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HAUSALAND: Teach Me Hausa / The Origin Of The Slang "419" And Ghana-must-go(the Bag) / "how Far?" Is The Most Popular Slang Among Nigerians Abroad. (2) (3) (4)

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Teach Me Naija Slang Please by simibrazil(f): 1:38pm On Jan 10, 2008
Wondeful = wodaful
my man that seems mayman
catcha ya =

good morning, good afternnon, good night
how are you

please, lets start the class
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by aloib(f): 1:44pm On Jan 10, 2008
how far- whats up
no long thing- no problem
nothing spoil-no problem
e.g hey simi i forgot to call yu, how did it go, simi: yeah nothing spoil!! it was great,
i just dey- i'm ok, i'm aiight

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Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by simibrazil(f): 1:48pm On Jan 10, 2008
Thanks aloib

and how can i say how are you ? I hope good=

I miss you =

call me =

I love you = I luv y

I hate y =

Have a nice day =

bye =
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by Romeoromeo(m): 7:46pm On Jan 10, 2008
Hi Simbrazil, I will teach you according to where I'm from in Naija,Benin city,Edo state
I miss u=                                         (I can't really answer that right now.)
Call me= Hala me
I love you= I dey kolo 4u 
I like you(as in romantically)=I dey trip 4u  OR  I dey die for u   OR  e get as u dey do me
I hate u=    I nor like u                                      (Can't think of a better answer yet)
Have a nice day= Take care             (No special answer for this)
Bye= E go b now,   OR      Ok now,
whats up! or How are you=wetin dey now  OR  how far now
expressing anger by exclamating=Dem dey worry u!    OR    You dey craze !-this one is used widely in Naija
You are not serious or you are joking=Dem dey worry u  OR u dey craze  (The difference in this one is that u don't shout while saying it  this time you say it mildly,is just like saying to the person  u are kidding me)
you are not doing good in whatever= Guy u nor dey try   OR   u dey f**k up!

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Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by Nobody: 8:33pm On Jan 10, 2008
Na yam? - It cant be true
Wetin dey happen - what's up
bodi dey inside cloth - i'm fine
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by osisi5: 8:39pm On Jan 10, 2008
Thunder fire you= May you be striken by thunder grin

You de craze========You're not serious

Hunger de show me pepper ====== I could eat a horse
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by TheSly: 9:09pm On Jan 10, 2008
Yab-------->Diss angry
nothin do u ----> u r iight cool

Woh-woh-------->Ugly embarassed embarassed

Jogodo --------> Smoke weed! cheesy

lari mo --------> regret it tongue

Waka dey go-------->keep walking smiley

You chop craze?-------->are u mad

You don kolo-------->ure beginin to act foolishly undecided

I go sound you for there-------->i'll slap u shocked

I won brass garri-------->drink garri cheesy

e don tey-------->it's been a while/long time cool

Fashi-------->forget it tongue

RUNS-------->Hustling cool

Comot--------> get out! embarassed

Yawa --------> trouble embarassed
yawa don gas-------->there is trouble embarassed

eke --------> Police cheesy

oshara -------->brand new cool

gbege --------> trouble embarassed

You dey show yourself --------> You are bragging tongue

I wan crash --------> I want to sleep wink

I hail oooooo --------> greetings cool

bon am--------> forget it cool

abeg-------->please cool

jand--------> england cheesy

yankee-------->america cheesy

need i say more ! cheesy cheesy

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Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by Nobody: 9:44pm On Jan 11, 2008
Wetin-- what
na wetin---- what is it?
Bobo--- a guy
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by Uzzyan(f): 3:22am On Jan 12, 2008
atutu ------- ugly person
no be beans -------- it aint easy
jack --------- study
awoko --------- studying TDB
agbero -------- tout

could continue but my eyes is heavy
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by uspry1(f): 6:50pm On Jan 12, 2008
So far I learned those below from my Nigeria friends on YIM for one year. I am an American-born, not a nigerian.
revised>>> LANGUAGE: Yoruba

haba - come on
bawo ni - how are you?
mo wa - i'm fine
ni bo lo wa? - where are you?
jire - wake up safely
gist - tell me about
mo wa ni ile - I am at home
ma binu simi jooo! - Don't be mad at me please!
stunnaz - sunglass
jere - profit
odabo - bye
odaro - good  night
odiola - for until tomorrow
ya ra mi - initially yes
ko ni nice week - have a lovely week ahead
mo ni ife re / mo feran re - i love you
pun - sell
pupo - so much
dere - there
kia - take care
e mi noo - me, too
another - another
wa gwan baby - you funny baby
ki lon sele - what's happening
wahala - trouble
lo jeun - go and eat
ko de yo - get full
ma duro de o - i'll wait for you
ebi pami - i'm hungry
ki lo je - what did yu eat?
onje - food
mi lo je - what did I eat?
onje mi is - my food is
mofe lo jeun - i want to go eat
mo ti jeun - have finished eating?
sho ti se ru? - have I done with my hair?
chadle - later
no kwams - no problem
shomo - you know
gbagbeyen - forget it
gbaga da a laga - got argument with my dad
shee! - right!
collo - dumb or insane or crazy
baba - father
obirin - daughter
oko mi - my husband
iyawo mi - my wife
boi - boy
omo - baby
bubbling - alive
ait - all right
no du - no fake
suya - roasted beef
this - this
tot - thought
mo lo wo friend - I went checking a friend
mo lo so ja - I went market
oja - market
peti - small
neo - black
aw - how
na wah - (just express saying ) what a shame!
noi kore - a mistake
ashewo - prostitute

***other slangs I won't post here --- few curses i learn. (for my personal chat purpose)

UK slangs I also learn:

loo- bathroom
wafer - cookie, sometimes biscuit


Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by simibrazil(f): 7:15pm On Jan 12, 2008
Thanks for everyone. y have been helping a lot


I want learn the others y wont post , lol
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by Nobody: 9:40pm On Jan 12, 2008
Uspry, most of the ones you posted are not slangs, they're Yoruba, and just regular expressions.

But, you're good! cool
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by simibrazil(f): 4:20am On Jan 13, 2008
what does ir mean:


AND what is it ? slang ? Igbo? Youruba ? Edo ? Haussa ?
wow, so many languages there, I ll be crazy

Y guys post in a way that Igbos are superior if compared to Yoruba, it is what I feel here I am not saying that is the reality

But here in Brazil people just know yoruba. people make yoruba class, we have yoruba museum, everyone that had candomble religion study yoruba
and Igbo people even dont know nothing about it

Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by uspry1(f): 4:55am On Jan 13, 2008
Nigeria has 250 languages and 300 tribes/ethnic groups. (make correction)

Majority language they use: Igbo, Youruba,  Hausa

Of course English are their second language as official.
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by simibrazil(f): 8:14pm On Jan 13, 2008
When y people post, please tell me if is yoruba or Igbo or slang
Imagine if I start a sentence in Igbo and end with Yoruba ? tongue
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by Nobody: 8:18pm On Jan 13, 2008
Simi! Simi!! Simi!!! cheesy

How was your interview? Hope it went ok?
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by simibrazil(f): 9:03pm On Jan 13, 2008
I was confident , It was ok
He advice some people to improve the English for next interview
For me he didnt say nothing, I enter the room and he made feel question and then he said I look like arabian , my English accent is like arabian and I do belle dance , he sad, curious, then he asked are you really brazilian ?yes

Me: Are there any problem with my English? No, y have fluency but arabic acent
They ll give the feedback in 2 weeks

I am nervousssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and I ll be for 2 weeks, I have already prayed and people are praying to me for all saints cool whatever will be will be. But I really would like to take this job to flight for you for make special fufu for you  cheesy. If I join , no, when I join my conection will be Brazil and Londom  tongue

I have been learning about arabic culture, these people are crazy, if we women go out in the streeth we re supposed go to male friends otherwise we might be rapped and go to the jail because of it embarassed
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by Nobody: 9:28pm On Jan 13, 2008
That's great, Simi!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by simibrazil(f): 12:29am On Jan 17, 2008
Parou por que ? Por que parou ?
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by Nobody: 2:14am On Jan 17, 2008

Parou por que ? Por que parou ?

Stopped what? undecided
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by didara86(f): 4:17pm On Jan 17, 2008
What does "miss you so much" mean, in yoruba?
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by simibrazil(f): 8:16pm On Jan 17, 2008
Please people , keeping helping the foreigns
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by kamsi(f): 11:35pm On Jan 17, 2008
ok uspry 1 all you wrote is yoruba.
Then simibrazil there are over 300 etnic groups and languages in Nigeria. While speaking nigerian slangs which I guess is pidgin English. People's language could modify it a bit. Like the benin/warri have their peculiar way of speaking and the same goes for the igbos and the yorubas. Also local languages spoken within a locality could also form part of the slangs like ebe ano is igbo but am sure a lot of non igbo especially ones in lagos knows the meaning which means what is current. Also gbedu is yoruba but also used, the only constant thing is that all ethnic group seems to understand the slangs/ pidgin english

Then why yoruba is popular in brazil is because during the colonial era(slave trade) lots of yorubas were sold in southern America so they came together to forge ahead and thereby other slave assimiliated there culture. in cuba a replica of ifa worshipping is obtainable.
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by Leilah(f): 12:33am On Jan 18, 2008
this is a cool thread. I am also very interested in learning general pigin. smiley
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by ufobabe(f): 7:15pm On Jan 19, 2008
and how can i say how are you ? I hope good=how body? say no quans shaaa?

I miss you =e don te

call me =hala me

I love you = u too much

I hate you = slowpoke

Have a nice day = flex ur self

bye = later naaaa
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by simibrazil(f): 10:20pm On Jan 20, 2008
So lets be focus in pigeon English because is more funny :-)
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by deor03(m): 10:28pm On Jan 20, 2008

Simi Que la ciudad en brazil es usted. pueda ser que nosotros podemos ver
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by simibrazil(f): 10:53pm On Jan 20, 2008
São Paulo

ajude o tópico, posta aí pigeon por favor
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by 9jaGambare(f): 1:22pm On Jan 21, 2008
I love this thread!

I made my very first trip to Nigeria last summer.
On the way back at the Lagos airport, immigration officer was talking to me in pidgen but I couldn't understand, then he told me that I should learn pidgen! lol

All I know is Na wa oo(?)
so I wanna learn more!! grin
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by smile4kenn(m): 2:22pm On Jan 21, 2008
am not afriad = fear get levels
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by smile4kenn(m): 3:01pm On Jan 21, 2008
prostitue = ashawo
Re: Teach Me Naija Slang Please by NaijaSage: 1:23am On Jan 27, 2008
Do you understand?-feel me?catch da drift,feel ma flow? e.t.c
Bragging=posing,jege,effizi,shakara,nyanga e.t.c
Trekking= slabbing,rolling,
I love you= I dig u, I dey die for u, I dey feel you,
Girlfriend=main squeeze,my babe,

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