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6 People (and One Cat) With The Craziest Eyes You’ve Ever Seen by bitterpenis(m): 1:10pm On Sep 10, 2014
Furthest Eyeball Displacement

Kim Goodman looks like a scary mom that you don’t want to cross, but that eye popping of hers is not just a reaction to catching her child with his hand in the cookie jar one too many times. (I shudder to think at the trauma that poor child would endure).

Goodman’s eyes are much more than that; they are also the focal point of a world record. Eyeball protrusion is a category in the Guinness World Records and Goodman is the proud holder of the title. (Okay, so that title might be better described as Scariest Angry Mom Eyes Ever). The extent to which her eyeballs protrude was measured in Istanbul in 2007, and she has held the record since then.

Goodman, who lives in Chicago, can pop her eyes with a protrusion of 12 millimeters. That’s just under half an inch, which may not sound like much, but is quite a distance when you’re talking about things popping out of your head. Goodman also holds the honor of being included in the 50th anniversary special of the Guinness World Records. Her eyeball trick is listed as one of the top ten feats of all time. The ability is formally known as ‘globe luxation.’

The talent that Goodman has developed is not a long honed skill, but rather the result of an accident. Ms. Goodman first popped her eyeballs accidentally after sustaining a head injury due to an out-of-control hockey mask. Ever since that dreadful yet fortuitous event, she has been able to control her gift (somewhat) and pop her eyes of her own accord. However, they also happen to pop involuntarily when she yawns. (That might be a tad embarrassing at dinner parties. Try stifling that yawn).

The coveted title of best eye popper is not one to be held lightly, however. Ms. Goodman has some up and coming competition in Brazilian Claudio Paulo Pinto. Pinto, a former haunted house employee, learned to pop his eyeballs from their sockets at the tender age of nine.

Pinto has been practicing ever since and can now pop his eyes with a protrusion of over 10 millimeters. That’s up 50% in the space of only a few months, as he only started training in earnest after being laid off from his scaring people gig. Pinto has since been demonstrating his knack on national television, and he hopes to give Ms. Goodman a run for her money in the near future.

Re: 6 People (and One Cat) With The Craziest Eyes You’ve Ever Seen by bitterpenis(m): 1:11pm On Sep 10, 2014
The Green Eyed Monster

Body modification has been the center of an active subculture in the United States and abroad for decades, yet this particular form of anatomical alteration is rather new. While tattooing of the cornea is an established practice, and most commonly used for medical purposes, especially in the event of scarring, dying of the sclera (the white of the eye) as a fashion statement is a rather new fad. It also might make you question just who initiates these fads, what on earth they were thinking, and who these puzzling people who follow the fad are.

In the bod mod scene, such extreme actions as scleral tattooing are known as career stoppers – the type of bodily adjustment that cannot be covered up by a suit and is so shocking as to greatly diminish one’s chances of successfully pursuing employment with reputable firms in the future. The willingness (or lack thereof) of an individual to undergo such drastic transformation firmly places them in either the extreme or the moderate camp of the body modification subculture. After all, you can be tattooed from clavicle to ankle and your employer need never know, but trying to cover up an eye tattoo is nigh on impossible.

Not only is such a radical move as the dyeing of one or both eyes not for everyone, it is not even for every state. Oklahoma has banned the practice at the behest of the Oklahoma Academy of Ophthalmology, which cited the inherent risks of such a procedure, up to and including blindness. Cliff Branan, an Oklahoma state senator, filed the legislation, and it was passed into law on April 21, 2009.

For those who do choose to color their whites, and who live in or can travel to a state where the practice is legal, the method used to dye their sclera involves injecting a dye with a syringe at precisely the correct depth beneath the surface of the eye. Because there are no nerve endings in the top layers of the sclera, the procedure is relatively painless, although pain-free does not equate to risk-free. An earlier attempt using a needle and dye and a hand-poked technique was unsuccessful.

So why would anyone subject themselves to such an experimental and dangerous operation, you may ask? Well, what else would one wear if one wanted to be crowned king or queen of ModProm?

Re: 6 People (and One Cat) With The Craziest Eyes You’ve Ever Seen by bitterpenis(m): 1:14pm On Sep 10, 2014
The Talking Eye …

or is it The Seeing Mouth?

Sandra Holmbom, 27, has just made it onto our crazy eyes shortlist due to her fanciful make-up. The young Swedish woman painted her lips to make them look like an eye. And she did a pretty good job! If you saw a picture of it showing only the closed mouth, it might even fool you into believing that it’s a real eye. What’s the coolest thing about all this? It’s the fact that Miss Holmbom can keep her mouth shut and her eye wide open in one move. (Maybe this skill will get her hired as a spy or private detective.)

While the trend is by no means new – we all know Grimm brothers’ creepy story of the girls with one, two, and three eyes respectively, and I’ve seen scores of photoshopped pictures of celebrities wearing an eye as a mouth accessory – the original technique and true to life result are absolutely remarkable. The process of turning a mouth into an eye is pure make-up art – or rather, child’s play for make-up experts and teenage girls.

It requires the use of eye make-up products, no need for lipstick here. The first thing Sandra does is paint her lips white. Then, using black eyeliner, she draws the contour of her upper lip. If you want to try it out (for Halloween, of course), you can pick a color of your choice for your third eye – Sandra makes it green, to resemble her natural eyes – and draw the iris and the black pupil in the middle. Half of it should be on the upper lip, half on the lower one, so that when the lips close, the iris and pupil will form a perfect circle. Use iridescent hues in short lines to make the iris look real. Depending on how much make-up you want your made up eye to wear, you can paint it smoky, colored, glittery, or leave it all natural.

To enhance the realistic look, all you have left to attach are eyelashes. Stick a pair of false lashes lining the upper lip, and draw some lashes under your lower lip using short curved strokes. Now you’re done: you’ve got three eyes and no mouth. You will certainly be more careful and attentive from now on, and never again will anyone complain that you’re a chatterbox, as long as you keep your pupil perfectly rounded.

Re: 6 People (and One Cat) With The Craziest Eyes You’ve Ever Seen by bitterpenis(m): 1:14pm On Sep 10, 2014
Eyelid Weightlifting

It is a well known fact that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body, but apparently our eyelids are none too shabby either, at least when it comes to the task of bearing weight. Dr. Satyajit Hota of India currently holds the world record for the greatest amount of weight borne with one eyelid.

The feat is usually performed with a special hook and line mechanism whereby a rounded piece of metal is inserted underneath the eyelid (worry not, nothing gets pierced) and the desired weight is connected to the attached line. The individual in question then holds that weight with nothing but his or her eyelid for a specified amount of time.

Dr. Hota initially set this record in Mumbai on March 10, 2011, after successfully carrying an astounding 6.61 lb using nothing but the strength of one eyelid. He later outdid his earlier performance, however, setting a new record on the Lo Show dei Record in Rome. On March 12, 2012, Dr. Hota and his brawny eyelid lifted a mass weighing in at 7 lb, 8 oz.

When Dr. Hota is not weightlifting with unexpected body parts, he works as the principal of Allons Public School, a kindergarten and primary school in Bemetara, Chattisgarh, a rural area of India. It is curious whether he has led any of his pupils down the same path he has traveled, or if perhaps it was one of the children he oversees that gave him the initial idea to attempt eyelid weightlifting in the first place. Its unlikely that the activity was ever part of the gym curriculum, but children get up to some pretty bizarre diversions and it would be interesting to know if one of them inspired Dr. Hota’s peculiar pastime.

In his capacity as a school principal, Dr. Hota has been outspoken about the need to take into consideration the socioeconomic disparities that exist in the country when designing school curricula, rather than simply taking a one-size-fits-all approach to the education of Indian youth. He has also advocated greater community involvement and resource mobilization in schools as a means of improving outcomes. Dr. Hota feels that his school, which lacks such necessities as computers and internet connectivity, would be better served by greater resource allocation than by a bureaucratic teaching framework that the pupils and parents seem to neither fully comprehend nor appreciate.

Re: 6 People (and One Cat) With The Craziest Eyes You’ve Ever Seen by bitterpenis(m): 1:15pm On Sep 10, 2014
Myth or Reality?

The prime candidate for crazy eyes remains a mystery until today. Who is this man, where is he from, and how does he manage to pull his eyes so far down toward his cheeks? This man’s identity remains a giant question mark, but what about the ability to move ones eyes around (outside of the socket) in general. Is it truly possible or is it just a myth? And if it is possible, what makes some people able to do it while others can’t (or won’t dare risk it)? Oh yeah, and kids, don’t try this at home.

When I was in primary school, I knew a girl who could pull her eye right out of its socket and then pop it back into place. However, I have never seen it done in real life with both eyes and with the skin being pulled into place along with them. What I saw, was the ability of to remove the eye from the socket by just a few centimeters. The clearly visible optic nerve looked pretty gruesome, I must admit. As for what drove her to do it, I imagine it was much the same reason that drives so very many second graders to do kind of crazy and vaguely repulsive things: the desire for attention and prodigious curiosity.

So, it begs the question, is this image myth or reality?

Well, let’s first consider the length of the optic nerve and whether such a feat would be physically possible. The optic nerve extends through several areas and is commonly divided into four sections including the globe, the orbit, the optical canal, and the cranial space. The length of the optical nerve in each of these regions is 1 mm, 24mm, 9 mm, and 16 mm respectively, for a total of 50 mm. That’s just under two inches. Since a good portion of those two inches is probably used up connecting your eye to your brain, that seems to be stretching the optic nerve a bit too far for comfort.

Now, what about other areas of the face? Stretching the skin to that extent would probably have an observable impact on the surrounding facial features, yet the eyebrows and forehead show no visible signs of being stretched or strained in any way. It seems as though that would be highly unlikely if this image were genuine.

Final Verdict: Myth

Re: 6 People (and One Cat) With The Craziest Eyes You’ve Ever Seen by bitterpenis(m): 1:16pm On Sep 10, 2014
Incendiary Eyeballs

Okay, so maybe his eyeballs don’t really set things on fire all by themselves, but that is how Guinness World Records performs its test for the grand title in this category. In order to gain the coveted title of best eye squirter, one must chug milk through their nose, plug their olfactory gland, and then squirt milk out of their eyes toward a series of targets.

That’s right, the milk, after being snorted up the nose, can then be directed to come back out of one’s eye. Moreover, the milk acts as an incendiary agent, which allows the judges to easily identify whether a sufficient amount of liquid has been aimed at the appropriate target.

The competitor shoots the milk toward a set of five glasses lined up on a table, each of which contains a combustible material, and the fluid in each glass is then set aflame as it comes into contact with the milk. The title goes to the individual who can set the five targets alight in the shortest amount of time.

Brandon Youngblood Kee, a 22 year old from Madison, Wisconsin, successfully displaced the previous record holder in this category on June 13, 2013. Competing in Los Angeles, CA, Kee beat the old record by over a minute, reducing the time that it took to ignite the contents of the martini glasses from 1 minute, 44 seconds to an astonishing 34.9 seconds. That means that Kee managed to complete the task in approximately one third of the time that it took the last record holder to accomplish the same feat. That is a pretty impressive margin by which to displace a previous title holder.

Kee first began developing this talent after attending the popular show Ripley’s Believe it or Not. He then promptly ignored all warnings to not try this at home and successfully shot milk out of his eyes. One would guess that he practiced quite a bit in order to get his time down to such a small sliver of the previous record.

Kee was only in middle school at the time and I sincerely hope that he didn’t try the old ‘I set my homework on fire with my eyeballs’ excuse on his teachers. While honing one’s talents, especially in rare skills, is very important for young and ambitious athletes, I do hope he didn’t neglect his studies. Regardless, I am sure his parents are very proud.

Re: 6 People (and One Cat) With The Craziest Eyes You’ve Ever Seen by bitterpenis(m): 1:16pm On Sep 10, 2014
The Feline Cyclops

This poor little cyclops kitty looks like something out of a science fiction movie, but it’s the genuine article. The kitten was born on December 28, 2005 in Oregon City, Oregon with one large eye in the place where its nose should have been. The unfortunate feline succumbed to the inevitable after only two days on this earth. Our hearts go out to the unique creature who graced this world with its presence for too short a time.

This kitten’s condition is the result of a disorder known as holoprosencephaly, an affliction in which the embryonic forebrain fails to develop into two distinct hemispheres. That means that the brain looks like one undistinguished mass rather than an organ with two distinct sides. That can result in deformities of certain facial features, including the upper lip, the eyes, and the nose. Although this ailment can also occur in humans, it is rare for an affected fetus to survive to term, especially with the more severe forms of the disease, as this kitty exhibited.

The specific form of the disorder suffered by this kitten is known as alobar holoprosencephaly, and it is characterized by the complete absence of one of the lobes of the brain. Rather than possessing a right lobe and a left lobe, the brain is merged into a single body. The typical presentation of this version of the condition includes the absence of an olfactory gland and the merging of two eyes into a single unit in the center of the face.

Other forms of the malady include semilobar holoprosencephaly, lobar holoprosencephaly, and syntelencephaly. Semilobar holoprosencephaly involves the partial separation of the forebrain into distinct lobes, although the division can be nearly complete in the event of lobar holoprosencephaly. Syntelencephaly is somewhat different and is characterized by incomplete separation of the parietal lobe and the posterior frontal lobe rather than the right and left lobes. It is unclear whether syntelencephaly is truly related to the other types of holoprosencephaly or a separate disorder, but it is currently classified in the same category.

The version of the disorder that this kitty suffered from, alobar holoprosencephaly, is the most severe form of the malady. The failure of the facial features to divide and form symmetric units on either side of the face (two eyes, two nostrils) mirrors the failure of the brain to divide into separate lobes. It is nearly impossible for a creature to survive under those conditions.


Re: 6 People (and One Cat) With The Craziest Eyes You’ve Ever Seen by temhab(f): 1:18pm On Sep 10, 2014
Too scary
Re: 6 People (and One Cat) With The Craziest Eyes You’ve Ever Seen by Leetunechi: 1:30pm On Sep 10, 2014

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