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Iphone 3g S. by lungwun(m): 10:09pm On Jun 08, 2009
apple have just announced the iphone 3G S. guess it will soon be time time to upgrade.
cos 16gb is good but, 32gb is better!
Re: Iphone 3g S. by lungwun(m): 10:14pm On Jun 08, 2009
not much of an improvement but i guess the compass, voice control and faster speed will be much appreciated
even though they only upped the camera resolution by 1 megapixel.
Re: Iphone 3g S. by ExInferis(m): 11:11pm On Jun 08, 2009
and how many megapixels would you rather have?
Re: Iphone 3g S. by lungwun(m): 11:13pm On Jun 08, 2009
5 megapixels would not have hurt would it?
are you running on the 3.0 beta?
Re: Iphone 3g S. by moonraker(m): 7:47am On Jun 09, 2009
just finished playing with one provided for enterprise testing purposes

its comes with a 3megapixel camera, thats abt it on the hardware front.

on the software point, its comes preload with OSX 3.0 which includes

some stuff that other phones have like MMS, cut/cpy/paste function etc

Point is i like the iphone. i dont use one but i like it.

its baffles me how apple

is able to sell its crippled equipment and peeps still buy: ok pls dont rain abuses on me.

i am just saying that apple should have come out with new innovations to shut the trap

on competitors, at this point, i did take an omnia, Diamond 2 or even an Xperia over an iphone

maybe becos i am a winmo fan but i will never say something is bad if indeed its good.

IPHONE 3GS is not worth the upgrade

my 1 yen
Re: Iphone 3g S. by lungwun(m): 10:13am On Jun 09, 2009
I guess apple is basing their market strategy on their fan base. but there is a limit to the extent
consumers will go. it truly is no big upgrade, and i seeing that the hype about the 3GS was not as
high as the 3G same time last year, i guess iphone fanatics are beginning to feel played.
If only the Nokia 5800 was worth its salt, it would have been a worthy competitor.
hope Nokia don't make utter crap of the N97. its been too long in the works. an area i am particularly
displeased is their use of resistive screens. we don't need handwriting recognition do we?
@ moonraker, xperia? seriously? don't make me start telling you how much i hate that phone, if i start writing,
it'll be bigger than a history 101 handout.
Re: Iphone 3g S. by moonraker(m): 10:53am On Jun 09, 2009
@ Lungwun

I know what you mean with regards to xperia becos i had a friend who disliked it.

this was surpose to be an example. my point is that apple has lost its way since

the disappearance of Stevie. I stand to be corrected, if i had an iphone now, i did stick to it

and get the free software upgrade becos its basically the same thing except for the increase

in space 32GB and 16GB and the total elemination of 8GB. gee
Re: Iphone 3g S. by lungwun(m): 10:59am On Jun 09, 2009
I guess you are right. will pop into the o2 store and see about getting an upgrade. tho i will still go for the 16gb.
and if they dont charge too high for the upgrade i will get it.
then i will write a full hands on naija review for all of you. 19th, here we come.
Re: Iphone 3g S. by hot2lee: 11:05am On Jun 09, 2009
I saw the collection of iphone 3g s.
Re: Iphone 3g S. by ExInferis(m): 5:38pm On Jun 09, 2009

too much megapixels isnt always a good thing unless you have a monster display. considering that most people have a 1280x720 or slightly better they're better off with 3mp. otherwise the sheer size will overwhelm the display and entirely defeat the purpose. when it comes to cams, white balance, macro, auto focus, lens quality, etc all count a whole lot more vthan too many mps. so 3.2mp is pretty sensible on a mobile device. if you want pro-quality, get a DSLR.


i very much doubt you've held the 3GS. no one outside Apple, not even devs and ATT have held one yet, which wont be available until june 19. ATT works on specs to upgrade, while devs utilize gold master 3.o to craft their wares. if Apple wants to test enterprise features, it'll issue current 3G phones running 3.0 since enterprise layers are software-based (remote wipe, authentications, eas, certs, etc etc).

hell, ATT signed up to the contract terms for the first gen iphone without even seeing the device first.

@everyone else

iphone 3GS is not available, wont be until june 19. stop saying you've seen it, or are planning to upgrade tomorrow.

or are you mistaking a Palm Pre for the 3GS (lolz)
a little honesty dont hurt none. or esle grace us with pix.
Re: Iphone 3g S. by texazzpete(m): 6:40pm On Jun 09, 2009
I don't know why you all are whining. The iPhone 3GS packs in more improvements than seen in a typical Nokia product refresh. The main reason for the public let down is the massive amount of hype drummed up for the phone.
Here's a run-down of the updated features

1. Improved camera with Auto focus, records video, allows on device video editing
2. Memory up to 32GB
3. Faster processor, improves speed at least twice. iPhone devs confirm improved loading speeds
4. Integrated Compass and Nike +
5. Tightly integrated voice controls

In addition to this, and my personal favorite is a greatly improved 3D GPU, which is strongly suspected to be the Power VR SGX. This GPU will provide graphics significantly better than the PSP's GPU and will finally launch the iPhone as a true gaming handheld.

Apple brought a revolution to the cellphone biz with the iPhone. They probably won't repeat this feat all the time, but at least this has been a decent evolution.
Re: Iphone 3g S. by ExInferis(m): 11:05pm On Jun 09, 2009
its interesting: Nokia every few hours releases a "new" hardware running the same OS as previous phones from the last hour all the way back to the last decade and people dont cringe and gripe. Apple refreshes its line with new hardware and tweaked software and suddenly its a crime against humanity.

ive trawled the blogs and im sickened by the senseless over-expectant Apple bashers (especially the idiot commenters on engadget) who carry on about how apple let everybody down. well, last time ichecked, apple didnt leak any rumors about OLED, HD, front-facing camera, new software etc. the blogdom and unrestrained fanboys did. indeed, apple never leaks any product in development, lets leave that to M$ (Zune HD?)

now, back to apple's supposed disappointment.

the key thing about iphone, as we've always taken pains to assert, is the magnificent iphone OS (which palm completely aped right down to itunes sync using ipod ID). steve jobs never said they were competing on hardware footing, which was nokia's forte (and which got it nowhere-leading to RIM stealing Nokia's thunder with clever software: BES and BIS).

the entire iphone experience is the OS and UI; that explains why the under-equipped original iphone sold so well while more-powerful hardware (those HTCs and Omnias) are still a drop in the ocean (WinMo is like fourth in market share).

the Apple App Store is a phenomenon, but ist built to work on frameworks existing in iphone OS. recently the appstore pushed 1billion apps from a catalog of over 50,000. developers are so happy!

so, why would apple suddenly up and change the OS and its frameworks (possibly killing app compatibility ala symbian OS 9.x)? iphone OS is just 2 years old, its too soon for a radical revamp. winmo, by contrast is over 15 (going by its foundation, WinCE). symbian (going by EPOC) is over 20. these two are due for overhaul to fit in with current trends, and hence the public outcry agasinst symbian and winmo 6.x.

the real competitor to ip[hone is really the palm pre; but webOS is a blatant ripoff of iphone OS and works almost exactly like apple's baby, so theres no danger of a "revolutionary" product right there. the most touted feature-multitasking cards-leads to severe memory leaks (hello symbian!), synergy works counterproductively in certain cases, and touchstone just makes no sense (overheating, leading to freeze ups).

since the nearest competitor, running on a troubled network (sprint) by a troubled firm (Palm) is in no danger of stealing apple's customers, why should apple then waste time and resources fighting off a doomed device? should apple be expected, because of the Pre, to kill app compatibility on a catalog of 50,000 apps just to ward off one single poorly implemented clone?

i dont think so. besides, when you have a near-perfect OS and a comfortable margin with a hefty war chest, theres is only little improvement to do. Leopard is so good that it successor, Snow Leopard, offers only tweaks and fixes. the whole gamut is there in the iphone anyway: 3G speeds, GPS, wifi, bluetooth, media playback etc. that leaves precious little to implement and really wow. hardware is near maxed out. the field left is software.

like i once said before, piling fantastic hardware upon hardware on silly software is a surefire way to fail. point proved with the BB Storm. Nokia packs the best the tech world has to offer but sadly straps everything on an ageing OS and thus watches as its market share and profits dwindle as the smaller players with better software take centerstage.

hell even samsung tried with the original Omnia, piling features upon features and all video codecs known to man. still, sales were poor because the underlying OS was WinMo.

so anyone who expected a wunder-device from apple replete with fantastic whizzbang features did themselves a disservice. afterall, the iphone 3GS is claassed as iphone2,1. meaning minor upgrade. AMOLED is fine and good but it makes phones more expensive; LTE is not quite ready for primetime, and bluetooth 3.0 is still to hit critical mass. so what can we reasonably expect apple to implement and still keep costs down? a bread toaster?

hold your hats for iphone2,2 next year when contract on the current 3G expires.
Re: Iphone 3g S. by lungwun(m): 11:20pm On Jun 09, 2009
Well said. its the very same reason i left nokia phones alone. i was tired of them
repackaging the same phones in different shapes and sizes while at the heart of the phone,
there are minor changes. i mean, from 3650 way back to n96 you would expect a major change but, better screens, accelerometer
improved cameras and GUI changes are the only major difference.
Solidly behind apple all the way. gaskiya.
Re: Iphone 3g S. by ExInferis(m): 1:10am On Jun 10, 2009
true. if symbian was a new OS then a few minor updates wouldnt be amiss. but its old and nokia has since hit saturation point. sadly the poor buggers dont know it. check it, even the N97's biggest selling point software-wise is.   .   . wait for it.  .   .  WIDGETS! like, yay, right?


android just pushed out cupcake, which is 1.5. the biggest thing of note is virtual keyboard. so, minor update on new OS is good, since the ultimate objective is to establish a clear-cut platform. you dont create a dev-enticing platform by ditching midway or changing tracks tangentally just to please expectant fans and blogdom. hell, once you reach platform, you milk the OS dry and tHEN move on. Palm did with PalmOS, RIM is doing with Blackberry OS. why shouldnt Apple, which so far has the most successful mobile platform? nokia has milked the cow bone dry; now they flog a dead horse for all its worth, which is little. things have gotten so bad for symbian, that during apple's wwdc Nokia camped out and handed free 5800 handsets to developers to entice them into developing apps with which to stock up the lame OVI Store. nice try, espoo, those devs are so awash with cash from their iphone app sales they can afford to buy controlling shares in Nokia! what's a cheapo $100 phone going to do?

my only gripe with the new iphone 3GS is the hardware design: i wished they'd redesigned the thing, but then again its a minor upgrade, and it has smudge resistant glass.

and for the naysayers gawking for palm pre, here is the lowdown

1. it too doesnt do video recording

2. the bluetooth is same as iphone's; ie headset only. meanwhile iphone is having peer-to-peer via bluetooth coming in 3.0

3. it sucks battery faster than iphone

4. the interface lags

5. the UI isnt as slick as the iphone's

6. there is no universal settings app; everything is obscurely hidden in a dropdown submenu which isnt intuitive

7. so far 3D games arent possible

8. 18 apps only in app catalog

9. search isnt universal, unlike in iphone OS 3.0

10. copy and paste is restricted to editable text; unlike iphone's which is system-wide even across third party apps

12. storage is limited to 8gb and no expansion slot

13. no tethering (at least not from sprint)

14. finally, no developer access to hardware as well as accessories API

meanwhile unless nokia ditches symbian, im never buying a nokia device. ever. again.

my last comment. out
Re: Iphone 3g S. by moonraker(m): 6:56am On Jun 10, 2009
i just dont know why i would be lying for God sake,

did yu know that the iphone is based on hardware is a comb of diff hardware from diff companies??

and apple only has the patent on software and design??

The apple iphone will be released in some countries Japan inclusive.

The carrier in Japan SOFTBANK network has it in possession. i did not say it is widely avaliable, did u read my post well??

The Carrier here visited where i work to advertise it because according to reports, the iphone might not sell as they suspected.

how do u even know that AT&T doesnt have it?

i know you are popular or have some knowledge but is that a crieteria for been right all the time??

got nothing against you just that i am not a born liar

my two yen
Re: Iphone 3g S. by Nobody: 8:39am On Jun 10, 2009
I support texaspete that phone supports the latest opengles 2.0 which most phones don't it's even useless in the omnia Hd.More shader effects more powerful than psp.Meaning higher video resolution cuz the limit for opengles1.4 is 640x480.As a nokia fan boy pls don't recommend 5800 that phone is crap even the n97.This iphone will change the concept of mobile gaming and applications.Only rival products are palm pre,zune Hd cuz they support the new opengles api.Once again iphone has taken the spot light oh to lungs pls don't mention WinMO that's a next-extinct platform.
Re: Iphone 3g S. by Nobody: 8:58am On Jun 10, 2009
Just remember games aint possible on pre it's based on web technologies that's Fvcked.From ex statement no access to the hardware api i think it's temporary.Thank God someone knows that N97 selling card is just the Widgets.I support the idea of apple not redesigning the whole product.I think the iphone power lies in the softwares cuz the firmwares updates is a tremendous leap from the previous unlike Nokia.Symbian Os has to go even the Qt is beginning to feel like crap.
Re: Iphone 3g S. by Infoseye(m): 9:04am On Jun 10, 2009
Re: Iphone 3g S. by lungwun(m): 11:02am On Jun 10, 2009
Couldnt care less about the palm pre. competing phone manufacturers really surprise me
And i see sony ericsson have leaked photos of xperia 2. as if xperia 1 was not bad enough
when will these people get it? winmo is not cool! never has and never will be.
Re: Iphone 3g S. by ExInferis(m): 11:16am On Jun 10, 2009

im not outrightly calling you a liar, i have far too much respect for you for that. all im saying is the iphone 3GS will be launched in the US on june 19th, two days after the release of iphone OS 3.0. the rest of the world, japan inclusive, wont get it until august, almost two months after the US launch. and Apple doesnt do pre-test else Engadget and the rest would have done a 'hands on" by now, or the good fellows over "at will it blend" would have done a tear-down.

in essence, no carrier is given a new iphone 2 months before officil launch. to put matters to rest, kindly furnish some pix.


seriously? you guys are talking about the xperia? are you deliberately trying to offend and annoy? crisis, i'd rather end my days with a G1.

im getting a Touch Diamond next week, and im installing SPB mobileShell 3 pronto. that thing is everything a WinMo 6 interface should've been.

palm pre isnt bad; its hillarious. ive seen videos of it, and im only baffled why there isnt a universal snicker at how they completely copied the iphone UI and functionality. and going by testimonies of defects and hardware issues and lock ups, im not buying even if the GSM version comes out.

wont mind getting it for free, though.

PC GURU, you're so right. openGL ES 2.0 on 3GS is a BIG deal. apple is trying to create a gaming platform on the iphone/itouch and that graphics technology will be a big deal. it might even force hesitant 3G owners to upgrade since the appstore has to splinter in order to make games and apps specifically for the 3GS. OpenGL ES 2.0 isnt compatible with the 1.1 the 3G currently runs on.

and i just got a PSPSlim!!!

also right about apple not redesining the iphone OS so soon. a re-write probably means re-coding itunes, itunes store, app store, new SDK, new APIS and frameworks etc etc. noone wants to have to ditch their app catalog so soon, just like it happened when nokia went from symbian 7/8 to 9. lots of people had to bin their app collection from the 6600 days

seriously, my last comment.
Re: Iphone 3g S. by lungwun(m): 11:32am On Jun 10, 2009
@ ex
well the xperia part was at moonraker. on another note, where could i get those
sim adaptor/freer thingys for the 3G? my bro in naija just got a 3G and to make sure he does not
brick the thing i insisted he should not try downgrade his baseband by himself.
would be much obliged if you could tell me where in abuja n how much.
Re: Iphone 3g S. by moonraker(m): 11:34am On Jun 10, 2009
@ Ex Inferis,

Bros you are funny. its was only yesterday that i stated i had a feel of the device

i didnt say its was mine. FOR ENTERPRISE TESTING PURPOSES.

anyways, when i get my hands on it, i will be sure to take fotos.

pls understand. the iphone 3g or S is quite different from the standard one provided by AT&T

The iphone here comes with a TV turner inbuilt into it. plus other software tweaks to fit the market.

this is why the carrier here gets the devices to make the device suitable for the market becos as

yur well aware, there are more better phones than the iphone here with advance feature,

my 2 yen
Re: Iphone 3g S. by ExInferis(m): 11:49am On Jun 10, 2009

you do realize tv tuner is hardware, right? apple has never and will never segment the hardware based on regional or carrier quirks. tv tuner? that is so unapple-like. even the rumored fm tuner didnt make the cut, why should tv tuner?

apple, unlike other phone manufacturers, hand down terms to the carriers who have the choice to either accept or forgo the iphone. not even ATT, apple's biggest partner, has the right to demand what goes into the iphone.

besides, if softbank wants to be arsy about the iphone, there is always docomo.

probably you held one of those chinese iphones; some of them are so good they look like the real thing.

final point: iphonehardware is universal, the only variation across regions is official unlock. there is no way japan is getting a different hardware, which in any case was never mentioned during wwdc, nor anywhere on apple's site.

@ lungwun.

i only know of gevey sim proxies that unlock the 2.30 BB. why not wait until next week for the 3.0 and yellowsn0w 3g?

check www.ihazsupper.com
Re: Iphone 3g S. by moonraker(m): 1:28pm On Jun 10, 2009

Re: Iphone 3g S. by ExInferis(m): 2:09pm On Jun 10, 2009
quoting you


the iphone 3g or S is quite different from the standard one provided by AT&T

The iphone here comes with a TV turner inbuilt into it.

the tv tuner you talk of is a third party accessory hooked via the dock connector to charge the iphone. it streams tv via wifi to a third party app installed from the appstore. does that sound like "inbuilt' or "quite different" from regular iphones out there?

dont make a bigger arse of yourself than you already did; admit you lied about handling the 3GS and hopefully we can all move on.

Re: Iphone 3g S. by lungwun(m): 2:22pm On Jun 10, 2009
Ex, you beat me to the punch.
He just shot himself in the foot!
Re: Iphone 3g S. by ExInferis(m): 2:51pm On Jun 10, 2009

abi? i wonder what sort of glory one craves to throw fibs like that. think it'll make him cooler if he was first to see and hold 3GS.

eventually a lot of us are going to get one or two anyway, same as happened with the previous iphones.

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