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My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 7:15pm On Nov 01, 2013

It was on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, I sat down at the quadrangle thinking on how to go about with Dr Longe’s assignment. Dr Longe is my literature lecturer. He is bronze in complexion and diminutive. He is baldheaded but he wears cap nine times out of ten because he dresses in ankara (a yoruba native attire). He lectures the 300 level students.
I have been thinking so deeply for minutes but the idea was still bleak.

“Eureka!” I shouted on the spur of the moment.

Everyone around sitted at the quadrangle looked at me astonished.

“The guy is drunk.” Some shu-shued to themselves “He is so high on igbo(weed)”

Some chuckled; concealing their mouth with their hand. I was so engulfed in joy that I finally got the idea to my assignment, so I wasn’t really perturbed about their jests.
I rushed to a proximate lecture room to write down the idea I got. I smirked and immediately started writing.

After spending days and nights working on Dr Longe’s assignment, I finally finished. It was late already for me to proceed back to my hall of residence so I decided to sleep in the lecture room where I just completed my assignment. I layed down on a long bench, and kept my books on the table in front of me. I last remembered it was 2:14a.m. before I dozed off. I didn’t really enjoy my sleep because, the army of mosquitoes that attacked me were more or less like the boko-haram sect in action. They made lot of annoying sounds that made me slap myself every single minute. I was so beleaguered by these vermin so I decided to sit up and crosscheck my assignment which I wrote in a foolscap sheet. While scanning, I fell asleep again; nature cannot be cheated, so I placed my ever nodding head to rest on the table. It was a nice sleep. The mosquitoes have retreated. I was so comfortable, exchanging my hands simultaneously from under my resting head. I began to snore. I snored very loud, just as loud as a locomotive train. I disturbed other reading students in the room. They were all grumbling and mumbling at my unpleasant sound. No one could dare wake me up or dare touch me because I look fierce and huge. The students started leaving the room because the enviroment was becoming bright. They all left me still sleeping; punishment for disturbing them. I was later tapped by a security personnel. I didn’t really feel being tapped so I change my sleeping position. He has no time for nonsense so he decided to give me a slap that got my sleepyhead back on track. I woke up confused. I was bolted from the blue when I didn’t see other students in the room. I swiftly wanted to arrange my books when I noticed my assignment is gone. I had drooled all over my assignment paper and my unremitting hand movement over it made it look like a papier-mache material.

“Won’t you go to your hall?” the security man asked with a commanding tone.

I frowned at him with one corner of my left eye, because my 30marks is just lying useless in front of me; Dr Longe’s assignment is his test. The security man respected his old self and walked away because I could daze him in a jiffy. I really don’t know what to do at that very moment. I don’t have much time to write another assignment and I can’t afford to forfeit 30marks, I thought to myself. The best option was to filch someone’s assignment. It was already 7:19 a.m. I hurriedly set out for my hall.
Dr Longe’s lecture is for 8:00a.m. I have less than an hour to be prepared and get my filching mission executed. I got to my hall with the plan of just brushing my teeth and combing my hair; bathing was never an option if I really wanted to accomplish all I had in mind. While I was brushing, I tried all I could to silence the soft dissenting voice that kept playing over and over again in my brain. Although am an exco in my church fellowship, but never will I let that interfare in my academics. I will beg for forgiveness afterall, I smiled as I thought to myself. I set off for my mission. On my way I diverged to meet Bayo, my buddy, at the cafeteria whom I explained my intentions to. He succumb so easily because I bought him a bottle of maltina to step down the beans and bread he was gobbling. Our plan was well arranged before we arrived at the lecture room.
It was 7:47a.m. when we entered. Everywhere was raucous; guys arguing loudly about the soccer match that was played yesterday, some girls were jealously gisting about the current Miss Nigeria; why it should or shouldn’t be her that won. Me and Bayo were sitted at the back of the lecture room looking all around like primary school pupils attempting to cross an express road. After meticulously searching for our prey, we finally found one, Sade. Sade is a busybody, she was busy jumping from one gisting group to the other. While she was away from her sit, Bayo made the move according to plan. He went straight to meet Sade to distract her away from her sitting position while I ransack her bag for her assignment. Bayo is a cute guy; girls in my class trips for him, so that gave him an edge to arrest Sade’s interest. Oh my! Sade’s bag gave me arduous time to open. I was so struggling with the zip of her bag that I obliviously began to sweat. The sweat that kept dripping because of fear of been caught in the act. Zip! It finally opened. Thank God, I almost said. Sade was no longer interested in all Bayo have to say again because Dr Longe would soon come in. I raised my head to see Bayo trying his last chance by pulling her back as she turned to come to her sit. My hand was shaking while I buried my head back to continue searching. Bayo kept trying to ignite the fire of a romantic gist they were having while Sade fumed at every bit of it.

“Good Morning Sir!” some students greeted.

I raised my head up quickly only to see Sade looking at me shocked.

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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 7:30pm On Nov 01, 2013

My heart was beating very fast and loud, so loud that I could hear it. I remained at a standstill, like the three traditional statue positioned at Lagos gateway, still holding her bag with my left hand while my right hand acted like a car wiper, cleaning the sweat that covered my face. My brain was thinking of what to say as she approached where I was, her sit, with a deadly frown on her face.

“You all better settle down now!” Dr Longe commanded, “You should have been ready for my class.”

Nobody messes around with Dr Longe, not after what he did to Ibrahim, a 400 level student, last session. It happened that Dr Longe entered their class and ordered everyone to be silent, but Ibrahim was busy conversing with his hausa friend, Ahmad. Dr Longe again ordered for decorum. The class became quiet, so quiet to hear a pin drop.

“Kai mutumin nan mai sanko kai kokari ka samu mataji.” Ibrahim muttered, which means ‘Bald-headed man, kindly get a comb.’

Ahmad chuckled; he quickly concealed the sound and his teeth from becoming evident with his left palm. Dr Longe feasted his eyes on Ibrahim. Ibrahim similarly gazed longingly at Dr Longe.

“Lai lai ba shaka, zan samu mataji.” Dr Longe enunciated still fixing his eyes on Ibrahim, which means ‘Sure, I will definitely get a comb.’

The whole class was flabbergasted. They never believed Dr Longe understood hausa, debatably speaking it because of his chronic yoruba accent. The class suddenly became rowdy.

“Who was he talking to?” Some asked nosily, “What is the meaning of what he said?”

Dr Longe who was dressed in a native attire with his cap on, with a frown on his face removed his cap slowly, just to make his bald head noticeable enough for all to see. His eyes was still fixed on Ibrahim, who was sitted shocked at Dr Longe’s response to what he said.

“Kai! How this man come hear wetin I talk?” he said to himself, “I no shout na. This man don dey use juju.”

“Get out!” Dr Longe interrupted his thought, pointing to the door.

The whole class became more rowdy. Ibrahim never hesitated, he pick up his bag and bounced out of the class.
Ibrahim is a living proof that Dr Longe is a strict man. Afterwards, we learnt a vital lesson we hardly will forget; never to underestimate someone’s ability and never to mess with Dr Longe. Ibrahim had to take Dr Longe’s course again because he failed it. Ibrahim explained all this to me.

I immediately jumped out of Sade’s sit before she got to me. My heart was still racing while I hurriedly find my way to my sit. Bayo joined me immediately with a frown on his face.

“Why were you slow?” He murmured.

I never gave him a response because I had in me the fear of Dr Longe. I can forfeit 30marks but not 70marks, was the caution that kept my lips sealed.

“Why on earth were you slow?” Bayo added with a pinch on my thigh.

I squeezed my face in pain, my eyes fixed on Dr Longe and responded quietly “You must be crazy o!”

“Hey! You! Looking at me, stand up!” Dr Longe said with a surly look on his face.

My mind, like a bluetooth transfer of a 1kb file, very quickly recalled Ibrahim’s story. It was almost happening just like his.

“Am in for it today” I said to myself, “Omo Bayo yi ti ko mi si wahala,” which means ‘Bayo, has landed me in trouble.’

I immediately developed goose pimples. My heart was beating so fast that I began to pray muted while I was standing waiting to be sentenced.

“Why are you sitted behind today?” He asked curiously.

My heart immediately halted its 100metres race. I let my breath out and instantly became relaxed like a deflated baloon. I never knew he has always noticed me sitted in the front row.

“I—I---I fe---felt like sir.” I stuttered, knowing fully well what transfered me to the back sit; filching 301.

“Come back to your sit!” He commanded, pointing to where he frequently sees me.

I swiftly and gladly picked my bag away from the demon-disguised friend, Bayo, who almost landed me in trouble. As soon as I was settled down, Dr Longe started his lecture. I wasn’t really interested because my mind was divided, many things flashing in and out it. I was thinking about how I foolishly drooled over my assignment, how I was caught red handed about to steal Sade’s assignment, how I won’t even have anything to submit when asked to, how I would lose 30marks to carelessness, how I will read hard to pass the course with 70marks left. I really felt disappointed with myself.
My attention was called back when Dr Longe’s phone rang, so unusual. He brought his phone out and checked it. He tilted his head 85 degrees to the left and thought for some seconds.

“Sade! Come here!” He said demonstrating with his index finger.

Strange again. He never gets close to any student. Everyone was amazed at his sudden change. Sade got to him in a jiffy. I had the opportunity to look behind to Bayo and give him some abusive signs with my hand for his actions that almost landed me in trouble. When I returned my head to its position, I saw Sade pointing at me.


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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 7:47pm On Nov 01, 2013

I began to twitch immediately like someone afraid of been tested positive in an HIV test. All that flashed my mind was the moment I wanted to pinch Sade’s assignment. My jerking was becoming obvious so I decided to recover myself. Sade kept discussing with Dr Longe while the class gets more rowdy. I buried my head pending the time the class comes to its normal state.

“Why me?” I questioned myself, “What have I done wrong? Things are not the same again, why?”

“Quiet!” Dr Longe suddenly ordered the whole class.

I swiftly raised my head up just to see Sade back to her sit. Why then did she point at me, I wondered again. I shrugged and purposely cared less about all that happened.

“You all should submit your assignment to the class rep.” Dr Longe said walking out of the class, “See you next week.”

Sade hurried after Dr Longe as he exited the class. My heart kept skipping, thinking she was going to report me to him. I quickly joined them out of confidence or fear; not sure which was operating on me at the time. They both were already talking before I got there.

“Ehm—Eh—Ehm Sir, I didn’t take it.” I interjected ignorantly.

“Take what?” Dr Longe asked with a disgusting look on his face. “How is what we are saying your business?”

I kept quiet immediately. I looked like a chump, transfering my left hand behind and scratching my head with my right, patiently listening to what Sade was saying.

“Sir, my assignment is not here with me.” Sade continued, “I forgot it in my hall.”

I hysterically had an inane look on my face. What! so all the while, Sade’s assignment wasn’t in her bag, I almost said. I succeeded in wasting my time and fooling around. I felt like knocking myself continuously on the head. I silently disappeared from there, so sure they never knew when I left.
I couldn’t bear all that has been happening to me, so I decided to take a break for the day. I ran into the class, picked up my bag and escaped before Sade comes to grill me. Bayo kept calling my name as I was hastily leaving the class. I can’t afford to answer anyone because I needed to be alone. I had thought being alone was the best therapy for my present predicament.
I have two more lectures left for that day but it doesn’t really matter to me because my mind was already made up. As a matter of fact, not attending those lectures doesn’t have any effect on me because the lecturers of those courses are perpetual absentees.
I started my solitude on the road by listening to cool gospel music. I was totally enthralled in the lyrics of each song that played one after the other. It kept convicting my lost soul. I felt like shedding tears because I really felt lost. I never imagined I could think of stealing as an option for my carelessness. My eyes was so saturated with tears that immediately I blinked my eyes, some trickled down my cheeks. I buried my head quickly and cleaned the tears with the back of my palm from making it obvious. Afterwards, I raised my head and prayed silently in my heart for forgiveness and total restoration.
I took my time, strolling to my hall of residence. Everywhere was extremely quiet, no doubt everyone was out for lecture. It was good enough for me, because I would have a solace sleep. I stayed at the topmost floor of the fourth block of my hall. I hate climbing the stairs, not even at this time that I want to get to my room quickly. I skipped one or two steps while climbing, stretching my legs wide to reach the next staircase, hoping that would get me twice as fast to conquer the whole stairs. I finally got to my corridor. I suddenly sneezed. My nostrils became clearer than ever.

“Uhmmmm... This smell is familiar. It is familiar.” I said nodding my head like a lizard in approval of my instinct. “This smells like Kofo’s perfume. Yes na!. This is Tony Montana. It is jor. Uhmmmmmm... My nose can’t decieve me.”

I discarded the whole thoughts that kept gushing into my small brain, knowing fully well that Kofo must have been in the lecture room. Kofo is my girlfriend, she is the real definition of beauty. She is tall and bronze in complexion with a very long curly hair. She has a figure eight-like shape; she is curvy in shape. She got a blue pupil colour and a perfect smile that kept her irresistible.

“Ouuch! Hmmmm! Ouchh!! Easy on me.” A girl moaning from one of the rooms.

“Ko je je be.” I said to myself with a fake smile on my face, which means ‘It mustn’t be so.’

While almost getting to my room, I quickly grabbed my phone to call her. I dialed, but to hear a ringtone coming out of my room.

“Ooooooooooooooooouch!!!” the female voice came out of my room.

I stood in front of my room like a dummy. My mind quickly accessed the last naija film I watched, where a man caught his wife redhanded with his friend in bed. I closed my eyes and shook my head, easing off the thought that kept playing.
The erotic sound that kept coming out of my room got me totally frenzy. I dialed the number again but I wasn’t disappointed, a ringtone sounded out loud from my room again.


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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 7:59pm On Nov 01, 2013
What do you have to say so far?
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Your comments makes me me...
Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by Leebliss13(m): 8:24pm On Nov 01, 2013
y0u need c0mment abi? C0mment

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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by sconp: 8:49pm On Nov 01, 2013
Nice. Nice nice pls continue
Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 9:07pm On Nov 01, 2013
Itz all part of it. Thanks. smiley
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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 9:09pm On Nov 01, 2013
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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 9:10pm On Nov 01, 2013

I fumed as I waited patiently at the door. The erotic sounds that kept coming out of my room established nasty pictures on my subliminal mind. I couldn’t tolerate the sound any longer, I turned around and rested my arms on the railing of the corridor listening to music. Why should Kofo break my heart?, what was my offence?, why did she have to choose my roommate?, why on earth is she not in class?, when did she decide to be wayward?. These questions kept ringing on my mind simultaneously. Girls shouldn’t be allowed in the hall at this time, I guess she sneaked in, why should she? I thought to myself. I couldn’t wait to satisfy my curiousity, so I lividly knocked at the door.

“Onye na-aku aka, na onu uzo nna ya otu ahau?” Emeka questioned ignorantly, which means ‘Who is knocking on his father’s door like that?’

Emeka is my nasty roommate. He is a casanova, he gallantly gives girls more attention than his studies; I can forfeit any examination to be with a lady, he jokingly said to me one faithful day.

I was left in the dark to figure out the meaning of what he said. I wished I could understand and speak Igbo at that very moment. I had no choice, I knocked again.

“Who’s that na?” He asked disturbed.

“It’s me.” I replied furiously.

“You. Who?”

“Banji!” I answered aggravated.

I am Olabanji Adebanjo, Banji to be concise. Friends compare me to Hulk Hogan because of my physique. Short folks tilt their neck at an angle of elavation just to gaze at me. I get easily irritated when I don’t have my way.

“Jeeeez! Am coming.” He shockingly replied.

I could easily hear their jumbled movement trying to put things in order. I had to wait for some minutes just for him to open the door. Emeka finally came out with his slacked BYC singlet on, exhibiting his broad chest like a table tenis board. I wasn’t surprised that he was sweating because he must have been fatigued after the exercise.

“Am sorry Banji.” He apologized quickly with a wink.

With a vindictive look I replied almost immediately, “Be sorry for yourself.”

My brain was as hot as a plugged electric iron. All I could think of was to go in and confront my so-called girlfriend. Emeka was still standing on my way, pleading continuously.

“I know you are very upset. Very very upset.” He said with a cloud of pity on his face.

“Why won’t I?” I interrupted harshly. “You are not a good friend. You are far from being good.”

“I know. I didn’t respond your calls when you did.”

“Call? Which call?” I asked slightly mystified.

“Yes. I missed two of your calls.”

I was so confused, because I can’t recall when I dialed his number. I quickly brought out my mobile to check my recent call log. Suprisingly, his number appeared as my most recently dialed contact. I was still shocked, looking at the log again like an unbelievable magic. Emeka stood at akimbo, looking at me thinking deeply on a spot. I later realised I mistakenly dialed his number instead of Kofo’s. I had saved Kofo’s number as ‘Emerald’ which came immediately after ‘Emeka’ on my contact list. My impatience was the sole cause of that mistake.
I was not satisfied, so I proceeded inside the room to satisfy my curiousity. Our room is a two-man room, big enough to accomodate two extra individuals. Emeka decided to demarcate the room with a big opaque curtain because of his promiscuous activities. I prayed I was wrong about Kofo’s presence in the room. I swung the curtain to the right to expose the stranger’s face for verification. She never noticed I was already in the room, even directly behind her, because she was already sitted facing the wall, pretending to be reading a magazine. Foolish girl, who do you think you are deceiving, I almost said. I moved closer and tapped her. She reluctantly turned around and looked at me. I was bolted from the blue when I saw who it was. My heart skipped a beat. I wiped my face with my right palm, concentrating more on my eyes because I still can’t believe she is the one am seeing. She felt mortified burying her head. I stood at akimbo and nodded in pity.

“Sister Grace! Exco! Church! Haba!” I said, pronouncing each word with my mouth open wide like a goalpost.


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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 10:35am On Nov 02, 2013

I quickly covered my mouth with my palms to prevent me from saying anything nasty to her. I respected the fact that am not in the right position to chastise her, because she is the bible study secetary in my church fellowship. Her head was still bowed in shame, I knew she was suffering from the shock of been caught in the act. She sniffled time after time, sending a signal that she was weeping. I am so emotional; easily touched by the tears of people especially the ladies. I moved closer to her, knelt down in front of her, grabbed her head gently, and raised it up. I wondered if raising her head or kneeling before her was the reason for another set of tears. Her eyes were already cherry red due to her ceaseless tears. I tried all I could to dent the down pour of her tears but to no avail.

“Sister Grace, Sister Grace, please stop crying.” I said, wiping her cheeks with my handkerchief.

She sniffled and ultimately stopped crying. I was quite ecstatic at that very moment for several reasons; sister Grace who finally halted her showers of tears and the most intriguing one, the fabrication of my thought about Kofo’s presence in my room. Emeka stood at a vantage point in the room stumped at the drama we both displayed. I furiously glanced at him while patting her back to reduce the shock.

“Banji, what’s wrong?” Emeka asked, “you know Grace?”

“You dey mad!” I stood up and replied angrily.

“Me? Sey wetin?”

I moved closer and shoved him against the wall, installing my raged eyes on him.

“Would you get your hands off me before I get mad at you!” He commanded with his eyes bulging out like that of a drangonfly.

Banji, repect your old age and let him go else you’ll cruise around the week with a black eye, I quickily thought to myself. I gradually released my hands off him because I was quite scared of him. I shifted my attention away from him to Sister Grace who was down in the dumps.

“Sister Grace, kindly come to my bed space.” I said, helping her up from Emeka’s chair.

Emeka must have really dealt with her because I wondered why she was walking like an aged woman with an invisible walking stick. Emeka muttered some abusive words while we walked by him, I could barely hear them. She sat on my bed while I sat on a wooden box beside it. I once again calmed her down before persuading her to talk. I trimmed down the sound of my voice because of Emeka’s snoopy ears.

“Talk to me, what’s between you and Emeka?” I asked, pointing at where Emeka was.

She burst into tears again. I suddenly got pissed, but it got me wondering what really transpired between these two folks. I really wanted to know the secret behind her tears. But Sister Grace, you enjoyed the whole moment he was on you, I said to myself. I allowed my tender heart to reign by pampering her once again; I really don’t have that time, I’m only doing that to find out the truth. I wheedled her to vomit every truth residing in her belly. She was about talking when my cell phone rang. Why was Bayo calling? I paused and asked myself. I missed his call as I was about answering it. Bayo called again, now it’s totally bizarre; Bayo hardly ever calls nor send text messages. I picked up the call and hung up in less than five seconds; ten seconds would be close to the truth.
I became uneasy thereafter the call. I was completely bewildered, it all seem my day was deteriorating instead of getting better. I hastily picked up my bag and ran out of the room like a thief about to be caught. I never gave a bit of attention to sister Grace who was surprised about my sudden change and exit out of the room. I made use of my elongated legs, running very fast, faster than the speed of light to my department. While running, my sandal suddenly dissevered, reducing my pace. The devil is a liar, I assured myself; the devil is always blamed for all faults, even delibrate ones. I finally arrived at my department but belated. My course mates were already coming out of the lecture room. Some were smiling, while some knitted their brows. They had a test. I was completely perplexed, I felt like going offline in the real sense of life. I approached Bayo, who was also frowning out of the class.

“O boy! How was the test?” I curiously asked.

“That woman na idiot!” Bayo replied, “I swear she’s mad.”

“Wetin happen? How the questions be like?”

“She no teach us anything and yet she sets crazy questions.”

I was quite happy that not only Bayo was frowning but some few other students. She might give us another test if students didn’t perform well, I hoped. We took off walking on the veranda of the department to our halls.

“Mrs Nwachukwu, na craze person.” I yelled, “How many times has she lectured us?”

“I wonder too.” Bayo affirmed.

“She is a bastard!” I yelled again.

Almost getting to the end of the veranda, we heard a creaky sound; it was an office door.

We paused, I turned around to find out who called me. Lo and behold, it was Mrs Nwachukwu.


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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by sconp: 11:28am On Nov 02, 2013
See gobe
Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 11:51am On Nov 02, 2013
Big One Ooooooo... looooooooool..
See gobe
Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 12:46pm On Nov 02, 2013

She stood in front of her office waiting for me to come closer to her. I can’t really tell if she was frowning because her face is naturally wrinckled. I kept asking my mulish mind questions as I bounced to meet her. Did she perceive I called her crazy or bastard? Did she want to query me for not taking her test? Did she want to give me a make up test? My mind kept pumping question in split seconds.

“Good evening Ma.”

“Come inside.” She said, entering inside her office.

I nervously followed her. I stood before her desk while she sat on her rocking chair. I can’t but notice her uncovered grey hair. Mrs Nwachukwu is quite old, she was in her early sixties. Her hair alone convicted me; why on earth should I abuse a woman old enough to be my mother.

“I heard you call someone a bastard some minutes ago.” She said, interlocking her hands and rested her chin on it.

“Hmmmmm... Ma! No ma. I was talking to Bayo.” I stammered as I replied.

She laughed out loud and said “It was not Bayo my dear. You were apparently refering to a lady, not a guy.”

I was now so sure she knew I was refering to her, but I was not ready to let my guard down. Oyo boys no dey carry last, I said to myself, no retreat no surrender. I thought rapidly fast about the response am going to provide her. My brain got the answer in a jiffy; my brain and google search engine go head to head.

“Oh ma! I was refering to Sade.” I said, with my eyes bulging out in confidence.

“Ooook.” She believed. “But next time I musn’t hear you use foul language again. Understood?!”

“Yes Ma.” I smiled.

“Good. You may go.”

I retreated immediately from her office. I felt like fainting when I saw Sade coming.


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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by zainharb(f): 1:56pm On Nov 02, 2013
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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 2:13pm On Nov 02, 2013
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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 2:15pm On Nov 02, 2013

Was she coming to me or going to see Mrs Nwachukwu? That, I can’t answer. I boldly approached her as she got closer. Sade and her tomboyish ways. She has been my prey from the word go.

“Sade, what’s up?” I friendly attacked. “Where are you going?”

“Shut up! Crook!”

“Sade, am sorry. I can explain.”

“You don’t have to.”

Are you serious? I really don’t have to explain? Yipee! I guess I really don’t have to because I don’t have any excuse, I was just about saying. She hissed and walked away. I stood for some seconds to get the exact place she was headed. Oops! She was entering Mrs Nwankwo’s office. I quickly took to my heels, evacuating the department. While walking along a narrow path to our halls, Bayo asked why I left the class and why I wasn’t early enough to meet up with the test.

“O boy! I slept off. I can’t afford to stay for that lecture.” I lied, “perhaps, I don’t know there would be test.”

I had no option than to save sister Grace the shame because Bayo attends the same fellowship as we do. After schmoozing for a while, we both parted ways to our halls. Not quite long my phone beeped, I checked to find out I got a message from Kofo. She informed me that she was already waiting for me in my room. I was elated that at least the night would end romantically. But the happy feeling didn’t last; I was suddenly clouded with the feelings I had before running for the test, I wished the running was worth it afterall. All I could think of was what really transpired between Sis Grace and Emeka. I shrugged off all that kept ringing on my mind and galantly climbed the stairs to my room. It was quite late already, 7:15p.m, Yes, I checked my time. I whistle as I walked steadily along the corridor to my room.

“Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss!!! Baby Yes!” a lady moaning out loud.

I heard that erotic sound faintly from afar. I increased my pace to be sure about the room the sound is coming from. I finally got in front of my room. I paused for some seconds.

“Ride on baby! Ride on! Yes Yes Yes! Jeeeeeeeeeeeez! Awwwwww!” she shamelessly groaned.

“Sister Grace again?” I asked myself. “Infact, I remove sister from your name henceforth. Grace too bad.”

I totally forgot Kofo is in the room. Now am confused. I quickly reached my phone to call her. I dialed her number but to no avail. I smiled in disapproval of what the service provider was saying. I dialed again and kept the phone on loud speaker so I could hear well.

“The number you have dialed is switched off.” A voice from the network agent.

Emeka and Kofo? Together? I thought to myself.


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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 7:20am On Nov 03, 2013
Hope the story is interesting? What are your observations?

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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by zainharb(f): 8:16am On Nov 03, 2013
The story is nyc, although I'm new here. Nd I ws expecting
It to start from ur year one in d university nd nt year three. Good work. Me still dy follow u
Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by Winnie1950(f): 11:14am On Nov 03, 2013
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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by Nobody: 1:03pm On Nov 03, 2013

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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by Nobody: 1:04pm On Nov 03, 2013
Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 1:30pm On Nov 03, 2013
Awwwww... Noted... Would correct that in my next story. Stay tuned for d next update. Thankz so much... wink
zainharb: The story is nyc, although I'm new here. Nd I ws expecting
It to start from ur year one in d university nd nt year three. Good work. Me still dy follow u
Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 1:31pm On Nov 03, 2013
Thanks so much. Working on the next episode.
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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 1:32pm On Nov 03, 2013
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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by Phinity318(m): 1:50pm On Nov 03, 2013
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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 2:50pm On Nov 03, 2013
Looooooooooooool... Funny U... Am still working on d next episode... Just got back from church...
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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 6:06pm On Nov 03, 2013

I suddenly became cold. The goose bumps that immediately formed on my body were as tall as mountain. I wiggled while contemplating whether to knock the door or not. I couldn’t resist the horrible erotic sound anymore so I decided to knock on the door. As I was about knocking, it opened. Kofo came out. I was so tensed, I slapped her unconsciously. Immediately I did, I felt so eased like a woman that just delivered a baby. She held her face in pity, staring at me like a horror movie. I stood gazing at her also justifying the slap.

“Baby it’s okay. Awwwww! It’s okay please.” The strange lady groaned after a long silence.

I felt like taking Kofo’s hand to slap my face back after hearing that worthless girl screamed. My patience has landed me into another trouble. I went slowly on my knees before Kofo like an innocent pupil, pleading for my action. She wanted to talk but nothing came out of her mouth. She tried holding back her tears but it failed; tears uncontrollably trickled down her cheeks. She turned around and scurried away. I remained on my knees like a criminal begging for mercy. I cried on the same spot.


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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by Nobody: 6:08pm On Nov 03, 2013

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Re: My Life On Campus... (A MUST READ!!!) by KingzPen(m): 6:11pm On Nov 03, 2013
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