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Celebrities / Re: I Dreamt Peter Obi Won 2023 Presidential Election - BBNaija’s Mercy Eke by raymondhillmimi(m): 11:42am On Nov 25
Amen oh. PO will win.


Romance / Re: Help My Fiancée Unlocks My Phone While Am Asleep by raymondhillmimi(m): 8:53am On Nov 25
Trust issues, did you do anything at some point that broke his trust? If you did not then his actions could be as a result of his previous relationship saga or influenced by his friends.

Try talk to him, let him know that there is no love in a relationship without trust. I can’t remember going through my girls phone for any reason.
Religion / Re: Pastor Calls Off Wedding After Bride-To-Be Told Him That Her Fiancé Fingered Her by raymondhillmimi(m): 12:45pm On Nov 23
Lol, it’s not by force he will wed them. Sister and brother change church and do your wedding.
Business / Re: Banks Have Stopped Giving Dollars. What is Your Experience? by raymondhillmimi(m): 3:45pm On Nov 22
I just opened a dollar account with access bank and paid in cash. They didn't tell me anything like that o.

I never do myself so?
When you try to withdraw it then you’ll know.

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Romance / Re: Why I Walked Away From 3 Ladies I Had Interest In. by raymondhillmimi(m): 9:39am On Nov 17
You sound like you are doing them a favor by trying to get in a relationship with them, have you considered the possibilities that you don’t meet their expectations?

Just because she’s single doesn’t mean she needs a man to fill her lonely space, some ladies actually do prefer being single.

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Family / Re: What Is My Wife Doing ? Cheating? by raymondhillmimi(m): 8:06pm On Nov 14
Please some weeks ago, I found out that her colleague (a male) calls her often. I told her but immediately she flair up and went to work with anger, she told me that the boy was calling him for work meanwhile they will see for sure the second workday, when you left home angrily without even fighting her.

The boy sent me some texts on WhatsApp explaining that she wants to collect a phone from my wife blahblahblah, I never replied the text, the boy called me twice on the second day and I didn't pick, my wife told me that the boy saw her face look angry and that's why he asked what was wrong with her and she explained to him, she told me that was why he was texting me.

Yesterday, I found out that the same boy still calls my wife and my wife calls him too, when I raised the issue again she flair up telling me the boy was calling him to ask her welfare.
What is confusing is that the first time they talk different things, why would a reasonable guy continues calling her after he knew it caused fight the first time, why would she continue too when she knows that it's threatening her marriage.

My wife has been denying me sex for 3 months, tell me if that's possible for a girl who loves to Bleep.

My wife has a child for me and she has been supportive financially, she does house chores everything, but she had betrayed me twice before, one was cheating, the other she stole money coniving with my cousins at my former business.

Please somebody advise me what to do.
When I see a thread like this, I remember one Nairalander who’s wife left him after taken numerous advices from here.

Your story sounds sketchy and empty, you accused your wife of cheating with no evidence but a phone call, your wife can’t just deny you sex for 3 months and you know it. If you want some good advice tell us what really happened between you two. Or you can choose to applaud the teenagers here chanting you to bring down your marriage.

Just remember that when it crashes you alone will bear the consequences.
Romance / Re: Can I Get Married To Her Now Or It’s Too Early? by raymondhillmimi(m): 11:10am On Nov 13
I met this lovely lady (30 yo) online 2 months ago. She is in Nigeria and I’m in the Uk. We have been actively chatting, phoning and having lots of facetime. She’s got all they qualities I need in a wife. She has also gone to see my peeps once and they said nice things about her.

I’m planning on wedding her this Christmas and she can join me immediately (UK can be very lonely without a partner) on a dependent visa.

But sometimes I pause and ask myself, I hope I’m not rushing this whole thing? I hope she is not pretending to be nice? I hope she truly loves me? I hope she is not seeing me as a means to japa? A lot of questions going through my mind. This is marriage and I don’t wanna make mistakes.

Advice me please.

You’re gonna bet a lifetime commitment with someone you met online 2 months ago? you must be a gambler.

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Politics / Re: Zanele Sifuba Accuses Governor Douye Diri Of Leaking Her Sex Tape by raymondhillmimi(m): 8:44am On Nov 12
From the video, the man she was playing with is not the governor. That’s a young man with six packs and a long d!ck, the governor get pot belly! Through out the video he never revealed his face but she had no problem revealing hers.

It’s obvious she fell for an imposter on social media who is using the governors identity to blackmail people. She better not drag him into this or he could take legal actions which he will easily win!

Please no one should ask me to send the video, I don’t have it.

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Business / Re: Aloy Chife Asks CBN To Abolish Official FOREX Market, Allow Naira Float by raymondhillmimi(m): 4:58pm On Nov 04

1). So many Nigerians have stacked Naira notes in their closets and are cut up with this policy of the CBN. There is a rush by ignorant Nigerians to convert their Naira to Dollars. Naira is at all time low against dollar and it's going to go even lower. For example a man converts #10m to 12,500 USD at the current exchange rate. It's easier to keep it with himself than to deposit in a Domiciliary account with a DMB because of the stringent policies around FX cash deposits. He hopes that by December when the new Nigeria is floated, he'd have his FX converted back to Naira from the Aboki guys he bought his USD from.

2)The Aboki man who sold FX to his customers at exorbitant rate excitedly goes to the DMB to deposit the millions of Naira he got the the FX swap he did. He knows he is getting richer in geometric proportion by this new policy by the CBN. He awaits the printing of the new Naira notes so as to reconvert the Naira he has in his account today USD and continue making more money.

3). All customers who deposited their Naira notes, those depositing and those who would be depositing are eagerly waiting for December 15. The DMBs are also waiting for the said date. Meanwhile there is a cashless policy waiting to hit all Nigerians by January 2023. On December 15th, customers would rush to the DMBs for new notes so as to withdraw as much as they can before January when the cashless policy would be effected 100%. The DMBS would rush to the central bank branches to withdraw new notes. The branches would go to the H/O for new notes. H/O would release just a little to branches based on cash management policies. CBN Branches would release in trinkets to DMB branches and tell them to go manage their customers. DMBs would revert back to their customers based on the low available new cash notes. There would be slight panicking as customers who deposited old naira notes cannot retrieve same notes from the DMBs anymore because of unavailability. Remember, digital money and paper money is still money and so customers would be advised to use electronic channels to make payments.

4) The Aboki guy who kept millions of Naira is also a victim of the shortage of new notes and so he cannot buy back FX from his customers who were hoping to return the ones the got earlier ones the new notes are in place. Aboki begins to panick as well. Those who have FX and need naira notes begin to sell their FX to people who have naira whether old or new just to cash in before January. In doing so, USD begins to crash as rapidly as it rose. Much of the FX becomes deposited in DMBs as carrying the raw cash isn't useful anymore. The CBN is happy because there is more FX in the banking system to give for Forms A, M and Q. Naira begins to gain rapidly against the dollar.

5). In January, cashless policy takes effect. So even if the CBN makes available more new notes to DMBs, customers cannot withdraw above the stipulated across-the-counter limit to avoid heavy charges. Customers are forced to use electronic payments, FX policy and transfer and withdrawal is so stiff that swapping FX and Naira is no more a gain. USD parallel and black market prices crash all the way down to CBN rate. Inflation based on importation of goods and services is checked as Naira becomes strong against dollar. People who have physical dollars would lose. There would be limited access to naira notes as electronic transfers become prevalent. Enaira purchases also become more as Nigerians look for most seamless methods to do payments. By June, whoever takes over power would have a soft landing as this policy by the CBN has controlled a whole lot of inflation, corruption and economic degradation.

6). If you have Naira notes stashed with you, return them back to the bank through your account. Don't try to play smart trying to beat the system, you may become the architect of your own loss. Your 12,500 USD may fall from #10,000,000 to #5,000,000 in June, 2023. Meanwhile if you put same #10,000,000 in Treasury Bills at the current 14.5%, you should be gaining about #725,000 at the same period.

Let's try and look at the bright side of things, Nigeria shall be great by God's grace.

The problem with this your analysis is the fact that it’s all speculations. You’re hoping it turns out this way but the way this country is heading I highly doubt Naira will ever gain traction and stop sliding. It can only slow down a bit and continue its race to the bottom.

Nigeria is a heavy consumer of imported goods, we produce almost nothing so our demand for USD will always be high. Add the corrupt system, insecurity and mismanagement of public funds and tell me how it’s possible for Naira to recover?

The only thing we can hope for is a leader who is prepared to fix this country, even if we get a good leader it would take some time.

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Politics / Re: Name Your Presidential Candidate And Give Us Three Reasons We Should Vote Him by raymondhillmimi(m): 7:21am On Nov 01
Peter Obi of course. Reason? There is absolutely no reason why any right thinking person shouldn’t vote for him.
Family / Re: My Wife Twins Sister Moved To Our Apartment Of A Room And Parlour Self-contain by raymondhillmimi(m): 9:06am On Oct 24
This is a serious problem, if am in your shoes I will break down. Please call your wife to your shop and have a one to one talk with her, let her know you can’t carry the burden any longer and ask her what is her sisters intention.

Am saying this because you need to realize that in this world you are on your own. If something happens to you now, your wife’s sister and your wife will find a way to live without you. Never in your life go out of your way to help anyone.


Business / Re: "Tribapay Dollar Card Is The Cheapest And Best At N705/$1" by raymondhillmimi(m): 5:22pm On Oct 19
Can the card buy Bitcoin or not, I know why am asking cheesy
Romance / Re: Please Help! I Need A Boyfriend. by raymondhillmimi(m): 3:50pm On Jun 23

How do I message you?
I sent you a private message, check your mail.
Celebrities / Re: Young Politician Lucky Omenka Dedicates Child, House In Grand Style In Abuja by raymondhillmimi(m): 4:30pm On Jun 12
This guy will just go somewhere snap picture and upload on nairaland and one mumu mod will just push it to frontpage. What they don't know is they are killing this platform with the rubbish they push here.


Romance / Re: If Ur Account Balance Is Reading 500 Thousand To 1 Million You Are Outdated- Sl by raymondhillmimi(m): 8:12am On Jun 07
This gender self, you will see one girl with extreme poverty written all over her telling you how she can’t date a guy earning 200k. But 5k isn’t in your account balance. One broke girl I know that talks shiit like this even had the mind to request 35k from me, and when I was reluctant to respond she started blowing up my phone, the language and tone I used on her am sure she wont forget it In a hurry.
Romance / Re: Is This Enough Reason To End A Relationship?? by raymondhillmimi(m): 7:53am On Jun 07
When they say don’t start what you can’t finish Una no go hear. You meet a lady and the next thing you start showing off unnecessarily, if you check well your friend started booking rides for her right from the beginning.


Family / Re: I Am In A State Of Dilemma... Should I Move On? by raymondhillmimi(m): 1:03pm On May 11
Seems he is up to something but don't just assume. Call him and discuss with him one on one. Tell him how you really feel and let him if he doesn't come open you will have no choice but to move on.
Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 18 Suspected Internet Fraudsters In Lagos by raymondhillmimi(m): 7:55pm On Apr 30
Stop comparing yahoo boys and politicians.
Both are as different as night and day.
Politics is a legitimate career course.
Fine !
We have politicians that are so inefficient and can thief public fund as if tomorrow no dey.
Still,we have politcians doing good works in all countries of the world,including Naija.
Yahoo yahoo is big time stealing.
It is illegal stealing from people.
Anything like legal yahoo yahoo?
Shout out to all politicians of the world doing good work all over the world.
Respect !
AGREED So the politicians that are embezzling billions even it evidence around them why can’t EFCC go after them? It’s very obvious they can’t hence they are irrelevant. Besides the yahoo boys they catch bail themselves and continue scamming. The system isn’t just working.
Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 18 Suspected Internet Fraudsters In Lagos by raymondhillmimi(m): 7:49pm On Apr 30
Is that not a PlayStation 4 console? I don’t understand EFCC intentions these days. Them for carry TV and AC join grin

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Health / Re: I’m Pregnant With A Sickle Cell Baby - Help by raymondhillmimi(m): 6:36pm On Apr 22

Have you ever bothered to ask her how the person knew the baby in the womb has got SS?
Let the person educate us.
We are here to learn...

She already answered that question and how much it costs for the test. Check the first page.

"Chorionic villus sampling was used to diagnose the disease."
Health / Re: I’m Pregnant With A Sickle Cell Baby - Help by raymondhillmimi(m): 5:24pm On Apr 22
Please spare the unborn child a lifetime of suffering and do the needful. Why bring the child to this world to suffer 100 times more for your own mistake.
Romance / Re: My Ex Who Is Married With Kids Wants To Have Sex With Me by raymondhillmimi(m): 10:06am On Apr 20
Just don't get caught sha. Because if you do an die. grin
Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by raymondhillmimi(m): 8:03am On Apr 16

I'll advice you do nothing.

Find a mechanic that can

Yes your catalyst were intentionally removed
Okay, thank you so much.
Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by raymondhillmimi(m): 10:55pm On Apr 15


* Misfires on cylinder 5.

* There is not thermostat and fans possibly connected directly .

* There is no catalyst on both banks.

These codes will show after 10miles of consistent driving .

Thanks for the response, if I replace the spark plug would that fix the misfire problem.

If the fan is connected directly is there a consequence to this approach?

So in essence the catalyst was removed ?
Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by raymondhillmimi(m): 7:11pm On Apr 15
Please I need guidance on what to do. My car drives well except for the check engine light which comes up after about 2 weeks or few days after refueling. The car also hesitate to fire, about a second delay when I accelerate. After scanning the scar with my OB11 scanner these are the results. It’s an ES350.

Car Scanner ELM OBD2
DTC report
Selected brand: Lexus

Raw code: 0305
ECU: Engine control unit
Status: Confirmed
OBDII: Cylinder 5 - misfire detected
Lexus: Cylinder 5 Misfire Detected

Raw code: 0128
ECU: Engine control unit
Status: Confirmed
OBDII: Coolant thermostat - coolant temperature below thermostat regulating temperature
Lexus: Coolant Temperature below Thermostat Regulating Temperature

Raw code: 0420
ECU: Engine control unit
Status: Pending
OBDII: Catalytic converter system, bank 1 - efficiency below threshold
Lexus: Catalytic Converter System Bank 1 Efficiency Below Threshold

Raw code: 0430
ECU: Engine control unit
Status: Pending
OBDII: Catalytic converter system, bank 2 - efficiency below threshold
Lexus: Catalytic Converter System Bank 2 Efficiency Below Threshold

Raw code: 0305
ECU: Engine control unit #1
Status: Confirmed
OBDII: Cylinder 5 - misfire detected
Lexus: Cylinder 5 Misfire Detected

Raw code: 0128
ECU: Engine control unit #1
Status: Confirmed
OBDII: Coolant thermostat - coolant temperature below thermostat regulating temperature
Lexus: Coolant Temperature below Thermostat Regulating Temperature
Crime / Re: Girlfriend Of FRSC Official Killed By Unknown Gunmen Writes Tribute To Him. by raymondhillmimi(m): 9:34am On Apr 15
But wait oh, let me ask something. Why is there no single picture of her and her boyfriend together ? Women self.

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Politics / Re: COVID-19: FG Lifts Midnight Curfew, Crowd Restriction At Weddings, Concerts by raymondhillmimi(m): 12:11pm On Apr 06
Midnight Curfew ke? What are they saying self!
Career / Re: Bolt/Uber Drivers To Start Warning Strike Next Month. by raymondhillmimi(m): 9:41pm On Apr 05
You are a fool, no be okada u dey fly up and down
cheesy Who be this wan grin

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Career / Re: Bolt/Uber Drivers To Start Warning Strike Next Month. by raymondhillmimi(m): 8:10pm On Apr 05
Strike untop who no employ you ? If the prices doesn’t suit you way not quit taxi hailing and face something else.


Celebrities / Re: How Comedy Skit Makers, Social Media Influencers Buy Lekki Mansions, Posh Cars by raymondhillmimi(m): 2:30pm On Apr 05
All these long post amounts to nothing, Skit makers for naija = money laundering, Alibaba and Yahoo! full stop! The skit is just a backup to cover them so they can flaunt their wealth without suspicion. They already made that money before they even started making skits.
Crime / Re: My Girlfriend Was RAPED I Don’t Know What To Do by raymondhillmimi(m): 9:46am On Apr 05
She wasn’t raped, this is a clear Premeditated act and she is trying to manipulate you emotionally by twisting the whole thing.

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Politics / Re: Governor Soludo's Declaration Ending Sit-At-Home In Anambra by raymondhillmimi(m): 5:58pm On Apr 04
I Never wanted to end it this way, but i am already submerged and overwhelmed with depression. Nobody to speak out to, nobody wants to help, no love from relatives. Times are hard. I had hoped for better days, but better days dnt come. Cant continue this way, am sorry.
Why not talk with your loved ones and relatives, am sure someone is willing to help you. Think about the people you will leave behind and how you will feel if someone else does this to you.

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