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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Where You Can Buy Magnetic Stickers In Lagos Nigeria by Techwriter: 1:52am On Nov 10
How to use and take care of magnetic car decals.
We supply these instructions with our signage products but repeat them here so you always have access and can preview before you buy. These instructions are for our magnetic vehicle panels including door panels, magnetic ADI, ORDIT and Pass Plus display signs, magnetic decals and magnetic safety signs.

If your decal has arrived in a roll or appears creased, lay in a warm place on a flat surface for a few hours or overnight. A useful tip is to place on the warm side of a fridge or freezer.

Do not apply magnetic sheet to newly painted surfaces, especially non factory applied finishes. Ensure that both the vehicle panel and the underside of the decal is clean, dry and free of dust, grit and ice before applying.

The whole decal must be placed to ensure that the magnetic sheet has maximum contact with a ferrous surface. Do not attempt to place decal over a panel crease or hollow. Do not exceed the legal speed limit. In adverse weather conditions such as strong winds, remove decals from vehicle.

DO NOT DRAG DECALS OVER THE VEHICLE PANEL. If any grit is trapped, you could scratch the paintwork.

IMPORTANT: You must regularly (every 2-3 days) remove the panels and clean/wax the bodywork behind them. This is particularly important in hot weather when you are recommended to remove the panels at the end of every day. Likewise, when there is danger of overnight frost/ice, remove the panels otherwise ice can creep behind them. Note that the material will stiffen in cold weather increasing the risk of loss in windy conditions.

The magnetic properties of the sheet comply with European standards as suitable for use on vehicles. However, as neither we nor the manufacturer have any control o
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Where You Can Buy Magnetic Stickers In Lagos Nigeria by Techwriter: 1:47am On Nov 10
Dimensions and Prices of Magnetic Stickers
Magnetic stickers come in yards of 2ft by 3ft and 15 yards make a roll. This is for those who wants to buy magnetic stickers in bulk. However magnetic car stickers can be cut in sizes like A2 A3 and Ay sizes depending on the size of the space it will be used. Normally the cost of 1 yard of magnetic sticker range from 12,000 Naira to 15,000 Naira depending on volume of purchase. If it is to be branded the cost is different and will depend on size and design to be branded on it

Applying the car magnetic stickers is a simple process that requires no additional adhesive. The material sticks to clean metal surfaces, allowing for placement on a door or a hatch in just seconds. Removing the stickers won't leave scratches behind, protecting your car's finish.
Art, Graphics & Video / Where You Can Buy Magnetic Stickers In Lagos Nigeria by Techwriter: 1:27am On Nov 10
Are you looking to buy magnetic stickers at wholesale price in Nigeria? Here we present to you magnetic stickers in Yards at wholesale prices in Lagos and can be delivered to any part of Nigeria. Your brand name and contact details can be seen by many people when you use car magnetic stickers. They can attract potential customers who are driving on the same road as your vehicle.

What Are Magnetic Stickers
Magnetic stickers are stickers that can stick to metal surfaces using magnets. They are often used for advertising on cars. Magnetic sheeting is both flexible and durable, allowing the bumper stickers to handle weather and road conditions while conforming to the shape of your vehicle. Each flexible magnetic sheet is 800 microns thick with a graphic weight of 2570 GSM and will last between six and 12 months.

Where to Buy Magnetic Stickers
You can buy magnetic Stickers in yards or get it branded from EloquentPrints - Nigeria's top printing company in Ikeja Lagos that also sales sign materials. To order call 08181447766 or visit website https://www.eloquentprints.com/product/magnetic-car-stickers/

Politics / Re: SUVs for NASS members: Nobody'll Contemplate such Under My Administration - Obi by Techwriter: 8:19pm On Nov 09
Sure that's why Nigerians voted you. unfortunately the man that was not voted happens to be a criminal and he stole the mandate. Now he's punishing everyone for not preferring him

He ensured only criminaly minded individuals stayed in decision making positions. From Akpabio to Gbaja (the US convict)

Then paid a few hungry and jobless people to be on social media and nairaland defending their criminality. People willing to sale their generation for a morsel of bread

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Properties / Re: Christmas Tree Prices, Types And Suppliers In Nigeria by Techwriter: 1:00am On Oct 29
Eloquent Display is an online We have an unmatched realism, a huge range of styles, and they are all affordable. Choose from classic pine trees, frosted trees, and luxurious focal points for your festivities. Create an unforgettable Christmas with our amazing range!


Properties / Re: Christmas Tree Prices, Types And Suppliers In Nigeria by Techwriter: 12:56am On Oct 29
There are different types of Christmas trees available in Nigeria, depending on your preference, budget, and style. You can also find different sizes, shapes, styles, and colors of artificial Christmas trees, such as white, green, flocked, or pre-lit. Here are some popular ones

1. White Christmas Tree: A white artificial Christmas tree is a type of artificial Christmas tree that has white branches and needles to create the illusion of a snow-covered tree. Some people prefer this kind of tree because it adds a festive and winter-like atmosphere to their home or office.

2. Snow Christmas Tree: A snow artificial Christmas tree is a type of artificial Christmas tree that has white branches and needles to create the illusion of a snow-covered tree.

3. Normal Green Christmas Tree

Career / Vendor Manager Needed In Ikeja Lagos by Techwriter: 10:49am On Sep 15
Our client operates a fast rising ecommerce platform and looking for a hard-working vendor manager to assist the company in making sound purchasing decisions.

1. Developing and sustaining long-standing relationships with company-approved vendors.

2. Meeting with suitable vendors to assess their products, inquire about their services, negotiate pricing, and communicate any product or service-related concerns.

3. Conducting research on available vendors to determine which vendors offer the best pricing and product quality.

4. Continually monitoring sales trends to determine which products are more popular than others.

5. Implementing vendor selection programs to ensure that the best vendors are secured.

6. Conducting interviews with new vendors and informing approved vendors of their responsibilities and obligations.

7. Establishing standards by which to assess the performance of approved vendors.

8. Evaluating current vendor management programs and identifying ways to improve them.

1. First Degree in supply chain management, marketing, business administration, or a related field.
2. Proven experience working as a vendor manager.
3. Ability to Drive will be an added advantage
4. Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications.
5. Digital skills knowledge like internet research and social media management is a requirement
6. The ability to multitask effectively.
7. Strong negotiation, management, and decision-making skills.
8. Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and organizational skills.
9. Effective written and verbal communication skill

Start Up salary:

1-2 years

To Apply:
Email your CV to cleaneatcares@gmail.com

Application closes
21st of September 2023
Travel / Re: Network Glitch At MMA Disrupt Passengers' Travel Plans (photos) by Techwriter: 9:55am On Sep 06
Anything to add voice to INEC glitch jargon. They want us to believe its a common occurrence. So they staged this news. The only difference between the glitches that occur everyother place and that of the election is that the February 23 election was selective only affecting the presidential. Moreso the haste with which INEC went ahead to declare a winner instead of taking time to profer a solution is suspect. It became obvious that it was a coup
Properties / Re: Tree Felling, Branch Trimming & Stump Removal Service In Lagos by Techwriter: 7:53pm On Aug 15
Benefits of hiring a professional Tree Felling Service
Qualified and Knowledgeable
A professional tree surgeon is qualified and uses science and technology to improve their practices. Unlike an unqualified 'trimmer' who might be pruning your tree at random, our qualified tree surgeons will use their scientific knowledge of tree anatomy and ecosystems to maintain.

Extensive Experience
If you're considering removing a tree, but want know if it can be saved instead, then our tree surgeons can help. Without hiring a tree surgeon, you may make hasty decisions such as tree removal, tree cutting, or excessive pruning. This could affect the health of the tree and end up costing you more money than if you had just hired a professional.
Using their extensive experience, our tree surgeons will be able to determine if the tree can be saved or needs to be removed. This will prevent you from making mistakes that could harm the tree's health, which would lead to higher costs for you

Safety and Emergency Services
If a tree has caused damage from fallen branches or poses a safety hazard after a storm then you need to act quickly. Our tree surgeons will identify the areas that need to be pruned, and devise a strategy for the safe removal of a tree if it's required. This will ensure the safety of your property and prevent anyone from being harmed by the hazardous tree.

Furthermore, factors such as electrical lines must be handled with extreme care.
Properties / Re: Tree Felling, Branch Trimming & Stump Removal Service In Lagos by Techwriter: 7:41pm On Aug 15
How to Tell If Your Tree Needs to Be Removed
To assess the risk of your tree falling, we look at various factors. We examine the whole tree, including the ground, the trunk, and the crown. This helps us determine if your tree poses a threat to your or your neighbor’s property.

Call for an evaluation if you notice any of these signs:
You should contact a professional to evaluate your tree if you see any of these signs. These signs indicate that your tree might be hazardous and need expert care. Some of the signs are:
1. Sudden or heavy leaning. Sudden leaning indicates a potential breakage of the root system, which likely means the tree is a danger. In other situations, we can diagnose why your tree has started leaning and make care recommendations.

2. Visibly damaged or decaying roots. Trees can survive damage to their roots to an extent. However, in some cases, the damage may have gone too far. Our arborists will discuss everything with you, and we’ll help you make the most informed decisions for your tree’s health.

3. Extensive cracks, cavities, and crevices in the trunk. Trees can incur damage from insects and diseases, windstorms, lightning strikes, fire, or the accumulation of ice or heavy snow on the branches. When cracks or cavities penetrate the bark, they damage a crucial layer of the tree. This layer allows for water and nutrients to disperse. If more than 25% of the bark is damaged, it will likely need professional removal.

4. Dead or hanging branches in the upper crown. While this could be a situation requiring careful trimming measures, it may also indicate that the tree is unhealthy. Our arborists will inspect the tree to determine if there are crown-density reductions that will keep the tree healthy and avoid the need for removal.
Properties / Re: Tree Felling, Branch Trimming & Stump Removal Service In Lagos by Techwriter: 7:32pm On Aug 15
Four Benefits of Regular Tree Trimming
Just like pets, many Nigerians these days like keeping trees as it adds beauty and a feeling of established elegance to any home. As important as this idea seems there is still a need to constantly trim the trees or even cut some down. When you have trees on your property, no matter where they’re located, the most important and common maintenance procedures you have to perform on a frequent basis are pruning and trimming.

In fact the Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK) has advised residents to notify the agency of any overgrown tree within their communities. According to her, some of the trees, apart from their tendency to wreak havoc during windstorm, are already competing with electric cables and poles. For some trees, pruning or at least an inspection is recommended every year, especially if the trees are located near your home, along a property line or around power lines.

Here are the Four most important benefits of regular tree trimming:

1. Promote tree health
Pruning can prolong the life of your trees by removing dead, weak, insect-infested or diseased limbs before they start to rot and impact overall health. Regular trimming will also improve the overall appearance of your trees. With unwanted branches no longer drawing energy from the trunk, the desirable parts of the tree can flourish. Removing excess limbs may increase leaves, flowers and fruit production too.

2. Protect your home and property
Tree branches hanging over your home can cause damage if they break off or slam into a home during a strong wind. Over time, additional damage can occur as tree branches burrow their way under shingles causing roof leaks. Trees left to grow without trimming can also grow into power lines, creating a risk of power loss and further damage to the lines.

3. Protect your family
Most importantly, regular tree trimming can prevent injuries to those who use your property by eliminating cracked branches that are in danger of falling, and low-hanging limbs that can be dangerous for those who bump into them. Proper pruning can also reduce the weight of a tree, making it less likely to fall in a snowstorm or from the constant strain of carrying a heavy load. With frequent maintenance, trees can enhance the look, feel and value of your property without decreasing the safety of your family or creating unnecessary and costly property damage.

4.Protect your family
Another benefit that’s severely underrated by many is that pruning and trimming your trees frequently and properly will allow you to better manage pests and insects. Obviously, trees attract a lot of insects, and if the trees’ growth isn’t controlled, it can lead to many problems. Some insects can kill your plants and those that cannot may spread many diseases which could reduce the strength of your plants and trees, and increase the odds of a branch falling. Moreover, if the tree is in close proximity to your home, the insects can enter your home and nest, leading to even more troubles that could have easily been avoided.

Properties / Re: Tree Felling, Branch Trimming & Stump Removal Service In Lagos by Techwriter: 7:19pm On Aug 15
How Much Is The Cost Of Tree Removal in Nigeria?
The cost of tree removal really depends on the tree and to give an accurate tree removal cost, an arborist needs to see it in person.
Using their extensive experience, our tree surgeons will be able to determine if the tree can be saved or needs to be removed. This will prevent you from making mistakes that could harm the tree's health, which would lead to higher costs for you.

Here are some factors we examine to determine a tree removal cost:
--Size of the tree
--Client specifications
--Equipment needs
--Safety and risk concerns
--Time and crew required

That being said I can tell you that the average price in 2023 for tree trimming a tree in Lagos or Nigeria as a whole can be as affordable as N30,000 (Thirty Thousand Naira) or as high as N150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira) depending on the factors mentioned above. I guess it all comes down to the volume of branches that need removing, but more importantly how long the job is going to take.
Properties / Tree Felling, Branch Trimming & Stump Removal Service In Lagos by Techwriter: 7:14pm On Aug 15
Invest in tree and shrub maintenance to make your property more beautiful and keep your plants healthy. We maintain shrubs' shapes, cut back tree overgrowth, perform regular maintenance trims, and remove dangerous dead limbs. Neatyard is a professional tree removal service that provides tree felling, pruning, and stump grinding services in Lagos. They have a team of experienced arborists who can safely remove trees of any size and shape.

NEATYARD specializes in helping clients increase the value and beauty of their homes and properties by providing tree removal, lot clearing, tree trimming, tree and shrub spraying and stump grinding services. We are experts in dangerous tree removal, and our ultimate goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result of your project. We are professionals tree cutters in Lagos, Nigeria .

We are professional on the following services:
1. Tree felling
2. Stump removal
3. Trimming of branches
4. Bush clearances
5. Site clearance

Visit our website: https://neatyard.ng/tree-removal/ or call: 08188400001

Politics / Re: How ATIKU Surrounded Himself With Unpopular Politicians by Techwriter: 12:34am On Mar 20
Election is not over and INEC results in the Presidential were mere allocation of figures by the biased umpire never use the result to postulate any theory. Moreso all political calculations failed this year by the emergence of Peter Obi's Labour Party, he had no main line politician and no structure yet Nigerias 2 biggest cities and capitals Lagos and Abuja fail to an 8 months old force. How do you explain that?
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Explains The BVAS Every Nigerian Should Reconfigure by Techwriter: 9:12pm On Mar 12
Africa needs leaders that can be role models if our society must be transformed. If not we will keep churning out 419ers and criminals

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Explains The BVAS Every Nigerian Should Reconfigure by Techwriter: 9:12pm On Mar 12
Politics / Re: Governor Sanwo-Olu Writes Eti-Osa Residents, Appeals To Them To Re-Elect Him by Techwriter: 9:05pm On Mar 06
You were invited for interview where you had opportunity to sale yourself but you were drunk with power and arrogance. You felt you were too big for that afterall you are in Asiwajus good books which is all that's required to win election in Lagos.

You underestimated the power of Labour Party and thought PDP was your only rival. Now you're running from pillar to post. Even Igbos that love you are scared by the tribal war your supporters are advocating. They fear the back lash of the consequences of your success.

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Politics / Re: Wikipedia Updates Tinubu's Profile As President-Elect by Techwriter: 4:52am On Mar 01
See this one. Wikipedia is like Nairaland any registered member can edit it. That's why his age on Wikipedia was changed multiple times till they had to lock the page from editing


Politics / Re: Lessons For Igbos In Nigeria Outside Igboland by Techwriter: 11:01pm On Feb 26
Lessons for Igbos in Nigeria outside Igboland (copied from Facebook)
It is time to rethink when you travel home annually after every 4 years (election year). Annually, every one of you head home during Christmas, and some in August (August meeting, if it still exists). Then you return to your state of residence after the new year celebrations and try to vote there during the election that happens every 4 years. In the process of voting, you are prevented from doing so, insulted, asked to go back home, disenfranchised by the local (state) governments and their thugs, have your businesses burnt, and in many cases killed. Have you noticed that Buhari and other politicians go back home to vote in their villages or towns? Have you wondered why they don't vote in Abuja? Even, a lot of poor northerners in the South travel home to vote. I see them packed in lorries heading up North. A group of them were interviewed on YouTube and they said they have their PVCs back in Zamfara and must return before D-Day to vote.

UmuIgbo, it is time to rethink. Every election year, I strongly suggest that you suspend going home during Christmas/New Year. Instead, travel home a week before election in February and vote in your village or hometown. This is a sacrifice you can make once in 4 years. By doing so, nobody can harass or disenfranchise you on account of non-indigene-ship in your own hometown. Nobody will threaten to throw you into Lagos Lagoon, and nobody will feel you are influencing the politics in their own state (which is a stupid feeling, but we are talking about a failed country). That is how you make your vote to really count. That also helps you to be involved in electing good governors and state representatives for your native states.

We keep hearing that the SE has the least voting population in Nigeria. This is because you scatter your votes all over NG and most, if not all, of those votes outside the SE are wasted votes because you are either disenfranchised or rigged out.
If you keep doing the same thing, you get the same result back each time.
One of my blood siblings who lives outside of the SE returns home to vote in our hometown - he transferred his voting location since 2017. Good job, brother.

I don't completely agree with you. If all Igbos are to vote on their village government or other actors can sponsor the likes of Simon Ekpa and create terror that will cause poor turn out.

Secondly igbos presence in other areas will contribute to the 25% spread needed to win an election
Properties / Re: Reasons Why An Electric Fence Is Better Than Barb Wires by Techwriter: 5:43am On Feb 26
Properties / Re: Automatic Gates Prices, Installers And Repairers In Lagos Nigeria by Techwriter: 9:27am On Feb 17
Automation of motorized gates has several benefits. The motorized gate moves slower than manual gates, so it can accommodate cars in closer succession. This means that customers aren't waiting behind the gate for cars to move out of the way before they reach their destination.

Automated gates also have an integrated system that includes a security arm, so there's no need to invest in separate protective barriers for your business or house when you install an automated gate.

All-electric automation means operators are never exposed to toxic fumes when lifting heavy parts, and the maintenance cost is lower because sensors identify any issues before they become serious.

The main benefit of installing automated doors compared with manual ones is just one word - convenience! Ditch the stress of opening doors manually, and use automated doors to create a better experience for everyone.

From security-conscious companies to homeowners who want something special, our range of automated gates can be adapted to suit your needs.
Politics / Re: Soludo Inspects Ugwuagba-Bosi Rd, Says He's Not A Man That Makes Empty Promises by Techwriter: 10:41pm On Feb 16
Why Soludo is fighting hard to remain relevant
1. His criticism if Obi created enemies for him
2. Obis response of you're a professor I'm a trader means more is expected from him
3. Arthur Ezes campaign that exposed soludos hidden ambition and reason for criticising Obi
4. He's fighting for 2nd tenure which will be very difficult whether Obi wins or not

Moral of his situation: don't sale your brother for selfish ambitions


Properties / Re: Automatic Gates Prices, Installers And Repairers In Lagos Nigeria by Techwriter: 7:39pm On Feb 16
I have seen couple of places that kept repairing due to repeated fault or totally abandoned. Reason why please?

Dont really understand the question.Please rephrase
Properties / Re: Automatic Gates Prices, Installers And Repairers In Lagos Nigeria by Techwriter: 3:09am On Feb 16
Access control systems –Automatic gates can be operated by a variety of access control devices, including card readers, vehicle tag readers, digital keypads, and portable wireless transmitters. In most commercial installations, automatic gates are controlled by the same access control system that is used to control the entrance doors to the buildings, allowing the same access card to be used in both places.

Intercom systems–[/b]Intercom stations are often provided at automatic gates to give visitors and delivery drivers a means to contact someone inside the facility when the gate is closed. Most of these systems will allow the gate to be remotely opened by someone inside the facility once the visitor’s identity has been verified.

[b]Video surveillance systems–

Video cameras can be used to view and record activity at the gate. The video surveillance system can be used in conjunction with the intercom system. This allows the identity of visitors to be visually confirmed before opening the gate.

Free exit devices– In many cases, it is desirable to have the gate open automatically when a vehicle exits the property. Devices that can be used to provide free exit include loop detectors, photoelectric beams, and pressure switches.

Post office and utility company access– The post office and many utility companies may require a means to enter through the gate. This usually requires the use of one or more key-operated switches that are keyed to the post office’s or utility company’s standard key.
Emergency access–Most fire departments and many law enforcement agencies require a means to gain access to your property through your gate at all times. Devices used to provide access can include key boxes (Knox Boxes), strobe or siren activated sensors, and radio receivers that can be activated by the emergency vehicle’s two-way radio

Properties / Re: Automatic Gates Prices, Installers And Repairers In Lagos Nigeria by Techwriter: 2:10am On Feb 16
Automatic gates can be made from wood, vinyl and different metals, the most popular being the metallic. There are six types of commonly used automatic gates. These include the slide gate, cantilever gate, swing gate, vertical lift gate, vertical pivot lift gate, bi-folding gate, and barrier arm gate. however the most popular in Nigeria is the sliding auto gate type.

Below are the different types of electric gates available

Sliding automatic gates

Automatic sliding gates are similar in terms of construction to swinging gates, except that they roll along straight tracks back and forth using rollers instead of swinging on hinges to open and close. The tracks and gates are usually made from a single piece of extruded aluminium or stainless steel. In other words, an automatic sliding gate is constructed for increased security.

Swing automatic gates

Swinging gates are among the most popular automatic gate designs on the market, and they can be found on residential properties and commercial car parks alike. They pivot on traditional door hinges and the gate arms swing open to allow traffic in or out of a property, building or car park. What’s nice about these gates is that they can swing in either direction, with their design featuring two doors on each side so you don’t need to worry about which direction to open them. That’s providing you can indeed open them both ways since this may not be possible in one of the two directions due to limitations imposed by the driveway and building layout.

Lift automatic gates

These automatic gates have a lift and rise mechanism which works well in small spaces or where space to the side of the gate is limited. These automatic gates are often used in parking garages.

Properties / Automatic Gates Prices, Installers And Repairers In Lagos Nigeria by Techwriter: 1:51am On Feb 16
Automatic gates are used to control access into a secured area. Most commonly, automatic gates are used at the entrance to the facility and are used to control vehicular access on and off of the site. For example, a manufacturing plant may use an automatic gate at its main entrance. All vehicles entering and exiting the plant must do so through the automatic gate. Automatic gates are also used in interior areas within a facility. For example, automatic gates are commonly used within the inside of a parking garage to separate employee parking areas from public areas of the Premises.

Looking for automated gates company in Lekki or Ikeja Lagos ? Look no further as Teksafe is here with a solution. We take care of all your gate automation needs from choosing the right type of automated gate for your home or office to the sliding gate installation itself. We have a collective team experience of over 10 years. There is no doubt that we can help with all your automated gate needs.

If you’re searching for an automatic gate technician, Automatic gate troubleshooting your sliding gates needs for your homes, businesses, or properties in Lagos, Nigeria, contact teksafe

Visit our Website: https://teksafe.net/automatic-gate-system/

Religion / Re: Church Of England Wants To Stop Referring To God As ‘he’, ‘him’ And ‘our Father' by Techwriter: 3:49pm On Feb 10
Uwa mmebi
We are definitely at the edge of the last hour. Live ready

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Politics / Re: Labour Party Campaign Director, Other Members In Bauchi Dump Party And Obi by Techwriter: 8:33pm On Jan 31
The fear politicians have on LP is very high due to incriminating evidences against Atiku and BAT causing them to loose a lot of voters. They're now fighting back by buying fellow greedy selfish politicians.

The North keeps rallying around Atiku, the south should present a singular front and the south is too enlightened to present an Asiwaju to fill their 8 years slot.

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Health / Re: Bed Bug Treatment Company In Lagos Nigeria by Techwriter: 7:02am On Jan 15
All About Pestman Bedbug Killer
Bed Bugs are insects which suck human blood and can cause health impact on their host. The bugs are reddish-brown with oval-shaped body. An adult bed bug resembles a book lice or a small cockroach. Bed bugs are blood-sucking insects whose bites can cause health impacts such as skin rashes, allergic symptoms, and psychological effects. These tiny insects are usually more active at night and can occur in all regions around the globe. If left untreated, bed bugs can multiply very fast and spread from an infested mattress to the entire house and even find their way to the neighbor’s House.


Quick Effect, death starts in 4days and all die in 10 days.
Kill All The Bed Bugs In one time and killing effects go up to 1 Year.
Safe To Human and Pets hence suitable for Household use.
Can Be used for Killing Fleas and Lice.
Non-Allergenic if the Powder Falls On Skin and no bad odor.
Kills both adults and eggs as well as preventive effect.

Politics / Re: PDP Crisis: BOT Member, ABC Nwosu Resigns by Techwriter: 8:52am On Jan 13
Two things that mattered to Buhari while in office were NORTH & MUSLIM.
Their grand plan was to bring out two aspirants from the 2 dominant parties that will protect and preserve the interest and agenda of Islam. Peter Obi and Labour party is an aberration they didn't plan for but was in God's plan

PDP presidential candidate......North
PDP Chairman........North
PDP presidential DG.....North
PDP presidential spokesman....North

Nigeria President......North.

Check the prominent leaders of APC and see if there's any notable Christian among them. Surprisingly the devil is using Christians like Reno to sponsor this islamization agenda. Many of them and ready to betray Christ for money. Shame on them! what they dont know is that the first man that did it committed suicide after the sale. His name is Judas. All the Bwalas and Reno supporting Muslim Muslim ticket for money are heading for a suicide mission- an agenda that will ultimately destroy them and remove the name of Christ in Nigeria. But god forbid many Christians can see beyond tribe and monetary inducements

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