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Health / Re: Help,help,help Staphylococcus Is Ruining My Life by simple20: 4:49pm On Apr 15, 2010
Good ,why do you pay doctors money for consultations,drugs ,prescriptions?why don't you ask doctors to treat you free,yeah this is a forum for discussion for information ,when the information comes the contents of the information is not always free ,why do you want free things always ?there are some free in formations that have been given by some NL members with id tonywonder and i quote

(Listen carefully, get some quantity of Garlic, white onions, green leafy oniöns(ALUBOSA ELEWE-yoruba) Golden seal, phyllantus, Amarus and wild letus, limes, melon bound juice(BARA-yoruba),wonderful kola. Boil all with water. Take half a glass 2 times daily. Your staphylococcuswill flush away)
in addition another member with id hope4hiv also gave these information free on preventions and i quote again,

(How to prevents staphylococcus re-infection/infection

1=Wash your hands with antibacterial soap like dettol soap . Good hygiene is a key factor in preventing staph infections.

2=Stay away from open wounds. Staph infections occur when the bacteria enters a wound. Touching another person's open wound puts you at risk.

3=Open  cuts.do not expose yourself to open cut and if you have any treats it quick,someone with an open cut can transmit the bacteria to a variety of surfaces (door knobs, telephones, etc).

4=Use clean razors.

5=using another person's comb, brush, towel or razor can increase your risk of infection. Plus, razor cuts are common. It only takes a small nick or cut to transmit the bacteria

6=Drink eight to ten glasses of water a day=This will decrease your risk of developing staph infection and improve your overall health.
he has also write so much on the usefullness of Garlic ,aloe vera also in combating infections ,if you have gone to a medical doctor ,you will first pay some money before you are attended to ,they will as well hid so many things from you ,so secret and hidden things started for  long will always be with all profession , be it medical ,engineering,media,political and son on ,if you are sick and need treatments you can not always get them free anywhere.in addition when you meet a medical doctor they will ask you what are the symtons you have ,after which\ they prescribe some drugs for you and if the ailment remains ,they give you a note  to go for a medical test ,the laboratory scientist do the dirty job ,i salute all laboratory scientist for their great work,they collect your blood sample ,urine ,sputum or what have you to find out the bacteria,fungus,germs,virus causing the infections ,and later find out the drug that the organism is sensitive to ,then the doctor collects the test results from you ,checked the drugs the laboratory scientist found out to be sensitive and then the doctor prescribe the drugs to you ,all these are hidden and secret to many patients ,there is no evil in this anyway so in a nutshell there is secret and hidden facts everywhere .if yoyo bitters maker do not have secret and he wanted you to get it done yourself he would have put the whole compositions with common language and not using scientific names and some of the compositions he used can be found just in the market with common names ,there is one herbal drug they called DUKUN CURE instead of written GARLIC as one of the things used to prepare it the maker wrote ALLIUM SATIVUM how many people know what ALLIUM SATIVUM is.so you see.nevertheless NL members have really been helpfull indeed.

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Health / Re: Who Knows What Can Cure Staph by simple20: 4:51pm On Apr 14, 2010
@spyder99, yes you are correct staph means different things to different people,staphylococcus is shortly refer to as staph.,is a bacteria that could be on the skin and nose for long without causing any harm to the carrier it becomes a problem and an infection once there is a break on the skin and the bacteria get into the blood stream,staph is not only a sexually transmitted disease , one can be infected through other means , staph is allmost everywhere ,public place like the hospital, canteen,office,living an unhealthy life,staph also breeds very well in a dirty environment,door handle of a public place ,in a dirty toilet,dirty bathroom,dirty surface,dirty bed sheet,dirty chair,dirty bed,dirty clothes , just everywhere that is not kept clean , its a stubborn bacteria which is resistant to Antibiotics and its very difficult to treat ,so its advisable to rather prevent it than been infected and one looking for treatments , i have had it before and its a thing of the past now after a therapy i used ,one very important thing to note is that if you are lucky to survive staph after treatments you could be reinfected if you do not prevent it ,living a good healthy life like washing your hands with antibacterial soap always before you cook,eat and washing your clothes,bedsheet and so on with same soap so as to kill the bacteria it could lead to serious health problem like heart problem ,bone inflammation,meningitis ,serious itching,small pimples with redness ,painfull boils pneumonia and so on, and could lead to death if not treated and controlled well.Also i want to mentioned that all suya eaters should be carefull and make sure the suya is welldone and not half done before they eat it .how many cow are tested healthy and okay before slaughter these days ,cook your meat very well ,add ginger and garlic with it when boiling it the advanced point of staph is called MRSA .In concussion do not let anyone to tell you that you have staph.not even doctor ,i suggest that for you to know staph .a good standard ,modern with the lastest test kit is the place to go for test which will reveal if you have staph infection or not.not just any road side quack Laboratory who do not know the shape and size of an organism ,some laboratory misinterprete organisim either bacteria,virus ,hope you find this usefull.click this link for more info .Click this link for more



These are the info i could give as i was enlightened too by a NL member ,hope you find them usefull too.

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Health / Re: Help,help,help Staphylococcus Is Ruining My Life by simple20: 4:03pm On Apr 14, 2010
On February 22, 2010 i made a post here as regards staph infection ,and needed help after i have tried various Antibiotics prescribed by my specialist doctors ,offcourse the bacteria according to test done showed scanty but after a while the bacteria growth came back heavy,this keep reoccuring on and on , i as well visited a Lab.suggested by a nairalander with the id sexibabes
did several test like Antibiotics sensitivity test to check how effective the Antibiotics are on the bacteria ,i was very disciplined and obedient to the treatments but surprisingly the bacteria sprouted up again .later i decided to go for the treatments by someone with id obed obi ,later i proceeded to using Swissgarde but no differences ,later i used ELIXIR 9 i offcourse use one pack of it ,but i found out that Elixir 9 is an immune booster which is specifically produced for HIV PATIENTS to reduce viral load to an extents,though ELIXIR 9 though has some anti bacteria properties ,i wanted nothing else but an objective treatments for staph.i was at Iris medical foundations,bought VENEDI ELIXIR and AB BITTERS all to no avail, i was at kolaq,qumas,one benbela at oshodi and so many more .i have actually gone round ,presently i can say that i am having an oustanding cure and i feel great after using the herbal therapy from hope4hiv ,and keeping to his strict advise like reducing my sugar intakes ,flour,red meat ,using antibacterial soap like dettol and dettol liquid to wash my hands and many more ,taking of garlic ,aloe vera etc , to be candid i have overcome staph .Our bodies are different though but with his herbal therapy i am fully okay.I wont hide my testimony and i have promised myself to testify after the therapy and if not i will as well say if it does not work.but it did worked.He has given me so many health tips to avoid its reoccurence
goodnessmarkuu@yahoo.com if you need to know how i conquer it.you too can overcome it .i do not market anything hope4hiv contact is 07057611040 and his email is naturewaystherapy@yahoo.com or naturewaystherapy@gmail.com

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Health / Re: Help,help,help Staphylococcus Is Ruining My Life by simple20: 2:23pm On Mar 26, 2010
From my own understanding there are many infections ,but i advise you to google MRSA and read for yourself what it is all about then you will conclude and have an answer to your question.Organism like staphlococcus bacteria especially when it has developed to MRSA , from my own research i think is resistance to Antibiotcs though it could surpress the organism but later reoccur .
Health / Re: Help,help,help Staphylococcus Is Ruining My Life by simple20: 1:45pm On Mar 24, 2010
hello Stanfordx ,

I have started using spunch to bath now , i stopped it because of the bad body itching i normally experience after bath ,the body itching have indeed stopped , my face was filled with some sort of small small boils which have drastically reduced and the one in my groin with redness ,big which gave me so much pain got burst last week ,a mixture of white pus with some blood came out and the opening healed fast and the pain have subsided.rash on my palms and soles have almost disappear ,the Diarrhea and Headache too ,i still have few times to complete the therapy and by then i hope to have a complete freedom from it.really i must say i am feeling real better.he advised me to eat two cloves of garlic every night and also stay away from sugar,minerals,it was not easy for me to do that because i am a lover of minerals and sugar but i am getting used to staying away from it all ,more-so it is just that the garlic smell is terrible but hope4hiv advised that the smell of garlic is better than the smell of death.
Health / Re: Help,help,help Staphylococcus Is Ruining My Life by simple20: 2:47pm On Feb 27, 2010
@Stanfordx,so sorry for your situation ,how do you know your situation is staph?have you been to a reputable and good medical laboratory for test , if you have not i think that is the first thing to do .it is not good for one to feel oh i think what i have is staph or that.so ensure you have gone for test first . Regards.
Health / Re: Help,help,help Staphylococcus Is Ruining My Life by simple20: 2:38pm On Feb 27, 2010
@MCLOVIN, Thanks for your suggestion , i have done HIV test 3 times now i did one at the RESEARCH INSTITUTE,YABA , LAGOS ,when i arrive in Kaduna , i did the test twice again just to be sure and confirm. the whole test is Negative.when my blood was cultured it only says i have Staphylococcus and the natural therapy hope4hiv sent to me is really amazing and i am really getting a rapid relief and rapid cure from this dreadful ailment called staph.and it does not have a single side effects on my organs as i use to be very skeptical when it comes to natural therapy, i am really happy .i will soon get over it totally by the time i have finished the therapy .i never thought i can feel better like this after all the many years of sufferings and dying symptom .i will as well take to all the advice hope4hiv have given and i also implore everyone to take to it ,health is really wealth and i will indeed join in the crusade of educating many people to create awareness about Staph.because it seems many are still not aware of it much emphasis and campaign of its preventive measures should be made .it has claimed many peoples life and it is still killing .in addition someone died of meningitis and when an Autopsy was done it as discovered that its the Staph bacteria that moved into his spinal cord to his cerebra then to his brain meninges and he had stiffed neck and later died. We need people like hope4hiv in a crusade like this to save many people.
Health / Re: Help,help,help Staphylococcus Is Ruining My Life by simple20: 4:26pm On Feb 23, 2010
hope4hiv, Many thanks for your prompt response , it has really been encouraging and helpful and i am really having a new hope indeed about this staph thing and also the testimonies of other cured patients is really my drive ,i also want to thank you for educating me more about the garlic, aloe-Vera and coconut oil health benefits , i have been so worried about the pain from the bones and my heart also because i thought i am having hypertension so staph is so serious that it can lead to pneumonia,heart disease and also meningitis oh my goodness , the pneumonia subsided last night after i took to your advise and i am looking forward to take and complete your natural therapy .
Health / Re: Help,help,help Staphylococcus Is Ruining My Life by simple20: 7:33pm On Feb 22, 2010
hope4hiv,i agree with you that staph is not only an std infection ,before that was my notion too ,and i discovered that i have always have a very safe sex and i wonder

how i am having the infection this really made me to make a lot of research on how to contact the bacteria and i was made to know it could be contacted through the

other means you have mentioned.i have as well read about alternative herbal therapy as been used in china ,india and so on and i think this is the reason why the

chinese live longer than any other people in the world.i believe we also have potents herbs that will give a total cure for this deadly health challenge called staph.please hope4hiv what herbal therapy you talk about?i have read about testimonies of patients that you have helped to overcome staph ,is this number of yours please confirm
07057611040, i read about your advise and help to people as well ,and also where you talked extensively about garlic,coconut oil and aloe vera health benefit please let me know the herbal therapy you have for the staph cure.

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Health / Re: Help,help,help Staphylococcus Is Ruining My Life by simple20: 5:17pm On Feb 22, 2010
coolier, thanks for your response but the specialist hospitals and General hospitals that i have been to have qualified doctors and specialists who knows the best Antibiotics for staph treatments and i have allways follow carefully the instructions to use them after the treatments i feel a bit better but later the symtons comes back ,i have as well heard and read about many cases of staph reoccurences from other patients too .i as well google a detail information about staph and understand staph is very resistance to many Antibiotics expecially when it get to MRSA and also Antibiotics could surpress it and after sometime it will show again.staph.is terrible i really need a solution and and real cure .
Health / Help,help,help Staphylococcus Is Ruining My Life by simple20: 7:32am On Feb 22, 2010
I was diagnosed having staph 3 years ago and believe me i have spents close to 850,000.00 moving from one specialist hospital/General hospital UROLOGIST to another where expensive Antibiotics were prescribed for me which i used after some months when i go for test it will say scanty and i do feel a little better but just few months the symtons comes back this time heavier ,this keep reoccurring over and over and my family are really tired of this ,my dad contacted a doctor friend in the UK and i used the treatments yet no solution please NL help me because i cant marry and my carrier is in problem as this staph is given me so much trouble ,the itching,the painfull boils,the weakness are teribble and killing and its getting to MRSA and my heart is getting affected.please help.I have not tried herbal but right now i want to because i am fed up,my family is fed up.If Antibiotics cures then i should have been cured by now please help save my life.if you have had staph before and you are free let me know.

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