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May 29th Has Been Promised To Be A Non-violent Free Election Handover Day / We Don’t Need A Violent Minister – Group Chides APC. / Policewoman Caught Sleeping At Polling Unit In Lagos#votenotfight(photo) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by Nobody: 8:24pm On Mar 27, 2015
GMB all the way


Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by obinna311(m): 10:28pm On Mar 27, 2015
»foolishness is wen u go 2 London 2 campaign with ppl that ve no PVC. »insane is wen u've bin shouting "up Nepa" since u were born nd xpect GEJ to be a magician in 4years. »madness is wen u spend 6yrs in d university reading day nd night 2 get certificate at d end vote a mallam without a certificate. »olodo is wen u use broom 2 sweep without using Parker 2 pack d dirt. »barawo is wen u say u and ur members will wipe corruption while ur benefactor(tinubu) own half of Lagos. »foolishness is wen an elder who should be enjoying his old age is stressing himself doing "I must win politics".....vote wisely... Pls..share 2 others if u love naija..
Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by eleshin(m): 10:41pm On Mar 27, 2015
#VoteNotFight #ElectionNoBeWar


Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by Wisdytech(m): 10:59pm On Mar 27, 2015
Yes i support! #VOTENOTFIGHT

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Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by visionjoe: 5:16am On Mar 28, 2015
This is a final analysis of 2015 Election. Before I proceed, let me share you a brief story of this article. It was meant to be uploaded yesterday but Alas! I opened my document and it started stating some errors that I could not phantom their existence. In one word, it failed to open but after every trial to recover the content till about 2am today, I decided to compose another. The initial is a full six page analysis but I hope to end this in two pages. Before I proceed, the error that happened to the previous file showed the need for all faithful Nigerians to handover this country to God in prayers and supplication
Let me take a brief recall of the past. BOLA AHMED TINUBU unknowingly pioneered a CHANGE in the country when he briskly presented us a lawyer (BABATUNDE RAJI FASHOLA). It was his intention to secure his dominance in the state but it later turned out to be goodluck for the state as this young lawyer was bent on a “BETTER LAGOS”. His radical transformation in the state lead to the request of the party he flagged under (that is, ACN) by neighbouring South-Western states. Of course, BOLA AHMED TINUBU wasn’t expecting the way paved by the young lawyer but in response to the call of neighbouring South-Western States, he sent industrialists/career personnel who work with the Lagos State Government to pioneer “CHANGE” in their state of origin. As you all should know, these personnels are of high integrity who desire that their origin should be like the LAGOS CITY. They went with all zeal and set out to work hard. I saw a better replacement of the corrupted giant (PDP) especially when this party took over my state and many infrastructural projects gained momentum for the first time in a radical way but the hope of the young party growing in sincerity and integrity was dashed out when its godfather, BOLA AHMED TINUBU, who never had a vision of what young industrialist and Career Personnel had been running with, accepted the move to merge with other parties to defeat the corruption-laden giant (PDP). I was one of those growing politician who immediately withdrew my interest in the party immediately I heard those proposition and the rhetorical questions that filled my heart includes the following:
Has APC successfully put up a structure of its operation?
How a party would merge with some others and yet would not lose focus when it had not successfully put up his aims and objectives?
Are you telling me that other parties like CPC will sink their giants for young industrialists/Career Personnel to take over?
When a little drop of integrity falls into a large ocean of corruption, what effect does it have?
These questions and many more beyond the scope of my analysis today filled my heart but nevertheless, I remain muted and watch what would unfold of this new union. Of Course, my predictions saw the light of reality when the power hungry general (GMB) swept the APC primaries to emerge as the presidential candidate for 2015. I muttered in silence: “CHANGE INDEED”. Then, I could not help myself questioning the place of this young industrialist in the newly formed party. My answer was clear: they are become small boys as against their aged-father who now pilot the affairs of the party. I then hissed-off and proposed that we are not going to be fair if we would consider GMB fit to replace GEJ on the account of their source. Both are from a corrupted source but what matter now is individual analysis and weigh of personality. To support my point, can you compare exploits by the young lawyer (BABATUNDE RAJI FASHOLA) before the merging and after the merging? The answer is “NO”. Why? Some principles have been developed as a source of Internally Generated Revenue for the new party and they have to be sponsored by their members who hold key positions in the political realm of the country.
The weirdest thing happened to the party when Corrupt-Giant from PDP deflected to APC because they sense the tiny chances in retaining their seat for the next election. And yet, someone comes to the public to announce that APC is corruption-free without covering his face with his palms. Is it the past reputation of the party that carries the majority now? No! the present majority is corruption and it cannot be replaced by any other name than corruption.
My heart was so embittered by BOLA AHMED TINUBU selfish act to have accepted the merging and I came to the understanding that he was also hungry to get more power so that he can covert the whole country to his asset after discovering that when you remove his asset from LAGOS STATE, nothing is left. Things worked against him as Muslim-Muslim ticket posed a threat to his candidature. Now, the purity of APC is reflected in one of their godfathers and as a matter of fact the major man behind the essence and survival of the party. On further research, I discover that BOLA AHMED TINUBU was into CHANGE by chance because he had succeeded doing nothing serious during his regime as the Governor of Lagos State and had only taken glory on another man’s antecedent. The only things he did while he was on seat was conversion of public property to his private property and now he has nominated a corrupt son (AKINWUNMI AMBODE) to take over as against the nominee of BABATUNDE RAJI FASHOLA even when we all know that the corrupt son was forced to resign due to corruption. He recalled the challenge he faced in the early days of BABATUNDE RAJI FASHOLA’s regime and would not dare giving his loyalist a trial
Many accrued the quarrel to the fact that the Federal Government paid the money the previous administration didn’t pay to the state and BOLA AHMED TINUBU was asking for his share. Then I asked for the constitution that states that the governor of the state has a share of public funds. Yet, APC is full of men with integrity. Come to also know that OLUSEGUN OBASANJO was the one who refused to release funds to LAGOS STATE then and now he sings in favour of the ruling party of the state. I am sorry to say, OBASANJO is an old fool (Agba Iya). He behaved too childish. A self-acclaimed elder-state-man with no sense of humour. Baba, though I am from your state of origin, you are a disgrace to me and all race of Yoruba men. Oga, who is fooling who? Losing your godfatherism grip in PDP was a result of your pride and insincerity. Baba, you have right to come to the public and call PDP corrupt when you were one of the strong men that plunged it into corruption. You are a SHAME! You carry your pen and paper take write your resignatory letter and you think say na everyone go behave like a Yoruba man to come ask you why abi? If he pain you say you don loose grip, find a way to make it work, no empty seat in APC. And also, if you are doing this to make the Hausa nation think you support them, stop it! You are too old for those things. Speak in sincerity of your fatherland. You knew Buhari was better and you never stepped down for him when he contested against you. You even lead two other leaders outside yourself to the seat while the old man was desperate to seat on the presidential seat and prove equality with you as both an Military and a Civilian President
To all the APC fans, it is lack of integrity to say that GEJ has done nothing in the past 4 years. Don’t take after your present presidential candidate because he will surely come and go but the party remains. Try to uphold the standarf on which the ACN party was laid. The ACN never fed the party with propaganda before they won LAGOS STATE. Their exploits spoke for them. GMB is a man of integrity which I do not disagree but I need to ask you some questions: “Why did he contest 4 times without a WASSCE certificate when he knows that the minimum requirement for presidency of this country is WASSCE certificate?” “How did he get APC #24,000,000 form purchase fund when he has #1,000,000 in his account?” “Where did Aisha Buhari get the #153,000,000 she used to donate drugs victims of insurgency when her husband does not even have up to 0.01% of that money in his account?”
Charity begins at home. What are the works of GMB in Daura (His Hometown)? He simply lies under the auspices of #1,000,000 in his account to deceive everyone that he was incapacitated. The same GMB promised to implement Sharia law all across Africa with the present level of modernization? When asked at a conference, he referred to the constitution which was filled with Sharia law. Am I even sure he has read through his constitution. #ThatConstitutionNeedsAmendments
In 2012, he urged the Federal Government to stop killing BOKO HARAM after they had sent hundreds to their early grave. Under what mindset? He further appeal to the Federal Government not to be too quick to pass a notion on BOKO HARAM members and recently, he complain of the insurgency in aim to use it as a campaign strategy. If the Federal Government had followed his notion, nothing would have been done by now and yet he is being tagged as a man of integrity
In 1982, he decapacitated our Army in fear of a military coup and that affected them as they had to face the BOKO that is more than a million percent equipped than them and we expect them to overcome. If they were your children, would you sent them to war without weapons. Chief Buhari, have you ever sent your children to school without books and biro? After APC took over the majority of the house, it became a problem to pass the bill of $1,000,000 the Federal Government requested to fight insurgency and yet they expect foolish soldiers to go and fight armed terrorist with their fist. Everybody shouted GEJ’s name as regarding insecurity issue when GMB lies down in the North waiting to come and contest for another election. He never moved a motion to call their offspring to order but only called for mercy. As a matter of fact, BOKO HARAM chose GMB as their spokesman to the Federal Government which means that he has capacity to prevail but he didn’t.
He has promised us to stop BOKO HARAM. Is it using the military you once decapacitated or implementing Sharia law? SAI BUHARI!!!!
I complained of his old age but a quite number of people said it doesn’t matter. What were your comment about his recent flops in the full meaning of his flagging party and his vice-president’s candidate? What reputation will his ascension bring to a country loaded with professors and intellect? In this age, GMB is not even fit to be a minister of defense; he should better go and be an elder stateman like his fellow general. There is more room for him over there and he can contribute more to the growth and development of this country there
I don’t have more time again as I am already on my third page. It is left to Nigerians. Today, we are choosing our destiny for another half-decade. Our future, hope, destiny and survival are in our hands
Think wisely
God Bless Nigeria

ONNI, Joseph Yusuf
A Re-defined Politician/Human Right Activist and Sensitizer

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Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by beetruth: 6:40am On Mar 28, 2015
#votenotfight Gej should please understand and behave like a mature man he claim to be by accepting any out come from the poll, I wish him best of luck he's not just good enough to govern us dis time.
U sound one sided. What is your advice for Gmb Does he not need to accept any outcome from the poll?
May Gods preffered win. Cos GMB is also not just good enough to govern us at this time.
Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by mustymatic(m): 6:47am On Mar 28, 2015
Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by oluks05: 6:53am On Mar 28, 2015

Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by Emyogalanya: 7:40am On Mar 28, 2015
Citizens of nigeria brothers of africa in the name of our country i prof. Attahiru jega presents to you the final events of our general elections our great exercise to sustain our nascent democracy we appeal to the almighty God to grant us bless us with a leader that will lead into an ocean of peace and properity
FROM THE HOUSE OF P.D.P behold jonathan threax joined in contest today by the ever smiling vice president of nigeria behold namadina sambo murmillo together they stand against a man who has never won an election a coup plotter and truncator of democracy by the grace of the A.P.C behold buhari (THEOKOLESE) the shadow of boko haram(DEATH) gej 15 till 19
Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by Kajiang02(m): 8:06am On Mar 28, 2015
Tweet, share, post results, issues, details etc.


Use the hashtag. #OurVotesCount

Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by ladygold555(f): 8:37am On Mar 28, 2015
Choose wisely. Just VOTE, no VIOLENCE.

Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by Nobody: 9:03am On Mar 28, 2015
I'm going out now to vote and I will wait for the vote count....I'm busy enough with that.


Ibo ni e di oooo.... E ma se ba'won ja ooo!
Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by Nobody: 10:18am On Mar 28, 2015
I'm going out now to vote and I will wait for the vote count....I'm busy enough with that.


Ibo ni e di oooo.... E ma se ba'won ja ooo!
Bros mi, ete si oju fun buhari ni o

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Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by Nobody: 10:20am On Mar 28, 2015

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Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by Nobody: 10:23am On Mar 28, 2015
Bros mi, ete si oju fun buhari ni o

O ti sure ju

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Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by tushburg(m): 5:02pm On Mar 29, 2015
Dr. GEJ carry go
Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by jeremy411(m): 5:47pm On Mar 29, 2015

This is a story of Why you should wait for INEC OFFICIAL DECLARATION. Based on a true life election story in the United States of America.

Its very scary and intriguing. Its informative too!



Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by akinjuly77(m): 12:48pm On Mar 31, 2015
Live 10 a.m - Presidential election results For
All the other State Till the Last Result

Presidential election results for
Ebonyi state - PDP wins
As announced by Prof. Ahaneku, VC Nnamdi
Azikiwe University, Awka, RO for Ebonyi state
AA - 426
ACPN - 1214
AD - 1,133
ADC - 2,704
APA - 2,452
APC - 19,518
CPP - 2,345
HOPE - 989
KOWA - 913
NCP - 1,890
PDP - 323,653 (PDP wins)
PPN - 1,168
UDP - 624
UPP - 4,859
Total valid votes - 363,888
Rejected votes - 29,449
Total votes cast - 393,337

Read more from Source : http://africansgist.com/politics/10-a-m-presidential-election-results-for-all-the-other-state-till-the-last-resul/
Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by Lansin: 7:01pm On Mar 31, 2015
If Boko haram can be calm during the collation of Election results. What is Orubebe's problem #NigeriaDecides
Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by vitaminA: 7:37pm On Mar 31, 2015
Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by Finepaparazy(m): 7:27am On Apr 01, 2015
As the election result trickled in and it became evident that President Goodluck Jonathan had lost, his wife, Dame Patience Jonathan, yesterday commenced the process of moving out of the presidential villa.

A Presidency source said she summoned her domestic staff and ordered them to pack her personal belongings in readiness for the change of guard.

By 6pm, the truck had made two trips, the source reported.
It is, however, unknown where the First Lady's property were transported to.
Mrs Jonathan was very visible at the presidential rallies and made vile comments about the president-elect and his party.
Read And Share To Trend..
Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by jrv888: 7:57am On Apr 01, 2015
Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by Nobody: 12:04pm On Apr 01, 2015
I want to start by congratulating Gen Muhammadu Buhari and the APC on their victory at the Presidential polls held on the 28th of March 2015. His victory though Painful to me (as a core PDP supporter), is not with its attendant Lessons of RESILIENCE, DOGGEDNESS & DETERMINATION. Congratulations GMB
I also want to reiterate my Admiration for the Person of President Goodluck Jonathan whom although, I don't really admire his leadership style, His Calmness Maturity and Composure in the face of Propaganda, Name-callings and even Defeat is Commendable. It will only take few years from Now for Nigerians to realise the Jewel we have thrown away in GEJ.
The credibility attributed to this election has Only been made possible because we have a President who gave us his word that he will conduct Credible elections and make Our VOTES COUNT, and made good on his promises- That's admirable....
Finally, I wish to Restate my Commitment to the Peoples Democratic Party ‪#‎PDP‬. I am Proud of all that we have achieved as a party in the Last 16 years.
We have been defeated, true! But we Will do EXACTLY what Champions do when they fall. We don't stay down...
We pick ourselves UP, Learn from OUR errors, and fight back for that which belongs to US!!!
We shall DEFINITELY bounce back in 2019!
Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by JDelight(m): 11:25pm On Apr 01, 2015
Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by olasoji1: 7:31am On Apr 02, 2015
Prof.Soyinka: GMB Victory Is A Test

Read more here===>> http://www.abisoj.com/2015/04/profsoyinka-gmb-victory-is-test.html
Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by Damieahh: 8:03am On Apr 02, 2015
Supporters Throng Ambode's Office To Celebrate APC Victory
Supporters Throng Ambode's Office To Celebrate APC Victory

Celebration in Lagos was out of this world
Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by olasoji1: 8:08am On Apr 02, 2015
Obasanjo writes A Letter To Buhari

Read the letter here===>> http://www.abisoj.com/2015/04/obasanjo-writes-letter-to-buhari.html

Re: Towards A Violent Free 2015 Elections - #VoteNotFight by Damieahh: 8:10am On Apr 02, 2015
Supporters Throng Ambode's Office To Celebrate APC Victory
Supporters Throng Ambode's Office To Celebrate APC Victory

I don't believe in violence. ...

The dividends of peace are so worth it, u cannot compare. ....

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