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Health / Husband Exposes His Wife's Cheating Thanks To A Smart Fan App by Simba2020: 6:19am On Sep 25
Health / She Punished Men By Infecting Them With AIDS by Simba2020: 11:42pm On Sep 24
Culture / Africas Most Voluptous Women by Simba2020: 7:25pm On Sep 18
These are the women giving men sleepless nights

Top African women with Voluptuous body. Kenya is represented by 2


Celebrities / The Most Beautiful Woman In Africa Wants To Get Married And She Has Set Tough Co by Simba2020: 2:52am On Sep 18
The most beautiful woman in Africa wants to get married and has set tough conditions for suitors. Do you think you can hack it?

Health / Before You Think Of Viagra. Improve Your Sexual Health by Simba2020: 5:56am On Sep 12
Before you think of Viagra

Improve your sex life. 11 most powerful natural aphrodisiacs plus a secret simple recipe to enhance your virility
Celebrities / Grand P, The Man Who Drives Women Wild by Simba2020: 6:57pm On Sep 11
The artist, Grand P, the man who drives women wild is in Côte d’Ivoire. He is on Ivorian soil to ask for Eudoxie Yao’s hand in marriage.

The latter has been hesitant ever since she reproached him for his frivolous character. Eudoxie Yao had even joined him for company in Guinea. When she went back home, she learned to like all of us that Grand P is flirting with other women. Something he denied, claiming he was just filming music videos with the women in question.

Grand P with Eudoxie Yao

When Grand P arrived in Abidjan, to formalize their union, he found f himself tossed around the hands of lovely ladies including Yvidero or Yasmine Reda. The two took advantage of Eudoxie Yao’s laxity to become the wife of the most popular artists in Africa at the moment.

Grand recently announced that Asking for Eudoxie Yao’s hand in marriage was one of the reasons she was in Abidjan. He stepped up a gear by declaring that he would be delivering his dowry his sweetheart.

He told Willy on his show ‘Noon on Life TV’, “I have come to pay dowry for Eudoxie Yao this week.” A decision that Eudoxie Yao was pleased with.

“Of all women, it is Eudoxie that I love”, he added.

“He has his hand on his heart. He is very grateful. He knows where he’s from, “said Eudoxie Yao before adding that the relationship is serious.

Alpha the manager of Grand P, without revealing a date, affirmed that the dowry will be delivered.

Faced with the verbose Willy Dumbo, the two lovebirds reflected on the moments of tension in their relationship lasts year.

The ladies man, Grand P
There was the famous scene where w Grand P kissed a white lady in Abidjan, and Eudoxie Yao was furious. Grand P defended himself by saying, “She was the one who provoked me. It is not my fault”.

Eudoxie Yao was questioned about the cars she received as gifts. She claimed that it was her man who gave her these gifts. It was not Grand P. “We were not together then.”

In response, Grand P also plans to offer a Range Rover and a house to Eudoxie Yao to cleanse himself.

The two lovers, singing artists, are planning to release a hit in the coming weeks and we wait for.

Sorry ladies, Grand P, the man who drives women wild, is taken.

Celebrities / Grand P, Africa's Most Influential Goblin's Wealth Revealed by Simba2020: 4:25am On Sep 11
Grand P, Africa's most influential goblin's wealth revealed

Crime / Mother Drugs And Suffocates Her 5 Children by Simba2020: 7:12pm On Sep 04
A 27 year old mother drugged and suffocated her 5 children and then send her mother a message confessing the crime

Health / What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About Corona by Simba2020: 7:02am On Sep 03
Agriculture / Re: World Most Expensive Sheep Sold For Millions by Simba2020: 7:01am On Sep 03
What is the sense in buying a sheep for that amount?
Agriculture / World Most Expensive Sheep Sold For Millions by Simba2020: 1:56pm On Sep 02
Health / Re: Unbelievable! Snake Removed From Woman's Throat In Russia by Simba2020: 8:54am On Sep 02
The snakes seem to have a thing for women since the days of Adam and Eve
Sports / From Legend To Rebel, Lionel Messi's Contract Situation by Simba2020: 8:53am On Sep 02
Health / Unbelievable! Snake Removed From Woman's Throat In Russia by Simba2020: 4:54am On Sep 01
Health / Corona Crisis In Spain by Simba2020: 6:48am On Aug 29
Spain and Italy are not far behind Belgium in the Covid-19 death rate, however they are also high up (for countries of comparable population) in the rate of tests per million, so they would appear to have a slightly better idea of how many deaths are down to the virus. Seek and ye shall find, as they say.

It is also early days; France and the UK are not far behind.

Germany sticks out for having a lower death rate than its neighbours and has extensively tested, but not much more than Spain or Italy. I have read one hypothesis that this is because Germany’s testing was more targeted, and that they traced and isolated much more.

OK, the most convincing arguments I have seen for why Covid-19 has spread to the extent it has in Spain and Italy, and (apparently) sooner:

Both are tourist destinations and have mild winters, so they draw many more visitors in the winter months than their northern neighbours. Indeed, Spain’s patient zero is believed to have been a German tourist who went to the Canary Islands in January.
In both, different generations live cheek by jowl to a much greater extent, or at least meet more regularly. It is very common on Sundays in Spain to see at least three generations sitting down to eat in restaurants.
In both people spend much more time out and about, on pedestrian streets, city squares, in indoor and outdoor cafés, etc. In Spain people usually sit down in a café to have coffee of a morning, rather than take it away.
In both people are a lot more tactile, hug and kiss each other, and shake hands much more often.
It is also true that both could have locked down sooner, although they were quicker off the mark than their neighbours, and much stricter. In Spain, for instance, we haven’t been allowed out to exercise and throng parks for five weeks, and this appears to be paying off because Spain and Italy have both peaked.
Thank you for the A2A, .

Read More

Spain overtakes US in new daily coronavirus cases as Benidorm and Majorca see spike

Sports / Barcelona Fans Protest At Nou Camp by Simba2020: 11:23am On Aug 27
Angry Barcelona fans protested at Nou camp. After the news of the more than likely farewell of the Argentine captain, hundreds of Blaugrana supporters reached the 'Camp Nou' positioning themselves in front of the entrance leading to the club offices

Sports / Interesting Facts About The Champions League by Simba2020: 2:48pm On Aug 23
Bayern Munich will be in the Champions League final for the eleventh time against Paris Saint-Germain on Sunday. From Bayern's point of view, the balance sheet is negative and PSG have moved together as a team. Hansi Flick could definitely move up from assistant coach to Champions League winner - but Bayern have to address some weaknesses on the defensive.
The coach: Flick against Tuchel
An unexpected opportunity presents itself for Hansi Flick. To rise from the actual assistant coach to the Champions League winner would be an almost ironic story. Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti and Niko Kovac failed to claim to win the Champions League. Flick, who has been in office since the 4th match day of the group stage, should not have been on the bill. It turned out to be a stroke of luck for Bayern.
The balance speaks for PSG
So far, both teams have only met in the group stage. In 2017/18 Bayern won the group stage 3-1 at home, but lost 3-1 in Paris. It was similar in the group stage of the 1997/98 and 2000/01 seasons: At that time Bayern won in Munich, but lost in Paris. In the group stage of the 1994/95 season, Bayern even lost both games, which means that the overall balance is negative from Bayern's point of view.
The way to the final: Overpowering Bavaria
Bayern had a monstrous record this season. They scored 42 goals in just ten games, all of which they won. Paris had a strong group stage, including beating Real Madrid. In the

Foreign Affairs / More Than 140,000 People Are On The Run And Had To Leave Their Homes In Californ by Simba2020: 10:37pm On Aug 22
More than 140,000 people are on the run had to leave their homes – and only ten percent of the fires have been extinguished: In California, firefighters continue to fight the devastating fire. Then there is the fear of corona.

Health / 2 Year Old Who Smoked 40 Cigarettes A Day by Simba2020: 7:14am On Aug 20
Business / Apple Becomes First To Be Worth $2 Trillion by Simba2020: 3:02am On Aug 20
Sports / Bayern Beat Lyon 3 - 0 by Simba2020: 12:07am On Aug 20
Health / Russia Covid-19 Vaccine Registered But Not Approved by Simba2020: 11:42am On Aug 19
The Russian corona vaccine was not approved, but only registered, claims the broadcaster “RT Deutsch”. German media reported incorrectly here. The reality is different.
The outcry in the German mainstream was great, according to the Russian state broadcaster “RT Deutsch”. The ARD wrote “high-risk experiment”, the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” “foamed” against the vaccine propaganda. Russian President Vladimir Putin would not have spoken of approval when it was announced
German media had refrained from quoting Putin in full. In the Russian original, it would have said unequivocally: “As far as I know, this morning for the first time a vaccine against the new coronavirus infection was registered worldwide.” Registered – not allowed.
Now, the term “registration” in relation to drugs, medicines, and vaccines is not widely used in German. It is misleading: if a drug is allowed to be manufactured, sold, and used on humans, the correct term for it is “approval”.
“Registration” means “Admission”
They speak of an “approval”
Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices and also the European Medicines Agency. In Germany and the EU, these are the competent authorities who, after examining the evidence for the effectiveness, safety, and quality of the drug, decide whether it can be marketed. And should it be the case, the approval is officially and legally binding “Approval”.
Legally, the “registration” of drugs in Russia means that they can be released onto the market. Article 13 of the Russian Federal Law on the Circulation of Medicinal Products states:
“In the Russian Federation, manufacture, manufacture, storage, transport, import into the Russian Federation, export from the Russian Federation, advertising, dispensing, distribution, delivery, application, and destruction of medicinal products are permitted if they are authorized by an authorized federal body of the Executive branches have been registered. “
decree facilitates admission
On April 3, 2020, the Russian government also passed one
Decree provides for a somewhat simplified approval procedure for medicinal products. This decree relates, among other things, to emergency situations, but also to the prevention and treatment of diseases that pose a threat to people. “RT Deutsch” also refers to this decree.
Among other things, this decree stipulates that a short report on the effectiveness and safety of a drug in the context of clinical research may be sufficient when applying for approval.
Admission can also take place if the documents are not submitted in full. For these cases, the decree provides, among other things, for random checks of the approved medicinal product. Both the reprimand and the decree thus prove the legality of the approval – which has not been questioned in the media reporting.”registration” is an important step
The fact that the state “registration” of a drug is of great importance in Russia is borne out by the open letter from the Association of Organizations Conducting Clinical Research. Several large pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories from Russia and abroad belong to this non-commercial organization.
The day before the approval was granted, this association asked for the “registration” of the vaccine Gam-COVID-Vac to be postponed. Gam-COVID-Vac – that’s the official name of the vaccine.

Forum Games / Trump Sued As Dispute About Postal Voting Simmers by Simba2020: 12:15am On Aug 19
Alawsuit against Trump and DeJoy has been filed in a federal court in Manhattan. It aims to provide adequate funding for the post office and its services prior to the election. Plaintiffs include Mondaire Jones,

Health / India Turns To Prayers As Coronavirus Numbers Surge by Simba2020: 10:50am On Aug 15
India has turned to prayers as Coronavirus numbers have gone up. India now reports tens of thousands of new corona cases every day. In many places, there is hardly any medical care. But the government sees itself armed and is relying on a very special “cure”.

Around 17,000 doctors and nurses have already contracted the virus, according to the Indian Medical Association. More than 200 died as a result.
India invests only about two percent of its gross domestic product in the health system. From a global perspective, the country is pretty low in the ranking. Indians are used to being at the bedside with the whole family; they usually have to get the medication for the patients themselves or prepare food for them.

Foreign Affairs / Namibia Rejects German Colonial Compensation by Simba2020: 12:51pm On Aug 14
Namibia rejected German colonial Compensation offer. Deutschland was prepared to give ten million euros as reparation. The proposal for crimes in the colonial Era was turned down as unacceptable by the Namibian government. The reason is obviously not the money alone.
Namibia was categorical in their dismisal of an offer of compensation from Germany in the negotiations to come to bring closure to the colonial era. For President Hage Geingob, paying ten million euros in reparation is still “unacceptable,” the newspaper “The Namibian” quoted the president’s advisor, Alfredo Hungary.
Geingob himself tweeted that he had been made aware of the status of the discussions and had proposed that the negotiations continue. “We remain determined in completing this key mission,” he wrote.
Read more

Family / Re: Beautiful African Lady Commits Suicide Because Of Pressure From Family In Africa by Simba2020: 12:47pm On Aug 14
She is best cremated and left where she is in Vienna abeg! undecided

They cremated the body and brought it home
Health / Most Germans Are Against The Start Of Bundesliga by Simba2020: 12:18pm On Aug 14
Most Germans are against the start of the Bundesliga. When asked
Does the government further, relax the measures to contain the corona pandemic?
Does the Bundesliga kick off this weekend despite the virus?
The majority of Germans answered no to both questions in the Germany Trend. More than half of Germans (56 percent) are against the start of the Bundesliga and in favor of maintaining the current restrictions to contain the corona pandemic.
Thus every second eligible voter is critical of further easing. That was the result of the Deutschland Trend for the ARD morning magazine.
On the other hand, 40 percent of those questioned would be in favor of further easing measures. Supporters of the FDP (63 percent) and AfD (61 percent) in particular are in favor of further opening up.
This means that the opinion has been reversed within a week: Immediately before the political agreement to relax the restrictions, 54 percent of German citizens were in favor of such a withdrawal of the measures, 41 percent were against. Every second German is against the continuation of the Bundesliga season.
In addition, a majority of Germans believe that the continuation of the Bundesliga from Saturday is wrong. Every second respondent (56 percent) criticized the resumption of the games. Around one in three (31 percent) advocate resumption of the season with so-called ghost games without an audience.
Even among those who would like the corona measures to be relaxed further, there is no clear vote in favor of resuming gaming: 40 percent of those surveyed are in favor, 45 percent are skeptical.
If the general election were on Sunday, the Union would receive 38 percent of the vote. The Greens would be the second strongest force with 18 percent. 15 percent would opt for the SPD and ten percent for the AfD.
The Left Party would get seven percent of the vote, the FDP six percent. Overall, the government coalition of the Union and the SPD would receive 53 percent of the vote. Compared to the Germany trend of May 7, 2020, the Union, SPD, and Left Party each lose one percentage point. The AfD and the FDP each gain one percentage point. The proportion of votes for the Greens remains unchanged.

Family / Beautiful African Lady Commits Suicide Because Of Pressure From Family In Africa by Simba2020: 8:54am On Jul 27
A beautiful lady from Kenya committed suicide in Austria early this month. She lived in Vienna and was suffering from depression. She had informed her close friends that she planned to end her life.

The 35-year-old lady was identified as Lucy Atieno Harter. She threw herself in front of an oncoming train on the railway line at the Bahnhof Atzgersdoftrain station on 5th July.

Lucy Atieno who died as a result of depression is set to be cremated. Her brother James Auka said that a friend and police in Austria informed the family that she wanted to take her life after her business had gone under and she was under too much pressure from her family.

This frustration of being dead broke in a foreign land drove hér to her death

“She told the friend and the police that her life had become unbearable after her business went down and thus made impossible for her to carter for her needs and those of her relatives who kept putting her under pressure to send money back home,” he said.

Auka told journalists that the folks have decided to have her body cremated in Austria. The ashes would then be shipped to Kenya for a funeral at their ancestral home in Seme, Kisumu County.

“The family deliberated for long and decided to create her in Vienna Austria to cut on costs. As you are aware shipping a corpse to Kenya is very expensive, ” said Auka, the family spokesman

She was frustrated because her family in Kenya kept on requesting her for money, yet she was dead broke in a foreign land.

Atieno’s brother, Auka, who is also the family spokesperson, said that the family decided to cremate his sister’s body. She will be incinerated at Wien Bestatting Funeral Home and Crematorium in Vienna after her untimely death.

They ashes of the beautiful lady from Kenya will then be flown into the country and buried at their home in Seme Reru, Kisumu.


Health / Re: UK Moves To Ban Junk Food Advert After Boris Johnson’s Near-death Experience by Simba2020: 8:49am On Jul 27
Nice move

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