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Adultery - Weakness Or Strength? / Weakness Or Strength? A Must Read Motivational Story!!!!! / A Womans View On What A Man Wants (2) (3) (4)

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A Womans Strength by aslan333: 10:41am On Oct 23, 2008
I love my wife, its her mother I can’t stand. I know you must be saying if you really love your wife you’ll love everything about her. To that I say “you haven’t met my mother-in-law. The day started out great, I opened my eyes to see my wife’s sensuous body gliding gracefully towards me and as she opened her mouth my body was aroused in anticipation of her melodious voice only to hear her say what most husbands dread “darling my mom will be visiting tomorrow can you please pick her up?” I hear the sound of a promising day get flushed down the toilet. But honey you know i have that business meeting tomorrow I say; {now there’s a lie if I ever told one}. Your lying she says. Just say you don’t want to pick her up. Me lying? I am the lord of this manor, the king of the castle, why do I have to lie? Am not picking her up and that’s final. We’ll see she says

On my way to work I sit in traffic, fuming. Who does she think she is inviting her mother over like that? Does she think I am our father Adam who said to eve “but God said we shouldn’t eat it and she stroked his head saying shut up and eat you silly boy” and the rest is history. Or doe she think am Samson who was singing “why don’t you braid my hair” hand in hand with Delilah all the way to the barbershop. No way. In my house my word is law. Am at the top of the food chain.

We meet at 6 o’clock for mid-week fellowship and she has saved a space for me. The pastors’ sermon is on the miracles of Jesus ad we open to Matthew 8 vs. 14-15. The verse reads “when Jesus arrived at peters house, peters mother-in-law was in bed with a high fever. But when Jesus touched her head, the fever left her”. What is this? Some kind of divine conspiracy? She passes me a note and on it is written “you see, Jesus loved peters mother-in-law” and I write back “yeah JESUS loved peters mother-in-law, not peter.

Its 8.30p.m, I sit on the couch channel surfing and starving, wondering why I refused to eat her food earlier this evening. She saunters to the front of the TV and says “I’ve warmed your favorite are you ready to eat now?’ who told you I am hungry I reply. I know your not hungry but just eat to make me happy she says. Okay just because of the effort you put in I say. We both know I can’t resist her cooking, but she expertly strokes my ego and am starting to wonder who’s really in charge.

Its 9.45p.m, she’s massaging my shoulders and we start making passionate love on the sitting room floor. Thank God our daughter is only a year old. I wouldn’t want our kids rushing into the parlor screaming “daddy what are you doing to mummy? And why is she screaming yes yes yes when no one is asking her any questions”. She gives the signals for another round, I can’t let her know I am exhausted so I apply delay tactics until we both sleep off.

Its 7a.m and I wake up to my wife’s angelic smile. And I start thinking, who am I to judge father Adam? And maybe Samson wasn’t such a slowpoke after all. I am the lord of this manor, the king of the castle. My wife whispers in my ear “honey my mom just called, she’s at the park”. Am on my way, I reply, while I fetch my car keys. I know your saying, after all your tough talk you still gave in. To that I say “you haven’t met my wife”

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Re: A Womans Strength by Em2va: 7:22am On Apr 02, 2009
Nice, but you refused to tell us How it went with your MIL (Mother in Law) when she arrived.
Re: A Womans Strength by aslan333: 2:50pm On May 14, 2009
i'll need the horror section for that piece wink
Re: A Womans Strength by aslan333: 10:33pm On Nov 11, 2009
I hear voices. Am not crazy or anything it’s just that I get messages from on high from time to time. My wife finds it amusing while my mother-in-law finds it annoying. She’s spending a couple of weeks with us and I am sure her husband is hoping she extends her stay. She came at a really bad time because I am between jobs right now (nice way of saying I am not working) and my wife is supporting us. Because of that she never misses a chance to take a swipe at me. I mean just the other day when I was eating my wife’s delicious spaghetti and meatballs she just sat there staring at me, after about five minutes she walks into the guestroom and puts this huge mirror directly opposite me (to be honest one look at myself with spaghetti sticking out of my mouth and my bulging eyeballs made me lose my appetite) as she walks away she says “am sure if you take job hunting just as seriously you’ll land a job”

It’s Monday morning and I am preparing for an interview, I stand in front of the mirror psyching myself up, asking myself questions and smiling at my reflection. The horror that likes to “soro” stands at the passage (how could I leave my room door open?) ten minutes later I hear her saying “se mo so fun e pe oko re tun ya were ori kpe o tun tin ba re so oro” I don’t know what it means but it sounds pretty bad so I shout my goodbyes and escape through the back door

Its 3p.m, the interview was great and I’ve been offered a job. I take my wife out to celebrate. On the way to the restaurant I am hit from behind by some guy. I jump out screaming “you slowpoke”; he is full of apologies as he checks out my car. In my anger I give him a dirty slap and the last thing I hear is the sound of thunder before everything goes dark.

Its 5p.m, I open my eye(I can only open one) and see my lovely wife with the guy I slapped, it seems I am in the hospital (my wife explains the guy knocked me out with a punch; so here I am). I smile sheepishly and she says I married you and not Rambo. The man is full of apologies and takes care of the bill. I apologize too, and we shake on it.

Its 7.30p.m I walk into the living room and my mother-in-law says “my God you look like a gorilla with dysentery, what happened?” my wife explains while I go upstairs to lie down. I lie in bed watching shakira dancing on TV and I think to myself its stuff like this that cost John the Baptist his head.

Its 9.30p.m I wake up with a serious headache, as I walk downstairs to take some pills I overhear my mother-in-law praying “Dear Lord, she says, thank you for answering my prayers and giving my son-in-law a job today and thank you for letting him get away with only minor injuries, I know sometimes I am a bit harsh but I really love him, he’s a good husband and a great father. Surprisingly my headache seems to have gone. As I pass my wife in the corridor she sees me smiling to myself and asks “honey are you hearing voices again?” Yes I say. What are they saying this time? Good things I reply, good things.
Re: A Womans Strength by africhika(f): 7:13am On Nov 12, 2009
u are such an amazing writer. your story is easy to read, has a good flow, and it's hilarious!!!!
wow, what a nice read.

well-suited title.


Re: A Womans Strength by aslan333: 2:37am On Nov 15, 2009
Re: A Womans Strength by jamace(m): 4:37am On Nov 16, 2009
A serious but hillarious story. Poster, good job! cool
Re: A Womans Strength by africhika(f): 4:20pm On Nov 16, 2009
aslan, are u published?
Re: A Womans Strength by aslan333: 11:31pm On Nov 17, 2009
@ africhika am working on it, if you have any fresh ideas you can reach me on lyric962000@yahoo.com. @ jamace thanks
Re: A Womans Strength by aslan333: 10:26pm On Jan 09, 2010
Are women meant to like wrestling? My elder sister does and she used me to practice her moves while we were growing up. Am not saying am a wimp or anything it’s just that she took my fathers size and strength and left me with very little. But now we’re all grown up and it’s a happy time in the family because my elder sister has finally found Mr. Right. She has had her fair share of guy troubles (which she is very sensitive about) so we’re thankful she’ll soon be strolling down the aisle. With so much love in the air I decide to send my sister a bible verse on love and ask my wife to text one to me. She sends me 1John 4vs 7&8 and I tuck it away to be sent later that day.

Its 4 o’clock and I get a call from my wife, she says my sister is at my place fuming over a bible verse I sent and she wants to know what I sent to her. I check my phone and see I sent John 4vs 18 instead of 1 John 4vs 7 &8 and the bible verse I sent reads “I know you have no husband infact you have had five husbands and the man you're with isn’t even your husband”. Memories of childhood beatings come flooding back but I shrug them off. I am a man now; my sister can’t come to MY house and intimidate me. I’ll just go home and tell her it was all a little mistake.

Its 5o’clock and as I open the front door I see my elder sister’s bloodshot eyes staring through a window. The minute she sees me she rushes at me looking like an electrocuted bush rat. I take off with speed that would make usain bolt jealous. As I sprint to my car I hear her shouting “Na me you dey call ashawo, wait make I show you how I dey cut firewood for house” I make it to my car and speed off. As a wise man once said “he who lives to run away…………………… or something like that

As I drive I ask “why me?” and a voice replies “why not you?”hmmmmmmmmmmm. This situation is more serious then I thought. There’s only one person that can cool down my elder sister and that’s my belligerent grandma. As I begin dialing her number I remember she has a serious hearing problem so I drive over to pick her up instead. It will all be sorted out in no time

Its 6.30p.m and I am on my way home with grandma. As I drive I look in the rear view mirror and grandma asks “what are you looking at boy? Nothing grandma just my reflection. You have got an erection? No ma I said I was just looking at my reflection. What is it about your reflection that’s giving you an erection? You got problems boy. I sigh; this is going to be a long day.

Its 8.30p.m and I enjoy a cold shower. After alot of explaining we settled it all with minimal violence. As I walk downstairs to cuddle my wife I see her watching a sci –fi film on television. There’s this man in a spaceship with frantic eyes, sweating profusely and screaming location 123, location 123, you sent me the wrong co-ordinates am not heading to the moon am heading to the sun. Apollo 16 this is location, we can’t hear you. I said you sent the wrong co-ordinates AM HEADING TO THE SUN. This is location, we cant heeeeeeeeeear you. Well I definitely know how that films going to end. My wife hears me, turns off the T.V and puts on Kenny G. As we cuddle together I think of her and my lovely daughter and say to myself “this is the life” a voice asks “why you?” and I reply “why not me”

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Re: A Womans Strength by MyneWhite1(f): 11:54pm On Jan 11, 2010
This made me laugh so much, keep it coming. LOL
Re: A Womans Strength by ravenzord(m): 2:23pm On Jan 12, 2010
LMAO! How come I'm just seeing this thread? I never knew you could write so well Aslan, love all the stories, especially the first one. . .the strength of a woman. Keep writing bro, I'm so bookmarking this page. cool cool
Re: A Womans Strength by aslan333: 9:49pm On Jan 16, 2010
thanks mynewhite and ravensword
Re: A Womans Strength by helium44(m): 6:43pm On Jan 26, 2010
Amazing!!! I'll say. Yea!! not getting to know the poetic prowess of a pal until u bump into his thread in this forum.
Re: A Womans Strength by aslan333: 11:23am On Feb 06, 2010
thanks helium44
Re: A Womans Strength by princeohms: 11:59pm On Feb 07, 2010
Waiting the next episode. I must say this is one of the very few threads i ve really enjoyed on NL. Keep it rolling.
Re: A Womans Strength by goodieyar(f): 2:17pm On Feb 08, 2010
that was a very good story smiley
Re: A Womans Strength by aslan333: 2:23pm On Mar 22, 2010
thanks goodie-yar
Re: A Womans Strength by igboboy3(m): 11:37pm On Apr 15, 2010
Fantastic and hilarious stuff. Keep it up. Am impressed
Re: A Womans Strength by dumodust(m): 6:27pm On Apr 25, 2010
aslan you're crazy!!! grin this is what i'm talking about, a writing with some humour and unseriousness. will need a lot of editing but that's not the point now. i think you're unto something here. mke sure you have a pathway to an end and don't derail.
Re: A Womans Strength by Hadewunmee(f): 7:07pm On Apr 28, 2010
Hi aslan you are a very wonderful writer, like both stories, they really made me laugh, you should think about publishing them, cuz they make some mighty fine read,
way to go, pal u rock!!!!!!!!!! grin
Re: A Womans Strength by aslan333: 3:49pm On May 05, 2010
@igbo boy tanks alot
@dumodust   - crazy ? yeah d doctors at shutter island told me the same thing but wat do they know grin
@hadewunmee- tanks pal, nice to hear you enjoyed them
Re: A Womans Strength by Nobody: 2:35pm On May 08, 2010
Tale began 2years ago, shocked shocked (or does i need a recomented google?).
[b]A[/b]bandoned [b]S[/b]tory, (like-many others) [b]L[/b]eft [b]A[/b]gain on [b]N[/b]egligence. angry (ASLAN)
Re: A Womans Strength by alicianna(f): 2:39pm On May 08, 2010

Tale began 2years ago, shocked shocked (or does i need a recomented google?).
[b]A[/b]bandoned [b]S[/b]tory, (like-many others) [b]L[/b]eft [b]A[/b]gain on [b]N[/b]egligence. angry (ASLAN)

hahahahahahahahahaha Abeg aslan do write something  oh!!!!! grin grin
Re: A Womans Strength by librangyps(f): 3:41am On May 18, 2010
cheesy this is highly entertaining,

check this out,

God is the sweetest food i ever tasted. it is bread made with the purest of honey, as i taste it, it melts on my tongue and i roll it around in my mouth and then, its like the sweetest cake or is it shortbread,
i just cant get enuf and i dont hafta worry about losing shape or diabetes cos this food makes me even more fit and healthier than i can ever be. better than all the herb and medicine in th world. best of all. its is accessible, available everywhere and affordable, cos its FREE and i cant get enuf of HIM in my life
Re: A Womans Strength by angelempy(f): 8:53pm On Jun 13, 2010
wow, this is a wonderful piece or art.
Hope u are published, this deserves 2 be preserved n a book form
Nice work
Re: A Womans Strength by ayex0001: 10:11am On Feb 15, 2011
Its such a sorry case my dear,
Re: A Womans Strength by Orikinla(m): 8:53pm On Feb 15, 2011
I have to read it again.
Re: A Womans Strength by vincent10(m): 9:30pm On Feb 20, 2011
You remind me of strength of a woman- Wyclef. Ur poem is captivating
Re: A Womans Strength by vincent10(m): 9:31pm On Feb 20, 2011
You remind me of strength of a woman- Wyclef. Ur poem is captivating
Re: A Womans Strength by prettynals: 10:26am On Feb 22, 2011
You did a beautiful work with the narratory, i appreciate it. Thanks for making me smile.
Re: A Womans Strength by Viques: 5:13pm On Feb 27, 2011
ASLAN, I'm luvin dis. Keep on ROCKING?

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