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The Mistake That Killed My Husband by ImanuelJannah(m): 3:44am On Sep 14, 2015
It was not yet 10:30a m, and I sat in my big easy chair in my living room and sipped a fresh Pepsi from the bottle. Usually, no one sat in the living room except on occasion when special guests had arrived but I was home alone and, it had now become my usual habit. I sat in that forbidden room where I enjoyed my rebellion.

I had made the rule when the kids were young and all were forbidden except on special occasions – a rule that had never been broken except by me. As I sat, I thought.

I had arisen with my husband, Festus, at 5:30am as usual, donned my robe, went into the kitchen and to heat water for bath, back to my bedroom where I did my morning ablutions before going to make breakfast for Festus and the kids. Then, I saw the kids off to school, Festus off to work, cleaned the kitchen, made the beds, cleaned the house and my days work was finished. I realized, with satisfaction, that I had become extremely efficient in my life.

As I sat, I thought about my life and what it’d become. I’d married young, right out of university, and Festus, my husband had been a good choice. Festus had been my only boy friend prior to our getting married and, like me, he’d been a virgin. We learned about love together . . . and learned it well, I thought!

Of course, we had both been sensitive, caring people when we’d met and our life had simply developed from there. By the time our oldest child came, we’d developed into what I was sure was competent lovers, able to bring out the best in each other. Of course, having been a virgin when we were married, I really had no basis for comparison.

As I sat in my chair, I thought about the previous evening. It’d been a while since Festus and I had f^cked. . . I was a bit in need of s*x (that evening). When Festus had arrived home from work, he apparently had a similar feeling. Our eyes met and I was sure.

(To be continued in Episode 2….)

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Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by ImanuelJannah(m): 5:09pm On Sep 14, 2015
Warning: The episode you’re about to read contains obscene and indecent language. Reader’s discretion is advised! (For age 18+)

[Continued from The Mistake that Killed My Husband (Episode 1)…]

As my husband (Festus) and I ate dinner together, our eyes had met frequently and conveyed an urgent message. . .”I want you! . . . I need you!”

Then, increasingly frustrated, we’d helped our kids with homework before seeing them to bed and to sleep. I remembered the intimate signals that had passed between us as we helped our kids. . . . Then, we were alone in our own master bedroom.

We had kissed, as we had hundreds of times before and our hands were busy exploring each other. The hands had traveled old familiar routes over each other’s bodies in our own intimate manner. It had been good. . .

We did not speak as we undressed for bed after which we moved to opposite sides of the bed and pulled the covers off to expose the clean, white sheets. Something we’d done almost automatically after so many similar moves; yet, it had been good.

Then, as I had laid on my back and spread my legs, Festus had moved between them so that his face was just inches from my waiting p^ssy. There, he hesitated as he familiarized himself with this familiar vagina and groin. The odour was familiar.

Suddenly, Festus’ thumbs had parted my labia and his tongue had passed between them. Soon, I writhed in pleasure as Festus’ tongue and lips brought my passions to new heights. It had been good. . . .

Seconds later, Festus had moved up between my widely spread legs and over me where he’d simply inserted his c*ck into my waiting p^ssy and pushed. It’d been good.

Even though we’d f^cked hundreds of times, I never tired of it. Each time, it had aroused new, exotic and erotic feelings that I’d never felt before. Each time, I’d participated eagerly in the coitus as we’d work together for our mutual enjoyment. It’d been good. . .

I remembered the fantastic orgasms that I’d enjoyed. It was one of the most sensational event that I’d ever known. They were good. . . .

Then, as I sipped my Pepsi, I wondered, ‘Were we really good or was our s*x just better than we’d anticipated. I’d hear women talk at meetings and social gatherings, about sexual adventures that seemed so much more exciting!’ Then, I wondered if I was missing anything.

(To be continued in Episode 3….)

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Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by ImanuelJannah(m): 5:40pm On Sep 14, 2015
(Continued from Episode 2….)

I had wondered if Festus and I were really having good s*x or was there more? In fact, I’d wondered about that often lately. Recently, Mrs. Okoro had told of an orgasm so powerful that she’d passed out from the effects of the passion involved. . . not once but twice, she reported spectacular s*x. . . I wondered. . .

Even as Festus had brought me gifts and taken me out for date nights, I sensed that our love life had grown stale.

Having finished my Pepsi, I arose and went to my bathroom to prepare for my bath and dressing. This was a favourite part of my day. . . mine alone to enjoy! I drew water for my bath as I lay out my clean undies and choose my clothes before I prepared my soap and essence, which I'll use for my bath. Then, having all in order, I stepped into the warm bath tub and submerged myself to my neck level. There, I relaxed.
Slowly, my body became accustomed to the hot water and I felt calm and relaxed! As I relaxed, my hands moved inadvertently over my body in a caressing manner. I moved slowly, enjoying each sensation.

I was suddenly hot and h*rny . . . a feeling that would soon lead to something I didn’t expect in my family!

(To be continued in Episode 4…. )

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Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by ImanuelJannah(m): 6:39pm On Sep 14, 2015
(Continued from Episode 3….)

At noon, I had left the bathroom and dried myself when the doorbell rang. I donned my bra and panties and my big bathrobe before going to answer the door.

There, I faced Anthony – the carpenter whom Festus made an appointment to come and repair the house roof at noon. Soon, I had directed the Anthony to the Areas of the roof that are leaky and stood watching as he worked.

As I watched, I took note of the Anthony. Young, probably 29! Handsome! Probably single! It was then that the idea struck me. . . he undoubtedly was a man with a lot of experience! Why not try to seduce him and find out?

Having entertained the idea and chatted with the carpenter, I felt the power I had on him . . . Why not? I asked myself. I could get a real f^cking. . . . and find out what I was missing, which Festus – my husband – couldn’t give me in bed! Even as I was telling myself that I would be breaking my marriage vows and endangering my relations with my home and family, I began to get flirty with Anthony.

‘Are you married?’ I asked. He answered, ‘No.’

‘I’ll bet you play around a lot then.’ I said.

‘Why do you say that?’ Anthony asked me.

‘Well, a handsome man like you would please any woman’ I answered.

Then, the repair work required Anthony’s attention and I went to my kitchen.

A few minutes later, Anthony reported that the leaky roof was fixed and, as he came to the kitchen to collect his pay, he saw me standing at my washing sink with my back towards him. He silently crept to me from my behind, and put his arms around my waist, drew me to him, and kissed me on the neck.

As I felt his amorous advances, I realized that I had invited them earlier and then moved to the kitchen without having clearly decided whether I was simply enticing the carpenter or I wanted to experience his c*ck in me. I turned from the washing sink to explain and was met by his lips which kissed mine and offered so much.

I cleared my mind to relax my nerves as the kiss continued. It was when Anthony’s tongue begged admittance to my mouth that I realized I had to make a decision!

I must stop him immediately or I would be f^cked in my matrimonial home – there was simply no alternative!

(To be continued in Episode 5…. )

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Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by ImanuelJannah(m): 8:34am On Sep 15, 2015
Warning: The episode you’re about to read contains obscene and indecent language. Reader’s discretion is advised! (For age 18+)

[Continued from The Mistake that Killed My Husband (Episode 4)…. ]

As I fumbled with the decision, my mouth inadvertently opened and I was involved in a deep kiss. I must stop this immediately. . . .

Then, my mind began to reason again. Why stop this; no one would ever know. I’d finally get the answer to my question. It’d be a one-time thing! i pressed my body to Anthony’s body and responded to his kiss. As the kiss ended, I took him by the hand and led him to our visitor’s bedroom.

There, I lost my slippers and proceeded to unbutton the carpenter’s shirt. Suddenly, I was excited and I was hot!

Then, I dropped my robe and released my bra and panties as he came nearer to me. He kissed me – a heavy kiss that conveyed nothing.
Anthony pushed me roughly on to the bed. I accepted it even though it was not what I’d expected. Then, with me on the bed, he lay beside me and put his hand on my groin where he pushed two fingers into my vagina while still dry. It hurt!

Suddenly, I realized, it was my fault. I didn’t provide proper lubrications. Perhaps, if he tried again. . . . I encouraged him. . . .
Failing to get his two fingers lubricated, Anthony simply moved over me and lay on my belly. Then, belly to belly, he moved to insert his c*ck into me. I wasn’t ready. . . .

Somehow, I was missing the whole point. . . .

Then, the carpenter proceeded to kiss me – a deep kiss and one to excite me. I felt my body go. . . The man’s c*ck slid into me – to it’s deepest extension. There was no thrill . . . no sensations. I felt nothing but for the flesh on flesh. Surely there must be more, I thought.
Then, the coitus began and I felt the first sensations of pleasure. Finally, I was going to find out the answer to my question. I tried to move with the young man – but to no avail.

Minutes passed and the pleasure began to mount. Perhaps this would provide me with the answers I sought.
Suddenly the Anthony shouted, ‘I’m going to’ cum. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum, I-I-I ammmm going to cuuuuummmmm”
Then, it was over as he pulled off me and began to put on his clothes.

I lay in stunned silence. I had betrayed my family and broken my marriage vows. The s*x had been bad. . . worse than I had ever considered! I must lie and deceive my family. I hated myself. . . .

(To be continued in Episode 6… )

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Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by ImanuelJannah(m): 9:46am On Sep 15, 2015
[Continued from Episode 5)…. ]

After only a few minutes, I arose from the bed, went to my shower and cleaned myself with care to especially clean my intimate places. I had to remove any trace of Anthony’s odour which seemed to pervade my robe and undies. Moving efficiently now, I washed my robe and clothing and dried them as I changed the linens in the visitor’s bedroom and remade the bed.

When the kids arrived from school at three, everything at the house was back to it’s usual. There was no evidence of my afternoon tryst anywhere. . . .

That night, my eyes met Festus’ eyes, I expected the usual flirting but I saw nothing. We completed the evening as usual and I tried again to flirt with my husband but there was no response. I worried! He couldn’t possibly know!

Still, he wasn’t acting normally! I continued to worry as I perceived Festus to be distant from me; yet, he couldn’t possibly know of my encounter. Perhaps with time, I thought!

Next night, the gap between Festus and I remained. Much as I tried, I simply couldn’t seem to reach Festus and we went to bed separated by an invisible gulf.

I lay restless. . . Somehow, he knew, I thought!

Next evening, Festus brought me gifts and was especially attentive but I was still aware of a gap between us. . . all was not right. I regretted my tryst more by the minute. . . .How could Festus know?

Weeks passed as our marriage sputtered along, Festus and I began to lead separate lives. Even as Festus continued to bring me gifts and be especially attentive, we grew apart. Festus, instead of coming home as usual, started “hanging out with the boys” after work each day. . .
I worried as I sought ways to patch up the gulf between Festus and I; our marriage was surely headed for failure. It was my fault. I should have been more careful. I should never have engaged in that tryst. I beat myself everyday for that mistake I made!

One afternoon, when the kids came from school, they found me, Cordelia Obiora, sitting in the living room chair, non-responsive, and called a neighbour who, seeing the situation, put me in her car and took me to Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital in Abuja, where she works as a medical doctor.

(To be continued in Episode 7…. )

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Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by ImanuelJannah(m): 11:05am On Sep 15, 2015
[Continued from Episode 6…. ]

Next morning, when I awoke, I lay in a hospital bed, heavily sedated and barely able to recognize Festus and the kids. I lay idle, apparently unable to move, and my mind could not concentrate. When Festus kissed me, I was unable to respond.

For the next several days, I lay alone in my bed, without visitors except for the clinical psychologist who came several times a day and profiled me with endless questions to which I answered truthfully and without reservations.

Soon, the clinical psychologist. knew my complete story and he began to give me necessary psychological therapy. After just a week of treatment, the clinical psychologist had convinced me I wasn’t a cheap and common slut but a beautiful, intelligent and moral wife, mother and homemaker who made a mistake. I was sitting up in a chair and feeling well when I received my first visitor – Festus!

Soon, I saw my kids and we were a family. It was then that the visitors were advised to go as I needed my rest! My family’s visit had been good. I was comfortable with our meeting.

Another week passed and I was up, walking, enjoying the surrounding gardens and outdoors of the hospital as I felt better than I had in a long time. I met daily with the clinical psychologist now! My kids no longer came to see me. My husband had two conferences to Attend in Awka and Yenagoa and was unable to also come as regularly as he does!

So it was that we sat on one of the Airport seats in the hospital and the clinical psychologist started his usual range of questions and the talk began.

After a few moments, the mind doctor said, ‘You’re ready to go home but your problem isn’t resolved. Don’t you think that you should relieve your guilt by telling your husband all about that tryst and starting to rebuild your life from there?’

‘But, if I tell him, he’ll divorce me and I’ve lost him and my family forever.’ I answered.

‘Appears that you’ve already lost them to me.’ He replied.

I thought. ‘Sounds like you’re right. So, how do I go about telling him?’ I asked.

(To be continued in Episode 8….)

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Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by ImanuelJannah(m): 11:48am On Sep 15, 2015
[Continued from Episode 7… ]

‘First, you tell him that you love him and that you’re sorry for what you’re about to tell him. Then, tell him! Leave out nothing. Tell him your feelings at the time and be truthful – he’ll know!’ The Clinical psychologist replied.

So it was that I sat on the same Airport seat, the next evening, waiting for Festus to come and pick me home, I made up my mind that I’d tell him exactly what had transpired on the day of the tryst – leaving out nothing, and begging his forgiveness. I cried in spite of my determination not to. I hated myself for what I’d done!

When we, got home, we had a mini celebration for my recovery.

The next day, as the kids left for school, and Festus was on leave from work, I decided to tell him exactly what I had done – leaving out nothing. I begged his forgiveness. I regretted my adulterous act. I was truly sorry for what I’d done! i made a strong volition never to give-in to such temptation. I’d never commit adultery against my husband and my marriage. I told him I have made a firm resolution never to repeat the same mistake..

Then, suddenly, it was as if a heavy burden had been lifted from me. My mind functioned perfectly and life was again worth living. I sat motionless, waiting for Festus’ reaction.

Our eyes met and I saw the old adoration – that flicker of lust that had passed between us in olden times. It’d been months but it was back!
I returned the look and found it received with more adoration as I felt myself grow moist! .

About two hours later alone in our master bedroom, My eyes and mouth begged Festus to take me. I had never wanted him more than at that moment. But Festus said to me,”Doctor prescribed bed rest and lots of calm and serenity for you. Do you think it’s wise?’

(To be continued in Episode 9… )

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Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by ImanuelJannah(m): 2:12pm On Sep 15, 2015
It was then that I attacked Festus as I stripped him of his clothing and prepared to f^ck him. Of course, Festus was willing and as his clothes fell so did mine, because moments later, we met in a flesh to flesh embrace as our mouths supported a deep kiss. It was the best.
Our hands eagerly explored each other’s bare flesh as we had done in the distant past. We adored each other. . ..

Moments later I fell onto the bed and Festus moved over me where his mouth engaged my nipples, first one; then the other. It was fantastic as
I reveled in my pleasure.

But it wasn’t enough as I grasped his now rigid c*ck and guided it to my willing p^ssy where it slipped smoothly into place. It was the best. . .
The coital rhythm was soon in motion as the two of us extracted each others pleasure with sensations that drove our passions like never before. . . . It was wonderful. . . .

When we climaxed together a few moments later, I knew that the best was yet to come; that incredible intimacy that I and Festus shared on those occasions.

Then, as we lay in each others arms, I knew that I was fortunate – I had the very best. I knew that I’d never feel the desire to search for something better again. I had the best. . . .

Then, as we talked, Festus said, “I’ve known for several months something was troubling you. . . ever since that night several months ago when you suddenly became distant and worried. I knew then that you had a problem and wanted to help. You seemed to reject me. . .”

“Then, since I had no idea what was bothering you, I was left out and you were rejecting me. I took up “hanging with the boys” to compensate.

If only I’d known!’ he continued.

It was at exactly that moment when tragedy struck again. . . Festus began to complain of a pain in the left side of his head and chest.
An hour later, Festus – my husband – was dead!

(To be continued in Episode 10…. )

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Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by ImanuelJannah(m): 2:26pm On Sep 15, 2015
[Continued from Episode 9.... )

Another hour later and I was disconsolate. I couldn’t take the reality that my husband is dead. It was like a movie to me…. As I gathered my two children to myself and explained that their father was gone forever, I realized that I was facing one of the most defining moments of my life. We were a great family who supported each other. I sobbed.

We traveled from our base in Wuse II, Abuja to our hometown – Nri in Anaocha Local Government Area of Anmabra state. Nri is the ancestral home of all Igbos. Eri the father of the Igbo race founded Nri town when he relocated from Aguleri around 900AD. So, Igbo culture and traditions is at its finest and most powerful shade at Nri. During the final funeral arrangements, burial and regrouping of the remaining family I was strong. . . a pillar of strength for my kids.

After the entire funeral obsequies, my mother who had a well developed and pure intuitive faculty, called me to my father’s compound and told me that she sensed I broke my marriage vows of loyalty to Festus, I told her the whole truth. Then, she told me that my husband died because of my one time adulterous fling.

I wept bitterly as she spoke to me!

She continued to explain to me that Marriage in Nri and most places in Igbo land is a sacred business that is based on life and death. For women, especially, their purity and loyalty in marriage make or mar their husbands. Misfortunes of various kinds, and sometimes, death typically befalls any man who continues to go into his adulterous wife, if she has not proven, beyond doubt that change has occurred in her character.

“Eri blessed marriage institution for his descendants and sealed it with his own ‘Offor,’ therefore all Igbo marriages must remain in love and loyalty so as to receive of Eri’s blessings. A break in your marital vows will bring misfortune to your family.” My mother added.

I cried for days as I thought about my mistake and my mother’s words to me, The fact that Festus slumped and died, almost all of a sudden, after he had s*x with me for the first time since my adulterous tryst, made her word sink deeper in my soul.

Only weeks later, did I return to my residence along Parakou crescent in Wuse II, Abuja. I relaxed into the caring of my children as a single mum. Months passed and I was lonesome – I was used to a strong man for a mate to help with the home and family. I wanted someone close.

Of course, as I had slipped once, I was especially careful not to get involved with a man. My days were now filled with activities – times that involved my kids and my Wuse II community. Fortunately, when Festus died, he left me with adequate wealth, because he invested in several real estates in Abuja, Lagos, and Oko in Anambra state so that I need never worry about money. I became popular with the women in Wuse community.

(to be continued in Episode 11…. )


Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by ImanuelJannah(m): 3:17pm On Sep 15, 2015
[Continued from The Mistake that Killed My Husband (Episode 10)… ]

At the time Festus died, my kids were schooling at Nigerian-Turkish International School, along Ahmadu Bello Way, Wuse, Abuja, and I was actively involved with Parents-Teachers’ Association of the school. So, when the school PTA planned a fund raising ceremony, I was asked to take charge of the event organizing committee. I accepted the request and met with my committee to plan. With good support and cooperation the planning went well – except for the part of inviting prominent guests in Wuse and Maitama districts – there, only Chidube Okoli was capable help.

So it was that Chidube and I began working days and nights inviting prominent guests and preparing for the big event. With other logistics adequately cared for by others on the committee, we worked on the invitations.

It was Thursday night, close to midnight, when the venue for the fund raiser was ready for the Friday morning event, Chidube’s eyes and mine met, it was in a spirit of ‘we did it’ and so we went to Chopstix – an all-night restaurant for a late dinner. There, we talked and discovered a lot about each other.

I quickly learned that Chidube is from Umunnachi in Anambra state. He was formerly based in New York and had a son from his white American ex-wife – Ellen, who left him for another man in New York. Chidube’s son now schooled at Nigerian-Turkish International College, Abuja. As we talked, Chidube made no direct mention of his former wife but I soon ascertained that he was bitter – she’d betrayed him!

Next day, the fund raiser was a huge success!

It was as we were preparing our report for the event that Chidube suggested that my girls and I pay him a family visit at his home in Maitama.

“It would be fun for the kids and they’d enjoy it too.” He added.

Of course, my first thought was my rule about no men, but on second thought, I realized that it’d be great fun for all, and Chidube Okoli was safe man to stay with.

The visit had been more fun than anticipated and the group decided to stay the night at his place – a simple family arrangement which gave offense to no one! Chidube seemed anxious to provide food and drinks as we all dined on his special Bigfoot dinning room! It was a happy time.

Later, after the family visit, I realized for the first time that I had been free of the guilt and burden of my husband’s demise. I realized that life must go on – just no men!

Soon, Chidube and I were friends. Our kids had grown to be fast friends as well. We were becoming known as a couple in Wuse II community – though, there was no evidence of intimacy.

[To be continued in Episode 12… ]


Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by evaZee: 10:44pm On Sep 15, 2015
following seriously
Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by ImanuelJannah(m): 3:30am On Sep 17, 2015
[Continued from The Mistake that Killed My Husband (Episode 11)…. ]

One week later, Chidube’s ex-wife – Ellen – returned unannounced to Nigeria, and moved straight into Chidube’s Maitama home, I simply stayed away. I’d heard rumours about discord and quarrel in Chidube’s house after the return and paid them no attention.

Then, after a couple of days, Ellen left again, suddenly and without warning she was gone, and Chidube was free again. . . free to assist me when I was involved in a serious car accident. As I was taken to the hospital, Chidube took my kids and cared for them.

Then, after work, he’d visit me at the hospital. To cover those times when Chidube couldn’t help, Wuse II community provided people and assistance. I was never alone in my hospital room as the community women arranged visiting schedules.

Two weeks later, I was home and some women of the community came to my home and prepared my family meals. But Chidube seemed to keep everything in good order.

It was as two of the community’s more affable women sat at my bedside talking. They covered a wide range of topics before settling on my life. I quickly admitted that I was lonesome and the women offered suggestions. The bolder of the two women was the first to suggest that I marry Chidube. Chidube was a good man and an excellent provider. He was available, except of course, he carried a ‘thing’ about women.

Then, the second woman agreed and I listened to their logic. They pointed out that good men were hard to find and I should grab Chidube – love could come later!

As I thought about the argument, I considered the alternative – I’d still be alone and lonesome. I might eventually become desperate and make a serious mistake again. Then, I thought of Chidube. He was my best friend and good company. Maybe, if I married him, love could come later.

[To be Continued in Episode 13…. ]

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Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by ImanuelJannah(m): 4:22am On Sep 18, 2015
[Continued from The Mistake that Killed My Husband (Episode 12)…. ]

Several months later, Wuse II community was treated to a big wedding as Chidube and I were married with our children’s and the entire community’s blessing.. It wasn’t a lavish affair and we seemed a bit like brother and sister. Then the whirlwind honeymoon with the kids. . . . Now, we slept on the same bed but there was no intimacy between us.

On our return, Chidube and his son moved into my much larger house and the family was one as Chidube and I shared a bed like a brother and sister. Life continued as it once had..

Our first day at home, after the honeymoon, was filled with little trials and tribulations as the family learned to live together. We enjoyed each other’s support as we built our new family. Next day, life went smoother and more efficiently as we continued our living together.

I thought about my life and what lay before me. Chidube was a nice guy, a great father and a gentleman. . . an example for the community! Of course, he could never replace Festus as my lover. . . I was sure that Festus was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me! I’d had s*x with Chidube when the occasion demanded and he made no demands on me that I found distasteful or not to my liking. I had done my best to please my new husband!

It was that night at dinner that I took notice of Chidube’s relationship with the children. They all three loved him and respected him as he set a good example; yet, he was strict with his rules for their behavior. As I sat, Chidube glanced around the table to get everyone’s attention; then, he asked the blessing on the family and the meal. Again, I noticed how he needn’t use words to maintain his discipline. . . I was impressed.

(To be Concluded in Episode 14…. )

Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by ImanuelJannah(m): 4:23am On Sep 18, 2015
[Continued from The Mistake that Killed My Husband (Episode 13)…. ]

I am extremely grateful to God for Being merciful to me. It is a shame that I got involved in an adulterous fling that traumatized my family and led to my first husband’s demise. I can never be proud of my misbehaviour. I regret it.

I was beclouded by what other women were saying or appeared to be enjoying, and I got tempted into doing what I never envisaged, so my husband died as a result. But because my repentance was genuine, I am convinced God showed mercy towards me and blessed me.

I am married again!

When you make mistake, face the consequences squarely when they come no matter how tragic it may be. But above all, show genuine repentance as you make a strong volition never to repeat the mistake. God will forgive and bless you again! I wrote my story to teach the world these lessons. Thanks

Mrs. Cordelia Okoli

(Formerly, Mrs. Cordelia Obiora)



CC: lalasticlala

Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by SPDAZZY(f): 10:47am On Sep 19, 2015
@ ImmnauelJannah, Is this a true story

Btw, nice lessons learnt.

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Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by ImanuelJannah(m): 10:51pm On Sep 19, 2015
@ ImmnauelJannah, Is this a true story

Btw, nice lessons learnt.
How does the story sound to you?
Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by evaZee: 1:49am On Sep 20, 2015
nice lesson, thanks for completing the story

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Re: The Mistake That Killed My Husband by SPDAZZY(f): 9:41am On Sep 21, 2015
How does the story sound to you?

It sounds like a true story, that was why I asked; so as to console myself on the husband's tragedy if it turns out to be fictive.

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