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Politics / Re: "Get Your Facts Right": FG, Peter Obi "Bicker" Over ₦2.17t Supplementary Budget by RomanGreen: 9:48pm On Nov 09
You are exposing your background. Obi is a criminal. A bigot

Everyone knows who your druggie is 🤣😂🤣😂

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Politics / Re: $51bn Foreign Debt: FG Rues Dwindling Revenue, Reps Condemn Needless Loans, by RomanGreen: 8:08am On Nov 09
Incompetent f0000ls, what fvck are you condemning ? Same loan was used to your SUVs...smh

As for Agbado miscreants resident on nairaland who are beng paid 30k to defend this glaring incompetence, continue ok...una eye go clear soon you shameless lots.

Shege banza 2.0 loading for Agbado miscreants😂😂😂


Family / Re: My Husband Hasn't Touched Me For More Than A Year by RomanGreen: 1:08am On Nov 09
Op, allow those strange men and women to smash you to calm your urge. Chaii.... [/b]Ogbanje![b] lipsrsealed

If only she agrees for this to be taken care of, she will be free. Go to a real man of God or a correct traditionalist to help you. Forget all those big English you're speaking. This here lies the solution to your problem.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Defends Purchase Of ₦‎160 Million SUV For LP Lawmakers by RomanGreen: 2:38pm On Nov 08
Obidients miscreants will accept this weak defence because it's coming from Peter Obi.

You people are mad, same Obi that said in his press conference live that they already had cars hence no need for the SUV
S will suddenly turn around to say this. Shameless people...no wonder mod pushed it to front page
Politics / Re: Naira: Tinubu Will Shock Currency Speculators – Tope Fasua by RomanGreen: 5:35pm On Nov 07
Clueless and incompetent eddiots, we are back to Buhari era of shocks. Shut the fvck up and get to work. You want to shock currency speculators yet you're busy buying foreign cars for legislators...f0000000ls

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Protesters Block US Military Ship Allegedly Carrying Weapons For Israel by RomanGreen: 5:12pm On Nov 07
America should quickly return Donald trump to power

Lol, Trump will come out fully with his chest an denounce Muslims, that one no dey take eye hear Muslims before now. Sleepy Joe is a weakling taking orders from the incompetent Obama
Politics / Re: Why I Won’t Stop Calling Tinubu Drug Dealer – Baba-Ahmed by RomanGreen: 11:18am On Nov 07
Tinubu dey always disappoint me

He will likely not do anything and will just be looking

I hope these nuisance won't let the country collapse under his watch

This is the same way Buhari was behaving when Fulani herdsmen was destroying farmlands, abducting and killing Nigerians.

God punish you severely, if your Druggie feels defamed, let him sue Datti na...what's with all the senseless noise.
Politics / Re: Datti Ahmed: Tinubu, Shettima Should Resign So Akpabio Can Conduct Elections by RomanGreen: 11:05am On Nov 07
Hehehe! In so much that everything was wrong with this 2023 election, Datti's suggestion of Akpabio conducting another election is highly laughable and pitiable as both Akpabio, Tinubu and Kashim Shettima belong to the same operators of the structure of corruption and criminality.

As provided for by the constitution, who would you have conduct the election within the armbit of the law
Politics / Re: Datti Ahmed: Tinubu, Shettima Should Resign So Akpabio Can Conduct Elections by RomanGreen: 11:03am On Nov 07
Please when will this fooool be picked up.

We all know he is baiting for an arrest, but it is time he gets the experience he is longing for.

I want to believe your druggie Tinubu won't be so foolish as to attempt any arrest on Datti, na that time una go see serious protests for this country...go and touch him na. Una think say Datti is Obi that is more soft spoken🤣😂🤣

All of una go shit for pants
Politics / Re: Datti Ahmed: Tinubu, Shettima Should Resign So Akpabio Can Conduct Elections by RomanGreen: 11:01am On Nov 07

Datti is commiting treason, will the security agencies do nothing about this? undecided

Lol, go and touch him na...if them born una well...hopeless mofo 🤣😂🤣 you guys are still shopping for legitimacy which you will never get from sane Nigerians
Politics / Re: Datti Ahmed: Tinubu, Shettima Should Resign So Akpabio Can Conduct Elections by RomanGreen: 11:00am On Nov 07
One good thing about this year's general election, is that it exposed the hidden desperation in most people.

Who would have thought that Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed is as dumb as a door bolt.

The PTSD in Labour party is devastating.

Otule, they have already given you eddiots various scripts from your WhatsApp group. Stay here online to defend criminality while the same criminals you defend continue to loot your future and that of your kids. I have seen eddiots, but yours is a new discovery
Foreign Affairs / Re: Jewish Man Dies After Being Struck By Pro-Palestinian Protester In Los Angeles by RomanGreen: 9:06am On Nov 07
This happened in the US.
Pro Hamas terror have now invaded the US, doing all sorts of Crime, some hour ago this was how a Muslim lady drove into a building she thought was Jewish school, underreported. Now this bloke was attacked by the people who say they are "peaceful" .

We are not sorting out this problem of anti semitism. This is US not Afghanistan where Muzzies can just kill or murder anyone. Give them the Israel treatment, most are terror, I tell you. Kick them out or lock them up. The US government are being soft here, the other day these same terror protesters tried to break into white house. Sort these guys out before they turn the country into the dump they legged it FROM!

Why bother yourself, this useless US is forming woke by accepting these Islamic radicals. People that were rejected by their fellow Muslims, the west went and packed al of them into Europe and America in the name of sorting refugee crisis. Only Poland refused to accept that nonsense in Europe. See what happened in France, UK and now the US. Worse is their citizens are still acting liberals not knowing you can't reason with a potential terrorist, anyway that's their business...they should keep accepting while the incompetent Obama kep capping nonsense.


Politics / Re: 'Why I Didn’t Step Down, Work With Atiku’ – Peter Obi by RomanGreen: 8:53am On Nov 07

When u are in pàins, there's nothing u wón't say to make urself feel good like u are doing now, like Obi is also doing.

I already feel good knowing I voted with good conscience for a leader I believe is fully qualified to occupy the office. I will never bite someone who's identity thief, school unknown, paternity unknown, questionable character, known drug lord et al. So yes I'm happy I voted as my conscience is clear unlike you and your likes who rely on crumbs they give you to come online and type nonsense. Ask yourself if those crumbs is what you will use to become a responsible human tomorrow, your paymasters are sharing your future and that of your kids in Abuja whilst giving you crumbs but here you're online defending their incompetence, smh...I have seen foooools but yours is a discovery
Politics / Re: 'Why I Didn’t Step Down, Work With Atiku’ – Peter Obi by RomanGreen: 9:34pm On Nov 06
The resplendent Dûmbass is still basking in the hollow praise and worship of his repugnant online nitwits. He has no idea what time it is.

An Agulu wall gecko that thinks itself a Dragon.

Ah, Obi must have really given you miscreants more sleepless nights than I imagine. See someone who said he won an election but you're o line crying like a sore looser simply because you can't buy legitimacy from Nigerians. Banza

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Politics / Re: 'Why I Didn’t Step Down, Work With Atiku’ – Peter Obi by RomanGreen: 9:31pm On Nov 06
A billionaire is campaigning for a new Nigèria, a country where he repeatedly said people are poor and suffering, that he has come to rescue people, but before he rescues the people, the people which he described as poor and suffering should donate money for him.
Ponzi scheme.
"New Nigeria" on the lips.
If we had Been foolish enough, he will now be saying "I am the first...", "I am the only...", "I am..."

Unlike your druggie who is a known fraudster, certificate forger and a drug kingpin. Druggie is still busy shopping for congratulations and looking for legitimacy. Tueh

Shame on you people. You people say you won election yet still act like opposition😂🤣🤣 I have never seen this kind victory.


Politics / Re: 'Why I Didn’t Step Down, Work With Atiku’ – Peter Obi by RomanGreen: 9:29pm On Nov 06


By now he is regretting

Lol, a billionaire who has conquered greed is regretting? What exactly is there to regret for a man who refused to bribe eddiots and miscreants like you. Oh e dey pain you ba? Go and hang yourself coz we are just starting


Politics / Re: 'Why I Didn’t Step Down, Work With Atiku’ – Peter Obi by RomanGreen: 9:27pm On Nov 06

Look at this opportunist.

If this opportunist had not left PDP, he would have been the vice president today.

The Igbos really hyped him which got into his head and today he is a loser.

Shameless thing, is that all you got? Obi will continue to be your nightmare. Cry more


Politics / Re: 'Why I Didn’t Step Down, Work With Atiku’ – Peter Obi by RomanGreen: 9:26pm On Nov 06
Because you're a desperate dummy. An amputee ostrich, so much noise, no traction. Las las, na wild cannivores breakfast you go be.


Otule, you left Atiku and Tinubu who are career politicians to say shit about Obi. As usual for paid miscreant, Obi will continue to give eddiots like you sleepless nights. Cry more


Politics / Re: Peter Obi's World Press Conference (Full Video) by RomanGreen: 6:24pm On Nov 06
I don’t have power to listen to that his woman voice crying in the air, this hot afternoon.

Useless person.

Election is over. Move on, e no gree.

Just constituting nuisance everywhere.

I ain't bothered by your opinion coz you're entitled to it rather I'm miffed at over 90 persons that liked your comment. Now I agree with the person's who always say Nigerians deserve their kind of leaders. Obi is a fulfilled man, a billionaire who has conquered greed but just willing to serve the people in good conscience but clowns like you feel he should just move on and accept the criminality you call an election. Shame on you. My prayer is that May Tinubu rule for complete 8 years and may the next person be worse than him. All of you must get sense by force, suffer no dey tire una. As for me, I could care less coz I won't be there to suffer with una. Shameless miscreants
Politics / Re: IG Bows To Pressure, To Redeploy Imo CP Before Election by RomanGreen: 6:16am On Nov 06
Mteeeew even if peter obi is the commissioner of police and abure Imo state INEC rec commissioner. Hope UZODIMMA is majority of people's choice as governor of imo state

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Politics / Re: Oyo Muslims Protest In Solidarity Rally With Palestinians by RomanGreen: 8:00pm On Nov 04
Fôolish people, they didn’t protest againts Fulani herdsmen killing them and driving them away to republic du Benin 🇧🇯


These set of Yoruba No ronu 🤣

Like I have never seen such foolishness in great proportion. Fulani herdsmen have been terrorizing them for ages but they kept mute. I hate to say this but I honestly think that Yoruba Muslims are a different breed of coward hypocrites


Business / Re: "Blame No One But Yourself" - BUA Replies Dangote In Explosive Letter by RomanGreen: 3:52pm On Nov 03
We stand with BUA in all of these......
They did nothing but a good thing for our darling country and its citizens.

For Nairalanders to understand better,
This is the beginning of all these brouhaha....

As a gesture of goodwill, the Management of BUA Cement, founded by Rabiu, who is also the chairman of BUA Group, a Nigerian conglomerate concentrating on manufacturing, announced the reduction of ex-factory cement price to N3,500 per bag, which he said will take effective from Monday, October 2, 2023.

In the statement that BUA Group published on its X account, the company said that the gesture was in keeping with its previous promise to reduce prices of cement upon the completion of its new lines at the end of the year, in order to spur development in the building materials and infrastructure sectors.

BUA Cement didn't stop at slashing the price of cement, it also promised that all pending, undelivered orders which had been paid for at the old prices would be reviewed downwards to N3500/bag in line with the new pricing from October 2, 2023

BUA did a good thing.........l
Abi we lie ?!

For the first time, I agree with you on this forum. Dangote's perceived monopoly has been left unchecked for years, may businesses which could have generated tons of employment have gone under because of Dangote. I hope Tinubu has the balls to confront Dangote else it's gonna be a long ride

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Family / Re: Help! I'm Feeling Guilty Of Ruining Someone's Marriage by RomanGreen: 3:36pm On Nov 03
The lesson to learn here as a married woman be say nothing dey outside........many single men would promise you marriage, and encourage you to leave your home. But once you come outside........everybody go disappear.

You dey mind them? By the time guys pass her around, her eyes go clear. Women and their foolish emotions. Only few of them have control over that their unchecked emotions.

Them never marry women wey single finish e come be second hand.

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Family / Re: Asamoah Gyan Ordered To Give Ex-wife Houses, Cars, Others by RomanGreen: 1:53pm On Nov 03
There's a huge reason why I m not a fan of court marriage, traditional marriage has bn absolutely fine by me all these years.
I struck out church wedding n court.

And oh!he forgot to do the ashraf hakimi's stunt.

Many people do court marriage these coz of travel coz embassies only recognize certificate form marriage registry, church marriage certififcate is useless
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel Sends Robots To 'destroy Hamas Terrorist Tunnels' As Troops Surround Gaza by RomanGreen: 8:50pm On Nov 02

To destroy peaceful freedom fighters. May Allah's wrath fall on all supporters of the genocide been committed by Israel.

Insha Allah

Bokoharam too na freedom fighters right? You must be delusional. Na Israel fit terrorists like you, Bleep around and see any how


Phone/Internet Market / Re: Clean Samsung Galaxy Note 10 For Sale by RomanGreen: 6:11pm On Nov 02
Is it dual sim?
Romance / Re: When Your Wife Constantly Insults You by RomanGreen: 9:35am On Nov 01
Before I say one thing my wife has abused the hell out of me,she was such a calm and reserved person before we married,but today at the slightest of misunderstanding she begins the insult,even getting close to my face telling me to beat her,I have never laid a finger on her,but she is tempting me to do that. How can a woman calls a man fool, idiot, animal? I have reported her family severally and yet she is not changing.

I opened a boutique business for her last year,now she said she wants to sell baby things,and I have done it half way,I had to just prank her that the other money I was expecting hasn't come, immediately she began the insult again to my face,as it is the prank is getting real because I will not give her the money anymore

You enabled her, search your conscience you'd see where you messed up at a point in your relationship. Again, I hope you didn't open the business in her name else OYO is your name.

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Travel / Re: Happie Boys Deported To Nigeria From Cyprus by RomanGreen: 10:43am On Oct 31
Deported to Nigeria and are in one hotel in Abuja almost sounds ironical. Deportees seldom have cash on them. How were they able to secure a hotel room as deportees? I think there is a need for some explanations here.

I suspect those boys are already into yahoo. Very hopeless boys
Politics / Re: Tinubu: FBI Did Not Release Any Tinubu's Record Today 30 - David Hundeyin by RomanGreen: 10:37pm On Oct 30
Mumu boy chasing shadows. God made Bola Tinubu president and no human being can undo the work of God. Everything possible was thrown at Tinubu just to stop him from becoming the president and he overcame all the obstacles and emerged president. Tinubu is not just smarter than you haters, he also has God on his side. That’s why everything keeps working in his favour.

Sorry David, you tried but you failed woefully. You failed not because you did not try enough but because God is not with you in your shadow chasing quest. It’s time to accept defeat and move to other quest.

Tinubu will remain president of Nigeria till 2027 at the first instance while you David Odensin will remain a refugee in Ghana and a beggar on social media. Period!

It is more worrisome that over 18 ediotts liked your comment and you a supposed intellectual is here defending the Tinubu with his many baggages. Tueh!

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