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The President And The First Lady In Picture by Revolution: 1:46pm On Nov 11, 2006
away with the agbada boys, bring on the contemporary politicians.

Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by BigB11(m): 6:29pm On Nov 11, 2006
nice pic.
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by NSNA: 6:41pm On Nov 11, 2006
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by BigB11(m): 7:08pm On Nov 11, 2006
Revolution, do you have any problem with Bariggah?

Because what you wear doesn't determine your future or fate.

It's all in your mind, it's either you have it or you don't.

I can careless what you wear or what you look like, you can even show up with your underwear as long as you have what it takes, you're my man.

Please do not let us mix materialism with politics. Thanks.

May God bless Nigeria.
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by Oracle(m): 7:13pm On Nov 11, 2006
Thatz a nice pic, Donald is a very handsome guy
I presume he has your allegiance, Revolution.
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by Revolution: 7:40pm On Nov 11, 2006
Big B 1, I actually love Agbadas. The people I call Agbada boys are 1) those who are so out of shape, i.e. pot belle and all, that the only thing that fits them is an agbada 2) Those politicians that wear them all the time even when they invited to plant trees or lay the foundation of a building. You see them struggling to do things properly because of the bulk of the agbada. Agbada is a ceremonial attire and so should be won on ceremonial occassions rather than wearing it everyday to the office, it will only get in the way.

Oracle, I support Duke 100%
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by BigB11(m): 8:05pm On Nov 11, 2006
You are missing the point. But let's refocus our attention to the topic before you shoot yourself in the foot.

FYI: you're insulting Nigerian culture, your are also insulting folks with weight issues.

Get your points together.
What you wear or the size of your belly doesn't make you a bad leader or determines your effectiveness as a politician.

Be careful, my friend, you're drafting toward a wrong path.
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by Revolution: 8:36pm On Nov 11, 2006
No, I am not mising the point, far from it. I take your point about ability but my point is about charisma and professionalism which highly impacts your ability to motivate and convince people. It is a known fact that leaders with charisma achieve more results where negotiation is involved. Presentation and appearance is very important in politics and this is something Nigerians have failed to realise. Why is it in the western world people are expected to dress smart to work; does how you dress affect you abilities? No, but most companies know that your appearance is key to how people perceive you and could affect your ability to close a key deal.

The same applies to overweight. I think it sets a bad example for a leader to get overweight to the point where he looks pregnant. It is also a bad example, healthwise. In the world we live in appearnace matters; that is a fact.

You are missing the point if you thing I am insulting the agbada or Nigerian culture. The point is it is not appropraite for all occassions. Take the tuxedo suit for example; it is fantastic when worn to dinner parties but would look stupid and inappropriate if worn to work everyday.

The same applies to speaking. Leaders who speak well achieve better results motivating people e.g. Clinton campared to Bush. Does how you speak affect your abilities? No. Does it affect your effectivies? Absolutely. We have never had a motivation leader in Nigeria. Ghana has had Nkrumah and Rawlings. That tells you something about why we are were we are today.

A leader who is not motivated enough to go to the gym and keep in shape or dress appropiately for all occassions will probably not be motivated enough to lead properly and face the difficult tasks that he/she will face. Think of all the great leaders you know,  I can think of Mandela, Martin Luther king, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair etc all of them looked good and spoke well.

I strongly believe it is a mentality thing and often these Agbada Nigerian leaders often have a different mentality from the Dukes and Soludos, Rufai etc. If Nigeria elects Duke President you will be amased the difference his charisma, style and youth will make in what he achieve on the international stage. You will also be amased how much easier he will motive the people in Nigeria to follow him.

Big B1, I have just seen your signature: It's not what you do, it's how is done:::::Style is a KING. So I am sure you understand what I mean.
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by BigB11(m): 9:19pm On Nov 11, 2006
Revolution: Very impressive reply.

But I still disagree with some of your points. Communication is the key, we all agree with that; what I do not agree with is cultural dressing and big belly leaders not being effective. This is totally wrong.

First, let clear the floor, my name is big B1, not because of physical size, but the size of things I select to do. Hence my fight for degrading big belly folks is not personal, but another unique quality I've possessed. I will fight to the end for the under dogs.

Back to the topic:

The Saudi Arabian leaders, Afghanistan leaders and so on will never compromise their unique cultural attire for anything and yet they are very successful.
Why should we compromise?

It's our culture, if leaders select to embrace the cultural attire, let it be. It is extremely inappropriate to degrade them for doing so.

Big Belly on the other hand is not by choice. Sometimes it is a genetic factor or serious health problem. Hence you have to be very careful touching this issue. It is delicate and sensitive.

FYI: Majority of these big belly folks spend a very decent time at the gym. Trust me, if they have their way, they will definitely change things for better.

It doesn't matter what you look like or what you wear, if you have what it takes, you're my man.

May God bless Nigeria
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by BigB11(m): 9:35pm On Nov 11, 2006
By the way, I will be posting IBB pic when he was in his 40s.

Futhermore he doesn't look bad for a 65 years old man.

OBJ on the other hand sometimes scares me, I must admit. But I will never degrade or discriminate him because of his highest rank of ugliness.

It's time to move Nigeria forward, let us be smart and make smart decision when we elect the next president. Pay attention to their leadership skill, experience, stamina and qualifications; not what they look like or wear.

May God bless Nigeria.
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by Revolution: 9:52pm On Nov 11, 2006
Big B1, again I say I have nothing against traditional dress,  I actually encourage it but it has to be appropriate. Let me give an example. I saw pictures of some of the politicians at the recent 'This Day' Independence dance attended by Beyonce etc and they were still wearing babanriga. Ah ah. They wear the attire all day long,  even at a western pop concert.

Again I say I really like your signature,  all I am saying if they have to hear traditional attire let them wear it at the appropriate time and do it in style. Here is a picture of Duke in traditional attire. That is style.

As for pot belles,  I take your point but I have never seen anyone who went to the gym and ate right who was unable to shed a pot belle. My own father has a pot belle,  a few year back he stopped drinking and his pot belle went down quickly. Unfortunately he started drinking again and it came back. The point here is that it is a choice. Too much pounded yam does not help either  tongue

Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by BigB11(m): 11:00pm On Nov 11, 2006
REVOLUTION:I see your points and understand your state of mind. You are sensible and very knowledgeable; unlike my man, ODEKU who is allergic to using common sense at all levels during discussion.

Now, as much as I want to buy what Mr Duke is selling, I need more information regarding his capability and stamina.

Could you help? You seem to have access to credible information.

Please exclude the fact that cross river happens to be a clean state and Mr Duke dresses appropriate for the next Nigerian president. Those factors mean nothing to me.

I need tangible factors.

I look forward to reading your comments.
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by Odeku(m): 11:05pm On Nov 11, 2006
CHi, walahi talahi  [size=20pt]BIGB1[/size]   have you been to the North and see how tall DONGON YARO trees are?  you symbolize that tall and brainless, either you like it or not Duke is the NEXT president of Nigeria.  I will like to see the look on your face when you wake up in the morning and find out IBB has been arrested and jail for all his attrocities.
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by Revolution: 1:14am On Nov 12, 2006
Big B1, I suggest you start off by reading Duke's interview with Tell Magazine just before his declaraion. http://www.donaldduke2007.com/Tell%20Magazine%20X-Rays%20Duke's%20Achievement.htm

There are lots of impressive facts and figures there,  including some of these:

1) There are over 1,000 hotel rooms under construction in Cross River simply because of the sheer volume of traffic of people going there. Hotels in CR have a 70% occupancy rate, one of the highest in Nigeria. The Metropolitan Hotel was a relic when Duke came in but now it is being re-developed by its new owners, the Chagouri Group, into a four star hotel
2) There are over 7,000 people currently employed at Tinapa and this will rise to 10,000 at the end of this year. Think of the multiplier effect this has on the people living around there
3) CR is the largest producers of oil palm in Nigeria
4) CR is the second largest producer of Cocoa in Nigeria after Ondo. Not many people know that
5) CR is the largest producers of banana and plantain In Nigeria
6) 75 per cent of Cross River is on the national electricity grid. This figure is by far the highest in the country. When Duke came in it was about 15%
7) The privatisation programme in Cross River can easily be adjudged as the most successful in the country. For example, Calcemco was bought over by Flour Mills for about N1.2bn after it ceased functioning for about 10 years before. They have turned it around and it is working at 100 per cent production capacity.  It is also an ecologically-friendly cement factory. Duke is trying to make it the most ecologically-friendly factory in the world. The cement required in Tinapa was obtained from that factory. Today, the cement factory has gone into partnership with Orascom, an Egyptian company. They are building the biggest cement factory in the world This means more jobs
8. Cross River has one of the best urban infrastructure in Nigeria today; all the urban roads have sidewalks
9) Before Duke came to power there were no direct flights to Calabar but now there are at least 3 flights a day including Aero Contractor. Virgin Nigeria is too start flying there soon. Why? Because CR has the fastest growing economy in the country.
10) CR has one of the lowest crime rates in Nigeria because of Duke's insistence on using unemployed people in the execution of contracts

There are a lot more. If you doubt any of the facts then I suggest you pay a visit to Calabar and see for yourself,  I am sure that will convince you.

Watch out for the Obudu mountain race, which is now an offical IAAF event, on the 25th of this month. The event is even bigger this year with 20 of the top mountain race countries including the New Zealand, USA, Colombia, Australia, Czech Republic, South Africa, Austria and Kenya. The reigning world mountain race champion, Orlando Ortiz from Colombia and the women's champion, Andrea Mayr from Austria will also be attending. This will generate lots of publicity for Cross River State and will bring more tourists.
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by nilla(f): 1:25am On Nov 12, 2006
@ topic,

nice picture. but he isn't president yet.
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by Odeku(m): 1:47am On Nov 12, 2006
PLEASE people take note stop telling BIG B1 all the achievements of MR PRESIDENT DUKE, He will run back and relate it to His DAD DICTATOR BABANGIDA
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by lewa(m): 2:23am On Nov 12, 2006
Odeku-how far?You don sell out?
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by Odeku(m): 2:26am On Nov 12, 2006
for where, I know I will rather have Duke before we have that toothless General. did you see that fools speech. he is going for the GOLD, what a skunk
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by BigB11(m): 6:17am On Nov 17, 2006
REVOLUTION: I've been reading about your man, DUKE for the past 2 days. Yes, he seems to be cool and full of energy, but I'm not sure if he's ready for this major task.

No disrespect, when I look at him and read all his man made accomplishment/ vision's stories, I see a dedicated boy scout, who will be effective for the first 5 months, but after that I see a big down fall.

I'm sorry, Mr DUKE needs more time to develop. Don't get it twisted, he has the potential, but not for 2007. May be 2011.

May God bless Nigeria.
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by Revolution: 6:17pm On Nov 17, 2006
Big B 1 or 2: have you been to Cross River State? If not please visit ASAP and then come back and tell us if you still think Duke is not ready.

There were a lot of doubters in CR when he was first elected but now all of them are convinced, so much so that he won 98% of the vote in 2003. Duke is a folk here in Cross Rivers because he has achieved what vew few, if any, Nigerian leaders have achieved before i.e. performed exellently and carried the people along with him.

I am not from Cross River or the South South yet I support Duke 100% because he is the man.
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by otokx(m): 6:39pm On Nov 17, 2006
Big B1; is IBB really your dad?
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by BigB11(m): 6:42pm On Nov 17, 2006
OTOKX: the answer is Negative
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by BigB11(m): 6:51pm On Nov 17, 2006
IBB doesn't have to be my dad for me to see the light.
That's the problem in nigeria, people are quick to judge you if you don't share thesame idea.

It is fine to see thing from different angle; that is the only way we can all be productive and move our lovely nation forward. It is deadly for all of us to sleep and face the same direction.

I admire my views and I stand perpendicularly for my belief. I don't compromise just because someone wants me to; I have my own mind and I'm proud to listen to it.

IBB is not my DAD, not even close, but he's my man for 2007 presidential election.

May God bless Nigeria.
Re: The President And The First Lady In Picture by BUSHFELLOW(m): 8:16pm On Nov 17, 2006
Wait Odeku is coming for you Big B, But the truth is Big You and Odeku you are not ready for change you guys still believe in all those who have brought us to where we are today.

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