeria as an independent country

Is the university learning only about Nigeria?
Does it mean that foreigners can't attend the university? The dressing law is a joke! It simply makes the university a localized sect that is more interested in eye service or mediocrity than advancing learning.

Any university that must meet international standards must welcome different cultures within it's cover as long as it doesn't disrupt learning for others or tramples on the rights of others. That's why everyone goes to western universities and as well import their cultures within the school environment and everyone respects.

If you can't cope with seeing other cultures in school then you have to leave school and join the Covent or seminary and become a priest or nun where you are isolated from other worlds culture cos if you fight it in school, will you also figh it in the streets and public spaces?

So it's foolish and shows lack of ideas
Education / Re: Benue State Uni Bans Mini-Skirts, Dreadlocks, Armless Shirts, Others by Psalmistproject: 6:24am On Jan 15

If havard, Standford, MIT doesn't have any problem with dreadlocks what then do you make of a typical backyard glorified secondary school that keeps producing semi literates?

They're on their own. University is supposed to represent the world.
Politics / Re: Fox News: Nigeria Is The Most Dangerous Country For Christians. by Psalmistproject: 2:29pm On Jan 08
Are you planning to go into business this year but still not sure of what you want to invest in?

Are you looking for a business that you can start with 5k and above?

Do you want to learn about business you can start with zero capital?

Then don't miss this opportunity

EYESCOPE BUSINESS CONSULT has put together a free business training workshop that will run for 4 Wednesdays starting this week.

If you're based in Portharcourt and around rumuodara then you're in luck!

Come and prepare for the year free of charge!
Politics / Fox News: Nigeria Is The Most Dangerous Country For Christians. by Psalmistproject: 2:21pm On Jan 08
Do you know what the world or the Biden administration thinks is the reason behind the jihad agenda in the country?


Since tinubu made us a joke in the comity of nations, the nations are reciprocating in kind.

Politics / Re: Anambra Lawmakers Ride Keke, Governor's Girlfriends,others Cruise In Exotic Cars by Psalmistproject: 3:55am On Jan 06
Anytime I hear, "he's highly educated and can do the job," all na wash somebody simply wants to use them and serve self interest. Soludo was heavily funded and supported by APC and tinubu but unfortunately loyalty is not his thing. He simply entered the door and started serving himself.

Four years is just a short term.
Sports / Re: Rivers United Coach Eguma Eyes Super Eagles Job by Psalmistproject: 9:26am On Jan 04

My brother don't just think a thread accidentally appears on the front. Some of these guys will sponsor these posts and then use thei multiple accounts to support it.

Na the people whose financial interests are covered if he's to get the job

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Foreign Affairs / Fact!! Why Palestinians Supported Oct 7th Massacre Of Jews!! by Psalmistproject: 12:38pm On Dec 16, 2023
I want to believe that 90% of Palestinians share the same sentiments with Hamas.

It's sad that after years of fightings and deaths, they still believe the Jews shouldn't share a space with them.

Their problem is just domination by the Jews.

Returned Jews came back with modern civilization and strong support from the west.

They didn't just start invading people's lands and convert to their settlement. They bought the lands they built on and settled in from both the native Jews and Palestinians living in the country at the time.

Just like the Igbos buying lands in Lagos and settling there only for those that sold the land to wake up and tell them they can't share a state with them.

But unlike the Igbos, Israelites or Jews are not settling in a strange land.
Palestinians believe that Abraham settled there and that Abraham is also their great ancestral father and they are Abraham's offsprings.

So how come Jacob is not welcomed there?
Infact there was nothing like the Palestinians in the days of Canaan.

What we had close to that was the Philistines which was a minor race that migrated into cannan just like Jacob and Abraham.

King David eventually conquered the entire cannan and built it into one nation of Israel.

After this it was kings from other countries that always wage wars against Israel and till today the war is still ongoing.

The present day Palestinians have no known ancestral claim to the land.

Now to the attack on Israel, if majority of the Palestinians wants Israel to be annihilated, why won't Israel bomb all of them into oblivion? Unfortunately when they're given back the fight they seek they're start wailing all over the place.

Politics / Re: IDF Begins Full Operation In Southern Gaza by Psalmistproject: 10:17pm On Dec 04, 2023
By the time this war is over Palestinians will realize that religious tolerance is a virtue.

You claim Israel is occupying your land. You picked up arms against her people.

You didn't go after the military or government structure of Israel and maybe behead all of them.

You simply mobilized, enter their territory and went straight after civilians, people that holds no significance to the government.

Killing babies by beheading and burning. Then raping their women and killing them afterwards and shooting at random to anything walking on the street.

How does that solve anything?
What message are you trying to send out?

That they should leave their land and go where?
You refused the UN resolution for peace in the 90s and choose instead that Israel must be evicted from the river to the sea.

Where do you want Israel to relocate to?

Now you are crying and showing the world the consequences of your heinous crimes against humanity.

You Hamas have corrupted Palestinians and when you hide behind anyone of them, both of you will be crushed. There's no ceasefire!

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Business / Re: How I Replied A Customer That Promise To Get Back To Me( Read Chat) by Psalmistproject: 5:25pm On Nov 30, 2023
Wait, I non understand. For a job that has the potential of giving you a revenue of around 3 million, that was how you replied a potential client. Abi non be 3.1 something million I see for that chat?

Some people pursue one job for years, while pursuing that job it does not stop them from doing other businesses, yet this one is just one month and see how your replied a potential customer.

Na wa

Him never start.
He's obviously a baby in pursing business

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Foreign Affairs / Re: IDF Blows Up Hamas Parliament Building (Photos) by Psalmistproject: 3:11pm On Nov 16, 2023

If Isreal really know the pain of holocaust, because people that really experienced it are no longer around.
If this current acclaimed Isreali inhabitants really know the pain of holocaust, dem no go dey do Palestine like this.
Isreal and the Jew wil only have more hatred with this… I went to Tel-Aviv in January… never thought I will be the one throwing stone at Isreal few months after…
I don’t really care about Palestine and obviously never going to visit (war or no war)
But Palestinian deserves the right to live too

Do you think if Israel was targeting Palestinians, they wouldn't have turned entire Gaza to desert now?
Palestine has zero air defense, while Israel is also a nuclear power.

In a war between countries, there's always a collateral damage.
The rule of engagement is for civilians to quickly vacate strongholds of the military or hot zones.

If Hamas runs and hide behind civilians and Israel stops the attack and they gather again and strikes again maybe kill half of the Jews and goes back again and hide behind their civilians and Israel is told to spare them because of the civilians in the end are you not the one subtly wishing for ethnic cleansing of the Jews?

How do you intend they get rid of Hamas?
Militarily right? Yes!

Will there be collateral damage? Yes.

How do you reduce the level of collateral damage?

You have to warn civilians to get out of harms way especially for airstrikes

You have to use land troops to search for them as bombings alone can't get the needed targets

Any civilian that is too stubborn to move will be part of the unavoidable collateral damage.

You have to know the definition of war bro.
Foreign Affairs / Re: IDF Blows Up Hamas Parliament Building (Photos) by Psalmistproject: 8:17pm On Nov 15, 2023
What does Hamas represent to the Palestinians?
You’ve demilitarized the country…
Hamas is a resistance group.
If many of us are born in Palestine, we won’t only cheer Hamas.. but joined them.
How long will Palestinian looks on the face of suffering….
Everyone saying Isreal have the right to defend themselves…. Agreed.
But does Palestinian also have the same right ?
Even if they do what do they have to fight with?
I don’t like Palestinian either, but call a spade a spade.
This is the highest form of genocide and it’s dehumaning that most so called liberal state support this nonsense.

If Palestinians have passed through a thousandth (0.001) of the genocide suffered by the Jews across the world, they would know to never threaten them with genocide let alone carrying it out.

The Jews have been given a thousand hate scars on their bodies across the world.
The little Iran puppets trying to overdo will receive maximum consequences.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Gaza War: IDF Forces Take Over Hamas Parliament ( Pics) by Psalmistproject: 11:01pm On Nov 13, 2023
sad Even though I'm a born again Christian, we Christians condemn the brutality of Isreal against Gaza. No sane Christian should support the bombing of children and innocent women. 11,000 innocent people bombed to shreds for been defenseless and trying to be free from oppression. We nigerian Christians stand with and will continue to pray for the Palestinians. May our Lord Jesus continue to guide and protect the Palestinians against the evil of Israel sad
Dey play!


Politics / Re: The Only Reason Why You Should Still Vote In 2027 by Psalmistproject: 4:23pm On Nov 13, 2023

Go and prepare to.loose again.

Until the posturing and sentiments change no igbo man would be the president of this country.

Look at this one, who's taking about loosing?

We are talking about vawulence for the fun of it. It doesn't matter who won at the end of the day as long as INEC suffers great casualties.
The idea is to show INEC who is more dangerous, the politicians or the people.

Power belongs to the people las las


Politics / The Only Reason Why You Should Still Vote In 2027 by Psalmistproject: 3:00pm On Nov 13, 2023
For those that really understands the system of economy of a state, you will agree with me that worst days are coming.

Forget about what tinubu is doing now, he's simply buying up spaces to unleash the greatest suffering upon the masses.

Anyone with a sound economic knowledge can understand that our naira value by the end of first quarter 2024 will crash and left dwindling around 1500-2000 per dollar.

The only reliable means could be to empower and provide a safe license to operate to Yahoo boys so they could siphon more forex into the country.

Basically, a country can only grow economically if they can locally produce most of their needs even if they're not exporting it or if they have a system of trade that helps them earn foreign currencies/items of value.

Anything that adds to foreign currencies in this country now is a life saver. Wether good or bad.

Currently, the country depends mostly on the sales of crude to get forex.
The population is growing so also strong men with various honours in corruption. A new regime of new actors have taken over the oil theft cartel now.

The country is fully immuned to success. The anti success vaccine some few imps installed to power is working perfectly.

Look around you, businesses are now folding.

I am not trying to be pessimistic hell no! It doesn't even matter what anyone feels anymore.
Tinubu is not regarded in his own country, in his region of the African continent and across intercontinental and intracontinental divides.

This is a living deadly virus of our time!
He can't land and may never land even a single foreign investment into the country. Westerners are not fools, they know exactly how the system of agberoism and multiple taxation suffocated other bankrupted foreign investments. Now you even made the chief culprit fct minister? Hehehe... Come to Portharcourt and learn how to crush businesses with multiple taxation. They call empowerment for the boys!

Now having a mixture of MC oluomo and obioakpor touts running the capital city what next?

I still doubt if APC can remain formidable for long as the party is now more like individual strong men at their individual corners wrecking havoc with zero resistance.

Now is my vote going to count 2027? The answer is NO!!!
So should I still go out and vote?

Yes, but this is how it must be done.

Extreme vawulence for vawulence!!
Yes you don't have a gun or may not be able to face the thugs but let me tell you who holds the key to free and fair election.

INEC!!! They have deceived you for long that it's your duty to defend your vote and you are busy chasing ballot box snatchers. That stupidity ends!

Start your good mission with the agents at pollen units once the devils starts. Ensure they're not physically able to even recognize what happened the day of the elections as thousands are severely injured and hospitalized.

If INEC senses that holding the usual elections will result to the great loss of devious lives of it's agents at the pollen units, they're be forced to rely on electronic voting.

Don't bother pursing thugs, once there's mago mago, start brutalizing the agents there. They will have to cancel it.
Election is war!! If the umpire is also a threat, then escalate the war to them.
You can't dine with the devil and come out in one piece.

Prepare for INEC 2027!!!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Israeli Tanks Surround 3 Gaza Hospitals (Video, Photos) by Psalmistproject: 10:10pm On Nov 10, 2023
Fvck Israel!

Genocide in disguise!

Death to all Hamas and those that allows themselves to be their shield tongue
Foreign Affairs / Voices From Gaza That Hamas Terrorists Are Trying To Silence by Psalmistproject: 9:10pm On Nov 10, 2023
I'm still wondering how people are against Israel trying to do Palestinians a huge favor by removing Hamas so the people can constitute a government that will work for the people.

Just imagine Boko boys in Nigeria are allowed to sieze control over North East government. How do you think the people there will cope? Even with few local government they're controlling now, the people there are seeing shege.

About Israel's bombing, yes it's unavoidable.
Now I am still surprised that hamas up till today still launch multiple rockets inside Israel. Infact Israel has estimated about 90,000 missle launch into it's territory since Israel became a state from Hamas.

Now none of these rockets are aimed at military facilities or critical infrastructures but straight to civilian population. Just to wreck terror.

What would have been the fate of Israel if they hadn't iron dome defense tech?

Now let me ask you, if you are wearing a bullet proof and someone is pointing a gun at you, ok you beg them to stand down. But the shooter intends to defy your defense and kill you never the less will you not put them down? With all pleasure,take them down!

Now you want to make them pay for their aggression against innocent civilians they killed. They killed your own wife and children and they runs and hide behind their innocent civilians telling you, you have to kill their wives and children before you get to them feeling you won't burrow through what ever shield they want to use to get to them.

Israel is ready to escalate this war to ww3 if the entire Arab countries like let them come they don't care. The goal is simple, KILL ALL HAMAS TERRORISTS AND ANYTHING THAT GIVES THEM ADVANTAGE.

Now the people they are using as advantage are beginning to cry out.

It's just a matter of time, Palestinians will have their country back.



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Foreign Affairs / Re: Netanyahu Gives Condition For Ceasefire In Gaza After 11,000 Dead by Psalmistproject: 11:15am On Nov 07, 2023
He is in a world of his own and talking to himself when the ground has shifted under his feet wink

11,000 souls perished, mostly defencelss babies, children and women, at his order and he still thinks anyone is listening to him after he has been told to stop the killings yet he refused. Smh

It's already a month of continous day and night full scale air and land bombarding, draining military stockpiles yet no victory and he is being drawn into a long war with increasing isolation of his people in a global village with most of the major international flights in and out of his natural-resource poor but tourism-rich tiny nation of about 7 million people cancelled, Isreal citizens he ordered to leave Southern Israel yet to return to their houses, schools closed, Hezbollah striking and disrupting lives in Northern Israel etc. There's something he is not telling himself, he is winning a battle not the war. He is acting more like a politician who is thinking of winning the next election, he is not a war strategist.

US is supplying both Ukraine and Israel with arms largely built from supplies from China,
Indonesia and Russia, these 3 countries that dominate the supply chains of the materials used in manufacturing arms have placed controls on supply. They will draw him into a long war like Ukraine and drain him like Zelensky until they will now hit back at him.

Unfortunately, it will be from within his own people who will realise the futility in his strategy. Hamas is supposed to be a 5,000 to 15,000 brigade, it's strange that despite repeated Isreal's bombings, air strikes, tanks, hundreds of thousands of Isreal soldiers etc, for a whole month, IDF still cannot pronounce victory yet the Hamas are not ghosts.

When I watched the release of the two elderly women hostages last week, I saw the Hamas fighters, how they were so confident as they courtesied the elderly women with no haste or pressure that I kept wondering if these are people in same Gaza Isreal has been bombing for weeks. So who are the Isreal politicians like Mr Netanyahu deceiving? Certainly,I am not among those he is deceiving. Isreal has more problems with those making laws for it sef.Check my signature for free stuffs!

So in your opinion, Hamas should hold on to the hostages and let the war continue?

If your answer is yes,
Please go and tell those F00ls protesting for a cease fire to sing a different song.

Politics / Re: Scores Missing As Boko Haram Kills 9 Rice Farmers In Borno by Psalmistproject: 6:55pm On Nov 06, 2023
Seems like these Asian rice manufacturers may be sponsoring terrorism in Northern Nigeria. The amount of rice farmers being targeted is suspicious ever since Buhari banned importation. Government must do more to protect our farmers and please kee any idiot that is caught whether local or foreign. You kill a farmer, you threaten the nations food security. The government need to act fast on this farmer issues find the culprits and exterminate them.
Rice is majorly produced in ebonyi state since military regime.

Buhari is a monumental failure tinubu is the finishing touches ensuring that no part of the country is left untouched by failure.

Like boko like iswap like alqaelda, like ISIS like Hamas just one agenda; terror. How I wish they'll take their madness to USA, the so called northeast will be reduced to rubbles.
Romance / Re: I Will Love & Worship My Husband - Nigeria Lady Berates Feminists For Hating Men by Psalmistproject: 4:29pm On Nov 05, 2023
Most of the women's group on social media are all about feminists agenda.

Honestly, just pure hatred for men and their fellow women enjoying a happy home.


Crime / Re: NDLEA Arrests 3 Blind Members Of Drug Syndicate, Intercepts Saudi-bound Cocaine by Psalmistproject: 4:22pm On Nov 05, 2023

Yes please insult tinubu who put our country on the map as the first country ruled by a drug kingpin!

Meanwhile, why is it that the Igbo man in the same business with others became a billionaire while others are mere syndicates?

That word, you shall prosper in all you do is not for others I guess?
Crime / Re: NDLEA Arrests 3 Blind Members Of Drug Syndicate, Intercepts Saudi-bound Cocaine by Psalmistproject: 4:15pm On Nov 05, 2023
The billionaires include Nwaoha Anayo,
Nwokolo Ifeanyi Anthony
among others.

But from all indications, it is appropriate to start insulting Tinubu so we remain deluded.

Yes please insult tinubu who put our country in the map as the first country ruled by a drug kingpin!

Meanwhile, why is it that the Igbo man in the same business with others became a billionaire while others are mere syndicates?

That word, you shall prosper in all you do is not for others I guess?
Politics / The Dynamics Of Rivers State Politics. by Psalmistproject: 1:50pm On Nov 01, 2023
From the recent occurrence involving Wike and his immediate sire, Governor Sim, it's obvious that rivers state is living up to its expectation as a South South state.

Among the entire country, the only group with the greatest number of death casualties resulting from resource control conflict is the highly entitled people of south south.

Once it comes to entitlement, please don't argue with a typical Rivers man, or Delta man or Edo man, these folks no sabi mama or papa when chopping is involved.

Before I moved to Portharcourt for academics (Uniport) in 2007, I was in Lagos with my siblings and my mom. Then I rarely hear anything about politics in Lagos state.

Everyone was about their hustle. I can't even remember anyone trying to mention any news article from Lagos government. You can hardly here on the radio where guess from the Lagos government administration at the time are invited to the studio for interviews on one governments policy initiating dissidents. Lagos was just calm politically.

Then I arrived Portharcourt. Everywhere is politicized. You can hardly walk two poles without seeing one titled chief's house. 80% of the conversations of the indigenes were about government, politics and what is to be shared. Infact I virtually became politically conscious of my environment.

In River State and among it indigenes, it's all about where are they sharing our OYEL money today? Still, there's always fracas among them as a result of one person trying to corner all to self.

A Rivers politician can never be loyal if you give him power. It's only in Rivers state that you meet someone and ask, what do you do for a living? They'll tell you, "I am a politician."

They reduce politics and governance to a means of daily bread. I have so many friends even today living this way. Most of them lacks quality education, skills and even direction. They feel people around them either working, doing business or any other form of livelihood around them must give them as a form of an entitlement.

It's only in Portharcourt that one jobless youth will wake up and use his mother's wooden bench and block the road along his family house and starts collecting illegal taxes and levy.

In a road less than 2km you will find 4 community ticketing points. Most of the youths have refused to engage in meaningful ventures rather than becoming nuisance and extorting transporters. This extortion is in return added to the cost of transportation and the passengers bear the burden.

Now from Odili to Omehia to Amechi, then to Wike and currently to Sim. One thing this chronological order has in common is lack of relevance for past leaders.

Once a new government enters, the previous system is rendered irrelevant. Every man ruling the garden city believes he's divinely ordained to put everyone where they belongs. Infact they see themselves as the next GCFR. Any opposition must be stamped out!

Wike haven't seen anything yet. It's the same blood that runs in his veins that also runs in Sim's.
Now for people that doesn't know much, there's a real bitter hate for ikweres.

How they have hijacked the leadership of Rivers state. Sim is a riverine man, the people that believes they're the real rivers indigenes. The ikweres and those of them with igbo descents or connection are termed upland and immigrants so it's only a matter of time.

Now the last thing wike would have done would have been to make a puppet of Sim, he would have struck an easy bargain that wouldn't burden the present governor much. The kind of deal odili offered him and amechi. Power to rule without major interruptions.

So we are yet to see a bloody battle in Portharcourt. It will end bad for wike and if cares not taken it will also be bad for Rivers uplanders.

Simi have started stoking the embers of ethnicity, calling out for ijaw brethren to stand up! We may soon start to hear Wike is igbo so also amechi and odili and they can't allow one Nwike from Aba to come and tell them real riverine indigenes what to do.

All these is the consequences of giving a Rivers man power. You can't take it back.

When you give them food, they'll eat it and eat the plate also.

So expect serious battle months ahead.
Politics / Re: What Exactly Is BAT Concerned About? by Psalmistproject: 7:13am On Sep 27, 2023
His major concern is the soul of his blind followers for ritual sacrifices

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