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Politics / Re: Peter Obi And His Politics Of Tribalism And Religious Bigotry by RingRoadCartel: 10:35pm On Apr 12

Yes we dodged a bazooka by rejecting the agulu fraud 😂😂😂

Oya rest make cardiac arrest nor kill you, you're loosing your mind already.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi And His Politics Of Tribalism And Religious Bigotry by RingRoadCartel: 10:32pm On Apr 12
You dodged a bullet, still sleepless nights wan kpai you untop that same bullet. No be juju be that? 🤣🤣🤣

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi And His Politics Of Tribalism And Religious Bigotry by RingRoadCartel: 10:23pm On Apr 12
Peter Obi this.. Peter Obi that. "Peter Obi is irrelevant", yet they went to dig out article of 2011, 13 years ago, to defame him in 2024. Let me tell you guys, whatever Obi is doing in the North is sending ripples down the spines of the Lagos Mafia. It is Working! Thats why they've activated all their media cows to make noise. This one came here at 10:15pm when regular folks are either asleep, forking their wives, or just enjoying a good TV show, to post news of 2011. Kai! Who do this people this thing? 🤣🤣

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Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Apologizes To Nigerians In UK Over COS Deportation Threats by RingRoadCartel: 11:22pm On Apr 11
You are obviously an illiterate that does not recognize that there are various expressions on YouTube and I don’t have to do long play videos. To pepper you more here is a video of your tormentor in Senegal a few days ago and you can see the views.
Added to that, don’t be a nuisance. Work hard for your generation and don’t think it’s only YouTube a man like me would be doing. Men multiple stream fool.

I am still waiting for you to show one evidence of success or attempt at it in your life even if na kiosk you dey sell tea.


Wait o, so you're a now a millionaire because of 80 likes? Boy do you even read what you type? I would understand if this was some sort of a humble brag but you're making it seem like you're making crypto money off of youtube when in reality, you earn between $2 to $12 per 1k ad views on your page. Let's give you the best case scenario and say its $12. Going by the abysmal traffic on your page, bro you will make that 12 dollars every 3-4 months. The facts are all here.

Now, am I supposed to feel threatened by a few dollars? Abi you wan lie say you don see 100k views since you start this channel? Even the $800 you will make from that 100k views, bro, i make more than that monthly creating content for companies. Moni weh no even reach to buy jeans na wetin you deh use brag? Ah! Poverty is truly a disease 😱😱😱

Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Apologizes To Nigerians In UK Over COS Deportation Threats by RingRoadCartel: 10:17pm On Apr 11
Fool go check my channel, thriving, monetized. Earning the dollars and getting the views without nairaland posts. Secondly, you are obviously a miserable life who thinks everyone else is like them. You can’t walk my corridors so you can’t even meet me. You are the one starving to earn naira deadbeat and joblessly staying on nairaland 24/7.
Show one result of your worthless life and proof of it then I may consider replying you ever.

How many dimes did you earn with this your 4 views? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Because e sure me die say you nor go even collect cents with 14 views in 4 months, talkless of dollars 🤣🤣🤣

Guy you don go collect cleaning job make hunger for no tear that your ugly wife belle 🤣🤣🤣 abeg mop that your corridors well 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅

Chai! 4 views in one whole month 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Crime / Re: Police Arrest Pastor Okezie Atani, Sowore Kicks by RingRoadCartel: 10:07pm On Apr 11
They should use pressing iron to straighten out those ridges on his head
Celebrities / Re: Jnr Pope: Eyewitness Account Of How The Boat Accident Happened (Video) by RingRoadCartel: 9:46am On Apr 11
When Righteousness2 said it yesterday that someone should immediately lead him to christ and get him to say "Amen", all of you were laughing at him. I'm not a fan of that Righteousness2 guy, neither am I a fan of how he goes about fear-mongering on this forum. But in this case, I can say that he was right, and all of you who mocked him owe him an apology.

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Politics / Re: Aliko Dangote Visits President Tinubu In Ikoyi Residence by RingRoadCartel: 5:05pm On Apr 10
Shining his rotten teeth


Politics / Re: Betta Edu Threatens To Sue BBC Over Alleged Defamation by RingRoadCartel: 4:59pm On Apr 10
She better pray nothing of worth is traced to her name in Europe, or else by the time the UK is done with her, she will require GoFundMe to be able to afford those her thick make-up. She thinks those people are like Nigerians. She should first pay a visit to Ekweremadu.

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Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Apologizes To Nigerians In UK Over COS Deportation Threats by RingRoadCartel: 4:57pm On Apr 10
Daddy Freezer! Did Pastor Ibiyiomie call?

Hey Nairaland. It’s been a bit.

As YouTube hustle no pay, you don go find work to cushion the effects of the harsh economy, a harsh economy brought about by the squid you supported even though you knew he was brain dead. May hunger and anguish be your portion and that of your wife and children! Tribalist bastard!

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Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Apologizes To Nigerians In UK Over COS Deportation Threats by RingRoadCartel: 4:47pm On Apr 10
Behaving like a typical Obidient.

I'm pretty sure you've had nothing to eat today due to Tinubu's terrible government policies, but your hate for Peter Obi will not let you see front and realise who your real enemy is. Nigerian politicians are the luckiest bastards in the world tbh.. They get to preside over the dumbest set of people. They're really truly blessed.

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Sports / Re: Super Falcons Beat Banyana Banyana (0-1 Agg) - Qualify For Paris 2024 Olympics by RingRoadCartel: 10:57pm On Apr 09
cool... Congrats super falcons
Education / Re: Man Makes It Rain: Sprays Money On Girlfriend As She Graduates by RingRoadCartel: 9:51pm On Apr 09

You should be bothered about her class of degree. Cos from experience, people that celebrate their last paper the loudest are ones with multiple carry-overs who wouldn't even be graduating with their set.

Job no be the issue, na wetin she graduate with be the koko.



Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Money Supply Hits New All-Time High Of ₦93.72 Trillion In January 2024 by RingRoadCartel: 5:28pm On Feb 23
Good News!! It's uplifting to see positive developments emerging in Nigeria. Kudos to BAT.

Illiterate say na good news
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Not Contemplating Leaving LP, Forming New Party, Says Yunusa Tanko by RingRoadCartel: 5:18pm On Feb 23
Where is that rat that calls himself Osigwe omo-ikirodah that was doing hatchet jobs for Tinubu during the elections? The CEO of the non-existent "Bush Radio". How is life treating him these days? I hope he buys fuel for N200 per liter?

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Politics / Re: Clem Agba Gains Momentum As President Bola Ahmed Tinubu Orders Rerun In Edo APC by RingRoadCartel: 4:45pm On Feb 21
This clem guy seems like he knows what he's doing. Make we deh watch sha


Politics / Re: LP: Abure Surrounded By Thugs, Forced Me To Sign Docs - Ex-acting Chair, Lebeke by RingRoadCartel: 9:22pm On Feb 16
How is this important? Is this what we should be talking about when dollar is almost 2000 naira?

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Politics / Re: Frontiers For Democracy Calls For Support For Switch To Parliamentary System by RingRoadCartel: 2:03pm On Feb 16
Tinubu and his government are inadvertently inviting the military to take over.


Business / Re: CBN Stops IOCs From Remitting 100% Of Forex Proceeds Abroad by RingRoadCartel: 6:14am On Feb 16
Tinubu is inadvertently inviting the military to take over


Health / Re: 55-year-old Father Of Six Commits Suicide In Ibadan Over Economic Hardship by RingRoadCartel: 12:23pm On Feb 14
Tinubus government is inadvertently inviting the military to take over.

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Politics / Re: Senate To CBN, Ministers: Your Policies Are Failing by RingRoadCartel: 4:27pm On Feb 10
Where did I lick ass in my submission,I proffered solutions to the problems of Nigeria and you are talking about how people before me have bowed.
You should be ashamed of yourself,should we all bow and accept that Nigeria is irredeemable.
I refuse to be in that circle that will give up on Nigeria,I have no other country except Nigeria and I will never be shut down despite the hardship in the Land.
This is the time to make hard decisions to change the country and I will not submit to the deafening noise around.
Suggest how Nigeria will move out of this quagmire instead of being a pessimist.
God bless Nigeria.

Politics / Re: Senate To CBN, Ministers: Your Policies Are Failing by RingRoadCartel: 12:46pm On Feb 10
I applaud the Nigerian Senate to being bold in Telling Mr President through his Finance team that things are very very difficult for the Masses in Nigeria.
This is not the time to sugarcoat what's happening in Nigeria but I believe even the Senators are guilty of the same crime they are accusing the president and his team of.
They accused the Finance team of being incapable of solving the problem of dollar liquidity in Nigeria,but these same Senators and House of Representatives bought vehicles worth 80 billion naira just last year, I'm very very sure all that money didn't stay in the Economy but was changed to Usd and sent to Japan,the Headquarters of Toyota.
They would have helped defend the Naira by buying their cars from Innoson or other local manufactures of Cars in Nigeria.
I hope they pass a bill tomorrow making it mandatory for all federal agencies to purchase cars and trucks from only Nigeria Manufacturers.
Another point I got from their interaction was that of Farmers not being able to go back to their Farms, although I don't know how that's a problem of the president Finance team,but I believe the National Assembly can do something historic in these very very Hard times in Nigeria.
They should forgot their ethnic, religious and pseudo nationalist leanings and use the occasion of these very hard Times to PASs A BILL ALLOWING STATES AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT TO ESTABLISH THEIR OWN POLICE OR SECURITY OUTFITS,sorry for the capslock.
This is the right time to finally decentralize the Nigerian police, if the senators are complaining that some places in Nigeria are insecure and we all know the security forces are overstretched,why not use this opportunity to allow the people defend themselves.
It's time for us to start proffering hard solutions to the problems of Nigeria,it's time for us to start today, Nigeria can't afford to wait an extra day.
God bless Nigeria.

You will soon learn. Those that came before you have all bowed their heads in shame. You will learn that patriotism is not about ass-licking any individual in power but about service to your country. You will learn.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu’s Abrupt Subsidy Removal Caused Hardship – Sagay by RingRoadCartel: 4:23am On Feb 10
Where is FreeStuffsNG? I noticed the toad has been silent lately. Hunger don reset him brain?

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Politics / Re: Supply Shocks, Hyper-Inflation Cause Of Hunger, Hardship – CBN Governor, Cardoso by RingRoadCartel: 4:21am On Feb 10
May God punish you and Tinubu


Sports / Re: Happy Super Eagles Squad Vibing To Duncan Mighty's Song (Video) by RingRoadCartel: 3:42pm On Feb 08
Sports / Re: Happy Super Eagles Squad Vibing To Duncan Mighty's Song (Video) by RingRoadCartel: 3:42pm On Feb 08
The mod that takes delight in banning me you ho ban tire in the voice of that Warri girl
Sports / Re: Happy Super Eagles Squad Vibing To Duncan Mighty's Song (Video) by RingRoadCartel: 3:42pm On Feb 08
Wiser players would be fasting and praying and practicing non-stop, knowing that ar this point it is inches and seconds that make all the difference - and LUCK!
Politics / Re: Cairo Ojougboh Was A Courageous, Outspoken Personality - Ibori by RingRoadCartel: 2:38pm On Feb 08
Politics / Re: President Bola Tinubu Launches The Renewed Hope Cities And Estates by RingRoadCartel: 2:38pm On Feb 08
Something that will have zero impact on the lives of Nigerians


Politics / Re: NNPCL Blames Long Queues, Fuel Scarcity On Distribution Issues by RingRoadCartel: 10:41pm On Feb 06
From one blame to the other.
Dangote is blaming you for not having enough crude supply.
You are blaming supply chains for scarcity of fuel.
Federal government is blaming vandals for sabotaging oil installations.

Federal government is blaming GoodLuck Jonathan for security failure grin

Pure sh!t show in Nigeria

Welcome to the blame Olympics grin


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