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Politics / Re: EFCC Goes After Bureau De Change Operators In Sabo, Ibadan (video) by Svoboda(m): 5:10pm On Feb 21
Carpenter wey no know wetin to work go dey blame nail say e dey eye am

Tinubu wey no know how to stabilize economy is busy chasing wind

From Dom account ban to crypto regulations to binance to Aboki wey dey exchange dollar etc

All these things were in existence when Jonathan stabilize dollar to N216

Make Tinubu dey Mumu himself

Jonathan did not stabilize dollar. Check how much he met it under Yaradua and how much he left it mid 2015.

The only leader known to have stabilized dollar thruout his regime was late abacha. This was because, among other things, he reined in the bank chief roundtrippers and he snubbed the Bretton Woods monsters.

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Politics / Re: FG Threatens To Open Border For Cement Importation by Svoboda(m): 6:18pm On Feb 20
It is rampant corruption that crippled good policies and not that the policies are intrinsically bad in themselves.

Devaluing the naira without a strong export base will always hurt. It will surely create the imbalance we are seeing now in inflation.

China, in competition with the US, usually devalues to attract cheap exports. Its export base is strong.
Politics / Re: FG Threatens To Open Border For Cement Importation by Svoboda(m): 4:15pm On Feb 20
that's the best way to go, open the border for rice , beans and yam, maximum 6 month to help reduce the price.

then they can start planning from there

Govts import substitution model is hurting large segments of the population
At the same time, devaluation is also hurting, because we are not yet net exporters of basic and cheap foods and cement. This is creating some form of scarcity .

This neo liberal model is contradictory and failed woefully in Latin America. It was what led to the rise of leftwing govts in mid 2000s.

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Politics / Re: 50 kg Bag Of Maize Now #40, 000 In Ajase Market, Kwara State by Svoboda(m): 12:24pm On Feb 20
We hope this isn't just stories. Please can they tell us how much it was before January.

Daily trust is reputable enough to earn your trust.
Politics / Re: Circular To Stop The Leakage Of Sensitive Official Documents by Svoboda(m): 12:03pm On Feb 20
It is only a matter of time before this traitor is identified and apprehended, then he will smell his bumbum.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Haiti: Martina Moise Connived With Police Chief To Murder Husband - Judge by Svoboda(m): 10:34am On Feb 20
Fear woman. Even as president wife what else do you what? The heart of women are desperately wicked, nothing can satisfy them

Maybe she was having an amorous affair with the fmr pm.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Haiti: Martina Moise Connived With Police Chief To Murder Husband - Judge by Svoboda(m): 10:33am On Feb 20
The gruesome assasination of jovenal moise was carried out with the tacit approval of the US. His widow and the former police chief and fmr pm were all in the ring as necessary accessories to the murder or probably, fall guys.

Haiti has always been under the strangulation of the US, right from the time of the brutal regimes of both Papa and Baby Doc. This was why the charismatic rev father Jean Bertrand Aristide was removed twice from office as president by forces loyal to the US imperialism.

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Politics / Re: Producers Give Reasons For Skyrocketing Cost Of Cement by Svoboda(m): 4:55pm On Feb 19
Importing cement on the short run. But the issue about importing on the short run is that, it's going to be very expensive because of the high exchange rate.

We are not producing enough cement in Nigeria. We need more cement manufacturers in Nigeria

I think there isnt a shortage of cement. The major problem is that a small cartel is running the industry and is determing prices without recourse to demand and supply. The net has to be widened to entertain other potential players.

I am yet to witness buyers queing up for cement in nigeria likr they do for petrol.

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Politics / Re: Sap Failed. Will Tinubu's 'reforms' Succeed - The Cable by Svoboda(m): 5:52pm On Feb 17
I don't know about any other Country, but I know that we've tried subsidies for 40 years, and it certainly didn't work any wonder.

Its ok. Subsidy could have helped but for corruption. Even america still subsidizes for its citizens in one way or the other, but neoliberalism is a no no for me.
Politics / Re: Sap Failed. Will Tinubu's 'reforms' Succeed - The Cable by Svoboda(m): 1:21pm On Feb 17
This is absolute trash, this Economic model is the best, the government just need to find a very good way to help the poor get through the hardship, cut cost of governance and clampdown on corruption as hard as possible.

If Tinubu allow himself to be gaslighted into reversing those decisions, he'd be taking us back to the era of monumental wastage. The government has more money to spend on the people now, States allocations have improved tremendously. Yesterday, Nuhu Ribadu said that, we now produce 1.8 million barrel of oil per day, there's no reason why the fed and States cannot find a master plan to deal with this hardship.

Pls, sir, kindly mention one developing country like ours where the neo liberal economic policy has worked wonders.
Politics / Re: 99% Oppressed: The Very Many Sins Of Labour Party Nations Chairman Julius Abure by Svoboda(m): 2:30am On Feb 17
This man has had these controversies dog him for some time now. He did the same thing to my inlaw after he'd won a ticket to contest a hoa seat. His saving grace was that the move was preempted by an lp hqrs insider, who informed him early enough.
The ebonyi state victim claimed abure recieved 200m naira to substitute him as gov candidate of lp. Even the police recommended his prosecution for forgery, impersonation and corruption. I guess the powers that be are hoping to use that as a blackmail tool to whip him into line. On arise tv yestetday, he was guiltily breathing heavily as he was contradicting himself repeatedly.
Now, the fmr acting nat chair of the lp is lending her voice to those accusations against him.

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Politics / Re: N3.5bn Scandal: When I Left As Governor,i Left $150m And ₦30bn, Nobody Held Gun by Svoboda(m): 5:18pm On Feb 16

Your are a liar Your lies can't sell bcus sensible Human beings hold on to what is obtainable in REALITY not all this yeye Sm propaganda wey una dey do upandan.

In Reality,He was supposed to be given 2cars annually by Fidelity,He turned it down telling them He has no need for more cars.
In REALITY he totally turned down all pay,wages, entitlement as SEC CHAIRMAN under Jona with opposition Pdp.
In REALITY at a time when others were looting unrepentantly He saved money for Anambra State.
In REALITY till today Anambra has not come out to say they have given him a penny as entitlement or pension as past Governor.

Continue to do your online propaganda, REALITY don already cast your antics grin

Like I said,not an angel but not a petty looter like your drug lord and Dubia nigga.

Whether he saved money or not, those who know the truth just keep quiet out of fraternal considerations.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Alexei Navalny Is Dead by Svoboda(m): 3:49pm On Feb 16

You are contradicting yourself and exposing your naivete. And I can't help but laugh and you loud and ignorant Putin supporters.

You said he could have been charged for other crimes. What crime exactly was he charged for tell us if it is not related to his activism and campaign for an alternative ruler that isn't Putin? Please tell us. Or are you just talking loudly without information?
Secondly, your opponent doesn't even need to be able to win against you to be a threat. He only needs to be loud enough to provide an alternative voice and make people question your rulership. He may not win immediately but in the long run his ideas can take hold. The fact that you think being a threat is only being able to win an election shows you have a parochial mindset and you are unable to think in multiple dimensions. This is of course typical of Putin supporters.

In your abrasiveness, you got your head all stuck into the ass of the western media propaganda setup to consider him a "threat' to putin just because your lords and masters say so. But they'd fail to conveniently tell you navalny has been a crook who had been charged for embezzlement even as far back as 2013. You also want to tell me he represented a reasonable threat to putin as at then. Dont be a slave of the western media propaganda machine. Youve got brains to think on your own. The same western media that sold the lie to you that saddam had tons of wmds and told you the best thing to happen to the afghans was the US military presence.

Ask yourself this question. Why should all anti putin characters in russia be pro west and pro lgbtq and pro everything the west stands for?

Think for yourself.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Alexei Navalny Is Dead by Svoboda(m): 3:18pm On Feb 16

Not a threat yet he was poisoned and imprisoned? Chai. Thinking brains are scarce on Nairaland. Too many morons running rampant here.

Youre the one whose cognitive balance and ability ought to be called to question when everything cnn says about russia has to be swallowed by your dumb brain hook, line, and sinker without an attempt at some level of self assertiveness.
Politics / Re: Osagie Ize-Iyamu Withdraws From Edo Governorship Race by Svoboda(m): 2:45pm On Feb 16
The same people friends and family that urged you to contest .,are the same people that asked you to withdraw.You withdrew because you ain't winning the party ticket.Besides,Edo will slap APC.Save your money.Pastor sir,use the money for the sponsorship of the gospel.Don't talk like a professional Nigerian politicians!

Apc will win edo. You dont Understand the dynamics of nigerian politics. It isnt binarily black and white.


Politics / Re: Court Orders AGF Fagbemi to Re-Open Dele Giwa's Murder Case by Svoboda(m): 2:18pm On Feb 16
IBB that is now half dead is who you want to rush to his grave.

Theres no way they can pin dele giwas killing on ibb. That class of leaders were too smart to be caught napping.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Alexei Navalny Is Dead by Svoboda(m): 2:14pm On Feb 16
but you are contradicting yourself naw after all you said he's no threat

I am not contradicting myself. I am only stating that he could have been charged for other crimes other than being a threat to putin. So you believe that Alexei Navalny would win putin in a free and fair election.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Greece, First Orthodox Christian Country To Legalise Same-sex Marriage by Svoboda(m): 2:03pm On Feb 16
Endtime church

The othordox isnt in support of the legislation. It was only passed by their parliament.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Alexei Navalny Is Dead by Svoboda(m): 1:35pm On Feb 16

Ok he was no threat so why incarcerate him for nothing

Cut that crap, abeg. Who told you he was incarcerated for nothing?
Politics / Re: N3.5bn Scandal: When I Left As Governor,i Left $150m And ₦30bn, Nobody Held Gun by Svoboda(m): 1:30pm On Feb 16

Loll the doings of Obi seems somewhat unattainable if You want to judge by how petty our politicians can be grin

Sebi You see date for there grin

The man is not an angel Yes,but He is not a petty looter like your drug lord and that Dubia Nigga.

Obi sponsored obianos election in 2014 with 6.9b naira of state stolen funds and was pressuring obiano for a refund. That was the crux of his problem with obiano, because obiano demurred.

Whats going for obi is that anambra govs arent antagonistic towards their predecessors, who'd be ordinarily willing to drown them in an ocean.

Obi was corrupt as any gov can be. He only used the catholic church to launder his image.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Alexei Navalny Is Dead by Svoboda(m): 1:20pm On Feb 16

He was not a threat to Putin.....??
Google how many times the Putin led government arrested and imprisoned him...??
He was even poisoned and you said he was no threat....

He was no threat and the government imprisoned him

As e be say, he no be threat
Putin for release am na, abi why imprisoned a man that was not threat to your government.

Like saying Nigeria government should release Nnamdi Kanu, say he no be threat.

Make una dey support matter with brain atimes, no be only with sentiment and passion.
Dey apply brain too.

Oga, forget western media propaganda. Navalny was no threat. The west makes you believe every prisoner who has once criticized putin is considered a threat. No. In russia today, the only real threat to putin is putin himself.

In fact, the btitish monarchy has more existential threat than putin.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Alexei Navalny Is Dead by Svoboda(m): 12:42pm On Feb 16
Assassination, Putin is such a bad man, he doesn't want anything like opposition in Russia.

That was how the leader of Wagner group died in a helicopter crash last year.

A prisoner just died in the prison, without proofs, you already concluded putin is the assassin...

Navalny was no threat to putin in any way.


Politics / Re: N3.5bn Scandal: When I Left As Governor,i Left $150m And ₦30bn, Nobody Held Gun by Svoboda(m): 12:10pm On Feb 16

Keep running from pillar to post,no evidence na to dey ririririri upandan remain.

Them even give am OIL well self Him still reject am.

Lies. Nobody offered him an oil well.
Politics / Re: Ehiozuwa Agbonayinma Drops Governorship Ambition After Son’s Murder In US by Svoboda(m): 10:01am On Feb 16
Very sad for him. But the US is more of a third world, lawless country.


Politics / Re: Saraki, Sanusi: How They Took Over Intercontinental Bank From Akingbola by Svoboda(m): 8:12am On Feb 16
I don’t see the karma Obasanjo and co are facing.

As for Wigwe university, you’re a clown 😂

AIG Partially blind in one eye? SMH

Better wake up. Have you thought of the fate of the millions who lost their savings to Intercontinental bank and the likes of Oceanic?

As for babies that die at birth, what Karma befell them?

Death isn’t karma, it’s inevitable

No depositor lost savings in IB or oceanic. Rather, it was societe generale, owned by a notorious.... who got away with his heist.


Politics / Re: 60 Reps Seek Change From Presidential To Parliamentary System by Svoboda(m): 9:06am On Feb 15

Prime minister depending on the arrangement is not elected directly by the people but by the ministers, this means that regions can hijack the system like seen in the first republic where a government could not be formed becuase of there being need for coalition. Even though the NCNC won the majority vote the couldn’t form the government becuase the party didn’t have the majority ministers that’s not supposed to be, that system gives more power for regional players to hold everyone hostage

Ministers are also members of the patliament. Its basically the same thing. I reiterated that prime ministerial position is only gotten thru the parliament and not thru the people. People vote for mps.

That said, whoever becomes head of the majority party after every congress automatically becomes head of govt, as seen in the uk and south africa. Its a very interesring system that abhors big man president that is a master of all he surveys.
Politics / Re: 60 Reps Seek Change From Presidential To Parliamentary System by Svoboda(m): 8:16am On Feb 15
Presidential system is better, so you want few ministers to decide the head of state and government what happen to the people electing their leaders direct.

The parliamentarians decide the prime minister who is also the head of govt and not head of state. The head of state is largely ceremonial and can be elected thru a national suffrage. In South Africa, the president as the party leader is ratified thru the parliament when his party wins majority of the seats in the parliament. Its the same thing with the parliamentary system. He becomes pm because his party is the dominant party or the head of a coalition. He automatically is elected or even ratified as pm. Its a straight forward, peer review system.
Politics / Re: 60 Reps Seek Change From Presidential To Parliamentary System by Svoboda(m): 7:17am On Feb 15
Good luck parliamentary system didn’t work in the first place, the people deserve to elect their head of state and government not some ministers.

Those who carried that first military coup would be shaking their heads in regret when they consider the level of malfeasance
going on now. I like the first among equals system of the parliamentary framework. It is somewhat egalitarian to me.
Politics / Re: What Did You Do With Your Increased Allocations? FG Asks PDP Govs by Svoboda(m): 8:53am On Feb 14
More of a defence than reply, don't let us forget that Venezuela didn't get there in one day, they went through this defence pattern along the way too. It is well with this country.

Venezuelas economic woes were caused mainly by numerous inhibiting US economic sanctions and embargoes.

This worsened Hugo Chavezs bolivarian socialist welfare system, where state revenues were primarily poured into a welfare system that catered for the poor in free housing, health care, education and other social services.

This made it difficult for Venezuela to experience a far reaching economic development, especially in the real sector, thus exposing its economy to shocks.

In nigeria, tinubu and buhari chose their own respective economic development pathways.

Buhari failed to invest in boosting our local refining capacity.

Tinubu, on the other hand, failed in achieving that before the removal of subsidy, as well as devaluing of the naira. This is all too reminiscent of ibbs sap, until abacha stepped in to calm the storm.

One thing we ought to understand is that tinubu is a neo liberalist. Economic Neo liberalism has never helped africa in any way. It always widens the gap between the rich and the poor.

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Politics / Re: Video: Wigwe Is Responsible For Dollar Crisis In Nigeria by Svoboda(m): 7:48am On Feb 14
The truth is top bankers in Nigeria made their money from dollar racketeering...The likes of Wigwe, Tony Elumelu, etc.

During Abacha's time, he jailed many bank executives and withdrew their banking licenses because of dollar racketeering.

They were no sacred cows then. Some of those bank execs were picked up from the church. Abacha could have been our Ghaddafi. Today, you would have found frivolous court injuctions stopping the authorities from effecting arrests. Democracy is a drawback in africa.


Travel / Re: Wigwe, Yakowa, Prominent Nigerians Who Died In Plane Crashes by Svoboda(m): 5:03pm On Feb 13

Yes he was killed by Buhari's supporters.

The most peaceful religion on Earth is known to be idolatrous with their black stone worship angry

Jonathan, a born again christian, was in power when he died.

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Business / Re: How Wigwe’s Aide, Faleye Olushola, Escaped Death In Helicopter Crash by Svoboda(m): 11:36pm On Feb 11
When you have excess money you take extreme risks, and most times get away with them. Sebastian pinera, former chilean president and the 3rd richest president in chile, was days back was buried in a state funeral after being killed in a helicopter crash he was flying personally. Fortunately, his sister and other passengers were rescued alive. The US aviation sector is in a mini crisis. A private jet also crashed into a vehicle, killing the two passengers on board.

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