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Family / Re: My Mom Is A Troublemaker... I Need Help by stupidity: 6:22pm
My grandma was like this too. She quarreled with one of her neighbor three days straight. Will leave to school in the morning and still come back to meet her throwin jabs at the woman. Worse part is, when I begin Dey happy say she don Dey calm down after about two to three hours silent from both of sides. Granny will hurriedly leave what she was doing and go throw one deadly punchline grin the other woman go vex retaliate. They don resume quarrel be that.


Romance / Re: What Is The Most Shameful Thing You Have Ever Done? by stupidity: 5:01pm
Mine: I slept with a man when I was in my period

I hate when a girl come visiting when she knows she seeing blood.
Some will purposely call a guy that has been asking her out and plan to visit him. Coz they know when the nigga sees blood, his Dlck will loose balance.

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Family / Re: How Do You Settle With Your Spouse/partner After A Misunderstanding?? by stupidity: 11:17am
You are placing your question on friendship or lovers level

When it comes to proper marriage level, it's a different ball game

But bear in mind,
Women bear grudges 100times more than men

Best option is get it resolved quite immediately

thanks for your input. I’m not married yet. That’s why I’m here to learn. smiley
Family / Re: How Do You Settle With Your Spouse/partner After A Misunderstanding?? by stupidity: 11:15am
Op is not even married

It's a different ball game in marriage

Using nipple to settle DT sounds like secondary school relationship.

Sometimes settlement takes time especially for weighty offence like cheating
your right. I’m not married yet. That’s why I want to learn. Thanks for the input smiley
Family / Re: What Will You do If Your Wife Feeds Your Child This Way? by stupidity: 11:05am
If you grew up in the village, this isn’t new. Pikin wey nor gree eat, na so dem Dey force am eat

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Family / How Do You Settle With Your Spouse/partner After A Misunderstanding?? by stupidity: 5:52am On Apr 17
I brought this here so we all can learn. How do you makeup/settle with your partner and how long does it take before you makeup? I’ll go first.

After a heated argument, women will be women, she’d still want to keep a mean face. But for me, not up to an hour my brain has gone to reset mode. I’ll politely ask her if she has eaten, she sef go Dey form she’s not hungry. Then I’ll dish food for the both of us to eat or ask her to come over if she’s not at my place the moment. At first she wouldn’t want to eat nor talk, then I start teasing. Once I’m able to locate and touch her nipples even with her clothes on, e don finish be that. angry

She won’t stop laughing and asking me to stop. So we yaf settled.

If we are very far from each other that moment, after the heated argument on phone, within two to three hours, we back to talking like nothing happened.

Please let’s hear from couples on here. Pardon my moniker and take the thread serious.
Celebrities / Re: Nina Says Actress Who Bullied Seyi Edun Looks Like Her 'village Cooking Pot' by stupidity: 5:23am On Apr 17
I’m still trying to understand the kind of people that follows these “anyhow” BBN housemates on social media.

I’d rather go to the market, buy beans with lots of stones, get a tray and start picking the beans than sit on Instagram to attack or defends these “anyhow” people.


Career / Re: Lady Narrates How Lagos Bus Conductor Returned Her Purse And Even Sent An Email by stupidity: 5:12am On Apr 17
There are a lot of good people in Nigeria. It’s so unfortunate the good ones mostly remain poor and unheard of.

Na only the demons and jezebels Dey carry us go international with bad bad news.

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Romance / Re: Staunch Nairalanders who met on facebook set to wed (photos) by stupidity: 4:26pm On Apr 15

4 year lipsrsealed, and d ex boy boy dumped her she now remembered u as her resting place. Guy u are not lucky jare, u are just her last option.
grin I swear. I wan form good boy today na why I nor talk.
Romance / Re: Staunch Nairalanders who met on facebook set to wed (photos) by stupidity: 9:30am On Apr 15
sent her a message on facebook messenger, she read but didnt reply. 4 years later was going through my messenger and saw this message i sent to this cite girl and decided to engage her in a chat but this time more maturely, viola!!! a year and 4 months later we are tying the knots on the altar of bliss.
lol, you shouldn’t have let nairalanders know this oo. The “finish her” crew are coming for you two.


Romance / Re: Modified by stupidity: 6:37pm On Apr 13
lol baba fear some social media babes...so ass and boobs fit carry you do like dis.. Make woman no kill u ooo... Kiki
lol. Brotherman!! Enjoy yourself with as many assx you can bury your dlck in o.

Someday to come person go die go heaven go Dey sing hymn and blow trumpet everyday. I gats fvck all the fvcks now. grin
Romance / Re: Modified by stupidity: 12:18pm On Apr 13
I am not a fan of of Social media relationship.. U c my guy..find a way to go meet her face to face and tell her your intentions....i pray she doesn't end up being a different lady from the person/pictures you have been seeing..
im telling you, it’s not funny. had a first hand experience.

At the point of meeting I stood at the junction we agreed to meet. i texted her that I was at the meeting point already then I quickly pocket the phone while I was fiddling with another phone.

One smally came from behind and tapped me, with her wide mouth with surprise on her face, she asked “are you stupidity”??

I replied “no, sorry I’m waiting for a bike here, are you looking for someone?”

She replied “yes and he told me he’s right here already”

Me; why not call his phone to be sure.

Then she started calling my phone while the phone was dead silent inside my jean pocket.

I just Jejely waka comot, tear race back to base.

Blind dates is fvcked mhen.

The asx and buubz I saw on her photos were no where to be found. She con short join.

And her skin color was a clear evidence of over bleaching. I was very sure the center parting of her yansh will be black cry


Properties / Re: Is Lagos Island Going Bananas? by stupidity: 8:53am On Apr 08
I'm afraid I'm still frightened at the thought of actually living in Lagos, island or not.

I can only visit, tops - "two weeks and I'm out.

Kudos to those living in Lagos.

afraid of what?
Romance / Re: Just Keeping Body And Soul Together This Beautiful Friday by stupidity: 1:32am On Apr 06
It’s a different thing to be mad online, then another thing to show your real face to compliment your madness, then the bombshell, you included your innocent daughter. That baby will grow one day, come to Nairaland see all this.

By the way, don’t you go out? You nor Dey snap pinshure for outside?


Romance / Re: How Often Do You Tell People Your Problems? by stupidity: 1:21am On Apr 06
almost never,they will laugh at you without giving you any solutions
to be honest this is part of the problem as well. Expecting your problems to be solved when you share it with someone. That person you shared that problem with might be going through worse and good at keeping and facing it.

I almost never share my problems with anyone, because of this everyone around me thinks I’m balling hard and they never think twice before coming to me expecting miracles.

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Romance / Re: Advice On My Female Bestie by stupidity: 1:09am On Apr 06
OP you nor well I swear.

The girl’s boyfriend might be managing to make the girl happy and you just wan come use too much gifts spoil their relationship. Very soon the girl nor go Dey listen to her boo again because of you.



Romance / Re: Should I Make A Move On My Best Friend ? by stupidity: 3:08pm On Apr 05
Ha!!!, that nigga friend zoning is on another level.

You mean he’s never mistakenly pressed your bubby??

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Romance / Re: Craziest Thing A Guy Has Done For You Just To Have A Taste Of That Pvssy? by stupidity: 11:03am On Apr 05
ladies, I know guys do crazy things just to have a taste of that pvssy. they like it. that is why they keep chasing that pvssy. we have heard stories of how a guy was begging a girl in a public transport for her to give him her number. he was begging like seriously. that guy is a pvssy nigger. you don't beg a lady and in the process embarrassing her just to have her number. that would even deter her from letting you have her number. at the end of the day, we all know that he wanna have a taste of that pvssy. the guy is a learner.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Colombian Slay Queen's Lavish Lifestyle Tips Authorities On Family's Laundering by stupidity: 3:51pm On Apr 04
Y’all see what I’m seeing here??

“She was tipped because of her lavish lifestyle”

But in Nigeria, when you try to question someone’s sudden show of wealth, you see morons telling you to mind your business.

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Romance / Re: How Do You Deal With This Level Of Hypocrisy? by stupidity: 9:33am On Apr 04
How do you treat or regard someone (especially a lady) who behaved this way? In the last three years, this person has daily insisted, and might I add inundated you with the moral position, that they cannot do premarital sex or even allow a man see their nudity before marriage. However, you just recently discovered (with concrete evidence) that behind you the same person is having unprotected sex and even talking about not aborting the foetus if she eventually becomes pregnant.

PS: May be you were in a relationship with this person. May be you were not. But somehow you both are very close due to studies or work.
move on. Nothing you can do.
Celebrities / Re: Rudeboy Buys G Wagon For Timaya As A Surprise Gift by stupidity: 1:04pm On Apr 02
Lol. @ old cargo and lovepeddler.

If anyone falls for this scam, that person deserves to be flogged.

Same person using both account to advertise the love peddler and have some foolish Nairalanders send the lovepeddler a pm.
Romance / Re: "They Stole My Phone, I Need Someone To F**k Me And Buy Me Iphone"-nigerian Lady by stupidity: 12:25pm On Apr 02
I like the girl. She just said her mind. No time to waste.

“You know what I want, come fvck me and get it for me”

The girls bashing her do same in coded o. In fact they will collect the phone and still not give you pvssy fvck.


Romance / Re: I Hope This Doesn't Count As Cheating by stupidity: 7:13am On Apr 02

stupidity, I don't need to be explicit. let ur imagination run deep and u will see it.
and I'm not here to reminisce on the experience
currently I'm in deep poo
i nor blame you na. I should be imagining the nudes you saw abi? Nor be your fault.
Romance / Re: I Hope This Doesn't Count As Cheating by stupidity: 12:31am On Apr 02
Not even a detailed explanation of what the video looks like. Even the live video call, I believe you saw more than enough. And you don’t want to tell us what you saw, are you that selfish??

And your here seeking advice angry

And we blame Buhari every seconds


Technology Market / Re: Apple Macbook Pro, 15.4" Mid 2018, Corei9 32GB, 1TB SSD Gray by stupidity: 8:55am On Apr 01
Instead of getting this overpriced laptop why not get Huawei matebook x pro!!
16GB Ram 512GB storage, Intel core i7, Nividia Mx 150 graphics card and more for around 400k undecided
brother, did you see what it says,core i9?? Rare breed!! grin
Romance / Re: Young Lady Sexually Harasses A Man On The Road, Twerks On His Joystick by stupidity: 9:18am On Mar 31

i feel for the man. She even had the guts to remove his cap from his head and his walking stick too. An old man for that matter. Try that in Edo State. She go twerk da yansh enter market square.

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Romance / Re: Man Assaults His Lover For Sleeping Over At Honourable's Birthday Party. Photo by stupidity: 9:11am On Mar 31
Lots of African women need complete re-orientation and mental emancipation from the gender-sensitive customs and traditions established by men.

It's not a man's world, it's a human world.
no, in Africa, Nigeria particularly, it’s a mans world. Our ladies have been made to believe we men are the reason for their existence. Hence they being lazy, unproductive and always slaying to get the highest bidder to continue from where a brother stopped. That’s the honest truth.


Romance / Re: 25-year-old #SaggyBoobsMatter Founder, Chidera, Twerks, Wows Her Fans by stupidity: 8:20am On Mar 30

bros I just tire I swear. It’s getting worse. I hate Instagram because of this twerking thing. Apart from seeing comedy videos on the app, the rest Na twerking. Getting boring. The worse part of it is I hate watching what I can’t touch nor feel undecided


Family / Re: Hilarious Things Ever Done To Your Siblings by stupidity: 7:19am On Mar 30
I and my sist paid a visit to an uncle. This uncle handed her 200 naira for the both of us to share. Now the 200 naira was 100 naira note and two 50 naira note.

On our way home, Sist gave me the 100 naira note and took the two 50 naira. I refused o, come see fight that day. I insisted she give me the two 50 naira note, reason was “she cheated me by taking two “notes” to her self while she gave me only one. She did all she could to make me understand it’s the same value, Lai lai I nor gree. Even passerby tried educating me. I nor gree. Las las I tore one of the 50 naira. To make it even. “One note” to each person. Na house I for hear am hot. Popsy and mumsy corrected my dumb brain when we got home.


Romance / Re: 25-year-old #SaggyBoobsMatter Founder, Chidera, Twerks, Wows Her Fans by stupidity: 5:28am On Mar 30
Every olosho is now celebrated on nairaland forum
the thing nor tire you? At first she was applauded for been bold on showing off her saggy boobs. We have all seen the boobs and got tired of it, now she has improvised. Twerking to remain relevant

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Romance / Re: Its My Wedding Day by stupidity: 9:33am On Mar 29

Your wife looks like a prayer warrior. The type that prays from 11pm to 5am binding and casting everything. Am I correct?


Romance / Re: Wife Calls Out Facebook User Hanging Out With Her Husband, She Replies by stupidity: 7:21am On Mar 29
*Cheating on your wife doesn't mean that you don't love her. It's like hiring taxi when you have your own car at home. It saves tires, ensure longer lasting beauty and reduces mileage.*
jesuuu!!! You’ll not make heaven o. Repent now


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