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Health / Re: Nigerian Nurse Sacked & Deported From The UK For Praying For Patient by virginchaser(m): 7:09pm On Nov 30
Fake news. No name, no agency name and no patient name.

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Education / Re: I Regret Going To School. Wish My Parents Listened To Me by virginchaser(m): 4:54pm On Nov 30
I just finished buying goat and the guy that dissected it kept on lamenting that if he had gone to school he would have been better off in this business. I asked him why? He sighted some few butchers who looked more successful than him and he felt it's because of there educational background.


Politics / Re: Taiwo Oyekanmi Dies! Gunmen Shoot Ogun Gov Office’s Finance Director Dead by virginchaser(m): 7:32am On Nov 30
This is a painful lost. There are some duties that require you to say NO if proper procedures are not follow. All hands must be on desk to ensure perpetrators are arrested. Be it security operatives and traditional operatives.
Travel / Re: Morocco, Nigeria & South Africa Lead African Aviation Rise - Forbes by virginchaser(m): 7:19am On Nov 30
I really miss DXB. I always loved to watch football at night on their pitch. It's never a dull moment, being in DXB. Our leaders aren't trying. Nigeria is a composition of many disagreeing nations. No sense of belonging and oneness of spirit. Everyone just gets to power and steal. No plans to truly develop Nigeria. They're rotating leadership amongst themselves while the future of Nigeria are japaing, due to the hardship unleashed on them

Everyone will go their separate ways someday.

Even if we don't go separate ways. It can be divided into regions. Northwest, Northeast, Northcentral, Southeast, Southsouth, Southwest and FCT Abuja. Each region draw a new constitution that is suitable for them in terms of economic and religions.

Dubai metro rail is another memorable experience, except no photo shot allowed inside. I remember how a Ghanaian friend corrected me while on escalator to avoid staying on line of people in a hurry.
Travel / Re: Morocco, Nigeria & South Africa Lead African Aviation Rise - Forbes by virginchaser(m): 7:02am On Nov 30
I am surprised Ethiopian Air is not listed here. They are one of the best in the world and should be the lead airline in Africa at the moment.

Morocco is also riding with Air Maroc.

It’s unfortunate that SAA and Kenyan Airways are dwindling despite all the efforts made to improve them. I flew Kenyan air last week and Delm, worse international flight for me. Air peace at the moment beats Kenya air, well air peace is international so that’s not a worthy comparison.

To improve aviation in Africa,

1. All visas within must be removed. The west have Schengen and unity visas, we are the only continent that requires visas to travel within.
2. We must lax air tariffs amongst ourselves. I went to Uganda this weekend and flying Qatar was a bit more expensive than flying Kenyan. Qatar will first take me out of the continent, then take me to Uganda. Does not make sense. Intra Africa flights should be at least 50% cheaper than continental flights
3. We need to promote our natural resources. Africa is blessed, It was my first time in Uganda and men, I visited Jinja, 4 hours from Kampala where I went to the source of the Nile. I went to Kalangala island, 3 hours by boat from entembee by boat. See virgin white beach sands. Why do we need to go to Europe/ America for vacation?

Jinja is just like our Badagry, people go there for conferences and retreats. We need to improve this across Africa.


How safe is it? Holiday in UAE before the ban and Qatar were top notches. I once forgot phone in Dubai taxi. Driver delivered it at four points Sheraton hotel and waiter gave him 10 Dirham for the effort. Disneyland and seven Emirates stadiums with youths football competitions are memories to remember.
Travel / Re: Morocco, Nigeria & South Africa Lead African Aviation Rise - Forbes by virginchaser(m): 6:37am On Nov 30
Morocco and South Africa were attributed to Africa leading in Africa while Nigeria is just West Africa region, hmmm really giant of Africa my foot.

As you put Nigeria under your foot. You shall always be under the foot of your equals.


Politics / Re: Questions A Twitter Asked Our Former President Goodluck Jonathan by virginchaser(m): 8:48am On Nov 29
She is based in Abuja and couldn't take her time to investigate on line if she is afraid of traveling to her region before coming to disgrace herself reason Bubu said Nigerians are lazy.


Crime / Re: Moment A Drunk Man Jumps Inside Lion Enclosure In Delhi Zoo (video & Pics) by virginchaser(m): 8:41am On Nov 29
Some stupid beings will likely try to replicate this scenario. Effect of drugs all over the world can not be overemphasized reason Muslim fanatics beheaded innocent victims in Nigeria northeast and over hundred innocent citizens were kidnapped in Zamfara.
Politics / Re: Abbas To Meet Foreign Affairs Minister Over Absence Of Nigeria's Mission In Iraq by virginchaser(m): 8:28am On Nov 29
Iraq used to be interesting before the war. However, Iraq still have some good people and more liberal than Iran but there is need to apply caution when dealing with Muslim dominated countries.
Family / Re: I Love Her But At Almost 40 Years Old, I Cannot Ignore Her Fertility Issues. by virginchaser(m): 4:58pm On Nov 28
What you suggested to the op is good theoretically but will lead to pain practically, how you may ask? By the time they are still trying to conceive in their 4th or 5th year in marriage, the little love he feels he has for her now will fly out of the window because he will be filled with regrets and had I know.

In life, if you want to be at the top and to get the best out of life, you must be ready to act selfish in most critical life decisions and also make some sacrifices that many people will hear and say you are not a good person but only you know why you took the actions you took, which are best for you and your life situation at the moment.

OP, sit her down and let her know that you love her and truly wish to marry her but scared of the fertility situation she is in. Suggest two options; you guys try having sex before marriage to see if she would get pregnant or you guys part ways. There is nothing on earth that one cannot let go. Many people do think that without their father or mother or a particular sibling or uncle or aunt that they will never survive, but when that person dies, 20 years later they are still alive and living a life far better than when that person was alive. So nobody is indispensable, and no human should ever think others cannot do without them.

In most families, the fertility issue there is beyond ordinary, some family's fertility issue have a spiritual tone and what activates most of the spiritual side of married couples fertility issue is the paying of bride price and taking of marriage vows to formalize the marriage traditionally and otherwise. Family altars don't recognize pregnancy out of wedlock, they only reign supreme when couples are trying to conceive after traditional marriage rites and wedding vows have been exchanged, so to outsmart them, get your fiance or girlfriend pregnant before marriage.

Virginity to me is not a big deal, most times its lack of opportunity or the lady haven't met a man that melts her heart, and in most cases today, the so called virgins are not real virgins but technical virgins carefully preserving their hymen to deceive a future husband into believing they are exceptional or too good whereas in reality, she has engaged in all manner of sexual acts, from kissing to sucking to necking, to petting to romancing to anal and whatnot. So true virginity is mostly about the purity of heart and soul, not really about the hymen that most virgins of today carefully preserve for wedding night glory.

If you have ever imagined having sex or thought of it, or looked at someone lustfully or engaged in any form of sexual act, according to Bible principles, you are no longer a virgin.

Your last paragraph, you tried. Angel you are, I guess?
Celebrities / Re: Israel DMW Shakes Hands To Greet Davido As He Lands In Lagos by virginchaser(m): 4:44pm On Nov 28
Una wan push this man to go lose his job ba?
Una don join body with his wife im witchcraft to push him to his ruin.

Someone should tell that guy that even if it takes prostrating to keep his job with a good guy like Davido, let him continue. Na Tinubu economy we dey so. Na when dem comot you feeding bottle from mouth you go know.

Moment of truth. Roll on the floor to pass this era. Japa is not for everyone. You force your destiny to japa, you go sleep for inside snow. shocked
Crime / Re: Hisbah ( Allegedly ) Stop 5 Christian Ladies From Attending Church by virginchaser(m): 6:20pm On Nov 27
The worst scenario is that their leaders aren't saying anything. Little do they know that blood of innocents earlier splitted are now crying for justice. Reason why peace is presently far from northern Nigeria.

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Romance / Re: See What A Lady Posted About Her Sugar Daddy by virginchaser(m): 5:30pm On Nov 27
Reasons, i ensure i respond timely when my niece in university hostel send me financial requests to prevent her from loitering scavengers.
Celebrities / Re: Mohbad's Dad Seized His Corpse After Autopsy, Refuses To Bury Him - Mohbad's Mum by virginchaser(m): 8:02pm On Nov 21
Someone is pushing the woman to go to the press.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Beat Tanzania 2-1 In FIFA U20 Women's World Cup Qualifier by virginchaser(m): 10:56am On Nov 20

Tanzania. Dem they play ball for Tanzania?

Who is making noise there? Have you ever entered football field before? Try and see if you can last five minutes running around.
Politics / Re: FG: 18 Out Of Deported Saudi Arabia Passengers Have Criminal Records by virginchaser(m): 7:15am On Nov 15
I really don't blame Saudi Arabia government for being circumspect in their allowance of Nigerians into their country because Nigeria has come to be known with evil.

Imagine allowing a drug stained man to become president and is even in their country on diplomatic mission, a common druggie and dealer who forfeited thousands of dollars from a drug bust operation.

The image of Nigeria has been completely stained and the country will Continue to suffer this embarrassing ordeal.

This is just the beginning, maybe next time all the passengers will be arrested and flogged mercilessly for electing a drug baron grin

Forget the criminal record face saving lies from Nigerian government propagandists.

This write up is not helping you and other common Nigerians. Unfortunately, those you directed it to don't give the slightest "F".
Sports / Re: People's Comments About Ighalo's Unfaithfulness To His Wife Left Me In Shock by virginchaser(m): 6:59am On Nov 15

By ur foolish analogy, a wife that has enough and independent also entitled to change divks as she wanted?

Also, even if the woman not rich and independent, she entitled to contact HIV from her own husband becs she married well to do man. She also entitled to be going thru trauma of husband sleeping with every hole around her, friends, cousin, church members, neighbours etc.

You are terrible, you just farted on the thread. Your statement will make everyone to japa. undecided


Education / Re: Student Disappointed As Ambrose Alli University Lecturer Rejects His Project by virginchaser(m): 6:44am On Nov 15
Abi he follow the man drag babe? He should think and recollect.

In my former office, a senior manager queried a weekend duty staff over woman matter. The query stated that he used company facility to seduce women.
When team lead enquired from the staff of what happened. He said two ladies visited him in the office on Sunday morning when senior manager was around. He was asked further "if their backside was full enough" the dude said yes. That was senior manager's spec. Further questions, "did you introduce at least one of them to meet your oga?" Dude said no. Omo, we all agreed that my guy supposed chop query. cheesy

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Sports / Re: Ighalo Slept With Bbnaija Star, Nollywood Actress’ – Estranged Wife, Adesuwa by virginchaser(m): 11:10pm On Nov 14
When a woman helps you, whenever there's issue the whole world will hear and when you try to do same she will roast you orally.


Romance / Re: Funny Video Of A Nigerian Lady Filmed Selling Herbs (agbo) In The UK by virginchaser(m): 11:25am On Nov 14
Many are straying into jail without knowing.
Romance / Re: Why You Should Not Live In A 3 Bedroom Flat! by virginchaser(m): 11:18am On Nov 14
Toor we that is single and already built 3 bedroom.. Should I relocate to a room self contain?

Then what are you still waiting for? Just like my former landlord, it took panel of judges to select a wife for him from his group of acquaintances.
Romance / Re: "Big Boy" Accosted By Babymama At Airport On Way To Vacation With New Girl (vid) by virginchaser(m): 11:05am On Nov 14
Baby mamas were once the golden girl.

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Romance / Re: Why Is It That Akwa Ibom Girls Don't Like Marrying Outside Their State (pics) by virginchaser(m): 11:00am On Nov 14
It's obvious no tribe can compete with Akwa Ibom girls. They are quite submissive, caring and understanding. Above all they will go to any level you desire with baddest ringing tones in ozza room. Omo, no be juju o. They understood man mechanism but presently women liberation is gradually eroding all these.


Car Talk / Re: Local Vehicle Assemblers Struggle Amid $1 Billion Investment, Lament Low Demand by virginchaser(m): 9:11am On Nov 14
Huge investment doesn't automatically translate to success. That's not how businesses works.

U want to produce a product locally have to thought about the standards or u want Nigerians to drop their standards to patronise u because u are local a manufacturer?

Look at Nigerian music, nobody took it serious until it raised its standards to international standards. Then Nigerians stopped listening or playing foreign music in clubs like b4.

Raise ur standards because nobody will patronise nonsense. it is not quick money it will take u time to develop. Hard truth.

Please try and be diplomatic sometimes. Your response seemed to hash.
Celebrities / Re: Famous African Magician That Cuts His Wife In Half And Put Her Back Together by virginchaser(m): 9:50pm On Nov 13
Prof Peller. He has a house each somewhere in Onipanu and Bodija.

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Travel / Re: Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria by virginchaser(m): 9:46pm On Nov 13
Rock city.
Politics / Re: FCT Minister Wike Receives UAE Ambassador To Nigeria, Salem Saeed Al-Shamsi by virginchaser(m): 9:42pm On Nov 13
I think Wike is doing well.

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Travel / Re: Saudi Arabia Cancels 264 Air Peace Passengers Visas On Arrival by virginchaser(m): 9:34pm On Nov 13
Sorry, at this moment we have to handle this with diplomacy. Saudi government is about to help us with forex and refinery technology support. Airpeace should calm down and expect government financial intervention while aunty Abike discuss with Saudi counter part.
Romance / Re: In My Years Of Dating , I Have Never Experienced This. by virginchaser(m): 9:19pm On Nov 13
Please let the smallie be focus to build up her future. You are presently a distraction to her. If you sincerely love her you will wait for her. Don't let her cry and curse you in future.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: European Union Countries Jointly Condemn Hamas For Use Of Hospitals An by virginchaser(m): 9:13pm On Nov 13
Religious war is unavoidable in some part of Nigeria. The bad days are just being postponed.
Celebrities / Re: I’m In Charge Of My Father’s Account, Mr Ibu’s Son Debunks Actor’s Wife’s Claims by virginchaser(m): 8:53pm On Nov 13
Who dey joke? Carry your frustration comot for here.

Thank you ma. shocked

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