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Travel / Re: Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport Almost Ready(photos) by Smartini: 6:54pm On Jul 21
The airport doesn't have to be complete before landscaping and exterior design can begin, please.

It's not good-looking to the eye. No offence. And there's not much progress since the last update was made.

You don't have to open a new thread to give weekly updates when one staircase is tiled or when the toilet fittings have been installed. Stick to one thread and keep dropping updates there so people can track the progress.

Kudos to Obiano. Now tree planting and landscaping must begin on the airport grounds and the highway leading to the airport to give it a sense of arrival.

Something worth doing is worth doing well.


Politics / Re: Enugu Sensitizes Rural Dwellers On Benefits Of SMES Center’s Programmes by Smartini: 7:07am On Jul 19
grin grin grin

This Oephius only job on Nairaland is to hype Ugwuanyi. He's Ogburugburu's special hypeman.

I wonder how he'll feed his family after Ugwuanyi completes his 2nd term, because he tends to focus more on Ugwuanyi than Enugu as a state. smiley smiley


Culture / Re: Igwe Jerome Ezeneche, King Of 6 Nations: Nigeria's Most Respected In Thailand by Smartini: 6:04pm On Jul 14
I just Googled the name and there was nothing I could find about the man.

How on earth did you conclude that he is the most respected man in the whole of Thailand? A whole country?

The stupidity of some ass-lickers is disgusting. Even as a fellow Igbo man, I am severely pissed off by this hogwash of an article.

Why it even made frontpage is a proof that Nairaland is fast fading away in terms of quality. If there's a contemporary forum that offers Nigerian based content, please let me know so I can deactivate this account for good. undecided

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Celebrities / Re: Indian Red Boy Shot Dead (Photos) by Smartini: 10:28am On Jul 14
How does the 10-minute video you posted justify the news you're trying to pass across? Such lazy and baseless journalism.

All you could've done was post the exact video about where he was laughing and smiling, and where he was shot and tag the video as 'GRAPHIC'

What you did was post another person's speech of over 10 minutes while the person was busy scrolling through his Instagram page and giving motivational speech. angry
Travel / Re: Akwa Ibom To Commission The Longest Flyover In South-South (Photos) by Smartini: 11:20am On Jul 09
Fly-overs and roundabouts are not for aesthetics but for functionality, in order to improve traffic in DENSELY POPULATED CITIES in order to ease vehicular flow.

How densely populated is Akwa Ibom? Does the city experience traffic congestion? Was that particular area a notable spot for gridlocks?

Was the flyover constructed as a necessity, or did Udom just spend money just to break record and have legacy?

See ehn, all these flyovers and stadiums Akwa Ibom has been constructing while they're one of the states in Nigeria with the highest unemployment rates. Imagine thinking constructing a flyover is a necessity at this time.

What happened to supporting SMEs and providing funding for them to employ women and youths? At least if you can't solve these issues yourself, then fund the SMEs so they can absorb the unemployed labour force and take your state out of the shitty mess it is currently in.

Funny and weird states. Even Lagos and Abuja does not have the amount of stadiums Akwa Ibom has. Stoo.pid government with misplace priorities

Romance / Re: These Slides Goes For 20k (photo) by Smartini: 6:07am On Jul 05
Can't believe I read the whole thread grin

In the end, no one patronized the op.

In the end, all the bragging about crediting people's accounts did not happen.

Wow. What a thread. grin grin


Education / Re: UNIUYO Student Shot Dead, Another Injured As Rival Cult Groups Clash (Photos) by Smartini: 8:34pm On Jul 03
I'm yet to see the positive benefits of cultism in Universities

At least in foreign developed countries, cult groups were usually divided into the party cults, nerd/geek cults, science cults etc.

In Nigeria, it's all about shooting, killing and claiming unnecessary supremacy.

The funny thing is that at least 1 in every 10 guy who passed through the four walls of a University in Nigeria was at one point or the other in a cult.

Yet when topics like this come up on Nairaland, everyone suddenly becomes saints and special advisors.

Who then are the cultists we see on the streets and in the news?

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Politics / Re: Igbo Businessmen Urged To Invest At Home To Boost South-east Economy by Smartini: 10:54am On Jun 27
Your brother's are all over the South west running after danfo bus and harvesting human organ from Osun to Ogun state grin grin grin grin

They are waiting for you to mature before they butcher you grin grin grin

You and Nnamdi Kanu, no difference... Cowardly dodgers and the worst bunch of Igbos ever in history, alongside Odumegwu Ojukwu grin grin grin

Stand and answer my questions as to what you're looking for in Lagos, you dey dodge dey sing ritual songs for me cheesy grin Wetin concern me and wetin dey happen for Okija Shrine? Or you think we don't know 99.9% of wealthy businessmen in the East can be traced to ill-gotten and ritual sources? No Igbo man ... I repeat, NO Igbo wealthy man who has never dealt in drugs, money rituals or blood money

Why do you think my family and other sane families moved away from the East and have never looked back? grin grin grin

I ask you for the last time: Wetin you dey find for Lagos? If you can't answer, no need mentioning or tagging my nick anymore ... grin grin No dey beat chest for me and dodge questions at the same time. I've got no time for someone who just finished his NYSC last year and is still in the job market

You go make am for life sha. Just no put your hand for blood money like our brothers kiss
Politics / Re: Igbo Businessmen Urged To Invest At Home To Boost South-east Economy by Smartini: 10:16am On Jun 27

Wack reasoning grin

What is China looking for in Nigeria though they are more developed? grin

Nice picture slides, bro. grin grin I'm glad you were able to source out less than 20 pictures of developed buildings in a region spanning thousands of square kilometers grin grin grin

Investments Investment Investments, but GUO and ABC dey full everyday dey carry awa bloodas from East across the Niger grin grin Imagine travelling through Asaba, Benin, Ore, Shagamu and Lagos-Ibadan expressway all the way to Lagos just to insult the South West grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Igbo Businessmen Urged To Invest At Home To Boost South-east Economy by Smartini: 7:30am On Jun 27
Imagine people comparing their region to another region that was decimated by a civil war just 50 years ago. Cities that were totally destroyed and have since been rebuilt from scratch from the hard work and sweat of the common man, who was given just 20 british pounds after the war. A region with almost no federal government presence, but we built everything from scratch.
Someone is using cities with dilapidated structures with brown roofs to brag that he’s “more developed.” A region that has never seen war looking worse than Afghanistan.
Some people have no shame.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki suffered very heavy casualties from the US nuclear bomb attack in World War II. You cannot compare nuclear warfare to that of normal bombs, tanks and air strikes ... At least buildings were still left standing in the East after the war. The major casualties were deaths of children resulting from hunger and starvation! Some remote villages in the East didn't even feel the effects of the war. So your theory of 'total destruction' is warped.

Go and read on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and see how both cities are super beautiful, developed and thriving today. Only one single building was left standing in the whole state (and that building was immortalized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Imagine still claiming to feel the effects of a war 51 years ago and blaming it for the East not being developed. grin
Politics / Re: Igbo Businessmen Urged To Invest At Home To Boost South-east Economy by Smartini: 7:16am On Jun 27
You are no more Igbo? grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

Descendant of Afonja

Still and still dodging the question as to what you're looking for in Lagos ... Person wey come learn MS-Word for Lagos because no single business centre for East dey claim tech guy. Come and see our brothers all over Computer Village making money in Lagos; Go and see our brothers in the North expanding their businesses because both regions are the best for businesses grin grin grin grin

I'm Igbo through and through, but I was born and raised in Lagos, so I don't have any toxic bigotry in me like the rest of you. kiss kiss

grin grin grin The truth is bitter but you must swallow it. You have no business in Lagos if your hatred for the Yorubas is this thick
Politics / Re: Igbo Businessmen Urged To Invest At Home To Boost South-east Economy by Smartini: 5:37pm On Jun 26
Descendant of Afonja, why deny your ancestors even in a faceless forum? Afonja must be in severe pains now grin grin

Oluomo is recruiting sha, incase you don't know grin grin

You never still tell us why you wan leave Aladinma Mortuary to come to Lagos in that your post. Stop dodging the question grin grin

You can't hate a region so much, but still wanna tap from its benefits ... You say you be Tech Guy, but nowhere in the East has the environment you need for your business, so you vamoose like refugee come Lagos grin grin

Why not remain in the East all your life and join with fellow like-minded bigots to develop the tech business environment from wherever gully dump you came out from? grin grin grin Last time I checked, you don't need a physical space to learn, network or make money in the tech world... Everything is done virtually nowadays.

By tomorrow, enter ABC and find your way back across the Niger Bridge ... You can't eat your cake and still have it. kiss kiss kiss
Politics / Re: Igbo Businessmen Urged To Invest At Home To Boost South-east Economy by Smartini: 3:34am On Jun 26
I repeat you are a poor man from the terrorists ravaged North . You can claim Igbo since you are ashamed of your ancestors grin grin grin

Very soon you will take your 200k to USA to look for land to buy, low life. grin grin

Have you finally saved up enough money to leave away gully erosiok infested region and come to Lagos to hustle? grin grin grin grin

Make thunder no faya your destiny the day you ever set foot inside Lagos because you wan learn skill wey you no fit learn for awa backward East. kiss kiss

I don't regret being born in Lagos. kiss As an Igbo boy, I've seen the good, bad and ugly sides of Igbo people, and me and my family are better off far away from the East grin

Make you and your brothers no waylay Igbo people bringing millions from Lagos and the North every December to come and spend Christmas grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Igbo Businessmen Urged To Invest At Home To Boost South-east Economy by Smartini: 10:01pm On Jun 25

Impostor! You are a yooruba afonja. You claimed to be Igbo and you think in terms of business that Onitsha, Aba, Nnewi is lagging behind. May Zamfara. Ewu Awusa

E pain you say I be Igbo? grin grin

I'm 100% Igbo and proud from Irete in Owerri-West Local Government Area in Imo State, and the truth is bitter but you must swallow it grin grin

Not everybody is brought up with ethnic hatred or bigotry in their blood kiss
Politics / Re: Igbo Businessmen Urged To Invest At Home To Boost South-east Economy by Smartini: 9:59pm On Jun 25

Oga shut up. If you are Igbo, you would have known by now that the 56 markets in Onitsha metropolis alone have no space to contain traders there again. Most Igbo businesses in Lagos have their main or branch office in Onitsha. Igbo think home philosophy has really turned the fortunes of Igboland around and equally improved SouthEast economy.

grin grin grin grin So all the markets in Onitsha can't contain traders there anymore, that is why they have to travel hundreds of kilometres to the SMALLEST state by land mass to come and do business?

From Onitsha, you travelled past Asaba, Benin, Ore, Shagamu, Lagos-Ibadan expressway through millions of acres of barren land and came all the way to Lagos State, the SMALLEST state in Nigeria to find SPACE for your business? grin grin

You're my namesake but I'm terribly disappointed in your lack of wisdom. Onitsha Market could have spread as far beyond Obosi and as far as Oba if you were looking for expansion, but Emeka and his people came all the way from Onitsha to Lagos because no space in Onitsha Market again grin
Politics / Re: Igbo Businessmen Urged To Invest At Home To Boost South-east Economy by Smartini: 9:43pm On Jun 25
Product of Quota system said they should make land cheap for him. You go wait tire. Compete or go home grin grin

Lekwa Amusu calling me product of quota system.

Why did you make a post begging to come to Lagos? grin grin grin grin I'm an indigene of Imo State (Irete to be precise) born and raised in Lagos State, and I've never tasted poverty grin

There's nothing premium or quality about lands in the East. Based on geography and soil type, the Eastern region actually has the worst lands in Nigeria. grin But that's by the way...

If I can get a very good land in the West or North at a reasonable price, and that same land costs 5x more in the East because long-throat thieves claiming sharp guy wants to make quick bucks and sell me erosion-devoured land, I know the option I'll choose, thanks.

Keep your expensive mud land in the East, and we'll keep making sweet money in the West and North.

I'm 100% Igbo and I only visit home once in a while so you people won't do ogwu ego for me kiss kiss kiss

Politics / Re: Igbo Businessmen Urged To Invest At Home To Boost South-east Economy by Smartini: 9:30pm On Jun 25
Oga stop deceiving Yourself. This your comment is total rubbish.

Many Igbo businessmen have invested massively in the East. Thats why South East has the highest SMEs , especially Anambra state.

You also forget that place like nnewi , onitsha and aba have many indeginous industries.

grin grin grin

My post never said Igboland has zero industries or businesses.

But the fact still and will always remain: The best environment an Igbo man can ever make money is away from the South East region.

Remove the factors chasing them away from investing in the South East and what makes the North and West attractive places for them, and the businesses will come rushing in.

Igbo investments in Computer Village and Alaba International Market alone is more than the ALL the investments in the East.

Statistics won't tell you this, because you cannot seperate Igbos investments in Lagos from the rest of the state, but we wey dey here know the truth. grin If you know how many billions are made monthly in Computer Village alone by Igbo men, cold will catch you
TV/Movies / Re: Lucy And Kaisha Fight: Laycon And Ebuka Running Away (BBNaija Reunion) by Smartini: 3:28pm On Jun 25
Nigerians have taken to social media to question where TV host Ebuka Uchendu and Big Brother Naija lockdown winner Laycon were running to during the clash between Kaisha and Lucy.

Recall that Lucy and Kaisha went head to head during the show’s recent episode after she told Lucy and Ka3na to stop talking about her mom.

A scene from the video that has gone viral on social media showed Ebuka and Laycon in what looked like them walking away.

However, Prince and Tolani Baj sat on to watch the fight



No offence, but you're a terrible reporter. Your vlog won't go places if you continue like this.

Your video didn't do justice to the headline AT ALL. If you don't have the clip of the fight, then don't make the post.

I'm not the only person who has complained about your video. It shows you actually have a lot to work on rather than engage in online fistfights.

Take the criticisms and improve on your vlog. Enough said.
Politics / Re: Igbo Businessmen Urged To Invest At Home To Boost South-east Economy by Smartini: 3:24pm On Jun 25
I am Igbo, but to say the truth, we're filled with greed all in the name to become sharp businessmen and 'smart' guys.

Have you ever asked yourself why an Igbo man will rather build his business in the West or North? I'll tell you for two reasons:

1. Enabling Environment: It is easier getting a shop and buying things at affordable prices in the West or the North. Everything in the East is horribly the expensive, and it's for no reason other than the need to make sharp profits. Land, shops, commodities ... A pair of solid sandals (and I mean solid) you can buy for 2k in the North, one wide mouthed Igbotic guy who owns a shop in Aba or Onitsha will tell you 7k, and you'll find out it's not as strong as it looks.

2. Envy: When it comes to business, Igbo people are the most envious set of individuals you'll ever find. Start a business in the North or West and make good profits, nobody will be looking at bringing you down or trying to spoil your market spiritually. Try it in the East and you're a goner.

Any sane businessman will pick where land is cheap, things are easily affordable and where there's value for money.

The East will continue to lag in terms of investments from fellow Easterners until the environment is provided and 419/outrageous prices of land, shops and goods are brought down to their realistic value.

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Religion / Re: Onitsha Catholic Diocese schools and hospitals they owns(photo) by Smartini: 1:24pm On Jun 20
[quote author=Anambra1stSon post=102909689][/quote]

1. WAEC results and performance are not a proof of educational strength and quality. WAEC can be rigged + we have lots of special centres for examination malpractices everywhere.

2. The pictures you posted are from 2016, 2018 and mid-2019, so I'm sure your statistics are quite outdated.

3. I was expecting you to post stats on states with highest literacy rate or states with the highest educational sector funding. That way, we'll have a more rounded understanding on how Anambra is the first in education in Nigeria.


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Religion / Re: Onitsha Catholic Diocese schools and hospitals they owns(photo) by Smartini: 12:09pm On Jun 20
You wonder why Anambra is topping in education here is the secret

Topping in education based on which stats/intelligence reports, Sir?

Provide proof of research here, please.

Thanks smiley
Crime / Re: Man Who Cut A Lady's Body Into Parts In Osun Arrested By Police (Graphic Photos) by Smartini: 10:05pm On Jun 11
God, why? Why do you let things like this keep happening? cry cry cry

This is so gory. He literally butchered her into pieces.

Look at him faking remorse in the pictures, tearing up like he regretted his actions. The id.iot is only weeping because he was caught.

This is definitely not his first murder, because no man can clean cut someone and chop them up like this at his first attempt.

Goodness... cry cry No amount of court judgement can make up for this evil. I hope he burns in hell for a million years. Disgusting heartless fellow.

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Religion / Re: Burial Of Pastor Dare Adeboye: Thanksgiving Songs And Tribute (Photos) by Smartini: 6:27pm On May 10
His immediate younger brother, Pastor Leke

So the whole family is a family of Pastors? You mean God called all of them and anointed them ALL as a family?

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Religion / Re: Late Dare Adeboye: How Redeemed Church Pastors Prayed For Hours To Revive Him by Smartini: 6:24pm On May 10
So what happened? cry cry Their prayers weren't effective enough, or God wasn't listening?

Has an autopsy been carried out? Rather than pray intensively, why didn't they make plans to send him to the hospital? They assumed he "died in his sleep", but if they were wise enough, they'd realize that people in such conditions still have slim chances of survival if given swift medical attention... Until they're medically pronounced DEAD.
Travel / Re: Sanwo-Olu Abandons Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, As Motorists, Commuters Lament by Smartini: 5:57pm On May 10
Sanwo-Olu is just a governor. He has MDAs with Honourable Commissioners and Directors in charge of those Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

Direct your grievances to the Commissioner in charge of works and public infrastructure ... His office is the one DIRECTLY in charge of everything roads
Religion / Re: Emmanuel Folorunso Abina Is Dead! Pastor Elijah Abina's Son Dies (Photo) by Smartini: 12:45pm On May 09
Apologies and condolences to the dead, BUT there's something I've noticed in pastoring families and I have to speak my mind!

God's work is NOT a family empire. The gift of anointing and holy spirit is not transmitted by sexual intercourse or fatherhood. I see absolutely no reason why a pastor's wife will automatically become a minister, and his children become pastors too. It is NOT a family business!

God's anointing and call to ministerial service does NOT work that way. Because He called the father does not mean He called the wife, and it does not mean the children automatically become ministers through their father's sperm.

smiley smiley Enough said.


Crime / Re: Drug Trafficker Excretes 97 Wraps Of Cocaine After Arrest At Lagos Airport by Smartini: 7:34am On May 01
Every tribe has crime peculiar to it. Unfortunately, igbos leads in drug trafficking but l can tell you that Igbos is not major tribe in drug sniffing and usage. Just for the business side.

When you open terrorism thread, which tribe do you see?
When you open human part mining thread, which tribe do you see?
When you open human trafficking thread, which tribe do you see?

Does that make it acceptable? I'm talking about the way and manner drug trafficking has smeared the name of Igbos everywhere and you're bringing in human rituals and terrorism to justify the crime ... Please don't compare! I'm Igbo and I'm disgusted.

Everywhere, from South Africa to Indonesia to Thailand to India ... Every drug-related story will always have an Igbo man's name on it, why? We're just giving other tribes the opportunity to label us all as drug traffickers ... We're businessmen. We can do better, more honest businesses.

Two wrongs don't make a right. Let's keep our names and our tribes free from public shame or reproach, so other people will have nothing negative to tag us with.

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Travel / Re: The Moment Air Peace Plane Landed At Anambra Int'l Airport (Photos) by Smartini: 7:30am On May 01
Stop spewing nonsense with your useless Google map. The guy has told you the fact because he is in Anambra, while you are still using Google maps to deceive yourself.

The international airport is just 15mins to Onitsha, 20mins to Awka and 40mins to Nnewi. Get off your Google map and travel to Anambra to clear your ignorance.

Again the international airport is located at the centre of Anambra state. It is a very strategic location for the state.

First and foremost, you cannot be more accurate than Google Maps grin Secondly, the distance and timing you allocated between Umueri and Onitsha, Awka and Nnewi is WRONG!

You claim to be learned and calling someone else ignorant, but you're the one watering down the facts to suit your argument!

Did your timing also consider the terrible state along Onitsha-Awka Road where you could spend hours on those terrible spots, especially when it rains?

This isn't about strategic location. Ask yourself why ALL states with airports have them within the capital or just on the outskirts, and why Obiano built Anambra's airport in Umueri, a town less than 10 minutes away from his hometown
Travel / Re: The Moment Air Peace Plane Landed At Anambra Int'l Airport (Photos) by Smartini: 7:23am On May 01
Good development to ndi Anambra, but if you ask me , the geographical location of the airport is out of place . I checked the distance from nnewi to umuneri its 1:40 minutes drive and from onitsha to umuneri 1:20 minutes, remember this is Google calculation and if u add police checking points, Agbero stop and check tax receipts and long gueue of motorists trying to navigate through the traffic it will take you approximately 2 to 3 hours to get to the airport imagine wasting 3hrs on the road if u are coming from industrial hub of the state Onitsha and nnewi.. what's the need of wasting 3hrs going to Anambra airport when asaba airport is less than 40mins drive from nnewi and 25mins drive from onitsha, you might criticize me or call me all kind of unprintable names but Las Las people will opt for Asaba than this one in umuneri... what happened to oba airport Oba airport with it geographical location to nnewi and onitsha seaport would've been a moneybag to ndi Anambra generally , it would've drive massive development that will rival Lagos and others. Major sole reason of this airport is to cut short the stress our businessmen/women mostly from nnewi and onitsha passes through to access their various business destinations.. I honestly see no economic value of this place where it situated, at time we allow sentiments to be cloud of thinking faculty during decision making... he should've built it in Aguleri since he want airport to ferry him from his village to Abuja... once again I said congregations to Ndi Anambra... maybe ur Google map and mine are different


The location of this airport is very suspect! There is absolutely nothing in Umueri that would warrant the construction of an airport in that village!

The three most urbanized cities in Anambra are Awka, Nnewi and Onitsha. Personally for me, Onitsha is ruled out because of:

1. The city is densely populated already and they may not find a land size that large to accommodate an airport.

2. Onitsha is very close to Asaba - I'm not sure aviation standards permit the construction of two airports within such close proximity for safety.

The next realistic location would be Awka because most airports are sited within the capital of a state ... If Akwa does not have a land size large enough for the construction of an airport, then the airport should be on the outskirts of Akwa.

I just checked Google Maps and realized that Umueri is about less than 10 minutes drive from Aguleri - Obiano's hometown grin grin
Travel / Re: The Moment Air Peace Plane Landed At Anambra Int'l Airport (Photos) by Smartini: 7:13am On May 01
No offence to Anambra State Government, BUT...

How does an airport still under construction be termed INTERNATIONAL?

I hope whoever named it INTERNATIONAL knows that the airport cannot just kickoff international passenger and cargo flights on completion. It has to start domestically on a small scale before fulfilling all international standards and regulations by ICAO and IATA

You just don't label something international and think once you start, you'll be flying abroad grin The name can be revised in a couple of years after all international standards have been met and approval is granted.

All the same... I hope the runway and all the other airport infrastructure is maintained. Kudos to Anambra smiley
Crime / Re: Drug Trafficker Excretes 97 Wraps Of Cocaine After Arrest At Lagos Airport by Smartini: 7:05am On May 01

Exactly my thought.....poverty na bastard!

Greed, not poverty.

1. How sure are you that this was his first attempt in the drug business?
2. Do you have any proof to show that he was BROKE before venturing into drugs?
3. How do you classify someone gaining over 360m (resell value would definitely go higher) as entering the drug business because of poverty?
4. Would you also categorized kidnapping and armed robbery as alternative businesses one can engage in all in the name of poverty?

People who traffick drugs don't do that because they're poor or broke. It's just greed and a way to make easy money ... Drug money can catapult you from being an average middle income earning person to a multimillionaire in a very short period of time, and it's addictive. When you get into it and see huge quick money, you may never stop until you're caught.

This guy who's arrested... I'm sure if you check his bank account, it could run into millions because of his previous successful deals...and you say poverty?

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Crime / Re: Drug Trafficker Excretes 97 Wraps Of Cocaine After Arrest At Lagos Airport by Smartini: 6:58am On May 01
What's with my fellow Eastern brothers and drug trafficking? cry cry cry

Even without sounding like a tribalist, this crime is synonymous with us. Whenever I open a drug trafficking related crime story related to Nigeria, the name will ALWAYS give us away.

I'm very disappointed. We can do better than this!

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