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Business / Re: Arthur Eze Hosts Birthday Reception For Prince Olisa, Visits Prisons, IDP Camps by westfield: 11:50am
Is your father their gang leader.....dont be stupid ...do you have claims that he has stolen from this country you better check yourself before you reck yourself


The word or action called Philanthropy rarely exists in its purest form in Nigeria. It is often a Robin Hood characterization but in this case, they steal the commonwealth of the people and return peanuts in the form of aids, scholarships, and visitation.

Arthur Eze and his group of friends are renowned criminals who decimated the wealth of this country. Don't congratulate thieves.

Politics / Re: South Africans React To Ghana Closing Nigerian Shops (TWEETS) by westfield: 12:25pm On Aug 19
Dont be stupid......what has good governance got to do with compliance with the law of another country
.....you strike me like the kind of person that spoils the name of Nigeria outside try and receive sense

See what Nigeria has turned to..smh

Good Governance.. ..no way

Restructuring ...no way

Break up the country...no way

Live and lets live..no way

It may end in war ,tears and blood.. cry cry
Politics / Re: Arthur Eze: ‘Obiano Is A Small Fry’ by westfield: 8:04am On Aug 18
Everything he said is through I think one of them is equatorial Guinea and what his saying about willie is true
Chest beating grin
Politics / Re: Umahi To IGP: Remove Us From Anambra. I Don’t Know Who Smuggled Us To Awka by westfield: 11:04am On Aug 15
You dont want him in Enugu but you people will still go to him to beg for money and to solve una poverty mentality


He's already a despicable and bad influence in his home state of Anambala, I wish he can come and carry his house in Enugu and take it back to ukpor, we don't want him in Enugu too, they should maintain their infighting alone in Anambala

Politics / Re: Nigerian Retailers' Shops In Ghana Locked Up As Police, Army, Flog Them by westfield: 2:33pm On Aug 14
Every country has its laws and it must be obeyed....am sorry fornthe woman who was beating but Nigerians have the tendency of not obey simple rules if they have talked to you about this before then you should comply every country is not Nigeria that overlooks their responsibility.......so I dont see what Ecowas will do if they are not obeying their rules.......like the man said come to their office and show prove if compliance and you will be open again.

Tear gas, pepper spray, flogging, kicking, punching pushing and general beating of Nigeria traders, even Pregnant Nigeria woman.

It is time Nigeria Government call to Ecowas attention the violation of Nigeria rights by Ghana authority.

Ghana cannot be trading freely and living in Ecowas couuntries, whilst everyday in Ghana our citizens are humiliated and molested.

Else we return all Ghanaians to live and do business in Ghana and put an end to all this nonsense.

Nigeria government must be seen to act and do so with other Ecowas member state.

The ghanians are wrong and should be called to order now.





Programming / Re: For Django Developer by westfield: 2:31pm On Aug 01
Please am really in need of a hacker someone who can track someone phone 07059874837
Agriculture / Re: Please Help! My Chicks Legs Are Getting Bent Day By Day!! by westfield: 2:33pm On Jul 20
This is prolapse. Your bird lacks calcium......go and get calcium and pump your bird...thank me later
Please I do mix bone meal with their food when I bring them as day olds but I didn't do it for these ones, please what can I do to reverse this... I've given them bone meal and all I can lay my hands on at the livestock pharmacy.
Forum Games / Re: Solve This If You Can by westfield: 7:19pm On Jun 24
Shoe is 10

Human is 5

Cone is 4



Who can solve this? It's not as easy as you think.


It's interesting how people are getting varying answers. I will post a summary of all the different answers posted by nairalander here:

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Food / Re: Strange And Ugly Animal Killed Today By A Nairalander. (pics) by westfield: 9:59am On May 31
This looks like a mole......rat family

Was about going out today to chill due to this lock down ooo. loo and behold I saw this pig-like wild animal trying to attack one of my chicken. Then quickly I use a stick and hit the head.
Natural palliative send from above.

Don't even know the name sha. can anyone help?
lalasticl.ala come here let's settle the matter for area now.
Politics / Re: Reps Strip PSC Powers To Recruit Constables, Protect Cps From Govs by westfield: 2:03pm On May 24
People like you are the problem of this administration

What type of gov. Is this Bubu government
Travel / Re: Flair Aviation: Nigeria Impounds UK Aircraft Conducting Commercial Flights by westfield: 6:26pm On May 17
Are you daft or you cannot read ....didn't you hear the airline was granted access to do humanitarianflights and instead they started commercial flights

[Qquote author=IME1 post=89649620] Please tell me angry who directed the pilot from the control tower? Who authorised it's landing at all? Who were the immigration officers who attended to the new arrivals? Who were the FAAN staff who were on "duty" at the airport

Which kain wahala be this with Nigeria

Truly I can't reply all mentions but God bless y'all
Insults have been forgiven and have been re-routed back to sender so they can have a feel of their comments, speak well so if you have to eat back your words they won't be gravel in your mouth

1 Timothy 5:1 Rebuke not an elder, but intreat him as a father; and the younger men as brethren;
1 Timothy 5:2 The elder women as mothers; the younger as sisters, with all purity.

Enuff said, I read the thread and even the other thread that was also opened on the same issue that one of the mods closed.

The change of purpose of the landing and take off was also supervised.
Those who supervised the landing of the plane for humanitarian grounds were invariably the ones who would have supervised it's take off with passengers for commercial purposes.

The commercial purposes for which it "attempted" to carryout, where were the passengers to come from, board from and get checked at?

For example if they've closed GIGM, ABC or The Young, will you still see passengers hanging around with luggage at their terminals? What for? Why were they even passengers ready to go where ever in the airport in the first place? It's like seeing students wearing uniform walking into a school compound for what? Sight seeing?

As I blame Nigeria, I blame all those involved whether the British carrier or the British airport from whence it came from.

Mind you many people are using and have used humanitarian reasons to perpetuate crimes and do flaunt laws. I heard of a woman in my neighbourhood who was able to travel interstate because an FRSC official took her to cross the state border himself! So who should we blame here, just the woman?

Happy Sunday Nlders
Meanwhile who can tell me the movie this picture comes from? It's a trivia[/quote]
Agriculture / Re: My Kuroiler Birds From Day Old by westfield: 10:19am On May 17
Please dont lie to people you usend vaccine which you mentioned in your program so your birds are not fully organic
Day 20 - Organic Kuroilers from DOC

Good Afternoon folks, it's been a positive adventure so far raising birds without the use of synthetic drugs/vaccination/medications.

This is day 20 and so far so good.

Latest addition to their organic treatment
� Addition of pawpaw extract 5 tablespoon to 5litre


�Addition of 5 tablespoon of extracted scent leaves juice.

This would be put in their water for the next 5days.

*Note*: Ginger/garlic and aloe vera is always in their water as a immune booster.

Mortality: 1 so far (Due to pullorum)

Feeding: 1 bag
Agriculture / Re: My Kuroiler Birds From Day Old by westfield: 10:16am On May 17
Day 13

Chicks doing extraordinarily well. Biosecurity has been beefed up in every aspects, observing clean hygiene to the latter.

Medication given so far;
- daily administration of apple cedar vinegar (1 tablespoon to 5 litres)

Mortality so far: 1 (due to pullorum)

My brother stop giving them Apple Cider Vinegar everyday it will burn your weight you only give them once in a while
Politics / Re: FFK: Comparing Buhari To OBJ Is Like Comparing Count Dracula To Mother Theresa by westfield: 8:49am On May 05

How old are you ?

Someone that cleared our debts ,

Built our reserves

Remodeled our banking sector from collapse

Lunched over 3 set into space

Built national space center Abuja
I can keep going on and on
Are you high
How old are you?

He kicked civil servants out of their house by 3am

He sold all the federal businesses in the country

He created a division between Nigeria and hausas

He centralized power

Dont let me school you ooo

Try get sense

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Politics / Re: FG Begins N20,000 Cash Transfer In Lagos - Sanwo-Olu by westfield: 6:52pm On Apr 11
Please dont be stupid when they say FG it means their agents not buhari......how did you make first to comment
How comical. FG to start cash transfer from Lagos rather than through the finance ministry or CBN. Clowns
Religion / Re: Father Mbaka: I Spend $2 Million On Charity Monthly by westfield: 6:53pm On Mar 04
Con man
you must be a very foolish monkey from the zoo
Politics / Re: Nigerian Soldiers Drinking Dirty Water (Video) by westfield: 7:03pm On Jan 26
Why are you guys daft so govt should put a borehole in every local government they enter ....do you guys realize that these guys dont stay in a place .....go and get a picture of their camp and let's see if they drink dirty water
Only God can judge this govt. Where did the 1billion dollars withdrawn from excess crude oil account sometime ago? May God continue to protect the soldiers.

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Politics / Re: Fada Oluoma Reacts To Supreme Court Verdict On Imo Election by westfield: 1:17pm On Jan 15
You are the only person that makes sense here for now.....I dont know why priest dont like their fellow priests who have spiritual gift they are always quick to rubbish them or start philosophy ideology....it is not today Mbaka has talked about politics or politicians that's why they tried to assassinate him in Enugu and he came out without a scratch and told his congregation that he knows them and they cannot do him anything
What an hypocrite we have here, he is envious of Father Mbaka prowess. Hear him talk with both sides of his mouth. Say it loud like an atheist Religion is the opium of the Masses, for the crisis in Catholic church today is nothing to write home about, The Celibacy of a thing has made to Popes to be fighting Royal Rumble, imagine two gods, a current god & ex god fighting public. That aside. When Supreme Court gave PDP Zamfara, there was no need for this epistles, from this man of god, Its only when supreme court declares an APC victory, that the judiciary acts funny & legislative Bills GMB is yet to sign becomes issues. Like your popes two Reverend fathers fighting, but we know Fr Mbaka na correct bet odds.
Agriculture / Re: IMPORTED MULTIPLE CHICKS FEEDERS(flip top feeder)#affordable And Durable. by westfield: 6:58pm On Jan 01
for how many?
Please help me ask oooo
Properties / Re: JJ Emejulu "I Own Enugu Airport": Man Arrests Airport Staff With IGP Squad by westfield: 1:01pm On Nov 10, 2019
Oga if the country don tire you pack your things and leave at least we will have one less complaining and blocking people ears
This country is just lawless! Look at the example Buhari has set by disobeying court orders-anarchy everywhere!

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Travel / Re: Trucks Stuck At The End Of Seme Border (Photos) by westfield: 10:10am On Oct 14, 2019

Lies as usual!!! There's famine in the land!!!

Can you answer me this simple question, maize is up to 20 million tonnes right Then why sell for N9000 as against the imported N5000 per bag undecided

Does it make sense to you I mean if manpower, resources and what have you is source locally, why the increase

N9000, with multiple taxes, N30,000 minimum wage

All these policies is only affecting the masses!!!

By the time Buhari is through with Nigeria, Abacha will be a child's play!!!

Please what did Abacha do apart from stealing.....did the poor suffer? Do your research well
Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage Reacts As CityFM OAPs Are Caught On Video Mocking Female Artistes by westfield: 6:50am On Oct 11, 2019
But they are not lying ...they should take the criticism and improve on themselves so they can become better
Agriculture / Re: Breedwell Quality Poultry Feed Available At An Affordable Rate by westfield: 7:38pm On Sep 10, 2019
Please don't do any dealing with this person he is a scam....scammed my sister and up till now she cannot recover her money ....she decided to leave it in God's hand. 419 alert
Agriculture / Re: How To Cut The Cost Of Feeding Your Chickens by westfield: 2:44pm On Sep 04, 2019
Please admin I think you need to verify well people you allow to post on your website.....most of them are scam artist pretending to be suppliers......

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Politics / Re: Atiku Reacts As 157 Die In Plane Crash "Ethiopian Airlines" by westfield: 6:21pm On Mar 10, 2019
So atiku is doing competition with buhari.....not surprised...he is the president of social media and Buhari is president of Nigeria


Agriculture / Re: 22 Weeks Old Layers Not Laying Yet by westfield: 9:12pm On Mar 08, 2019
First of all your birds have not matured to start laying....i cannot see the development of their comb. ie none of your birds have developed comb.

Secondly its not a must a chicken starts laying by 17-20weeks...if after 23-24week they have not started then you should start worrying.

Thirdly you need to get one of your bird to a lab to find out why the have growth deficiency and get a solution for it.
Properties / Re: A Diary Of My 2nd Building Project by westfield: 9:31am On Apr 16, 2017
Please sir i work with a furniture company and i can assure you we can give you high quality products. We do kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. You can send me your email and i can forward you our portfolio. Thank you. Contact number and email 08133572363, ngbulie60@rocketmail.com. Nnamdi
Politics / Re: "We Will Beg Buhari To Run In 2019" – APC by westfield: 12:17pm On Mar 28, 2017
Every sane Nigerian must come out in 2019 to remove this coup plotter.

I said yesterday on my thread that when he won, whites were asking questions like:

"How can a past dictator rule in a democracy? "

"How can a dictator move their country forward"

Now these are people in developed countries ooo...

In Nigeria, everyone just forgets yesterday, like it didn't matter.

How can anyone in their right senses, advocate for a coup plotter

I just don't understand this country. Why do we love to suffer so much.

Im starting to believe that Nigerians really do not want a better Nigeria. They really dont. What they want, is to keep complaining at local isi ewu joints about things that they themselves could have prevented.

Nigerians love their filth, their open gutters, their lack of electricity, their failing currency... and they will fight anyone that will take these things away from them in an attempt to make things right.
if you dont have any better thing to say why not keep shut and stop blabbing.......which white people where talking abi are they your family members.
Business / Re: Today's Naira Exchange Rate Against The Dollar, Pounds And Euro by westfield: 9:50pm On Mar 23, 2017
Why are you carrying fake news.....dollar is now 380 and economists say before the end of april it would come down to 250 or more

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FCSC: A Country Where 3rd Class Is Considered Above Msc + Bsc (2.1) by westfield: 12:31pm On Mar 18, 2017
I woke up this morning with the news that FCSC has shortlisted lists of successful candidates in the ongoing recruitment exercise by the Commission in various Federal Ministries.

Succinctly, I have a friend who studied Business Administration with 3rd Class, while I have Msc and Bsc (2.1) all in Economics. Both of us applied for the same position (SGL 09) in the Ministry of Trade & Investment. Perhaps, to my greatest perplexity, this guy's name was shortlisted while mine was conspicuously missing. Just a few minutes ago he opened up to me that the father made "some calls" on his behalf prior to this time.

For your information, we are of the same age bracket, applied for same position, from the same State. So what criteria could have been used to disqualify someone with Msc and Bsc (2.1) and someone with a 3rd Class was selected.

Holding other factors constant, I am so happy for him and I am so expectant that mine is coming. But this has kept me in an awe position, as the whole scenario depicts lack of correlation between merit and success in this entity called Nigeria.

WHAT A COUNTRY? So help us God!

am sure your friend told you that in confidence and you come up here and start yarning


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FCSC: A Country Where 3rd Class Is Considered Above Msc + Bsc (2.1) by westfield: 12:28pm On Mar 18, 2017
Am sorry but why are Nigerians daft......what is wrong if someone with 3rd class is chosen above M.sc and 1st class....are they not all Nigerians....and beside it was an open recruitment......this is Govt not Privates who choose 1st class and undermine 3rd class......isnt it d so called 3rd class that are ruling dis country......my people get sense


Health / Re: HELP!! How Can I Get Rid Of The Keloid Scar On My Head? by westfield: 3:05am On Oct 20, 2016
My brother i hope u read dis....pls there is nothing you can do about it ......the more you cut it the bigger it becomes.....Go and see a good specialist and confirm what i have told you. Be warned

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